Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mario Beaulieu...The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Watching Mario Beaulieu rail on about how the English media bashes Quebec has me a bit annoyed at our English journalists for engaging Mr. Beaulieu in useless debate which has the effect of increasing his exposure.

Mr. Beaulieu has devilishly opened a  conversation by trapping the media into defending itself, where the effect of the debate, regardless where it goes, is to legitimize Mr. Beaulieu and his ilk of linguicistic haters.

I am reminded of one of my favourite movie scenes from 'The Exorcist' where the experienced Father Merrin tells a young priest exactly how to deal with the devil;
 "Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don't listen to him. Remember that - do not listen."
I cannot think of better advice in dealing with Mario Beaulieu.
The effrontery of Quebec's most important Anglophobic hater in calling out the English media over Quebec-bashing is galling to say the least.
Pot calling the kettle black 
 This is a phrase that states that the person you are talking to is calling you something that they themselves are (and generally in abundance).  

This comes from old times when pots and pans were generally black and kettles were generally metallic and reflective. Therefore the pot sees its black reflection in the kettle and thinks that the kettle is black.

Mario Beaulieu is a consummate spinner, fact inventer, con artist, linguicist and Anglophobe extraordinaire. But like the Devil as described above, he hides his true feelings and motives well in the media, playing the part of a poor injured and downtrodden victim of evil Anglo oppression.

Mr. Beaulieu has made the assertion often enough, that the so-called 'Quebec-bashing' by the English media has contributed to a climate conducive to Richard Bain's actions.
I wonder if Beaulieu would then concede that it was the French media's bashing of the English that contributed to the atmosphere that led FLQ extremists to the 160 acts of violence that killed eight people and maimed many more.
I doubt it...
Mr. Beaulieu has championed the idea that Anglophones and ethnics owe respect to the French language and Quebec Francophones by virtue of the fact that French is in the majority in Quebec.
....So I wonder if he would then concede that francophones, as a minority in Canada, owe a commensurate measure of respect to the English and its dominant culture.
Nobody ever seems to challenge Mr. Beaulieu on his assertions, because we are so busy defending ourselves over his brazen and moronic attacks on our good name.

Mr. Beaulieu has been treated with kid gloves by the French media, as if it is somehow disloyal to call him out on his hatred for all things English and his disdain for all things not French.
Separatists who are not racists, generally wince at his antics, but remain silent because it wouldn't be right to attack one of their own, like a hockey goon whose teammates feel obligated to support him.

At any rate, I've taken a video shot by supporters of Beaulieu from a while back in which he paraded downtown complaining about the Anglicization of Montreal, a nonsensical and completely absurd contention.
In these video highlights, to which I added subtitles so that everyone can understand the depth of his hatred of the English, Beaulieu, in a jovial mood amongst friends, cannot help himself and thus,  his true nature emerges... that of a hater, but be the judge.
I've also added some historical photos at the end, to rebut his nonsensical assertion that Montreal is getting 'more' English. 

Safely surrounded among supporters, Beaulieu cannot help but let his true personality emerge.
He calls on loyalists to avoid shopping in stores with English names, like STYLEXCHANGE and even encourages them to boycott stores that have the audacity to use the founders  English family names on the masthead, like 'BIRKS.'
He even demands French pronunciation of English names, no matter how ridiculous, like LEE-VEE instead of LEVIS.

For those who think that Beaulieu is a ridiculous and harmless twit heading a clownish organization, nothing could be farther from the truth.
Mr. Beaulieu should be taken seriously despite his well deserved image as a buffoon because of the massive media attention he is afforded.
His plan is simple, spreading hatred in order to sow the seeds of discord between Francophones and minorities in order to pave the way to sovereignty and his agenda couldn't be less opaque.
At the end of the demonstration Beaulieu calls for Quebec independence, his true goal, where demonizing the English and Canada while proclaiming an imaginary Anglo-Saxon invasion, just part of a malicious deception.


  1. Off-topic (but very close to my heart)...the Quebec unions are thinking of setting up camp in front of parliament in Ottawa:

    "Le directeur québécois des Métallos, Daniel Roy, estime que les projets de loi conservateurs ne sont rien de moins qu'une menace pour la «survie» des syndicats. Sa formation compte tout mettre en oeuvre pour empêcher l'élection de candidats conservateurs lors des prochaines élections, prévues en 2015."

    Mr. Roy, please consider another point of view.

    Unions (or at least, public unions), are a scourge on the same level as typhoid.

    The measures taken by the conservative government are merely the cure to a disease that poses nothing but roadblocks and obstructions to the general public.

    When they do arrive in Ottawa, Harper should treat them to a slide show featuring all the times we've caught public union employees sleeping on the job and comparing their hourly wages to those in the private sector.

    Kiss your undeserved comforts goodbye.

