Monday, July 22, 2013

Canada's Value-for-Money Monarchy

Royal baby: Kate gives birth to boy

Formal announcement of the Royal birth
It is a particular bugbear amongst the sophisticates and separatists to disdain the monarchy as an archaic institution that has no place in our modern society.

Survey after survey indicates that Canadians are a disinterested bunch when it comes to the House of Windsor, but to this observer that fact is the proof that in many cases, polls outright lie, where responders answer what they believe they should say, instead of what they feel.

I'm not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination, but for that matter, would oppose the abolition of the institution of the monarchy on a variety of grounds.

It would in all likelihood cost more to abolish the monarchy than to keep  it, but that is hardly the point.

There is a reality that we don't like to admit, the desire to to venerate our supposed  betters, whether they be Hollywood film stars, pop stars, entertainers and royalty of all manner.

How else to explain the near obsession by fans to Justin Bieber or Angelina Jolie, or George Clooney.  Entire industries exist, be it magazines, radio, television or Internet which report on every move these stars make, professionally and more importantly their personal lives, to a rabidly hungry audience of admirers who for but a moment, live viscerally in a make believe world of glamor and wealth.

It's fun to be a fan, otherwise people wouldn't waste their leisure time on star-gazing.

And to those males who venerate sports stars, wasting interminable time discussing mundane statistics, they are no one to criticize, they are no better or worse, than the star-gazers.

And so it is for the monarchy, we love to observe, dream and fantasize of the life we see them live and wish that was ours.

In this regard, our monarchy is value for money like no other.

The naysayers complain that Canada wastes about $2.50 a year per citizen supporting Queen Elizabeth and her extended entourage, but it is perhaps the very best entertainment dollar that we spend.
There are Canadians who remain uninterested, but a lot less than they would have us believe.

Undeniably popular...even in Quebec City!
Even in Quebec, when William and Kate visited last year, thousands upon thousands turned up to greet them on the streets and hundreds of thousands more watched on television.

To those who oppose spending money on the monarchy, let me say that it is a pittance compared to what the government spends on crap that is a lot less satisfying.

The fact is, that we get value for our money, not all of us, but enough to make the entire endeavor worthwhile.

To many, the monarchy, like an obsession with fan magazines and shows, is an overt hobby, while to others a guilty pleasure, enjoyed on the down-low.

As for Great Britain, the monarchy is the greatest value-for-money in terms of tourism which is inestimable, as foreigners flock to London to witness the pomp and circumstance that is the changing of the guard in front of Buckingham Palace, a visit the Tower of London, or to witness a royal wedding or the birth of an heir.
Any talk of the monarchy being a financial drag on the British economy is outright poppycock, the monetary value in tourism dwarfs any outlay by the public purse.

A high point of my sojourn to London was a visit to the utterly fantastic Buckingham Palace, an adventure that I won't soon forget, and if truth be told, far outranks those visits I made to the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, those most highly regarded of tourist attractions worldwide.

For great entertainment value I can't recommend enough a visit to the Palace of Versailles or other castles and palaces of Europe. It is an experience that you'll never forget, the breathtaking opulence and beauty not soon forgotten.
True, all of this was built on the backs of the common man, but so were the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China, but that doesn't stop us from visiting, so no carping from the holier than thou crowd.

There is a reality, yet a mystery about our human existence.
Why do little girls dream of being swept away by knights in shining armor or handsome princes in dazzling regalia.
Why do little boys dream of glory in battle or the sports pitch?

Why do none dream of winning a Nobel prize or discovering a cure for cancer?

There is a beauty in dreams that only the Grinches among us can deny.

And so to all of you who are watching with outright ebullience, the goings on surrounding the birth of the next Royal, or to those slipping in a surreptitious  and stole moment before the television coverage, all I can say is enjoy.

Nobody can tell you what to enjoy and to the spoil-sport anti-monarchists and nasty separatists, all I can say is to piss off.

For those who complain about the pittance the government spends on the monarchy it is important to understand that there are plenty of things the government spends money on that the overwhelming majority of Canadians disagree with, like the $20 billion that is shoveled to Quebec each year by taxpayers in the rest of Canada.

For Quebec nationalist who oppose the money spent on the monarchy, I propose a can imagine what it is.

Congratulations to the Windsors on the birth of the baby royal.

We wish him long life and success and look forward to following his every move.

Dear readers, please take advantage of the comments sections to offer your congratulations or to voice your displeasure....after all we still live in a free country, the legacy of our British heritage!


