Monday, August 19, 2013

Couillard Too Smart to Fall for Pauline's Infantile Trap

"QUEBEC — Pauline Marois opened the door Sunday to Philippe Couillard entering the National Assembly.
During the Gay Pride Parade in Montreal, the premier invited the Liberal leader to run in a by-election in Viau riding, which became vacant with the recent departure of Liberal MNA Emmanuel Dubourg.
Marois said that she would not present a PQ candidate against Couillard in the by-election.
Couillard has already indicated that he is not interested in running in Viau, which covers the Saint-Michel district of Montreal. The Liberal leader instead is looking to run in Roberval, in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, in the next general election. Link

I usually agree with much of what Robert Libman has to say when it comes to politics, but not when he suggested in an interview that Liberal leader Philippe Couillard should jump at the chance to run in a by-election, made necessary by the departure of the Liberal MNA Emmanuel Dubourg, who is making the jump to federal politics for Justin Trudeau's Liberals, in the vacant and very safe seat that Denis Coderre vacated in Montreal, in order to seek the mayoralty of Montreal.

And so when Pauline offered to let Couillard run unopposed, it wasn't much of a gift considering that Viau is a Liberal party stronghold, one which has sent a Liberal to Quebec for as long as I can remember.

Actually Couillard is doing just fine on the sidelines and that is what is bothering Pauline so much, she'd like to get him into the National Assembly and rough him up a bit, perhaps taking the shine off the apple.

Coullard scoffed at the infantile offer, because when he does get into the National Assembly it will come at a cost of a sitting PQ MNA, one Denis Trottier, a backbencher whose only claim to fame is that he serves as a fart-catcher for the dumbass Minister of Natural Resources, Martine Ouellet.

As it stands now, Pauline and the PQ are imploding and sometimes doing nothing and letting your opponent self-district is the smartest thing to do.

But Couillard is doing a lot more than just watching.

He is charting a new course, betting on the fact that there are enough Quebecers tired of the separatist debate and tired of hearing that the French language is about to disappear, confident that a new debate, one based on prosperity is one that will resonate with voters.

And so he is unequivocal and very presidential.
He isn't vacillating like his predecessors nor is he spouting the  rhetoric of oppressed. He told us that the Liberals will oppose Bill 14 on principle and are not interested in compromise. He has told Quebecers that they shouldn't be frightened by the scare tactics of the PQ that lie that French is going down the drain and his message from the sidelines has resonated with enough voters and scared the crap out of the PQ,

This Fall, the disastrous decision to support more wind power generation will hit the PQ like a ton of bricks.
Notwithstanding that it was the Liberals that introduced the disastrous policy, Pauline has embraced the idea at a time when Quebecers are waking up to the expensive white elephant that will be paid for by a large Hydro-Quebec rate increase.

Pauline will find herself firmly ensconced between the proverbial rock and a hard place (entre l'arbre et l'écorce) where she dare not backpedal on the issue once more.
Damned if you do and damned if you don't... Even the skillful Pauline can't wiggle  out of this predicament.

For Phillippe Couillard it must be like those running against Anthony Weiner in the mayoralty race in New York City.
Best to stand back and watch the meltdown..

Pauline's offer to let Couillard run unopposed in Viau is a desperate and transparent attempt to change the political dynamic, but for Couillard, handing Marois a life jacket while her ship is sinking, is just not in the plan.


  1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, August 19, 2013 at 8:54:00 AM EDT

    quebeckers voted against the much hated liberals last year in the provincials and elected the PQ. Barely 12 months later the liberals are leading in the polls. WTF? Am I missing something here? Are quebecois really dumb?

    1. The answer seems to be yes, yes they are.

      We can't forget however that the PQ used some shady tactics to win the last elections. They constantly falsely accused the liberals of corruption, of which we've still seen absolutely no proof.
      They also paid off the unions to create the whole "student protest movement".

      Had the PQ won a majority, the unions would have seen the favour returned during the negotiations with the construction industry.

      It's too bad there's nobody to expose the ties between the PQ government and the unions. Then we could talk about some serious corruption.

    2. @quebecker of tree stump

      cool fiction, mate.

    3. It more a question of how truly bad the PQ are.

      There is no alliances tho. It's just a question of voting for who is "less bad" if you have a job. If you are unemployed you vote for who offers the most cash.

      Voter memory is about 5 seconds.

      They could goto the internet to see if their candidates have ever kept thier promises or re competent, but that's just too much trouble.

    4. Couldn't agree more Quebecer - wonder if the Charbonneau Commission will ever delve into that mess with the unions. We shall see but they are the be all end all in Quebec - Unions own this province along with the mafia.

    5. The Charbonneau commission should be a permanent fixture in Quebec.

      Even with Charbonneau having a small mandate they will be at it for years and never finish.

      Politicians/Mafia/unions will never let that happen. They need the spotlight off them for a few years so they can rebuild "quebec business elite".

