Monday, August 26, 2013

Immigration...Between a Rock and a French Place

It's a little sad watching the predicament that Quebec has gotten itself into over immigration, a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation, where making French the number one criterion for eligibility, leaves a less than stellar pool of entrants, considering that 95% of the world doesn't speak any French.

 Aside from France, (for some reason, few immigrate to Quebec from Belgium or Switzerland) those countries where citizens speak enough French to qualify for consideration, are either basket cases (e.g Haiti, Congo) or banana republics, with a pedigree of eighth century religious fundamentalism and matching skills set (e.g. Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon) where the potential immigrants despite speaking some French, have so little in common with western civilization that integrating them into society is a daunting task.

By the way, with all the problems going on in France, you'd think that potential candidates would be flooding the Quebec immigration office in Paris, but in truth, more immigrants arrive annually from Morocco and Algeria, than France.
Part of the problem is the supposed discrimination the French face in Quebec, seen by locals as haughty and snooty. Read this scathing critique of Quebec, warning Frenchman to avoid immigrating to this province in no uncertain terms.

French Immigrants to Quebec are scammed
"Wanting to leave France is understandable. The trick is knowing where to put down one's luggage in order not to end up in a worse place, and avoid making the same mistake that so many others have already made"...
...Anti-French racism exists in Quebec, but not in the other provinces. Why? Because Quebecers often consider French as arrogant, conceited, and lecturing, which is not always true. That said, the French who have settled in Quebec usually consider Quebecers ignorant, shallow and ultra-materialist, which isn't wrong either.
The reality:
"Medical errors kill more than 2,000 people each year in Quebec, the equivalent of five Boeing 747 crashes"
"In Quebec, 14% of children aged 12 have already thought about committing suicide and 6% had previously attempted suicide '
"Quebec has crossed last year's mark of 80,000 births, but nearly 70,000 children each year are found in serious trouble"
"Patients die for lack of space in the ICU"
"Every day in Quebec, five people commit suicide and 250 others try

"Young men in Quebec recorded the highest suicide rate in the world" (31 suicides per 100,000 people)
"The results of a Santé Québec survey shows that for each 100,000 Quebecers , 850 said they had attempted suicide during the year. This corresponds to more than 40,000 individuals "
"Mental disorders such as phobias, anxiety and depression are on the increase in Montreal and nearly one in five suffers daily"
"Dr. Pierre Audet-Lapointe and Nicole Magnan, asked the Quebec government to hold a public debate in parliamentary commission of inquiry on the alarming state of the fight against cancer in Quebec"
"In Quebec, the percentage of gambling addicts is 5%. This is the highest rate in Canada and probably the highest rate in all the Western world "
"42% of Quebecers believe that suicide is an acceptable gesture"
The Canadian Suicide Average: 9 suicides per 100 000 inhabitants. Quebec, 20 suicides per 100,000"
Ratio of physicians per 100,000 people: Montreal = 120, = 144 Toronto, Vancouver = 172
Read the original article which includes citations Link{fr}
Not exactly a ringing endorsement!

Paradoxically, the more successful immigrants that have arrived to Quebec recently are those who have aligned themselves with the English community including the Tamils from Sri Lanka, the Chinese and the Filipinos, just to name a few.

On immigration, the PQ government finds itself decidedly between a rock and a French place.
Simply put, the better immigrants, those who find work and adapt, are doing so on the English side of the language equation, an outrageous and intolerable situation if you are a member of the PQ.

And so the PQ  proposes to fix this language 'problem' by bringing in more immigrants from the first pool of French speakers and cutting down on those ''other' immigrants who are more likely to succeed.

It's a plan
.................for idiots.

First let's look at the immigration disaster that we are enduring today, even before speculating on the impact of the new PQ policy  increasing immigrants from Pool "F" and reducing Pool "E"

I don't want to bore you with too many facts and figures, suffice to say that across Canada (except in Quebec) immigrants are being integrated into the workforce at a commendable rate.
In the Maritimes, they actually outperform locals in the job market!
But in Quebec, the unemployment rate for immigrants is about 77% higher than for locals, a shocking and bewildering percentage.

I cannot remember where I got these figures, probably and so I wish to give credit where credit is do...
So to all those detractors who will jump on me for bringing up these uncomfortable facts, my question to them is this....Why?
Why does Quebec do such a horrific job in getting immigrants into the work force?
There can be but a few reasons.
Either the immigrants are of an inferior quality compared to those selected by other Canadian provinces, or the province of Quebec doesn't do as good a job in integrating them into the workforce. Or perhaps Quebec immigrants face a level of employer discrimination, superior to that of other provinces.
So which is it.....Door number One, Two or Three, or in fact some combination of all three?
I think you'd agree that none of these reasons are particularly flattering to Quebec.

