Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dear Pauline..."It's the Economy, Stupid!"

I wonder how many of us took note of a newsworthy business event that took place this past week.

It was an event that every Canadian and Quebecer should be proud of, the maiden flight of Bombardier's new passenger jet, the CS100.

Now Canadians have invested upwards of $350 million in the project and have a vested interest in its success. The jet will consolidate Bombardier's position as the third largest producer of commercial passenger aircraft in the world.
Yup, Bombardier stands third, behind Boeing and Airbus. I bet most Canadians didn't know that because success stories don't make the news.
Aside from airplanes, Bombardier is a giant in the world train business as well. Good for them, good for us.

The new jet is more fuel efficient and quieter than anything in its class and has a two year lead on the field.
While many clients took a wait and see attitude, the successful maiden flight will (cross your fingers)
hopefully trigger an avalanche of orders.
If Toronto's Billy Bishop airport is permitted a runway extension, the CS100 is the logical choice of Porter Airlines and with that, Air Canada should not be far behind.

Why should you care about the long term success of the CS100?  Because it is a vehicle of wealth creation, something this province is in dire need of.

Thousands of high paying jobs, plus the ripple effect through sub-contractors and support industry that creates the wealth to finance the rest of the nanny state.
Too many Quebecers are divorced from the notion that in order to spend money, one has to make money.
Having an airplane factory with thousands of workers in Mirabel will give a needed shot in the arm to our economy, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal, the newspapers would rather devote their resources on the tiresome Charter of Chicane, because that is what interests Quebecers or the media at least.

It is also what obsesses the PQ  and while it would be easy to say that the PQ is using the Charter to distract Quebecers from the moribund economy, the truth is even sadder than that.

The PQ is not trying to deflect attention away from the economy, it just has different priorities, where language, culture and independence trump economic prosperity by far.

The same with immigration, where language trumps quality.
The PQ obsession with sovereignty, language and culture is its raison d'etre and sadly, it is the fault of the ROC for financing this dangerous and unrealistic fantasy.

Therapists tell  us that every serious drug addict has to crash and burn before he or she can ever begin to recover and enablers do more harm than good. Junkies whose loved ones cover up and finance the addiction are actually delaying the inevitable. So to is Canada financing Quebec's money addicted flirtation with independence, only delaying the inevitable meltdown.

Even though Quebec has sunk economically and fallen from being one of the richest provinces to one of the poorest, it hasn't sunk to the bottom and isn't yet prepared to face the monkey on  its back.

But readers, the day of reckoning will soon be upon Quebec.

There was a time that Quebec banked on the limitless reservoirs of hydroelectricity to power its economy, but that ship has sailed.
The demand for Quebec electricity has plummeted due to conservation and shale gas power generating stations in the USA.
While spanking new generating plants are mothballed by Hydro-Quebec because of low demand, the PQ has extended new contracts for wind generating power that cost almost double what the idle plants can produce.
It's like ordering more pizza at the restaurant, when the table is piled high with uneaten pies, under the rational that the cook needs the work.

The shock of the hydroelectricity meltdown has the government reeling, with absolutely no plan for economic recovery.

Taking stock of the situation, a prudent government would look at all aspects of wealth creation and conclude, even reluctantly, that resource development is the only feasible plan to follow.

But resource development has a foul connotation in Quebec, as if despoiling the Earth of its treasures is dishonest and destructive.

While all of North America is cashing in on the shale gas boom, it is of course too dirty and dangerous for haughty Quebecers.

The same with oil development, where a test well in the desperately poor Gaspe was stopped because the locals didn't like the idea of polluting their pristine welfare financed Shangrila.

It is reported that the uninhabited Anticosti Island is a reservoir of gazillions of barrels of oil, but at the rate the environmental studies take to complete, oil will no longer be a factor and we'll all be driving cars equipped with warp drive engines powered by dilithium crystals.