  2. When ever I hear Beaulieu or another of these language rednecks, they always state that they respect the rights of the '"historic" Anglophone minority. What exactly do they mean when they use that "historic" qualifier? Anglos that can trace their family back to the Mayflower?? Does that mean according to him, that those of us Allos and non-Loyalist descendant Anglos are not entitled to services in our language even though we pay taxes for them? Who the hell is he to decide what language a person is entitled to receive services in? I wonder who he considers part of the "historic" francophone community?

    1. FROM ED
      SDory Editor, I just ignore assholes like Mario bull you. I don't feel he's worth getting our coverage. Put him with the trolls, pay no attention. Ed

    2. "Does that mean according to him, that those of us Allos and non-Loyalist descendant Anglos are not entitled to services in our language even though we pay taxes for them?"

      I have heard him speak on several occasions and that is EXACTLY what he means. He spells it out quite clearly. You, as a recent immigrant, should have absolutely NO access to English services, regardless of your preference.

  3. Well some quebec citizens are starting the new year off right out of our pockets:

  4. FROM ED
    I seem to be at a loss about something and maybe someone can explain it to me. Two of the columnists in the op ed page this week end mentioned that Harper was saving the Canadian people money. How can they say that when he has driven the debt from the 460 billion where Martin left it to over 600 billion and hasn't bought the choppers he wants yert? I think Andrew Coyne is the best and I believe what he says must be true but I just don't get it. Ed

  5. The Beaulieu types remind me that Hitler and his ilk got there start somewhere. And by repeating their lies over and over again, finally made head-way for their political ideals. Here's hoping that this won't happen here.

    1. don't worry mate. your paranoid fantasy nightmare won't become reality. but watch out they are all out there to get you.


    ""Boyer and secretary general Serge Cadieux said they would focus their efforts in 2014 on improving the Quebec Pension Plan and countering what it calls federal anti-union sentiment.""

    Stop stealing from us, work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week like the rest of us for a appropriate wage and we won;t be so anti-union.

    Initial talk about corruption then immediately back to the usual crap of slagging Canada and stealing.

    That's a cultural value in Quebec. Don;t let good governance get in the way.

    1. @cebeuq

      " 8 hours a day, 5 days a week like the rest of us for a appropriate wage and we won;t be so anti-union."

      they already do mate. so why are you still "so anti-unions"?

  7. And to think, Beaulieu and his band of nincompoops call US racist because we have had quite enough of their stupidity. It makes me think of Rosa Parks. She stood up against racism, did that make her a racist for demanding equal rights? What about the feminist movement, were women anti-men because they wanted equal rights or the right to vote?

    Women wanted the right to vote = women hated men. If they weren't happy then they should have moved to a country that offered equal rights to women. You know, 101 or 401?

    Rosa Parks didn't like discrimination and wanted to sit on a bus like the white people = Rosa Parks was a racist, if she didn't like the way things were then why didn't she just move?

    Against Apartheid = You are a hater of white people

    You want the KKK to disappear = What do you have against white people?

    You are against the French language supremacists in Quebec = You are against any promotion of French in Quebec. You want English ONLY everywhere!

    You would like bilingual signs in Quebec, and some language equality = You are a colonizer and an English supremacist, why do you hate French so much?

    You want people to be FREE to CHOOSE the language of their child's education, English, French, Both = You want to wipe out French in North America (and you are a hater!!!)

    You speak French and so does every other anglophone you know = You are not assimilating the way we want you to. It's not enough, it will never ever be enough.

    Okay I can go on and on but you get the idea.

    1. By AnecTOTE


      It has become a war of words pure and simple, words are a powerful thing, just observe the trolls on this blog and the lies they try to pull by spinning words. Telling the truth about quebec's political and especially linguistic abuses has become quebec bashing..spin doctors at their best try and spin the truth to garner support of any kind and by any means necessary...rather desperate and sad...really. This province has become so repressive with it's war on 'English' it is well on its way to become a nazi state just by the fact that its desire is to wipe out all things English..all people non-pur laine. That should be do we do that? Simple...with words.

    2. @hands off my hijab

      impressive performance mate. you got the godwin point without being pushed at all, just by casually replying to another freak. it's not everyday one can witness this, even on the internet.

    3. By AnecTOTE

      And there you have it folks, I didn't even have to try, the spin doctor came running try and spin the truth I put forth. I am absolutely amazed at how well I do every time I go fishing...LOLOLOLOLOL...the idiot-fishies lol always fall into the trap!



      Ps: A more intelligent specimen many times do you have to be told these imbeciles make you look

    4. @hands off my hijab

      "...the idiot-fishies lol always fall into the trap!"

      oh! it was a trap? so you don't really endorse what you scribble then? can you then confirm caring about your opinions is pure timeloss?

