Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brent Tyler the Right Person for EMSB Chair

(Fair Disclosure: Brent Tyler is a good friend, whose campaign I am happy to support )
For too many years Brent Tyler has been the last Anglo manning the barricades, defending our community against the relentless English language oppression of successive Quebec governments, (both separatist and federalist) which all believed and continue to believe that the French language in Quebec can only be advanced and protected by the humiliation and repression of all things English.

That repression has taken its toll on the English Montreal School Board which along with other English school boards have seen a disastrous drop in enrollment, due not only to demographics, but the constraints over eligibility since the introduction of Bill 101.

Most of us know of Brent Tyler for his relentless defense of all things English in the courts, many of his cases going all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and many of those cases resulting in victories, although unfortunately, some Phyrric in nature.

For some in the English community Brent's long battle to defend English rights is a losing strategy and many among us would rather see our community grovel, content in  throwing ourselves on the mercy of an unsympathetic government, begging for crumbs, like Moses impelling Pharaoh to let his people go.
But like Moses, at a certain point discussion becomes moot and action required.

Tyler's court battles have borne fruit and more importantly his tireless battles over Bill 101 reminds me of the sports metaphor which paraphrased translates as, 'keeping the government honest' or wary and hesitant of over-reaching in the face of the inevitable Tyler lawsuit.

Permit me a hockey metaphor where coaches teach and expect their players to 'finish their check', that is, to follow through with a crunching bodycheck even after the opposing players has released the puck. The message sent is that there is no 'free pass' and that the opposing player would be best to keep his head up and refrain from taking liberties, perhaps considering acting less aggressively in consideration of the coming hit.

Brent has been doing just that for decades, and I can only imagine the scene around several cabinet tables where oppressive language measures are considered and where the specter of Tyler hauling them into court, a real consideration.

As for the current Chairperson, Angela Mansini, she has been on the job too long, a tenure that has seen the board threatened with trusteeship by the government because of the utter dysfunction.
I have spent dozens of hours watching past EMSB board meetings which are available online and it is evident to this observer that things need to change.

Ms. Mancini runs the board autocratically, unwilling or unable to suffer perceived fools, she railroads her decisions through a combination of arrogance and bulldozing.

Ms. Mancini works in concert with the vice-chair, Sylvia Lo Bianco,  the chairman's lap dog, a chihuahua who yips and barks at her master's beck and call, when not licking her boots.
It isn't pretty and plainly an embarrassment to the entire Anglo community.

Not all the problems can be laid at the chairperson and the vice-chair, the 23 elected members are too many, with many wasting time grandstanding and posturing. The cliques and alliances have hampered progress, but ultimately responsibility for the quagmire belongs to Ms. Mancini, who has been unable or unwilling to build bridges or create a consensus.
It was another demonstration of the political infighting that has dogged the school board since its inception in 1998.
This particular meeting ended abruptly, with many commissioners walking out.
The tension that night presumably didn't go unnoticed by the lawyer named by the Quebec government in February to help break the political logjam at the EMSB.
Tommaso Nanci's original mandate was from February to the end of April, but has since been extended more than once, most recently beyond a Dec. 8 end date.
These latest clashes raise questions about how much progress has been made at the EMSB's Council of Commissioners since he was appointed....
.... The council consists of 23 elected commissioners and two parent commissioners.......
.....The political infighting has come at a cost to taxpayers. As of July, the government had spent $100,200 for Nanci's services.
The board has also paid about $35,000 to its external ethics commissioner, a position school boards are required to have, since she was named in May 2007.....
.....Bernie Praw, a former teacher and principal who has been a commissioner since 1998, said he is disheartened by the board's dysfunction. Link
In the board’s early days, secrecy helped avoid unflattering media attention by cloaking unseemly “screaming matches and backstabbing” (Gazette, Nov. 16, 2003), but when secrecy returned after the 2007 elections (violating the council’s own internal rules), it backfired, producing a steady drumbeat of embarrassing headlines such as: “School board just doesn’t get it” (Gazette, Mar. 28, 2009), “School board’s secrecy cuts it off from the public” (Gazette: Feb. 16, 2008), “Culture of EMSB has to change; Bloc voting, secrecy and partisanship abound” (Feb 23, 2008) and “EMSB split on transparency issue” (Mar 24, 2008).
A mature group of candidates, once elected and duly sworn in, should simply operate without controversy. Commissioners should willingly step into the glare of public scrutiny and conduct business in a transparent fashion, as do other elected officials.
Commissioners unable to do so should follow The Gazette’s prescription of resigning en masse to let more reasonable and able citizens stand for election. Link
Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 11:00 am, Bent Tyler will be holding an event on the steps  of the EMSB school board office at 6000 Fielding (angle Cote St. Luc Road) to announce his candidacy.  

