Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quebec's Catastrophic Electricity Meltdown

'perfect storm'

a detrimental or calamitous situation or event arising from the powerful combined effect of a unique set of circumstances.
The current economic disaster that is Quebec's electricity industry can be best attributed to decades of poor management by Hydro-Quebec(Quebec's state owned electricity monopoly,) unforeseen deteriorating market conditions and changing technology, but worst of all, crippling political interference.

Before going on, it would be useful to describe the ongoing fiasco in the simplest of terms, without a barrage of facts and figures to complicate the issue (that will come later.)

Hydro-Quebec is facing what can only be described as a 'Perfect Storm', a unique set of negative circumstances that is adversely affecting its ability to maintain its money-generating capacity.
The jewel of Quebec's home-grown industry, the unqualified symbol of the province's emancipation has hit the financial shoals and as the media awakens to the problem of the ongoing and developing disaster, the government is gearing up to face the problem as governments are apt to do, that is by hiding, and shifting the blame or responsibility elsewhere.

What went wrong in a nutshell;

Poor Management
The chickens, as they say, have finally come home to roost, as decades of inept, lackadaisical and wildly inefficient management practices, covered up by the massive amounts of profit, (mostly generated from Newfoundland electricity,) has finally exacted its toll. As circumstances change, the utility can no longer generate the profits it had in the past. Let us remember that Hydro-Quebec has almost twice the amount of employees (as dictated by the industry average) and that the cost of building new hydroelectric installations was and remains almost double what is spent elsewhere.

Here's an employee quote from one of the job-seeking sites that describes working conditions at the utility.
"The environment is very laid back, the hours are pretty flexible and the people were very nice. There are good benefits and since it is a large company it is possible to move to a different team via internal recruiting." Link
With salaries that tower over the North American industry average, and double the workforce, it isn't difficult to understand that Hydro-Quebec's problems are more than just related to external forces.
A Montreal newspaper ran a story detailing how one Hydro-Quebec lineman made over $200,000 with overtime in 2011! Link{fr}
A regular lineman makes over $90,000.
In other words, Hydro-Quebec has been run like crap, salaries out of control with bosses more concerned with issues other than maximizing return.

This can best be typified by the arrogance of ex-Hydro boss Thierry Vandal who made a $250,000 donation to his alma-mater, just because he was president of the board of directors of the school. Link

The mistaken idea that Hydro-Quebec is a corporation like any other (instead of a government monopoly) and like a good corporate citizen, should be making charitable donations and funding arts is outrageous.
Let us remember, that when Hydro-Quebec makes a charitable donation or underwrites a festival or public activity, it is taking the money that would otherwise flow to the government, who by rights has the ultimate and exclusive right to spend public money as it and not as Hydro sees fit.
How about the expensive art that hangs on the walls in the executive offices and corridors of the Hydro-Quebec head office...Is it really a necessity? 
It remained for many years a personal source of irritation to me, to see the two Zambonis at the Bell Centre in Montreal emblazoned with Hydro-Quebec's livery, for absolutely no good reason. It isn't that they needed to convince consumers to use their product, there isn't any alternative!
It isn't exactly a case of Coke versus Pepsi.
Does it make any economic sense to rent a box at the Bell Centre at a cost of over a million dollars, when the enterprise is a monopoly and where entertaining clients or employees makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever? Link{fr}

Worst of all, management was not brave enough to face down the disastrous political interference that imposed those financially ruinous policies and programs, that any responsible board of directors would have, or should have rejected out of hand as insane folly.

Deteriorating Demand
Since its inception, it has been a holy tenet of Hydro-Quebec that electricity demand would spiral up each year and that the utility's competitive advantage would assure burgeoning demand both at home and in the export market.
And so Hydro-Quebec has always had expansion on its agenda, moving from one great project to another and even today with the present and foreseeable demand and price for electricity collapsing, the utility has another mega project on the books, the Romaine power development project.

But the results of years of advertising has sensitized consumers to conserve electricity and the program's success has slowly but surely reduced the increased demand for electricity.
Coupled with the collapse of Quebec's pulp and paper industry, an industry that uses massive amounts of electricity in production, has resulted in an unforeseen slowdown in demand.

New Technology
Perhaps the greatest blow to demand for Hydro-Quebec's electricity, is the shrinking export market, where the new kid on the block, electricity generated by newly produced American shale gas, has not only reduced demand in the USA, but depressed prices as well.

