Friday, March 21, 2014

French versus English Volume 105

Election debate uninspired

There's going to be a lot of commentary in the media over Thursday's debate that readers who are interested can peruse at their leisure in other media.
The only point I take away from the debate is that Philippe Couillard didn't get embarrassed over corruption, the Achilles' Heel of the Liberal party for the last three years. As I told you, the PQ advantage was negated with the Claude Blanchet 'deal or no deal' affair and as I predicted, Marois was frightened off the issue by an ominous warning by Couillard in the days running up to the debate.

As for winners or losers, I suggest that beauty is distinctly in the eye of the beholder and that it depends majoritarily on your political bent.
Speaking to this view, Le Journal de Montreal polled six of its opinion writers for their take on who won and who lost and it pretty much broke down on political affiliation.

Mathieu Bock-Côté- "Marois Surprising"
Winner- Pauline Marois
Loser - Phillippe Couillard       

Lise Ravary- "What Debate?"
Winner- Philippe Couillard
Loser - Pauline Marois      
Benoît Aubin - "Inconclusive"
Winner- Francois Legault
Loser - Tie

Jean Dussault - "Pfff!"
Winner- Francois Legault
Loser - Tie

Esther Bégin - "Respectful, but no K.O"
Winner- Philippe Couillard
Loser - Francois Legault

Simon Tremblay-Pépin  - "Missed the mark"
Winner- Nobody
Loser - Francois Legault  

As I said...depends on your optic... Link: Journal de Montreal  

The always hilarious YGRECK, the political cartoonist offered us this pearl, an indecisive Pauline Marois, unable to complete the simple Wheel of Fortune puzzle.
His cartoons are always good for a laugh and most of the time, no French required. Go ahead and visit,  YGRECK

"Hmm!.... I can't really see it."

Natives Tell Separatists that they're not interested in an independent Quebec

One of the great myths spouted by separatists is how well they get on with natives and how well they'd be treated in an independent Quebec, filled with brotherhood and good will towards all men.

Not so fast.
Natives are deeply mistrustful of Quebec and have no use for independence. Although separatists have promised to respect treaty rights granted under the British crown and the Canadian government, some tribes are outright hostile especially to the French language.

Natives, like everyone else in Quebec, are divided into linguistic groups, some tribes speak English and are aligned with the English community and others likewise with the French majority.
Quebec is actually home to less than 10% of natives in Canada, about 140,000, of which, 30% are Metis, the ancestors of Francophone Quebecer and Native intermarriage.
But for the Cree and the Innu who live in the North and the high North, as well as the Mohawks down south, English is the language of choice for interaction with Quebec and Canada.

You might recall the terrible conflict that was the Oka Crisis that laid bare the reality of anti-native sentiment in Quebec, with many separatist commentators and journalists pumping up the racism, based mostly on what they perceived as the unholy and insulting alliance of the natives with the English minority and their clear preference to Canada, not Quebec.

Much to the dismay of separatists, but no surprise to any one who pays attention is the Mohawks recent assertion that they'll have no part in an independent Quebec.
Quebec Mohawks likely to declare own independence if PQ wins sovereignty referendum: Grand Chief'
Leaders from Mohawk communities near Montreal say they will likely declare their own independence if a re-elected Parti Québécois succeeds in winning a third sovereignty referendum.
“We’d never be part of Quebec or cede out of Canada because we don’t believe we are Canadians to begin with. Our ties are to the land,” said Grand Chief Michael Delisle of Kahnawake, which counts about 8,000 Mohawks. “I would take a wild guess and I’m sure I’d be right my community would absolutely turn down any sovereignty movement by the provincial government.” Link
“With the potential threat of this region’s culture and language becoming distinctly French, we must concern ourselves with the reality that there is not even 1 percent of the Akwesasne population that speaks the French language. The every day languages are still Mohawk and English. An additional concern we’d have is that much of our vast territory in Quebec would be subject to new, more stringent laws that are alien to our culture. Many areas of our organization and the services we provide would also be impacted by the formation of a new Quebec government.” the release added.
“If Quebec ultimately chooses to separate, I would advise our Council and community to hold our own vote in order to determine whether we would stay within the  borders of Quebec or separate ourselves,” said MCA Grand Chief Mike Kanentakeron Mitchell.  Watertown Daily Time (USA)
Now Quebec could probably live with losing the small reservations down south but the real problem is the Cree up north who make claim to vast areas of the province and the Cree are every bit as militant as the Mohawk when it comes to defending their territory.

It's really another obstacle to independence that Quebec would have to surmount and it isn't at all clear or likely that in light of the current bad blood and the memories of Oka, that any deal could be reached.

Journal de Montreal ramping up Charter Hysteria

When Pierre-Karl Péladeau announced his entry into politics under the PQ banner without selling off his media holding, journalists at the Journal de Montreal were indignant at the accusation that the newspaper would be even more biased than before in favour of sovereignty.

But let's face it, if you were the highly paid editor of the newspaper and a journalist came to you with a story confirming that PKP  participated in drug-laced orgies with Mafia cohorts using underage hookers, would you print or kill the story? (NONE OF THAT  IS TRUE!!!!)

There's the famous journalist adage to remember, that 'A scoop is a scoop, but a job is a job...'

And so I've been watching the JdeMtl closely to see when and if they would run some gratuitous article dishonestly pushing the PQ agenda, and lo and behold my fears were well-founded.

An absolutely despicable article entitled "More Requests for Accommodations' tells readers that requests for accommodations are rising, without a shred of evidence or backup material.