I hope our community shows support and if you can turn out it would lend a certain gravitas to the event.
If anyone would like to help with the campaign, I'm sure Brent can use all the help he can get and so you can contact him through the FACEBOOK PAGE set up for the campaign.

Returning the EMSB back to its past days of glory is well nigh impossible, but it is important to preserve and protect our proud Anglo heritage and part of that obligation is supporting and nurturing our English school system.

I can't think of a better person to fight for that goal than Brent Tyler.


  1. I wish him the best of luck, he would be the perfect person for the job. The little Posse who is there now needs to go, they really are doing sweet f-all for the English schools. They are tired and old and keep taking the fast way to the highway without any regard for what is in the best interest of students or the Anglo community. I know for a fact many people working with THE TWO LADIES have quit because they were simply impossible and inflexible...and rather arrogant never stopping to consider other ways of doing things or accomplishing objectives. "Life is too short and I don't need an ulcer" one had said a while ago when I asked why they left cushy job.

    1. that's interesting. just the day after you nag at beaulieu for his lack of seriousness you back up a dude who has this on his wikipedia page:

      "He was found guilty of a 1995 assault of a pedestrian who touched his car. The judge found that Tyler got out of his car, knocked the man over and kicked him in the head."

      do you know if he has undertaken therapy since?

    2. I am more concerned with you undertaking therapy for supporting mario(the moron) beaulieu, who supports bigotry and racism for anything non-pur laine. You have to be one little twisted and sick individual not to recognize how twisted and sick Beaulieu is. At least not all seppies are as ill as you. Have YOU undertaken therapy?

    3. Student is one of those Pkiste RRQ type, probably paid by the PQ to keep their web presence and voice of hate promoted every where :)

    4. Perhaps, but my money is on the fact she's paid to run interference. We simply state facts here about the quebec broke-ass brand, ...and THEY desperately try to rescue it, even when it is beyond

    5. @quelques chose de pourri

      i think i understand what you mean by voice of hate. would the comment from montréal ville état up there at 8:27 where he throws random accusations of racism and insults all the while dodging legitimate questions be a good example? thanks mate.

    6. @QCDP

      I don't know what pinstripes is refering to, at 8:27 I asked her a legitimate question, ...if SHE has sought therapy, cause lord knows she needs it. I often say she likes to play dumb, but the truth is …she is dumb, lol.

    7. Student is adverse to being called a racist, but is fine being a bigot and saying things like religious people aren't competent enough to do their jobs lol.

      I know you're not the head of the class student but citing wikipedia as a source is a no no, especially when the sources they site don't exist, I'd also look into conditional discharges, ie not convictions, as they don't usually require anyone to undergo therapy.

      As to Mario bo-bo, there ain't a form of therapy that can cure stupid lmao, behold the dying gasps of the bloc as any remaining sensible separatists abandon the ship to the only lunatics that will stay on it as it sinks.

    8. @whowhatzit

      "Student is adverse to being called a racist..."

      who isn't?!?

      "is fine being a bigot and saying things like religious people aren't competent enough to do their jobs."

      it's not bigoted to think that a woman who wears a burqa because it's god's will won't be able to think straight on many modern issues. what's bigoted is thinking some god up there wants you to hide from all men's view. and your own little opinion here claiming any crazy sect member can be fit to preside a tough trial is just plain stupid, or plain anti pq.

      "citing wikipedia as a source is a no no..."

      ok, here's another source that confirms brent tyler kicked someone in the head for having touched his car. it's a le devoir article from 1999.

      "as any remaining sensible separatists"

      what's a sensible separatist? can you name a few?

    9. Typical student, thinking everyone who is religious is wearing a burka.

    10. This is part of the conditioning that is required in order to become a Quebec separatist.
      It’s one of fears that the PQ instills in its followers to make them follow the holy path.
      But otherwise, it’s the same old tiresome nonsense which has become irrelevant for everyone else in Quebec (the majority).

  2. Holy Moses, it's times like these I thank God I moved to Ontario and my son had his public schooling here. He needed the help of an educational assistant right through elementary school (which again thank God was until grade 8) and it did absolute wonders for him.

