Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Canadian Protesters - Idiots Abroad

Tarek Loubani  and John Greyson...Idiots abroad
Sometimes we forget just how wonderful our country is and we sometimes take for granted the very real liberties and freedoms we have.

While idiot separatists rail on and on about how they are colonized by the evil ROC, I would imagine that 90% of the citizens of the world would switch their circumstances with the enslaved Quebecers.

As we fulminate over the harsh treatment of protesting students at the hands of our over-zealous police, I am reminded of how Egyptian police handle their rioters, not with pepper spray, rather with spraying machine gun fire.

I feel badly for the two Canadian activists, Doctor Tarek Loubani and filmmaker John Greyson, who are presently in jail in Egypt in utterly horrific conditions but have to ask the question that nobody will dare.

What the heck were they doing there? Read their story
"In a statement Saturday, the two men said they were observing an anti-government demonstration Aug. 16 when Loubani heeded a call for a doctor and began treating wounded demonstrators, while Greyson recorded the unrest on video." Link
Egypt was practically in a civil war with the army reconquering the streets with brutal force, making no distinction between observers and participants.

Only idiots would venture out into the melee, just to bear witness and stay out past the 10PM curfew. Perhaps it is their foolhardy activist belief that foreign governments operate under 'Canadian Rules,' where there is no unjust confinement or cruel and unusual punishment.
"The New York Times reports that officials in the current military-supported government are upset at how foreign press has failed to depict the conflict as a war against violent terrorists. Dozens of foreign journalists have been attacked or detained since the announcement." Link
Now their friends and family are clamoring for the Canadian government to get them out of a very serious jam, but who is to blame but themselves, our very own idiots abroad.

The truth is that  Doctor Tarek Loubani and filmmaker John Greyson are dedicated anti-Israel activists who were on their way to Gaza, another place that only idiots would go.
With the current Egyptian military dictatorship at war with Gaza's Hamas government, the border which the two Canadians were to cross is closed and so the lads decided to participate attend a deadly street confrontation, instead of hightailing it out of a city under siege.

After the arrest our two idiots proclaimed from their jail cell that they had witnessed the murder of dozens of innocent protesters, something even a simpleton should understand would anger their jailors.
Claiming that they were beaten, humiliated and forced to sleep on a concrete floor with cockroaches (which I've no doubt is true) is also something that is counter-productive to winning back  their freedom.

Then the two started a hunger strike, more foolishness which, sure as shooting, was to bring on more grief. After the Canadian government complained that the two should be freed because of the lack of criminal charges, the Egyptians took note, and promptly laid trumped up murder charges against the two.

Read their own account of how they ended up in jail and marvel at the utter naivete and stupidity. Link
They close the statement with this absurdity;
"We deserve due process, not cockroaches on concrete. We demand to be released." John & Tarek
Do they really think they are in a position to demand anything? Is there even such a thing as 'due process' in Egypt?

They need to understand that they are now subject to "Egyptian Rules' and when abroad one should always familiarize oneself with local rules and consider the very real consequences of pissing off the local gendarmerie.

By the way, under 'Egyptian Rules,' nobody is going to force feed hunger strikers, because the authorities actually don't care if they die. It would serve as an example to others activists.
The more arbitrary the arrest, the more cruel the conditions of incarceration and the more unjust sentencing, the more foreign journalists will mind their P's and Q's.
This is 'Egyptian Rules.'

I don't know if the two really understood the risks they were taking. Many will say that they bravely chose to face danger in support of what they believed was a good cause, but I suspect that they never fathomed as even remotely possible, that which has befallen them.
If they had, would they really have set out on their adventure?