A Montreal newspaper is reporting that the Plan Nord, Jean Charest's dream to open Northern Quebec to resource development is dead.
"Of the 11 major mining projects announced above the 49th parallel, the total value of tens of billions of dollars, more than half  are now under review or have undergone major negative revisions , according to data compiled by our Bureau investigation.

Projects have
altogether been abandoned . Mineral exploration, which is the essential step for launching projects, suffered a sharp decline  in the territory covered by the Plan Nord (which excludes the Abitibi-Témiscamingue).

The project to make the infrastructure more accessible in the Far North (pipeline, rail, roads) has been put on ice.

"The slowdown is significant," says Normand Champigny, President of Minalliance, a group of mining companies.

Lower metal prices, multiple draft revisions to the mining law in recent years, increased mining royalties, difficulty in obtaining financing, all of which have contributed to deflate the enthusiasm of mines for two years, according to M. Champigny.

All of this is of no never mind to the PQ, because the very essence of resource development goes against the grain of Quebecers and as long as Ottawa pays, why get off the couch?

The opposition, hasn't really anything to offer.
Francois Legault, the head of the CAQ is proposing creating a 'Silicon Valley' in Laval, another idiotic pipe dream.
As for recruiting the engineers and scientists to fill the job vacancies, the PQ would have to hand out a boatload of OQLF waivers, because the 'Valle de silicone' would  have to operate in English.

Let us remember that CS100 was developed in Quebec but in ENGLISH, with the grudging endorsement of the OQLF.

Also remember the video game industry which was established in Montreal with the OQLF blessing operates in English with the further encouragement of millions in Quebec government subsidies.

That is the Quebec reality, in order to attract worldwide business, OQLF waivers and government subsidies are the order of the day.

Quebec gives up three times as much revenue by way of direct subsidies or tax breaks than does Ontario, almost four billion dollars more.

As for the economy, there is no PQ plan because it is frankly out of options.
It won't open up the resource sector and Quebec can't really compete in anything else.

Bombardier, CGI and SNC-Lavalin are perhaps the exceptions that prove the rule that Quebec cannot compete worldwide.
But let us also remember that these companies are essentially English, wrapped up in a thin veneer of French.

And so for Marois and the PQ the economy is irrelevant, unfixable and as long as the suckers across the Ottawa river and points beyond pay to keep the separatist habit going, well...who really can blame them?


  1. Meanwhile in canada

    BlackBerry pourrait licencier 5000 personnes pour redevenir rentable

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, September 19, 2013 at 7:13:00 AM EDT

      Sounds like a typical story that happened in quebec

    2. And there you have it. Thank you Editor for reminding us once again that we r in dire straights re: money matters and because of their complete ineptness and incompetence our fierce provincial gov has opted to hide its cowardly head under the carpet of distraction causing intentional conflict.

      I have stated time and time again that I will never leave this province on matters concerning language or silly dumb no value charters, HOWEVER I will not remain in a burning house or a sinking ship and this is what this province is fast becoming economically. Time to Dust off Plan B.

    3. To be frank, Blackberry didn't believe the iPhone and Android for too long. They also sat on their laurels while the iPhone wasn't avail. here in canada.

      Read this:

      One of the big boss was more interested in having an hockey team than actually building good phones.

      They deserve to die,

    4. BB was a great company. They created a new generation of smart phones.
      Business, companies up and down, that's normal. Their inventions continue to be used and benefit most of people in the world. Meanwhile in Quebec, the greatest inventions are poutine and Celine Dione. Pathetic!

    5. S.R. There is no comparison. BB is a private company that is run by a stupid ego maniac that refused to embrace change as mentioned. Quebec is a failing province being run by fools who propose failing policy after failing policy

      The difference is huge at least BB has a company to loose, it's their company. The PQ is tanking our economy in QC and that is a public entity, it does not belong to them.

