Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bloc Quebecois Faithful, Like Flat-Earthers, Demonstrate Blissful Ignorance

As the Bloc Quebecois leadership fiasco unfolds, it is becoming increasing clear that the die-hards, led by leader Martine Ouellet, remain steadfastly faithful to the ideological goal of Quebec sovereignty, supposedly achievable in our time, the discredited and defeated notion which like those who believe that the Earth is flat, proves that for some, reality remains a step too far.

There are many good people who believe that Quebec sovereignty is a noble and justifiable goal, but who realize that in the context of today's political and social reality, it just isn't going to happen.

Then there are those that refuse to accept reality, the Bloc Quebecois militants led by idealogue Martine Ouellet who believe that everything can be achieved if only one dreams hard enough.
We've seen this attitude amongst cultists and anti-vaxers where science and reality are irrelevant and where dogma and blind faith supplant truth.
Such is the case of the faithful adherents and members of the Bloc Quebecois who overwhelmingly support Martine Ouellet's fantasy that keeping the faith and working towards the goal of Quebec sovereignty is a noble, justifiable and realizable goal, fantasists who also must believe that pedaling on a stationary exercise bike is a likely conveyance to propel them to the promised land.

Then there are those seven members (out of ten) caucus members of the Bloc Quebecois members of Parliament who know different and who bolted the caucus not only because they believed that right now, given the diminished support for sovereignty, that the role that he party must  undertake in Ottawa is one where it stands up and protects 'Quebec interests.'
This realistic conclusion is one that the 'Dear Leader' of the Bloc cannot and will not accept along with the backing of most of the Bloc membership who also support the 'sovereignty or death' choice.

And so the two factions seem unable to heal the rift which has exploded into an irreconcilable schism. The fact that Martine Ouellet is also bat-shit crazy, something almost everyone who has worked for her admits, doesn't auger well for reconciliation.

As for myself and most readers of this blog, the only word to describe the imminent collapse of the Bloc Quebecois is not English nor French, but rather German.
That word is 'schadenfreude,'  the pleasure derived from another's misfortune.
The topping on this sundae is the hope that the death spiral of the Bloq will be exceedingly long and painful, wiping the idiot smile off Mario Beaulieu's face and breaking the spirit of Martine Ouellet.

Let the seven members of the Bloq who bolted the caucus sit as independents until they take their leave come next election.
Or better still, let them run and split the remaining Bloq vote, insuring an election wipeout that will seal the deal and consign the Bloq Quebecois to the history books along with the Union Nationale or the Ralliement créditiste.

Good Riddance!


  1. I can name one group that would be terrified of seeing the Bloc perish: the provincial Liberal war room. Anything to keep the sword of Damocles over the remaining English heads.

  2. Flat Earth Society claims to have supporters all around the globe.