Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kathleen Weil is not an Anglophone

It seems our National Assembly member for NDG Kathleen Weil doesn't like to be referred to as an anglophone. In an fun article in the Montreal Gazette, Don MacPherson cuts her up badly.
According to another article in Le Devoir, she already prefers the French pronunciation of her second name and so may we suggest that she could further camouflage her English roots by asking everyone to use the French pronunciation of her first name- "Cat-leeen". She should refer to her husband as "Michel".
While she can change the way her name is pronounced she can't hide her past.
Some people when trying to impress potential employers, embellish their CV a little. In Weil's case she conveniently leaves out the time spent working for Alliance Quebec, an anglo rights group. Take a look at the whitewashed description of her past on the Liberal Party Website.

Et tu Katleen?


  1. Weil is a French-Jewish name. Marcel Proust's mother was a Weil-Bernkastle. Maybe she has woken to the fact that Alliance Québec were nothing but a bunch of dinkless whiner.

  2. I hope that Misses Weil will control the immigration problems better than the former minster. Canada and particularly Quebec is suffocating under the flow of immigrants, specially from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  3. Maybe she is an anglophone but she speaks a better french than most of anglophone people and also better than some French people.