Friday, December 13, 2013

Mario Beaulieu-Separatist Idiot-Child Strikes Again

I wasn't going to write a piece for today, but dashed this off in the interest of spurring a weekend debate.

I wonder how sovereigntists of good faith, people who aren't racist, people who don't hate Canada and who believe in the sovereignty movement as a progressive and inclusive ideology, feel about having a blithering idiot like Mario Beaulieu represent them as the public face of the sovereignty and language movement.

Mario Beaulieu isn't very bright, he can't add subtract or make any real sense of statistics. He appeals to the uneducated, the rabidly paranoid English haters who lap up any nonsense he puts forward as long as it's trashing Canada, Anglophones or Ethnics.

Back in January, he and his various organizations championed a movement to force stores to add English descriptors to their names (that case is now before the courts) telling us that it is only normal because all over the world, local languages take precedence over trade names and trade marks.

At a news conference held by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de la Mauricie (SSJB), Guy Rousseau, told us;
 "The OQLF requires merchants whose image is English, to add a generic term or slogan in French.
For example, "Toys 'R' Us" could become '"Toys 'R' Us Magasin pour enfants'
"If you're in Norway, it is normal to display in Norwegian, likewise in Japan. Why would it be different here? Link{fr}

It took this blogger just one afternoon visiting stores all around the world (via Google Street View) to test the veracity of the assertion.

Low and behold, nothing could be further from the truth. Toys R Us, is Toys R Us all around the world, in Norway, Japan and even in France.

Bullshitting comes easy to the SSJB, because few in the media call them out on their distortions, fantasy and outright lies, but one commenter under that story did. 
"Before commenting, Mr. Rousseau would do well to check the facts... It's funny, we spent 17 days last summer in the Scandinavian countries, including Norway. One thing that struck us was the number of Burger King, Subway, McDonalds we saw, all displaying the name in English. In Copenhagen we even saw the prestigious Royal Copenhagen - more English than that ... Also, I'm sure that Mr. Rousseau would be disappointed to learn that in all the shops we visited, staff were happy to serve us In English." Link{fr}
What a bunch of dopes.
I published a blog piece debunking the myth that the world uses local descriptions of internationally known stores, and readers, after that humble blog piece was published, the SSJB never made ridiculous argument again.
Read the blog piece for yourself, especially if you are inclined to accept the SSJB as any sort of authority. OQLF Demands Descriptors, the World Laughs

Mr Beaulieu and his ilk are so rabidly anti-English, that even store names composed of proper names, (which the law allows for) gets his goat.
And so he demands that Reitmans change its name or add a descriptor, perhaps morphing into Reithomme.
As for Simon, the clothing retailer named after its Scottish founder, Mr. Beaulieu would probably deem the name acceptable as long as everybody used the French pronunciation of Cee-Mo.
Such is the pettiness of the man and the movement.

Beaulieu showed his worldliness while conducting a march in downtown Montreal demanding that all non-French sounding names be changed and encouraging people not to shop in the like of Tony Hillfinger (sic) or Inside Exchange.(sic) He also implores shoppers to boycott MEXX , Bell, Birks, and Levis, to name just a few.
Why?...   Read : Language Militants Fiddle While Quebec Burns

Now Beaulieu is undertaking another fantasy campaign that posits that Canada is undertaking a vicious campaign of Quebec-bashing that has gone so far, that it very well may have contributed to Richard Bain's attack at the Metropolis night club.

Mr. Beaulieu held a splashy news conference denouncing this insipid Quebec-Bashing to much media attention as is always the case.
The campaign is centered around 101 signatories to the manifesto, a symbolic number alluding to Bill 101, but the truth is that precious few public figures were willing to sign on.

Mario Beaulieu started soliciting big names to sign his manifesto back in September, writing hundreds of letters, with little success.
In fact, most 'names' are staying away with a ten foot pole.
Here Sophie Durocher, of Le Journal de Montreal, explains why she won't sign the manifesto. Link{FR}

You can consult the names of those who signed on, where you'll find the usual suspects of artists,  writers, failed politicians and journalists, none but a handful known outside the borders of Quebec . Link

I'm going to take the weekend to study the manifesto and those who signed on and will provide a new blog in the spirit of that which debunked the French descriptor initiative.

Just in passing the first name that caught my eye on the list was no other than Gilles Proulx, Quebec's most virulent and hateful Anglophobe, who should know that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
The second name that caught my eye was failed PQ candidate Tania Longpré who became famous when her Facebook conversation attacking the Jewish General Hospital made headlines.

All this hoopla over manufactured and phony slights serves only to cloud Quebec's financial meltdown, especially on a day where Quebec's credit rating was downgraded.

But hey... let's not talk about that.
Fitch Ratings has downgraded its outlook on Quebec’s credit rating to negative from stable. Link


  1. Well, we certainly don't live in the same geographical nor linguistic context. We are not Norwegians and don't live in Copenhagen. Québec has two historical majority languages plus the aboriginal ones.


    1. Norwegian living in Copenhagen? What does this mean, really?

    2. Anonymous writes:

      "Québec has two historical majority languages plus the aboriginal ones."

      Actually, where ever the first French explorers landed in the land that is now Quebec, the majority language was an aboriginal one. French was the minority language at that time.

      So it is more correct to say that Quebec has had many majority languages. Aboriginals have been here thousands of years, so French is only a relatively recent "majority language" and happens to be the current majority language.

      But a majority or minority status of a language shouldn't matter. Why? Because according to both the Quebec and Canadian charters, "language" is a prohibited base of discrimination (the Canadian one by court precedent). Indeed, the very purpose of charters of rights is to protect individuals and minorities from the tyranny of the majority. So, all languages are supposed to be equal when it comes to the private, non-government services sector.

      Unfortunately, our horrible Supreme Court of Canada deemed it justified for Quebec to have racist, repressive language laws...contrary to Canada's international obligations.

    3. By AnecTOTE


      "Unfortunately, our horrible Supreme Court of Canada deemed it justified for Quebec to have racist, repressive language laws...contrary to Canada's international obligations."

      Having condoned such oppressive and discriminating Language practices/ laws, how does the Supreme Court of Canada ... court credibility...especially today with where this has led us?

      Also, did the violent uprising from the quiet revolution have anything to do in influencing the Supreme Court to rule that way in order to contain a populace ...throw a dog a bone...short term solution, but hardly having the vision to foresee what we were to inherit ....long term problems..(state of the indebted economy of Quebec)? Again "Credibility"?

      Does this mean that in order to gain appeasement for what you want, you have to blackmail the country you live in, is this the message here?

    4. Too many supreme court judges from quebec in Canada. The separatists are sneaky, devious and who knows if these judges are secretly pro-separatism. Always suspect when it comes to any decision they make concerning quebec; too much favourtism rather than looking out for the good of the country as a whole. They couldn't even make the Clarity Act clear as to percentage which I found rather strange - leaving it all hanging in the wind yet again.