      When you are able to pass a referendum and leave ROC then you will be entitled to make your own laws and tank the economy as you wish and certainly would with out a doubt

      However, you would never do that because you are nothing more than Muchers sucking the life blood, taxes and energy from the rest of Canada

      As someone mentioned earlier, should have to pay people on this blog for home schooling since you have no clue how the world works. You don't know the difference between Public/Private or Province/Country

    6. Le problème est que leurs téléphones sont plus intelligents que leurs dirigeants.
      Nous sommes loin du génie créatif qu'était steve Jobs

    7. Interesting point though BB was very successful and an innovator in technology at one point, just misguided and mis managed

      What really interests me is that you bring up Steve Jobs? Have you read hs beliefs? He certainly would not agree with PQ policies and the "Charter of No Values".

      You see Steve Jobs was smart enough to know that minorities make up a great deal of society and many many immigrants of all races and religions are employed and are part of Apples success

  2. Aside from the new jet most of this is really depressing news. The last thing we need to worry about is a second recession within a decade.

  3. I feel like Quebec is on the Titanic, facing the inevitable economic collapse while the band plays on, a requiem of deceit, meant to soothe our fears as we pass on to the financial hereafter.

    As Quebec sinks in a mire of debt and failure, Pauline and her minions tell us salvation is around the corner.
    Francophones should know better, the Church has been telling them the same for centuries and it is sad that being fooled once, they are standing in line for a second reprise.

  4. Editor, very good points. I've been stating forever and a day that Ottawa should eliminate equalization payments to Quebec. I wrote the PM, my MP and some cabinet members in late March with the 2012/13 fiscal year winding up and a new formula to be completed sometime in 2014.

    Sadly, I never heard from him or the PMO, and I'm surprised because the Conservatives have absolutely nothing to lose by cutting out Quebec. Harper has never won a dozen seats in Quebec, and his total was cut in half last election. I may have been born in Quebec, but I renounced all my loyalties long ago and am now a loyal Ontarian. It irks me to no end that Quebec is constantly biting the hand that feeds it and there doesn't appear to be a plan in place to cut equalization to Quebec. At best, Quebec should get what it puts into the federal coffers, but no more and no less.

    In light of the terrible immigration job they're doing, the feds should also cut off the compensation for immigration because we in the real Canada are not getting a good return on Quebec's lousy investment in immigrants. I also would endorse Harper's meeting Marois' demand to take over Quebec's portion of EI, but for NO compensation, much like the QPP. Since Quebec by far makes up the lion's share of the EI costs, it would get rid of a burden for the rest of us. Jim Flaherty, the federal finance minister, has frozen EI premiums for three years because the benefit cuts announced months ago cut into Quebec the most. I imagine Quebec EI premiums would exceed the status quo; in fact, Canada sans Quebec may be able to roll back premiums.

    This has been a busy week for the blog. Good editorials, Editor! Too, I heartily endorse what the doctor in the prior editorial is doing, and I hope he succeeds big-time! Considering what a laughingstock these kippah-hating separatist imbeciles have made of themselves before the world after just one year in office, what else can the minorities do. Maybe it will make world headlines again if enough people show up. It should! Readers, it's up to you, and I hope you make the most of the opportunity.

  5. Editor,

    When can we expect a Montreal as a city-state article? It's all the rage.

    1. JF

    2. Montreal should begin behaving toward the ROQ the way quebec behaves toward the ROC...throwing its weight around and telling IT what the deal is and gonna be. Canada can do without quebec realistically speaking. Canada could hold its own referendum tomorrow and decide to kick us out and write off a bad debt. BUT Montreal is the economic engine of this province and should dictate the Law-of-the-Land. either the ROQ follows OUR lead (power to the minorities who are the majority in this city) OR..citta-stato it is!

    3. And then things like thins will never have to happen again, zero tolerance.

    4. Montreal should begin behaving toward the ROQ...

      Évidemment mais vous devriez faire un peu plus de terrain et moins de clavier,votre cause avancerait peut-être un peu plus vite.

      Comme disent les Québécois : Faudrait que vos bottines suivent vos babines.