Delving into the figures further, its important to understand who exactly is unemployed among the immigrants and like I said, it's not the immigrants aligned on the English side of the language equation.
For immigrants from the Maghreb, (Muslims from North Africa,) the unemployment  rate is an astonishing 30%, followed by those from French Black Africa at 20% and the Haitians at 17%.

As for the unemployment rate for those immigrants aligned on the English side, no figures are provided, so I put on my fancy ciphering cap (As Jed Clampett would call it) and did a few calculations on a spreadsheet.
It isn't that complicated.
If you know the unemployment rate and number of a subset of the immigrant population, as well as the total number and unemployment rate of the whole group, you can easily calculate the unemployment rate of the other.

Simply put, I calculated the unemployment rate of immigrants excluding those from Morocco, Algeria, Haiti, Lebanon, Cameroon and Egypt, who collectively have an unemployment rate of about 25%.
The data comes from Immigration Quebec and the unemployment rate from various news sources.

According to my calculations, the unemployment rate for immigrants not from the above countries, works out to around 6 percent, an astounding number.
Now that number may not be entirely accurate, but even with a margin of error set at 25%, the figure would not be  higher than 7.5%.
But it can actually be lower as well. The data set I used was incomplete and this other 6% group could further be broken down if more data was provided.

Again to be clear, removing from the calculation, immigrants from those countries listed above, the unemployment rate for the rest of the immigrant population is around 6%. Wow!

But all of this is small potatoes to the PQ, of no matter or import.
Closing the French/English gap trumps all and so, the PQ government is willing to sacrifice the economic and social well-being of the province by increasing the number of unproductive French-speaking immigrants accepted from those countries with low success rates, just to increase the French demographics.

It's a familiar PQ strategy, that when a plan or a program falls apart, the response is to increase the government's commitment, as if more money will make it better, just like the decision to increase funding for wind-generated energy, a proven loser and money pit.

OK  readers,'s a Einstein quote filled post....I could do worse!

And so here we are, the PQ government repeating and actually accelerating the error of a foolish immigration policy, a desperate attempt to change the language equation at the expense of social and economic cohesion.

Now before I sign off, I want readers to understand that this isn't an anti-Muslim screed. If 30% of the Maghrebians are unemployed, it means that 70% are and doing their best.
The problem is that there are just too many admitted from these countries without real skills, their acceptance based only on language.
According to statistics from the Quebec immigration department, about half of immigrants have no discernible skills.
Don't blame those who are accepted, it isn't really their fault for their failure to adapt and as for assimilation, no law, Charter of Whatever is going to change their faith.
That experiment in France hasn't exactly been a booming success.

Quebecers have a right to question and fear the policy of bringing in so many ill-suited immigrants, the European experiment is frightening and bodes poorly for the future.

But what else can the PQ do to make sure that immigrants assimilate to the French side of the language equation?
Actually they can do a lot.
The government can succeed in bringing in a more productive pool of immigrants and they can have them assimilate into the majority language and culture, if they change course.

It's time to think outside the box and I'll tell you in my next post how they can change the disastrous immigration dynamic, in other words, have their cake and eat it too.


  1. And you want to make a country out of THIS?

    1. HEY EVERYBODY! Bill 101 turned 36 today! Happy Anniversary.

      Je me souviens!

  2. Focusing on a person's ability to speak French instead of picking immigrants with advanced skills or degrees has been an abject policy catastrophe for Quebec. Montreal was built on the shoulders of immigrants that didn't speak French when they got here. Montreal, believe it or not was once a beacon for the best and brightest immigrants in the World. It was the primary city in the country, a hub of industry, medicine, higher learning and finance. Immigrants dreamed of coming to Montreal and we picked the best. Now, because of nationalist policies we're a sloppy second choice relying on airlifted Hatian refugees and North Africans to sustain our tax burden. This language fear or paranoia has seeped into every policy decision of the Quebec government to our detriment. Want more French speaking people? Have more French speaking babies! Boost the economy, that is how you boost the birth rate.