      Darlings of the politicians like SNC, Simard-Baudry etc.

      It's all the same "actors". It's only the scams and the years that change.

      Quebecers would never be able to look at themselves in the mirror again if they truly realized how corrupt business in the province is over generations.

      They might even start to believe MacLeans magazine take on it and that would not be acceptable "quebec historical perspective".

      It's ok. The PQ hires the people to write and approve the history book for the province. They will skip over all the inconvenient truths.

      This way the next generation of "students" think they are knowledgable and educated but really they are just reading from the PQ playbook.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      You are missing the percentages.
      After 9 years of a deeply unpopular government Pauline Marois couldn't get enough support to win a majority. Her party's popular support was stuck at 30% for months and nothing she said made it budge.

      The rest of the vote was split between people picking an untried 3rd party and swallowing the corruption stories involving the incumbents.


  2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, August 19, 2013 at 9:15:00 AM EDT

    We arrived in Montreal!!!! 10 day vacation.

  3. I would think that it is rather brilliant for Couillard to choose to run in Roberval. It is in the middle of Quebec separatist heartland and has been under PQ for most of the time. If he succeeds there, it will be the proverbial wooden stake to the PQ's heart.

  4. You think its bad now...wait until this scum bag gets elected...enjoy.

    This guy is a real scum bag…a bill 101 supporter, an anti-English language bigot who is not fluent in English…just dreadful how poor this clown speaks in English…a big pro bilingual supporter, but only outside Kebec. Was involved in Adscam…corrupt to the core…yes the new mayor on Montreal…get ready, what a mess…love it, this will be fun to watch…$$$, lolllllllllllll

    1. I think one needs to be fair and give credit where credit is due.

      This guy is a real scum bag… an anti-English language bigot who is not fluent in English…

      There are four front runner candidates. Denis Coderre, Richard Bergeron, Melanie Joly and Marcel Cote. Which one speaks English the best? Just be honest now.

    2. Wolfe can rant all he wants about "anti-English" people, but by the tone of his comments he sounds an awful lot like anti-French language and anti-Francophones. Bigotry is not a one-way street.

    3. For once, I agree with Troll Tremblay. Wolfe seems like a Conservative troll, always copy and pasting the same crap, as if mere repetition makes something true. I think it's also obvious he is anti-francophone and anti-Quebec.

  5. Just another day in the racist province of Quebec…and you wonder why we are not visiting any longer?
    You “french’ bigots.

    The most recent incident below…

    1. Those frickin' purelainnes

    2. Bilingue?Vraiment?...Il parle le français aussi bien qu'une vache espagnole.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, August 19, 2013 at 7:06:00 PM EDT

      Hmmm.... As frustrating it is for anglos, we have to remember that pure laine employers tend to do what they want; in this case only speak french at work. On est au quebec ici et c'est en francais que ca se passe. We'll see in the next 5-10 years where this wide spread thinking will lead quebec...
      At les 3 brasseurs now at carrefour dix/30. Beer is great here!!!

    4. @S.R : We often see in these CBC, CJAD etc. news article people who, although described as bilingual, can't even put together a few sentences in French.

      It doesn't take anything away for his story but Anglo medias have a very volatile definition of what is a bilingual person.

    5. JA
      How do we accelerate the departure of language bigots like that store owner from OUR Island. If you have a problem with English, please move away from Montreal, go get lost in the 450!

    6. The ethnics are taking over Tremblay. White Franco Flight from Montreal is the reality and it shows no signs of slowing down. Their march off the Island has been going on full steam for the past 20 years. My prediction, one hundred years from now St Joseph's Oratory will be North America's largest Mosque. Add to that the fact that Les Quebecois have a low birthrate and Quebecois men have a high rate of homosexuality. Your tribe's days are numbered. Don't let the door hit your ass on your way off OUR Island.

    7. Someone asking for ethnic cleansing who also happens to be homophobic. I'm sorry, we can't be friends.

    8. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 20, 2013 at 8:23:00 AM EDT

      Some people decide to leave Montreal.... No shit! Have you seen the Island of Montreal lately? It's a friggin' hole. That's why they're leaving! Montreal sucks! Shitty infrastructure, roads, etc.

    9. Sans compter l'infestation d'anglos...Vive le 450 et la loi 14!

    10. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 20, 2013 at 8:52:00 AM EDT

      "Sans compter l'infestation d'anglos"

      Bravo mon moineau. Tu as l'eloquence d'un Joseph Goebbels.
      Avec les fins mots que tu choisis tu fais vraiment tout pour discrediter le mouvement independantiste quebecois. Tu dois etre une taupe federaliste ou un simple idiot. Lequel es-tu?

      P.S. Tu prevois l'ouverture de goulags dans le Nunavik afin de re-eduquer tes compatriotes quebecois anglos?

    11. "Sans compter l'infestation d'anglos...Vive le 450 et la loi 14!"

