Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mario Beaulieu Unleashes the Dogs

Back in 1969, the then vice-president of the United States, Spiro Agnew,  undertook a fierce anti-press campaign, believing that the media was left-leaning, anti-war and anti-Nixon.
Agnew had the gift of gab, or at least the benefit of a heck of a speech writer in one Pat Buchanan, making a famous jibe, in which he called his opponents,
"an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals."

The phrase is just about all that remains of the man, things went downhill from there, with the press eagerly feeding and reporting on his misery as he fell from grace and the vice-presidency, charged with corruption and tax evasion.

Mr. Agnew contended that the Press didn't fairly represent the conservative body of Americans that he believed were in the majority.
Perhaps he was right, but picking on the media is never a winning strategy.

As for our Press, I don't believe that the corps accurately represents how annoyed Canadians actually are with the petulant enfant terrible that they perceive Quebec to be. Notwithstanding what Mr. Beaulieu says, if our media actually reflected the anger of English Canada towards Quebec.....Mr. Beaulieu's Quebec bashing report would be 1000 pages long.

If Mario Beaulieu, like Agnew before him, thinks he can browbeat the Press into submission, he couldn't be more miserably mistaken.

In fact, I'd venture to say that Beaulieu's campaign to vilify the media over perceived Quebec-bashing has the unintended consequence of unleashing the press dogs, ready, willing and able to rip into the hapless buffoon.
I am reminded of the Shakespearean line in Coriolanus;

"Do not cry havoc, where you should but hunt with modest warrant." 

In other words......do not provoke, that which should best be left alone.

Yup. Beaulieu has declared open season on himself, poking the eye of the media beast, giving it a fair excuse to rip him a new one, where telling journalists what and how to report is tantamount to challenging them to do the opposite.
Some of those Beaulieu held responsible were absolutely giddy, relishing the chance to take on the buffoon directly, instead of just reporting on his actions.
One of his favorite targets is Don Macpherson of the Montreal Gazette who took particular enjoyment in penning a scornful rebuke, words palpably steeped in sarcasm, that virtually dripped off the page.
"My name is mentioned twice in the text and four more times in footnotes. That’s more than anybody else who is named in the report, so I guess that makes me Francophobe Public Enemy Number One.
I was delighted to learn that what I write in The Gazette has so often got under the skin of the likes of Beaulieu, notorious minority-baiting commentator Gilles Proulx, and the kind of people who would associate with them." Link
So maladroit was Beaulieu's action in baiting the Press, I was left wondering if he devilishly prescribed to the principle that any publicity even bad publicity, is good publicity .

But nope, Mario is no brain surgeon, he's someone who makes it up as he goes along, like the interpreter at Nelson Mandela's funeral.
Check out this video I made a while back, exploring Beaulieu's creative interpretation of the facts.

And check out the video that proves once and for all that Beaulieu is a racist, calling on his minions to boycott stores named after their English founders (Reitmans, Birks etc.) Youtube

Beaulieu's an enthusiastic keener, like the kid in grade school with her hand permanently in the air, beseeching the teacher to "Oooh,Ooh! Ask me Ask me!"
He makes the rounds of the TV news channels, never flinching, always grinning like the Cheshire Cat, a polished whinger, who bounces off all criticism with aplomb.

Give him credit for getting on TV despite being roundly considered by the public to be an amusing imbecile.
Although he pretends to speak for a great many Quebecers, he doesn't really speak for anyone except a small coterie of haters.
Of the dozen or so videos of himself on Youtube, most have less than 100 views, and ironically, the most popular of all, is the one posted above, created by myself.

The insulting part in all of this, is that the Quebec government keeps him on as  Président du Comité de la Fête nationale à Montréal essentially running the St. Jean Baptiste Day. Fête nationale celebration.

With Mario on board as president of the annual Quebec day celebrations, a note to all those with non-francophone names, like Reitmans, Birks or Tony Hillfinger..... you are not welcome!


  1. Anyone know what Mario Beaulieu's background is? Does he have a university education? Does he have a profession?

    1. Does he have half a brain? Theo, as president of the SSJB, he's a professional s--t disturber. Nothing more. He makes his living off membership dues.

      While few Francophones would want to be seen with him, so what? It's not to state they don't covertly agree with what he says and does, but perhaps save for his methods that make him The Ultimate Buffoon.

      Readers and contributors, think this through. Why is it the PLQ was first to come out with strong pro-French legislation that relegated English to second place (a.k.a. Bill 22) in July 1974? The PLQ and Robert Bourassa struck again in late 1988 with Bill 178 and its abuse of the Notwithstanding Clause, then later on Bill 86 when the five years the Notwithstand Clause dies or has to be renewed, and the Inside/Outside and Twice as Much sign legislation. John James Charest becomes PLQ leader in 1998 and then premier a few years after that and does a 180 based on his work as a federal MP and cabinet minister under Mulroney's tutelage not only declaring he won't change a comma of Bill 101, but then fortifying such legislation with 26 additional tongue troopers and appointing a zealot to head the OQLF.

      Paradoxes of paradoxes, it was the PQ that threw that zealot they should have instead been carrying on their shoulders, under the bus, a scapegoat for the Pastagate scandal that brought on international rebuke. Charest replaced Bill 104, the PQs legislation that plugged any and all loopholes to prevent the more affluent of minority society from putting their children in English language schools, with Bill 104.1.

      In poll after poll, I read the majority of Québécois are comfortable with bilingualism, many want their children to be more exposed to English yet even the most federalist of all the political parties in Canada tightens the noose on all things English with almost the same vim and vigor as the separatists. In addition, the MNAs of the minority ilk who often represent constituents of like national and linguistic backgrounds don't dare vote against their leader, or else...

      Sorry folks, but I was born raised and educated in Quebec from my first day of kindergarten until my graduation convocation at Concordia U., and lived the first half of my life there. Then and now, I cannot conceptualize that «Québécois pur laine» aren't separatist racist xenophobes whether of soft or hard magnitude. If such large numbers aren't pro-separatist and are pro-bilingual, why is it the PLQ, the only Quebec political party that does not have a plank calling for a separation referendum keep shooting down the minorities? Are they petrified of the harder separatists? Nothing I can think of after decades of experiencing and eye-witnessing all this gives me cause to think another way.

      A few days ago, I had an epiphany that the PLQ is not really the so-called federalist party as I had been labeling it in the past, it's merely a non-referendum party. It's only pro-federalist to the point federalism works for Quebec; if not, it's not pro-federalist at all. Conclusion: There really are no pro-federalist political parties in Quebec.

    2. We've been saying that since I joined the blog (except Ed of course) Mr. Sauga. We're between a rock and a hard place when we go to the polls and have absolutely no one to vote for that will stand up and be counted. Afraid of violence? Maybe that's what behind the liberals because they sure as hell don't do anything for Canadians in quebec. I was hoping that Couillard had more guts but so far I don't see it. We have to stop being afraid of these people! It's blackmail again just in a different form!