    5. Oh thee of little Faith.

      I was part of that march on the weekend, as a matter of fact, I didn't arrive wearing a hijab, but I left with one!! An elderly lady in the crowd offered it and helped me put it on. It was a most humbling moment. Thank you s.r. for providing the opportunity for me to share that with everyone, since it probably wouldn't have come up no worries I'm on both..keyboard and street marching. LOL ...Smiles.

    6. Un linge à vaisselle ou un hijab,pour moi c'est pareil.Je vous dis ça en toute humilité.

    7. You have a lot to learn about Humility...A Lot. Tu commences à être un élève problématique mon cher ... A ce point les prix vont augmenter.

    8. Funny I don't remember you supporting a law against people wearing dishcloths, guess they must be different to you.

    9. On ne met pas de linge à vaisselle sur sa tête au travail,à moins de travailler comme plongeur dans un resto.La fonction publique n'a pas besoin de déguisement...Un peu de sérieux S.V.P.

    10. So you're saying you think people who wear hijabs should only be able to work as dishwashers? I mean after all they you say dishcloths and hijabs are the same to you. Well that's just terribly offensive SR! Though it makes it rather clear why you support the charter.

      I agree we should be a bit more serious, but it's just so hard to respond to ridiculous statements from you without sounding a bit ridiculous by association.



    Thanks PQ!!!!

    1. This story is so obviously wrong!

      It's like when Bart Simpson wrote his name in giant letter on the school lawn!

      But anyway carry on it's just the normal anti-PQ Circle jerk of the Montreal Gazette.

    2. There didn't even need to be a story.THE PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS!

      Puuuuulllleessseeeee spare us the...we-were-framed-alibi...

      And how dare you. This sort of thing is happening all the time now and it is happening because those that govern this province presently have provided free license for open season on all minorities..YOU DICK...anti-PQ circle jerk my a&&.

      There is no way out of the messy ugly maze, unless u give up your stupiddddddd shenanigans. But by all means have a blast...cause you will starve way before you find the cheese.

    3. Anon a visé juste,comme vous dites en globish : "Right on target"

      Excellent Anon,mdr!

    4. Following this logic we could actually state that Bain was a PQ supporter, right?

    5. "Following this logic we could actually state that Bain was a PQ supporter"

      Pour risquer de prendre 25 ans de prison,effectivement c'est un excellent supporteur.

    6. He can plead insanity and get off like the good doctor..the cardiologist did..After all he's a free man now. When it comes to YOUR OWN, you are always so accommodating, aren't you.

    7. Que voulez-vous?Nous avons le sens de la famille...Un peu comme les Italiens.

    8. Wow advocating ethnic discrimination against anyone not pur laine and being racist against Italians all in one sentence, SR is really stepping up his game.

    9. Admirer le sens de la famille est un geste raciste maintenant?

      Hmm...De plus en plus paranos nos anglos,mdr.

    10. Giving preferential treatment to someone of the same background as you and discriminating against those who are not is pretty much the definition of racism. I mean if you don't know that it kind of explains a lot about your behaviour.

      Chances are the person that sees anglos everywhere is the paranoid one ;)

    11. Les sarcasmes n'existent pas dans la langue anglaise?

      Attention "sarcasme".

      Les Québécois sont paranos : Les 350 000 000 d'anglos qui les entourent,ne sont qu'illusion.

      (ce n'est pas un sarcasme)

    12. It does exist, however you don't seem to actually be aware of it's subtleties and use. It's not something you use to get out of idiotic statements you have made when you have egg on your face. It needs to be intended in your statement a priori, rather than a posteriori. Perhaps you should think through your posts a bit more before making them, then you won't have sadly try and blame your bigotry sneaking into them as "sarcasm".

      Oh I didn't say Quebecois are paranoid, just you. It was primarily aimed at the fact that you assume anyone who disagrees with you on this board is an anglo, it just reeks of paranoia.