      Cool - looks like we have S.R supporting partition. We knew you'd come around.

    12. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 20, 2013 at 9:16:00 AM EDT

      S.R. has made some bad decision comments on here in the past - some real gems that totally discredit the separatist cause and paints it as xenophobic, intolerant and racist, all the while exposing the average quebecois as narrow minded and backward.
      Could a real separatist voluntarily display all their cracks so openly?
      He is reminiscent of a federalist that want to make the most harm to the separatists, IMHO.
      If S.R. is a real, true separatist he is also an idiot.

    13. J'ai parfois l'impression que notre ville n'attire que les mauvais anglos.

    14. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 20, 2013 at 10:10:00 AM EDT

      wow.... "ta" ville est un crisse de trou. J'imagine difficilement que des anglos veulent volontairement demenage sur l'ile de Montreal d'ailleur de ton Canada. C'est plutot des immigres allos tes "mauvais anglos". Tu me semble bien raciste ce matin, cher S.R.
      Un grand verre de Chardonnay te ferait le plus grand bien:)

    15. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 20, 2013 at 10:12:00 AM EDT

      demenager. Pardon...

    16. Tremblay "We often see in these CBC, CJAD etc. news article people who, although described as bilingual, can't even put together a few sentences in French."

      He's making an effort. Why change the subject though from the bigotry of the store manager to the guy's French?

      The problem with the Anglo media and Anglos in general is something else: it's that before they complain about anything, they first plead their attachment to the French language, like: "I am bilingual, I love French, I love Quebec, but..." I think that's useless, because even if you're perfectly bilingual, you will be judged on whether you use French as your primary language, or back up language. If you use it as back up, your bilingualism will mean nothing to bigots like this woman Josee Chretien for example.

      So just say: I will not allow anyone telling me what language to speak to another coworker who is willing to speak English with me. Period. End of story. Drop the stuff before the "but", stuff like: I love French, I love bilingualism, I love Quebec, etc...

      As for the guy's French, look at the French of Christopher Hall. It's so far from perfect, but he gets a pass, only because he embraced the "primacy" of French. This is what it's all about: not how well you speak, but what your attitude is. If you're a "troublemaker" committing a crime against the charter by speaking the forbidden language to your friends, your attitude might come under scrutiny of bigots masquerading as cultural warriors.

    17. Anyone else find this guy's initials familiar?

      I was reading through some comment threads on the "Quebec Francais" Facebook page and noticed some odd similarities in commenting style. Just saying...

  6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 20, 2013 at 10:05:00 AM EDT

    Everybody's leaving quebec for jobs.

    It's not only Jean Martin Aussant that cannot find work in quebekistan: "About 83,000 people left quebec for other provinces between 2006 and 2011"

    1. Don't worry, soon enough, student, cool as a cucumber, will tell you that he knows 83,001 people that came to Quebec from other provinces between 2006 and 2011 so there's no reason to panic.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 20, 2013 at 1:39:00 PM EDT

      Funny thing that the article already covered that only 60 000 immigrated to quebec.
      At my count it's a -23 000 count:D

      student will probably establish that those figures mean nothing anyway.

  7. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, August 20, 2013 at 12:03:00 PM EDT

    YES!!!! The PQ is doing one thing correctly:

    1. I am pretty sure, this will be this next topic on this blog because it's in all the newspapers and TV.


      MONTREAL - Quebec residents who cover their faces for religious reasons will soon find it more difficult to receive social services in the province.
      QMI Agency has learned the Parti Quebecois government plans to amend the Quebec charter of rights and freedoms and ban most religious signs and symbols from public institutions such as daycare centres, public schools, hospitals, clinics, and other government buildings.

      Visible crosses, yarmulkes, hijabs, niqabs, burkas and turbans would all be banned.

      According to sources close to the government, all health workers, public school teachers and public daycare workers would have to leave their religious symbols at home when they go to work.

      Students who study at public schools and people who receive care in Quebec's public health system wouldn't face the same strict rules as educators or health professionals, but wouldn't be permitted to cover their faces.

      Certain establishments will be allowed exemptions under the new law, such as Montreal's Jewish General Hospital and some unnamed higher education institutions. These exemptions will have to be renewed every five years. The private education system in the province won't be affected.

      The government has no intention of removing symbols of Quebec's Judeo-Christian heritage. For example, sources tell QMI Agency that the crosses at the National Assembly and at the top of Montreal's Mount Royal will stay in place.

      Note how the Journal de Montréal covers the story with a picture of a women wearing a niquab.

  8. Looks as though our dear Editor has once again been borrowed from by the Gazette:

  9. Can we possibly get more hateful in this province. No end in sight for our bigotry and racism. Wait until we lose all our doctors.

  10. Editor,

    Clean up of Anonymouses and real-life names, please.

    1. You spew racist hate online, you get exposed. Simple as that

    2. Sauf que je ne suis pas Simon Rancourt...Bozzo.