The article quotes some school official, clearly a huge booster of the Charter, describe how students are refusing to take gym or swimming because of religious convictions. All this without one statistic or even an anecdotal tale.

Danielle Boucher, head of an association of school personnel has reported that in a poll, 60% of school personnel in the Quebec city area favour the Charter.
Let's break that down.
60% of Francophone teaching personnel in Quebec City, WHERE YOU CAN COUNT THE MUSLIMS WEARING HIJABS IN SCHOOLS ON YOUR FINGERS are concerned with the growing problem of accommodations.

The story is pure propaganda and even the picture accompanying the story is strange, showing a student who is not even wearing a Hijab eating at what I suppose is a school buffet (maybe not) with what looks to be a portion of rolled ham on the plate.
What exactly is all that about?

Now true to the hilarious Journal de Montreal comments section, one reader took the newspaper to task.

"Interesting. Lagging behind in the polls, the PQ suddenly returns with an attack with its racist and xenophobic Charter. And what do we see five days later in the JdMtl? an article on religious accommodations as well as the energetic pleadings in favour of this Charter (the cost of which is not booked by the PQ) 
After this, Mathieu Turbide has the audacity to write a blog in which he explains that the JdeMtl isn't biased. Really...."

Polls depressing PQ supporters

I've always warned readers that polls in Quebec can change overnight and they seem to have done so again, perhaps not overnight, but dramatically in favour of the Liberals over the course of  this election.
Jack Layton proved in his last election that you can literally move the numbers by 10% overnight after his appearance on an iconic Quebec talk-show.
And so the Liberals, for the moment seem to have snatched the lead away from the PQ rather significantly and aside from being pleasantly surprised, I can't stop those certain feelings of schadenfreude that are welling up inside of me, over the pain these numbers inflict on the PQ brain trust.
"The Forum Research poll for the Toronto Star, which was conducted Wednesday, is in line with a string of surveys this week showing that the federalist Liberals are pulling out ahead of the incumbent Parti Québécois after a rocky campaign launch that was dominated by unpopular talk of a third referendum on Quebec independence.
Of the 1,650 respondents, 45 per cent said they intended to vote for the provincial Liberals compared to just 32 per cent for Pauline Marois’ PQ.
The Coalition Avenir Québec was in a distant third place with 13 per cent of the potential voters and the left-wing sovereigntist part Québec Solidaire garnered 7 per cent support. The results are considered accurate to within three percentage points, 19 times out of 20." Link
Polls like this are significant, because they tend to fire up or throw cold water on the volunteers that are so important in campaigns.
Voters who see these numbers tend to get energized to get up and vote, or conversely skip the whole thing as a lost cause.
These polls can be devastating to the faithful and no better example of this is Richard Martineau, the JdeMtl blogger who has been the Charter of Values biggest booster, writing dozens of pieces in favour, some rather stinging.

After a strange  piece in which he compared the PQ's sovereignty option to Barbra Streisand's nose, (ugly but beautiful) he lost it after the above poll came out, clearly descending into a nasty funk.

In two pieces, where his depression was clearly dripping through the screen, he compared the PQ to a restaurant called La Moulerie (Mussels) in Montreal which suffered a disastrous drop in business because of an outbreak of illness in Montreal due to some bad mussels.
The restaurant serves all sorts of wonderful dishes, he remarked, but alas, because of the toxicity of the mussels, nobody would come to the restaurant.
Actually, quite a good analogy pertaining to the PQ albatross that sovereignty and the referendum represents, both of which hang over the PQ campaign like the Angel of Death.

On his Facebook page, the ardent Charterist (a word?) realized that his dream of checking the influence of the mongol hordes of Muslim, Jews and Sikhs was perhaps going down the drain, and clearly, it was too much too take.
I've come to the conclusion that the PQ does not care about the Charter ...

If the Charter was close to the PQ heart and so important for Quebec, the party of Pauline Marois could have reached an agreement with the CAQ, which offered a very respectable compromise ... It would have maintained about 85% of the Charter.

Instead, we may have 0% of the Charter. Transforming the Charter into an election issue and in trying to use the Charter as an advantage, the PQ rolled the dice. It was 100% of the Charter with them, or NOTHING at all ...

They chose the party before country. Bravo. It will be remembered.
Admit it, dear friends, a little schadenfreude is a tasty delight!

Professors Support Annual Thugfest

Each year, masked anarchists gather in Montreal to demonstrate against police brutality and do so by marching chaotically and destroying property along an undetermined route, splitting up into rowdy marauders and engaging in mayhem leading to pitched and running battles with police.

In the end the police are forced to chase down the rioters, but not before significant property damage, where windows are smashed and cars vandalized.
It seems that the whole point of the affair is for the rioters to get arrested and whine about the unfairness of it all.

For years citizens have begged the police to put an end to the riot before it starts and this year, armed with a bylaw that forbids demonstrations of an indeterminate route, the police stepped in, warned the rioters to disperse and arresting most of them before they could get their licks in.

It was to say the least, frustrating for the anarchists, especially since their protestations fell on the deaf ears of relieved property owners.

But for professors, mostly from that font of higher learning, UQAM, it was unacceptable to arrest the demonstrators before they rioted. So shocking and unfair, it moved 120 teachers  to sign an open letter asking for the resignation of Montreal's police director.
You can see the letter here, but I want to share a sampling of the subjects that these professors teach;

  3 Sexologists..... 
11 Sociologists
11 Literary studies
11 Political Science
13 Social Studies
11 Philosophy
 2 Arts and Letters
 4 Education
 3 Cinema
 2 Art
 3 History
 2 Feminist studies
 4 Language  teachers

and my favourites;
-Interdisciplinary studies for conjugal violence and sexual aggression

When bashers bash...