With massive amounts of cheap American shale gas coming to market, it is hard to see Hydro-Quebec ever regaining its position and its status as an international energy powerhouse.
The fact that American utilities have invested massively in gas-fired electricity plants augers poorly for the utility as Hydro-Quebec's competitive price advantage collapses.
Demand has slowed down so much that the utility has actually mothballed plants, taking them out of production because there is no where to sell the electricity.

The confluence of these negative factors has resulted in Quebec swimming in surplus electricity;
"The massive, state-of-the-art Bécancour cogeneration electricity plant is capable of powering 550,000 homes. At the moment, however, the only action its gas turbines are getting comes from the dehumidifiers that prevent them from rusting out. 
Apart from providing steam for an industrial park neighbour, the plant, 150 kilometres northeast of Montreal, sits largely idle, victim of policies and planning in a province overrun with electricity. 
Such is the extraordinary electricity surplus in Quebec that several hundred million dollars are being spent and lost each year dealing with the problem, and consumers are footing the bill." 
Read: As Quebec bathes in electricity, money goes down the drain
Government Interference
The most egregious and saddest aspect to Quebec's electricity debacle is the fact that successive governments have used the cash-cow to further political goals.
Successive governments have saddled the utility with policies that no private company would dare embark upon due to their inherent stupidity and money-losing potential.
And so the government has used the utility to create jobs, investing in money-losing ventures, all in an effort to advance political considerations and curry favour with voters.

In a province blessed with unlimited hydroelectric generating capacity, foolish governments have forced Hydro to embark on a program of horrifically expensive wind farms and small generating stations operated in conjunction with local authorities, all in an effort  to create jobs while using the excuse of 'green energy'

The programs are nothing more than political pork, meant to shovel money and jobs to the economically depressed regions, particularly the money pit that is the Gaspe peninsula.
And so while Hydro-Quebec has mothballed a giant plant that produces electricity at about 5¢ per kilowatt, (paying the company that built the plant a $250 million penalty a year,) the PQ government is demanding that the utility add more wind power capacity that costs a minimum of 14¢ to produce, while the retail price for electricity remains at about 5¢ to 7¢.

Although I said I wasn't going to get into specific dollar details here, (I will do that in the next post) this alternate energy folly is calculated to cost Quebec rate payers almost one billion dollars a year, enough to pay for the entire free higher education program that students demanded last year and then some.

 The Parti Quebecois' energy platform presented before the last election was actually a  fantastical narrative of surreality and nonsense that played to its base of granolas and dreamers.
The PQ promised to;
"Roll out an energy strategy based on integrated resource planning, including setting production targets for renewable energy sectors (hydro, wind, biomass, geothermal, solar, hydrogen).
This in a province blessed with limitless reserves of relatively cheap and clean water power.
Utter insanity!

Cognizant of the electricity surplus and the falling prices, Martine Ouellet, the PQ's most dangerous and stupid Minister of Energy of Incompetence actually put forward a call for tenders to add more wind power!  

It seems that climbing down from a long standing policy that has been a hallmark of the PQ's political platform won't be easy. The shrieks from its environmental base as well as the howls from the entitled beneficiaries, may be too much pressure to stand up to and perhaps the PQ just may grin and bear the cost of an out of control, failed policy."

All this while the PQ is loudly setting up a committee to study the effects of the doubling up of services and costs by virtue of the federal and Quebec governments inefficiently doing the same providing the same services.

To the PQ money wasted by Ottawa is a target to be exposed, while money wasted by itself...well, something necessary for social peace and justice.

That is unfortunately, exactly what separatist governance is about. 

We'll get into more detail next post and I've a special treat, a translated piece from a francophone blogger that lays bare the PQ and in particular Pauline and her husband's role in another PQ mess, back when she was minister of finance.

And as Stan said to Ollie.
"This is another fine mess you've gotten us into!"


  1. I find it odd that Hydro Quebec does not sell more of its power to its neighbour, Ontario, which is keen to reduce its dependancy on fossil fuesl or nuclear power sources. Surely this would make huge sense for all concerned.

    1. JP you are missing the point of electricity. It's about jobs not about price that the consumer pays.

      Ontario isn;t interested in buying Quebec electricity as long as they can fantasize about their own generation and jobs along with it.

      Just like Quebec is building more capacity to generate jobs.

      It's totally removed from the laws of supply and demand or common sense.

      The consumer is in all cases to be fleeced in the interests of politically motivated overpaid union jobs in both Ontario and Quebec.

      In Quebec overpaid union jobs are reserved for PQ voting members through "hiring policies". That's about the only difference.

