Monday, November 28, 2016

Donald Trump's Magical Wall

 Dear Friends,
I don’t know how many of you are left to read this, but it doesn’t matter as I’ve decided to make a return to blogging, principally for my own benefit as a therapy for the blues.

I learned in writing over a thousand blog post that you can’t really convince people to change their minds, so I shall not endeavour to do so.
I hope to amuse myself as well as those who come back for the ride and promise to do my best to keep us all just a little entertained.

I shall not limit myself to the narrow subject of the Anglo/Ethnic experience in Quebec and shall dabble in subjects that affect us all nationally or internationally..That being said when the time is right I shall return to the grimy subject of Quebec politics.

I hope to provide a different view of common subjects, something you won’t get in the main press mainly because of commercial considerations or in fact collective laziness by those we trust to bring us the news.

And so let begin with the subject of the infamous Trump Wall, a campaign promise that so shocked liberals and professional commentators to the point where so-called experts, one by one were trotted out on television to debunk that such a wall could even be built.

For a country that put a man on the moon some 50 odd years ago, the task to build such a security wall isn’t as difficult or expensive as those opponents would have us believe.
Over sixty-five countries have such walls and all seem able to pay for them just fine, including India’s massive 2,500 mile fence along the Bangladesh border, which is about as long as the proposed US/Mexico wall would be.

Read: How 65 countries have erected fences on their borders

As to the effectiveness of walls or fences, they do keep people out, but certainly not all. In most cases, refugee walls are meant to stem the flow of illegal migrants, not eliminate transfers completely.
Now there are walls that are built for security reasons (like Israel’s fence around Gaza) which are far more effective because they employ deadly force, something not envisioned in walls meant to keep out economic refugees.
But the effectiveness of a southern wall along the Mexican border is moot, because the United States can easily reclaim the border with much less drama and with minimum expense…really.

And this is something nobody in the media is talking about, so here goes…..

The famous criminal Slick Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks, and his response was simple, eloquent, and humorous:
“Because that’s where the money is.”
Suffice to say, take away the jobs and other opportunities and illegal immigration would cease.

An expensive and not altogether foolproof remedy?
Well it’s a lot cheaper than building and policing a security wall.

Make the employment of illegal immigrants a federal crime punishable by imprisonment or large fines and the jobs would disappear.
Send a few housewives to jail for employing an illegal nanny and the market would dry up completely.
Making bosses criminally liable for huge fines or imprisonment for employing illegal workers or employing sub-contractors who use illegals, would dry up the market within months.

Now some of you might respond that America cannot function without the illegals, but that is another matter.

As to America hating the illegals and wanting them out, it just isn’t true.
The rich, powerful and entrenched love to employ illegals retaining and nurturing a slaver mentality that was the America in the hundred or so years before the civil war.

In short, illegals make money for those who employ them, mostly the rich.
America’s lower class pays the price of illegals who steal jobs and more importantly depress wages.

So America  needs no wall to keep out immigrants, it needs backbone and commitment, full well in the knowledge that the underclass of illegals make America more prosperous by working for less.
The reality is that America has built its model around illegals and that model is the issue, not a wall.
If you don’t want illegals, change the model.

It begs the question. Does America really want to get rid of illegal immigration and the model that supports it?
Well the poor and out of work certainly do want a model change, not so much the successful middle class and rich who benefit the most

The question is whether Donald Trump understands what he is tinkering with, wall or no wall....


  1. Not sure about the wall, the idea seems crazy to me. But the most important issue to me was not to let H.Clinton win and that was achieved. Between a malignant narcissist and a full blown sociopath, I'd back the narcissist.

    1. What proves she is a sociopath mate?

    2. This video, among other things.

    3. you'll have to admit that the sociopath tag fits trump as well. he lied his way to the white house hurting many people and showing no remorse whatsoever. that's textbook sociopathic behaviour.

      now that we agree that they both share this trait, your main argument reads: between a malignant narcissist and full blown sociopath and a full blown sociopath only you'd back the malignant narcissist and full blown sociopath.

      we can therefore conlude that for you malignant narcissism is a plus. that's odd mate.

    4. I haven't seen a video of him giddy over a footage of a man sodomized and killed by thugs that he had unleashed. Any video like this, please share.

      Nor has he ever been responsible for destroying an entire country. He might as president, but that will be a strike against him in 2020, not 2016, unlike for madame secretary.

    5. @adski

      it's not because there is no video of him "giddy over a footage of a man sodomized and killed by thugs" that he's not a total sociopath. there are other ways to demonstrate sociopathy mate. bad argument. it was easy to spot.

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  3. The biggest surprise is not that you're back, but that you were able to stay away for so long. Oh look the resident troll is back too lol.