It seems that language fanatics continue to  amuse themselves with a  hilartious campaign against so-called Quebec-bashing by the English media led by the indomitable Mario Beaulieu, whose two month long campaign has garnered an amazing 4300 signatures on a petition which I suppose he might submit to someone or somebody, sometime.

So in order to help out a lagging campaign I submit this, another  example of those bastard Anglos disrespecting the innocent.

Let's finish with some laughs...

You guessed it...not in Montreal!

 So which might it be?

 ....and completely off the subject 


Have a great Weekend!

Bonne fin de Semaine!


  1. Re, Professors Support Annual Thugfest.
    The problem with a lot of academics is that they never leave school, progressing from undergrad, to Ph.d without ever experiencing life in the real world. Thus, you end up with a bunch of middle-age academic equivalents of our own, much-beloved student.

    1. Diogenes,

      Note that among those professors, no one comes from discipline such as: chemistry, physics, biochemistry, law, commerce, mathematics, geology, among others.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 21, 2014 at 3:46:00 PM EDT

      Picking up on what Diogenes mentioned about grown adults not living in the real world and therefore suffering from stunted development, there is a image circulating around the web that explains that Couillard is not a true Quebecois because he used to live in Saudi Arabia.

      Yes, for real and some PQ members have insinuated as much (nevermind that Drainville, Hivon and Parizeau - among others) have all lived in London, England at one point in their lives.

    3. Troy,
      That didn't escape my notice, but I didn't want to inflame the whole liberal arts crowd more than I already was going to.
      A friends father was a tenured philosophy prof at U of T and we had some interesting discussions that demonstrated he had no real understanding of how human nature worked in the real world. a great person, but so naive.

    4. By AnecTOTE


      I'm not sure I agree with you D. I often feel that had we more philosophers in the world, it would be a better world. Unfortunately all the ones mentioned in Troy's post aren't making it a better world. As for student aka pinstripes, she's pond scum, and ignorant pond scum at that...a lethal combination, and not in a good way..(yawn).

    5. @troy

      what's your point, troy? i trust a philosopher to have a firmer grip on the truth than a lawyer. don't you troy?

    6. "what's your point, troy? i trust a philosopher to have a firmer grip on the truth than a lawyer. don't you troy?"

      Someone whose job it is pragmatically apply the law, versus someone who does nothing but day dream all day about pointless abstractions. Hmm going to have to go with lawyer here. Philosophy had a place once, but then science came along and psychology, sociology linguistics, and economics replaced it. This is a sore sport for student being 12,000$ in debt to get his/her philosophy degree.

    7. A real philosopher needs little schooling to perfect his craft. It needs an ability to see the big picture and take in how all
      aspects come together to form a solution. Knowledge of demographics is essential in the subjects we re into.
      Unfortunately, they tend be laid back searching for the great thought that will save mankind and in doing so accomplish nothing. They seldom create small businesses that employ and advance the economy. Having been told so often get a job they retreat into more studies of past philsophers who also were laid back and did nothing.
      Social Workers ave been essential to help the elderly and the displaced. CLSC workers have done wonders

    8. My Grandson incidentally lives near me in Verdun is a Social Worker who has his office in Dawson boys and Girls club on Woodland in Verdun. He also maintains an office in Shawbridge Boys and Girls training school (now called Piedmont in the Laurentians. His duty is maintaining contacts between the inmates and their families/schoolwork. Social Workers do not sit back and dream. When it is his job to take a certain 6 foot 6 inch black girl to court and she is screeching 'You ain't taking this fuckin nigger nowhere mister and if you lay a hand on me I'll tear your eyes out and scream rape." it gets difficult. Thankfully Matthew is a master of tact and peacemaking and loves the kid that's threatening him. he feels no fear only sadness for her condition. Ed

  2. Amazed that the PQ couldn't come up with a coherent answer on the possibility of a referendum.

    PQ Leader Pauline Marois says there won't be a referendum, ... unless people want one.

    PQ strategist Jean-Francois Lisée says there will be a referendum, but not in the first year of a PQ mandate.

    PQ star candidate Linda Goupil says she wouldn’t have returned to politics had she known there would be a referendum.

    PQ star candidate Pierre Karl Péladeau says he wouldn’t have gone into politics if there wasn’t going to be a referendum.

    Don't these people talk to each other?

    1. To be fair the candidates flip flop of stances by the hour so it's hard for the party to keep up today with which flip they've flopped.

    2. @josef K

      Nope...the don't apparently. That is what you can expect from another PQ gov...they do things half-assed.

    3. ...yet they and their acolytes have the temerity to shout Philippe Flop.
      Glass houses and stones. Someone who doesn't actually support the PQ put it together for me please.

  3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTFriday, March 21, 2014 at 6:18:00 PM EDT

    Just came back from a great dinner in the old part of Frankfurt. I talked to another quebecois that works here for Siemens. He PVRd the debate and he'll get back to me but he heard that La Marois did not slam Couillard on the corruption topic. I did not watch because I just do not care about the outcome, my man Francois Legault is out.
    More uncertainty will deter investments into quebekistan. That much I know. My head office in Calgary have told me that the mood in Alberta is good as a few important investors have disclosed that both Ontario and quebec are "no go zones" to invest in Canada.
    I guess that a free quebec will resolve that matter.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 21, 2014 at 7:53:00 PM EDT

      Your man Legault turned in a very strong performance.