    3. Most separatists are merely losers who've never made it in their chosen fields.

      Maka Kotto is a failed actor.

      Eric Lapointe needs to release records every year just to keep gas in his '83 Honda.

      Dan Bigras is on welfare.

      Nicole Leger has her brother to float her boat, so no need for her to succeed in anything really.

      Bottom line: that's what draws these moths to the dim lights of sovereignty...the fact that success has eluded them and left them with little more than morning after morning of empty frustration.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      The PLQ is a "Nationalist" party, not a Federalist one. They would like as many Rights and Freedoms turned over to quebec as the seppies without giving up all the perks Canada provides. It's basically like the couple who live together without really being married, and are happy to do so because it is an arrangement of convenience. Quebec benefits from all the advantages that couplehood with Canada provides.

      The PQ on the other hand, though they too live together with Canada (in sin, LOLOLOLOLOL) and for the same reasons as the PLQ, (arrangement of convenience), for some incomprehensible reason, want it made official by divorce papers for a marriage that never took place to begin with, go figure.

      There are no Federalist parties in Quebec, those who "appear" to be, do so for the benefit of the ethnic and Anglo vote, and we all know this. The PLQ has been elected many times and during their mandates I haven't really noticed more Canadian Flags flying in this province, have you? The PLQ is Lip-service and that's all. I hate to admit it but facts are facts and Sauga is correct when he reminds us that some of the most stringent language laws were borne during PLQ governance, who rather than looking after their voter-base (a captive audience it would seem), are always chasing and appeasing the 'soft separatists'.

    5. @Mr. Sauga
      Exactly why I've been telling anglos to vote CAQ since its creation. The Liberals are not friends of the anglos and if they don't know it by now, they're idiots.

      Couillard and the rest of the party need their cages rattled by the captive voters. Young, left-leaning anglos do realize this and vote for Quebec Solidaire (with people like that kid on CJAD saying they don't expect a referendum will ever happen, but if it does they'll vote no).
      Until older anglos do the same and vote CAQ -- enough to make the party realize it needs to fight for us -- nothing will change.


    6. @Kevin

      Anglos could have been forgiven for mistakenly voting for the CAQ in the last election before they made their stances on topics clear, at this point, after Bill 14, not so much. If you want to send a message to a political party write to them en-mass, you get your message across without the unintended consequence of electing MNAs for a party that will try and expand language laws.

    7. It's hard to find a profile on Beaulieu but I found this:

      "Mario Beaulieu proved that you don't need a high-falutin' brie-tasting background to succeed at the very top levels of Quebec language politics."

      "Sure some make fun of his math skills but he must be applauded ultimately for not letting his lack of education, cultivation, subtlety or thoughtfulness prevent him from doing big things, creating hope for young, unilingual, lesser-educated youth throughout Quebec."


    8. Francois Legault was a PQ member. The CAQ is PQ-lite. There is not point voting for them.

    9. "Exactly why I've been telling anglos to vote CAQ since its creation. The Liberals are not friends of the anglos and if they don't know it by now, they're idiots. "

      Those who think that the CAQ are friends of anglos are bigger idiots than those who believe that the PLQ are friends of anglos.

    10. @ adski - You got that right. The Liberals and Robert Bourassa started with language laws 40 years ago, with Bill 22. The PQ created Bill 101 but the PLQ have no problem keeping it alive. People hold their noses and vote for a bad party to keep the worse parties out of power.

    11. Kevin, the CAQ are no more friends of the anglos than are the Liberals.

      To reiterate, the CAQ had a tremendous opportunity to court the anglo and allo vote this year and show that they value us. Instead, they chose to support the PQ’s Bill 14 to make what is already the most draconian language law in the world even more stringent. This certainly put the kibosh on most anglos voting for them ever again. The CAQ have done nothing at all to merit being the beneficiaries by default of any (well-earned) disgruntlement with the Libs.

      The PQ has subverted the electoral process in Quebec by making it impossible for Quebecers to vote based on any other policies and principles than federalism/sovereignty, as would normally happen in any other democracy.

      Instead of asking anglos to consider voting for the CAQ, you might as well suggest that the PQ drop sovereignty from their platform in order to court anglos and allos into possibly consider voting for them based on the relative worth of the remainder of their policies, which would likely help them to achieve the magical +1 vote that they think will “liberate” them forever. This will never happen, of course, but even taking such a drastic step would not significantly shift the vote in their favour either.

    12. @the cat

      vote for the pq the cat. and vote yes to the referendum. participate in making quebec a great country. your help is needed. only then will the pq disappear and you'll have a normal election in this country. you can't ask people not to wish for more freedom. it's unnatural.

    13. “More freedom” is PQ code for “less rights”.

      We’ve all seen how the PQ has spent the last year trampling on Quebecers’ rights. In the Bizarro world of the PQ, “more freedom” means “removing rights from Quebecers”.

      In any event, the PQ’s Lisée claims that Quebec “has already achieved sovereignty” while being Canadian. Therefore, nothing more needs to be done. “More freedom” is superfluous.

      Re: “Lisée can’t see Quebec’s political sweet spot” (Editorial, Dec. 14)

      Your editorial reports that Jean-François Lisée has stated that Quebec already considers itself independent and that Quebec is already sovereign in terms of making decisions on its own.
      Far from being support for separation from Canada, the minister’s statements indicate that Quebec has already achieved independence — and within the Canadian Confederation.

      In other words, Quebec is now in the same happy position, in Canada, as France and other nations are in the European Union.

      We seem to have achieved “a strong Quebec within a strong Canada,” and there is therefore no longer any need for the Parti Québécois to exist.

      Charles Poulton

    14. Wow, lots of people here who haven't the foggiest understanding of provincial politics, maneuverings, or the French fact in Quebec.

      If everyone thinks the CAQ supported Bill 14 to 'strengthen' Bill 101, please explain why it failed to pass, and not just failed to pass, but has been burnt and buried by the PQ.
      The simple fact is that everything a political leader says in this province is maneuvering, pure and simple. If you take it at face value you've missed the knife in the gut. It's why you can have a group of guys at the CSN come out and vote on the Charter and have The Gazette report they support the Charter, while CJAD and CFCF say the CSN is against the Charter, and both are right.

      Anglos like yourselves also have to get past this stupid, stupid notion that 'once a separatist, always a separatist.' Good god we've got the woman who ran for leadership of the Bloc renouncing separatism! Are you requiring a declaration like this from every person who has supported or flirted with the idea? If so it's one down, and about TWO MILLION to go.

      It is long past time anglos realize that our voting strength has shrunk immensely. We've gone from being 1 in 5 to 1 in 13 Quebecers, so expecting ANY party to court us when still struggling to garner the vote of francophones is arrogant and stupid.

