Monday, May 12, 2014

Knives come Out in Time-Honoured PQ Bloodletting Ritual

I'm not telling you anything that you probably don't already know, even amateur students of Quebec politics know that true to form, an orgy of patricide is in order among the PQ ranks, where members are prone to cast blame for the election debacle, a tradition that goes back to the back-stabbing days of René Lévesque, way back when.

There remains an absolute fury within the PQ caucus over the failed campaign that was supposed to take them to the promised land of majority government with a fall-back Plan B of remaining a minority government, in other harm no foul.

For those in the PQ who lost their seat, the defeat was maddening enough but for those who were re-elected but will be riding the pine of the opposition benches, instead of the comfortable back seat of their government issued ministerial limousine, the political equivalent of twiddling thumbs it is a fall in position particularly difficult to accept, like a disgraced police captain busted down and forced to walk a beat, for a four long year ordeal, an unsavoury dish of humble pie, made only worse by the unhappy aspect of having your salary cut in half.

And so it is human nature to seek blame in the face of unfortuitousness events, where pointing the finger at others, more convenient and satisfying than an honest look in the mirror.

Actually what President Kennedy probably said according to those who know, was;
"Victory has a thousand fathers, defeat is a bastard."

 It is a pointed statement that underlines the idea that when a collective effort goes south, some individual or small group of individuals are going to take the blame for the entire group.

For Kennedy, it was the infamous secret attack on the Bay of Pigs in Cuba orchestrated by the CIA, a complete and utter cockup that exposed America as blatantly attacking and interfering with an independent country, breaking just about every international statute in relation to non-interference, to boot, While the entire US government was involved, the blame fell to Kennedy, while the rest of those involved ducked and covered like cold war children hiding under their desks.

Such is the history of the PQ, a saga of repeated bloodletting after each and every manner of defeat, where leaders are unceremoniously shown the door with either a golden handshake or boot in the rear end. There is hardly a leader of the PQ that exited in a dignified and orderly manner, most of them furious at the back-stabbing and forever marked by the naked betrayal of those they trusted.

It's hard to look at the latest PQ election campaign and point a finger at exactly who or what caused the election meltdown, because there were so many negative factors impacting the final result that to pick one would be a disservice to the others.

Perhaps running the most incompetent and worst conceived campaign in modern Quebec political history, it is interesting to deconstruct each mistake in and of itself.


'Hubris' means extreme pride or self-confidence. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence, ...

Calling an election over a few favourable polls was an amateur mistake that only the supremely overconfident and the out-of-touch  would make. It seems that the PQ decision-makers made an emotional decision in haste ignoring any semblance of good judgment.

I've told you before that a few positive polls mean nothing in Quebec where opinions can shift overnight. One only has to go back to the last federal election where the NDP, in a last minute surge, confounded all the experts and nearly swept Quebec.
Quebec voters are particularly susceptible to a phenomenon called 'group think' where an idea or concept embraces a group because everyone is exposed to the exact same media stimuli. While Canadians are exposed to a multitude of channels from across North America, Quebecers are limited to the few locally produced French television shows, proving Marshall McLuhan's, point, that 'the medium is indeed the massage.'
That is why an insipidly boring talk show like Tout le monde en Parle can have up to one third of Quebecers watching on any particular Sunday night, there's not much else to choose from.
Those type of ratings are unheard of elsewhere and contribute to the creation of a group mentality where like moose running in a huge herd, a sharp turn either left or right by the leaders, has the entire group turning on a dime, running at breakneck speed towards God knows what.
It's something that politicians and organizers in Quebec should understand but don't.

Thinking that the polls were relevant was the PQ's very first big mistake, and risking everything on the thinnest of margins made no sense since there was no pressing reason to call the election anyway, other than the pursuit of a majority government. Neither the CAQ or the Liberals were going to topple the government, all that was required was a little compromise in the coming budget and Charter of Values legislation.
Now Pauline made noises about needing a majority to pass her sacred agenda, but the reality is that political parties don't exist to pass legislation, they exist to exist, like humans who are bred to survive, to flourish and to reproduce...period.
But the PQ though they had the elements of a successful campaign, with the Charter of Values the ace in the hole (How did that work out?) That was the second crucial miscalculation. And like a gambler who believes he is betting on an absolutely sure thing, when things went sour, it is a bewildering and shocking comeuppance.

What the PQ didn't figure on was that the Charter debate had run its course. The passion on the supporting side had waned over time, as the issue dragged on interminably. In a world of short attention spans, the never-ending discussion and acrimonious debate were well past its 'use-by' date and for lovers of the Charter, the passion was clearly out of the relationship, the flirtation a thing of the past.
And so the PQ went to battle under the very worst of assumptions of the political ground on which they trod, shamefully delusional of their own invincibility and armed with a game plan that would have made General Custard proud, Pauline launched an attack on her enemies from which she would never survive. 

Over-estimating Pauline's Appeal 

One of the most puzzling miscalculations of the campaign was to put Pauline front and center, the poster girl of the campaign as if she was a highly beloved and venerated leader à la René Levesque.
Incredibly naive organizers conceived of a campaign based on Pauline's attraction to voters, an attraction that hardly existed.

Look at the PQ's campaign poster at the top of the page, it features a picture of Pauline Marois alone
with the word 'determined' as the campaign catchphrase. Now the French word 'determined' is spelled with a double EE at the end, indicating that it is a female who is determined, a not so subtle hint to voters that Pauline is carrying the can for the PQ.

In what planet did organizers belive that Pauline had that type of gravitas?
In fact she remains one of the most unpopular Premiers ever to take the office, reviled by anglophones and ethnics and barely tolerated by supporters.
Her husband's slimy reputation had bubbled to the surface in recent weeks, with allegations of influence peddling, coupled with rumours of using his position close to the PQ to enrich himself and Madame Marois.
While nothing has been proven definitively, for voters, the stink coming off the couple was hard to avoid and to a skeptical public, numbed by revelations at the Crime Commission, its was a case of assuming the worst, having been burned so badly before by the parade of corrupt public officials sashaying across our television screens.

The focus on Pauline as the heart and sole of the PQ campaign did not sit well with the upper echelons of the party, especially cabinet ministers who felt that a team effort should have been emphasized.
While they were forced to grin and bear it during the campaign, their collective rage bubbled over in light of the electoral debacle, with many blaming Pauline and her inner circle directly for the loss of their seat and the loss of the government.
When Pauline resigned on the night of the election, it wasn't a moment too soon, she would have been massacred had she faced the diminished caucus as leader.

The definition of a political train wreck is a poorly conceived and executed campaign, coupled with bad luck and unforseen setbacks, some beyond the control of the party itself, some wounds self-inflicted, but all devastating just the same.