  3. Financement estival : le PQ a fait la meilleure récolte


    1. S.R., quand quelqu'un vous montre les faits réel, vous changez le sujet :) :) :)

    2. Why do you people keep posting stories about idiots who donate money when there isn't even an election?

    3. Not yet, but the sooner there are enough money in the coffers, the sooner PQ will look for a majority.

  4. S.R, sometimes I feel sorry for's like visiting a mental institute and see those poor souls living in an alternate reality. Each time I pass east of Saint Laurent, I see exactly the future of Quebec.


    Nice piece. Too bad S.R & Cie are too limited to distinguish the true enemy of Quebec, which is the PQ: bring more unskilled immigrants, keep attention on religious crap, totally avoid any economic commitment, pick fights with Ottawa.
    I come from Europe. I found the anglophone community more friendly so I've joined; same for my friends.
    To be honest, all this PQ & SR phenomenon is like a dead man's final moments, when he tried to grab everything not to die...but eventually, we all die.

    Keep up the good work,

    1. "I come from Europe. I found the anglophone community more friendly..."

      Vous trouverez une masse d'anglos beaucoup plus importante si vous déménagez vers l'Ouest ou vers le Sud,c'est selon vos préférences ou votre réalité.


    2. As SR goes on to prove your point.

    3. i was expecting a reference to 401 :) ... it's the same thing always.
      basically, all they need is no more than 100 words in their vocabulary.

    4. Si vous suivez ce blogue aujourd'hui,vous devriez voir apparaître les termes : Camps de concentration,nazis,fascistes,consanguins,etc.

  5. M your are right the PQ have clue on the reality of Quebec. That is why my company office moved from Gatineau to Ottawa. To much problem in red tape Quebec. I could add substandard highway and poor hospital. Heck, that thde reason why Walmart and Target establish their Quebec distribution center in Cornwall, Ontario instead of Montreal, Qc. Thatthe reason Sun Life in the first place an the reason why Ontario has 15 riding more than Quebec and just Toronto jas nearly as much as Quebec. This is not news but Quebec is already dead.


  7. L'ex-ministre Raymond Bachand quitte la vie politique

    Coup dur pour les "liberals".

  8. Editor,

    I need your comment on this. According to a number of posters on - notably Rejean Labrie - the real solution is to push down the flow of immigration so that only "the best and the Frenchiest" will be accepted. The government of Quebec has the unique power to do so as it itself chooses the immigrants.

    1. Considering the birth rate has plummeted and the population is aging the province needs immigrants desperate enough to live here to fill the tax coffers to pay for all of the social services and healthcare in this province. Quebec has already pushed down immigrant applications by being "choosy" the situation right now IS Quebec only selecting the best and frenchest applicants.

    2. This is, indubitably, the real reason behind the Quebec Values charter. Since most Quebecers have never met a Muslim or a Jew, and have no wish to meet them, convince them to stop coming....


    3. "...never met a Muslim or a Jew..."

      Le problème est qu'ils s'agglutinent dans des ghettos et qu'ils ne semblent pas,outre mesure, vouloir établir de contacts avec le reste de la population.C'est l'impression,en tout cas,que la majorité des Québécois semblent avoir.

    4. S.R avez-vous déjà été confronté en personne à une situation d'accomodements raisonnables?

    5. Oui,à plusieurs reprises...Avec ma femme.

    6. "Le problème est qu'ils s'agglutinent dans des ghettos et qu'ils ne semblent pas,outre mesure, vouloir établir de contacts avec le reste de la population.."

      To establish contacts with the hosts, these immigrants would have to chase after them to the suburbs, which is where the hosts choose to "ghettoize" these days.

      Not everybody has the time to chase after the hosts who are fleeing to their suburban ghettos.

    7. All provinces have some power in choosing immigrants.

  9. I will become Canadian citizen in 4 days..and I will do EVERYTHING to protect my new country (CANADA) against people like S.R. and the pq (=personification of mass insecurity, total lack of self-awareness and perception of the external world).

    1. Je vous signale que votre situation n'a rien d'original : Vous n'êtes pas le premier et certainement pas le dernier.

  10. Replies
    1. New CA: Do yourself the biggest favour you can: LEAVE QUEBEC. Don't walk. RUN! I did. Smartest move I ever made, and I've now been over here for over half my life. Got my girlfriend of 15 years to move down four years ago. She has ZERO desire to ever go back after living in Quebec for over 60% of an average lifetime. Her daughter who came down with her calls Ontario her Viagra! Doesn't miss Quebec one iota!