      It saddens me to see he didn't pick up in the polls (at least not yet) following his turn last night.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTFriday, March 21, 2014 at 9:05:00 PM EDT

      Sadly, yes.
      quebec will get what it deserves in due time. Voters will decide their own fate.
      3AM HERE...... good night!

  4. Pauline Marois: "Il n'y en aura pas de référendum... tant que les Québécois ne seront pas prêts... tant que les Québécois n'en voudront pas."

    Pierre-Karl Peladeau: "Mon adhésion au Parti québécois est une adhésion à mes valeurs les plus profondes et les plus intimes, c'est-à-dire faire du Québec un pays."

    Linda Goupil: "Si on m’avait parlé d’un référendum dans ce mandat, je ne serais pas candidate au Parti québécois."

    Jean-Francois Lisee: "I hope that we can have a referendum in the next mandate . . . I’m in a rush. I want to do it as soon as possible."

    Now as the readers here know that my French is not that good, so I would like to ask for help from S.R / Press 9, Y.L, student, Mohammed or Sebastien to translate the first three speakers. Also, if they do not mind, to give me a bit of analysis of PQ's campaign platform based on those comments above.

    1. @troy

      pauline marois says there won't be a referendum if polls are low. seems fair to me. péladeau says he joined the pq because he wants to turn quebec into a country. seems he chose the right party. then goupil says she is not favourable to calling a referendum shortly. at 40% support i think she's right. and lisée hopes support for independance rises fast enough tu put pq in a position in which they are legit to organize a referendum.

      my pleasure troy. is there anything wrong with any of these opinions troy?

    2. "is there anything wrong with any of these opinions troy?"

      Other than they're all contrary to each other and most of give no clear answer to the electorate (treating them like idiots), and fly in the face of the main electoral plank of the PQ party? Nah nothing wrong there mate! lmao

      By Pauline's logic if most Quebecers don't want a referendum so she won't talk about or call one, then she shouldn't talk about or promote separating either as most Quebecers don't want that either. It must be so embarrassing being a separatist voting for a party that is embarrassed about wanting separation.

    3. By the way, the whole separatist movement is now down to 29% not 40% as quoted above. The people are finally seeing just how inept, incompetent and corrupt the political leaders of the whole movement are because they can't even manage their own provincial government let alone a "country". I keep saying you little seppies, you're not going to damn well bankrupt me with your stupidity! And, by the way, there was a lawyer on TV just the other day saying, as we've been saying all along, that not only the natives have the right to negotiate their territory in quebec, the minorities also have that right. So we kiss all your stupid areas goodbye, good luck and go starve by yourselves! Hope you've got the message by now!

    4. It seems Marois' comment about a seat on the Bank of Canada and the non-reaction from Ottawa has finally made the case clear - between 1972 and now there have been huge changes to Quebec and Canada and the relationship between the two, but going forward Canada has likely negotiated as much as it will. This is it.

      So, for Student and Press 9 it's good news, the choice is finally clear. The bad news is that very few people in Quebec want complete independence. The very bad news is that Quebec may "backslide" into more bilingualism and more "Canadianness."

      In fact, though, the Québécois culture is much more secure than the separatists seem to realize. We Canadians kept Québécois culture alive while the million Québécois who moved to the US lost their culture. One thing we know how to do in Canada is keep cultures alive.

  5. Dr.Barrette was my coach when I was playing Bantam B and we ended up losing all our games.

    For this reason, he won't get my vote.

  6. By AnecTOTE

    I never get tired of reading about this. There is an awakening suddenly, regarding Montreal and its renewed sense of possibility, and potential. NOW ..IT'S OUR TURN!

    1. Not going to happen anytime soon. And if it does, it'll be such a watered-down version of what we need as to be more useless than the House of Commons' "Québécois nation" resolution and the "distinct society" status long sought by nationalist French-Canadian politicians from this province in Ottawa.

      Besides, what makes you so sure that Denis and Régis are suited to the job? Not just landing more powers, I mean, but actually demonstrating the good that we can do with them?

    2. @Chik

      Have I mentioned how happy I am you are back? Lol

      I don't think Denis C. is the guy to pull it off, however, he has launched the gauntlet for Montreal and it is no small thing. If this city can get special status and everyone backs off a little bit where it can find its rhythm again, be exempt from language laws and the OQLF, and Business is given the space to breath and grow again. I do believe it will be uphill all the way, maybe with Denis, maybe with someone else. I am tickled pink that the idea of a city-state is beginning to take root in Montrealers consciousness, it is a start.

      As for Régis, I could care less what quebec city does, and I don't know what more it wants. It is the spoiled pampered child of this province and every time there is any money, they throw it there. All of a sudden they're talking special status because Montreal is talking special status and there is jealousy and envy, nothing new, they always want what we gave. But they have nothing to complain about.

  7. Marois is begging the QS for support and they only have 2 seats. She has dropped to a new level of desperate and pathetic.

    So where's all the garbage comments from the separatist trolls? Have they given up?

    1. We'll see...

      Quand le PQ mène dans les sondages, on dit que les résultats ne sont pas fiables, mais quand le PLQ mène, soudainement on prend ces résultats pour du cash.

      Pousse, mais pousse égal.

      En passant, les votes pour Québec Solidaire enlève des votes au PQ et cela pas seulement dans les comptés détenus par Madame David et Monsieur Khadir.

    2. Par soucis de clarté, je reprends ma dernière phrase :

      Les votes pour Québec Solidaire nuisent aux chances de victoire du PQ et cela pas seulement dans les comptés détenus par Madame David et Monsieur Khadir.