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 6:37:00 PM EST

      "cutie" writes:
      "who knows if these judges are secretly pro-separatism"
      Why don't you ask them? May I suggest: "Since you are french, I know you're a separatist".
      You are nonetheless not that sneaky and devious at all.

    6. Cutie's point is correct. We have a Supreme Court that is over represented with Quebec judges based on the total Canadian population, but when Quebec-based PMs represent the whole country, we know in whose favour the chips are going to fall! Howard Galganov's case against forced bilingual signs outside Quebec was defeated by an activist Franco Ontarian judge and the Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal. The activist Franco judge didn't base her judgment on any particular law because there isn't one. Galganov's case was based on Section 2b of the Constitution which appears to allow for freedom of choice when it comes to language, but the Ontario judge based her decision not on law, but because "it's the right thing to do".

  2. Beaulieu is a Clown, and that's according to my francophone friends! I just hope none of my tax dollars are going towards this grease stain.

    1. and what do you think about the francophobia research document he has published? you have written crap that is worse than what he has used to prove his point. how di you feel about it?

    2. What do I think about his "report"? I think it's about as irrelevant as you and your ethnic nationalist musings. You are a Troll to this blog, and thus nobody cares about your bullshit opinions or views. You're a pimple on a horses ass and like Beaulieu, you bring nothing to the table but more verbal diarrhea.

    3. @ld

      "...thus nobody cares about your bullshit opinions or views."

      why did you reply to me then?!?

      also, your last comment was very cryptic, but should we understand that you celebrate quebec bashing and francophobia like cebeuq?

  3. The PQ has launched the SQ to stifle the anti- French stuff ... the first arrest is likely a warning to Anglos

  4. I wonder when was the last time M.Beaulieu travelled outside of Quebec? He clearly has no idea about the use of English / International language signage around the world today otherwise he would not write such nonsense about descriptors etc.

    Even in French speaking countries such as France and Belgium (Brussels and the Walloon parts) there is lots of signage and/or translation into English everywhere. In China, Japan, S Korea etc. all major transport systems are bilingual with English, including the train announcements, ticket machines, transit maps, North American fast food franchises are everywhere, store names, etc. Car dashboards/controls, computer and music systems, and most appliances are in English, etc. In fact Montreal is a city which features less English than most non-English speaking cities around the world, even though English is an official language of Canada - including in Quebec (I understand that the 1867 Act of Confederation overrides Bill 101), and of a sizeable percentage of the city population, and of many of the city's most important education and health institutions.

    Perhaps a special place, a gated community perhaps, should be created within Quebec for people like M. Beaulieu where no English can be seen or heard - only French, where only French language TV channels and radio stations can be received, etc., where only French language books are available, and where there is an auditorium only for French language performing arts. Would this make him and people like him happy? Perhaps M. Lisee and Madame Marois may also dream to live in such a place, a Franco-utopian world so to speak.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      "Perhaps a special place, a gated community perhaps, should be created within Quebec for people like M. Beaulieu where no English can be seen or heard - only French, where only French language TV channels and radio stations can be received, etc., where only French language books are available, and where there is an auditorium only for French language performing arts. Would this make him and people like him happy? Perhaps M. Lisee and Madame Marois may also dream to live in such a place, a Franco-utopian world so to speak."

      I am glad you brought that up JP because about a year ago when I first started frequenting this blog I implied exactly that. Allowing someone to subjugate any of our rights is allowing them to slowly erode ALL our rights. I don't get how people don't see this. I mentioned how it has virtually become a Plan, removing one right after another, and if we don't stop it dead in its tracks eventually they will legislate bills where we will not be able to read anything in English, magazines, newspapers and books or listen to English radio or English TV in this province, with the sordid excuse of protecting a Language, (for this reason the argument of proving French is actually in danger in the courts, is vital).

      It would not surprise me if they have people fast at work trying to figure out how to curtail people's usage of English search engines on the Internet. This is not an exaggeration. Those well versed in the subject of History know very well that "The Final Solution" can happen again, ANYWHERE in the world. And by the way, IT didn't start overnight. It started with the nazi's pushing the envelope a little bit at a time to gauge how far they could go each time. This is a well known fact, look it up draw your own conclusions.

      The world is fraught with governments trying to pull fast ones on their citizens, and though Edward Snowden is considered an Enemy of the State, he should be revered by the Americans for blowing the whistle on a government which violates citizens (Constitutional) Rights to Privacy. If we pride ourselves on being more evolved than other populations in the world for living under the auspices of Democracy, let's defend Democracy then...cause it deserves more than..Lip-service.

      People need to wake up ?..Anglos, Allos and Francophones who think their rights are cushy and protected...have some vision already.

      Rights are Rights are Rights! The oppression of Rights somewhere is the oppression of Rights everywhere. That message goes out to ALL in the RoC who reads this ...and throughout the world.

    2. Totally agree AnecTOTE - This is what I've been saying all along - it starts with a "little" and ends up God only knows where - little by little - bit by bit - as people sit back and say "I can accept that but I won't accept --------". This is why it was a blatant error on our part to ever accept Bill 101 because the demands never end and I plead guilty to thinking that that would be the end of this annihilation of our rights and freedoms. And if Ed is reading this, and I'm sure he is, the liberals are as bad as the separatists for this very reason - they let these militants run all over us time and time again without an end in sight. And as far as receiving anything English anymore, just why did they request the feds turn over quebec communication to them. I agree that that is their end game - to completely erase us from the face of quebec along with the ethnics.

    3. “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” ― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

      Here's a great explanation of why we should have zero tolerance for ignorant racist asses like Bealieu:

      Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements

      Racism is like cancer, and just as deadly (when allowed the exist - it grows)

    4. By AnecTOTE

      Thank you DD, for substantiating what has been said and repeated time and time again. Nothing was ever more True.

      Especially to those of you who sit pretty and you little quebec bubble and think you have nothing to fear in your little cocoon of linguistic supremacy...eventually, those who you think are your saviors today ...will be your persecutors tomorrow. You had better get out in the street and help the hijab ladies fight for their right to wear their hijab, cause tomorrow you will be sitting in your little kitchens suddenly wondering why you can't listen to English Celine Dion tunes.

    5. @hands off my hijab

      "...cause tomorrow you will be sitting in your little kitchens suddenly wondering why you can't listen to English Celine Dion tunes."

      you are offering us here a great example of a slippery slope fallacy. it is a demagogic argument as it relies on sifting some power from the fear it can instill in your victim. and therfore invalid. do you have others mate?

    6. So kind of like "We need to strengthen language laws, and can never soften them, if we do next thing we know French will disappear!" or "we need to ban religious symbols, if we don't next thing we know social cohesion will completely fall apart!"?

