Thursday, April 23, 2009

Racist Anti-Anglo Book Hits Bookstore

This week, the thoroughly racist anglo-bashing book "ANGLAID" by Michel Brule, made its appearances in bookstores across the province.

For your reading pleasure, here is a brief extract that I translated as best as I could. Enjoy....if you can stomach it;
"Like millions of people, I succumbed to the powerful attraction of English. Over time, I realized that the genius of the language and it's Anglo-American culture is based on a race to the lowest common denominator. Beyond a decadent civilization characterized by a pervasive and omnipresent cinema and superficial music, equally pervasive, I realized that there was something worse attached to the language and culture: intolerance.

This intransigence is evidenced by centuries of incessant wars, and unequalled racism, expressed in slogans such as Ku Klux Klan: "White Power", "Speak white" or " A good Indian is a dead Indian," a formula that has led to the extermination of 40 million people. If the Germans are ashamed of their Nazi past, the English have glorified Amherst, who waged the first biological warfare, Monckton, a practitioner of ethnic cleansing, and Kitchener, who invented concentration camps.

To top it all, Anglophones are ethnocentric and narcissistic in the extreme: they watch
only their own films, read only their own books, listen only to their own music and eat almost only their own food - I dare not call it for food.

The skeptics will say that the French, for example, were the same, when France controlled more or less the world. This is wrong, the French, despite their undeniable arrogance, were very open to the world. It is no exaggeration to say that the English are the most ethnocentric people in the history of humanity, nothing less.

I made a revolutionary breakthrough which could explain the superiority complex of anglophones.
Is it be possible that this complex is inherent in language itself? I think so.

In fact, the English language is a unique case in linguistics. In English, the "I" is written with a capital letter. Around the world, where the speaker is French, Portuguese or German- the 'you' is placed on a pedestal, but in English the "I" is placed on the pedestal. This relationship between the almighty "I" and the 'you' smacks of subordination and subjection.

The English language is a hopelessly devoted to imperialism, and the
leadership of the negative Anglo-American culture, drives the entire world into decadence and war. Continuing to make English the universal language can only lead us to a dead end. It is time to move on!"

Richard Martineau of Le Journal de Montreal was one of the few people to take the author to task. In Tuesday's paper he wrote; LINK

"Francophone Quebeckers are always ready to climb the walls and rip their shirts when an anglophone criticises their culture.

They scream racism, intolerance and xenophobia...
But when a francophone drags the English through the mud, we can hear a pin drop....

Is anti-English racism more acceptable than anti-French racism?"

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  1. Let's all meet on the plains of abraham and rehash it. The stupidity of this multi-cultural society, their distaste for one another, the mediocrity of the leaders [anglophone and francophone] all point to dismal failure. My proof: the anglophone addiction to money, the francophone addiction to permiscuity, the universal addiction to alcohol and cigarettes, free health care, bad television, MacDonalds',... Need I say more.

    Why not rehash the entire thing?

  2. God am I tired of seeing bigots on all sides! Brûlé is another of those who hurt much more their cause than help it...

    French imperialism was more open than the british one? Tell that to people from Algeria!

    I don't like Martineau (one of those pompous and self-righteous talking heads), but in this case I agree with him. This book is hate-speech. Now english is essentially an imperialistic language... N'importe quoi.

    As was saying one of my ol' anthropology professor, there's an equal distribution of assholes amongst all cultures... Brûlé is just one of those shaming us french-canadians...

  3. sad..if this was the reverse, making references to french, would it be pulled off the sheves of bookstores?..

  4. You know it's sh*t like this that brings our World to State it is. It takes one Idiot to take one Quote and make it a Book. So wait was it not the French that Tricked the Indians with Booze... and we can go back and Forth. How dumb is it to know only one Language? How Dumb is it to inforce only one Language? French is a beautiful Language, but too bad there is just too many Ignorant people that would rather win a pointless POlitical War For A Province that doesn't even Belong to them... Now there's A book I would Read... Language does not Create Ignorant People... People like Michel Brule Creates Ignorant, Racist... People... Period... and Sadly he will probably make a buck off all the Ignorant People Buying this Ignorant Book.... soo freaken SAD!!!