    13. It does exist, however you don't seem to actually be aware of it's subtleties and use. It's not something you use to get out of idiotic statements you have made when you have egg on your face. It needs to be intended in your statement a priori, rather than a posteriori. Perhaps you should think through your posts a bit more before making them, then you won't have sadly try and blame your bigotry sneaking into them as "sarcasm".

      Oh I didn't say Quebecois are paranoid, just you. It was primarily aimed at the fact that you assume anyone who disagrees with you on this board is an anglo, it just reeks of paranoia.

    14. "you assume anyone who disagrees with you on this board is an anglo"

      Pas du tout,pourquoi croyez-vous que j'écris en français?

      Ben oui...Pour mes Elvis Gratton préférés :)

      I'm all shook up...Hé! Hé! Hé!

    15. Out of laziness? I mean if you think you're writing in French so that unilingual francophones can read your comments I have news for you. There's no reason a unilingual francophone would be on a blog written in a language they can't read in the first place. So you can go ahead and write in English if that's really the only reason you're doing it.

      Ah Elvis Gratton, separatist propaganda masquerading as entertainment, too bad it backfired and everyone loved him! Bet that chapped Falardeau's hiney.

  8. Editor,

    Correction. Warp drives are not powered by dilithium crystals. They are powered by matter-antimatter reaction. The function of the dilithium crystals is to regulate the reaction so that it will not become an uncontrollable explosion.

  9. Editor, you're post is totally accurate. The problem with Bombardier is that the company operates in english and the corporate head is a federalist who if I remembered correctly said he would move the corporate headquarter to Toronto.

    Regardless, as a Trekkie, I would love to have a transporter and a replicator.

  10. "he said he would move the corporate headquarter to Toronto"

    I think they should move to TO in order to punish Kuebek...

    What Keubec deserves right now is a good slap in the face to wake up from its thirty-year coma.

    The company I have been working in and with operates in English ONLY (which is more than normal) and believe me don't piss off my bosses: they have no patience with Kuebec's bullshit (and I remind you: we do not hire kuebuequas) and they would not hesitate to move EVERYTHING elsewhere if seriously pissed off...

  11. This is an example of what the hell is going on here with these racists bigots causing trouble all over. Government sanctioned hate against everyone not pur laine francophone:
    Norman Simon 8:07am Sep 19
    Folks, this is no joke! We were speaking about violence toward shop owners yesterday. Well, it seems that another shop was hit yesterday and at may have been racially motivated. I am so sorry for him and for Adam who has been hospitalized with a possible concussion.

    Here is what David Lipper wrote just now:

    "Dear friends, my Menchie's Frozen Yogurt shop was robbed at gunpoint, with our employee Adam being pistol whipped and now in the hospital with a concussion. The crime may have been racially motivated, as we have had much press on our fight with the OQLF. I will let you know when I have more details on that. I ask that you leave a post on our Facebook page: Menchie's frozen yogurt - Dollard and say a word of support for Adam, who we hope recovers soon. He is quite shaken up from this from what I hear. It didn't help that he is an Anglophone."

    Our prayers are with Adam and his family. Let us pray that he has a speedy recovery and that the perpetrators of this despicable crime are caught and punished.

    1. And Menchies gets more free publicity without telling the full story. Hoping the employees are ok but this owner is such an opportunist.

      Jimmy Stavropoulos

  12. They should close and move...Quebuek does not deserve anything anymore...

  13. All this talk of the economy is over the heads of the PQ politician and supporters.

    Jobs and employment are for the elite 1%, anglophones and immigrants.

    It's the job of the PQ and their welfare case supporters to spend the money the rest of us pay in taxes. They arn;t involved in actually making any money or employment.

    The PQ are at the other end of the spectrum. They only consume and use up what others produce.

    That's the Quebec culture that the PQ support. The culture of Quebec welfare state and entitlement.

    It's starts with the PQ Quebecers thinking they are entitled to the province of Quebec all for themselves.