    7. @student "you are offering us here a great example of a slippery slope fallacy."

      Sorry Student., The racists, once they deal with everyone who doesn't look like them (signage, head gear et al), always go after everyone who doesn't think like them.

      Does the phrase not a real Quebecer ring a bell? If you watch the video I posted, you'll see that we've passed the "soft racism" stage in Quebec.

  5. I had a good laugh when I saw the news story about this manifesto. Talk about a victim complex. Let me make something clear, if non-francophones or Canadians outside of Quebec denounce the political goals of some Quebec parties or even the ruling Quebec government to then say this is francophobia is absurd. If anything the people who draw this conclusion are the biased ones, as they assume that when Quebecois are being bashed only francophones are Quebecois. Also absurd is to draw the connection between the increased scrutiny of Quebec and the renewed language debate by the PQ, if anything if increased scrutiny has to do more with the Charter. Some of the examples are clearly terrible examples of angry people doing terrible things but a goof chunk of them are just completely out of context.

    The "supporting evidence" document they released is also worth a laugh, give me 4 hours and I could put together a more compelling document for evidence of negative sentiment for almost any group. Anonymous internet posts and someone writing with a sharpie on a bathroom stall is not compelling evidence, also when you post the same facebook post, or photos multiple times to pad out your report, it looks extremely amateurism.

    Calling the PQ fascist or Pauline like Hitler is not Quebec bashing, nor is it saying anything anti-francophone. Wether right or not it's a political opinion against a specific party and their policies, some of which in the "evidence" come from francophone. This is about as nonsensical as someone in Ontario being accused of being an "Ontario basher" or "anti-anglo" if they say Wynne there is terrible or inept.

    The only goals of this manifesto are to
    1.) Stir up linguistic tensions as, most people in Quebec really don't want to get into debate on the subject, and this is not an optimal situation for people whose livelyhood depends on the existance of linguistic strife "SSJB, IF, Radio hosts that pander to a certain audience."
    2.) To try and brow beat any opposition who dare speak our against more language laws, as according to this, that would make you anti-Quebec or anti-francophone. Which is ironic because they state their goal is to "rise up and reject intimidating speech and demand a democratic debate based on respect and dignity."

    This whole thing really reminds me of America post the start of the 2nd Iraq war, where if you spoke out against the war or the president you would be labelled as being "anti-american".

    I think this quote from the documents speaks to the real belief behind this manifesto, and it is not to reduce discrimination, nor have a debate that is respectful or dignified:

    "Quebec anglophones: We give them CEGEPS three times better financed than their demographics, universities five times than their demographics, a mega hospital 7 times better financed. We let them speak English in the courts, with the police and with the government. No nation ON THIS PLANET gives so many privileges to its national minority. But for racists who have always wanted to eradicate us, nothing will ever be enough. We have been too nice. It is time for us to wake up."

    Hmm I remember another extremist who ranted about people waking up, and extremist who no one should ever give any credence to.

    1. What you and JP wrote has plenty of merit, but at the same time the PLQ, let alone the PQ , still cater to these lowest of the lowest common denominators,by passing legislation and implementing language policies with this bottom-of-the-barrel element in mind. Charest, in his last mandate, hired 26 new language interlopers and a zealot to lead them and that whole distasteful, reprehensible OQLF organization.

      Mario Babaloo and Jill Shrew are both rabid impudent bigots who seem to be untouchable under Canada's hate laws, although I don't know why when they spread their hateful anti-English sentiments the way Ernst Zundel did so against Jews. Then again, it took 45 years to get Zundel the hell outta here, and that was because he finally made the careless technical error of forgetting to renew his visa when he was in the States. He never applied for his Canadian citizenship in all that time monumental piece of stupidity finally rid us of that sack of trash. Then again, Daddy Trudeau allowed racist trash like that to stay in the country, known Nazis given full sanctuary here, and his son will do exactly the same should we have the dire misfortune of another Prime Minister Trudeau. The Babaloo and Shrew show will thrive if another Quebec-based prime minister is put back in office.

    2. "No nation ON THIS PLANET gives so many privileges to its national minority."

      I always become amused when Francophone Quebecers say this about Anglos. There is at least one nation that gives many more privileges to its national minority, and that is Canada with respect to Francophones. We have spent billions of dollars promoting the French language via official bilingualism across the country. We have also poured tons of money into Quebec and allowed it to get away with outrageously discriminatory policies - some of which have violated international law.

      "We (Canadians) have been too nice. It is time for us to wake up."

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 4:29:00 PM EST

      ""We (Canadians) have been too nice. It is time for us to wake up.""
      What do you propose then?

    4. We should abolish the Official Languages Act and eliminate all of the transfer payments to Quebec (over and above what it contributes to Ottawa) if it continues to discriminate against its Anglophone and Ethnic minorities.

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 5:19:00 PM EST

      By eliminating the Official languages Act - of which I am strongly in support of, Canada would save 100s of millions of dollars. It has been a utopic, money losing scheme that provided jobs for bilingual french canadians since the Trudeau era. English outside of quebec and french inside quebec.
      I am also very much in support of eliminating ALL transfer payments, not only for quebec. If quebec needs more money (which it sorely does) it can initiate the systematic exploitation of its own natural resources.

    6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 5:43:00 PM EST

      I am still mesmerized that Canada hasnt kicked quebec out by now...

    7. @un gars bs de frankfort

      "By eliminating the Official languages Act - of which I am strongly in support of, (...). I am also very much in support of eliminating ALL transfer payments, not only for quebec."

      and what would be left of canada after you do this? i'm not sure if you are aware but you are proposing all provinces become independant countries. you're like a super-separatist in a way. maybe you're right after all.

    8. @thatguy

      "...if non-francophones or Canadians outside of Quebec denounce the political goals of some Quebec parties..."
      "...if anything if increased scrutiny has to do more..."
      "...where if you spoke out against the war or the president you would be labelled as being "anti-american"

      what ssjb and mario beaulieu are after is not people denouncing political goals, it's not increased scrutiny and it's not people who speak against them. what they are after is quebec bashing. there's a lot of it in your newspapers. the document proves it. stop being an apologist; you are painting yourself into a corner mate.

      "...but a goof chunk of them are just completely out of context."

      which ones?

    9. Care to illuminate what "Quebec bashing" is Student? Because the hilariously amateurish rant put together by the SSJB, which they call a report, claims its one thing and then gives "evidence" that simply does not fall in line with this definition. They give an awful lot of examples of anonymous people calling the PQ, Marois and their policies fascist, or similar to the Nazi party, which hyperbolic or not, is not "quebec bashing".

      What do you mean by "your newspapers"? If you're under the assumption I run or own a newspaper I hate to disappoint you, but I do not.

