Saturday, May 13, 2017

Narcissist Trudeau and Trump are Peas in a Pod

Liberal supporters of Prime Minister Trudeau look at the the presidency of Donald Trump and thank their lucky stars that Canada is run by Justin Trudeau, all the while failing to understand that although they are at different ends of the political spectrum, they are indeed peas in a pod.

Everyday since Trump's campaign started and carrying on into his presidency, he has reminded everyone who will listen that he is God's gift to the United States and that everything will be fantastic under his management.  But Trump's failure after failure and disaster after disaster hasn't dampened their enthusiasm and support for him as he continues to weave a fantasy of competence and achievement, belied by reality.

Sound familiar?

The truth is that Trudeau peddles the same nonsense, the fiction that under his leadership and the Liberal party, the country is forging ahead successfully, despite setback after setback.
Like Trump, Trudeau lives in a fantasy world where facts are not facts and reality not reality.
Trudeau is the same narcissistic liar that Trump is, telling us the opposite that is true and ramming nonsense down our throats by the shear force of his personality.

Liberals accuse Trump of being a populist, a dirty euphemism for playing to the emotions of frustrated voters. I don't particularly see that as a bad thing, but alt-Liberals and the left-wing media view it as politics of the worst order.
But Trudeau is no different, pandering to the emotions of alt-Liberals by fostering a false cult of coolness and promising to do politics differently, while doing politics as cynically as everyone else.
The cult of Donald Trump matches that of Trudeau, where supporters are willing to suspend reality for the elusive promise of anticipated change.
Alt-Liberals are dumbfounded as to how Trump people can continue to support him in light of a so-far failed agenda, the dishonesty, lies and the misdirection. For them, the support that Trump enjoys is maddening and inexplicable, failing to understand or comprehend that they are the same idiots, also supporting an idiot Prime Minister who has accomplished absolutely nothing except raise the deficit by a staggering ten billion dollars

Like Trump, Trudeau has cavalierly backed away from campaign promises with nary an apology.
With a shrug of the shoulder Justin, reversed his promise of electoral reform and proportional representation. The abysmal performance of his newly minted democratic institutions minister, Maryam Monsef, chosen for her ethnicity rather than talent, blew up up in Justin's face when it was discovered that she lied about where she was born. Monsef bungled the file badly, insulting Parliament in the process and was thrown under the bus rather brutally by Justin, scapegoated for a broken campaign promise. But when challenged as to the reversal, Justin calmly replied that he came to realize that proportional representation would lead to dangerous fringe parties gaining Parliamentary seats, baloney that only his starry-eyed minions could buy.

Then there is the incredible effrontery in supporting another failed ethnic cabinet minister, Harjit Sajjan, who proved to be a liar as well, claiming to be the author of a big military operation in Afghanistan. The military uses the term 'stolen valour' for wannabes lying about fictitious military achievements. It is serious and unacceptable and that Harjit Sajjan is allowed to remain in position as Defence Minister underlines how Trudeau believes, like Trump, that he can do no wrong and any decision he makes is divine.

Trudeau seems to operate under the assumption, perhaps correct, that like Trump, his supporters are so dogmatic that he can do no wrong and can say and do anything as he pleases without repercussions.

Last week in Parliament, Trudeau stonewalled the opposition over the question of how many times he met with the ethics commissioner in regards to a possible violation of rules over his Christmas vacation on a billionaire's private Caribbean island. Instead of answering the question with a number...once, twice or perhaps never, Trudeau reminded the questioner that he was always happy to cooperate with the ethics commissioner anytime. When asked by another unsatisfied member of the opposition the same question, he again refused to give a real answer, again spouting Trudeauesque platitudes of the highest order. In fact he dodged the question 18 times and repeated his non-answer verbatim, smugly intimating that he is untouchable .
It is no wonder that Trudeau has proposed that the Prime Minister be given a pass and not be required to attend the House of Commons question period but once a week. Hmm...
After tweeting that he perhaps recorded conversations with the fired FBI boss, Trump was peppered with questions about whether recordings of White House meetings exist. His Press secretary dodged the question and when Trump was asked point blank by a friendly reporter from FOX news whether he taped James Comey, he demurely replied that he just did not want to talk about it. What chutzpah!
 In response to this embarrassment what did Trump propose? That the daily White House press briefing be abolished. Sound familiar?

As I said, Trump and Trudeau are cut from the same cloth.

Every time Trudeau is interviewed he reminds us of that his Canadian alt-Liberal values are the values of all Canadians, despite having won less than 40% of the vote in the last election. While Trudeau has the right to speak for all Canadians as Prime Minister, he cannot pretend that everyone supports his wacky Liberal agenda. His smug paternal platitudes and explanations can best be described as 'people-splaining.' 
Like Trump, Trudeau shucks and jives, never facing the issue at hand, always reminding us how open effective, fair and fantastic his government is and how lucky we are to have him.

