Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time For RDS To Dump Anglo Insulting Alain Chantelois

Insulting your boss's family, religion, ethnicity or mother tongue, is never a good idea. Alain Chantelois is probably lucky that his bosses at CTV Globemedia, don't watch his antics on the 'L'ANTICHAMBRE.'

If they did, they'd probably fire his ass.

For some Quebeckers, it's great fun to trash Anglophones. They usually do it in private and are usually not stupid enough to make insulting linguistic remarks on television.

Alain Chantelois couldn't contain his disgust at the fact that the all four of the Canadiens' coaches, behind the bench during the Canadiens/Oilers game on Monday, were anglophones. His tirade on the talk show L'ANTICHAMBRE that followed the game was unacceptable.

Apparently the head honchos at the Reseau des Sports don't think the outburst was too offensive, the clip is still up on their website where you can watch it HERE. They should also think about their boss' reaction.
'You can see the unbridled disgust he vents towards the anglo coaches.

When you get to the page click on the video named "Premier Match de Gainey" and scroll to 3:00 minutes.

Although the instigator, he was not alone, ex-Nordiques coach Michel Bergeron joined in the fun and listening to these two, was like watching two old southern racists sitting on the porch dissing blacks.

Look up Alain Chantelois' name on Facebook and you'll find that there are two anti-Chantelois groups already.

....and here is one of my favourite comments on the Blog
"Et je -TES-TE Michel Bergeron et le Baron Chantelois (quelle honte pour la télévision francophone ce gars ...)."

(I hate Michel Bergeron and Baron Chantelois (these guys are embarrassment for French television)
my translation



  1. couldnt agrree with you more on Alain be fair most of the panel on rds and 110% are racist bad they are so insecure.....history will deal with them accordingly.....check back in 50 years...when french is a dead language thanks to all the qebs of the last 40 years....VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE....touch pas 101!!

  2. Get a life buddy! Just think about The Coach Corner. The two solitudes at its best!

  3. What about French Insulting Mitch Melnyk?