I wish that the two would have screened Midnight Express before embarking on their mission to poke the eye of the beast. If you've never seen the harrowing tale of imprisonment in a foreign Hellhole, here's a link where you can watch the movie. Watch Midnight Express

And now to the case of more idiots abroad, Canadians Paul Ruzycki of Port Colborne, Ont. and Montrealer Alexandre Paul, who are part of a group of Greenpeace activists, who thought it would be peachy to storm an oil platform owned by the Russian state-controlled firm Gazprom. Link

Unlike in Canada where the police would allow Greenpeace protesters to unfurl their banners and block traffic for hours and hours on a bridge, resulting in a heroic trip to court and a fifty dollar fine, the Russians don't appreciate an attack on their reputation.

And so they sent commandos in by helicopter to board and seize the Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise, arresting the activists, and trundling them off to Murmansk where they are now facing charges of piracy.
"Greenpeace has called the charges "irrational, absurd and an outrage". Link 
Ya think?......Welcome to 'Russian Rules'

Now for the benefit of these imprisoned 'pirates' I would remind them that the "Russian Rules' are very similar to the 'Egyptian Rules' in that the harsh treatment is meant to send a serious message to others considering similar actions.
The more pressure brought to bear by foreign governments, friends, families and media, the harder it will be on the activists.

French secret service sunk the Rainbow Warrior
Greenpeace seems surprised at their harsh treatment at the hand of the Russians, but they shouldn't. I'm sure they're an educated and well-read lot, so I only have two words to say... Pussy Riot.  

And even Western democracies are not immune from bending the rules when it comes to activists as proven by France's secret service sinking a Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior in 1985, resulting in the death of a crew member.  Wikipedia

Most of the world is uncivilized, the governments little more than fascist fronts, with corruption, illegal detention and a justice system in name only.

'Canadian Rules' just don't apply, so I hope that activists remember that fact when they undertake their foreign adventures.

Once in a foreign jail, there's not a lot that can be done to help. The Canadian government has been doing cartwheels to secure the release of  Loubani and John Greyson, to no avail.

I'm sure the two didn't bargain for what they got, the same for the Greenpeace activists, but in the real world, that's the way it is.

So for those considering going off to face the Israeli military in the Palestinian territories or on the high sea, understand that they are going to face "Israeli Rules"

If the activists are up for it, full speed ahead, but no complaining afterwards.

Still I'm crossing my fingers for all the detained and hope they get out soon and come back safely to the friendly confines of 'Canadian Rules.'


  1. FROM ED
    Right on Editor. It's like the dope who tells the cop trying to quell a riot that he should not be so hard on that boy and wondering why he ended up in the paddy wagon, or, the dummy that tells a man navigating a 40 " bus that he should speak English. There are times and places for everything. Ed

  2. Editor,

    So for those considering going off to face the Israeli military in the Palestinian territories or on the high sea, understand that they are going to face "Israeli Rules"

    I hope that this does not mean that you support and condone Israeli military action on the Gaza flotilla raid, as Israel is the one in the wrong in that operation.

    1. While Israel has an admiral justice system, in the territories and on the high sea, it is the military that is the law. And so those activists seeking confrontation with the Israel armed forces should understand that "Israeli Rules" are pretty much the same as "Egyptian Rules" or "Russian Rules".
      Fair warning to activists who think they will get a fair shake or 'due process'
      Ignore the warnings at your own peril.
      Remember what I said about over-reaction, it is meant to scare off imitators.
      Them's the rules...

    2. Then accept that you live in Quebec and accept the "Quebec rules", instead of blogging day in day out about injustices that befall your community, and ranting incessantly about unfairness of the society you happen to live in.

    3. The gaza flotilla was warned that israel will not put up with them. If they truly wanted to send aid to gaza they have to go through israeli inspection first. If a foreign gov. warns you not to do something,will you do it?

    4. @Adski, Then you accept that an nationalist Quebec imagines itself more in the mold of Israel/Egypt/Russia than it does Canada? And you expect people to support that?

    5. "If they truly wanted to send aid to gaza they have to go through israeli inspection first"

      This is like saying: if you don't like 101, go talk to the PQ. They are the best people to go to to deal with this issue.