      But the CAQ is still a young party and its views and positions can be influenced by those willing to talk to it.


      You must have missed it, but the PQ doesn't give a rat's patootie about sovereignty anymore. The sovereignty movement is as dead as a doornail and has been for years.
      In fact, the death of widespread support for sovereignty is the REASON for the Charter of Values.
      Every time a PQ politician mentions sovereignty the party loses support. Queen Pauline never mentions the topic UNLESS she's speaking to a closed room of rabid PQ supporters, in which case she throws them a bone and pats their head and says they'll get to the promised land. And can they please give her party some money and then go away home and trust her. And she takes that cash and never mentions sovereignty again until the next time she meets them.

      No, the PQ knows sovereignty is a dead issue, and needs a new core of supporters to maintain its existence as a party: hence the Charter, which has created a new fault line in Quebec politics and has the PQ hoping to survive the next election. Because God knows if they breath sovereignty in the next campaign, they're going to lose.


    15. "Anglos like yourselves also have to get past this stupid, stupid notion that 'once a separatist, always a separatist.'"

      I believe that Mourani is no longer a separatist, but much more importantly, she is no longer a language supremacist.

      It is much harder to change someone's culture than it is to draw a line in the sand and declare this side of the line country A and that side of the line country B. It usually takes a profound experience to undergo a cultural shift and shed the garage picked up during "socialization". Maria Mourani had such an experience. The gang she threw her lot with turned out to be just that - a gang. She realized it later rather than sooner, but it's good that she realized it in the end.

      Legault has grown up in this culture and has participated in politics on the side of language supremacists. He might have changed parties, and even his his views on federalism, but he did not have the opportunity and proper experience to undergo a cultural change. The PQ is still in him, even if he is not in the PQ himself.

    16. "We've gone from being 1 in 5 to 1 in 13 Quebecers, so expecting ANY party to court us when still struggling to garner the vote of francophones is arrogant and stupid. "

      Yet the franco culture and language are still "menacée".

      Anglos might one day go down to 1 in 13635, but so what. Washington will continue to dominate the continent politically, Wall Street and London City economically, and Hollywood culturally. The "anglo influence" comes from those centers, not from West Island. Which means that la culture and la langue francaise will always be "menacée", and the reason/excuse will always be there for the moral dwarfs who run this province to carry on with the policy of division, turning a neighbor against a neighbor, the snitch culture (like filing "complaints" to the oqlf), the culture and politics of grudge, revanchism, and irredentism.

    17. "We've gone from being 1 in 5 to 1 in 13 Quebecers, so expecting ANY party to court us when still struggling to garner the vote of francophones is arrogant and stupid. "

      1 - Anglos do not want to be courted by privileges, they will settle for being courted by a promise to be left alone. That's it that's all. The PLQ is not a goose that lays golden eggs, all it does is give more breathing room. Francos associated with the PLQ are on average less poisoned by the culture of supremacy than people associated (now or in the past) with the PQ.

      2- Even if a minority group finds itself at 1 in 1000000, it is not "arrogant" of it to reject options that it does not trust. The argument: "you are just 1-13 so give a chance to those you may not trust" implies that only majorities have the right to reject options they do not trust, while minorities should put doubts aside and "not make it about themselves". This is a really twisted logic, I must say. It takes years of "socialization" to get people to perform such mental acrobatics.

    18. "If everyone thinks the CAQ supported Bill 14 to 'strengthen' Bill 101, please explain why it failed to pass, and not just failed to pass, but has been burnt and buried by the PQ."

      Because the PQ wants to use it as an election issue, and that can't do that if they passed a CAQ supported watered down version of Bill 14, on top of that it just didn't gain the political traction they hopped it would so they moved onto the charter. If your argument in support of the CAQ is that we shouldn't believe anything they say, or think that whatever they do is what they truly believe, I have to say that's not a very compelling logic, nor very very comforting. If the PQ had turned around and accepted the CAQs changes bill 14 would now be a law, but hey don't worry the CAQ wouldn't have meant it, it is all an elaborate ruse.

  2. "As for our Press, I don't believe that the corps accurately represents how annoyed Canadians actually are with the petulant enfant terrible that they perceive Quebec to be"

    That would be because inter-provincial news coverage in this country is pathetic -- at best.
    When was the last time you heard anything about what was happening in New Brunswick, Manitoba or Alberta?
    I think one of those places had a big flood earlier this year, but otherwise I couldn't tell you anything at all about any of them -- but at least I recognize my opinion is worthless.

    The same thing goes for what those outside of Quebec hear about what's going on inside Quebec. The ROC only hears about the language nonsense and the occasional separatist squawking that no reporter in Quebec covers because we know it's bullshit.
    They never hear about the normal stuff which actually affects people's lives....


    1. This is true. Canadians know very little about each other, really. We rarely get past our own stereotypes.

    2. @kevin

      "...but at least I recognize my opinion is worthless."

      i agree.

      "They never hear about the normal stuff which actually affects people's lives...."

      you are implying that "the language nonsense and the occasional separatist squawking" doesn't affect people's lives. that's a harsh judgement about the blog you actively contribute to mate. and therefore a harsh judgement on yourself. you just scored in your own net.

    3. @student
      Has the Charter passed? Is it going to pass? No and no.
      This is just 4 months of bloviating internal politics that means diddly squat.
      Ditto Pastagate, Creolegate, and signage. None of that stuff actually affects anyone: it's like hockey for those who don't watch the NHL.
      It's a distraction from real events, like family dinners, working for a living, and getting an education, getting along with your neighbours, making new friends and hanging out with old ones.

      Only separatists fighting a losing battle for hearts and minds think this is important. The war was won decades ago -- by federalists. My contributions to this blog are just mop-up actions.


      PS If

  3. Angryphone

    An english speaking person who hates Québecois culture and the French language, but yet insist on living in the only part of North America when said culture and language exist.

    Even though the French language is actually menaced and losing ground in Montreal (Québec's Metropolis), Angryphones insist that they are the victims of an ethnic cleasing whenever they have to see or hear French words.
    Why do these angryphones live here while they could be perfectly happy in Toronto?



    1. Wouldn't the French living outside of Quebec be happier in Quebec? There is no need for the rest of Canada to accommodate the French and spend money providing French language services. Send them all to Quebec where they can help their people build their "country".

    2. Downvoted that stupid definition. Everyone please do the same, thank you.

    3. @anonymouse

      how would you define angryphone then mate?

    4. Considering it's an infantile pejorative, I just wouldn't use it.

    5. @thatguy

      infantile pejoratives also have definitions mate. what is yours?

    6. That definition is batshit crazy.
      Francophones are leaving Montreal because they are finally rich enough to buy a home off-island. That doesn't mean the French language is being affected.