    Thanks to one assistant in particular, he's heading for university in the fall, and he was accepted at all eight universities he applied to. He also recently finished air cadets with the highest rank, and was the awarded two accolades over the last 4½ years as the best officer in his squadron. There are no words positive enough to describe the good works of the personnel at the school board.

    He never would have received a shadow of the help he received here in Ontario. I know this because my now stepdaughter needed similar help in Laval and didn't get it. She was pencil whipped through the system (her elementary school didn't hold her back in her senior year so she'd perhaps catch up a little and be better prepared for high school).

    Quebec doesn't invest in its youth hence the backward place it has become. My stepdaughter took a couple of courses in adult ed here in Ontario and she had a much, much easier time of it. I'm sure, too, the French schools are not that further ahead, but I imagine they're better off than the English schools.

    If Brent Tyler wants to take a crack at the job, he certainly has my blessing. It's too bad the real Canada is ignorant when it comes to Quebec affairs, esp. how much money is sunk into your fettered and festering sewer of a province. It's almost embarrassing that I tell people I was born in Montreal, but thankfully they're too ignorant to know what's really going on there.

    Maybe Melonhead Polio should run for the English school board if for no other reason to wreak havoc they way he will in Ottawa should he win a seat for Da Bloc - likely in some backward hick riding that would vote for him they way they did Braindrain, Lisée, and other naziesque bastards.

    Oh, and when student starts posting his excrement as he always does, just flush it down and out of your mind.


  3. An embarrassment to the Anglo community? I suppose, but the EMSB isn't anything different than ANY other organisation in this province - corrupt, inefficient, and nepotistic. How this school board has been able to run like an autocracy like they have is beyond me and yet no surprise. It is common knowledge they are run by Greeks and Italians and hire accordingly. Feebly accused of this, they launched an investigation internally and came to the conclusion that they don't do anything wrong. Reminds me of the local police force. The board simply needs to fold.

  4. Hate to pour cold water on this but I don't like it. Brent is the only lawyer defending us (anglos) in the courts. By becoming Chairman of the EMSB, he won't have time to pursue the Quebec Govt in court.

    I would rather have a massive fund raising to be used as a monetary fund to battle the Quebec Govt and kill BILL 101 once and for all.

    1. I agree with you, but sadly the french only language bigots who run the province will only repeal bill 101 when and if the province goes bankrupt...hopefully soon i might ad.

      Quebec collects their own taxes and obviously finds they are heavily in debt and we have to bail them out. It is time the Federal Government edited their books to see if they are really in debt? Or just good paper poker players? This sickening situation needs an investigation. Imagine $8,000 for the third baby? Day Care $8.00 ? Half tuition payments at their 7 Universities? Discounted hydro rates…scam after scam…corruption… There is something rotten in Quebec- the smell is disgusting and the rest of the country is forced to bail them out year after year through the biggest scam of all, equalization…which is NOT equal at all...

      We outside Quebec are sick of bailing you out but no one is listening to the people in Canada any longer...

      The same pro french only language bigots run Ottawa and funnel money where they see fit...

      The country is a mess and no ones dealing with it...more debt every the big government, high debt lie...what a mess!!!

    2. MikeBC: How do you figure the abolition of Bill 101 would occur when there is virtual unanimity among Francophones supporting its retention?

    3. JW: The thing most fascinating about what you wrote is the fact the Conservatives are maintaining generous equalization payments to Quebec. In fact, the $9.5 billion is the most generous ever given to Quebec. Of course, Melonhead Polio, the new leader of Da Bloc, will continue to mouth off how the feds are ripping Quebec off. That's what really kills in all this.

    4. @sauga

      "The thing most fascinating about what you wrote is the fact the Conservatives are maintaining generous equalization payments to Quebec."

      there's nothing fascinating here mate. it's called a federation. and it's called a constitution. you are easily impressed.

    5. It's interesting that student only supports the federation and the constitution when massive welfare payments to Quebec are involved....the little hypocrite. Those payments should be cut off until Quebec signs on to the constitution and starts treating Anglos and other minorities with more respect.

    6. We see a separatist sitting at his desk counting his Ottawa welfare cash all the while cursing under his breath, " oh, I hate those anglo Canadians. I want my separate Quebec. Oh, I hate them. I spit in their face. Oh, Oh. ". He then notices he is $20 short. He immediately gets on the phone to Ottawa, " Hey you guys shorted me $20. if you do this, how can I afford my PQ membership fee for this month. Have some courtesy, don't be so cheap ".
      Isn't it nice to be a generous Canadian, even to those who don't like us. You keep giving, they'll keep taking.