      Israel has had Gaza in a choke hold for decades now, with a goal of starving it. The whole point of the flotilla was to bypass the blockade which is in flagrant violation of international law.

      Israel's reaction to the flotilla was yet another proof of what an out-of-control lunatic state it really is. Quebec's language "excesses" pale in comparison, and it boggles the mind how a guy can have a blog dedicated to language repression in Quebec and at the same time be an apologist for incomparably worse repression elsewhere and dismiss it it with "Egyptian rules", "Israel rules", "Russia rules"..why not Quebec rules then? I guess M.Patrice's kind of honesty is contagious.

    6. Editor,

      Can you please explain to me what "admiral justice system" is? I spent good part of the day searching for it to no avail.

    7. "Israel's reaction to the flotilla was yet another proof of what an out-of-control lunatic state it really is. Quebec's language "excesses" pale in comparison, and it boggles the mind how a guy can have a blog dedicated to language repression in Quebec and at the same time be an apologist for incomparably worse repression elsewhere and dismiss it it with "Egyptian rules", "Israel rules", "Russia rules"..why not Quebec rules then? I guess M.Patrice's kind of honesty is contagious."

      Pls don't make comparisons between Quebec and Israel, it does't jive. I am not condoning Israel foreign policies but they do live in a veritable war zone 24/7, surrounded by countries who would rather not have them around.

      The situation in Quebec is quite different, it's an imagined war zone and an invented one. Lord help them if the Fiction that livers in their minds actually becomes Reality some day.

    8. *lives in their heads, lol

    9. FROM ED
      Troy, probably meant to be admirable justice system. Ed

    10. Adski, your hatred of Israel has featured prominently in several of your comments on this blog, as well as your ongoing left wing diatribe against capitalism. The more you comment on these subjects, the more you expose your lack of knowledge. As for international law, you obviously lack expertise.

    11. A Troy
      I 'm sorry you wasted all that time over a spelling mistake... admirable.

  3. FROM ED
    Adski, Editor is not advocating that you live by Israeli rules. he is warning to look out for them. If your dumb enough to go there then live by it. How can you compare that to our situation here in Quebec.
    I take the Editor's point about he uinfairness of doing such a thing and then blaming the Canadian government for their incarceration. Their families alway say, "The government's not doing anything about it."
    It's like the guy who decides he's going to row his boat to europe. He says he doesn't need any life saving equipment , but you can be sure he takes a strong radio and finder beacon with flairs to signal the helicopter that will save him from his stupidity. Others must risk their lives because of his dumbnivity.
    Recently the Editor posted about a man and wife who were taking a small boat around the world with two little children. The man admitted he had no sailing experience but thought he would learn along the way.
    I once sailed on the government supply ship 'Eider' to resolute bay. The storm we hit was tremendous even though we were not on the open sea. I was worried about the new mast which we had installed during the winter at McDonnell ship repair in old Montreal. In the morning we found a 16 ft. boat smashed on our deck.We had no idea if anyone had been in it or where they were. Ed

    1. "Editor is not advocating that you live by Israeli rules. he is warning to look out for them. If your dumb enough to go there then live by it. "

      What about the people who don't "go there" but are born there, trapped there, stuck there for the lack of places to go to?

      If he is warning me about these rules which only a dumb person would like to live under, what's stopping him from condemning those who enact these rules and enforce them? Why should the one who ends up under the rules, either by being born under the occupation or going there in solidarity, be called out on his alleged "stupidity", while the perpetrators of the rules are given a pass?

      "Their families always say, "The government's not doing anything about it.""

      The government wants it both ways. At election time, they all try to convince us that they will represent all Canadian people. But when in power, all of a sudden this is not a matter for the govenremnt, that is not a matter of the government, be self sufficient, deal with the consequences of your own actions, etc....But wait until the next electoral cycle. They will all be back on television pledging their devotion to the people.