The entry of Pierre-Karl Péledeau should have given the PQ the spark to put them over the top, even Liberal strategists and media pundits conceded that his entry into the race dimmed the prospects of the Liberals considerably.

But happenstance and unforeseen consequences reared its head and PKP's entry into the race exposed the PQ's Achilles Heel, a fatal flaw so serious that when exposed, represented the kiss of death.

Nowhere in the most innermost thoughts of PQ organizers and leaders was there an inkling as to the depths to which desire for the independence debate had plummeted

When that box of worms was opened, and the independence critters slithered out, there was no putting back the contents in the box.

Ever since the last referendum, the PQ has steadfastly refused to realistically discuss sovereignty with the public, always referring to it as some haughty goal, a Shangrila of sorts, without ever describing the actual landscape.

In one fell swoop, Marois took care of that, making some outrageous claims about a post independent Quebec that forced the public to face that unforeseen and never discussed reality. Borders, dollars, passports etc.etc., it was one discussion too far.

That one conversation about a future independent Quebec and what it would look like had the effect of a marriage proposal to a confirmed bachelor. RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!

The PQ caucus can blame Marois and they can blame organizers for the election meltdown but the truth is that they must blame themselves for supporting an outdated and rejected policy born in the sixties, which died in 1995, that referendum night when the YES side came oh, so close.

This is the reality that the PQ must face and knifing Marois, Drainville, Lisée or even PKP won't solve the fundamental problem.

Sovereignty and Quebec independence has run it's course.

A month after the election, with the revelations of dishonesty over the legal advices in relation to the Charter Of Values, the PQ can pretend that they did no wrong and Drainville can huff and puff all he wants about how he never fooled anyone. In the end the public makes its choice and the verdict clearly is that he and the PQ are deemed to be liars and that the campaign was predicated on a lie.
Support for the PQ has plummeted to a historically low 19% and clearly a house cleaning is in order.

But getting rid of Marois and the party executive is clearly not enough, Drainville, Lisée and even PKP are toxic and if the party is to renew itself, it means throwing out most of the big shots and starting over with untainted characters.

But even as the PQ cleans house, which they will, what will remain is still a collection of failed ideologues, perhaps younger and untainted, but still clinging to an outdated concept and like today's modern Communist parties which still linger in many Eastern bloc countries, a sad reminder of the failed past, as relevant today as pagers,  film cameras and mullets.

Coming to grips with that reality is what the next four years will be about for the PQ.
Does the party give up the dream and evolve into to a socially progressive party that works to protect and promote French and Quebec within Canada, or does it go down the road of ignominy, like aging hippies talking about the good old days of peace love and  independence, until they fade to black?


  1. I also think that passing out promises of jobs and money to just about every area of quebec that she visited, and that had voted PQ, didn't help them much either. Everyone knows the province is broke and the only people that would benefit directly from these promises were the voters in that specific area, not the province as a whole. People are not duped that easily plus having to bribe companies to come here with huge tax breaks doesn't help the economy either. You can fool some of the people some of the time etc. but even the seppies aren't that stupid, though God knows, I have to wonder at times. They are now polling in third place with the CAQ ahead of them so good on them and I hope they take a permanent hike rather than hanging around discouraging people and businesses from locating here. The more bodies in their wake the better and think of all the tax money that will save. Maybe the liberals can use some common sense here and close our pseudo embassies all over the world and save us that money too. Our hospitals could sure use it. Close down the language police, no more money to IF and SJBS and there is millions more in the coffers. Hope you're reading this Dr. Couillard!

    And on another note, Brent Tyler's case finally got to court:

    Go Brent GO!

    1. "Close down the language police, no more money to IF and SJBS and there is millions more in the coffers. Hope you're reading this Dr. Couillard!"

      if couillard reads this he'll turn separatist for sure. or dimiss it as some marginal angryphone hate talk.

    2. if marois reads this hes'll turn federalist for sure. or dimiss it as some marginal faggyphone hate talk

    3. Marois is not a man tom

    4. "Close down the language police, no more money to IF and SJBS and there is millions more in the coffers. Hope you're reading this Dr. Couillard!"

      Cutie - The best we could have hoped for was Couillard keeping the status-quo, leaving all the racist and discriminatory laws as-is, without toughing them up or adding new ones. In other words, not lift a finger towards positive change BUT at least try and not stir-up-the-shit, so to speak.

      Well, if you were wishing for peace and tranquility under a Liberal rule.....FUGETABOUTIT (as Mr. Sauga might say). Coulliard has shown his true colors and where he stands by appealing the Quebec supreme court ruling on sign laws, and vowing to push through the Charter of Values--with enough residual vile left in from the PQ, that he plans to modify the Quebec charter of human rights and freedoms (and likely invoke the Not Withstanding Clause if the federal government or Supreme Court of Canada steps in).

      I promise you, in the weeks and months to come, you will see the Liberals trying to outdo the PQ!

    5. @Apple

      We've always maintained that the Liberals are closet separatist. They are nationalists and nationalists as we all know, want the most powers they can obtain from Ottawa, while still enjoying all the economic, security etc...benefits Canada provides. Having their cake and eating it too, in other words. They act like they are independent from Canada, without rubbing in the RoC face the way the PQ does, they are more subtle, but maneuver in exactly the same way. With the separatists you know exactly where you stand, and had they not pulled that unforgivable crap move of the charter where they openly encouraged racism, it would be worth getting behind them so that we could all go after what we want, and walk away with our own little piece of territory. The Liberals are the biggest sons-of-so-and-so's there is, they have always screwed us over, they are the biggest hypocrites. They ALWAYS do this. The PQ announces some dumb would-be Legislation while campaigning, the other ones say ...."over my dead body" and after they get elected, introduce some version of that useless Legislation, always pandering to the silent majority who are nationalists themselves. This is what the rest of us need to understand. While ANY quebec political provincial party has powers over Montreal, Montreal will not heal. When it comes to our fair city, NONE can be trusted. For once and for all...Montrealers please grasp this.

      Montréal pour une ville état.

    6. Bang on Apple and Montreal...You have hard core bigots in the PQ and soft core bigots and hypocrites in the liberals…almost the exact same, and this is why we will not come back to Quebec, this is why private sector money will not come back to Quebec…this is why the province is heading straight down hill…into the gutter….more and more debt…one big mess similar to what’s gone on in Greece, Detroit…just watch, its coming.

    7. The way I see it, the Liberals may APPEAR professional and diplomatic on the exterior compared to their counterparts, yet on the inside they are as rotten to the core as the Parti Quebecois. Just as immoral, corrupt, racist and inept.

      It's like smoking cigarettes (PLQ) versus cigars (PQ). Certainly one is more discrete, being less pungent and obnoxious, but it's no less damaging to the body and still a poison. The end result is sicken and cancer, and whatever Quebec choose to smoke, the point is it's still smoking and poisoning itself!