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 7:54:00 AM EDT

      Either way, a vote for either party is a step back for Quebec's society.

      We all know what the step back with the PQ entails.

      With QS, Quebec voters tell us they approve of middle class taxpayers paying more than any other MCTP in Canada.

      They're saying it's ok for spoiled kids to block up highways that MCTPs take to go to work to exclaim their disdain at having to pay an extra 69 cents a day for their tuition.

    4. @Mohammed

      "dans les comptés..."

      Don't you mean "comtés"? You wrote it twice and still got it wrong. Aren't you haters of English also supposed to be upholders of French?

    5. I like how Mohammed only "En passant" addresses Theo's comment, prefaced by a bunch of rambling nonsense that is completely off topic.

      The PQ always begs the other separatist party for votes, the reason for this is that they are not really a separatistparty, as they refuse to even discuss a referendum, and the more intelligent separatists are wising up to this and dropping the PQ like a bad habit.

    6. By AnecTOTE

      Ms. David will neverrrrrrrr forego and join the PQ, not happening. She is too attached to her own convictions, and she views the PQ as essentially FAKE. I am willing to bet on this. I am no longer a great fan of hers, but I do not see her backtracking on all the work she's done so far...and take-one-for-the-(seppie) team, as they say. She has her own ambitions and her own projects for where she wants to take QS to. She is not taking a backseat to anyone, much less popo. If she does, she is not the individual she attempts to portray. I find it hilarious that a party the stature of the PQ chases a QS, hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhahahah, insecure much?

      Squirm PQ Squirmmmmmmmmm. Lol

    7. I find it even more ridiculous that m.David speak of separation.Does she not read what's happening. Does she think her personality will bring Francos to vote for separation because she asks them to. She speak so well and so stupid. Ed

  8. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 8:06:00 AM EDT

    Here goes Le Devoir with it's separatist propaganda:

    They're trying to dig into the old referendum playbook and accuse Anglos and Allos of cheating their way into the electorate in downtown Montreal.

    1. Most important that the Liberals finally tackle the riding size issue for rabid backwater francophones.

      This manipulation of riding cannot continue in their favor.

      There is a huge difference between "sneaking a few votes in one riding" and systematic govt destruction of representation by population.

      Like all seppies, they arn;t actually interested in Democracy or it's proper application.

      "Francophone Democracy" is a world with a massive table of rights all sorted in 'appropriate" (ie hateful towards everybody else) ways.

      Everything francophones want to feel secure is at the top. Repressing everybody else, also at the top.

      "Protecting french" in Quebec is a euphemism for stomping out everybody else.

    2. @a bs argument

      you think cheating should go ahead without interference by ethics or some other noble principle? you prefer banana republic elections? why?

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 12:08:00 PM EDT


      Taking a smoke break from calling people to tell them why racism is cool?

      Here, read this:

      THAT is the real reason people are registering en masse.

      Read the comments section, too.

      You'll see who it is that's really getting screwed.

      Oh and a history lesson for you, tiny pupil: I like to call it exhibit W-H-O-R-E:

      Further, my little brainwashed friend:

    4. All I heard from this piece is that most of the new people to register are new to Quebec, as Francophones who already live here don't need to re-register, and everyone just received their notification as to if they are registered to vote, so now they know if they are not registered and need to register. Alternately or in addition it is just as likely that allophones and anglophones are more intent to vote than francophones which is born out by polling data. The elections guy seems to just be paranoid about "les autres" being able to vote.

      "« C’est comme si l’Aéroport international Trudeau était grand ouvert et qu’on distribuait les visas gratuitement à ceux qui passent, sans poser de questions », illustre M. Vandal."

      Kind of says it all.

      Meanwhile down at the Student conspiracy factory: Les autres are trying to register and legally vote! It's an anti PQ conspiracy!

    5. Why should they worry about who is registering to vote in that riding? Doesn't the PQ represent all Quebecers? Are we saying that Allos and Anglos are not the target clientele of the PQ? If so, should we call that racial profiling?

    6. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 2:11:00 PM EDT


      This is what it's all come down to.

      The PQ knows its goose is not cooked, but badly scorched. Good relations with "les autres" be damned. Now it's time to sell hard to the Cleetus vote. They know damn well they won't rebound from what they've done - this is their way to making a final stand.

    7. Dr. Couillard had better make fixing this broken political system in quebec - Charest didn't do it but we have to lobby the liberals to damn well fix it before the next election comes along and the pimps like SR and student's vote don't count for more than mine! Priority Numeroooooo unooooo! Some democracy!

    8. Le Québec a les moyens de devenir un pays, reconnaît Couillard

    9. I have to laugh at Press 9 quoting the title of La Presse article, because the very first line of that article says:

      Le Québec aurait les moyens financiers de devenir un pays, mais il en ressortirait néanmoins perdant, croit Philippe Couillard.

    10. He tends not to read past the titles of articles before bounding over here to post them, this time he didn't even get through the entire title.

    11. «Comme d'habitude, M. Couillard change d'avis, a réagi la chef péquiste Pauline Marois. Il redresse le tir quand il se rend compte que ça ne passe pas tout à fait la rampe.»

      Un...Deux...Trois...Cha cha cha!

    12. When asked what her opinion on the matter was Pauline said um, Yes. No! I don't want to talk about it! As she ran back into her campaign bus pushing PKP out of the way, telling Lisee and Goupil to shut up and yelling at Drainville to make more outlandish charter statements.