    5. @ AnecTOTE

      Spin doctors indeed! Cunning, sly and calculating are other words I can think of. It`s a shame. We ask for equal rights and this is what makes them so vengeful towards us. They need to push and prod us continuously and when we decide we have had enough, we are made out to be evil angryphone colonizing haters. Who are the haters? Who are the ones who believe that equal rights are unacceptable in our society? Who are the ones who legislate the primacy of one language over another? Who are the ones trying to create a uni-lingual province? Who are the ones who want to pass laws so that an adult cannot make a choice to attend an English language cegep? Who are the haters?

    6. @laurie

      "We ask for equal rights and this..."

      i know that, along the way, you lost the right not to include a french translation on an english commercial poster. is this the right you are refering to here, or is there another one you're after? it's not clear.

    7. By AnecTOTE


      You make excellent points and you tell the Truth, you can't beat that. The Truth always stands tall and solid and doesn't succumb to spin. You can't knock it down and you can't wish it away. And the Truth is simple: This province is corrupt to the core, it is cheap and it is oppressive.

      First and foremost, we can thank Mme Charbonneau for unveiling how disgustingly greedy those in power and the unions have been and what is even more insulting is there hasn't been one who has appeared before that commission with enough balls to admit wrongdoing. They sit there with this attitude of total blamelessness and innocence except that they stink to high heaven, we know it and they know it.

      Secondly, it has been reported time and time again how utterly cheap quebec is compared to the rest of Canada, as it contributes the least to Charity. I suppose that when you go around feeling self-entitled it doesn't leave much room to feel any kind of generosity or compassion for others.

      Finally, it is safe to conclude that the oppressive language laws are indicative of the fascist mindset that permeates those who rule and have ruled, and I make no distinction between past provincial governments who introduced repressive language legislation and present provincial governments who want to keep turning the screws of same language laws and make matters even worst. They are one and the same as far as most of us are concerned. They ought to merge and end the agony already, it is such a charade. And how can we forget this distasteful charter they wish to legislate into law, proving they are nothing but arrogant bigots. They indeed... are the Haters.

      There is really not a whole lot to be proud there? Lol nevermind the small-minded racist morons like the mario beaulieu's of this province who are odious and full of disdain, one wonders how the toxicity in such souls done away with them.

    8. @AnecTOTE

      "... just by the fact that its desire is to wipe out all things English..all people non-pur laine."

      How very true and unfortunate.

    9. @hands off my hijab

      "And how can we forget this distasteful charter they wish to legislate into law, proving they are nothing but arrogant bigots."

      you've got it backwards mate. the bigots are the dudes who think the right to show off your religious fervour in all circumstances is of the uttmost importance. modern people prefer to pan religions out of state affairs. you've got some progress to do hands off my hijab.

    10. @laurie

      let's take hands off my hijab's conclusion, with which you totally agree.

      "Quebec's (...) desire is to wipe out all things (...) non-pur laine."

      of course this is totally crazy, but let's here what in your humble opinion proves this. entertain us.

  8. Mario Beaulieu is a great boon to federalists from cost-to-coast. Whenever someone wants to know what kind of leadership an independent Quebec would have, just show them one of Mario's videos. That says it all.

    1. that's extremely ridiculous. if you want to "know what kind of leadership an independant quebec would have" i think you should look at rené lévesque, jacques parizeau, jean-martin aussant, lucien bouchard, jean-froiçois lisée, bernard landry and pauline marois. i wonder why you try to scare your friends with mario beaulieu, when he's not scary at all. you don't have a very good political sense mate.

    2. It is quite refreshing, is it not, to see our resident separatist here denying Mario Beaulieu's future in independent Quebec.

      Also, obviously the independence movement believes in the resurrection of the dead, as Rene Levesque is deemed to be the kind of leadership independent Quebec would have.

    3. @troy

      i'm not denying anyone's future, save cutie003. i just think it's heavily ludicrous to brandish mario beaulieu as the next president when there have been, and there still are, many other characters that are a million times more likely to re-emerge as the next quebec leaders. don't you agree anonymous's theory is heavily ludicrous troy? are you so clueless that you share his low quality opinion?

      and why couldn't a future quebec leader propose the same kind of leadership that rené lévesque did?!?

  9. I think this has been discussed already but does anybody know if Beaulieu receives subsidies from the Quebec government?

    1. of course he does. and so do you mate.

  10. "Les sous-marins Key-no"
    I wonder if he takes himself as seriously as we do.

  11. "Pot calling the kettle black" or as we used to say in French when we were little kids: "Celui qui le dit, celui qui l'est!!"