    7. @bob

      "I hate those anglo Canadians. I want my separate Quebec. Oh, I hate them. I spit in their face. Oh, Oh..."

      mate you are not a victim. get out of this complex.

    8. @durham

      "It's interesting that student only supports the federation and the constitution when massive welfare payments to Quebec are involved.."

      you have reading comprehension issues. i never wrote that i "support" the constitution. i wrote that it's ridiculous for sauga to be "fascinated" by the conservatives maintaining a policy that is part of a constitution that he supports. do you get it now durham? do you also think sauga's reaction is wierd?

  5. Jean Paul Perrault loses another subsidy

    Criticising the government, he labeled the racist stunt as «C'est global tout ça, c'est une façon d'éteindre la création culturelle.» (It's a global event, It's a way to extend the culture). No racist it's not a global event, only you and your separatist friend could appreciate the "event". He also ads, «Déjà que la région a perdu Buckingham en fête, j'invite les gens à venir en grand nombre.» You lost Buckingham en fête because no one was going. He also labels Outaouais en fête " un moteur économique et culturel". Perrault attracting a few separatist doesn't create jobs, nor does it strengthen the regions economy.Most of the separatist are locals and no is coming to Gatineau to see you're anglo hatefest. Attracting the next business creates jobs, retaining entrepreneurs, solving the problem in forestry supply creates jobs. But all those are too complex for you to understand.

    1. Too bad, so sad. As if they are deserving of any money for these discriminatory events! I hope to hell no one attends and they go the way of the wagon train. Backward, especially in this area of quebec. What anglophone or allophone in their right mind would pay to go where they are not welcome? Suck it up Perrault! You deserve not one cent of our hard earned tax money for your racist events.

  6. Not only would I like to see Brent as Chairman (oops, sorry, Chairperson), but I would like to see him immediately, upon taking the position, embark on a campaign to open the doors of all English schools under his purview to all who request English education...and section 23 of the Canadian Charter and Bill 101 be damned.
    Plus, to use the funds available to him to launch a challenge before the United Nations Human Rights Committee challenging the aforementioned laws.
    In other words, do everything humanly possible to implement freedom of choice in language of education in Quebec.
    Sure, this would, technically and legally, be outside his mandate. But operating outside of one's mandate and doing things that are outside the jurisdiction of what one is allowed to do hasn't ever stopped either the Liberals and PQ from doing the same when it comes to separatist/independentiste legislation that is passed in the National Assembly. The Liberals did it with Bill 150 and the PQ does it every chance they get.
    So, go for it, Brent!

  7. Damn... the anglos takes school board elections pretty seriously... That's kinda weird for me considering the local school board (Des Hautes Rives) had a SEVEN PERCENT (07%) participation rate last time...

    And quite frankly, I won't vote. I already know whoever the moron who take the job, it's gonna be the same: they're gonna raise school taxes and use the money to go Cuba for a seminar...
    I am totally in favour of getting rid of the entire thing, and if the anglos takes it more seriously, we should find a rightful compromise to make sure their ways are unchanged or barely.

    1. Get rid of bill 101, and then you can get rid of the School Boards…Fair?

    2. @vincent beaudry

      "I am totally in favour of getting rid of the entire thing..."

      and making the ministry of education even bigger? what would you swap the school boards with mate?

    3. That low 7% turnout works in Brent's favour because it enables a disproportionately stronger influence from "militants" and activists to get their voices heard. Militants and activists are just a small percentage of the population but are disproportionately more likely to show up and vote in school elections...and this leans greatly in Brent's favour.

  8. Oh don't worry. I am in favour of getting rid of both.

  9. Mario the new Bloc leader seems a good choice, but I feel he is not radical enough. He appears weak and wimpish. To get his point across he should be foaming at the mouth when he speaks. Also, when he finally gets a position in parliament, he should make a forceful impression. If he enters as usual he will simply disappear in the group, and the other parties will ignore him. How is he to get his goal of separatism out then? I would like to make a suggestion. He should enter on the first day wearing only a blue speedo with a flashing red fleur de lis on the front, and on the back the words " Canadians place lips here ". En francais of course. This is guaranteed to make an impression and make all Quebecers become instant separatists, or violently ill.

