Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Et les Anglos?

In an article in today's Le Devoir, Odile Tremblay asks what anglophones think about the proposed re-enactment of Battle the Plains of Abraham scheduled next year.

First let me say that anglos don't think much about it all. While the French press burns with debate, it is a non-story amongst anglophones.
That being said, I promises you that if the project goes ahead, you won't see busloads of West Islanders trudging off to Quebec City to savour the victory.

Not one to often agree with nationalists, I can say in no uncertain terms that the project is an unacceptable provocation, if for no other reason than it is perceived as a provocation by large number of Quebeckers.
Why on earth would we artificially create a public event that offends so many people? It is stupidity of the nth degree.
This ill-thought out project is the brainchild of the Battlefield Commission, an organization with too much time on their hands and not enough to do. The Commission should be disbanded and the Plains turned over to Parks Canada.
Those politicians who feel a need to defend this project should re-think their position.
Countering the emotional response of those opposed, with a logical rebuttal is an exercise in futility.

Calling off the event now may be a bit embarrassing, but is necessary. It may require a dose of intestinal fortitude by those making the decisions. I hope they find it. The consequences of letting this re-enactment take place is a confrontation that may or may not become violent.

I believe that if the Prime Minister stepped in and canceled the event, it would be perceived by the majority as wise and statesmanlike.

There are legitimate differences of opinion between anglophone and francophone Quebeckers. We're not going to advance this debate by celebrating an event that represents the very worst way of settling differences.

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  1. Amen to that. I'm glad to see that english-canadians agree with french-canadians on this.

    We should look for ways to bring Canadians together, and this is not it...