      HAH. The latest news just heard on CTV: the Liberals are now refusing to fund the money needed to build the badly needed pedestrian tunnel at Vendome metro for the new super hospital. A two billion dollar state-of-the-art hospital but they won't put out a penny of the 80 million to give access to it, you'll need to walk 1 km above ground and through traffic to get inside!

      ...want to know the best part? Liberal MNA Kathleen Weils PROMISED IF ELECTED WITH A MAJORITY, the Liberals would fund this public project that the PQ refused support. So here they are, elected, only a month later, and now they outright refuse! Mais oui, but of a hospital pour les maudit Anglais? Nope, nada, nyet!

      Anyone who thought Quebec and Montreal might recover with a Liberal government is going to be in for very big shock. Nothing has changed....oh, just no more fist pumping for "Un Payee!". Otherwise it's the same course as before, without veering a single degree. The 'A louer' signs will not disappear, with more on their way. The Tongue Troopers will be out in force, tax dollars will disappear into the pockets of city and government officials, roads will continue to crumble, people will die from falling overpass chunks, or overwhelmed hospital ER's, etc, etc. Welcome to the PQ II.

    8. Sadly, Apple IIGS, I share the sentiments of your skepticism. If it looks like a Quebec politician, walks like a Quebec politician, and talks like a Quebec politician, it's a Quebec politician. Worse yet, Kathleen Weil is not only a Quisling, she is a Kapo, i.e., like Dathan in the Ten Commandments, he'll abuse his own people for his own personal gain and to gain favour and bend her leader's ear.

    9. "Bang on Apple and Montreal...You have hard core bigots in the PQ and soft core bigots and hypocrites in the liberals…almost the exact same, and this is why we will not come back to Quebec, this is why private sector money will not come back to Quebec…this is why the province is heading straight down hill…into the gutter….more and more debt…one big mess similar to what’s gone on in Greece, Detroit…just watch, its coming."

      Indeed, this is what awaits Montreal specifically. A fate as dire and dark as Detroit. If you think it can't happen, just read 'An American Autopsy" by Charlie Le Duff, the similarities are scary. Montrealers need to wake up to this Reality FAST. This can happen to them. It's time to reign in ALL quebec political parties, and put them on notice. They either start modifying political and economic conditions to suit Montreal's needs, and finally put Montreal First, OR we'll have to do it ourselves.

      Can you just pick up at a moment's notice and leave?
      Do you want to risk loosing everything you've worked toward your whole Life: A house, perhaps the biggest part of your net worth?

      If you live in Montreal and if the answer is NO to these two simple questions, you need to wake up and do something about it.

      Do not let other's determine your Fate.

      Montréal pour une ville état!

    10. I wouldn't spend $80 million on a 200 metre long tunnel either. For that price I want a subway station.
      We're talking a hole in the ground with elevators or ramps underneath a set of train tracks and perpendicular to another set of tracks.

      Never mind it should have been built first, before anyone started digging holes in the ground for the hospital...

    11. That's right, no one wants to spend on a tunnel that should have been part and parcel of project Super Hospital, but the PQ gladly spent 88 million on a frivolous election, on a whim they might win a majority, they certainly dug up the money for that instead of governing, and look after citizen interests. Oh AND how much did they spend on promoting the charter and charter hearings? What a bloody sham.

      Once again, who gets shafted in the process?...Montreal, since the super hospital MINUS the tunnel that should lead to it will remain a half-assed, unfinished project. Bravo PQ and PLQ.

      Montreal ..WAKE UP.

    12. Why would you need a tunnel to connect the hospital? None of the current hospital in Montreal have tunnel and it's quite all right. Also, how many people would use the tunnel? Is their a way it can recover it's operating cost and be privately paid by selling parts for stores. I prefer an election allowing Quebecers to decide who will form the government.

    13. About this tunnel, there seems to be a misunderstanding of what it is....

      The super hospital in NDG (set to open in less than a year) sits directly NEXT to the Vendome metro station. Directly next to, but NOT accessible to, because of train tracks and roads. If you're a doctor, nurse, staff member, visitor or sick patient coming by subway, you'll have to exit the subway and walk over 1 km to get to the hospital. Imagine this in the bitter cold days of the winter, and you're sick and coming in for treatment?

      Another problem is Vendome metro station has NO escalators and NO elevators. Great for those with disability coming to and from the hospital....hey no problem, just ask strangers to carry you up several flights of stairs (another can carry your wheelchair or crutches) to the outside. Keep in mind several hospitals are closing and are merging at this one site, so people will have no choice but to come'd think a bloody state of the art hospital would have access to a subway station that sits METERS away? It's not a luxury, it's an essential missing piece of the hospital that allows people to actually ACCESS IT! Like building a house without doors!

      This is a tunnel linking the metro station to the hospital! It was in the original design plans too, but no one wants to pay for it, certainly not the Liberal government who swore they would if elected. Gee...I wonder what kind of access the FRENCH super hospital will have.

  2. The PQ will not evolve and they haven't learned a thing from their election night drubbing. They are convinced they lost due to fear mongering by the Liberals and they recently vowed to "talk up" separatism in the next election 4.5 years away. Like the door to door Encyclopedia Britannica salesman, they will wither and vanish because of their failure to adapt to the modern realities that surround them. Globalization, global political movements, interconnectedness, instantaneous currency flows and sharing of ideas are all concepts that characterize the modern world. The PQ and their urge to build walls and isolate Quebec is passé. Ethnic Nationalism is a losing proposition. Their key election platform, the Values Charter, was so out in left field that I doubt they will ever have the support and trust of Allophone citizens ever again. The opportunity is opening for Couillard to finally put Quebec's stamp on the Canadian Constitution so we can all finally piss on the waning embers of Separatism once and for all. I'm convinced that gesture alone will open the floodgates of investment and prosperity for Montreal and Quebec and we can all finally row in the same direction.

    1. Well, My Lord, I have to quibble with your comment that the values charter was in left field. You must have spent the election in the bleachers ! From my seat just behind home plate it was definitely far, far out in right field. The "charter" was all about more effective discrimination against people who don't think like "us" and wear different hats. And don't forget how Bill 60 extended government's tentacles into just about every public/quasi public place in the province's economy. If you got money from the government you were fair game. Ethnic nationalism is on the far right, in my view. And now, as you say, they have poisoned the well.

      What can they do ?/ Que faire? The majority of the folks at want to double down. Forget good government - preach Independence and nothing else and in 4.5 years dare the good citizens to vote for an Independentiste government. Wow !! I wish they would do it. That strategy would get this boxing match over quicker. At the moment, its the 10th round and the PQ pug is in the ropes on one knee, after 2 knockdowns since round 1, gasping for air. But he is determined to fight the full fifteen rounds, hoping for a miracle. Our crusading Editor and most of the folks who comment know how this match is going to end. The thrill is gone. I'd like to see it end in the next round but it probably won't...