      "the document proves it"
      Student if you handed a report like this and told me that this is proof of wide spread "quebec bashing" or "francophobia" I'd flunk you, I really would. The majority of the "proof", of which there is actually very little, is newspapers, or random facebook posts (multiple entries from the handful of, and these posts used multiple times) of people denouncing specifically the PQ, or nationalist policies, hardly any (considering it's the thrust of the purported manifesto) saying anything about Quebecers or francophones specifically. So either the SSJB thinks that all Quebecers and francophones are PQ supporters and nationalists or they are fundamentally confused.

      "which ones?"
      Multiple forum posts attached to others where they don't come from to create a non-existent narrative; English to French translations are off, harmless pictures from newspapers, I mean one example they give literally just says "share this we want Marois out", and then they've taken a picture the same person posted unrelated to that post at some time showing Marois with a Hitler moustache; unquoted assertions are made throughout and references given for some things are secondary sources. Altogether quite an inept document, most people stop padding out their reports with pictures they find on the internet in elementary school!

      So to conclude, 90% of the evidence given is not "Quebec bashing" nor "francophobia" the majority of the examples are political opinions against the PQ or nationalism; the accusations made against the English media clearly apply just as much to the French media in Quebec (unless you are under the impression nothing negative is ever said about the rest of Canada, or Alberta's oils sands or anglos or allophones), there are idiots on the internet that write terrible things on social media against groups of people, does this suggest there is a way of "Quebec bashing" sweeping the country? Nope.

      My advice to the SSJB is that freedom of speech is a two way street, and to decry opposing political opinions as discrimination while making inflammatory statements is wholly hypocritical and transparent.

    10. "I am also very much in support of eliminating ALL transfer payments, not only for quebec."

      "and what would be left of canada after you do this? i'm not sure if you are aware but you are proposing all provinces become independant countries."

      The USA does not have a transfer payment system between the states and they can hardly be classified as "independent countries." There is some sharing of money for the upkeep of the interstate highway system but that's about it. And many would argue that the USA is a more united country than Canada, with the exception of the ongoing rift between democrats and republicans.

  6. Mario Beaulieu is such a bebe lala.

    1. "Mario Beaulieu is such a bebe"

      Change one letter and this sentence becomes very weird/creepy..

  7. This is the rhythm of my life! Oh yeah!Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 2:54:00 AM EST

    Hopefully your blog is quoted in this document or else the SSJB cares more about random facebook rants than your blog...

    1. so you agree this blog would fit well in a study about francophobia?

  8. I have to presume from the SSJB that, because I happen to live in this province, I have to be a clone to be accepted. They are such a hate group - supported by our own taxes - and they get away with these deliberate provocative actions without one word being said by any provincial party including our "heros" the liberals. Couillard better get his act together and start making himself known to the federalists in quebec or he won't stand a chance come the next election. Right now he is floundering and being wishy washy is not going to get him the votes he needs to ever get into power. In other words Dr. Couillard - start growing a pair or your finished before you start!


    2. @cebeuq

      "Like the guy arrested yesterday for threatening Pauline. We can only hope one day somebody will succeed!"

      please cebeuq stop being a violent agitator. our peace promoting virtual community does not tolerate this.

    3. Having Quebec go down the tubes one way or the other is the only goal.

      Bankrupcy or language tensions that boils over into violence again like the FLQ.

      Hopefully this time Francophones won;t strike first like the FLQ.

      This is Quebec future.

      No avoiding it as long as the PQ keep creating a society that isn;t civil.

      No wonder the PQ lover the gun registry. It's their real achilles heel.

      Seppies love all this talk about non violent society. It's total crap. Seppies will resort to violence as much as any other group.

      The more Pauline gets them excited and they feel denied they will strike back at anglos and immigrants as we go forward.

      The editor can delete as many of my posts as he wants. Doesn;t make it any less scary for him or less likely to occur.

    4. @cebeuq

      Since you're an entrepreneur, you've likely picked up Success Magazine this month, if not, here's an entrepreneur's approach to tackling Quebec's hayseed politics:

  9. English Canada is a pretty small American tribe.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      You can hate the English and the Canadians all you like and you can be on the side of the mario beaulieu's of the world and that is your prerogative, bear in mind one thing, you are capable of linguistically coming on this blog and:

      1) having the Right to express that thought
      2) having the Right and the ability to express it in the English Language which you have been allowed to learn and articulate.

      Are you completely convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that should we continue to proceed politically in this fashion, in this province, you can say the same for YOUR future children, grand-children and great grand-children? And please ask yourself that question when you are in their presence, if you have any.

    2. Hahaha,

      "Canada is a small American tribe."

      How easy it is to see a seppie with their hangups. The funny thing is they think anglophones have the same stupid language hangups as they do. NOT AT ALL.

      I'm 100% happy with being part of a larger american/british/anglo melting pot.

      Much better the being part of the brain damaged racist masturbating about their culture endlessly "Quebecois".

      American Tribe. seriously. It's hysterical brain damaged francophones think that's an insult.

      Next it's time to tell us "there is no canadaian star system". All our "best" actors are American.

      Too funny.

  10. French Quebec is pretty much a small rejected French tribe

  11. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 11:58:00 AM EST

    Wow.... the quebec bashing and racist comments are overwhelming on this blog.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      As usual, and True-to-Form, un gars bien sympathique de frankFART adds nothing to the conversation except for a bad smell, emanating from the East.

      I thought you said you were leaving the blog? So zero credibility to boot. A response is not necessary little boy. Though I had my doubts, as far as I'm concerned, you have now officially entered the seventh circle of Hell...dedicated to trolls. I really wish IF would get its act together cause you and pinstripes really reallyyyyyyyyyyy make them look bad..not that they need any assistance in that respect...still don't they have a Brand/Rep to protect as well?

    2. Ignore AnecTOTE - Pain in the ass - Perhaps he will go to a blog that will reflect how the people of Alberta feel about Redford and then we can have "Alberta bashing". He has absolutely no frigging idea what this blog is about nor does he EVER contribute anything of value. No response from any of us (except probably the trolls) and he will go away.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 2:15:00 PM EST

      You wish, bitter unilingual quebecoise... Too dumb to leave for Ontario.
      As a reminder 99% of anglos in quebec are bilingual and lead productive lives. the ones that wanted to leave have done so.
      Only miserable sado masochistic whiners stay behind.

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 2:19:00 PM EST

      @ toto:

      "I thought you said you were leaving the blog? So zero credibility to boot. A response is not necessary little boy."

      LOL. You seem extremely empowered by your keyboard. If it makes you happier, my man I'm all for it!!!

      Moi? a little boy? That was so hurtful. LOL.
      Your opinion of I weighs nothing. Enjoy your life whining about quebec. During that time real people accomplish real tasks.

    5. It is not 101 Quebecers against Quebec bashing, it is 101 Quebecers against freedom of speech.

    6. @ems

      1.Bain Laden aussi s'est exprimé à l'anglaise.