    2. What parents would teach their young kids about viagra...

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 27, 2013 at 6:16:00 AM EDT

      @ Mr. Sauga

      As a born quebecois that voluntarily left for a brighter future ($$) and opportunities I am what you can call an outsider looking in. Intermittently I re-visit the province and I do observe a steady trend: a worsening of the infrastructure which has to be linked to a lack of contingency funding. Very worrying...

  11. Signes religieux bannis dans la fonction publique - Les Québécois en faveur

    Dossier pratiquement réglé...La loi 14 maintenant

    1. Yet only 31% of Franchphones think the law will solve anything, the take away? French Canadians will support things they know won't work, fits in perfectly with the editor's article!

    2. Et les canadiens-anglais de Montréal supportent les "liberals".

    3. S.R. you know that inbreeding is both illegal and dangerous from the medical p.o.v?

    4. Just because a bill is supported by the public doesn't mean they are morally right.

      You could have received the same figures 50 years ago when asking what people thought about white-black marriages, or marrying jews, etc...


    5. Y savent pas comment s'exprimer comme du monde TVA... c'est quoi "UNE MAUVAIS IDÉE" ciboire?

    6. @Kevin - agreed.

      "Nor, indeed, is authoritarianism, however extreme, incompatible with the regularly expressed sentiment of a numerical majority. It is far from inconceivable that in a country of liberal capitalism, an increasingly despotic regime should emerge in the custody of an established political party: the new order in the clothes of the polls."

      Ronald Segal - The Struggle Against History (1974)

      “It is often forgotten that democracy, defined chiefly by elections and the exercise of power in the name of majority, can be as repressive of individual freedom and minority rights as dictatorship – sometimes more so”

      John Gray (

    7. M and M: Tell that to the Tremblays and the Bouchards of Lac-St-Jean/Saguenay who inbred like Ozark Mountain Hillbillies.

  12. thatguy,,,you are frittering away your's like asking a person "what is your name" and the person answers "Well, the sun is shining today".
    Total waste of time...You should not waste your time with lost souls like S.R.

  13. "Now, because of nationalist policies we're a sloppy second choice relying on airlifted Hatian refugees and North Africans to sustain our tax burden."

    These policies aren't helping us financially. Your taxes pay for welfare for all those unemployed people. Your taxes also pay for all the government programs and subsidized minimum-wage jobs.

    While other provinces are bringing in people with skills and ambition, we're bringing in BS applicants. The ones that do have potential quickly realize that they're better off somewhere else. But oh well, it was the Catholic Church 60 years ago, today it's the separatists & language extremists... Quebec sure loves being held back.

  14. Haven't been here in almost a year, but I see nothing has really changed. Hate, hate and nothing but hate and skewed "facts".

    One hilarious thing that stands out: Québec as a whole has a ratio of 231 physicians per 100,000 persons, not anywhere close to 120. It's also the second-best in Canada, after NS. Ontario only has 209 per 100,000.

    Author, don't let facts get in the way of a good hate-rant.

    1. The doctor ratio is not my contention, it is part of an angry screed written by a Frenchman denouncing Quebec. I pointed out the story to underline how some French feel about Quebec and why less of them are immigrating.

      It is always annoying when detractors falsely attribute and then attack based on that false premise.

      You attempt to deflect, a habitual tactic of the bankrupt.
      The article is about immigration, so how about disputing the immigration facts.
      How is it that not one comment,including yours,is disputing the underlying
      facts that immigration policy in Quebec is a disaster.
      The fact is, on this point, even most sovereigntists agree with me.
      I'm just pointing out the obvious.

    2. Editor,

      You can;t get anywhere with hard headed people like that.

      Most Quebecers are unable to understand that the province is in the shitty from language policy and out of control politicians. This is why the PQ is able to distract them so easily with "cultural" boogymen nonsense and losing their culture.

      There is no problem that wil not be fixed properly when Quebec is a proud independant nation.

      And if they are wrong?

      Well, just like Aussant, the leaders will move out and leave the population with the mess from the experiment.

    3. Yep -and on our tax money unfortunately - the faster the better now - partition this place and let those areas go that want to leave - this is now imminent and time to let it all happen!

    4. Editor, you didn't bother double checking the facts presented in the ANGRY frenchman's article?

  15. La CAQ veut interdire les signes religieux aux enseignants

    Pas tout è fait ce que nous attendions d'eux mais c'est un début.

  16. Typical emotional reaction: "as long as reality does match with my fantasy world, I resort to copying and pasting links of any newspapers which validate my ideas".
    That's why your independence project (=pipe dream) will never come true: it's all emotions - the most trivial, basic and ancestral human emotions (joy, fear) - which govern your project.

