Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trudeau's English Apology an Empty Gesture

It may have been a pleasant surprise to see our Prime Minister apologize for insulting the Quebec Anglo community when he answered an English question in French, during a town hall meeting in Sherbrooke, but it is certainly a case of too little too late, reminding us exactly how far English has been thrown into disrespect and disrepute in Quebec.

Apologies like Trudeau's are hard to accept, the mistake so egregious, especially when committed by the leader of a country supposedly dedicated to the principle of bilingualism.
The act of child abuse is even more vile when priests are the perpetrators because the clergy are supposed to protect children, not abuse them.
And that is exactly what Justin Trudeau did when he disrespected English, he abused those he was supposed to protect and like the pedophile priest, apologies cannot right the wrong.

If our Prime Minister is so afraid of offending Quebec language nationalists, where does it leave the rest of us Anglos?
The forty year war waged by Quebec against the English language and its English minority has been ferocious and unremitting, all while Ottawa turned a blind eye to the humiliation and repression.
Trudeau has in fact just carried on the great Ottawa tradition of benign neglect, in a sad policy of appeasement worthy of Neville Chamberlain.

Politicians both federal and provincial and of all political stripes have universally accepted the idea of sacrificing Quebec's English community as a fair price to save the Canadian confederation.
It is hypocritical of the Prime Minister to tell the English community in Quebec that our welfare is of  his concern, because it isn't, we have already been betrayed and sacrificed.

Like the towns invaded by the Nazis, where the residents sent out the Jews in order to save the town from destruction, it's seems like a fair compromise...that is unless you are a Jew.

Yup, through legislation, humiliation, ostracization, English and Anglos have been reduced to a shell, a once proud community sacrificed on the alter of Canadian confederation.

How low has English sunk?
Well if the Montreal Canadiens can't respect English, who will?

Every time I see this sign in the Bell Centre, that first and foremost obeys Quebec's mean-spirited law that requires English to be humiliated, I shake my head.
Has nobody in ten years even noticed that "FOOD FARE" should read "FOOD FAIR"?

Speaking of the Montreal Canadiens, management have been waiting patiently, for almost a year to fire Michel Therrien, because no suitable French-speaking coach was available and so when Claude Julien was fired in Boston, it didn't take more than a few days to make the switch. For the Canadiens it was a better business decision to let the team sink under Therrien than to hire an unilingual Anglo to coach a unilingual English team. This is the real Quebec...
And by the way, Julien was so confident in the Canadiens desperation that he held out for a whooping five year/$25 million dollar contract, ridiculous considering he was making half that in Boston.

And so big box stores are forced to modify their names in order to make French appear more relevant, an insult considering that these stores are a powerful engine for French, requiring manufacturers to bilingualize products and who operate in French with French employees.

The plan has always been to reduce the English presence in Quebec, through intimidation, legislation and coercion. Ottawa hasn't lifted a finger to help Quebec's embattled English community in forty years and Trudeau's feigned concern now is as genuine as a three-dollar bill. 

Our community has been given up by Canada in order to keep Quebec in confederation and no apology will ever change any of that.


  1. An "apology" does Zero towards restoring our Lost Language Rights!!!!

  2. I attended the Sherbrooke Townhall with Justin Trudeau. I wanted to ask him what he could do to promote Federalism in Quebec and since he is so open to refugees and to gay rights...etc....what can he do foe the Anglos in Quebec. But after he said that he will answer all questions I'm French because we are I. Quebec, I felt like he kicked me in the stomach. After my shock wore off, my hand was up again because I wanted to tell him how offended and disappointed I was in him. I felt forgotten yet again. I was not called on, but half a dozen English questions were asked and not one of them took the opportunity to confront Him. He really disappointed me!

  3. Speaking about the Montreal Canadians ...
    Is there an exemption in Bill 101 for the Expression "Go Habs Go"... Even Visible on the Digital destination display on the front of STM Buses....
    or is "GO" now French, while the REAL French word "STOP" continues to be illegal??
    The Topsy-Turvey world of Quebec Language !!!

  4. It seems very ironic that the apology came after such a period of time but we all realize that the contributors and liberal supporters solicited by the Liberal Support campaign was taking a big hit. One should really request the stats on membership before and after the gaff.

  5. Sadly even if someone forwards a copy of the wayward"Food Fare" sign to the Bell Centre, I bet dollars to doughnuts they wouldn't be bothered to change the sign.
    That's respect!

  6. English Quebec has been very generous$$ to the Liberal Party of Canada. After the Sherbrooke incident, I let them and my Liberal MP know that I never want to see another email or snail mail solicitation sent to me ever again and that I regreted giving Justin any money. I was not the only one. Low and behold, surprise surprise, 2 weeks later he makes a formal apology.

    1. Ohhhhhh....LD! You obviously love pretty boys like the Trudeaus are/were. BTW, I'm not suggesting you're gay, so let's not have the conversation blow in an irrelevant direction.

      Sr. Trudeau ran and won for years in Mount Royal, back then a constituency that not only consisted of TMR, but a big chunk of Snowdon, right into Hampstead and I believe a chunk of Côte-St-Luc. I had family members there who time after time after time voted for the big palooka. It was a largely Jewish constituency, and this one-time wearer of a Prussian general's helmet kept getting the Jewish vote over and over and over. He kept biting the hand that fed him, but he still got the votes.

      The Trudeaus, both father and son, are not fans of Israel, far from it, yet they seem immune from kicking the Jews in the groin when it comes to contributions and votes.