    2. JP and cebeuq: Actually, I think the Editor should give the Ontario Power Generation/Hydro One conglomerate (formerly Ontario Hydro) equal time! There are volumes of power generating follies here in Ontario. In fact, besides ridiculously expensive wind farms, Ontario now has a problem of surplus power notwithstanding two power plants that were supposed to be built in my riding of Mississauga South and Oakville next door. Both projects were cancelled with an excess of $600 million in penalties for not building the plants. Too, there are times Ontario has an excess of power where generators have to be shut down for days @ $1 million per day in sunk costs and when there is excess power, we have to pay the U.S. and Quebec millions to take the excess and expend it or somehow dispose it.


    3. I agree with you cebeuq, both Hydro Quebec and Hydro Ontario have their own interests at heart, rather than doing what makes sense. Also, I think most people know that Quebec uses HQ as a grace and favours organisation to reward politicians or others, and as a place to retire people no longer wanted with essentially a big fat pension. We also know that most profits of HQ over the last decades derive not from James Bay but mostly from Churchill Falls. All this said, it would make sense for HQ to sell surplus power to Ontario Hydro - a win win situation for the peoples of both provinces, and would mean that Quebec is earning its way in the world rather than relying so heavily on transfer payments.

    4. JP watch the Danny Williams youtube video if you havn;t already.

      Williams explains exactly how the Quebec uses HQ and electricity prices to manipulate transfer payments.

      Newfoundland is subsidizing Quebec for 40 years. How funny is that.

      How can HQ make profits now when they have to use "quebec construction industry" to build dams and maintain their infrastructure?

      Churchill wasn;t built with overpaid Quebec labour.

      Imagine the overpayments, bribes, manipulation that goes on when you build a super massive project like a dam. We have 2 under construction right now.

      Now OBVIOUSLY HQ doesn;t overpay for construction like the rest of the province does. (I'm laughing out loud right now).

      Don;t as too many Questions. The answers might get embarrassing.

      Lets just stick with the Quebec narrative

      Specifically don;t wonder why new dams cost 4 times as much as old dams. It *HAS NOTHING* to do with our construction industry again, it's inflation ;-)

      Dalton McGuinty subscribes to the "built it and they will come" philosphy like Quebec hockey stadiums and new power dams that arn;t needed.

      He worships the socialist credentials of the PQ.

      Embarassing that Onatrio would have somebody like him running anything except a hot dog stand on king street for more then 5 minutes.

    5. cebuq: Your last line is very eloquently stated!

  2. The Quebec Government should roll out a new program whereby every Quebec family is given a new Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt and pay an incentive of 125% of the cost of your gas-powered car for scrapping it. This would assure Hydro Quebec's profitability and the government could take all the credit for turning the situation around.

    1. MTL1973,

      It may be a fine and dandy idea, until one runs into the so-called Range Anxiety.

  3. J-F

    Alberta's oil revenue is sent to Quebec in transfer payments but is any of the American electricity revenue Hydro Quebec generates sent to Alberta?

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, July 10, 2013 at 6:13:00 AM EDT

      Oh the naivety!!!!
      As bad and mismanaged HQ can be they are probably not that far off from Ontario's Hydro One. Anyone has any figures?
      Just goes to prove that governments have no reason (and no competences) to run corporations.

  4. Had no idea that Hydro Quebec was this badly managed. Wow, only in Quebec I guess.

    Of course adding to this perfect storm for the Quebec economy is news coming in regards to the ability of Ottawa to sustain transfer payments.


    Pratte has a pretty good grasp on the situation.

    Also, when does the 'good' deal with Newfoundland and Churchill falls run out for Quebec?

    Yes, the editor is current in his analogy of the "Perfect Storm", not only for HQ but the Province of Quebec's fiscal capacity in general.

  5. The PQ are just jealous of Ontario with all the windmills that got pushed by the moronic socialist/liberal Dalton.

    Ontario is forecast to have power rates go up by 100% in the next decade as these long term pricing policies take effect.

    The fact that Ontario has totally destroyed their electricity price will have a devastating impact on the economy (the real economy, not the greenpeace one).

    Quebec will be able to push it's electricity rates up as well the entire time pointing at "sound management" of Hydro One in Ontario (a joke, but PQ can;t read anglo newspapers from outside the province to know the truth).

    Quebec can use Onatrio's massive screw up to push it's own rates up to "save" all the "no work" HQ PQ jobs.