  17. Admettez que de voir son monde idéal - ("fantasy world") - devenir réalité un peu plus chaque jour est assez jouissif,non?

  18. "Barb Fajertag

    When your dream of being an independent Quebec dies, and becomes a nightmare of poverty,hopelessness, and having no economy do not come back home with your tail between your legs. To be honest with you, the way Quebec has been treating people we as a nation do not want a mind set like that soiling our great nations reputation, and we certainly do not want to be known as a country with such disgusting human rights violations. Get it now..... Stay apart of the best country and thrive..We as canadians promise you will never loose your french it is much of our heritage as it is yours."

    "We as canadians promise you will never loose your french it is much of our heritage as it is yours."

    Jamais entendu parler de la culture des premières Nations M.Fajertag?Vous devriez visiter les musées un peu plus souvent.

    1. And Quebec has treated the First Nations so well that they refused to support an independent Quebec at the time of the 1995 referendum.

    2. The First Nations not only refused to support an independent Quebec. The Cree nation, for example, threatened to go to war in order to stay in Canada.

    3. Simon needs to sell some more photographs of arachnapanada and get back to work.

  19. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, August 26, 2013 at 3:45:00 PM EDT

    Yup.... this blog is really going down fast. Exactly like the province it's all about.
    Good luck to all quebecois: anglo, allo and franco. You'll friggin' need it.

  20. "When taking into consideration that the younger you are, the easier it is to learn other languages due to a higher cognitive ability as a child, it is a great pity that children are not always offered the choice to learn more than one language. In fact French and multi-ethnic newcomers to Quebec can only learn in French with just 8 lessons per month in English. English-speaking children have no problem opting for French immersion. Unfortunately, all other children are not offered the same privilege with English. That is a travesty as only those who become bilingual will have the unlimited opportunities to get careers in higher paying jobs. If only this could be corrected by offering choice to everyone, no matter their origin or mother tongue."

    Norman Simon

    "Unfortunately, all other children are not offered the same privilege with English."

    Vous pourriez aussi sauver du temps en éliminant totalement le français de nos écoles.De cette façon,30 ans seraient nécessaires pour que l'on devienne une province 100% anglophone au lieu de 50.

    Est-il possible d'être plus idiot?

    1. God you're so stupid it's unbelievable. No wonder this province is sinking faster than the Titanic!

    2. He tells Marios she's a genius, Marios tells him he's a great follower.

      The seppie circle jerk continues forever validating each other.

  21. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, August 26, 2013 at 7:11:00 PM EDT

    L'or bleu du quebec - Hydro quebec- ce sacro-saint symbole de la puissance quebecoise (apres la caisse de depot) est en train de "chier au frette":
    Hydro-quebec is in full financial freefall:

  22. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, August 26, 2013 at 7:19:00 PM EDT

    Leaving for Germany tomorrow after a 7 day vacation in quebec. Can't say (unfortunately) that I will miss the place. quebec has changed a lot but mostly all for negative reasons. There is this tenacious bad vibe of "third world" feeling to this place.
    Too bad.
    Luckily for me I retained my Calgary condo.
    My gf is very upset that quebec is going down fast. Even her family had to admit so.
    Not sure if we'll ever go back, sad.

  23. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, August 26, 2013 at 7:54:00 PM EDT

    T'es un bien petit quebecois, Simon. Tres typique et j'espere que tu vas apprecier ton bien petit trou qu'est le quebec. Je visite le petit quebec une semaine par annee depuis 11 ans et j'observe des choses tres inquietante. Mais toi, un Bougon, tu restes aveugle. Sers-toi un verre de Chardonnay et regardes des videos de Guy A Lepage les soirs du 24 juin.

  24. "Or perhaps Quebec immigrants face a level of employer discrimination, superior to that of other provinces". It is unfortunate, but I believe this is the dominant factor. This requires a rather lengthy post, spiced with personal experiences and tonight I am so short on time.

    Another factor, not discussed above is wage. I have somewhere a link showing that in Alberta an immigrant gets only 60% of the pay of a Canadian-born; and, to my knowledge nobody had the guts to do a similar survey in Quebec.

    1. Are you implying that it would be worse than 60%?

  25. Geography fail on the part of the hardliners.
    They want immigrants to be know French and be secular at the same time. Good luck with that! Look at the map of the world where French is spoken (1st or 2nd language)

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 27, 2013 at 6:22:00 AM EDT

      Another crisis that quebec will experience is the demographic implosion that will come to hurt the province within 10 years. No new generation to pay for the retired folks... who will pay for all the generous social nets? The $7 day cares? Who will pay the $250 000 000 000 debt?
      quebecois better start reproducing at a MUCH HIGHER rate very soon.
      Can't wait to have S.R. comments.
      quebec is dead in the water come 2025.