    1. Yep - way past time to partition this place and let those bums go that want to leave. That's the only way out of this mess for the rest of us that want to live at least halfway normal lives in a new bilingual province. Montreal, Eastern Townships, the Outaouais and the Pontiac would make a great new province and we could start living again instead of spending our time and money fighting these crazy language and religious nuts. One of you would be politicians out there! - Start a new "Partition Party" and let's get on with settling these matters and getting rid of the illiterate, racist, language bigots that reside in the backwoods of quebec! Let them have their pur laine francophone ghetto away from the rest of us and we'll see how well they'll make out without the ROC, this time including a new bilingual province!

    2. I think you're right Cutie...there is actually a great deal of animosity that the ROQ overtly demonstrates toward the areas u mention in your post. Quebec City in particular never passes up a chance to show disdain for Montreal. They have such a hang-up...just listen to morning radio if you happen to be in Quebec City, sometime..they don't stop raggin' on and dissing Montreal. Therefore, if we r are such a pain in the butt for them...and the object of such obvious scorn, it should be a pleasure for them to let us go...cut us loose, n'est ce pas?

      We can go our own wayyyyy...go our own way...!! ( I'm reminded of a song...very catchy)

  14. Thanks to the death of Plan Nord, I've only managed to work in my proper career as a geologist for 5 weeks this year! The rest of the time I've been translating our technical reports INTO ENGLISH! Some people in Quebec, including PQ, may want this province to be in French but the rest of the world will not deal with a province that refuses service in English. Needless to say, I'm moving to Alberta. Why live in Quebec and pay 38% in taxes and struggle for work when I can walk into a job in Alberta and actually get to keep more of my money?!

    1. "Les maudits anglais nous volent nos jobs!"

      If the PQ keeps going, they'll be able to bring that old one back out of the closet.
      (And given the chance, I bet they will)

    2. No one can blame you Catherine - you have every right to go where you are treated with respect and paid good money. As an anglophone living this nightmare, I really hate to see people leaving our province that are federalists but I totally understand. Good luck.

    3. "I'm moving to Alberta"

      Bah!Ce n'est pas si grave,vous pourrez revenir vivre au Québec quand vous voulez,l'alberta est une belle province selon plusieurs.

      Bonne chance Catherine.

    4. Catherine, why live in Quebec you say???! HEIN!

      If you leave, you will miss out on the beautiful ear piercing sound of duck-quacking which we call French Joual. You will miss out on all the wonderful second hand cigarette smoke we Quebecois have to offer, and generously blow in your face (Quebec has the highest number of smokers in the world, mais oui, and proud of it!). Don't forgot we have beautiful Poutine, you will cry for the slimy undercooked French Fries drenched with vomit like brown sauce and Kraft singles cheese from Super C. Or rotting your teeth out with sugary maple syrup and other junk food! You will miss sweltering in our bus and subways, which is a tourist attraction....where else can you ride crudy old subway cars made before the first moon landing and pass out from the heat?? No where but in ze Quebec mon ami! Who needs to go to pay for an amusement park rides, just drive our roads and use our underpasses, you will get a thrill and scream for your very life!! All free! If you stay, we will smash your car windows and help you clean out all the messy valuables sitting inside, like we do for all tourists! If you have pets, we will torture and kill them for you. Hein hein hein, and mais oui, you will miss out on ze beautiful cleansed society if you leave, which we are in the process of working on with our charter of racist values!

      Come sits on the balcony in the east end, smoke free cigarettes and have beer, while collecting welfare paid for by English ROC. If you go west, you will have to work and everyone is considered an equal. Tabernac SPIT SPIT SPIT HACK SPIT.

    5. "Québec has the highest number of smokers"

      Justin vous le confirmera :)

    6. @ Captain Quebecois,

      As an anglo Quebecoise, even I am insulted by your attack above. Some of the things you mention may be true, such as the conditions of our roads and underpasses but most of it reeks of stereotypes and racist insults and is just plain mean.

