Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Border Invasion Heralds Frightening New Reality

For these last few years, Canadians have been largely immune from the tumultuous invasion of war refugees and the illegal economic migration that has stunned Europe and the United States.
National borders have been breached with reckless abandon with the illegals creating facts on the ground that will be well-nigh impossible to reverse.

And so we have benignly looked on, with a holier than thou attitude, telling ourselves and the world that these invaders should be treated kindly and generously, that is until they invade Canada.

Imagine your doorbell rings and when you open the door foolishly without checking the peephole, a young middle-eastern type barges into your home declaring that he is there to stay, a squatter in your home and one that you'll have to supply with food, clothing and the necessities of life.
Ridiculous?  Hmmm.....not so sure.

For now, Canadians have been generally giddy at the thought of our country being seen as a safe haven, a refuge from the evil and unwelcoming administration of Donald Trump whose crackdown on illegals has Liberals squealing like stuck pigs and illegals panicked into a stampede.
As the influx of illegal border crossers become a torrent with the arrival of better weather and deteriorating circumstances in the United States, Canada and Justin Trudeau are going to face a monumental decision on how these invaders are to be accommodated.

The majority of these illegal border-crossers are not refugees fleeing oppression, but those seeking a better economic future for themselves. Most of the ones now crossing the border know that they will be kicked out of the USA sooner or later.
They comprise mostly of those who have entered fraudulently into the USA via a tourist visa with plans to squat or those with an expired work or study permit refusing to leave. The middle-eastern and African border jumpers did not enter the USA through a land route via Mexico, but rather more mundanely, via a legitimate airline flight. These are not legitimate asylum seekers, the romantic notion spun by the "No person is Illegal" crowd. 

The route into Quebec is becoming quite routine with many illegals flying to Plattsburgh, New York where they stay overnight in a hotel and then take a taxi right to the border, crossing a ditch and onto Roxton Road in Hemmingford, Quebec. The usually efficient US Border patrol is intimately aware of the route but is making no effort to stop the crossing with a cynical attitude of 'good riddance."

In January, 450 people crossed the Quebec border illegally and this is in the dead of winter. As publicity of this successful transit route becomes better known among potential border-jumpers, one can only imagine the numbers in summer.
While Justin Trudeau has said he has no plans to stem the tide, circumstances may force him to break his word, something he has a propensity to do anyways.
Canadians are divided as to what to do with border jumpers, some for, some against, but since no news organization dares to conduct a poll for fear of the answer, support on either side of the issue is unknown.
Two thing are for sure, the trickle of border jumpers will turn into a flood and will no doubt test the limits of Canadian generosity. The percentage of Canadians supporting an open border will plummet and politicians will scramble to get on the 'right' side of the issue.
We know where Justin and the Liberal government now stands, with the status quo maintained and the border wide open.
But things will change. The border jumpers represent a trap that Trudeau cannot escape and whatever decision he makes, he'll come out deeply damaged.

Are Canadians really as generous as Justin Trudeau purports or is the reality of Canadian generosity a myth created by circumstance?
We have never been confronted by a border invasion as has Europe and the USA and I'm not sure that Canadians will react well.

And by the way, that refugee in your living room, he's starting to complain that he doesn't like the living conditions you provide and after all... he has rights.


  1. "...crossing a ditch and onto Roxton Road in Hemmingford, Quebec."

    Roxham Road.

    1. Tsk tsk tsk! Technicalities technicalities technicalities! Let's make life easier. The can leisurely cross Canusa St. at the Derby Line VT-Beebe Plain QC area. America will be more than happy to let these aliens cross into our country, and to the Americans, good riddance as written above.

      Better still, let them be escorted by the Americans over the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, from Blaine, WA into White Rock, BC, etc. etc. etc.

      The current Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, was himself a refugee from Somalia at age 16. On Question Period last Sunday, he spoke like a true politician. In all fairness, he contributed well to our country and earned his Bachelor of Arts (History) from York University and his Law Degree from the University of Ottawa. He co-founded the Regent Park Community Council and was able to secure a $500 million revitalization project for Regent Park, an underprivileged part of Toronto with decades-old subsidized housing.

      I want to be reasonable for all he has achieved since coming to Canada as a refugee, but on QP, he stated what is going on now is a trickle, but who did he think he was fooling by saying that. He went on to state we have some kind of "international obligation" to hear out these illegal entrants into our country, but as he said that, all I could think was what's going to happen when the dam inevitably bursts and that trickle becomes a raging torrent?

      We've seen the hideousness of that element in France, and now Germany, and inevitably other parts of Europe and now inevitably here.

      Does Mr. Hussen think were fools? Will pretty boy Trudeau continue to advocate that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian? Sadly, Kellie Leitch's mantra of testing Canadian values is catching traction with me, and from all the anti-Semitism and anti-Islamic sentiments ever increasingly raising their ugly heads, it's only going to get worse.

      The Late Mordecai Richler was scorned for remarking in his publication Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! how Francophones at one time reproduced like sows. What to do when the Muslims are reproducing like sows to the point there will be enough of them to vote in Sharia law and burqas and their warped ideas of Islamic blasphemy. How long does democracy have left? Israel will eventually be at war because of the Muslim population growing faster than the Jewish population, so why not in the Western World?

      Sadly, most of the Muslims here now are melancholy and my experiences with them are positive. I can't write for sure that too many Muslims will absolutely mean we will be outvoted for Sharia law, but you can be sure Sharia law will have its proponents and in their diabolical, manipulative ways will pressure the flock to see Sharia their way!

      Mr. Sauga