    2. LD
      They think Hydro Quebec and yet untapped oil reserves in the Gulf of St Lawrence will save them economically. I wonder if they will send billions in transfers to the have not provinces if they do strike oil? If you ever listened to the Parizeau - Option Nationale lunatics, Quebec doesn't even have a debt problem!

    3. There is 30 billion barrels of oil in anticosti island and we wont tap it until we become a free country. Until then we will gladly collect transfer payments. Thank you canada!

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 27, 2013 at 4:30:00 PM EDT


      Really? What makes you think that you will ever be free?
      BTW Aren't you quebecois tree huggin', oil hatin' and xenophobes?
      The USA will decide if you go free. And they'll steal your oil first.
      quebec= haiti north= quebekistan

    5. Vive le Quebec is a typical quebec separatist bloodsucker that pretends they care about the environment but don't give a shit and will exploit the oil if they ever separate. Won't it be funny when no one will buy it. Canada doesn't need it and neither do the US. Wait until they both charge huge tariffs on anything that wants to get out of quebec. God I hope to live to see it and laugh until I piss my pants!

    6. Quebec is in a sense free already. It has unfortunately had the autonomy to pass racist hate laws that discriminate against minorities.

    7. LD

      As I said, they have no plan. St Lawrence Gulf oil is not going to happen. Too shallow and too environmentally sensitive. It would fail any environmental impact matrix. Might I suggest raising North America's lowest university tuition and raising $7 a Day daycare to at least 20-30$? Cutting spending is never a solution for these bandits. ROC transfer payments are what is keeping Quebec society from imploding and only a fraction of the populace even knows what a transfer payment is.

    8. "It has unfortunately had the autonomy to pass racist hate laws that discriminate against minorities."

      Ça nous rappelle certaines périodes de l'histoire politique canadienne,non?

      Pensons par exemple aux Acadiens.

      Je peux vous fournir quelques liens au besoin.

  26. The hydro Quebec scam really needs to be exposed across this country…see below. This is just another scam in a long list of scams and bigotry originating in the cesspool of slime, sleaze, racism and corruption that is the province of Quebec.

    Slime, sleaze, corruption…it is the french way…Quebec is screwing the rest of the country in any way it can. It milks us dry through equalization, grants, subsidies…and much more…if the public only knew how bad things really were, if they only knew…

    Hardly looks like free trade or opening borders does it? Quebec manufactures nearly 51% of the cheese in Canada, and they went from 1.7 million liters of organic milk in 1998 to 34 million liters in 2010 to become the leader in that as well. Three large companies (Saputo, Parmalat, Â Agropur) process over 82% of the milk...a hydro scam, construction scam…tuition fees scam…day care scam…

    Enjoy and pass it on if you care…

    1. Take a chill pill and say cheese :)

    2. Remember all these companies sell the best tasting cheese at the best price.

      That's why they dominate the market.

      Thankfully all of these companies are public companies and not under the control and influence of scammer/mafia or other undesirables ;-)

      It's no coincidence that pizzeria keep getting burned out in Quebec for example. Some people arn;t happy when you buy cheese from the wrong places..

      Just regular quebec business.

    3. Quebec farmers are unfairly guaranteed 50% of the Canadian dairy market despite QC comprising only 25% of the total population. Their products aren't any better than those produced elsewhere in Canada.


  28. James - Someone needs to organization a fund raiser, and with enough money collected, print FULL PAGE ADS in newspapers, magazines and billboards across Canada (perhaps the US as well!). It needs to be spelled out and listed clearly -- ALL of Quebec's dirty little secrets with government sanctioned racism, hate and discrimination, mass corruption, out of control animal abuse and how Quebec is a literal cancer infecting and destroying Canada! How about the New York Times? Time Magazine? National Post? Call it an awareness campaign if you will.

    If the hate group known as Imperatif Francais can run an anti-English ad on CTV (CFCF-12) without anyone even batting an eye, why can't awareness ads exposing the truth about Quebec be aired or printed? With Bill 14, the Quebec Values of Hate, I think we've reached a turning point. Quebec, much like the unknown dangers of smoking way back when, has to be publicly exposed.