    2. I didn't mean to imply the Values charter was a gauche concept, rather that it was so foreign and ridiculous that it was "way out there". Keep up the interesting comments McTire!

    3. Thank you, My Lord. Actually, I was just riffing on your "left".

      I have always thought that the genius of the PQ, since Levesque, was their clever masking of a very right wing idea and objective - rally the ethnic "nous" and make off in the night with a big chunk of land - with a pastiche of social democratic "progressive" ideas (largely imported from Europe). But they were unmasked by Nous on April 7. Now the PQ looks at lot more like the National Front or the Tea Party than genuine progressives with a key to the future.

      My Lord, I remain...

      Your Humble and Obedient Servant

      "S McTire" (Bart. of the Blathering Hunt...etc.)

    4. " we can all finally piss on the waning embers of Separatism once and for all."

      oh! so you are a vulgar prick too? along searle, bain and cutie003. nice company you have there mate.

    5. "oh! so you are a vulgar prick too?"
      The irony is lost on student lmao.

    6. ""But even as the PQ cleans house, which they will, what will remain is still a collection of failed ideologues, ""

      Failed ideologues, Student, he's referring specifically to you with that one.

  3. In defense of Pauline Marois, wouldn't ANY PQ prime minister that got elected and followed the party line be, at the very least, reviled by Quebec Anglophones?

    1. of course edward. a proof of this perversion is the charter of values. as the bill was considered positively by most roc canadians. quebec anglophones rallied not against the charter but against the pq: all of them were against it! only one explanation: endoctrination. they are conditioned to revile everything that is proposed by the pq. therefore democracy is flawed in quebec, until quebec separates, or until french canadian culture disappears with the last separatist party. if you wait for the later to happen you'll die before seeing any kind of normality in quebec.

    2. Democracy is flawed because not everyone agrees with each other. #StudentLogic
      More specifically
      Democracy is flawed because not everyone agrees with me. #StudentLogic

      If non-anglophones actually cared about the Charter at all the PQ wouldn't be sitting in third place in the polls. Also when did 40% become "most" Canadians? lol.

  4. "... of course edward. a proof of this perversion is the charter of values. as the bill was considered positively by most roc canadians."

    No, Edward, this is wrong. Here is a round-up of reactions.

    The comments from the Calgary mayor are probably the best but Mulcair's are good, too:

    1. @jay

      right. politicians. what about the people jay?

      oh you may not have come accross this poll: .

      why is it that quebec anglos don't follow the canadian trend on this? exactly. as edward cleverly suggested it's because they'll revile whatever comes from the pq. it all comes down to separation as usual. quebec anglos choose to walk over their principles to avoid giving the pq the slightest bit of approval. their canadian nationalist sentiment runs so high that they'll just forge their philosphy as a reaction to pq policies after assuming they are all bad. you see this on this blog every day. it's pretty sad.

    2. Could you give one reason why an Anglophone would prefer to be a citizen of Quebec rather than a citizen of Canada?

    3. "right. politicians. what about the people jay?"
      You do realize that the people elect the politician.

    4. @liam

      of course i do. should i understand from your bad intervention that you think the opinion of a couple of politicians with an agenda always reflect the people's view on things? is it so that for you a poll is not added value because one could just have asked the politician?!? you are naive liam.

    5. @jay

      of course. if an anglophone is left leaning he should prefer to be a citizen of quebec rather than a citizen of canada. that's one.

    6. Like the left-leaning billionaire Peladeu? I think you're about thirty years behind the times. How many provinces have had NDP governments in the last twenty years?

      Actually I think it was about thirty years ago that Quebec elected Brian Mulrony, one of the most right-wing PMs the country has ever had.

    7. @jay

      peladeau fought the unions many times, it doesn't mean he doesn't like universal healthcare, daycare, education, etc. and higher taxes for more extensive social programs. he even came up with a fierce defense of radio-canada and its big public funding lately. not particularly a right wing stance. if you also consider his business interest, it was a very reassuring call for all left leaning quebeckers.

      and i don't think mulroney was amongst the most right wing pm the country ever had. mulroney actually renamed the party progressiste conservateur to fit more with his leftish inclination.

      i still think that generally speaking quebec population is more left leaning than roc population. if quebec was right wing like you suggest harper wouldn't hover around 10% in quebec voting intentions polls.

      i admit it may not be a huge contrast, but a left leaning anglophone would feel more at ease, from this perspective, as a quebec citizen rather than a canada citizen. besides, the anglophone will remain a canadian anyways if he wants, as canada government accept dual citizenship.

    8. Well, you've got faith, I'll give you that. But I don't think Quebec is any more left than any other part of Canada. Even so-called right-wing Alberta has the best public education and health care in the country. You really have to get out and see some of the country and you may se why Anglos prefer it. And a lot of Francophones, too, it seems. Maybe things have changed enough in the last forty years to actually make it work.

    9. @jay

      I have a better question. Will anglophones be allowed to become citizens of Quebec? I'm not sure that will be the case if hard-line francophone nationalists have their way?

    10. Citizens, sure. The question is, would they have the same rights they would have in Canada? There are a lot of Anglo institutions in Quebec like McGill and Concordia university (and Bishops, though we almost always forget it) and hospitals and so on, will they always be English?

      In some ways this is the great unsaid in the discussion - it's a choice between Canada and Quebec. It's almost always discussed as the quest for an "independent Quebec," but for many people - of all languages and ethnicities - it's a choice between the known Canada and the unknown of what it would be like in an independent Quebec.

      So far separatists haven't made an argument for leaving Canada that is good enough. Maybe they will someday but there will have to be a lot more specifics than, "more left-leaning," because a lot of people in Quebec actually do know a lot about the other provinces.

    11. Considering the PQ's plans for gating off access to the political system and parliamentary submissions to only those who could pass a French test, and wanting to ban les autres from the public service, I think we have somewhat of an idea of what the future of an independent Quebec could hold.

      Oh the cognitive dissonance that has to be going on in ones mind to convince ones self that Mr. I'll register my businesses elsewhere to avoid taxes Peladeau, is not right leaning, especially when the PQ tried to sell him coming aboard as the PQ is a separatist party that brings both wings together for the goal of sovereignty.

      To say the ROC is more right leaning than Quebec because of the election results of the past decade is idiotic to say the least, unless one intends to ignore the preceding decades that saw Liberal government voted in by the rest of the country as well as Quebec. Though if you wish to follow this line of reasoning you'd also have to conclude that there is very little support for seperation in Quebec as there were hardly any bloc MPs elected last federal election and that Quebec is actually right leaning because 67% of people here support right wing parties (Liberals & CAQ) while only 11% support an actual left leaning party (QS).