  4. FROM ED
    Adski, what are yuon. this is not your usual down to Earth thinking. You are rwisting words of both myself and Editor. neither of us is talking about those living there. I am not calling them dumb. I'm refering strictlt to those who go into a trouble zone.
    "If he is warning me about these rules which only a dumb person would like to live under, what's stopping him from condemning those who enact these rules and enforce them?" he has not condemned them because thatt's not what his article is about. he never mentioned those living there, they have nothing to do with what we're talking about. You bring up a whole new idea out of a clear blue sky and condemn us for not writing about what wasn't there. Your third paragraph is nothing I can comprehend. Take a Valium. Ed

    1. "I'm refering strictlt to those who go into a trouble zone. "

      Do you think Rachel Corrie was a fool? Was Tom Hurndall a fool?

      Are these people fools because they went to danger zones? What about those who drive over these people with bulldozers (Corrie) or shoot them in the head (Hurndall)? Should we forget about them because they are only killing "fools"?

      By focusing on the alleged "fools", you shift the focus away from the criminals. Your statements are the worst kind of apologia that you try to spice up with ad hominem because you're out of arguments (which you always pretty much are).

  5. Only a fool would goto Russia, climb the side of a oil platform and think it would be handled with the same kid gloves as a enviromental media event in Vancouver or Quebec City.

    They get what they deserve.

    They deserve as little sympathy as "Cynthia Vanier", the "aboriginal negotiator" that got caught in a plan with SNC to smuggle Quaddafi out fo the country.


    They are so used to being coddled in their western ideals they have forgotten the world doesn;t really work like they think it does.

  6. FROM ED
    Yes Adski I do call them fools. They knew what they were getting into. they were there long enough to see the danger. Anyone who tries to stop a bulldozer with a megaphone is an idiot. they get what they asked for. Activists are too taken up with their own immortality but the enemy is not. Like evrything in life you must consider the consequences of your actions. A woman who thinks she can stop ammany year old problem by her very prescence is blowing smoke. Even her death did nothing to slow them down. What a horrible waste. Her family tries to make her out to be a martyr hich is normal, but unless the other side sees it that way it is a waste. Ed

    1. So, was the Chinese guy in front of the tanks in the Tienanmen square a fool?

    2. FROM ED
      No import, he was not a fool. Heknew what he was doing. He knew the tank driver was surrounded by a sea of angry Chinese and he knew that the tank driver knew it too The tank driver had no choice but to back off. Also, this guy was not in a foreign country, he was fighting for his homeand. Ed

  7. And yet we all remember her and it drew our attention to the inhumanity committed by these states that could have gone under most of our radars, most people will go their entire lives without making even such a impact. Everyone in the West are fools because we send millions of dollars in aid to these states to help prop them up and continue their human right abuses.

  8. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, October 3, 2013 at 6:00:00 PM EDT

    This blog is pathetic...

    1. Pretty self-explanatory.

    2. I wonder if you go to your Mom's house and tell her that her food is shit? (apologies if you don't have a Mom)
      Do you go to movies or watch television shows that you despise?
      Do you go to Indian restaurants if you hate Indian food?
      Do you listen to country music if you hate the genre?

      I'll chalk it up to a bad day and expect an apology, but am not taking the comment down, Live with it...

  9. @Editor

    Sorry, but I must object to your "what the heck were they doing there" question.

    There are plenty of News and Media Services that venture onto hostile territory, to tell the stories of Tyranny, Abuse and Fascist governments throughout the world. These stories need to be told, and many honorable, honest and forthright individuals, such as foreign correspondents like American Marie Colvin, who lost an eye in Sri Lanka, and then her life in Syria, have paid a huge price to be Truth Seekers.