    7. "infantile pejoratives also have definitions mate. what is yours?"

      Student missing the point as always. I'm sure there are much better forums for you to debate the definition of hate speech terms than here, while you're there ask someone to define what a "doodoohead" is, as puerile as you're being.

    8. My friend, french language is a beautiful language but not here in Quebec. In France for sure. Quebeckers speak french like they hate the language. The accent is terrible. Huge difference from France.

    9. @kevin

      i fail to see what the reason for francophones leaving montreal has to do with the definition of angryphone.


      here's the sequence: s.r. provided a definition. anonymouse claimed the definition is stupid. i then asked him what would be a better definition. what's so wrong with that? the editor himself has used the term to describe his state of mind. cutie003 as well. i think here is a great place to debate about your definition mate.

    10. @anonymoud

      "...french language is a beautiful language but not here in Quebec."

      well that's your irrelevant opinion mate. i think the french quebec accent is pretty cool.

    11. "here's the sequence: s.r. provided a definition. anonymouse claimed the definition is stupid. i then asked him what would be a better definition. what's so wrong with that? the editor himself has used the term to describe his state of mind. cutie003 as well. i think here is a great place to debate about your definition mate."

      It is might funny to see someone who is so convinced that there is rampant francophobia and so dedicated to weed out that form of discrimination, yet at the same time freely talks about and uses a pejorative slur, which they have recognized as a pejorative slur, for a specific group and yet does not recognize this as discrimination, or anything wrong with it. You're in deep. As to others using it, someone calling themselves something ironically or in an attempt to remove said word's negative power does not give a third party the right to then use this word, or use it against others, calling an African American a racial slur would be highly offensive, as would be the suggestion to define what it is on an internet blog.

    12. @thatguy

      i don't agree. i think definitions are important. when understanding each other is an objective of course.

  4. Anti-French words in Manitoba spell trouble for Canada's Conservatives



  5. By AnecTOTE


    You know me, the eternal skeptic, I was just wondering if the big Hooplah stirred up by this clown Mario Beaulieu has more to do with his attempt to keep his job? Same for the OQLF and their antics? They can spin it anyway they want with the usual bla bla of French Language Supremacy and protection there-of (no longer warranted after 40 yrs...'oui mais bon" lol). I mean you wanna know the truth..follow the money right? Come to think of it, perhaps that is what's motivating the ruling party at the National Assembly as well, these days? Fighting to keep their jobs and raison d'être with QC Solidaire fast on their trail? Or are they really so heartlessly racist?

    1. "Fighting to keep their jobs and raison d'être with QC Solidaire fast on their trail?"

      you must have some funky poll handy mate. please share.

    2. Mario Beaulieu is irrelevant. They get more press from The Gazette than from every francophone media outlet combined.

      Take a look at their twitter/Facebook followers, even the views for their youtube videos, and you'll see why nobody except uptight anglos cares what this man and his group says.

      Look at every poll in the past 18 months. Do you honestly think the PQ would have come up with the Charter if the pro-separation movement was strong enough to get them elected?


  6. Instead of railing against his fellow English speaking citizens for being alive and living in Quebec, Beaulieu should address the 300 lb gorilla in the room, Les Quebecois' pathetic birthrate. Anglos and Allos will never become Francophones. They can speak French but have no interest in becoming full fledged Francophones, not gonna happen. I would argue that the best way to increase the birthrate is to to have a robust economy with plenty of middle class income earners. If a family feels financially secure, they more likely will have a second or third kid. Say what you will about the Catholic Church's influence on Quebec, the fact remains that for 400 years the Church helped shape a remote arctic trading post of a few hundred people in a fiercely inhospitable environment into a flourishing unique culture and language numbering over 7 million. If Beaulieu and his cohorts focused their anti-English energies into attracting instead of repelling investment into Quebec, he might be able to accomplish something.

    1. Editor - the idiots are on the loose again and wasting our time and space on the blog. As these comments are unworthy of even the smallest of minds, would you please delete them? Thank you.

    2. In the old days, the Catholic Church promoted families. People actually got married and had 10-15 kids. French married French. These days, people don't even get married which makes it easier to split up. They might have 1-2 kids. French marry any other other person, even Muslim. The French are responsible for their declining numbers. The French are responsible for losing their language and culture. Parents and families are responsible for preserving one's language, culture and heritage. Why can't they do that in Quebec?

    3. @theo

      "French marry any other other person, even Muslim."

      they shouldn't?!? you're a racist?

    4. @student - Answer my question first.

  7. The French media (Radio X) finally picked up the story about Creolegate. They are so disgusted with all of this and say that if it is indeed true, then it is stomach-turning and indeed worse than Pastagate and the OQLF are acting like the gestapo, going to check what language people are speaking in private conversations. They said that they had not heard of it in the French media and picked it up on The Gazette. They will be looking into it further.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      People turn a deaf ear, but we are closer than we think to the government intervening with what language we will speak in are own homes..I mean it...pay attention. If we allow the government to keep getting away with theses types of antics, where people's Freedom of expression is infringed upon, how long do you think it will take the powers-that-be to invade your personal space ..inside your home? In quebec, this has become a legitimate question. EVERYBODY should be concerned, ...et les Francophones, reveillez-vous.

    2. "les Francophones, reveillez-vous."

      Nous l'avons fait il y a 40 ans...Merci :)

    3. @hands off my hijab

      "...but we are closer than we think to the government intervening with what language we will speak in are own homes..I mean it..."

      of course you do. you do mean your fear mongering do you mate?

    4. Not only is there a court challenge being undertaken to review this dubious contention that French culture is threatened in Quebec, there should also be one to counter the East German Stasi-like snitching culture that is promoted by the OQLF.

      We have a large number of citizens who are attempting to contribute to Quebec’s economy yet have to live in fear of the dreaded OQLF “visits” (including some of the most ultra-French establishments possible) on account of petty, often unreasonable “transgressions” (like On/Off switches) that are made because of a single, anonymous complaint.

      Even though the insecure majority has passed this East German-era Stasi-type law that encourages citizens to make anonymous denunciations of their fellow citizens, there is no valid reason why these OQLF denunciations should need to be made anonymously. This is scandalous in a modern democracy. If one actually has a genuine, valid complaint to make, then it should be made transparently, just like other complaints.

      Pastagate was only one of the results of this year’s absurd, corrosive snitching. The resulting feeble attempt made by the PQ at wiping the egg off their face by deciding to “prioritize” complaints has been demontrably unsatisfactory. Anonymous denunciations are wrong… point final.

      What a poor way to promote French.

    5. @the cat

      "...that are made because of a single, anonymous complaint."

      dude that is totally false. here's a bit from oqlf:

      "Par ailleurs, toute plainte adressée à l'OQLF doit être signée par la personne qui la dépose (sauf lorsque la plainte est transmise par courriel) et comporter les coordonnées complètes de la plaignante ou du plaignant."

      you can stuff your stasi shit where it belongs mate.

      are you a liar or an ignorant?