  12. On aurait pu croire que le Printemps Érable allait réveiller des esprits quant aux menaces bien réelles que pose toute forme d’autorité politique traditionnelle, mais non, apparemment, beaucoup d’internautes carrés rouges scandant des slogans de solidarité étaient incapables de voir au-delà de l’anecdote anti-libérale et se limitaient à un procès du méchant Charest et de ses sbires. Exit les méchants fédéralistes du pouvoir et toute critique de l’État disparaît quasiment aussi vite, se ralliant derrière les structures actuelles du PQ dans sa quête maladroite et discriminatoire du pouvoir majoritaire. Il y a, derrière le ralliement quasi-inconditionnel envers un parti politique, le soupçon d’une profonde débilité qui me fait demander comment certains sont encore capables de respirer sans aide artificielle, encore moins réfléchir.

    They also said during the Bye Bye that they used the charter to hide the real problems

    1. "They also said during the Bye Bye that they used the charter to hide the real problems"

      really? a comedian said so? it must be true then.

    2. Your opinion isn't worth more than theirs

    3. @dale d.

      do you know what my opinion is about the charter's use?

      and by the way, not all opinions are worth the same. there are real good opinions, like mine, and real crap ones like troy's for example. it's all down to what's holding the opinion. is it a proper framework or is it dung?

    4. What's your real good opinion on the quote in french that I've posted?

    5. @dale d.

      i think it's generally shit because the author claims that the charter is discriminatory, which is not true, and as all his reasoning holds on this well... i'm not impressed.

      and the link with student protests is totally abusive as the author supposes that red squares are now generally backing the pq and its secularity charter proposition. nothing but prejudices can bring a dude to savagely connect things like that.

      and then finally he claims the pq electorate don't think and just unconditionaly rally behind their favourite party. i think this is gross, and if he really wanted to describe one of the flocks this way he should have chosen anglophones and the liberals. much more fitting. read ed's next comment for insight on this common perversion.

    6. Many thanks for that Beaulieu clip, Editor. I don't know where you find that stuff but one of the reasons I like 'No Dogs' is tidbits like Mario leading his flock from the horse drawn carriage with the accompanying rant. French good...English bad! Someone should buy Beaulieu a membership in Intellectuals for Sovereignty. With his analytical skills he would fit right in. But hey! I am a little worried. First - no shopping at Birks ? Next it will be Holt Renfrew !

      On a more serious note I'm not personally worried about Beaulieu. He is an outstanding example of the ethnic nationalist core which has nourished the PQ for years. In fact, I understand that many Pequistes detest him because he exposes himself and the parallel world of the ethnic nationalists, far too often, to Quebec and the ROC. Beaulieu thinks he is a crusader but within his own movement he is an embarrassment and something of a fringe merchant. (Le marketing!) Wily old Bernard Landry often says that the PQ are "civic nationalists" and then...'Along comes Mario' (apologies to The Association c1968) and the nationalists' cup is as sweet as the punch ! Bye Bye civic nationalism.

      On balance, I think we need true believers like Beaulieu to promote the Canadian way forward. If he didn't exist we would have to invent him. How convenient that he pops up so often. And for fans of George Orwell, like old Sandy, he is a true gift. Vive le Quebec libre !! Sure Mario, whatever you say.

    7. By AnecTOTE

      "If he didn't exist we would have to invent him."

      I'm afraid I have to disagree with you here Sandy. We invent things we need, we invent things that are generally useful! To invent things we don't need or aren't useful is to waste precious time. Beaulieu is nothing but an annoying tick to all concerned. Tick that's a useful endeavor in Invention! Lol

    8. AnecTOTE, my simple point is that when reasonable people debate political issues and ideas we need some stakes in the ground to delineate the boundaries at the extreme edges of the debate. Most of the debate will occur in the middle ground between the two (or more) stakes. But we need real time examples of where the outer boundaries lie in order to help focus the debate. Mario Beaulieu is a very logical outer boundary of the ethnic nationalism that is so prevalent among sovereignists.

      So if one opposes francophone ethnic nationalism in 2014 Beaulieu is a gift. Thanks to Mario one can easily say to an ethnic nationalist (and I do - whenever I meet the poor deluded souls) : "...Beaulieu and his ilk are the direct result, the personification, of your way of thinking ! Do you agree with Mario ?, or not ?"

      Give your average Pequiste something like the Editor's video clip and then an opportunity to defend Mario Beaulieu and watch what happens. In my personal experience the backing and filling will begin immediately. That is Beaulieu's value, in my little world. I did not mean that he is a "thing we need" like a roast beef sandwich (poutine on the side) and a cold glass of beer. I did not mean to confuse practical value from value as a debating point. Beaulieu is strictly in the latter category. I don't need tick repellant. I have Mario Beaulieu in all his glory. Fight ticks with ticks!