      And I will always vehemently defend our liquid gold (maple syrup). Please tell me what the heck is wrong with maple syrup? Would you prefer we use corn syrup on our pancakes like they do out west or perhaps Aunt Jamima syrup is more to your liking? Quebec maple syrup is a gift from God!

      An occaisional poutine is quite a treat too, and by the way, it is not made with Kraft singles. Sheesh, I hope you were not serious about that one!

  15. Why pay attention to the economy, hey Quebec? Well, when you can milk the rest of the country dry financially as you have been doing since the 1960’s, why change?

    When Trudeau and his gang of cronies arrived in Ottawa, our debt rose from 18 billion to over 200 billion by the time he left office, a compete disaster for the country. Their was a reason a francophone was never allowed to be finance minster. When this corrupt scum bag Marc Lalonde took over, the country went further and further into debt every year…they funneled billions upon billions of dollars into Quebec, and it has gone on ever since…if the public only knew how bad things really are in Canada…how much of our money has been funneled into Quebec, they would be shocked…we will never know exactly how much money Quebec has stolen from the rest of the country…the truth will never come out…just pathetic.

    French-Canadians have no loyalty or concern for Canada. Never have. Never will. They are the ultimate assimilation fail. They see the country as simply an endless shakedown bonanza. They play the game well. The real question is why the rest of Canada doesn't play tit for tat. Or better yet, move to eject Quebec from the Canadian confederation.

    Slime, sleaze, corruption…it is the french way…Quebec is screwing the rest of the country in any way it can. It milks us dry through equalization, grants, subsidies…and much more…if the public only knew how bad things really were, if they only knew…

    Its all about the money when dealing with the french. In Quebec, Ottawa, NB, Ontario…they are a disgrace to the country, crooked to the core..

  16. The stupidity of these franco-supremacists is beyond belief:

    Quoted on FB - Réjean Hebert (health Minister) said that he's not worried if doctors leave Quebec because they can't wear their turbans at work, because other doctors will want to work here just because turbans won't be allowed.

    As if highly educated bilingual doctors are now going to run to quebec to get away from the doctors in the ROC that may or may not wear something on their heads. God, it makes me wonder if they have any idea of boundaries or reality.


    And the hits just keep coming.

    1. Shhh! Quiet now! Everybody on the PQ side, from the top:

      "Pensions? We don't need no stinkin' pensions!"

  18. D'ex-élus, dont Nathalie Normandeau, visés par les perquisitions de l'UPAC aux bureaux du PLQ

    Ça part vraiment mal pour PLQ :(

    1. TROLL ALERT: He's already posted this exact link, yesterday on the previous Editor post.

    2. Non,hier c'était la rencontre du chef du PLQ avec les policiers.

    3. S.R

      J'taime ton avatar of the peeled yellow banana! Our glorious national flag of Quebec has not one, but FOUR peeled bananas on it! But mais pour quoi they are white!??! Make them yellow mon dieu, do not be afraid to show our true colors of Quebec. Yellow for urine? For cowardliness? For lemons? NO -- yellow for bananas! Which is preciously what we are here! Viva la nation de quatre banana!!!

      S.R = supreme banana, hence the golden yellow banana!!!

    4. Si jamais vous étiez perdu dans une de nos magnifiques forêts et que vous deviez vous essuyer le cul avec quelque chose?Votre choix s'arrêterais sur des feuilles d'érable ou sur la banane dans votre sac à dos?

    5. S.R - Gee, you're strange. You say you got jam in Peru, that got magnified by the forests deviants?? And you want me to choose? What's this about setting fire to the bananas in your sac that contains DOS? I hope you're not still using MS-DOS 4.1! Get with the times man, use Windows 3.11!

      Your banana avatar is still awesome. definitely got the yellow peels right, and the banana in the middle is almost white, though there's some yellow glow on the top ya gotta fix.

      Nope it's the exact same link as at:

      Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 2:07:00 PM EDT

      on the story "Doctor Calls for Charter Protest"

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