For those who continue to blindly support Trudeau, I want to remind you of his utter non-accomplishments or less generously, his failures.
Here from the Toronto Sun, here are 10 key promises Trudeau has broken since becoming PM on Nov. 4, 2015.
1: Revenue neutral middle-class tax cut
Trudeau said his middle class tax cut would pay for itself. It hasn’t. The tax cut is costing all Canadians $1.2 billion annually from the federal treasury, a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
2: Small business tax cut
Trudeau promised to lower the rate from 11% to 9%. He hasn’t.
3: Modest deficits
Trudeau said annual deficits over his first term in office would total $24.1 billion. Last week’s federal budget pegs them at $93.3 billion, an immodest increase of 287%.
4: Balanced budget
Trudeau said the budget would be balanced, with a $1 billion surplus, in 2019-20. Last week’s budget predicts the deficit in 2019-20 will be $20.4 billion, $18.7 billion deficit in 2020-21 and $15.8 billion in 2021-22. It gives no indication of when the budget will be balanced, if ever.
5: Reduce debt-to-GDP ratio
Trudeau promised this ratio, a key indicator of the government’s economic health, would be reduced from 30% to 27% by the end of his first term in office. Last week’s budget replaces this with a vague statement the ratio will be lower in 2020-21 than 2016-17, without specifics.
6: Revenue neutral carbon pricing

Trudeau said his carbon pricing plan would be revenue neutral for the federal government. This was misleading because his government is not lowering other federal taxes to offset new federal revenues gained from carbon pricing, which is the definition of revenue neutrality. Instead, Trudeau has set a mandatory national carbon price for provincial governments to implement, with no requirement that their carbon pricing schemes must be revenue neutral for them.
7: Reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions
Before the 2015 election, Trudeau and the Liberals said then prime minister Stephen Harper’s proposed emission cuts were inadequate. Post-election, Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna said they were the “floor” on which the Liberals would build. Today, Harper’s floor is Trudeau’s ceiling since he hasn’t changed Harper’s targets.
8: Electoral reform
Trudeau said the 2015 election would be the last using “first past the post” balloting and would be replaced with some form of proportional representation. He has abandoned this promise.
9: Open and transparent government
The opposition parties complain Trudeau is proposing to reduce weekly parliamentary sittings from five days to four (eliminating Fridays), appear only one day a week to answer their questions, limit their power to delay legislation and give the government more time to answer their written inquiries.
10: Restore home mail delivery
Trudeau’s government is studying the issue, but his promise appears to have been downsized to not cutting home mail delivery any further, rather than restoring previous cuts.
And so while Trudeau supporters continue to buy into his fantasy, others are sounding the alarm.
Justin Trudeau’s support for more pipelines and oil sands drilling is at loggerheads with his image as Canada’s progressive heartthrob prime minister, according to a top environmentalist.
In an op-ed published Monday in The Guardian, founder Bill McKibben called Trudeau a “stunning hypocrite” on global warming. Link
Donald Trump is a creep and unpleasant to look at, but at least he’s not a stunning hypocrite when it comes to climate change The Guardian
 For alt-Liberal Trudeau supporters, his drunken spending doesn't matter, his failed initiatives and broken campaign promises a trifle, all because he represents all what they had hoped for, a new type of politician, a populist akin to Donald Trump, where fantastic and impossible promises are a seductive alternative to cold-hard reality.

To those smug Trudeau supporting Canadians who look down on Trump supporters as gullible brain-dead losers, understand that you are one and the same...


  1. Philip writes:

    "Trump's failure after failure and disaster after disaster..."

    We must be on different planets. I take it, Philip, that you only get your news through the MSM?

    What failures and disasters do you refer to?

  2. That's a great photo of T'n T. It just screams 'bromance'.

  3. Trudeau is a fluff ball who never had a real job in his life..who grew up with a silver spoon embedded in him..who knows nothing about business..who is full of himself..who thinks the more selfies he takes the better a prime minister he is. I am pretty embarassed that Canadians were dumb enough to fall for someone so clearly unqualified for the jobs and someone who is so image focused. So we get the governmnent we deserve.
    Trump..well I actually would rather have him as PM than Trudeau because he at least has business experience and knows how the real world is..and he is not scared to be brutally honest and tell everyone what they want to hear all the time a la Trudeau. Yes Trump is arrogant and ignorant but he is a great negotiator..a great marketer..and he knows the business world..give me him anyday to run the economy over our fluff ball Trudeau.