    9. By AnecTOTE


      I got your point the first time but as far as I'm concerned he is just a huge waste of air and space and the unnecessary pimple on the behind nobody needs. I'll take tick repellant over more ticks any day! Thanks for sharing Sandy :-)

  13. Johnson - Bye Bye as in "Goodbye Charlie Brown". If that doesn't jog your memory try googling those 3 words.

    1. FROM ED
      Right on Sandy. Who was it said, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." We need Mario Mario is a star. A star like the star of Bethlehen that led the three wise men to the stable where the Christ child was.; Like the Star of Bethlehem he will lead the three wise guys (Lisee, Drainville and Marois) to the stable where they belong.. Nice to hear from you.
      Perhaps you can answer my question. Why do three separate columnists I've read say Harper is saving Canada money when I'm sure they know he has put the debt over 600 billion dollars? Ed.

    2. @Sandy : Not in this context : "They also said during the Bye Bye that they used the charter to hide the real problems"

  14. ****RE: TROLL FEEDING****

    "It" has returned from it's Christmas hiatus, and the temptation to feed it more sugar has been hard on some posters here.

    So, I just wanted to place a focus on the sheer stupidity that "it" brings to the table, to show how useless engaging this sepatroll is:

    1. "and by the way, not all opinions are worth the same. there are real good opinions, like mine, and real crap ones like troy's for example."

    Infantile doesn't even begin to cover this one. This one's a gem because it characterizes the merit-less nature of the separatist argument. Failing to offer any logic or substance to their arguments, the trolls are left with little more than the schoolyard argument of "I'm better than you are, just because."

    2. "...the author claims that the charter is discriminatory, which is not true..."

    Is the troll ready to substantiate that this isn't true? CAN the troll substantiate that this isn't true? The defensive tone of the troll's statement tells you all you need to know.

    3. "...and the link with student protests is totally abusive as the author supposes that red squares are now generally backing the pq and its secularity charter proposition."

    When all else fails, negate both fact and history. The PQ wore red squares int he assembly during the entire crisis. Marois marched among the numbskulls.

    The PQ was largely elected to power in some circomscriptions on the strength of the student vote (think Bureau-Blouin's nomination).

    How fitting that Marois would sink a nice long knife into their backs just a few short months after election.

    But of course why acknowledge these FACTS, when trolling your way through the 'net on pure BULLSHIT is so much more fun?

    4. "and then finally he claims the pq electorate don't think and just unconditionaly rally behind their favourite party."

    Funny how the troll subconsciously recognizes itself for what it is and therefore takes an even more defensive stance.

    So you see, trolls are simply not worth the time or effort - the regurgitation of bullshit is all they have and therefore, you can never expect a balanced, well-thought out argument from them.

  15. By AnecTOTE

    Finally somebody is using their brains rather than just sitting on them. Here's an idea anyone with half a brain should totally get behind:


    Assholes of the world and Quebec looks to emulate them at every opportunity.

    Holding the boss captive.

  17. Really bothered by all this French that I had to endure during the team Canada press conference! #FuckThatShit

  18. Completely out of topic with today's piece, but something I would think the Editor takes great interest, Canada men's hockey team at the Olympics.

    Congratulations for Carey Price and P.K. Subban for making the roster. Smaller congratulations for Pacioretty, Budaj, Plekanec, Diaz and maybe later, Markov and Emelin to make their respective country's roster. Please do not win against Canada.

    Roberto Luongo Montreal, Que. Vancouver Canucks
    Carey Price Anahim Lake, B.C. Montreal Canadiens
    Mike Smith Kingston, Ont. Phoenix Coyotes

    Jay Bouwmeester Edmonton, Alta. St. Louis Blues
    Drew Doughty London, Ont. Los Angeles Kings
    Dan Hamhuis Smithers, B.C. Vancouver Canucks
    Duncan Keith Penticton, B.C. Chicago Blackhawks
    Alex Pietrangelo King City, Ont. St. Louis Blues
    PK Subban Toronto, Ont. Montreal Canadiens
    Marc-Édouard Vlasic Montreal, Que. San Jose Sharks
    Shea Weber Sicamous, B.C. Nashville Predators

    Jamie Benn Victoria, B.C. Dallas Stars
    Patrice Bergeron Sillery, Que. Boston Bruins
    Jeff Carter London, Ont. Los Angeles Kings
    Sidney Crosby Cole Harbour, N.S. Pittsburgh Penguins
    Matt Duchene Haliburton, Ont. Colorado Avalanche
    Ryan Getzlaf Regina, Sask. Anaheim Ducks
    Chris Kunitz Regina, Sask. Pittsburgh Penguins
    Patrick Marleau Aneroid, Sask. San Jose Sharks
    Rick Nash Brampton, Ont. New York Rangers
    Corey Perry Peterborough, Ont. Anaheim Ducks
    Patrick Sharp Thunder Bay, Ont. Chicago Blackhawks
    Steven Stamkos Unionville, Ont. Tampa Bay Lightning
    John Tavares Oakville, Ont. New York Islanders
    Jonathan Toews Winnipeg, Man. Chicago Blackhawks

    Now, in relevance to this blog, the population of Quebec is about 23.68% of the population of Canada. Using that ratio, Quebec should place 6 players in a 25-man roster. However, this time around there are only three Quebec-born players in the roster. Ontario, on the other hand, with 38.51% of population should have 9 or 10 players. However, Ontario comes with 11. Same as BC. Proportionally that province should have just 3 players but comes with 5.