      Decades ago, when I was in high school, in my English class, we read a short story called The Leader. How I wish I could remember who wrote it and how to retrieve it. Be that as it may, it started out with the population watching each and every move this leader made, from taking a walk to eating his soup. Eventually, the population learns shockingly he doesn't even have a head. One in the crowd remarked "who cares, as long as he has genius".

      It has been an eternity, but I think the moral of the story was about false idols. Bill Clinton was one (wearing dark glasses and playing the sax all the while getting BJs from interns and cheating on his wife), and the Trudeaus are two more. What worries me is this yutz is going to get elected again (first past the post) whether he bites the hand that feeds him or not. Vote for the pretty boy!

      Mr. Sauga

  7. Fare is correct. A "fare" is a range of food.

    1. Nope you are making a common mistake.
      Yes "Fare" is a range of food.
      But a "Food Fair" is a place where you can purchase and eat a'fare'(range) of food.
      Do a simple internet picture search to see the difference.

  8. I see your point. But, they call it Concessions in French and I believe that the direct translation would be food fare. Incidentally, they could have just called it Concessions in English as well, without the need to include a small print food fare.

    1. He eats food fare in the food fair. Say it fast a few times!!!!
      You are right, they should have just let the word "Concessions" but would probably in their wisdom have a little "Concessions" under a big "Concessions".
      In Westmount Square, Pharmaprix has a sign that say "Consultations" with a smaller version of the exact same word underneath to denote English.
      This where we've evolved.

    2. It does not shock me. I have no empirical evidence to say this but, I would wager that most of the "small print" English signage is a straight copy/paste from google translate.

  9. Philip Philip Philip....et al!

    Waddaya expect? In a previous Quebec election coverage, I heard the Suburban's editor, Beryl Wajsman state that the Quebec minorities (still) make up 20% of the population, but 40% of the tax base.

    That means the inferior majority, 80% of the population, contains only 60% of the wealth. Can you imagine how skewed those statistics would have been had the 300,000+ people (yours truly included) who left ended up staying?

    Philip, you stated it yourself in a previous blog of your own. You did a whole chapter on how there are 17 billionaires in Quebec, and eight or nine of them are non-francophones. There are six Jewish billionaires in a population of about 90,000 Quebec Jews ergo the ratio of Jews in Quebec to billionaires is 15,000 to 1; the ratio of Francophones is 800,000 to 1. This means the ratio of Jewish billionaires to Franco billionaires is 53.333 to 1.

    Parasite may have been in the cups when he said "Money and the ethnic vote...essentially" cost him the 1995 Referendum, but his subconscious spoke volumes. In the cups or at the podium in the buff, Parasite would have said exactly the same thing! His grapes weren't sour, they were downright bitter. He was a jealous fool (don't know why...he had a successful entrepreneur in his father and a successful surgeon in his grandfather...men who were 1 in 800,000! Goes to show the ethnic majority are brain-deas a a collectivity who think they are perpetually owed federal government largesse because they are a "distinct society". Indeed they are...a distinct collectivity of moronic layabouts that the rest of us perpetually support. A distinct collectivity of vegetables that thankfully is dwindling thanks or no thanks to their finally thumbing their noses at the perpetrator of their demise...the Roman Catholic church.

    At long last churches are being converted to residential housing, lofts, community centers and stores, exactly where they deserve to be. Oh, and CEGEPs, too (I am an alumni of the Ste-Croix campus of Vanier College, a former convent).

    The cavalcade of language legislation of a half century ago, starting with Bill 63 and followed by...well, I'm not going to repeat it for the 178th time if you get my drift, was really an exercise in Affirmative Action, started in the US as an equalizer for American Blacks...and it failed and failed MISERABLY!

    Like American Blacks, it did very little. While some Blacks have become very successful, and rightfully so for having done what needs to be done to succeed, there is still a huge permanent underclass there, just like there is a permanent underclass of Francophones in Quebec. Do over 50% of them still heat their houses with wood? How last millennium is that?

    Hérouxville pulled what Donald Trump is doing in the US now. Trump has the benefit of the White House and the leveraged publicity thereof to do what the country bumpkins, hicks and Franco hillbillies of Hérouxville and much of the rest of Quebec couldn't.

    Trudeau is just another «Québécois de veuille souche» despite the fact half his heritage isn't; nevertheless, he has chosen to adopt his father's side...at least in this case. If it's convenient to do so, I'm sure he'd sway over to his mother's side of his heritage.

    I learned there were only nine people that filed formal complaints to the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages over this Sherbrooke debacle. Smart people who did so, and it's only a shame more people didn't do so. Think about it: Filing a formal complaint with that Office was the ultimate delicious irony! It was PM Trudeau, the Dad, who created that monster, and now his PM son has been bitten in the ass by that monster!

    By the way, I was one of the nine, and uber delighted I did so.

    Mr. Sauga

    1. @sauga

      so you really want this blog to remain hateful dont you mate?

    2. And if I do, mate? What about it?


      Mr. Sauga

  10. well if you do it's disrespectful for mr. berlach. and i wonder why you try to turn his website into the same angryphone circus as he once decided to shut. i find it puzzling that's all.

    1. Mr. Berlach and I communicated privately a long time ago before revealing his identity with respect to this blog he created, and there is mutual respect. You just keep "wondering why", mate. I love keeping a moron in suspense.


      Mr. Sauga

    2. @sauga

      right, to sum up your "reasoning" here what you're saying is the editor respects hate filled contributions to his blog. i think you're wrong again. maybe he thinks nutcases will put on a good show and bring people around, so you are tolerated for this reason but no way a mature adult will "respect" hateful drivel. or maybe you don't know what respect is.