    Meanwhile the NorthEast US (remember HQ was SO convinced of the export market they bought Vermont Power etc to own the export lines) is getting a lower power price from shale gas driven electricity then Quebec will ever be able to provide again.

    The auto companies (major employers) are barely alive in Ontario right now already. With the power price doubling in Ontario they will be hard pressed to keep any production/assembly or anything in Ontario. These are massively overpaid union jobs also. The best kind!

    Quebec will face similar issues. What manufacturer (that's even left or other company) would stay in quebec for the idiotic politics, lazy workforce, overtaxation and now an electricty price that will skyrocket.

    Wait until the average PQ supporter that had all his natural gas heating ripped out years ago (anybody remember the SUBSIDIES FOR THIS?) see's his new price for the winter. They will freak out.

    Imagine the billions in subsidies Quebec paid out to get people moving from gas to hydro heating over the years. Any homeowner that did that is just sponsoring the Quebec welfare state now. You are paying far too much to heat your home vs the equipment you got a measly subsidy to rip out.

    Soon people will realize that installing gas heating will save them major money quickly.

    Remember thank Alberta etc.

    Quebec is still convulsing on the ground that the Hydro Quebec paid for campaigns to discredit and scare the population about shale gas isn;t going to solve the economic issue of the major price difference between hydro and gas now.

    Anybody that thinks lighting your well water "on fire" is "fracking only" should revist their history books (non Quebec ones). This has been happening for hundreds of years and is *NATURALLY* occurring.

    This will really blow the mind of the average environmentalist. Did you know that nuclear reactions happen naturally also? Over millions of years? Of course not.

    Facts and history get in the way of environmentalist climate change narrative.

    Climate change is about social engineering for activists not the environment.


    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, July 10, 2013 at 11:30:00 AM EDT

      Thank you for some clarity concerning Ontario.
      Since the two provinces share many common features - mainly mirroring economic decisions as well as budget deficits, I do know that one province often observe the other in their latest budgeting or taxing measures and see how the population would react prior to implementing themselves. The Ontario HST measures was scrutinized by quebec for their own move to its own HST. As well as whenever a new tax is implemented by the other province.
      The Ontario and quebec mentality at the government levels reeks. It seems that they have adopted a measure which could have a rallying cry of "we'll tax our way out of this mess". Just ill-advised. Government ran corporations are wasteful.

  6. Lendemain de manifestation

    Alerte à la bombe au IGA de Saint-Lambert


    Un nouveau groupe terroriste?La FLAQ (Front de Libération des Agryphones du Québec) ? ...Hmm

    1. On twitter, @ILoveCanada1987 wouldn't mind if the place blew up...He might love Canada but he is full of hate for a lot stuff like many people here.

  7. Bain and now this. It's scary. I fear being attacked because I speak French

    1. How does it feel? There have been many, many attacks perpetrated against anglophones over the past year. Do you like the feeling of being targeted? Well, put the shoe on the other foot! And I don't think you believe one word of what you write above. You're just doing it to elicit comments. So now you have mine. Besides, your government doesn't target you as they do the anglophones so you only have one facet to worry about. Those that promote hate (PQ) can expect backlash.

    2. Sebastian, you are a good seppie with such hysterical hyperbole!

    3. "Those that promote hate (PQ) can expect backlash."

      Like dropping bombs? You are associating yourself with very dangerous people.

    4. Don;t forget the FLQ have been killing anglophones for 40 years already.

      Now that a teenager calls in a bomb threat suddenly lingustic violence is to be treated seriously?

    5. FLQ have stop their activities years ago. They aren't a threat anymore. The IGA bomber on the other hand...

    6. Just another troll cebeuq - wanted to see what he would say so we know who to ignore in the future. Silly boy looking for a group to infiltrate.

    7. When are you going to dissociate yourself from these people? Are maybe you'd rather when to be associated with them and be part of the backlash.

    8. @ Sebastien,

      "Are maybe you'd rather when to be associated with them..."

      You're incoherent.

      You'll find very few Anglos who would support a bomb threat or the people behind it. I certainly don't.

      The FLQ has been mostly dormant but it hasn't disappeared. It threatened Anglophone businesses on the West Island about 5 to 7 years ago. Some would say the Parti Quebecois is nothing more than the political wing of the FLQ; it definitely shares the same level of hatred towards Anglophones.

    9. @ Duram

      You have an excellent point. The PQ will deny it but they started off and remain the political wing of the FLQ. Thanks for reminding us!

