Sunday, May 28, 2017

Quebec Separatist Forces Melt Down

It's fair to say that those militating for Quebec sovereignty come in all sorts of political stripes, supporting a diverse range of political ideologies running the gamut of the alt-left of Quebec Solidaire, to the centrist Parti Quebecois and even the conservative element, the barely alive Option nationale of ex-leader Jean-Martin Aussant.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that unless these forces agree to work together, or 'converge' as is the term used by sovereigntist forces determined to unite the movement that the chances of success, already slim to none, are effectively out the window.

With this in mind separatist forces created an action committee to facilitate an agreement whereby cooperation would lead to some sort of a breakthrough through cooperation.

But this didn't happen, Quebec Solidaire signed the deal, but asked that it be kept secret until a party congress and then welshed on the deal rather abruptly.
And so we are witness to what can be charitably called a 'Mexican Standoff' whereby separatists are pointing guns at each other, unable to withdraw or advance.

The Liberals and the CAQ can not believe their good fortune and so it is to be that different separatist forces will battle it out for the small sliver of the sovereigntist slice of the electoral pie next October in the next provincial election.

The seemingly bizarre position of Quebec Solidaire actually makes sense when one considers what they are...idiots who never really want power anyways because they would be forced to implement their childish agenda. For them the peanut gallery is the place where they want to be, pitching nonsense ideas with no consequences.

For PQ leader Jean-François Lisée the utter stupidity of QS quitting the alliance is particularly hard to swallow, his deception apparent as he labelled the leadership of QS leadership 'members of a politburo' an nasty jab labeling them as commies.

For those who think we have a bad government in Philippe Couillard's Liberals, could you imagine a independent Quebec run by a coalition government where the likes of fools like  Manon Massé actually had power.

There is a sad reality that hangs over the Quebec independence movement, that is there are too many divergent opinions, opinions that are impossible to square.

So perhaps Quebecers may see a real option next year's election, a battle between realistic political philosophies, the conservative  CAQ versus the center of the road Liberals.
Usually it would be a no brainer, with the Liberals winning once again, but the taint of scandal and corruption isn't going away and perhaps with the sovereignty vote split and irrelevant, the CAQ might just slip in.
I'm actually hoping so.


  1. A Vote for Separation is a Vote For Partition.... Better to separate from Quebec AND Canada, and set Up an Independent Sovereign Sate where Equality is the #1 Priority ... Provincially or Federally there is Not even ONE Party that Supports Equality in Language, or represents the English Population in Quebec.... They care NOT for us... We should stop waving their Flag and caring about them!!

    1. In an independant quebec it is likely that there would be proportional electoral system. this means every vote counts unlike shitty british system quebec is stuck in. it follows that an english party would be created pushing for whatever you guys think is in your best interest. it would be a huge democratic step forward for you guys. finally you would vote for something instead of against french canadian political freedom. you'd be happier.

    2. Well a proportional system would actually give more votes to the urban areas and give anglos a stronger voice. Right now we have little areas like Iles de la Madeleine counting as much as a seat in Montreal with 3 times the population. I agree..the first past the post is a bad system..undemocractic just like the electoral college. All votes should count the same and if that means Montreal has more weight then so be it..thats where most people live in this province.

    3. complicated writes:

      "All votes should count the same..."

      And what about that definition of democracy as being three foxes and two chickens voting for what's for lunch?

      Canada is defined, in section 1 of its Charter of Rights as a "free and democratic" society. "Democratic" denotes "all votes should count the same; "free" denotes that democracy can't override the rights and freedoms of the individual.

  2. Really interested to hear you expand on that last point, about the CAQ. Are they really a viable option? They don't come off as particularly anglo-friendly.

    1. Gee, is there ANY party in Quebec that's "anglo-friendly"?

  3. I have been voting CAQ or ADQ for the past 4 elections. The Liberals are corrupt and entitled. The Liberals take the english vote for granted and do nothing for anglophones..Bill 101 was strengthened under them..the sign law and on and on.
    Of course the PQ are a no go as their modus operandi is to convince one way or another most Quebecers that seperation is the only way. I could care less about Lisee not holding a referendum until 2022..he will spend 4 years from 2018-2022 doing everything in the governments power to persuade Quebecers why they need to seperate which is bad enough..hence neglecting the real issues we need to deal with..stagnant economy, high taxes, corruption, bad infrastructure, etc..the usual

    The CAQ deserve a chance..I always say..they cant be worse than the Liberals or PQ..those two parties have run this province into the ground over the past 40 years. However I know most anglos will keep ob voting for the Liberals out of fear enabling a corrupt party to become more corrupt.

    1. caq attracts northshore douchebags. mate, they're super nationalist, but they don't support independance. talk about a shallow reasoning. they want to ask for more powers from the federal government: full control on culture, immigration, and many other things. hey complicated how many times has this been tried?!? forget it, canada does not want to let go things. open the constitution and strike a new deal? and what else caq, world peace, unicorns, free money? in fact their slogan for the gouin by-election was "1000$ de plus dans vos poches"!!! how ridicule is this? as if money grew in bushes behind their electoral office. it's comical some poeple still fall for this duplessis era stuff.

    2. The CAQ 1000 more in your pocket is because they would cut taxes..what a concept eh. Meanwhile Quebec solidaire would tax the crap out of anyone working and give the money to everyone else and then borrow more the crap out of corporatatios so more of them leave this already overtaxed and overregulated land..leaving Quebec another socialist hellhole like France.
      I livedin France for a year recently and its a very depressing place..young people have no hopes of any secure jobs..everybody seems to be on welfare..18 year olds dont want to work becauser they get more money from the government for doing nothing..everyone whines all the time..the government bureaucracy makes Quebec look efficient and that is really saying something.
      Yet people like you and many Quebecers always want to emulate France which has been spiralling down the drain for decades.