      2. "American tribe" Hahahahahaha!

    7. How about loser tribe Kebek? or welfare tribe?

    8. Que serait la "culture" canadienne sans les prolifiques Américains?

      Hmm...Le néant culturel,plus aucune référence

    9. Well, we don't have the welfare, racist culture obviously.

    10. All SR does is expose his own ignorance of the world and his vanity.The culture of 'English' Canada is actually far closer to the English culture in England than to the American culture, despite American sports being played in Canada. I have heard separatists ranting about how limited the English language is compared to the French language, and yet Shakespeare wrote in English, not in French, and he is generally considered to be the greatest playwright of all time. Neither his ideas nor his expression of those ideas was limited by the English language. In fact he used the English language in such a way that he is studied and performed by every major culture in the world.He managed to resonate with humanity, independent of time, he connected with what is universal in human nature. One thing Shakespeare recognised is that human nature is essentially the same regardless of language or culture, only the small minded and ignorant are blind to universality of human nature.

    11. @ems

      "...he is generally considered to be the greatest playwright of all time." anglophones. ask the chinese who the greatest playwright of all time is. ask the russians. ask me. not shakespeare. don't get me wrong, i think he's quite good.

      you suffer from english ethnocentrism.

    12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    13. By AnecTOTE


      You removed my post, but it doesn't make it any less true. Also, this is hardly the time to become "politically correct" in light of the fact it is not Practice on the other side. Just sayin'

    14. Youze silly Henglish may have Shakespeare, but o'ui French Quebecois have har hon OWN Shakespeare, behold le beautiful language Francais:

    15. @hands off my hijab

      "You removed my post, but it doesn't make it any less true."

      rageful insults are never true mate. i think you should consider this humiliation as an opportunity to improve.

  12. By AnecTOTE


    "so you agree this blog would fit well in a study about francophobia?"

    Revelatory commentary,...("keep your Friends close, keep your enemies even closer"- trolls, in spite of themselves, have their uses), it is enough to gauge ...this is coming from the "higher-ups" who are running scared and feel the need to "turn up the volume" with this new committee of 101 seppies and this new attempt at quashing "Freedom of Speech", by hiding behind the accusation of francophobia.

    And THAT is the confirmation, Dear Editor, that this blog is having an impact, a huge one, and you are doing an amazing job....High 5!

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 4:31:00 PM EST

      Irrelevant comment. Yawn...

    2. More bleak economic outlook for our racist, bigoted province.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, December 14, 2013 at 5:26:00 PM EST

      "cutie" says "our racist, bigoted province"
      Now I understand why you so clearly wish to remain there. That is your common denominator with quebec. Your raison d'etre...

    4. @hand off my hijab

      " hiding behind the accusation of francophobia."

      do you deny that mario beaulieu has gathered a solid proof of the existence of a racist francophobic current in english canada?!? have you read his document?

    5. I suggest everyone read it!

      I mean not because it offers any real proof of francophobia, but because it is such a nostalgic throwback to high school research papers you spent 3 hours on the night before! The incoherent structure, the lack of support of the main argument, the random irrelevant long quotes, full pages worth of pictures, a completely improper reference section, double spacing and increasing the margins, it's got it all!

      Another potential use of it is as a drinking game. Every time the "document" claims opinions against the PQ or the Bloc is evidence for "Quebec Bashing" take a shot! You might make it 2 pages in if you have a strong constitution.

  13. Hey everyone (and that includes our dear Editor, too).

    I just picked up the latest copy of Success Magazine (it's poison to separatists) and there was a piece on a huge site that pushes for social change via mass appeal.

    Think Kickstarter, but for social issues:

    This could be our key to annihilating bills like the 101 amendment and la Charte des Voyous.

    Check it out.

    1. I'm all for anything that is a disruptive technology and will upset the status quo.

      It's not a bad idea, but when sites have such trivial crap as "GMO free girl guide cookies" it's hard to see serious issues taking hold.

      “If a fight is unavoidable,” Trudeau wrote, “strike hard and first … it is sheer stupidity to begin belly-aching over its illegality.”

      ""During his academic studies, Trudeau did not reject violence as a means to an end. “Terrorism,” he wrote as a student, “does not constitute political violence if it is absolutely needed to attain the accepted political end of a given nation.”""

      Trampling of anglo human rights for decades without any level of govt helping?

      Violence is justified according to our great Canadian thinker. Can hardly let him down.

      Instead of "kill a commie for mommy" in Quebec it will become, "Kill a seppie for mommy."

      Anyway our greatest Canadians ever agree that you bring a gun to a knife fight(except for our editor Phil)!

    2. thanks for proving mario beaulieu's point cebeuq.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. partition...yeah right in 3057.Loll

    6. @cebeuq

      "Validating the seppies is fine."

      ah. well, finally some honesty.

      what do you tell foolish deniers like thatguy or hands off my hijab who are desperetaly trying to argue that beaulieu's document doesn't prove that racists rants against french canadians abound in the anglo press and social medias?

      also cebeuq why don't you move away from this country you hate so bad? it looks to me like the only thing that drives you is a perverted hope for "strife". here's a suggestion go away where you'll feel at home and come back as a mercenary if ever the fight you and cutie003 are dreaming about is on. you'd optimize your chances of being happy this way. same for cutie003 although in her case because she is old it's more likely she would send her sons to "kill a seppie for mommy", as you say, or be killed. it's a sad destiny you have mate.

    7. Student I invite you to go through Beaulieu's document and erase all the parts where the evidence given is not against the people of Quebec or Francophones specifically, this includes the page after page of "evidence" where people say they are against the PQ or nationalism, now take this 1 page document and reflect if this is evidence of an actual sweeping problem, or just a handful of idiots on social media. If you still believe it's a sweeping problem, go watch Chicken Little, then read it again.

    8. Student - We will move away if you get the PQ government to buy our homes at fair market prices and find us a similar job elsewhere in Canada.Otherwise I guess you are stuck with many of us. By the way Quebec is not a country..we are still in the country of Canada and we should have the same rights that other english canadians have.
      I see just as many racist comments from seperatists as I do from the anglophone works both ways..stop pretending that its only one side. And the number of comments from both sides has grown astronomically since the PQ were elected..they are such an inclusive party arent they?? Why you support a party that wants to divide Quebecers and create strife amongst them and the rest of Canada is beyond me. Why you support a party that is destroying the economy in Quebec is beyond me..I mean where will the money come from for your precious social programs.

    9. @complicated

      "We will move away if you get the PQ government to buy our homes at fair market prices..."

      why do you need the government for this?!? you can sell your house yourself and you'll get the fair market price. you know what market price means right?

      "...and find us a similar job elsewhere in Canada."

      ah, right, you have it too good in quebec with respect to what you could land elsewhere in canada. that's a shame. your situation is very desperate mate. oh the irony.

