Thursday, August 22, 2019

Quebec's Premier to Canada: "Show Me the Money!"

Legault promises zero equalization.."Go ahead, we're listening!"
For Quebec Premier Francois Legault, his staunch disdain for equalization payments from Ottawa that he so hated while opposition leader seems to have morphed into fierce attachment once he became leader of the province.
As Gomer Pyle used to say....
Surprise! Surprise!

It's a little comical and sad to see him tap dance around the issue, a stark contrast to his adamant opposition to the concept when he sat in opposition as leader of the CAQ.
It's the sort of cynical reversal of election promises that should have voters skeptical of any nonsense spewed by opposition leaders when they have nothing to lose.

But we already know that....

What is interesting is the fierce defence of the program made by the Premier in the face of devastating attacks on equalization launched by Alberta Premier Jason Kenny who has, in nicer words than Trump would use, portrayed Quebec as a loser, lazy deadbeat province which is spitting in Alberta's oil soup, strictly out of spite.
He has a point..

And so Mr. Legault's comic defence of equalization is sadder than funny or funnier than sad.
His biggest deflection is that Quebec deserves the money because it is a condition of confederation.
"On Sunday, Legault defended equalization against criticism from Alberta, saying the program was part of the “original deal” when Quebec entered Confederation in 1867.
Kenny pointed out that the first equalization system was introduced in 1957, and the principle of equalization was included in the Constitution in 1982." Link
As for which Premier has a better grasp of history, La Presse has come down firmly on the side of the Alberta Premier, quoting an expert;
La Presse  put the question to Jean-Thomas Bernard, professor in the economics department of the University of Ottawa. After checking, Mr Bernard said the Albertan Premier is right. 
How addicted attached is Quebec to the billions and billions Ottawa sends each year to shore up its lagging economy.?

Well, consider this...
The CAQ youth wing recently held its convention in Sherbrooke.
Like all youth wings of all political parties, the most radical and nonsensical resolutions are passed, motions that the big boys never adopt because they are just too radical or unrealistic.

But when it came to equalization, the youth wing could not bring itself to oppose it, claiming that there were too diverse opinions to form a motion.
Let's face it, equalization is like crack cocaine to Quebec, and the idea of its supply being cut off a frightening and unthinkable scenario, like an addict horrified that his dealer is leaving town

In truth, Quebec is ashamed of its beggar status and its need to take charity from other provinces, but it doesn't stop it from taking the cash sheepishly.
That is why all the Quebec nationalist journalists and commentators have remained eerily silent on the subject.
With the devastating verbal onslaught launched by Premier Kenney, you'd think that outraged reaction would be forthcoming from Quebec's finest Canada haters.
But alas there's not much to say in defence and so silence on the issue seems to reign.
The Bock-Cotés, Bombardiers, Legaults, Proulxs, Martineaus et al, continue to rail against the evil Muslim immigrants and the clear and present danger they remain, while willfully ignoring the issue of equalization.
It is called deflection.
Nobody in the nationalist camp is really interested in debating the issue or defending Quebec.

Yes, there is the fringe commentators over on who argue that Quebec still gets a raw financial deal from Ottawa but their arguments play largely to the rabid sovereigntists who are willfully blind.

But let us state the obvious.
  1. If equalization went the other way, with Quebec shipping billions of dollars of its wealth to Alberta, Quebec would have separated years ago.
  2. If Canada stopped paying equalization payments to Quebec as Mr. Kenney suggests, Quebec would leave Canada in a huff. After all, what's the point of remaining in a loveless marriage if the money is cut off.
So consider this gentle reader.

Quebec remaining a part of Canada is dependant on one thing only.
Not language protections.
Not patriotism or attachment
Not history.

Nope, it is equalization, the glue that holds Quebec fast. 
Chew on that for while.

Aside from all the other fiscal benefits, Quebec receives from the rest of Canada, the $13 billion in direct equalization is the glue that binds Quebec to Canada.

The question that remains is not whether it is worth the money to Quebec to stay in Canada, but rather is it worth it to Canadians to keep paying to keep Quebec satisfied.

What say you?


  1. Your question: "Is it worth it to Canadians to keep paying to keep Quebec satisfied?"

    My answer: No! Hell, NO! (Now isn't that a predictable answer from yours truly?)

    1. doesn't canada petrol belong to all canadians mate?

    2. Actually, student, and to all who are not aware, it doesn't. If you're thinking Petro Canada (i.e., Pierre Elliott Trudeau Ripped O Canada), that was privatized several years ago; nevertheless, the Quebec government does not want a pipeline running into Quebec whether by obsolete publicly-owned oil companies, but in reality all are now private companies, so your point is moot, i.e., a non-starter.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Legault's main goal is to create conflict with the federal gov. and the ROC by any means.
    When their ridiculous actions get criticized and their selfish demands aren't met, the separatists can then say "the rest of Canada doesn't respect our way of living".

    So first you claim high and loud that you don't need or want equalization payments, then once one of the other provinces calls you on it, you make a big fuss about how we're owed that money and the rest of Canada wants to take it away.

    Even Legault knows that most modern separatists aren't very smart in the first place, he's just using that to his advantage.

  3. "Advantage" you say? Is the strategy even working outside of the 25% of the population that is hard core separatist ignoramuses?

  4. Aint that the truth.

    Its always about the money. Effectively Quebec barely tolerates the ROC and anglos in exchanges for tens of billions of dollars.

    They have managed to not only extract money from the ROC but also effectively make english a second class language in Quebec which is still part of the country of Canada. That just boggles my mind that its ok to discriminate against the number one language in the did that happen? Quebec is about a close an example as there is to the "tail wagging the dog".

    But Canadians just accept this nonsense..

  5. What are anglophones really like ?