Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Montreal Youth Canada's Most Dangerous Criminal

The sentencing of a Montreal teen to three years in prison and three years probation should frighten us all. The boy, as a fifteen year old, violently beat and murdered 14 year-old Francesca Saint-Pierre in August, 2007 in Rivieres des Prairies.

The teen who cannot be named because of his age, benefited from lax sentencing rules under the Canada Youth Protection Act which will allow him to return to the streets in just three years, a frightening prospect.
The youth is so violently crazy that the chances of him not re-offending are remote.

The victim and the murderer were living in a group home for troubled teens when he lured his victim into a park and bludgeoned her to death with a baseball bat.
When asked why he did it, he answered glibly- "Because I just wanted to get rid of her."

The girls' mother had already warned the home that he was exploiting Francesca sexually and posed a dangerous threat, but her pleas went unanswered.

During most the trial the boy sported an evil grin and smirked or laughed at the victim's family. Officials were quick to apologize and attributed the behavior to the high level of medication he was under the influence of.
The youth is diagnosed with bipolar disease, Tourette syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder and is deeply narcissistic with a God-like complex.
Quite a shopping list of cuckoo!
Of course he is on full time anti-psychotic drugs.

He was first diagnosed with mental problems at just two years of age and at three years old he was sent to a foster home.
At age five his mother, (another whack-job) murdered his baby sister and committed suicide.
At five years old the father was deported from Canada for various criminal activities.

From then on it was foster care and mental institutions for the boy.

If ever there existed a ticking time bomb, this boy is it.
It's too bad that he can't be held indefinitely.

It is extremely frustrating to be inhibited from naming him or publishing his picture, but it's against the law.

Can't you just wait the three short years for his release?

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