      "...and we should have the same rights that other english canadians have."

      you do. except the one about not offering a french translations on your shop posters. is this really worth all the fuss? even your leader levine is fine with it.

      "I see just as many racist comments from seperatists as I do from the anglophone communities.."

      really? i see much much much more from the anglophone community. it's all over mainstream media outlets. go read société st-jean-baptiste latest publication for a reality check mate.

      "(pq) they are such an inclusive party arent they??"

      they don't refuse entry to anyone mate.

      "Why you support a party that wants to divide Quebecers and create strife amongst them and the rest of Canada is beyond me."

      i never wrote i support the pq, for one. then it's a separatist party. i expect "strife" coming from canadian nationalists. it's normal. if you avoid strife at all cost all the time you won't do much mate. every party creates strife, the liberals did it by winding up idiots against youth. that was much much worse than to do it indirectly because you're working on creating a new state.

      "Why you support a party that is destroying the economy in Quebec is beyond me."

      i don't think that's what they are doing at all. why do you pretend something so easily rebuted? i mean, what indicators are you relying on exactly to come up with such an exageration?!?

      "I mean where will the money come from for your precious social programs."

      taxes. that was easy.

    10. "they don't refuse entry to anyone mate."

      Well unless they are someone who wears religious symbols.


    11. @thatguy

      oh yes it's true, there will be a dress code that applies to government ofices, just like yours. but i fail to see how this is relevant. religious people are still very welcome in the pq. it's the era that's a bit less welcoming for them.

    12. @thatguy

      also, i have to remind you that it's the liberals and philippe couillard who clearly stated that a tchador wearing woman wouldn't be welcome in their party. pq never went as far because it is more inclusive. i'm sorry for you as you may just have lost one of your dearest fantasies.

    13. No mon cher, it is not "simply" a dress code, they will not accept candidates that wear religious symbols. How not accepting anyone that wears religious symbols is better than not accepting only one religious symbol is more "inclusive" makes no sense, but that's student logic for you. The PQ was wrong in not accepting any candidate who wears a religious symbol, the CAQ was wrong on not allowing a candidate to wear chador and the Liberals were wrong on reversing their decision on the chador.

  14. Most french dictionaries have about 60,000 words. Most english dictionaries have about 500,000 entries. Which one is more versatile and expressive and succinct?

    1. Globish dictionarie = 15k words

    2. There was an interesting study done recently whereby English language books going back over 500 years were scanned. The purpose was to count the number of words in the language. There was rule whereby the same word needed to come up several times (don't remember the exact count). This was to account for different spellings of the same word.

      The result was 1.8 Million different words.

      I can't find the link to the story but here is another estimate putting it at 1 Million:

      Number of Words in the English Language: 1,013,913

  15. The Idiot-Child's website has 2175 people endorsing it. They used to display last names of signers but now it's only the first names. What a low number of supporters. French people must be busy with Christmas parties and shopping rather than worrying about comments about their people. I suppose former mayoral candidate Michel Brule supports this gang. Remember him, the guy that said 80% of Americans are ‘big, obese, imbecilic, ignorant, uncultured dummies’. But that can't be bashing, can it?

    1. Brûlé knows something about being fat.

    2. "80% of Americans are ‘big, obese, imbecilic, ignorant, uncultured dummies"

      Nous ne sommes pas très loin de la vérité...Hélas.Disons 65-70%

      "God bless Donuts!"

    3. Yeah and that self professed whore monger Brule should talk about other people! If this is an example of what quebec society considers a "leader" this culture is in far more trouble than any of us can handle!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Regarding Brule's statement:

      “If I say Americans are a bunch of big, obese, imbecilic, ignorant, uncultured dummies, it’s the truth.”

      Now let us see:

      Big and obese: number of golds in London 2012 Olympics by American athletes: 46. By French Quebecers: zero.

      Imbecilic and ignorant: number of Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry and Economics won by Americans: hundreds. By French Quebecers: zero.

      Uncultured dummies: number of American Nobel Prize in Literature Laureates writing in English: 7. French Quebecers: zero.

  16. @MacphersonGaz 19 min
    (FR) @elsielefebvre, @leobblouin voted most beautiful/handsome Quebec politicians by @JdeMontreal readers. #qcpoli


    1. From Ann
      I saw that article in J de Montreal and had to roll my eyes. I think Quebec has more important things to think about than who is considered a hunk and a babe. What difference does it make if a politician or athlete is a hunk or is how they perform their job that is important. Singers and actors/actresses, well sadly that has always been about looks...but politics and athletics should have been above all that. Mind you, it seems like even the field of medicine has become sexualized and about looks with those female medical students dressing down in sexy lingerie for a Calendar. There are other ways to raise money than "selling" sex and looks. Perhaps the Charter of "Values" in their interests for women's equality, should speak out against judging a woman's value based on whether or not she is eye candy. As for Blouin, yes, so he is a good looking guy, but what good has he really done (except for himself). Looks doesn't make the person...Paul Bernardo was a very good looking guy and before we all learned about his evil deeds he could quite conceivably have been voted most handsome in a competition. These "beauty" contests are a waste of time and it is sad that this is what passes for news.

    2. Why do French media insist on putting an accent on Eugenie Bouchard's name?

    3. Parce que "Eugenie" sonne très mal en français.

      D'autres questions Troye?

  17. Watching Mario Beaulieu and his band of miserables really puts things in perspective. If his ultimate goal is to make this province a country, what value does it add to bash his fellow citizens and then claim to be the victim.

    Do these separatists realize that if you really want to have a country that you will need both financial prosperity as well as social cohesion? Does making incessant complaints about English words on store names help make Quebec more prosperous and increase social cohesion?

    Let's be honest, getting Quebec to become an independent country will take as much effort as it would to boil the St-Lawrence river. They have trying for well over 40 years and it just does not click with enough people. I'm sorry if this offends any separatist, but 35%-50% of the population supporting the cause is just not enough. Unless you are willing to shed the parts of Quebec that always vote "No", the project will never fly.

    And when you look on the PQ's web site to see why we need to separate, you will see things like:
    Making our own laws
    Perceiving our own taxes
    Spending the way we want
    Projecting the French language

    The reality is that Quebec already controls these things for the most part and I don't think Pierre Laporte needed to lose his life for this. Additionally, we did not need to rid Montreal of over 700 head offices and the corresponding jobs to make a point. So instead of trying wasting time and energy creating strife, linguistic tension, racial tension and holding back economic development, why not try to be positive for a change?

    If there is really a perception that Quebecers are ridiculed by English Canadians, why not promote Quebec and its culture in the rest of Canada? I would be very surprised to see an English Canadian tourist not be impressed by Old Montreal and Old Quebec City. I would be equally surprised that someone would really not want to know a single word of French. I would be even more surprised to know that 100% of English Canadians are against low tuition, $7/day daycare and would never want to see a Quebec film (that have won many awards).

