Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oliphant Inquiry Bordering on the Absurd

More proof yesterday, that the Oliphant Inquiry is going nowhere, slowly.
The testimony by Fred Doucet, a key Mulroney fart-catcher was comical if not sad.
Doing his best impression of Sgt. Shultz, Mr Doucet couldn't remember a thing and even failed to recall the name of his secretary, leaving the commission's lead lawyer seething.

So far the commission has uncovered nothing new and should probably fast forward to Mulroney's testimony, if only for the entertainment value. The public has long ago made up it's mind on Mulroney's honesty and whether he took the under the table payments in regard to Airbus, planes, tanks, pasta or the proverbial player to be named later, is strictly academic.

Mr. Doucet's testimony, or lack thereof, serves only to cement the public opinion that Mulroney, Schreiber et al are one nasty gang of crooks.

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