    6. The Cat,

      There is something that makes me uneasy about the way OQLF investigates and eventually renders judgement. It is that the entity under investigation does not have the right to know who files the complaint.

      There is a legal doctrine called "Confrontation Clause" where the accused has the right to face - and confront - the accuser. Most modern society legal systems adhere to that principle. Not so with OQLF, I take it. While complainers may need to register their identities to make complaints, the accused do not have the chance to confront them, or even to know who they are.

    7. @Troy

      Quebec has civil law, rest of Canada has common law. Does Confrontation Clause apply to both types?


    8. Anonymous snitching on fellow citizens is immoral, regardless whether one follows common or civil law.

    9. Most systems of justice allow an accused to face their accuser, not with the OQLF. One could consider what the submitter of the complaint did to be libel, they falsely accused other employees of breaking the law, that could have resulted in them getting fired or reprimanded, which was most likely the intention. Yet the submitter's actions, which are in line with someone who makes a false police complaint or pulls a fire alarm when there is no fire, will never face any consequences because the OQLF is duty bound to ensure they remain anonymous, the only recourse is perhaps next time the OQLF will ignore such a bogus complaint, with their general incompetence one shudders to think what people would have to be dealing with of bill 14 passed and they received expanded powers.

    10. Letter: Creole case leaves me wondering
      Re: “Language police intervene over Creole” (Gazette, Dec. 17)

      Johanne Gagnon, the Hôpital Rivière-des-Prairies’s Director of Communications, states: “We don’t know the name of the person who made the complaint, we don’t know the circumstances, we don’t know the moment that the employees spoke to each other in Creole, but we have an obligation to act because we received a (letter) from the Office.”

      And I’m wondering … when exactly did Quebec turn into East Germany?

      In its heyday, the Stasi had one informer per 6.5 people in East Germany. Is this what we want in Quebec?

      Why are the names of those Quebecers who file complaints with the Office québécois de la langue française not made public? Why the secrecy? A citizen who stands accused of breaking the laws of linguistic Quebec surely has the right to know exactly who is doing the accusing. And when exactly did it become illegal to speak any language other than French during one’s non-working times? Why wasn’t this ridiculous charge thrown out immediately?

      Edith Dora Rey
      Plateau Mont Royal

    11. “The entity under investigation does not have the right to know who files the complaint.”

      As long as the object of any snitching/complaining is kept in the dark as to the identity of the complainant, anybody will feel perfectly free to lodge complaints over anything at all, something which we all know has often resulted in international embarrassment for the people of Quebec.

      Because Quebec’s language reporting system is kept anonymous to the entity under investigation, it thereby allows for myriad pettiness (including personal vendettas, among many other inconsequential things).

      The most legitimate governments in the world always aspire to be as transparent as possible, by providing their citizens with as much information as they possibly can.

      There is no reason why valid language complaints should not be published on the publicly-funded OQLF website for the public to see (which costs us all $25 million per year).

      Far from demonstrating international leadership by providing a transparent system of reporting legitimate complaints, Quebec’s retrograde government chooses to keep the identity of its language complainers secret from not only the public at large but notably from its v̶i̶c̶t̶i̶m̶s̶ recipients as well, who are invariably weak, individual small business owners, never strong corporations… in other words, the Quebec government bullies its small business owners, the source of most employment these days, with usually trivial offenses.

      As just one of many, many… many possible reminders, pause for a moment to think of the official Quebec government harassment of the tiny “Café Chill-Out” in Côte-des-Neiges last year and how this somehow contributed to “protecting the French language and culture in North America”.

      All this to say that yes, Quebec is indeed effectively endorsing anonymous snitching on its fellow citizens. In other words, Stasi.

      Back to you, student.

    12. Quebec’s “Believe It or Not!”:

      Fine for texting while driving: $115
      Fine for speaking another language in front of an eavesdropping Québécois: $20,000

      Bizarro Quebec indeed.

    13. @troy & @the cat

      of course the accuser is the government of quebec, and the accused knows very well it is the case. the offences the oqlf deals with are considered offences against quebec society, not against one single person. it's the same if you call the police because your neighbour is having a party at 2am and you can't sleep. the police won't tell your neighbour who called them, they will just acknowledge the noise level and act accordingly. is this east germany stuff as well? no.

      i agree with you that closed cases that involved a sanction could be posted on the oqlf website. it could have a negative impact on the business owners if oqlf did that though. had you thought about this consequence? but the identity of the complaint author is not relevant public information in my humble opinion.

    14. @Student
      Speaking a language other than French is an offense against society? Care to show anyone where that exists in the criminal code?

      In a court of law the accused has the right to know his accuser.
      That's a basic fact of justice since Hammurabi pressed his stylus into a cuneiform tablet.

      When the OQLF comes up with massive fines that not just enforce law, but actively create a new law dictating the language individuals speak among themselves (something that is not regulated by Bill 101) then those ordered to pay $20,00 should be able to know who is accusing them of wrongdoing.


    15. @anonymous

      "Speaking a language other than French is an offense against society?"

      it depends on the circumstances.

      "Care to show anyone where that exists in the criminal code?"

      nowhere. it's not in the criminal code. bill 101 is a provincial law.

      "In a court of law the accused has the right to know his accuser."

      of course. in bill 101 cases the accuser is the state. as is the case with many offenses.

      "When the OQLF comes up with massive fines that not just enforce law, but actively create a new law dictating the language individuals speak among themselves..."

      who got a massive fine? how much? what for? details please.

      "those ordered to pay $20,00 should be able to know who is accusing them of wrongdoing."

      who was ordered to pay 20 bucks? is that a massive fine?!? anyway the state is accusing them, don't you get it?

    16. @the cat

      "The most legitimate governments in the world always aspire to be as transparent as possible, by providing their citizens with as much information as they possibly can."

      i agree, but who does that? i would assume quebec is high up in the world rankings on that subject.

      "...but notably from its v̶i̶c̶t̶i̶m̶s̶ recipients as well, who are invariably weak, individual small business owners, never strong corporations…"

      yes and the poor feeble innocent business owner could just put up a french translation up and everyone would be happy. not the toughest law to respect mate. even a weak dude can translate a shop poster message. don't you agree?

      "in other words, the Quebec government bullies its small business owners, the source of most employment these days, with usually trivial offenses."

      trivial offenses are usually not followed up. was your main example chillout cafe ever sanctioned? nope. no bullying there mate. any valid example handy the cat?

      "...Quebec is indeed effectively endorsing anonymous snitching on its fellow citizens."

      do you also think it's scandalous that the police don't tell you which one of your neighbours called them because you were jamming with your mates in the middle of the night?

  8. "Radio X" ?

