Friday, May 5, 2017

Best of the Week

Marc Bergevin's Worst Nightmare

Best Rant of the Week from enraged pizza manager in Africa, furious that somebody desecrated his new revolving door.  PRICELESS!

Most impressive accomplishment. Two-handed bowler scores perfect game in a minute and a half.  No Photoshop!

Ironic product FAIL

Absolutely Best Quote of the Week.

Walmart Idiot of the Week 

Interesting Fact of the Week.

FAIL of the Week

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  1. The "Domino Pizza Zimbabwe" meme invoked two reactions in me:
    1) I've read that when you become a higher-up Scientologist, you sign a one billion year contract with the organisationl. Perhaps the pizza owner and Scientology can use the same auditing firm to ensure compliance over the comeing eons.
    2) regarding the banning for 1 billion years and "your future bloodline", this is not that far from the truth as far as North Korea is concerned. When you do something really bad against the State, not only are YOU punished but all every one in your immediate family are punished as well.