    Now, what does it say about Quebec and the only team sport a pur-laine is willing to follow? As in many aspects of life in the society, Quebec is losing and it is losing fast.

    1. Roberto Luongo, Marc Vlasic, Patrice Bergeron-Cleary

      Mostly English anyway...

    2. A few years ago, I heard a discussion in the Quebec Press about fielding a mythological 'QUEBEC' team and how it would perhaps be a medal contender. Even then it could never happen, defence being the glaring weakness.
      Things have certainly gone downhill from there and today Francophone influence in the NHL has dropped significantly, perhaps in reaction to players getting bigger and bigger, especially goalies which was Quebec's strong more.

      Perhaps it is as serial whiner Bob Sirois claims, francophones are kept out of the NHL due to racism, with GMs preferring Slovakians, Finns, Swedes, Russians and even Swiss, over francophones....sigh.
      But looking over the Canadian Olympic team over the last 20 years, francophones were always under-represented, usually placing two or three players.

    3. Phil, I believe you are referring to this yutz:

      "Bertrand made a case for Quebec to have its own team in the upcoming 2008 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships being held partly in Quebec City. However, Quebec is not a member of the IIHF and even if admitted, would need to work their way up to the "A" Pool of the World Championship from the lowest division. The idea has also not garnered much support among Quebec hockey stars. Top forward Vincent Lecavalier has publicly opposed the idea.[1]

    4. Editor,

      Let us just wait for a while for the separatist media to make noise toward Steve Yzerman and Hockey Canada as anti-Quebec agents because of the exclusion of Martin St-Louis, Marc-Andre Fleury, Kris Letang or Corey Crawford. Well, maybe not Crawford. After all, he is an anglophone with English name.

  19. By AnecTOTE

    This province isn't broke enough, now they are adding to the debt. I don't even want to know how much this will cost. There is absolutely no reason to introduce this lame of a charter and no reason to incur more debt because of what they are trying to do with it. I would love if the 1/3 of the majestically stupid population who brought in this obtuse government can be billed personally for the cost of what this has already amounted to so far and obviously what it is yet to be summed at.


    1. By AnecTOTE

      Someone near and dear to me always says, "if you want to know the Truth, follow the money"

      After reading excerpt from Lowell Grren's book "Why now is the perfect time to wave goodbye to Quebec", it all starts to make perfect sense why the present rein gin provincial government would stoop such lowly shananigans to try and create optimal conditions to hold a referendum. The may hide behind lame excuses about culture and language, but the truth is they want their own "nation" so they don't have to share their ..newly discovered natural resources with the rest of the country, even though they owe the RoC through their noses. The day after the day they declare themselves independent, will be the day they start drill in' lol...the environment be damned. Ps..I'm taking bets this will wants in? LOLOLOLOLOL

      Very interesting book, particularly Chapter 7. I urge you to download. Seppies relax..even tho he slams you, (all the while telling the truth however)..he's on your side..LOLOLOLOLOL..

    2. Ps..Theo..Thank you for sharing.

    3. Been their goal all along AnecTOTE - Lowell just put it into print. Any "ecological conscientious" separatist out there; they have sucked you right in - stupid people. I look forward to the rest of North America telling them where to stuff their oil because it won't be required and when they have to transport it from quebec, they will pay right through the nose if allowed to transport at all. Bunch of crooked lying bums. In the end, they will pay, that we know for sure.

  20. Kebek will not have this kind of problem because most of Kebekois work in public sector. Even garbage collectors are 100% Kebekois while in French you will not find a single white one doing that. At least French still have some kind of pride...

    1. Couldn't agree more AnecTOTE - When people are this stupid, not all of us should be responsible. That goes for all separatists that want to leave one of the most successful countries in the world to venture in to God knows what kind of nightmare. Stupid is actually a compliment for 99% of them.

    2. @cutie003

      ok for 2014 cutie003 i've got an objective for you: insert your rants at the correct location. just focus on this. then next year, for 2015 or 2016 when you get good at replying to the intented recipient you can start working on content. step by step mate.



    Perfect french logic.

    They expect the little people to actually follow silly rules like this while the political overclass jump in and out of their limousines on their way to and from parties to fete themselves for their good work.

    Wesmount is starting a petition for civil disobedience in the face of the charter of pants.

    The new, select the laws you wish to follow Quebec is a fun and exciting place.

    Bill 101? Break it as many times per day as possible.