    12. @student
      I'm not sure what you're after here.
      You're using a poll conducted in August 2013, before any proposals were put to paper, as support for a hypothetical Charter. Meanwhile we've had more than half a year to debate this issue and see what actually came out of it. Can you find something more recent from the ROC?

      On the other hand -- you're using a poll to show the average Quebecer is pretty close to the average Canadian, so why exactly do you want to separate again?

    13. @kevin

      "I'm not sure what you're after here."

      i'm after proving that edward's hypothesis is right. quebec anglophones will just be against whatever policy is pushed by the pq, without even pondering if it's good or bad. the discrepancy in approval rates between this group and the roc over the charter issue is one proof.

      "You're using a poll conducted in August 2013, before any proposals were put to paper..."

      not true. stuff had leaked, and the poll questions are dead on what the charter ended up proposing.

      "...and see what actually came out of it."

      what came out of it is francophones were clearly supportive and anglophones unanimously against it. proves my point.

      "Can you find something more recent from the ROC?"

      no i can't. probably because desmarais and other stakeholders thought it would be wise not to give ammunitions to the pq by showing they are not alone. i didn't see another pan canadian poll on this since this one. we'll have to rely on it won't we?

      "you're using a poll to show the average Quebecer is pretty close to the average Canadian, so why exactly do you want to separate again?"

      this similarity does not show the cultural rift is not wide enough to legitimize a two states solution. i never claimed quebeckers and canadians were opposites in all aspects. muslims and jews may agree that water should not be polluted. doesn't mean they're similar enough to both be happy under the same legislation.

    14. If you want to draw the lines along anglophone-francophone and feel two states are the solution, wouldn't that mean that Quebec would also need to be divided into two states?

    15. @jay

      no, because, as we established in an earlier conversation, there is no clear anglophone-francophone line to draw in quebec. also because your reasoning leads to absurdities: every house a country. why not, right? is a province is divisible, so is province, so is a burrough, so is a street. all the way to a proper mess. you don't want that. but quebec in its current borders would make a totally viable country. enclaved kirkland wouldn't. forget partition, unless you wish for problems to last forever.

    16. No, you said yourself in this thread that if left to itself Montreal would become. English, so it's not just the west island it's the whole thing. And the Eastern townships and... enough to make a province bigger than PEI, it would be fine.

    17. "you said yourself in this thread that if left to itself Montreal would become. English"

      well for the time being it's not. so let's discuss actual issues if you don't mind jay. francophones outnumber anglophones in the eastern townships and in montreal, so i don't see where you want to "draw a line along anglophone-francophone" there jay.

    18. Of course the lines should be drawn along separatist-federalist... maybe you could have a referendum....

    19. oh you're changing your mind now jay? you proposed to split on an anglophone-francophone line before. i'm happy to see that you realize it doesn't make sense. as for your referendum, you go ahead mate. it's going to be though to actually have a border around that street, but not this house, and around this park, but without this burrough, etc. how will you manage this jay?

    20. "well for the time being it's not. so let's discuss actual issues if you don't mind jay."
      Geeze this that you Pauline? Still not wanting to talk about separation? lmao. Student actually arguing against separation based on the problems it would create is pretty hilarious, now if only student could put 2 and 2 together and realise the same goes for Quebec splitting from Canada he/she might abandon this quixotian like most others have.

    21. @student
      Well, I'll take your analysis and trump it with the biggest one of all.

      If Quebecers really wanted the Charter, the PQ would have been re-elected.

      Since the PQ were tossed out with the lowest support ever, one can only conclude that when francophones realized the Charter would actually mean firing people, they changed their mind.

      And with that, I wish you happy Victoria Day weekend.

  5. YEAH...!!!

    Steal the last one on the road for the win, boys!!

  6. More on the court case regarding signage in quebec:

    1. Cutie -

      ...And this isn't even the same case you're thinking of, where the LIBERAL GOVERNMENT appealed the Quebec superior court decision TO CONTINUE ABIDING BY BILL 101, which allows large international corporations to use their WORLD-WIDE English copyrighted trademark names. Bill 101, already discriminatory enough that the United Nations has declared it is against it, isn't good enough for the Liberals. They want to go even further (i.e. Bill 14 Light)

      Great way to attract business, jobs and tax paying citizens, huh? Oh, and if there appeal is heard and won, expect a lot of international companies to leave Quebec for good. Wal-Mart, Best Buy, The Gap, Old Navy, McDonald's, etc.

    2. Apple sweetie - I so agree with everything you and AnecTOTE say about the liberals and the situation we are in here in this monstrous province. As you've seen, from me, over the past year and a half, I'm all for severing this province into pieces to rid ourselves of this ongoing nightmare but like AnecTOTE, I also agree we have to start somewhere and Montreal is the first place to be let go then the rest of our communities can do likewise.

      Do I trust the liberals to understand where we are coming from? Not at all - I too go and vote with my hand over my nose and hope for some damn peace before I croak - just leave me to hell alone and stop picking on my right to live in my language and with some hope of not going bankrupt and leaving me living on the street out of a Super C cart! Not too much to ask in my old age except in this rotten province with people that are hoping to take us all to hell in my lifetime. I will do as much as I can to stop them as long as I'm able. I guess that's about all we can expect out of life - some peace and some harmony would be nice but I will not sit back and take a beating without a fight - wasn't born that way nor do I intend to die that way. Try not to be too discouraged. I'm probably a lot older than you, but do what you can while you can. That's all until that lottery comes in - when it does, I can assure you that the pricks that run this province will not see one f---ing dime of it!

    3. @apple iigs

      "expect a lot of international companies to leave Quebec for good. (...), McDonald's, etc."

      why wouldn't it be a good thing if mcdonald's closed shop in quebec? you like false fake that much mate?!?

    4. why wouldn't it be a good thing if mcdonald's closed shop in quebec? you like false fake that much mate?!?

      I purposely added McDonald's at the end of that line to prove a point about separatist mentality, specifically their one track simple mindedness. Thank you for taking the bate!

      Ah Student bot, you should know I have as much loathing for McDonald's as you likely do. However neither my nor your dislike of them is at issue, it's a matter of economics. Do you know how many restaurant McDonald's operates in Quebec? How much business they generate, and as a result, the enormous taxes they contribute to the province? Or the number jobs associated with them, not just restaurant workers but the suppliers, shippers, accountants, manufacturers, etc? And all the taxes those jobs generate? SURE I wouldn't miss their food, but we sure as hell would miss all the revenue they bring to the province if they closed shop and left Quebec overnight!

      Also McDonald's is in literally every single province, state and territory of the United States and Canada. Hell, most countries of the world for that matter, even some that are communist or war torn! What would it say about BUSINESS in Quebec if this universal entity seen everywhere in the world, suddenly and willfully withdrew from Quebec? I'll tell you what, it would become a warning beacon, one that would make businesses weary to do business here.