    It would be a hell of a lot easier to get English Canada to adapt to Quebec rather than pout and hope that this will lead to a separate country. Show some leadership as opposed to always feeling like the helpless victim.

    1. @MTL 1976

      By AnecTOTE

      Your post is excellent! Thank you for sharing. I just would like to add that, those "in-the-know" and running the show, at this time....are well aware of everything you said. Some will probably even secretly admit to it. Thing is they appeal to a less educated, less sophisticated populace, and target them intentionally to score points since they know this is the captive audience who will elect them. In turn they go to power, not to improve things and solve dire social and economic problems, which are the very responsibility of Leaders, no...these people go to power to play in the sandbox and get elected by promoting a political platform whereby they openly state, they will manufacture fake arguments and invent discord with other political bodies governing this country. On that argument alone, they should never have been permitted to have access to Power. That reason alone, nevermind any other, renders it an illegitimate government even prior to to the start of governance. The so-called 'Church' may be gone from government, but it's essence of control lives on. I mean let's face it, an enlighten, educated and evolved human being cannot hate, at least I have never met one who has these qualities and could feel hate for his fellow human being regardless of history, it is be an oxymoron. I would even suggest that all our musings we post on this blog be translated into French for the unilingual francophone, but I don't believe it would make the slightest bit of difference when you clearly have bilingual quebecers who have the ability to read what is written here and elsewhere in the English media and still champion something as heinous as the charter. The DILEMA is not how we solve the problem of the charter and all the other illegitimate bills they have yet to introduce, the real question, is how do you emancipate a populace that is so archaic, it hates because of its historical past?

    2. I sometimes wonder as well. Is the independence the be all and end all goal of the separatist movement? Meaning that once Quebec is independent - a goal that they never really aim for actually - then that is it, nothing else to be done?

      With all the vitriol the independence movement and its elements throw to the English community, to Canada, to United States, to United Kingdom, how do they expect the future relationship goes? How would independent Quebec expect it to be recognized in the world without the support of major Western powers? The United States and the United Kingdom are permanent members of UN Security Council. I can not see their accepting Quebec into the UN if without Canada's endorsement.

      Maybe Quebec can choose to be in perpetual unrecognized status, a la Taiwan, However, unlike Taiwan, Quebec does not have the economic power, does not have the manufacturing basis, does not have the ingenuity and entrepreneurship and may not have the backing of the United States.

    3. Troy, it might not be immediately apparent, but pequistes did master the art of kissing ass. They know who they can mess with and who to flatter, and they're good at flattery. Here they all sound so tough, but in the US they become docile, peaceful, and eager to speak to their future masters in the language whose influence they claim to resist.

      It's possible that pequsite elites would brown-nose their way into the UN. To seal the deal, they'd give US-based corporations a bigger piece of the resource pie than these corporations already have access to, and that would be it. Americans love those who are "open to business" and play ball, and pequsites sure do play ball.

    4. By AnecTOTE


      Why would the Americans pay for anything, even a pittance, when they can manufacture a stupid excuse for why quebec has "unsafe" borders or something silly like that and just invade our sorry asses, like they've done in the Middle East? God luv em' but no one in the world is more self serving than the Americans..let's call a spade..a spade.

    5. They could manufacture an excuse that nobody would believe, and invade while further antagonizing the rest of the world and their own population that is sick of these imperialist wars. Or they could use soft power to exert influence on a country that will succumb to pressure and play ball, and exploit the new small (population wise) and exposed country with the world opinion and the American population none the wiser. Hmmmm, I wonder which option they'd pick.

      A province of Quebec would be open for business without any war. Invasion is the last resort and power can be exerted in smarter and more subtle ways.

    6. Kissing ass will include dealing with the Americans in English - that's what is so stupid in all this - their French language will never be as protected as it is within Canada and the Americans will insist that dealings be done in their language including all documents issued by the new country of quebec. Again, the separatists cut off their nose to spite their face. If they think they can "protect" French when dealing with the US, they'd better get a grip. New companies that will buy their resources will be English or Spanish - not French by a long shot.

    7. "is how do you emancipate a populace that is so archaic"

      Les musulmans ne sont pas archaïques,bien entendu...err.

    8. adski,

      I never doubt for a second the ability of the separatists to kiss-ass and their willingness to drop their "conviction" and take an opposing position if the wind of fortune changes on them. Case in point, look at the PQ government changing their tone from the one looking for conflict against the Feds to - through Lisee - the one pleading and asking for consideration and discussion once the Feds said "no toll no bridge".

      However, I do think the separatist leaders overplay their hands regarding the future of independent Quebec. I do think that Canada without Quebec will still hold a lot of pull in foreign relations. There are more American and British interests in the rest of Canada than in Quebec and the rest of Canada still holds more economic and strategic interests than Quebec. Therefore, faced with options of alienating new Quebec or alienating new Canada, my money will be against new Quebec.

      This can further be exaggerated if Canada paints Quebec as an secessionist state and take parallel to what happen in the independent process to the U.S. Civil War or to what happen to the English minority in Quebec to the Civil Rights Movement.

  18. Mtl1973 -
    Wow..excellent really nailed it on the head. I have made similar remarks to already control many things in this province..immigration, revenu quebec, qpp, and on and on. What left is there really? I mean as someone pointed out do they really want to take over the EI program..if they do then they better come up with another billion dollars from somewhere.
    Do they really think that a seperate country will protect their language anymore..if anything their language will be more protected within a strong Canada than in a weak foreign depedndant Quebec.
    Quebec will be forced to trade even more than it already will have to deal with english all the time unless it plans to isolate itself from the world. And it will be much more at the mercy of foreign companies and countries as it will lose the billions of dollars of support from Canada.

    1. "What left is there really?"

      ?!? 50 billions a year. a united nations seat, a constitution, a criminal code and direct relationships with other countries. that's what's left mate. what a dumb question.

    2. You obviously have problems with basic math student..50 billion per year go to canada and about 68 billion come back from the reality is about 18 billion will be lost under a seperate Quebec. Plus many companies will leave along with many people leaving a shell of a city here in Montreal.
      And like wow..a UN this is worth ripping the country apart..a criminal code..are you serious? You are the idiot here student..why dont you join the real world instead of your fantasy socialist la la land. And I suggest you take a few math courses.

    3. Also has problems telling the truth - student that is - checked with Murray Levine and he is NOT in support of Bill 101 - stop listening to the brain washing politicians that you adore.

    4. @cutie003

      from levine: «Je suis vieux maintenant et je porte des lunettes, alors ça me conviendrait très bien que les lettres soient deux fois plus petites, mais par courtoisie pour la clientèle anglophone, oui, je veux des versions anglaises»

      he's fine with having english smaller than french on fairview posters. that's endorsing bill 101 in my humble opinion. unless he's a liar? maybe you have insider infomation on this possibility cutie003?