    Every time you speak english to somebody "working" you are violating their right to work in French.

    Push it home. Laugh in their faces if people complain.

    Conflict and confrontation are the new civil society.

  23. Question of today, as brought up by Yves Michaud, "Should Bloc Quebecois fade away?"

    What is your answer?

  24. I took the 401 to Ontario two months ago,best thing i ever done,you should do the same.

    1. 101 ou 401 ? There may still be some folks who move to Ontario because they don't like the political situation in Quebec or they are worried about the future of Quebec in Canada but in my experience 9+ times out of 10 the motivation is economic. I am frequently in Ontario and particularly in Toronto. I have previously commented on this blog about the stark contrast between the level of economic activity in Montreal vs. Toronto. Toronto has become a powerhouse and there is no sign that it will slow down. This did not happen overnight. So...Stay or Go, as you wish.

      I won't bore you with a babble about economic history. But anyone with half a brain who has spent time in Toronto has noticed the prevalence of "les autres" - that is, people who are not members of either "founding nation" - but who are working together without friction and building a very successful city that is a huge and growing economic engine in Ontario, and Canada. Forget Mayor Rob Ford. He is a sideshow and the pragmatic Toronto councillors have put him in a box where he can't do any harm. His days are numbered. Contrast Toronto with the Montreal that Mario Beaulieu would like to create and it is not a pretty picture. Surely the future of advanced economies will be based on individual rights and mutual respect. Whither Quebec ?

    2. FROM ED
      Actually Sandy, it did happen seemingly overnight. I remember the Gazette showing one page and a half of the Mtl. sckmarket and half a page for Toronto. A week later it was the opposite. Many stocks moved in the same week. Keep in mind the basis for Toronto's powerhouse was bult here in Quebec by the English and forced to move by the French. Ed

    3. good for you, mate. but why should others do the same?

    4. Its too late in the day for an argument, Ed. And as I said above, I don't want to get pedantic about the economic history of Canada. I left behind my brief career as a teaching assistant almost 40 years ago. So allow me to cut to the well known conclusions which are explained in excruciating detail in the literature on the economic development of Canada, Montreal and Toronto. Key indicators of economic activity have been expanding in Ontario and Toronto - relative to Quebec and Montreal - since the 1920s. In other words, Montreal's decline is an old story. Yes, Montreal was still a big engine in 1950 and 1960 but it has been losing ground to Toronto since well before the second world war. There was some acceleration of that established trend in the late 1970s to early 1980s because of political factors but the real story is the long term relative decline, not the blips like 1976-1985. Check out the level of activity on the TSE vs. the MSE over the last 90 years. Check out the origin of IPOs over the last 60 years. Look at the mining sector, for example. Better still, review the literature. It's all there in black and white if you care to look. If you don't believe me, and you won't do the research and prefer personal anecdotes and reminiscences about the Angus Yards - I can't help you.

      Toronto's powerhouse was built by the folks in Toronto and Ontario, not by Quebec. Only the fabulists who inhabit the ranks of the PQ believe the opposite. Next you will be saying that Montreal's decline is an anglo/ROC plot ! Exactly like Mario Beaulieu and his fellow travellers. Re-boot your opinion with the facts. Just the facts, as they used to say on Dragnet. Just the facts.

    5. Sandy McTire,

      I am looking for an argument. I ask this question sincerely. Montreal was the biggest city in and the economic center of Canada. Nowadays those titles belong here in Toronto. Why and how did that happen? If you wrote that it has been happening since 1920s, what are the causes?

    6. Simple answer- Anti - English language bigotry, racism, hatred...bills 22, 178, 101...

    7. Anonymous, I regret to advise that your simple answer is also the wrong answer. You should have characterized it as the simpleton's answer.

      For a good discussion of the issue from the perspective of geopolitics see Michel Patrice's blog. Geopolitics is only part of the answer. The key point is that the antics of the PQ and their tribe have been a contibuting factor but they probably only account for a net outmigration of educated anglos in the order of 100,000 individuals. That was a blip, and an important one, but the die was cast on this issue well before 1976.

    8. Sandy McTire,

      If Michel Patrice's blog is your main reference, then I am sorry that I can not buy your argument. Just from that page alone, I can two glaring flaws:

      1. Economic power of U.S. Northeast is still substantially stronger than U.S. Midwest. Therefore, it does not fully justify the shifting economic gravity argument.

      2. Port of Montreal is still bigger and busier than the Port of Toronto. It means that Toronto location does not necessarily beneficial for trades of goods.

      In addition, data from Toronto airports indicate that there are more connections between Toronto and the U.S. Northeast than with Midwest. This indicates that there are more business conducted between Toronto and the Northeast, particularly Bos-Was corridor. Montreal certainly on more advantage since it is closer to Bos-Was. But why are there not many connections anymore, at least compared with the old days when train route between New York Union Station and Montreal Windsor Station was the busiest in North America?