      BOTTOMLINE: create a hostile environment for business? Business will flee, taking their money and resources with them. Though that is the separatist mentality.....blindly discard what you dislike without thinking about the consequences, be it English, business, Canada, human rights, you name it. This is not even child-like mentality, it is insanity, an inability to process logic and common sense. And that, my friends, is what separatism is made out of.

    5. Not only Anglophone are affected by the Quebec anti-business legislation, francophones too are leaving too. A friend of mine in Pontiac, who doesn't even speak english, wanted to invest half a million in Quebec. Bureaucrat got involved and he would have needed to spend month in courts before he could expand his business, with no guarantee of increased profit to repay the lawyers salary. That's right attack private sector business owner would mountain of red tape and discourage investment. Well my friend business is now located in Pembroke along with the employees who are mostly francophones.

    6. @liam

      "Well my friend business is now located in Pembroke along with the employees who are mostly francophones."

      really? well a friend of mine just moved his business from ontario to quebec. so it's a tie? there goes your anecdote, mate.

    7. @apple iigs

      "SURE I wouldn't miss their food, but we sure as hell would miss all the revenue they bring to the province if they closed shop and left Quebec overnight!"

      well if there is a demand for crap food then another one will pick up the slack. hopefully quebec based. no issue there mate. mcdonalds can go. so does all the big small shop killers cosco, best buy, target and all your favourite behemoth spending places. i don't think giant american retailers are good for quebec's economy.

      "create a hostile environment for business? Business will flee, taking their money..."

      quebec is not hostile for business. all the retailers you fear are on the verge of leaving are still there. and there are more of them all the time. also, businesses setlle somewhere not to hand out money as you suggest, but to take some. if there is a profit to be made a business will pop up. you seem to underestimate a business's addiction to profit. and if walmart packs and no one picks up their market well it will just mean they were catering for an artificial need, so quebec will be better without anyways. you shouldn't pursue this line of argument, it's not a good one.

    8. Of course Quebec is not hostile to business... it's the same as everywhere else...

    9. @jay

      thanks for the support jay.

    10. Anytime. I would have thought you felt Quebec was, what's the word, distinct? But you've convinced me it isn't, it's just the same as the rest of Canada.

    11. @jay

      good job jay, by working together we have established two areas where quebec society is not distinct from the rest of canada: it has the same openness to businesses and it is smilarly open to a secularity charter legislation. the general approach you adopt in your last comment is misleading though jay.

    12. Now if only you could show some meaningful areas where they are meaningfully distinct from everywhere else in Canada.

  7. Anglophones and Immigrants are in for another kicking from the Liberals.

    The Liberals desperately needs Francophones to go along with them cut the budget. The Liberal stretegy will be to distract Franophones with cutting at the budget.

    If Francophones think the Liberals are cutting the budget "in concert" with Anglophones or Immigrants the game is up.

    The Liberals need to keep their credentials for beating on Anglo's/immingrants to spend the capital on fighting to cut budgets from the francophone unions.

    It's the only possible way the Liberals can survive cutting money from unions. Every time they promise to cut back on something they will find yet another petty political distraction to "get back" at anglophones and immigrants.

    This is tried and true quebec politics. Unite Francophones by harassing everybody else. Anglophones and Immigrants are citizens that don't matter without rights.

    1. Agreed. Honestly, the Liberals would have to be idiots not to head in a more nationalist direction. They have the anglo and allophone vote sewn up: both communities voted overwhelmingly for the PLQ in the last election, and don't have anywhere else to go if they're upset with the government. On the other hand, when it comes to francophone voters, the Libs barely outpolled a blundering PQ party and have the CAQ nipping at their heels. Many of these francophone voters don't vote for the Liberals because they consider them "weak" when it comes to the protection of the French language and insufficiently vigilant in the defence of francophone interests.

      If I were Philippe Couillard, and guided by instincts of pure political self-preservation, my main goal would be to advance policies that will win support among francophone swing voters--even if this means bleeding support among anglos and allos (whose ridings will be safe no matter what happens). Some of these policies might be linguistically neutral--notably policies that promote economic growth--but it only makes sense for the Liberals to win points by beefing up Bill 101 and picking fights with Ottawa.

      I'm not saying I support this strategy, but in the linguistic context of Quebec, it's political common sense.

    2. "... advance policies that will win support among francophone swing voters..."

      Sure, but if you're looking for votes from people under 35 which way are they swinging?

    3. @CoN

      No doubt you make a valid point, however, once again when political parties appease the nationalist vote, they sacrifice Montreal. The interests of Montreal and the interest of the nationalists are in direct contradiction, if you look after one, you cannot look after the other, Montrealers and the RoQ need opposite things. Let's recognize this harsh reality, let's work towards waking everyone else about this reality.

      Montreal pour une ville état

    4. @montreal ville état

      "Montrealers and the RoQ need opposite things."

      please give examples of opposite things that are needed by montrealers and rest of quebeckers. or just admit you just liked the way this line sounded without really having though it throught.

    5. The Liberals keep insisting on restrictive language legislation because they feel the RoQ needs constant reassurance and appeasement regarding French, (as seen by their appeal of the court's ruling on English signage), that's what THAT punk-ass move was all about. In order for Montreal to rescue itself economically, it needs to become exempt from such Laws. It can't afford to be "insecure" about French, AND it isn't. This city needs to start encouraging Industry to come here, making it easy and seamless to bring money and investment here, not mindlessly persuade it to flee, especially Big Business. The Liberal government supports laws and policies that Montreal needs to rid itself of, if it is going to rescue itself economically. Therefore, it is obvious Montreal and the RoQ need different things.

      I hope that cleared it up for you pinstripes, and thx for providing the opportunity for me to talk about it once more. If it isn't clear I will be only to happy to repeat, opps I mean explain, it to you, ALL OVER AGAIN!

      Montréal pour une ville état

    6. Here you go pinstripes ...visual aids..just for you! Lol

    7. @montreal ville état

      that's ridiculous. montreal is one of the few places in quebec that need bill 101. there's no point in enforcing french signage in areas where people wouldn't go unilingual english anyways. do you have another less ridiculous argument handy mate?

    8. So what you're saying is that to itself Montreal would be English? That's interesting...

    9. Sorry, that should read, left to itself...

    10. La Banque des Imerialistes Colonistes de TorontoWednesday, May 14, 2014 at 11:07:00 PM EDT

      Student, what is ridiculous is that you care so little about protecting the French language that you would only see to it that we are enforcing Bill 101 in Montreal!! WE ARE SURROUNDING BY AN OCEAN OF ENGLISH, IT IS EVERYWHERE, IT IS SPREADING AND CHOCKING LA LANGUAGE FRANCAIS. CRAZY WOMAN, DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE END OF FRENCH?!?!