    10. The FLQ offshoots were still bombing starbucks and second cup downtown a few years ago.

      Only an irrational seppie would be able to equate 1 single bomb threat with the hundreds of bomb over decades that that the FLQ set off.

      To say nothing about the constant ethnic hatred 30% of the Quebec population constantly feels towards anglo's and other immigrants.

      The PQ politicians constantly flame ethnic tensions and yet Sebastian still manages to think it's the fault of anglo's.

      That's some seriously impenetrable seppie indoctrination.

  8. A little bit of humour on a dull day:

  9. The only person in Canada who has talked openly about the corruption, the fraud...going on in Hydro Quebec was former Premiere of Newfoundland Danny Williams. Enjoy the clip and if you care pass it around please.


    Danny Williams, the only honest politician in Canada. The only one willing to discuss what Quebec has been doing to the rest of Canada...screwing us financially for a long, long time… What a pathetic state this country is in…just pathetic and no politicians in Ottawa will even talk about…just sick!!! Quebec runs the whole show and they are bankrupting the country in the process...just sick!!!

    1. If Quebec had not screwed newfoundland out of all the hydro Hydro Quebec would have gone downt he tubes years ago and Quebec with it.

      Really Quebecers shoudl stop being so smug. If it wern't for a bunch of newfies that didn;t read their contract and think it out properly Quebec welfare state would have ended a decade ago in bankrupcy.

      Now finally with power prices in the USA going down there is no export market for the power and we get the same effect.

      After a few years of this Hydro might actually have to lay off a PQ worker. Imagine the pension liability and payoffs that will have to be made to the lazy union members to get them off payroll.

      Quebec long term debt will go up a few more notches.

      The only hope for HQ is they can create enough mass hysteria about natural gas in NY, NJ etc to get the politicians to overpay for their power from Quebec.

      Anybody that thinks fracking is new should consult the "googles" also. Fracking in various forms has been done to help petrolium/gas extraction for 50 years. It's just that it made it into the lexion of environmentalists in the last few years.

      Now of course a politician can be convinced to overpay for electricity any day of the week. The problem for Quebec is whatever expensive energy plan the USA dreams up they come up with will have to be create USA jobs not Quebec ones.

      While Quebecers are congratulating each other on their environmental prowess they should revist the real facts.


      "Hydro Quebec’s profits will fall by 24%"
      "Hydro Quebec’s profits from its electricity exports are forecast to fall by 43%"
      "its cost of electricity from new supply (e.g., Eastmain, Romaine) is up to four times higher than the cost of its existing heritage hydro-electric resources"

      "Quebec’s electricity demand is forecast to rise despite the fact that its electricity consumption per person is already the highest in the world"

      The highest energy consumption *IN THE WORLD* seppies.

      Makes sense 'cause the seppie is nothing except "me me me me".

      Funny how the PQ and Quebecers are always patting themselves on the back about environmentalism yet when they all go back to their houses and nobody is watching they do the opposite.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, July 10, 2013 at 4:34:00 PM EDT

      And now ma tante Pauline wants Ottawa to pay for the Megantic tragedy!!!
      Maybe she should start exploiting her shale gas to pay for it herself!!!
      In a perfect world, for her, the future Democratic People's Republic of quebekistan (DPRq) would be financed yearly with Alberta oil money...

    3. How i'd love to see Danny Williams as PM one day.

    4. Stupid b*tch....She wants the ROC to pay for everything failed in Quebec.

      Maybe she should look to clean her own house. Oh I forgot, that would mean honesty rather than the holy grail of language debate.

      Anyways, equalization payments are going to run out soon. Then the Fed's in Ottawa my have to face up the realities surround Quebec.

      Hope so, anyways.

      You can't extract blood from a stone, without stones being thrown at you.

    5. Westerner,

      Stupid b*tch....She wants the ROC to pay for everything failed in Quebec.

      Unfortunately, not this time. As big as Lac-Megantic tragedy is, the province is completely out of fault this time. Railroad transportation is truly a federal jurisdiction, with provinces and municipals know nothing about it.

    6. Interesting article

    7. Alberta will be spending a great deal of money to recover from its recent floods. So it may not have as much money to pour into the bottomless pit of Quebec (in the form of transfer payments) in the near future.

  10. LordDorchester

    The divestment in Quebec continues. The Delta hotel on University St was sold his week to an American outfit that hopes to turn it into cheap student dorm rooms. Rather than upgrade the facility, they took the money (60 million) and ran. This is becoming a weekly occurrence. Once money leaves Quebec and plants roots elsewhere, it ain't coming back.