    If that was the intention of these two gentlemen, then kudos to them. Where they fell really short perhaps was in their planning and organizing appropriately for this particular undertaking. When someone goes into foreign countries that have horrible Human Rights records they not only have to do their homework, but they have to plan, plan, plan, and then, plan again. "When you fail to plan, plan to fail". The first priority should be to stay safe, cause if you can’t stay safe, you can’t tell the story. It seems that Loubani and Greyson may have gotten slightly carried away and underestimated the danger they would ever be exposed to, or ever get into. That is where this entire thing spells..S-T-U-P-I-D, (not a word I like to use , by the way), but …there you have it.

    And yes…despite all the complaining some people do about how badly and poorly they have it here, in CANADA, they should be encouraged to take a plane, train or automobile out of their seppie bubble sometime. They’d be amazed, AT HOW GOOD THEY DO HAVE IT, in spite of themselves.

    1. I think Ed is just about the only one who understood the post.
      I DID NOT SAY I SUPPORT any of the other 'Rules'
      I just explained them in simple terms so that those so-inclined to activism, can understand the risks.

      Do you think that if a millionaire adventurer goes a a balloon ride across the country and crashes in God's country , our military should spend millions to rescue him?
      How many idiots go ski-dooing in unsafe conditions and then get buried in an avalanche, expecting to be rescued?

      If an activist believes that the risk is worth the reward to stand before an Israeli bulldozer, that's fine by me. I admire their courage as long as they understand the risks and that we in Canada cannot help them if they land in a pickle.
      Too many activists don't understand this, believing that ' Canadian rules', apply everywhere, thus the term "idiots abroad."

      "Against a large evil, a small response doesn't have a small effect, it has none....Editor.

    2. I mean you can call them idiots, but to some extent they do live by "Canada Rules" even when in other countries. Let's be honest the majority of Canadian citizens who are arrested in other countries do get released after pressure is put on the foreign country by Canada. They may not be treated as well as they could being Canada, but they are in no way treated the same as citizens of the actual country if they were arrested for the same crime. To a certain extent they think they can act they way they are in foreign countries because they see news stories where the Canadian government steps in and gets people released. They are emboldened to put themselves at risk because they think the government will get them out based on media coverage. Chances are these activists will be treated better than others and will be released sooner.

  10. Editor, regarding Israel the palestinian issue is taking way out of perspective. Israel is being threatened 24/7 by other countries. They need a strong navy to control Israel portion of the Mediterranean sea. Regardless, may In remind you that their is 20% of the population of the country that is Muslim, all working in country with a strong economy.

    Now on another issue, Parizeau opposed to Charter of Quebec Values

    “Obviously, the charter hurts the sovereignist movement,” the former Parti Québécois premier told Arcand. “It’s horrible for a sovereignist like myself.”

  11. This reminds me of a discussion presented in Starship Troopers (the novel). Therein there is a discussion of rights and on how they do not exist in reality. What right to live can one expect to have in the middle of an ocean, stranded? None. It is a wish not a right. Or the right to liberty when in a prison in foreign land? It does not exist and asking for one's right does not make it so. The pursuit of happines may be thought of as valid, but merely as a hope and a dream.

  12. FROM ED
    Dr.Greyson says
    " Indeed, we would welcome our day in a real court with the real evidence, because then this footage would provide us with our alibi and serve as a witness to the massacre."
    Unbelievable, They are in jail spouting the exact words that got them there. These are the words Egypt does not want told and he's saying he can't wait to get out and say them. I don't think he should be in a hurry.. Ed


    Sorry to bring it back to something closer to home again, but is the PQ imploding? LOL

  14. Let us go back to our regular programming.

    Jacques Parizeau clarified that when he delivered his concession speech about "money and the ethnic vote" after 1995 referendum, he really meant Italians, Greeks and Jews votes.

    1. I love how he thinks that is any better.


    and this is why Canadian protesters think they can go other countries and believe they don't have to follow that country's laws and that they will be treated differently...because they will. Two and a half months later all of the protesters have been released.