Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Insulting Anti-Anglophone Rant on RDS TV

Last night night after the Canadiens beat Edmonton Oilers 4-3 in overtime, I happened to leave the TV on the RDS network (Reseau des Sports) to catch Bob Gainey's post game press conference. At any rate the "ANTICHAMBRE" is a hockey program consisting of several over the hill but colourful panelists who discuss the team and the game.
The topic of discussion was the fact that the Canadiens coaches were all anglophones. It was pretty nasty. It went on all night but here is little extract.

Baron: Bob(Gainey) didn't speak like a player, he's a very bad communicator, from one day to the next he changes. Now he doesn't change, he's the 'Big Boss'. Double B because he the big boss. (nastily) Because now we have to talk English because there are four anglophones behind the bench. THE MONTREAL CANADIENS HOCKEY CLUB!

Bergeron; It started out with three...

Baron: They brought him down from the press box

Bergeron; DON LEVER .

Baron :Lever 3000 is a soap!

Bergeron; The players on the bench asked "Where's Don?" and Don was in the hallway.

Baron : From Heaven... That's why they won. (sarcastic)

Every time they used an English word or phrase you could hear the resentment and anger in their voices

The whole exchange was extremely mean spirited and continued throughout the show.
They Trashed Saku for not learning French.
They complained that there are no French coaches on the farm team in Hamilton.
They even brought up the fact that Phillippe Alou (ex manager of the Expos) didn't speak French

The Reseau des Sports doesn't see anything offensive in these rants and has even posted the clips to it's website. To see more this crap go to RDS .


  1. Thanks for posting this. Yes, the Anti-Chambre guys take it too far and do it too often. Their fomenting is not good for Montreal hockey.

    I heard that stuff, too. Apparently, La Zone is a lot better and can be had online. It's on the cbc French website.

    I think we have to see these knuckleheads (Anti-Chambre) for what they are. And ignore them. A few of them are ok but Baron and Raymond and to a great extent Bergeron are not very objective. And I guess I'm being generous in saying that.

    RDS should regulate them more.

    Homme de Sept-Iles

  2. They're well placed to judge, the Antichambre guys themselves can't even speak French properly...

  3. Antoine has a point there: most hockeymen can't speak proper French wether they are of French or English descent. And this show's participants are well-known for just spouting out nonsense wether its about language or anything else.

    However the topic they are discussing is not without interest in regards to who will be coaching the team next year. Bob Gainey has learned French and can use it to carry out a conversation, wether he has an accent or not is besides the point. But if an straigth English-speaking coach is chosen next year, I quite agree it would be difficult to justify having a full coaching team unable to speak the language of the locals. Just how many examples of that do you see in organized sports elsewhere? Can you really picture a French-speaking only team of coaches in Toronto? Calgary? any American city? Do you know of any other such case?

  4. I was waiting for the big slur, the big controversial statement... and... nothing.

    Very subjective way to interpret it. You must get your feelings hurt very often.

    We've heard much worse from Don Cherry against Francophones on the public-paid CBC for decades now.