    CBC July 9th, 2013

    1. Imagine how quickly all the self important lawyers in the adjoining tower will bail out.

      The value of tower next door that shares the same lobby is destroyed.

      "Class A" real estate isn;t attached to student housing.

      Companies generally frown on their clients having to pass through a lobby where students are doing jello-shots on their way to the $800 per hour law offices upstairs.

      I have been in that hotel recently. It was seriously down at the heels. A coat of paint and it's perfect for students housing for the next 20 years before it has to be torn down.

      It's true as Lord D says, if Montreal had any business future it would have been renovated renewed as a downtown jewel. Seriously it's attched to victoria square and the stock exchange building.

      How pathetic is that. The building attached to our already shuttered stock exchange gets turned into student housing.

      Lets just say that doesn;t happen in real world class cities like Toronto, NY, London etc that have a future economy.

    2. Hah, a major landmark hotel turned into low rent housing for students. This certainly shows what direction Montreal is headed. What's next, turn the Museum of Fine Arts into a flea market? Saint Joseph's Oratory into a Super C?

      I would have thought another hotel chain would take it over, but what company in its right mind would want to invest in Quebec?

    3. Apple2

      Hotels are like the delta were only being used by capitalist elite. Student housing is much more appropriate for socialist Quebec.

      The only funnier more embarrassing thing for Montreal Class A real estate like this would be turning into YMCA or SHDM housing.

      One of the (in the old days) most expensive bits of montreal real estate gets turned into social housing! Now that would be funny.

      None of this is worrying to seppies of course. They don;t participate in the economy in downtown montreal. They are too busy shoveling money at the faithful in the hinterland.

      Remember the kind of thinking in Quebec "Je me souviens"

      Only looking backwards at themselves in the mirror, never forwards.

      Another part of all this that has gotten passed over is the "grand entrance to montreal that is supposed to be this road that the student housing sits on.

      Does anybody rememebr how montreal is going to tear down the bonaventure in that area for a "grand boulevard"? Ha, now with student housing!

      Really tho the only reason montreal wants "grand boulevard" is so that organized crime can take control of the few acreas of land that will be freed up so they can develop it with crappy condos.

      Amazing what passes for good governance in Quebec.

      We are about to spend a billion dollars making a "grand boulevard" that really can;t support a real estate value beyond student housing.

      The entire project is artificial. Symbolism instead of practicality. IE lets not fix the roads that are actually broken, lets build a symbolic entry to montreal that has NO benefit to the population or traffic.

      *EVERY* single bus from the south shore passes that route. That's how insane Quebec is. They will slow down and disrupt the commute of a 100K passengers a day forever in the interest of a few stainless steel flower pots, some overpriced architectural lights and a mob condo project.

      That's montreal and Quebec explained in a nutshell.

  11. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, July 10, 2013 at 5:26:00 PM EDT

    In any case I can positively predict the beginning of the end for quebec.
    The beginning of the end of quebec will occur when interest rates begin to climb.
    quebec is enjoying very low interest rates to service its ugly and bloated debt right now.
    As rates rise, and they will, it will be more difficult to service the debt as it will certainly take more money that could go elsewhere.
    Now the question is not if quebec will fail. But when. Renowned economists agree that late 2014 should see a slow rise in interest rates. ut it will not stop there; China should experience economic slowdown which will also negatively influence markets.
    But quebec won't fall alone as Ontario will go down hard as well. I'll be back in Calgary in 2016, just on time for the Great Albertan Firewall to go up.

    1. Êtes-vous déprimé ugBSdf ? Le péssimisme typique des Européens...Pas drôle ça.

    2. @ S.R.

      I think your the one that should be depressed. Living in a Province with a rapidly declining economy and speaking your "proud" Joual, which is diminishing in importance on a daily basis. Of course, your likely on BS.......as most of Quebec......what happens when that runs out?

    3. Nous allons retourner dans les bois pour y chasser et boire l'eau des rivières comme des sauvages :)

    4. "I think your the one that should be depressed"

      Contrairement à vous (semble-t-il) ma santé mentale n'est pas reliée directement à l'argent.

    5. "Contrairement à vous"

      Likely because you have long spent other peoples money and not any earned by yourself by any hard work , which, of course, is an allergy to you and your like. How much equalization from the hated ROC last year?

    6. Calm down Westy...

      Vous vous adressez à quelqu'un qui est prêt à rompre tous les liens avec le canaya.Jetez plutôt le blâme sur les fédérastes (vos amis) du Québec :)

    7. He S.R.

      Parlez blanc SVP.