  29. Apple IIGS, i agree with you...wish i had the money, i would do it myself...all good points though.

  30. N'oubliez pas Sun news (Québécor) :)


  32. Wouldn't it be nice, just for a change, to have one week go by wherein this province doesn't make a fool of itself all over the world? And the NA isn't even sitting until September 17. Then we should have headlines 3-4 times a day showing the intolerant, racist, nasty people there are in quebec and that vote for the PQ on a continuous basis. Anything goes in order to achieve their end (and I do mean "end") goal of splitting Canada up to spend that 50B on their unions, mafia and corruption. What a bunch of lost causes/losers we have in this francophone ghetto.

    1. Vous avez oublié votre représentant,Mr.Bain qui en plus d'être intolérant et raciste,est un meurtrier.

    2. Oh and let's not forget the hero's of the FLQ. There was a gang of murders, kidnappers, torturers, - How convenient that you have just one deranged man to bring up and we have at least a gang of 15 or more. You should all be in jail you misfits.

  33. Voici pourquoi les canadiens-anglais de Montréal et de Gatineau se retrouve dans une mauvaise position :

    Stephen Harper n'a pas besoin des Québécois !

    1. Any politician that sucks up to Quebec is dysfunctional.

      Having Quebec hate what Canada does shows it's on the right track.

      IF Stephen Harper did something that you liked that would be the real problem!

      Quebec is like France. The world has passed on from what the brain trust in France and the PQ understand.

    2. Another important fact along with that article.

      Germany now teaches ENGLISH as a second language to ALL children.

      French/spanish/italian etc can only be learned after english.

      Another reason Germany will catapult itself over France in the future while Quebec and France sit around complaining endlessly without realizing they are the cause of their own problems.

      France/Spain/Italy/Greece/Portugal. All crappy economies and countries places going down the tubes or already there.

      Even this NY times article mentions. France won;t be a first world country much longer!

    3. "Even this NY times article mentions. France won;t be a first world country much longer!"

      With the passage of Bill 14 and the Charter of Quebec Values this fall, Quebec officially becomes a third world region. I'm dead serious, no tongue in cheek joking. We already have all the other traits of the third world, this just seals the deal. No going back. Final nail in the coffin.

    4. Vous,au moins,vous pouvez vous enfuir au canaya mais nous,les Québécois,sommes coincés ici sans aucun plan B...Allez!Fuyez pendant qu'il est encore temps...

    5. What anglo's and everybody can;t understand is poverty and second world status isn;t a problem for most Quebecers.

      The PQ would model itself off North Korea is they thought it would make a linguistically pure country. Nothing is too much in the effort to trample on other cultures and rights.

      Like North Korea, the leaders have a different set of rules for themselves. Witness Aussant leaving for better opportunity.

      All must be eradicated in the face of superior Quebec culture.

    6. A good part of those with the separatist mentality genuinely believe that it is preferable to live in a French-only trailer park than it is than it is to live in a proper house, if that meant that one might actually need to be bilingual and deal with *gasp* those pesky English-speakers that are “trying to assimilate them”.

      That is why the majority of intelligent Quebecers have rejected the separatist mentality.


  35. The PQ are very insistent that every one in Quebec assimilate to their definition of Quebec culture, but there was a pre-existent culture in Quebec into which they have not assimilated, why should their definition of Quebec culture take precedence?

    1. EMS,

      The word Quebec isn;t even a french word yet somehow it's 'their homeland' and everybody else is an outsider.

      Such is PQ thinking.

      These are people that will argue with you that the grass is blue even tho we all know and see it as green.

      A student boycott is called a strike.

      Quebec gives more in taxes to Canada then it gets back in money or services combined.

      Within the culture of Quebec itself, questioning the system of beliefs itself will get you into trouble. As they say "Quebec is french" is a settled subject. You are asking questions that make people uncomfortable.

      Why should any culture/language be "protected" by our government at all.

      Seems like a job creating scheme to start with for out of work artists like SR.

      Look at the quality of people we have in civil service (combined civil servants on charbonneau) and you realize the entire system is like that from top to bottom.

      Take any politician in Quebec right now and picture them sitting at Charbonneau in 2 years. That's what we have going on here.

      Honesty, integrity etc, forget all that.

      It's much easier is the govt can distract the population like this. Really the other parties should be jealous. They are at least trying to offer solution with varying ability to deliver.

      Peace and goodwill to other man just doesn;t reverberate anymore with the quebec population.

      Now it's do what I do, say what I say, and act like I act, or get out.

      For people that say enough with PQ comparisons to Germany before the second WWII and the growth of the Nazi party..