      If French is to survive we must extend Bill 101 to all ten province in Canada, and its three territories to be safe to the north. Once that has been established, we must convince the United States of America must adopt Bill 101, and follow it to the letter of the law. Mexico too, Spanish is spreading fast like English, so the only way to protect French is that Canada, the United States AND Mexico are legally obligated to obey Bill 101. Then we shall see, but I worry about France, they allow English signs and people to speak it, so we must apply Bill 101 there too. Maybe one day the United Nations will look upon the glory that is Bill 101 and apply it to all human beings on planet Earth, then, and only then, will French be safe!

      ...Of course if we one day encounter life forms from other planets, then French would be under threat from alien languages. Understandably Bill 101 would then need to be extended to other planets and galaxies.

    11. @La Banque des Imerialistes Colonistes de Toronto

      you're losing it mate.

    12. @jay

      "So what you're saying is that to itself Montreal would be English? That's interesting..."


    13. Makes you wonder why it wasn't completely English before bill 101... Was there some difference between the Anglos in Montreal and the Anglos in, say, Boston or Chicago or New York? Makes you wonder why Montreal stopped its quaint practice of alternating English and French mayors about a hundred years ago and went with just French mayors. And French chiefs of police, and French.... well, you get it, all long before bill 101. Or bill 22...

  8. I am just wondering, let's say the PQ goes "out of business", what are you going to do editor? What are you going to talk about? They are your bread and butter.

    And let me tell you, I'd wish I would be able to read about something else on your blog. Maybe I am dreaming awake. Maybe.

    1. I agree, we should focus less on Quebec and the PQ and more on Montréal city-state. And Editor, if you are going to write about Quebec political parties, perhaps you can elaborate on a key theme: How all are very bad for Montreal's health.
      Juste un conseil.

      Montreal...SHOW YOUR TEETH!

    2. Hey Yan - check out the name of the blog - this is what it's all about kiddo.

    3. @cutie003

      i totally agree with you mate. yanpropolitique and montreal ville état should start their own blog if they don't like this one.

    4. Perhaps it is not a bad idea to start a blog exclusively on laying the groundwork for Montreal-city state, that way we'll be ready in 4 yrs time. Also, it can work in concert with this one.

      What a fabulous idea pinstripes, thanks.

      Montréal pour une ville état!

    5. It might make it easier for people to imagine if you just call it the "Province of Montreal" (or give it another name that would include a little more than just the island of Montreal).

      Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were split into two provinces and the NWT became two territories recently so there is precedent for splitting a province. You could probably use the legislation used to form Nunavut as a model.

    6. Jay...we have to start small. People are unwelcoming of change, even when it is for their own good. Already, it will take great efforts to have this accepted into the consciousness of Montrealers, and convince them they have no other choice in the matter. They have to understand the injustice and unfairness that has been perpetuated upon them this entire time, since they lost their positioning as "THE" North American City 'par excellence', ages ago. Montrealers have to acknowledge THAT first, and then, they shall lead the way. If you throw them the idea of a 'province' right off-ohe-bat, it can become psychologically too overwhelming, too fast too soon. The idea of a city-state requiring exemptions from specific hindering Language Laws to encourage Industry to set up shop here, will be a huge challenge by itself, but doable. People have been comatose for 40yrs, let's slowly draw them out of it, lest they go into cardiac arrest, or before we expect them to get up and do somersaults. Human nature is slow to evolve, savvy?

      We have bought time with the Liberals in power, that is the extent of it, and that's if they don't keep making punk-ass moves, like the one they just pulled regarding English signage. This should be a time to make people aware of how of city-state status, with very specific requirements, and a brand new economic agenda will enhances their quality of Life...where it counts most, in their pockets. ....therefore...Baby steps.

      Let's use this time wisely.

    7. Well, I know what a province is, I know what's under provincial jurisdiction and I know how its relationship works with the federal government.

      I have no idea how a "city-state" would be governed or how it would work in relation to the federal government, other provinces and NAFTA.

      So, I think if you're worried about people being resistant to change (which is a valid concern) splitting an existing province into two provinces would be the easiest way to go.

      But, of course, you're right, I always forget how "special" everyone in Quebec thinks they are... ;)

    8. The first thing would be to introduce a campaign to promote the idea of city-state status and the imperative conditions that would have to be applied. If the idea can be sold to Montrealers as nothing but a "winning" prospect for them, then it would take off. Essentially, we'd have to start with relaxing Language Laws in Montreal (there is no way around it) so that Industry begins to perceive this city as an attractive venue to come invest in, once again. If these were lifted, and Montreal could be exempt, we'd be opening a HUGE door to economic survival, (let's find our footing first)..and eventually, ...dare we dream..economic growth!

      Honestly, if Montrealers would understand how important this is, and decide that they want this and will do whatever it takes to obtain this, then we're on our way. This can only happen if there is an awakening of a collective consciousness regarding how poorly those in power at quebec's National Assembly have handled Montreal's affairs/interests the past 4 decades. And realize finally, they deserve better. C'est le facteur déclencheur. We need to begin with that, the rest will follow.

    9. @yanpropolitique

      I think that the Editor will look forward to the day when the only thing he will have to gripe about is who is going to fix the bridges and pave the roads, and not about somebody trying to create another law telling him what languages he can or cannot use.

    10. @Montreal
      I'm with @Jay -- promote the province of Montreal. Everyone understands what it would mean.
      Of course, I disagree that it's necessary, but I understand what you want.

      Personally, I think anglos and allos just need to bitchslap the Liberal party in order to make this city great again, but that can only happen once the PQ is dead and buried.

      And when you get down to brass tacks - there's a reason 95% of anglos keep voting for the Liberal party.

    11. Yep, province of Montreal along with surrounding areas! We deserve to get out of this deadend province that does not allow us to grow and prosper! Let the rest of the damn place crash and burn - starting right now!

  9. Safe prediction---unless the game is a Bruins blowout, there won't be many people commenting on this blog tonight starting around seven.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, May 14, 2014 at 2:06:00 PM EDT

      Sir, you are correct. I took a day off for tomorrow so i can live stream the game & HDMI to my TV at home in Germany along with other expats. Go Habs!!! Nap time here for a few hours and the Becks will be flowing!!!!

    2. @un gars bs de frankfort

      oh you're a drunk. this explains a lot. thanks for the insight mate.

    3. Well add another group of people to the list of people student hates: Anyone that drinks. Along with anyone that voted for any party that isn't the PQ; anyone that doesn't agree with student; anyone in the military; and anyone that is religious. Student must live in a sad lonely world.

  10. Julie Boulet #Crook #PLQ #Jail

    1. You really should stop picking only the little bits of information that suit you. We told you on April 7th that we were expecting this....but I think you were not expecting that the PQ is just as corrupt...