    5. @complicated

      "...50 billion per year go to canada and about 68 billion come back from canada."

      what comes back we don't know. as many federal transfers are just assumed to be spread along demographic weights, which is not the case. and even if more come back from the federal government, it's still 50 billion quebec dollars that the quebec government doesn't have control on. and as you asked what's left that isn't under quebec's control well that's one big thing. if you don't like such factual answers well i don't know just watch yourself better when asking. many answers if you get rid of bad faith you already have them handy.

      "And like wow..a UN this is worth ripping the country apart..."

      what do you mean? canada will still have his seat. it'll survive without quebec, don't you think?

      "a criminal code..are you serious?"

      of course.

      "You are the idiot here student."

      you insult i win.

      "why dont you join the real world instead of your fantasy socialist la la land."

      that's ridiculous joanne marcotte shit demagogy mate. hollow.

      "And I suggest you take a few math courses."

      you're right. set theory is fascinating. there are so many things i want to study. but right now i'm on angryphones.

    6. "he's fine with having english smaller than french on fairview posters. that's endorsing bill 101 in my humble opinion. unless he's a liar?"

      Two take aways from this, Student doesn't know what a joke is, and he uses Bernard Drainville logic: Well some comments about the charter said they support the equality of women, so clearly these people support the charter in it's entirety.

    7. By AnecTOTE


      If I only contribute 50billion into the system and get back 68billion I wouldn't be so petty or so stupid as to argue that I don't have "control" over the 50. I'm making 16billion on the deal...SWEET would you argue such a dumb point? To anyone it would be a NO--BRAINER.

      And these people want to run their own country?..yeah all means....let's give 8 yr old the car keys.

    8. *18 billion that is

    9. By AnecTOTE


      So if I am to understand this ..when the troll is called stupid by you she claims to win the argument, but she can malign other people by calling them 'serial smearer" for telling the Truth.... that's ok? Some alternate world huh?

    10. @ student
      Student:"this bit is 150% self-contradictory."
      You might want to reconsider taking complicated's advice.

      I wouldn't try to apply too much logic to it, she wants Quebec to separate so that the Quebec state has more power, which she calls freedom, of course the "freedom" that the PQ has been arguing it needs is required because not having it hinders their ability to pass stronger laws like Bill 14 or the charter, pieces of legislation that strip individual rights and engage in social engineering. So in short she believes Quebec needs more power for powers sake, but this power will mostly likely lead to the stripping freedoms from people if the same politicians who govern now would be in control of the new country. When you're working on a system of logic like that as your foundation is fairly clear anything that flows from that isn't going to be coherent, when you want something for it's own sake there almost nothing to constrain such a childish way of thinking. Doing it would hurt the economy! Yeah, but I want. It would lead to needless strife! Yeah, but I want. Nothing would protect against individual rights being taken away, which historically has been tried and is still being promoted by current political parties! Yeah, but I get the idea. The only reasons she posts is for attention, and has said as much in the past, and I'm assuming in her mind the sheer quantity of posts makes up for the severe lack of quality or cohesion in them.

  19. By AnecTOTE

    I don't understand how we aspire to be our own country, when as a province our credit rating has been downgraded to "Negative". This has occurred under the PQ's watch and they have had a year to address the Economy and curtail this from happening. What's the point of staring at jimmy choo's in the window if even your credit won't buy them for you, never mind you just can't afford them PERIOD. Again irresponsible governments should never be permitted to ascend to Power promoting illegitimate platforms.

    There have been no substantial and authentic attempts to even address this problem of the Economy in the past year. You can't live off of quebec "monopoly" money. Where is your economic plan/Budget, show us something ...even short term that addresses solving the economic strife quebec finds itself in.

    1. *even shot term, or long term...SHOW US SOMETHING.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      And lastly, if I want to borrow money but have terrible credit rating the bank will advise me to get my Finances in order and come see them when I have done so. This is simply what we call "Best Practices". Why don't we have "Best Practices" for governments? Prior to undertaking any "project" frivolously, there should be requirements from the get-go, once elected for government to address immediately with pre-determined milestones, prior to undertaking any of secondary, or let alone, miscellaneous ones.

      If parents can't look after their children, provide for them, food, clothing and shelter, we have laws whereby we safeguard the children and we remove them immediately from their irresponsible parents. Why are there no guidelines in place for this type of intervention for government? The great engineering minds of the world are forever improving technology for electronic gadgets, every six months, why don't we improve the Science regarding Governance?

    3. @hands off my hijab

      "...if I want to borrow money but have terrible credit rating..."

      AA- is not a terrible credit rating. therefore your whole reasoning is scrap.

    4. @hands off my hijab

      "...when as a province our credit rating has been downgraded to "Negative"."

      the rating has not changed. the outlook did. yes there is a difference, although i understand for serials smearers like you it's the same.

  20. If the PQ is really a separatist party and their true goal is to make a country out of our province, as opposed to just talking about it all the time, I would suggest Pauline Maurois do the following:

    Invite Stephen Harper to Montreal, show him the Champlain bridge and then tell him the following: "Mr. Harper, since you will be applying a toll to the rebuilt bridge, thus making Quebecers pay for it, you can keep your money and we'll build it ourselves."

    This would at least give her government some credibility in terms of her project.

    1. i agree. or harper does it, but no toll afterwards. but your suggestion is better.

    2. @MTL
      I'd prefer to have a functional bridge in the next decade, rather than give the PQ an opportunity to fail at making a point, they've already done that with all the duplicated services in this province.

  21. Our seppies brethren have been largely slaughtered in this post's comments section,backed by solid stats and undeniable truths.

    When will they come out an refute the evidence we've served up on a silver platter?

    Answer: NOT.

    They'll be back next post when there are zero to 10 comments and re-start their trash all over again.

    I really would love to see, just once, the trolls trying to refute the Editor's points or to attempt to refute clear points brought up by so many readers here.

    "It's Quebec bashing" they say...but with what is in this comment stream alone, prove to us that it is.

    No, our dear friends, this is 150% justified seppie-bashing (and most well deserved, I might add).

    1. Let's keep it up and keep it clean. Don't waste your time dialoguing with the trolls unless they have something intelligent to say.

    2. @anonymous coward

      "... this is 150% justified seppie-bashing..."

      this bit is 150% self-contradictory.

  22. I take it that Mario Beaulieu is no relation to Trace Beaulieu of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Cinematic Titanic?

  23. "The Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake" ?!?

    Une blague ou quoi?


  24. Just wanted to point out also that Mario is not capable of using proper french in the title of that image you see above. He can't even spell Marois correctly. Take a closer look. Also, look at the word "aime".

    TM (admin of The Facebook group - I Hate Pauline Marois)