      Apres tous, ce blogue est en anglais, n'est pas? Pour quoi vous parlez vos Joual ici..( He he).

      The blame is on you as you spend my tax money...if you had any guts you and your like would be gone, which would be best for the ROC.

      Encore, quand vous ete sur cette blogue, parlez blanc, SVP.

      Mercie ;)

    8. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, July 11, 2013 at 5:58:00 AM EDT


      I take big time offense with the term "speak white". It is both unacceptable and racist.
      That you come here and complain that separatists are racists is therefore laughable.
      Take a good, hard look at yourself.
      Not all quebecois are separatists or racists.
      P.S. your written french is terrible.

    9. I agree, UGBSDF. Viciousness like "parlez blanc/speak white" is unacceptable.

    10. Je suis tres desole pour ma pauvre francais. ;)

      I will remain in "globish"...as SR would say.

      Sorry to offend you UGBSDF but I simply asked for SR to speak "globish" on this site.

      I don't often complain about racist separatists as that is more the realm of those that live with them daily (Cutie and others) . I just simply want them(separatists) gone and the whole province of Quebec with them, if that is what it takes. Quebec is nothing more than a drag on the ROC....20 Billion dollars a year drag according to the editor.

      Hope your having fun in Hamburg. Good beer.

  12. Oh oh, trouble for the union mouthpiece Tom Muclair and a bunch of political losers.


    "The documents from the UPAC anti-corruption squad reveal that Vaillancourt kept a targetted list of members of the National Assembly he wanted to bribe, "

    "The documents go on to say that Vaillancourt approached several Laval MNAs from both the PQ and the Liberals, including current NDP leader Tom Mulcair, Serge Menard, Lyse Leduc, Vincent Auclair, David Cliche and Joseph Facal."

  13. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, July 10, 2013 at 6:56:00 PM EDT

    Not Good ol' Jo Facal?
    Terribly shocked here.

    1. Not that any investigating will be done of course.

      Take a moment to think about WHY Vaillencourt had these people listed.

      Because he probably heard they had already taken money for various thing "along the way".

      IE he "knows" they are bribe takers already.

      Really tho, what politician in Quebec isn;t in public office for himself and the deals and contacts he will make in the construction industry.

      After years of Charbonneau the rabbit hole still gets deeper.

      When you are as morally flexible as a Quebec "language supporter" it's not any wonder that you take bribes. You already endorse trampling other citizens human rights and promote ethnic tensions.

      Once you start to do these things you have already shown yourself to be morally flexible given "reasons and justifications".

      It's not a big step anymore to full time bribery.

      Once you start to break convention and morality regularly and "in bulk" like the BORG, te rest of criminality comes easily.

      Language harassment is simply a "gateway" to other criminal activity as it envelops the morally flexible logic of the PQ mind.

      Sure not EVERY seppie goes down that route. Many do.

      The PQ govt ENCOURAGES PQ Quebecers to ignore moral codes and international laws. Is it any wonder we end up with a province that is basically a vast criminal enterprise?

      It's a slippery slope from language hawk to criminal.

      Before we though the only outlet was voilence through the FLQ and bombings. Now we know most of them became "white collar" criminals in the civil service.

  14. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, July 10, 2013 at 7:13:00 PM EDT

    Finance minister Marceau declared that the cost of servicing quebec's debt was at $10 000 000 000 annually this year. What happens when interest rates go up? $12 000 000 000?
    $13 000 000 000? More?
    What could quebec do annually with $10B more?
    Write a cheque for EVERY quebec citizen for $1250!!! This year alone!!!! A family of 4 would receive $5000.
    I guess quebec will have to "tax its way" out of this mess...

    1. The debt service on 248 Billion is an incredible expense, especially, when the economy is in decline. Only way out is bankruptcy.....the bonds are worth nothing. If interest rates go up, the taxes will go up forcing any high income earner or company with a brain, out of Quebec due to self preservation. After which, the tax base will erode and the problem will only compound. In short. Quebec is f'ked.

      Their is no mood in the ROC to further the bailout syndrome.

      One word of advice, Un Gars, visit but never move back.

  15. Another little gem from the STM - they are always "investigating" - maybe they should start doing their job and tell these bus drivers to smarten up or they will be fired: Fat chance; whoops "unionized" - forget it.