  9. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 9:05:00 AM EDT

    Had to go to work on a Saturday......:(
    After things go bad for the PQ at the TV debate and that PLQ are up in the polls it looks like the separatists have fled this blog...

    1. The PQ campaign workers (trolls) have been pulled back to man the phones for the moment.

      Campaign workers wasting time here isn;t going to convince any toothless backwater Francophone to switch from the QS to PQ.

      I also heard a rumor that bitch student wants a raise. She's not satisfied with making the same low wage as every other troll. She's running for troll union president.

      Francophone troll is going to be a union position in Quebec with it's own "skills" and job protection.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 11:46:00 AM EDT

      The proof is out about our trolls - they really are paid to come here and start shit with regular readers. Someone mentioned that they also vanished during the 2012 election as well.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 12:07:00 PM EDT

      @ABSA: "they really are paid to come here and start shit"
      True. Wouldn't surprise me at all that the money paying them came from a federal workfare program.... The irony of it all.
      Nap time here so I am in good shape to live stream the Habs Leafs game at midnight here.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      "Campaign workers wasting time here isn;t going to convince any toothless backwater Francophone to switch from the QS to PQ."

      I keep saying it, and I will repeat it, trolls don't hang and post here for regular contributors, hoping to convince someone to jump ship to their side. They hang out to defend the broke-ass quebec brand which we are revealing the truth about. They hate it when the nonsense they are up to in this crappy province makes headlines or international news, and disclosed outside the border. They want to keep their (dishonest) shit and all the illegitimate stuff (Human Rights abuses) they pull under the wraps. That's the extent of it and they would much rather ignore us, like they've been known to do for past 40yrs, along with this this blog if they could, but NDOA has gained visibility and notoriety worldwide and it burns their asses, the Truth is being broadcast. They come after me particularly, cause I am forever reminding people of this and they can't freakin' stand it. They were practically foaming at the mouth thinking they had uncovered my identity lol. It is indicative of the fact that they feel helpless and ineffective, AND that is what everyone ought to aim for, if you have to engage, take the bull rap and turn it against them. Bulldozing them. Lol

    5. @ABSA:'they really are paid to come here and start shit"
      They must be paid by the word. If they're getting paid by the quality of their posts, they'll never get off welfare.

    6. Anectote, you have been for Montreal City State all a along. Do you feel that Mayor Coderre's plan lives up to yourv expectations? Ed


    Marois demande des explications au DGE

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 3:03:00 PM EDT

      This is what we've warned separatists about for years now. People like yourself, Student and countless others have bullied, harassed and attacked Anglos & Allos for way too long and now.

      Funny how Roger has consistently laughed about Anglo movements drawing fewer than "50 mangeurs de donuts".

      Well, that's changing now.

      After years of being told "ici, on ca se passe en francais" and being referred to as "les negres", "les japanouilles", "les crisse de maudit juifs" "les calisee de blokes", the empire strikes back.

      Believe me, it's all perfectly's just that you never thought this moment would come.

      RIP - Parti Quebecois:

      11 October 1968 - 7 April 2014

    2. Wait a minute. Do Pauline Marois and her separatist minions actually intend to disenfranchise voters, particularly members of the minority, before the election begins?

      Il s’agirait de personnes provenant d’autres provinces canadiennes et d’immigrants.

      What does this mean, exactly? Canadian citizens not from a particular ethnic background are not eligible to vote? I think this echoes her "Quebec citizenship" discourse from some time ago.

    3. "Believe me"

      Pas question de croire un "liberal" ...Désolé :)

      Et svp,à l'avenir,veuillez mettre un "D" majuscule à Donut,merci.


    4. So the PQ doesn't want students voting now? Hmm odd they wanted them voting last time when Pauline was banging pots and pans, guess after the PQ turned around and indexed tuition and cut tax credits they might be worried about students voting this time!

    5. She doesn't want them voting now because a lot of them are from other countries that didn't bother with the politics here before - they came to get a cheap education. Now she's pissed them off and they want them out - what did she expect? She will now make them jump through hoops to get on the voter's list - bitch that she is! They are so blatant about their dishonesty! They will do anything to retain power - anything - cheat, lie, steal - ethics - lol

  11. I know a well educated woman who won her Doctorate of Philosophy from McGill when she was 55. She tried to work with us in the social section of our Church; soup 3x per week / clothing center / flea markets and food bank etc. but her personality was too uppity and she was hated.
    At the Christmas dinner for 600 she ordered me to play Carols I did not have music for. I had laid a plan that was accepted by the dinner makers. I ignored her and did what worked very well.
    Afterward, she said to me, ' You must have had bad training as a child because you don't know how to obey."
    I answered, "Part of the training my parents gave me was to ignore bossy people like you. Let me ask you something, you've spent your whole life learning philosophy. How could you learn so much and still know nothing about people/
    She had no answer and later admitted I was right.Ed

  12. Out of topic:

    The Montreal Impact game at the Olympic Stadium today is postponed. Why? Because of snowstorm. But it is a domed stadium, why is it affected by snowstorm? Well, it is a domed stadium but the roof is deemed to be not safe enough to withstand snow load. Even though the stadium is located in Montreal where snow is just part of life.

    An example of Quebec engineering / architectural / construction ingenuity, I suppose. Oh and for S.R / Press 9 who is very obsessed with everything Toronto / Ontario, the Rogers Centre (formerly the Skydome), not only that its roof is strong enough for all kind all weather, the roof can also be opened. And oh, there are actually professional teams play in that stadium.

    1. The difference in Montreal between the beginning of Expo 67 and the end of the Olympics in 1976 is hard to imagine today.