      Bottom line, geopolitical argument may hold some merit but I do think that its effect is being exaggerated.

    9. "I took the 401 to Ontario two months ago,best thing i ever done,you should do the same."

      It appears that our long time troll S.R has made a New Year's resolution to start posting as Anonymous in English. We must have assimilated him, lol! It's very easy to recognize his idiotic comments.

      Follow the rules of the blog S.R and use an alias!!!

    10. Troy, it's not an argument. Toronto's rise and Montreal's relative decline are facts. The major reasons for this have been studied in detail for decades and we are well past the point where informed people have to argue about it. I cited Michel Patrice because that particular piece is a good general summary of the geopolitical analysis of the issue. Patrice is not offering an opinion. He just summarizes a very well known, even trite, analysis by others. And as I stated above, "geopolitics" (a term I don't much like because it is such an imprecise bundle of ideas) is only part of the answer.

      But if I may return to Beaulieu and friends, my basic point is that Montreal's economy faces many challenges that are unrelated to ethnic nationalism, the language on signs and the style of head covering worn by government employees. The goal of improving Montreal's economy is in everyone's interest - francophone de souche and muslim alike. If that improvement is ever going to happen we need to get our eye back on the ball and stop wasting time on stupid issues like this "values" charter. Beaulieu doesn't give a damn about improving the economy but he is a genuine menace because he keeps repeating his extreme anglophobic world view. It seems obvious to me that fringe merchants with a public platform - like Beaulieu - do have a negative effect on Montreal's ability to attract and keep talented immigrants. Tough to measure, yes, but we can all think of some anecdotal evidence to support that point.

      Toronto is ascendant and its economy has long since surpassed Montreal's. In 2014 one of the many reasons for Toronto's success is its complete openess towards talented immigrants, whatever their headgear. This is also a fact. Then 'Along comes Mario'. He is actually kicking Montreal when it is down. But he is oblivious to the effect of his diatribes. A True Believer at work. Yes, he is a nut, but a dangerous one who bears watching - and one who has justly earned the criticism of our crusading Editor. This is why I must disagree with AnecTOTE in one of his comments above that Beaulieu is just wasting everyone's time. For the time being we are stuck with Beaulieu and friends' distorted view of the real world. Since we are stuck (this being a free society and all - freedom of expression etc.) I say let's try and use his essential wackiness to expose and mock and criticize the narrow minded anglophobes and islamophobes who want to keep on kicking Montreal when it is down. A pox on all of them.

    11. Sandy McTire,

      I am not arguing the fact that Toronto is much more successful than Montreal. Why should I? I am now here after being there for a while. My problem maybe is with Michel Patrice and his arguments. We have been debating that issue in this blog for a while. His position is that political climate of Quebec, independence movement, language restriction, primacy of Quebecois people have little to do with the decline of the city. He puts the emphasis mostly on geopolitical dimension which he sees as an inevitability. That I strongly disagree as empirically the similar phenomenon does not happen in the United States.

  25. Would Mario Beaulieu enjoy this book? "Why now is the perfect time to wave a friendly goodbye to Quebec" by Lowell Green, Spruce Ridge Publishing, 2013.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like an interesting read.

      On the same subject:

    2. By AnecTOTE

      I saw that clip, if this is all true, it will get ugly and really ugly before it can all be settled. Like in any divorce, parties will want to be paid and will want compensation. If Quebec has been conviently hiding the truth about its potential wealth and spunging off of Canada, Canada would be really stupid to allow it to walk away scot free after the divorce...just sayin'

      Let's see how much foresight Mr. Harper exercises with all this before the sh*t hits the fan.

      What was it I said the other day about the Truth? Ah yeah. It always stands on its always comes out.

      Laicism indeed..LOLOLOLOLOL. How about the greedy bastards are unwilling to share the riches with the rest of Canada who are also entitled to what lies below Anticosti? Lemme balls to tell the truth????

    3. This divorce can be amicable. I think that's what the author suggests in the book.

      I think he's making a lot of sense, just like Reed Scowen in "Time to Say Goodbye".

  26. Friendly goodbye, u crazy give em what they deserve,and idont mean awave. Theo if your trying get away from the whiner don't come to Ontario, we have our own problems like, did u know the whiners have their. Own Ontario flag, ours isn't good enough for them

  27. Editor, I think your "Pot calling the kettle black" definition is a little bizarre.
    The saying came from a time when both kettles and pots were made of cast iron and therefore both were black, so the pot was condemning the kettle for being what it was itself. A present day example would be Student telling another contributor to this blog that his ideas are stupid.

  28. Earth to anglos: This is Quebec. Bus drivers speak French

  29. Mario's Beaulieu's web site only has 3149 supporters. A pathetic campaign by a pathetic person.