    Les anglos n'ont que des références "trash" ou quoi?

    Radio x,Sun news,Éric Duhaime,etc.

    1. This from the guy that has posted a link to the urban dictionary on this page lol, glass houses and what not.

  9. Disgusting - even more to go to these pigs:


    1. J'ai toujours affirmé que le canada était un excellent voisin,généreux,sensible et tout.

      I love canada...Really!

    2. Charter song: "Highway To Hell". Keep it up Quebec, you're on the highway to hell. (The highway has pot holes, sink holes and collapsing overpasses so be careful on your way to hell.)

    3. Theo, I post the wrong link! Here is the right one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3EZ5vxu_4U

    4. @ John Johnson - Gee, the song is not in English. How exclusive of them!

  10. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, December 18, 2013 at 1:44:00 PM EST

    OH MY GOD!!!!
    The Editor deletes all my posts!!!!!
    Good job. You not only upkeep a racist blog but you also censor at will now. Awesome!!!

  11. Wow, read this article by this Montreal blog writer "Fagstein" (who also writes for the Gazette) as well as the messages in the comments trying to put the blame on the Anglophones and ethnics. Apparently we're all crazy, there is no anti-English sentiment in Quebec, it's all about anti-French sentiment and we're to blame.


    Someone like Mr. Sauga needs to comment there!

    1. Effectivement mais nous le savions tous déjà.

      Vous avez déjà oublié cette phrase désormais célèbre : "Ils sont fous ces anglos" ?


    2. This is the most level-headed article I've read so far about the SSJB and their culture of perpetual victimhood.

      As Steve says, the SSJB bizarrely conflates legitimate political criticism of the PQ on matters of policy with discrimination against all French-speaking Canadians. Whether this serves as another distraction to help the PQ avoid examination of its dismal economic record is left to the reader to decide.

    3. @the cat

      "This is the most level-headed article I've read so far about the SSJB and their culture of perpetual victimhood."

      in what aspects is the fagstein article more levelheaded than ndoa editor's numerous posts on the same subject?

  12. Dear UGBSDF
    Actually, I am quite indulgent. I remove as few comments as I can. Read the very generous guidelines and follow the rules, then you'll have no problems.
    And anyways, what blog editor would actually publish the above rant?
    At any rate I remain perplexed. Some of your comments are quite biting and to the point and in fact contribute to this blog.
    Other times your comments are just meant to insult and hurt, filled with rage that seems to drip off the page.

    I recognize almost everybody's writing style (those who contributes regularly) and could probably identify them without a signature.
    But in your case it is as though there is a Jekyl and Hyde element at play.

  13. hahahahahahahahahahaha - some of these separatists are FINALLY getting what the PQ and the separatist movement is all about. Taken long enough!


    1. and more on her reversal:


    2. Mourani finally woke but she still has no respect from me. She emigrated to Canada, was granted Canadian citizenship, then joined a political party devoted to breaking up Canada.

    3. I imagine she'll be receiving the first death threats right about now... Probably from people who share the sentiments of the author of this letter:

      Letter to Maria Mourani

    4. By AnecTOTE


      Thank you for that link, I was quite amused as I read the letter, lol. In Life, (as I am confident, also in death) we always get what we deserve. Le Bloc is hanging by a thread obviously, I mean c'mon..to have written such a letter, to a representative of a minority, getting on their knees like that, (a tad undignified if you ask me), and completely out of character with their usual arrogance, they are clearly desperate to hang on to the last vestiges of this party. I think ..they think they have a chance at a comeback once the wave of orange crush passes and want to bide their time...may be a reason why they are begging..mm

    5. It gets better and better. Now Mario Beaulieu wades in, fearing that a) her decision could fan the flames of the rampant francophobia that has recently gripped the nation and that b) she's now become a pawn of the evil empire of Tony Hillfinger:

      Beaulieu denounces Mourani's 'opportunism'

    6. "selon Mario Beaulieu, président de la SSJB qui avoue ne pas comprendre."

      Well nothing particularity shocking there.

    7. Is the SSJB called the "SS" for short, as in Schutzstaffel. The SS were Hitler's security team. Oops! There's one of those darn Nazi references again.

    8. Where else but in quebec, in the civilized world of North America, can you rat out your co-workers for speaking in another language? It's almost laughable except that it's sad.

    9. @theo

      you're a new contributor right? i'm conducting a study, why did you choose to side with the crazy smearers?!?

    10. @student - Explain 'crazy smearers'.

    11. There is no doubt that Theo has already observed the endless and insincere questionnaires of the studious one, who sprinkles the blog with his droppings while never having any actual comment or rebuttal to make about the actual post in question.

      Whether this inability to engage in respectful debate of divergent opinions is a demonstration of the inferior quality of a UQAM education shall be left for all readers to decide for themselves.

      What is surprising is his expectation to receive an intelligent response. However, since there is always a first time for everything, let’s see what happens.

    12. @ The Cat - After looking further at all of his comments, I don't expect an intelligent response. It is easy to see from his style of writing what cultural group he is a part of.

    13. @theo

      "explain crazy smearer"

      sure, here you go.

      crazy: One who is or appears insane.
      smear: slanderous defamation.

      so, why? i'm asking because in my humle opinion the levelheaded side is way more attractive. your choice is surprising.

    14. @Theo
      Immigrated to: emigrated from.

      If Bernard Landry, Gilles Proulx, Mario Beaulieu are levelheaded....


    15. @student

      Explain 'slanderous defamation'.

    16. Jacques Parizeau and his 'money and ethnics' speech. Some people think that was level-headed!

    17. Student, you keep making references on this blog to your "humble opinion". Would you show us what it looks like? All we ever get here is your obnoxiously arrogant opinion and it wore out its welcome on Day one.

    18. @diogenes

      "Would you show us what it looks like?"

      my humble opinion? of course! about what?

    19. A person who is truly humble does not need to keep saying that he/she is humble.

    20. @professor

      arrrrgh! you got me mate.

  14. I can see Tom Mulcair licking his lips ready to pounce/recruit Mourani.

  15. Creolegate and now the offical defection of Mourani from the separatist camp will hurt their cause incalculably. This will set back their movement by another 20-25 years. All the flimsy bridges they had built with the visible minority communities of Quebec have just collapsed.

    1. "This will set back their movement by another 20-25 years."

      20 years? the eve of the last referendum on quebec's independance?

    2. “Canada is the best defender of minority rights.” – Maria Mourani

      Ex-Bloc MP Maria Mourani says she is no longer a sovereigntist
      Rights of Quebecers better served by federalism, Mourani says
      By Susana Mas, CBC News Posted: Dec 18, 2013

      Quebec MP Maria Mourani says she is no longer a sovereigntist, three months after being expelled from the Bloc Québécois caucus over her opposition to the Parti Québécois's controversial secular charter. Mourani, who has been sitting as an Independent MP since she quit the separatist party after being booted from the Bloc caucus in September, told Radio-Canada on Wednesday that after much reflection she has come to the conclusion that the federal system is better placed to protect the rights of Quebecers.

