Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dangerous Radar Trap Framed by Idiotic Billboard

The implementation of a radar trap at Decarie and Jean Talon, in Montreal, is so dangerous that it belies any pretense by the police that they are acting to promote safety. It's strictly a cash grab.

Parked four lanes over, the police nab 'speeders', who are exiting the Decarie Expressway, going up the ramp leading to the Decarie service road.

The problem is, that the cops are forced to dash out into the traffic, across four lanes to nab the speeder. Traffic comes to a screeching and dangerous halt as the offender is stopped and then escorted over to the shoulder. For those of you who don't know Montreal, the Decarie service road is one of the busiest arteries in Montreal and the folly of grinding traffic to a halt, to pursue a traffic ticket is dangerously stupid.

Perhaps, the city wouldn't need to raise funds in this manner, if it would stop wasting so much money.
Take for example, the idiotic billboard above the radar trap. Paid for by the city, it purpose is to remind us that Montreal is a great place to live.

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