    1. haha! mate you're killing me. the fleur de lys speedo. so funny. haha. dude you have to send this material to sugar sammy. it's gold mate. gold.

    For the last two years I have enjoyed being a part of the “No Dogs” blog created for us by our esteemed EDITOR and friend Philip Berlach. His time and devotion has been above and beyond even his own call to duty. Such in depth thinking on a considerably wide area of subjects astounds me and I have learned from everyone who responded to him as well as from his posts.
    EDITOR'S words have attracted some of the brightest and best of our society. We've had posts by
    lawyers, doctors and many other well educated professionals as well as news and magazine columnists;
    TV hosts and radio personalities, but while their words and thoughts might have been equal to, they were certainly no better or appetizing than our EDITOR's.

    There has been no subject here covered in such depth as the Parti Quebecois and it's aftermath.
    It has been odious on on both sides and words have been said that never should have been. However, we can't change the past but we can put behind us.
    There's a few posters who are delving into the deepest realms of our beautiful English language to find the vilest words possible to use against supposed enemies. They seem to get pleasure from the demise of others but in spite of how we felt about separatists, they are our brothers and sisters in this province and do not deserve the rhetoric that is being heaped upon them by a handful of racist hate filled people.
    I too, found much of Students writings to be dishonorable to our country but what ever words were used I do not recall any that deserve the pounding being doled out by a support group of people here. Like the bully, they gang up on her/him with the same tactics the PQ used on us. No human being deserves such vile insults. I admire the way STUDENT has stood up to this and showed her/him self to be above those who enjoy kicking a man in the face when he's down.
    These people I'm sure, don't consider themselves racist but they are most definitely. There is two kinds of racism; what's in the beholder's eye and what's in the heart. It's one thing to dislike
    a person's appearance or actions but when the dislike comes from the heart, that's hatred and when it's agains a group of people it's RACISM and it's what we're seeing here.
    I ask others don't fall into the trap. Hopefully the four will back off and let us enjoy the blog so that thinking people will come to us again. Ed brown

    1. Have no fear Ed, as an anonymous internet forum no one is aware of student's race so there is no possibility of racism, nor do we know any demographic information, so there goes bigotry. Rest assured the only problems we have with student are the incessant pointless badgering, the ridiculously illogical ideas, the support of restricting rights for minorities, the pervasive need for attention leading to the equivalent of verbal diarrhea posts, and students pure and simple disdain for religious individuals. Student does not bring the ire of others by simply being a separatist, no, there are many civil, well spoken, and logical separatists, to make that accusation of your fellow posters is simply doing them a disservice. Student is a very special combination of fallacies, illogicality, dogma, spite, close mindedness and neurosis that has created something worse than the sum of its parts, and that is what makes student "special", in short what student does, not what student is, is what is wrong with student, and to be told to not speak out against such continued incompetence or meanspirtedness (as with Mario Bo-Bo who really knows which it is) on the part of student is perhaps even more insulting than the replies, is student such a mental invalid that he should simply be ignored? Of so little intellect that Student can not be held responsible for his own behaviour? At some point humans grow up and realise their consequences have actions, to deny Student this growth as a person by seeing the error of his ways both in logical argument construction and simple social interactions would be very detrimental, especially for someone that is a student, and clearly has a lot to learn.

    2. "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" Martin Luther King


      Don't waste your time, some people aren't worth educating, especially if they're hellbent on staying stupid. Kudos on your post tho...truly eloquent, no one could have said it better!

    3. @whomwhatzit

      "there are many civil, well spoken, and logical separatists"

      please name many civil, well spoken and logical separatists. particularly the logical ones. then i'd like to know why you don't adhere to logical thinking.

    4. @ed

      thanks for the support ed. it's true some posters through the years have been high quality. think michel patrice, yannick, adski, robert barberis gervais and me. but i understand you came to realize the great majority of regulars are just plain shit. anectote, hands off my hijab and montreal ville état have been the worst i think you'll agree. runners up have been resident evil, anonymous buster of shit arguments and sylvain raciste. i'm not mentioning cutie003 here as he's in a category of his own.