      Expo was the promise of the future - the whole world came and Montreal was on the cusp of something special; multi-cultural, international, confident - no one expected that promise to be realized not in Montreal but in Toronto.

      But Montreal is coming back. Ivanhoe Cambridge just announced plans to spend a billion dollars downtown and the federal government is building the new bridge to the south shore. Good things are happening.

    2. It will never come back as long as we have these separatist leeches in any political office in this province! They kill everything they touch! If this election does not bring about some drastic changes in the political system in this province, we have to have a partition party and shake them loose to ever recover any of the good that is still here.

    3. Jay,

      That's funny. The Caisse de Depot investing in Montreal is a sign of what exactly?

      That private industry is creating so many jobs they renovated office space?


      That Montreal construction and real estate need an artificial boost? It would be embarrassing in PVM became a student dorm also.

    4. Montreal is still stuck in the late 1970's.

    5. While I am a fan of the Canadiens, I think this tweet from a Leaf fan may be applied to the whole city or even the province.

    6. It really amazing when you think how much the world has changed since 1970 and this is still the issue being talked about in Quebec. Montreal most of all has paid the price for this.

      It's also quite shocking when you see the PQ, now the party of big business, trying to convince people not to vote QS because it splits the 'soveriegnity' vote - because nationalism trumps everything else. It really is still 1970....

  13. Perquisitions de l'UPAC

    PLQ = 21

    PQ = 0

    1. Remind me, how many charges have been laid again?

      Maybe if they start searching the PQ instead they'll actually find something and lay some charges. Maybe get that 3 million back from Pauline?

    2. The FTQ agreement with Pauiline Poutine probably also says that if an inquiry were to ever occur, they will only implicate Liberals.

      It's not not nothing the FTQ volunteer all the workforce to run the PQ campaign phones etc.

      You can't just put lipstick on a pig like student or Rodger Plan9 and come out with anything except Freddy Kruger.

      They are still hostile scowling PQ voting union members. You can;t hide a chip like that.

    3. Des libéraux réclamaient à Charest une commission d'enquête

      C'est quoi le problème avec James John Charessst ?

    4. Travaux secrets à la commission Charbonneau

      Malgré la campagne, les commissaires rencontrent des témoins sur le financement des partis

      La commission s’est gardé le meilleur pour la fin avec le financement des partis provinciaux. Elle espère notamment faire entendre Marc Bibeau, président de Schokbéton et grand argentier du Parti libéral du Québec (PLQ) sous Jean Charest. M. Bibeau est ciblé par l’enquête de l’Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC) sur le financement illicite du parti en échange de contrats publics.


  14. Éthique: «Couillard doit s'excuser», dit Marois

    Couillard et Éthique dans une même phrase ? ... hmm

    1. Hot damn that's a lot of rambling desperation from Pauline.


    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 6:54:00 PM EDT

      Vas chier, "Press couilles"

    3. Coucouche dans ta boîte Frank fart,il se fait tard chez les nazz :)

    4. Hoho! Point Godwin atteint en 10 minutes ou moins.
      Un peu vite sur la gachette par les temps qui courent, hein Sméagol, euh... je veux dire Pressoir ?

    5. It's awfully good to have you and RS back Apparatchik! Thank you.

    6. Le poisson de fond ne peut s'em...pêcher de revenir mordre à l'hameçon.

      Sapristi!Un peu de dignité Tchiko!

    7. ...poisson de fond?
      Messemble que la métaphore de la mouche à marde te conviendrait beaucoup plus, Pressieux.

    8. Ben oui,comme l'esturgeon et la barbotte et leur cerveau primitif qui leur dicte de refaire surface de temps à autres,question de leur permettre de respirer et de survivre.

    9. @Cutie

      I agree it is great to have them back! Truly great!

  15. À tous mes chers amis canadiens supposément résidants du Québec,veuillez lire ceci attentivement.Merci :)

    Le DGE souhaite apporter des précisions relatives à la révision des listes électorales

    1. Hmm someone should have told Marie Malavoy!

      "le Directeur général des élections rappelle que ses membres sont formés, soutenus par des directives et qu'ils sont les seuls membres du personnel électoral à devoir passer un examen avant d'être nommés à leur poste par la directrice ou le directeur du scrutin. Par la suite, ils forment une instance indépendante et ont entière juridiction et toute la compétence nécessaire pour inscrire de nouveaux électeurs sur la liste électorale, apporter des corrections à la liste ou radier des noms d'électeurs."

      aka Le Devoir and Pauline go suck on a lemon.

  16. Article from the Globe and Mail re: Partition of this province:

    1. Some good stuff in that article.

      """In a private member’s bill the following year, Mr. Harper advocated that on a referendum ballot, there should also be a second question. “If Quebec separates from Canada, should my community separate from Quebec and remain a part of Canada?”

      Asked whether Mr. Harper still holds to these views, his communications director declined to respond. The PM has let it be known he doesn’t wish to be drawn into the Quebec election campaign."""

      You can see Harper official position on getting involved at this time also.

      Split the puppy up area by area. Give us the Quebec wall perhaps.

      Dividing the crazy Quebec from ROC Quebec.

      After 50 years of isolation unlike East Berlin you hope they don;t get allowed back. Montreal will be able to heal after decades of being molested by "Quebec".

      Just like East Germany, Pure blood Quebec would be a wasteland. Not a drivable road or working factory. Sure it would have a thriving "culture" and facade at the "Bienvenu center". What the fuck else do they have to do with themselves all day long except self indulge in fantasy.

      The jobs become maintaining the fantasy.