      "What better to protect us than the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms," Mourani said. In an open letter made public Wednesday, Mourani explained that "the ease with which Quebec's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms can be modified, even abolished, has convinced me of the relevance of the Canadian federal system."

      "I have come to the conclusion that my belonging to Canada, with its Charter of Rights and Freedoms, better protects the Quebec identity of all Quebec citizens."

      "I am no longer a sovereigntist," Mourani said.

      The former Bloc MP told Radio-Canada the title of her open letter, "To Protect Our Homes and Our Rights," is indeed a nod to Canada's national anthem.

      Mourani said she will continue to represent the constituents of Ahuntsic as an Independent MP, but did not rule out running for another federalist party in the next election.

      During a year–ender press conference in Ottawa earlier in the day, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair was asked whether Mourani's political future would include joining the NDP. Mulcair said the NDP's stance against MPs crossing the floor is clear, and if Mourani wants to join the NDP, she'll have to seek membership and run under that banner in the next federal election. "This is something that we strongly believe in. It's not a whim. It's a really strong question of principle for us." The NDP called on Ontario MP Bruce Hyer to resign his seat after he announced he was joining the Green Party, last Friday. Hyer was elected as an NDP MP but left the caucus almost two years ago to sit as an Independent MP after party discipline required him to vote against the abolition of the gun registry, something the MP felt he could not do.

      Mulcair, who resigned from Jean Charest's cabinet in 2006, conceded he did call Mourani after she quit the Bloc. "I did call her once after she left because these are very tough moments — I went through one myself in my provincial career — just to commiserate and tell her I was thinking of her."

      The NDP leader added that "anybody abandoning the idea of breaking up Canada is good news."

      Mourani told Radio-Canada she has not been asked to join any federal party. Daniel Paillé, the leader of the Bloc Québécois, announced his resignation on Monday citing health issues. Paillé did not have a seat in the House of Commons.

    3. "NDP Leader Tom Mulcair ... was asked whether Mourani's political future would include joining the NDP. Mulcair said the NDP's stance against MPs crossing the floor is clear, and if Mourani wants to join the NDP, she'll have to seek membership and run under that banner in the next federal election. 'This is something that we strongly believe in. It's not a whim. It's a really strong question of principle for us.' "
      Says the man who was in the Liberal party until ... well, it wasn't serving his purpose any more. Hah.

    4. @ex-mtler1642

      "Says the man who was in the Liberal party until ... well, it wasn't serving his purpose any more."

      you are talking smack about mulcair because he sticks to his party's constitution!?! that's odd. you're odd mate.

  16. Couillard: Liberals support ‘most’ of the charter

    Didn't this guy say he would not support the charter at all, 'over his dead body'? That must have been private citizen Couillard and not the elected government official feeding out of the public trough Couillard. Flipping, flopping Phil. Philippe Flop!


    1. Bit by bit - when will they learn that we've had enough of our rights being traded for favours from the damn separatists. THEY CAN'T GIVE IN TO THEM - IT NEVER ENDS! Smarten up Couillard! You're killing us!

    2. @cutie003

      can you please write a list of your rights that have been traded away? i know there's the right not to add a french translation to your shop posters. anything else?

    3. I have to say, hearing Couillard speak lately is almost as unsettling and disturbing as Pauline Marois. Supporting even the slightest shred of the Quebec Charter of Values is unacceptable--the only clear and moral course of action is to reject that hateful and utterly detestable document in its entirety. Hah, I'll bet given the chance, Couillard might think parts of Mein Kampf are OK.

      I have to agree with what was said above, about there not being any federalist parties left in Quebec, they're simply all nationalist parties. Might as well have the PLQ, CAQ and PQ merge into one big party, and why not, leaving Quebec independence aside, they all have the SAME goal.

    4. @student
      Hey, you said above that speaking a language other than French in the workplace is an offense against Quebec Society.
      So at least have some internal consistency, would ya?


    5. Two ways to perceive Couillard's lack of having des couilles.

      A) He really is a puss who can't take a stand where a stand is directly required (not surprising)

      B) He recognizes that the Quebecois voter base (be it both seps and non-seps) is notoriously fickle and is simply playing up to them, with the intent of using his majority in the Assembly to slash everything he supported.

      I've already admitted in the past that if I were a political leader running for office, I would totally show "support" for Bill 101, then once in power by majority, I'd abolish the bill.

      Guess we'll see down the line.

      Who would've thought that the introduction of the CAQ would leave voters with even less voting options than before.

    6. "i know there's the right not to add a french translation to your shop posters. anything else?"

      you're wrong. It is possible to add a translation to a french sign in a shop, not add a french translation to a sign shop. get the difference?

    7. @anonymous

      "you said above that speaking a language other than French in the workplace is an offense against Quebec Society."

      what are you ranting about mate?!?

    8. @p.darwinopterus

      ok so apart from the very important right not to include a french translation on a commercial english poster in francophone quebec, what other rights do you wish you still had?

  17. With reference to Maria Mourani's volte-face. Its interesting to see how peoples attitudes and ideas change when instead of profiting from the persecution of, or discrimination against, others in society, one becomes one of the persecuted or finds oneself the object of the discrimination. I wonder how many separatists are of Creole descent.

    1. "First they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Socialists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists,and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me." - Martin Niemöller

  18. http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/politique/politique-quebecoise/201312/18/01-4722015-menace-de-decote-marois-blame-les-liberaux.php

    1. I guess it would be a bit tricky blaming the Allophones, as they have no real political power in Quebec, unless she blamed the reluctance of companies outside Quebec to invest in Quebec on the negative image of Quebec presented in the media by the so called Quebec bashers.

    2. She’s still trying to pin the blame on the Liberals 1½ years later?!? What chutzpah! The PQ spends money like drunken sailors compared to the Liberals. The woman is completely off her rocker… and the explanation she provided was: “Blah, blah, blah.” Really, that’s it! She wouldn’t explain herself.

      Canada’s economic growth this year will be almost double Quebec’s.

      What a disastrous minority government we have.

      The most important part of the article:
      “In order to achieve zero deficit in two years’ time, Quebec must limit its annual spending increase to 2%, a target that was not attained this year. Spending growth will be 3.3%, a percentage point more than expected. And even if Quebec achieves this target, it will still find have to find more than one billion dollars in as yet unidentified new spending cuts in order to balance its budget.”

      Nicolas Marceau just keeps lying to the Quebec people as if we were all completely stupid.

    3. Some of you may be interested in the following from Statistics Canada:


    4. If I understand that table properly, the federal government systematically sends back significantly more money to Quebec than it collects in taxes.