    5. How cool you're buddies now? Lol. You kinda deserve each other, as trolls go..LOL. The fart who came to your defense pinstripes is the cause and the problem why Anglos and Allos have had to endure their Rights and Freedoms stripped from them by seppies like you, for 40 yrs now. It is because of shitheads like that, who have always tried to appease the lot of you by bowing to your every whim and burying their heads in the sand rather than growing a pair and standing up to your nonsense, that Montreal finds itself economically shattered and practically bankrupt Today, not to mention, English almost completely subjugated. But no more, going forward one is putting up with your BS anymore. We're only too happy to put you on display for all the world to see and feel disgust for your overt xenophobia, and hatred of all things non-pur laine. And trust me, with mario (the schmuck) beaulieu now in charge of BQ, it'll be a cakewalk, like pastagate!

      Oh and...every single time you mention me in your posts pinstripes, it's a badge of honor, I love it, proof positive
      I'm hitting the mark of exposing your broke-ass quebec brand for what it is...broke-ass. It puts a smile on my face.

      Psssssttttttt....(your quebec brand is still broke-ass)...lolololololol

    6. That little twerp "student" is here strictly to annoy us - for no other reason. The worst of low-life mentality that is behind this separatist movement to become "free" from a government that has made us one of the best countries in the world. Let's be thankful they are few and far between. Making excuses for them only emboldens them to behave as they do - there is no excuse for them except they are too lazy to get out and get a real job to support their lazy asses. Well stated "whowhatzit" - no more BS from these people that care about no one but themselves.

    7. "please name many civil, well spoken and logical separatists. particularly the logical ones."
      Pretty much just look at everyone quitting the BQ with Bo-Bo in charge as examples of the many, though I find it odd a separatist is asking others to give evidence of the existence of logical separatists lmao. Now if you're wondering how a separatist can be logical while still wanting separation, that is simple. That is where opinion comes in, the logical separatist realises the adverse impacts separation would incur and fully admits them, yet still wants a country for emotional reasons, this is contrasted to the illogical separatists in our midst that attempt to make the case for separation by saying Quebec gets less back from Canada than it gives, and that an independent Quebec would perform better economically, and uses these illogical, or simply bogus reasons as support for the benefits of separation.

      "then i'd like to know why you don't adhere to logical thinking."
      Your questions is unanswerable as it is fundamentally flawed, I might as well as you why you think separation is a bad idea or why you think religious individuals are competent enough to do their jobs.

      And so after years of asking the same inane rhetorical questions student will pitch his troll tent under some other bridge out there on the internet, having learnt nothing about other people, finance, logical arguments, the folly of strict adhesion to a political party without questioning it, the importance of individual rights, the repulsiveness of bigotry, hence student will be and always remain a student, as one can never graduate, if one never learns anything.

  11. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, June 17, 2014 at 5:42:00 PM EDT

    I was one of the peeps who was rooting for Beaulieu to take hold of the leadership of the BQ and he didn't disappoint.

    So far, a riding association leader has quit over it. Gilles Duceppe has withdrawn his support of the Bloc, MP Claude Ryan temporarily quit and Bellavance stated that he can no longer guarantee that he will run in the 2015 election.

    Thomas Mulcair said: «Je pense que ça va consolider l'appui des Québécois au NPD pour les prochaines élections fédérales»
    and you know what? He's right.

    The Franco majority is tired of extremism and that is what Beaulieu embodies.

    I want to take this moment to both congratulate and thank Mr. Beaulieu...what a wonderful gift he has given us!

    1. @ABSA

      I sooooooo agree, Christmas came early...Merry Christmas, lolololol...BEST GIFT EVER! Once these SOB's are done for...we can start rebuilding our fine city again. Montreal deserves some reverence and respect. It's been abused, exploited and sabotaged way too long by these assholes who have grabbed stolen and pillaged, for their own nationalistic agenda. The buck stops here. Even seppies are realizing the error of their ways...speaks volumes for the state of the seppie movement. I hear the funeral march.

  12. This blog has become part of a daily routine for so many of us. I am sad to see it end but something tells me that you, Mr. Editor, will not be able to keep quiet for very long. That is what I hope anyway. Not only will I miss my daily reading, I will miss our little community (except for one or two individuals), people that I have come to know through their comments and personalities.

  13. Wilfred LeBouthilier se défend de chanter en français
    L'artiste acadien Wilfred LeBouthilier dénonce les propos d'un spectateur à Moncton, au Nouveau-Brunswick, qui s'en est pris à lui parce qu'il chantait en français lors du spectacle de la fête du Canada, mardi.

  14. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSunday, July 6, 2014 at 7:15:00 PM EDT

    No ready to give up the fun just yet?

    No Dogs may be closed, but we're still rocking it over here:

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