      All the money from Alberta directed by Ottawa and spent mostly in Quebec.

      It's no coincidence that Ottawa borders Quebec.

      Quebec comes with
      10% of the income money
      40% of the costs
      99% of the baggage

      Imagine for a minute the scary world where Quebec is actually a "have" province. The rest of the country would be having to eat pemmican, Kraft MC or McDonalds. All the houses would have been destroyed and replaced with old trailers left over from Katrina.

  17. Trois candidats de la CAQ déclarés inéligibles

    Oups! ... :(

    1. Good. Hopefully most of their votes will go to the Liberals instead.

  18. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 8:34:00 PM EDT

    The DGE rules in favor of the Anglo students:

    1. "Le jeune homme de 21 ans affirme avoir apporté les documents d'identité requis, mais il s'est fait dire qu'il ne pouvait voter parce qu'il est étudiant."

      «Plus les preuves s'additionnent, plus l'intention d'établir le domicile se précise, affirme le DGE. Certains gestes démontrent de manière plus certaine l'intention d'établir son domicile au Québec, par exemple le fait d'y payer ses impôts par opposition au simple fait de détenir un bail.»

      Et voilà...C'est la vie.

    2. lol if the DGE didn't allow any person who didn't pay taxes to vote the PQ would lose an awful lot of votes.

  19. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 8:55:00 PM EDT

    Guess WHO:


    1. Someone whose parents brainwashed their kid worse than religious fundamentalists the PQ are always crowing on about? lol

    2. That kid isn;t even old enough to vote. Doesn;t he know he can buy twitter followers.

      Make himself a real star of Le Twitting.

      If Twitter would just understand they need to purify the interface of any word not in french finally he will have succeeded in something.

      Building twitter? He's busy in the bar drinking and ranting about how much money they deserve to get paid weekly if the PQ/FTQ ran "the country".

      We need something close to an adult PQ daycare.

      A fantasy place you can check a PQ crazy person into for a few hours. The company has paid visible minorities and anglophones that they can harass and confront knowing they won;t talk back. All in a comfortable surrounding with French TV, Wifi and a few stripper booths in the back.


    Rex Murphy tackles why we, and separatists in particular, should be grateful of where we live.

  21. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, March 23, 2014 at 8:24:00 AM EDT

    S.R. aka Press 9 Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 7:03:00 PM EDT wrote:

    "Coucouche dans ta boîte Frank fart,il se fait tard chez les nazz :)"
    He thinks that all Germans are Nazis. This highlights the deep ignorance of les petits habitants du quebekistan that never left their villages to go hors Quebec. I bet the clown press coquilles never went to Ontario or elsewhere in Canada. The perfect imbecile, quoi.
    Another Quebec expat who lives here thinks that morons such as S.R. are inbred.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, March 23, 2014 at 8:25:00 AM EDT

      I meant coquilles, not coquilles.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, March 23, 2014 at 8:27:00 AM EDT

      This auto-correct is killing me;( I meant couilles.

  22. Well Miss Piggy and company are running scared now that they are going to have a lot of people voting that never bothered before. Time we exercised our full rights (however few we have) and collectively beat the piss out of the lot of them on April 7, 2014. Of course, they are going to stop as many voting as they can. This is such a corrupt province; everything they do reeks of "fixing" something to their advantage:

  23. This site has become a cheerleader for the Liberal Party of Quebec and its pathetic. Couillard is just as bad as Marois and people who vote for either the PQ or LPQ are just playing into the same game Quebec politics has been playing for the past 40 years.

  24. La Tunisie vient d’interdire le port du Niqab

    Tunisie = 1
    Couillard = 0

    1. "Le gouvernement Tunisien a annoncé qu’il allait renforcer le contrôle des personnes portant le voile intégral, pour faire face soit disant aux risques terroristes"

      You really need to start reading past the title of stories. You also need to understand context matters, terrorist threat versus hicks not liking les autres are hugely different reasons for imposing a law.


    Wow, talk about voter suppression, the PQ is paranoid about voting fraud, but it seems more like voters are being denied because election workers are "not lawyers" and yet they if they have any doubt you are not a resident under the law, which seems to be if you are a student, they can deny you, and it cannot be appealed at the elections office. The student has lived in Quebec for 6 years, but was turned away, if they can't point to a law and say here, this is where it says what we're rejecting you on, they seem to be going beyond their mandate.

  26. Fraude électorale ? Les raisons de l’inquiétude

    Et non,ce n'est pas la première fois que celà se produit.

    1. And Lisee does not mention anything about a proven illegal votes committed by his own colleague, Marie Malavoy? All he writes about the Liberal Party are allegations. Marie Malavoy's actions are proven.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, March 23, 2014 at 4:32:00 PM EDT

      S.R. nous prouve que les Quebecois sont un bien petit people.

      Dans l'histoire passee et recente bien des peuples se sont pris en main et ont obtenus leur independence. Pas le Quebec. Lors du prochain 24 Juin, jour de Saint-Jean le baptiste -un juif tout en passant - avec son petit mouton (he he) demeurera le symbole national Quebecois. Rien de moins, misere...


      Poor SR he'll believe anything coming out of the PQ, the party of no evidence.

  27. Sharia law to be adopted into UK legal system for first time

    Et voilà!

    1. If you read the actual article, which we all know you didn't, they are not adding Sharia law, a legal society just released a document telling lawyers how to draft a Sharia compliant will. Considering anyone can ask their lawyer to draft a will however they want in most of the world (including Quebec) that's like making the claim everyone, everywhere in the world has adopted Sharia law.