      Perhaps if the PQ stopped trying to appeal to their voter base with race and religion and passing laws restricting what people wear it make it harder.

    2. "Look at the quality of people we have in civil service (combined civil servants on charbonneau) and you realize the entire system is like that from top to bottom."

      Listen to the first few minutes of this radio show (in French) and you will get an understanding what type of racist, uneducated, xenophobes are running the small towns. How they are voted against letting any "Arabs with 3 or 4 wives who will make trouble" into their small town, even if these "Arabs" want to bring in much needed businesses and donate a new kiddie pool for the children. Keep listening for more on how one of them traveled to Vietnam, so he know all about Asians!

    3. On a déjà assez de problèmes avec les anglos,pas besoin d'en rajouter.

    4. S.R. right on cue with another dumb comment. Get a job!

    5. Laurie,

      You're right on the mark. I owned a cottage near a Quebecois village in the Outaouais region. It had two depanneurs. When one of the depanneurs was purchased by a French-speaking Arab, the xenophobic local people boycotted his store because he was a 'foreigner', and did all of their shopping at the other store. The Arabic businessman eventually sold the store and moved out of town. The hostile attitude of the Quebecois villagers to outsiders explains why their community has hardly grown at all in 30 years.

  36. "Au lieu de chercher à dénigrer le Québec avec des accusations de xénophobie ou de racisme, le Canada anglais devrait se pencher sur les «dégâts» du multiculturalisme hérité de l'ère Trudeau."

    Bernard Landry

    Bravo Monsieur Landry!

    1. Hi SR, The PQ are very insistent that every one in Quebec assimilate to their definition of Quebec culture, but there was a pre-existent culture in Quebec into which they have not assimilated, why should their definition of Quebec culture take precedence? I would really like to read your answer to this question.

    2. What I saw is that Quebec is suffering from inferiority complex. They are afraid of being conquered. Well, they have two choices: either being conquered by English or by Arabic. Being always a loser, they pick the worse!

      "He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat" - Napoleon

  37. Yes, apparently they even feel threatened by the French from France, but I guess when encountering the real thing they are forced to acknowledge although they speak a form of French their culture is not really French. They do not know what their culture is, they can only define what it is not, though in the process they demonstrate their culture is intolerant, dishonest and illegitimate.

    1. Un peu comme les canayens...J'essaie parfois d'imaginer ce que serait l'identité canayenne sans les américains ou les british...Hmm

    2. Your comment is back to front ROC is not claiming to have a British or US culture that needs to be enforced by law, they are creating there own inclusive culture, which is not to say it is devoid of influences from other cultures, embedded in the English language is the English subjection to the French during the Norman conquest, just watch

    3. I forgot to say I am British and I can tell you the British are very different from the US and Canada, though Canadians are more similar than the US. Personally I think the Australians and New Zealanders are more similar to the British and they are very different to Canadians. There is a tendency on the part of Francophones, to identify all English speakers, but that is like identifying everyone with a white skin, or black skin, and I guess you want to say white skinned French speakers are very different to white skinned English speakers.

    4. Alors pourquoi ramenez-vous toujours la France en avant-plan?

  38. I forgot to adds, the French in France have a claim to and a relationship to France, that Francophones in Quebec do not have to Quebec. In Fact if you study the history of France you will see that historically speaking the English probably have a greater claim to France than the Francophones in Quebec have to Quebec.

  39. Welcome to Fort McMoney - Remember to Breathe


    1. What is your point and don't try to claim moral superiority, Quebec cannot do that unless Quebec turns down equalisation payments.

    2. Je vous rappelle que vous vous adressez à quelqu'un qui souhaite rompre tous les liens avec le canada et nous sommes quelques uns,selon un récent sondage (+/- 40%).

    3. S.R. It will go down to 10% if they know that it's gonna happen and no one will pay for their welfare checks! And with 40% support they want 100% Quebec??? Again nonsense from separatists!

  40. @ems:

    You seem to be relatively new here and are perhaps unaware that S.R has been a nuisance poster on this blog for many years now. Not once in all that time has he even attempted to make a cogent argument in support of his point of view nor has he ever made an effort to answer any questions directed at him. Thus, your attempts to engage him in conversation are equivalent to talking to a wall, only worse because walls don't keep squawking back like a broken record.

    Please stop. Take it from those who have amply seen it for themselves, your valiant attempts at engagement only encourage him to reply with yet more of his useless drivel.

    1. Exactly, do what most of us do...ignore the idiot.