Friday, April 24, 2009

Habs Coaches Disrespect National Anthem

After the Game 3 booing of the US national anthem, Bob Gainey made a special appeal for fans to be more respectful.

“I feel like there’s a confusion there with our fans,” general manager Bob Gainey told the Canadian Press on Tuesday.
“They feel like booing the anthem is supporting our team, in that the anthem represents the Boston team. And I think if they could separate those two things, then we could respect the anthem of the United States of America and they could still participate loudly in whatever way they want to disrupt the Bruins.”
I've always been bothered by the fact that the Canadiens coaching staff themselves, disrespect the national anthems at each home game, but somehow never wrote about it.

Gainey's statement, meant as damage control and to placate an outraged American press is somewhat hypocritical.

At the start of each home game at the Bell Centre, 21,000 plus fans, as well as all the players, officials, vendors and the opposition coaches stand at attention as the national anthems are played.

The only people missing are.... Bob Gainey, Pat Jarvis and Kirk Muller, the Montreal Canadiens coaching staff.

Where are they?..... In the dressing room.

It seems that they are too important to endure the trial of the national anthems. As the last notes are struck and the crowd roars in excited anticipation of the opening faceoff, the three coaches, like royalty waiting to make an entrance, make there way out from the corridor and take their places behind the bench. This happens every single home game, without exception. It is a ritual.

It isn't that big a deal, but I'd suggest that Gainey take his own advice before admonishing fans about respect.

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