      Does anyone want to refute this statement?

    5. @mtl1973

      i don't. and you won't want to refute that the federal government systematically sends back significantly more money to every province but alberta and ontario than it collects in taxes. and that there is a case being made about alberta becoming the only province about which this statement doesn't apply. for as long as it swaps wilderness for scrapes of oil.

      help: click on "data tables", click on another province, and click table 7.

    6. "and you won't want to refute that the federal government systematically sends back significantly more money to every province but alberta and ontario than it collects in taxes."

      Can't say I'd agree with that statement for BC, they were only given transfers for 1 year and that was for -99 on the 27,221 they sent to Ottawa or about .33%, can't say I'd consider that significant. But hey lets not split hairs here! I agree student, Quebec and the other have not provinces, who are not able to sustain their level of level of living based on their own revenues should all write very nice thank you letters to Alberta.

  19. Pharmaprix abandonne l'arbre de Noël


    Accomodements raisonnables ?

    1. You support the charter and secularism, don't be disappointed when Christian symbols start disappearing as well.

    2. Est-ce que Pharmaprix serait devenu un service publique de l'État Québécois? ...hmm

    3. Your buddy Bernie seems to be under the impression it should apply to everyone.


      If you want to start telling everyone you're for secularism and the banning of religious symbols, don't get upset when they start disappearing. Also don't try and blame the religious minorities whom the law you support specifically targets, and who are against the law and religious repression, truly laughable. Perhaps a better way of doing things would be not to have people tell others what religious symbols they can display, would probably solve your tree indignation!

      Of course this is entirely besides the point if you took the time to read the actual article past the headline (which you tend not to) they specially say they were not taken down for religious political reasons, only that they were broken and too costly to replace. Fear not though they give a list of stores you can shop at if you want somewhere with lots of Christmas decorations! Good news they're all Canadian stores too!

      La Baie, Birks, Indigo et Simons. Merry Christmas!

    4. Le porte-parole de Pharmaprix a clarifié leurs position: http://www.985fm.ca/audioplayer.php?mp3=204387

  20. http://quebec.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/12/18/la-deputee-maria-mourani-sapprete-a-annoncer-ses-couleurs_n_4466388.html?ir=Canada%20Quebec&utm_campaign=121913&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Alert-canada-quebec&utm_content=Title

    1. I don't know why you are repeating the same information in French that was already posted by The Cat in English last night.

    2. Il y a des Québécois sur ce blogue Anonymouse.

    3. Always interested in the "comments" section of these articles. Very different views between the english and french comments.

    4. That wasn't at all clear by copy/pasting a long internet link. Perhaps quoting a pertinent comment or two in addition to a long link would be helpful in clarifying your point. Just a suggestion.

  21. Watch, Bernard Landry loses it against Maria Mourani


    Poor Bernie, with each passing day it looks more and more likely he'll die a Canadian citizen in a united Canada. Remember his "1000 days till sovereignty" pledge waaay back in the early 2000's?

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Elle affirme être bilingue...."...ici on parle Québec..." (sic).De plus si elle était bilingue,elle n'aurait eu aucune difficulté dans cette station-service.

      Nous constatons finalement que les racistes c'est pas les Québécois mais ceux qui refusent de s'intégrer.

      " I am just a limited edition "

      Merci mon Dieu...Mdr

    2. "Nous constatons finalement que les racistes c'est pas les Québécois mais ceux qui refusent de s'intégrer."

      Sounds like an epidsode of Star Trek and the "Borg" community... Of course a lot of the "pure laine" have little independent thought....somewhat like the Borg.


    3. Star trek...Encore de la culture canadienne.


    4. No one watches Star Trek (translated into Joual of course) in La Belle Province? Hard to believe SR!!!

      What is Mdr? Not sure ...is it some Joual expression unique to the "nation " within Canada ;)

    5. That didn't work to well.

      How about:

      Qu'est-ce que "Mdr" ?

      Maybe SR can respond now...Ha ha
      Must be Maudit "something or other".

    6. French equivalent of LOL, literally meaning "mort de rire" ...


    7. Tsigidou. Merci pour votre traduction a moi.

      Tres interessante. "death from laughter."

      Good to know...Actually wasn't familiar with it.

  23. Nick D'Aloise,Niagara falls,N.Y

    People who want to stand up and affirm their place in society, in the world, and fight to protect their culture at any cost get my respect. Les Québecois get my respect. YOU, and your friends here at this rag not fit for wrapping fish and chips, sit here and whine and cry, comparing yourselves to victims of genocide. It's unbecoming.

    1. Well with such a position. What about the proud minority Anglo culture in Quebec that is trying to "protect their culture". You have a problem with that. Or do you mean that you respect the Anglos for attempting to protect their culture. Based upon your supposition of supporting a group to defent their culture, you can't have it both ways and therefore you have no credibility.

    2. Comme si la culture anglo-canadienne/Américaine avait besoin de protection...Err

    3. Neither does French culture in in Quebec!!!!! Une histoire fausse pour tout le monde!!. Is Err for error?

    4. I think that was a comment taken from the Montreal Gazette about one of Don MacPherson's editorials. And you're right Westerner, his comments don't make any sense as you can't have it both ways. Silly man living in the US from his fb page and seems to like to taunt quebecers - must be bored.

    5. http://www.montrealgazette.com/opinion/editorials/Editorial+reminder+high+costs+separation/9301858/story.html

    6. The lady is a total idiot as is her followers. There will be no Quebec separation anytime soon. 250 Billion in debt, reliance on the ROC for the free welfare they receive every year. Just wont happen no matter how Lisee Or Marois manipulate figures. Quebec is broke due to bloated social programs they cannot afford. The economy is on a slide with lack of investment. and Still Madame P. is talking about separation. Of course she is in good company with the French President, France is insolvent as well. I analyzed this before and so have others with hard facts. The threat of separation is akin to a dog with rubber teeth. Won't happen until the ROC finally gets wise and kicks Quebec out under the ROC's conditions.

    7. lol the typical hypocrisy in Quebec nationalist argument:
      French needs to be protected in Quebec because it's a minority in Canada; People should be forced to speak French in Quebec because it's the majority.
      Quebec nationalism is a noble cause because assimilation of a minority culture is wrong; The minority Quebec anglophones and allophones should assimilate into the French Quebec culture because it is the majority.
      It's hard to take anyone with this kind of logic seriously.

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9. "It's hard to take anyone with this kind of logic seriously"

      Le canada est un "pays" illogique au départ,alors n'essayez pas trouver un sens à vouloir maintenir ensemble ces deux nation qui n'ont rien en commun.

    10. S.R you really do need to travel through Canada and the rest of the world a bit if you think Canada and Quebec share nothing in common, it seems you utterly lack perspective.

      Now go drink a beer and watch the hockey games with some friends...you know like no one in the rest of the country does.