  16. Cutie - It's clear "investigating" at the STM means a behind the scenes congratulatory pat on the back for workers putting Anglophones and immigrants in their place. There have been so many cases like this, or worse, racial profiling taken to the level of witch hunts by STM security, yet absolutely nothing changes! Sure any reprimand made towards an employee is not reported to the public, but if there were serious reprimands, you'd THINK this kind of behavior would be on the decline. Quite the opposite, it seems to be on the rise, hence why I honestly do think a friendly pat on the back is given. Or a very tongue in cheek, lacking in any seriousness verbal warning given. Probably more of carry on with that attitude, but just a "try not to get caught in the act!" suggestion.

    How many of these stories go untold? Hell, I've personally experienced it when speaking English to STM ticket booth takers or bus drivers in the past few months. Even if I speak French, they're still extremely rude and unhelpful. I feel badly for any tourists visiting Montreal and using public transit here!

    I now refer to the STM as the Separatist Terror Militia.

    1. It's obvious that they are not discouraged from behaving like they personally own the STM or we would not see so many incidences - and they say they want people to use public transit - lol. Now we are supposed to pay to be abused? What a bunch of A$$holes. Good for tourism also. Glad I don't live down there; we have enough problems in this area of quebec.

    2. I personally avoid using Montreal public transportation when possible.

      Unlike the rest of the world, our bus and subway system is NOT air conditioned and hot enough during the summer months where people have literally passed out (subway car interiors have been measured at over 40 C!). The Montreal metro has some of the old oldest rolling stock in the world, with some cars close to 50 years old. They're dirty, narrow, lack seating (many seats pulled out to make more standing room!), overcrowded, and have outdated and ancient messaging/communication systems. They are constantly breaking down, with service interrupts and outages almost daily. If you're handicapped or elderly, you can practically forget about using the Montreal subway, most stations have no elevators or working escalators. The station closest to me only uses stairs! So add to that nasty customer service personal who refuse to speak English, and over zealot security guards looking to hand out $500 fines like candy for people who lose or throw away their paper tickets (they double as proof of purchase), and I avoid it like the plague. I didn't even mention how long you sometimes have to wait for trains, 10-15 minutes outside rush hour is common.

      All I can say is when I rode Toronto's TTC, I was amazed by the difference!

    3. Apple IIGS,

      To be fair, if you ride both the TTC (bus, subway, streescar) and the STM on regular basis - like me - you know that in terms of systems, schedule, ticketing, stations and general service STM is head and shoulder better than the TTC.

      Believe you me, I thought TTC was better because it had newer rolling stocks, but after a while hands down STM is better managed.

  17. Brent Tyler speaking about the IGA incident where the girl recorded her bosses telling her to speak french at work all the time:

    1. Another "surprise" - the "Yes" side in the 1995 referendum got illegal funding. I'm shocked!

  18. «Fucking frog»: la tension grimpe entre un «inspecteur» et un résidant de Lac-Mégantic



    Speak white sur ce blogue,fucking frog à Lac Mégantic...

    1. Is the person who said "fucking frog" a Canadian?

    2. FROM ED
      Is he a person? Ed

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, July 11, 2013 at 3:56:00 PM EDT

      Yes he is a person. He is an American from Illinois.
      "Un homme se présentant comme un enquêteur de l'Illinois aurait pris à partie un résidant de Lac-Mégantic, allant jusqu'à le qualifier de «f*cking frog»"

      Racists and bigots often have pathetic personalities. Same goes for trolls.
      This is now turning into a racial thingy over at Megantic? quebecois vs Americans?

    4. Un Gars, you know common sense has no place this!

      SR and journalists looking to file any kind of story consider one person insulting another an indication of a "language fight".

      Meanwhile Muclair is saying it's a Harper problem etc

      It's just crass lowbrow journalism for every story these days.

      The reality is sites like Huffington etc get far more clicks for sensationalist crap like this then they do for "old style" reporting.

      Remember common sense isn;t very common anymore.

    5. LD

      This is a newsworthy item for the HuffPost? Two adults swearing at each other. Quick, call in the Grief Councillors, man offended by vulgar swear words.

    6. Here is another article from ROC Huffington Post:


      What's far more important than somebody saying "fucking frogs" is that many innocent people died at
      Las Megantic from a trail derailment and explosion. The Montreal, Maine, and Atlantic Railway is making
      a horrible tragedy even worse by their incompetent response. As not only an American, but as a human being
      I extend my heartfelt wishes of condolances to the people of Lac Megantic and I hope that in the wake of this
      tragedy measures will taken to reduce the possibility of this tragedy in the future.

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