      Quebec's party financing laws aren't really respected: witness

      "René Levesque's famous party financing law is a myth!' he told the Commission, referring to the landmark law that bars corporate political donations — suggesting that all three major parties sitting in the National Assembly operate the same way.

    2. C'est de Madame Boulet dont on parle ici, ne tentez pas de déviez le sujet.

    3. Yes well that's who you're talking about, not me. You are implying that the Liberals are so corrupt and I am showing you that ALL parties are the same. Even your stinky PQ that you seem to think is pearly white.

      Péquistes et libéraux sont accros aux dons illégaux, affirme Louis Marchand

      Le propriétaire de Maskimo n’épargne personne… pas même l’ancienne première ministre Pauline Marois.

      Vers 2008 ou 2009, il se souvient d’avoir reçu un appel de l’entrepreneur Normand Trudel, aujourd’hui accusé de fraude, pour participer à un cocktail de financement au bénéfice de Mme Marois, qui était alors chef de l’opposition officielle. Une quinzaine d’entrepreneurs et d’ingénieurs, dont l’identité n’a pas été dévoilée, ont pris part à ce cocktail au coût d’entrée non précisé.

      Charbonneau Commission: Party donors expected favours, ex-transport minister’s chief of staff testifies

      ...Former Quebec premier Pauline Marois hosted a private fundraiser in the late 2000s that was attended by more than a dozen construction and engineering bosses

      ...and it marked one of the last times he would hand over money to the Parti Québécois — or any other party.

      I myself gave to three different parties (the PQ, Liberals and the now-defunct Action démocratique du Québec)."

      "It's the same with all of them"

      "...while they all engaged in those same activities"

      Boulet was an MNA while Marois was the Premier of the province and that makes it even stinkier!

    4. Boulet was an MNA

      Ministre des transports, pas n'importe qui...

    5. I agree. It's terrible, but you see we went into this with our eyes open. What about Pauline, head of the official opposition and her illegal party financing?

    6. @Laurie

      They would rather cut off their right hand than agree with anything we say or ascertain, no matter how right we are about the political issues in this province. When it comes to the PQ especially, they will lie, cheat and steal rather than admit the PQ is less than pristine and has screwed them over royally. It's a block in their brain which keeps them mediocre.

    7. LOL dit celle qui se vantait d'avoir voter pour le PLQ aux dernières élections


    9. @cutie003

      it's funny how you complain about politicians using language to divide you. yes it's funny because you do exactly what you complain about the very last phrase before and the very first phrase after. haha. too easy.

      you and montreal ville etat have these teenage girl habits when writing on the internet. capital letters, cues to indicate where to laugh lololo, slogans, etc. yet you are old in real life. what conclusion could our community draw from this contrast? it could be that you are still young inside (!!!) or that you are immature naggin misfits. wanna know what my pick is mate?

    10. So what about Pauline and her illegal party financing?

    11. @laurie

      what are you talking about? any facts or you'll stick with generic attacks?

    12. @stupid
      Try reading the thread please.

    13. So....anyone care to acknowledge yet that the PQ is corrupt with their illegal party financing?

    14. @laurie

      who knows if "stupid" will reply to you, whoever that may be.

    15. Hello! Is that Domino Pizza?

    16. lol love how a witness testifies at the commission that all the PQ and the PLQ were corrupt, and all the trolls hear is the PLQ is corrupt. We all know why the PQ lawyer was being so nice with Boulet, calling her out on something they did would not go down very well.

  11. Out of topic.

    Why am I keep reading news about Montreal-area schools asking students to take off clothing for the other team while the schools are doing jersey day on the Canadiens game day? Are schools forcing students to be Habs fans only now? Last year there was the girl from Lachine who was prohibited to wear Senator jersey and this year a school in St. Leonard prevented students to wear Bruin jersey.

    Look, I am a Canadien fan, even though I am here. However, if schools are doing jersey day, they should let any jersey be worn. Schools can not and may not use its authority to act as an agent of a private entity.

    1. Certaines écoles avaient des craintes que les élèves avec des chandails à l'effigie des équipes adverses se fassent intimider.

    2. Are you saying Habs fan are bullies?

    3. Ne tirer pas sur le messager!

  12. Gatineau-based racist denied funding from Federal Government:

    Take that Mario Beaulieu, Ottawa isn't funding an organisation that is blatantly racist. Keep on ranting Mario, or else you'll end up as a Bloc Quebecois MP, forced to stare at his desk as an opposition backbencher.

    1. Just the nerve of these bigots to ask for money for anything makes my skin crawl. Get used to hearing NO you bums! Not another cent from anyone - blackmailing, ignorant, A$$holes. Kiss off!

    2. Your right Cutie. Just wanted to correct my statement:

      Mario Beaulieu should be replaced with Jean Paul Perrault. Not a terrible mistake since both are racist a$$holes. Get both out of the public trough.

    3. Two idiots of the same personality and ignorance. I hope the liberals cut their funding off at the knees even though I doubt it. OUR tax money paid to these hate mongering pigs = pisses me off no end. Anyway, I would be glad if Jean Paul left our area = would not be missed in the least Liam. Imagine him writing the letter to Ryan and asking that all francophones boycott Walmart, Old Navy, etc. I want to write one back telling everyone to double their shopping at these same places. I wish someone would stick a plug in his mouth and his pen = too bad the paper publishes his racist BS.

  13. PKP achète Radio-Canada

  14. Replies
    1. please troy. maybe a douchebag sports blog would be better suited for you. this one is about anglo rights.

    2. Student is an advocate for Anglo Rights :) Of course the country is only 90% anglo. He is obviously wanting to be on the winning side ....LOL

  15. Unfortunate the situation tonight with the Canadiens and Bruins

    A win for the HABS is a loss for Canada.


    1. WTH??? I find it unbelievable how the ROC is not rooting for the ONLY CANADIAN team in the playoffs..................
      You sound as bad as the Separatists ( who could noT cheer for anyone other than the Habs ) Let me guess - you'll cheer for anyone but the Canadiens?
      My take is this
      ! ) The PQ were decimated
      2) The Language cops lost their case against Walmart ( et al )
      3) The Montreal Canadiens are going to bring the cup back home
      JAMAIS DEUX SANS TROIS !!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I did not know there was a team called "Canada" in the NHL. I thought:

      A win for the Habs is a loss for the Bolts.
      A win for the Habs is a loss for the Bs.

    3. there are many things you don't know troy.

  16. No Vezina nomination...
    No Norris nomination...
    No Selke nomination...
    No President's Trophy...

    NO PROBLEM...!!!

    GO HABS GO...!!!

    1. troy why don't you celebrate with other jocks instead of filling up our community's blog? don't you have anyone else to share your baseless joy with?

    2. Good luck with that. Everyone has dreams.!!

  17. Mr. Berlach,

    Whom then is Dr. Berlach cheering for, being in New York?