  1. Thank you for your essay. Here's hoping the royal couple and their new son are all well and happy, as any young family has a right to be.
    I support Canada's constitutional monarchy. I have no desire to see Canada become a republic. (The idea of "President Harper" gives me the shivers.) One can cite chapter and verse about the advantages of a monarchical government, but my favourite is the fact that it pisses off the seppies. :)

    1. Pas seulement les Seppies mais de plus en plus de canadiens-anglais.

    2. At this special time I would like to congratulate S.R, Y.L, student, Michel Patrice and all other Quebecois on the birth of their future king, His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge.

    3. Héhé!

    4. @durham

      well thank you, although i don't deserve any "congratulations". and let's just hope he never becomes our king. our king!!! how outdated does that sound?!?

    5. Pfft! Pish posh, utter nonsense and completely false. Such an uncouth remark is typical for a Quebec separatist who has an axe to grind, on account of his bizarre obsession concerning a single branch of the European monarchy.

      Only two days ago, Philippe Léopold Louis Marie ascended the throne as His Majesty, The King of the Belgians, succeeding his father, King Albert II, who abdicated the throne for health reasons.

      Not even three months ago, Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, His Majesty The King of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg, succeeded his mother, Her Majesty Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld, etc., etc., etc.

      Ultra-modern Denmark loves their monarch, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, as well as the rest of the Danish Royal Family, which enjoys remarkably high approval ratings.
      Incidentally the Queen’s daughter-in-law is Australian-born Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat. She met Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, in a pub during the Sydney Olympics. Since Frederik is the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark, this means that at the time Frederik inherits the throne, Mary will automatically become Queen consort of Denmark. A ROYAL fairy tale come TRUE!!! *big sigh*

      His Majesty, King Harald V of Norway, is a member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, originally from Northern Germany and is the formal head of the Church of Norway and the Norwegian Armed Forces. He has two children, heir apparent Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Märtha Louise, and is closely related to other European monarchs. He is the first cousin of King Albert II of Belgium; the first cousin once removed of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg; the second cousin of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms, and Margrethe II of Denmark; and the second cousin once removed of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

      His Majesty, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, along with Queen Sofia, are popular by a wide majority of Spaniards, ranking above any other public institution (while being amongst the lowest public expenditures for European monarchies).

      Their Imperial Majesties, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan are most beloved by the Japanese people. Incidentally, the Japanese monarchy happens to be the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world.

      King Bhumibol Adulyadej, along with Queen Sirikit, of Thailand is the world's longest-serving current head of state as well as the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history. He is most especially beloved by the Thai people.

      Then again, we have His Majesty the King Mohammed the Sixth of Morocco, Commander of the Faithful, may God grant him victory! May he continue to perform his ROYAL duties, which included amending Morocco’s Constitution to grant equal official status to the Berber language and to protect and preserve the Hassānīya language and all the linguistic components of the Moroccan culture as a heritage of the nation.

    6. You forget to mention the self-proclaimed queen of Québec Pauline Marios!

    7. We should also be proud of our Autumn Kelly, who was raised in suburban Pointe Claire and is a graduate of McGill University. She is the wife of the Queen’s oldest grandchild, Peter Phillips, and the daughter-in-law of Anne, Princess Royal, having met her husband at the 2003 Grand Prix in Montreal.

    8. La Marois has downgraded her $7 million mansion on Ile Bizard to a measly $2.5 million condo in Old Montreal.

      Even she knows which way the wind is blowing when it comes to the instability she is creating on account of her separatism.

    9. "You forget to mention the self-proclaimed queen of Québec Pauline Marios!"

      A "witch" is a more accurate description of Pauline Marois.

    10. @durham

      "We should also be proud of our Autumn Kelly, who was raised in suburban Pointe Claire..."

      you think i should be proud of a pointe-claire girl because she managed to seduce a guy who's fortune is based on entitlements?!? why?

  2. I'd say we're about as likely to see Canadians replacing the British monarch as head of state as we are to witnessing the birth of an independent Quebec, and for many of the same reasons. The heart may be willing, but the flesh is weak...

  3. Editor,

    Why do none of our children dream of winning a Nobel prize or discovering a cure for cancer?

    It is funny that you used the word none as if there it was a matter of fact. It is still fresh in my memory that when I was in the 4th grade my dream was to design an aircraft carrier capable to take a B-747. Sports was never ever in my dream. I liked fairy tales like Peter Pan or Pinocchio but I hated fairy tales where the princess ended up with the prince and "live happily ever after".

    So no. Your bias really shows in this piece. Not everybody shares your sentiment, and even not everybody cares about the subject. I purposely avoid all the news about the Royal Family and imagine my dismay that this blog that I hold in reverence falls into the circus. And I have to say, this may be your piece that I disagree the most.

    To close and to show the reason why I loath the hysteria around the Royal Family, let me quote from Thomas Jefferson that is written on the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

    We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    1. "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all" white "Men are created equal" - Edited for accuracy

      Slave owners pontificating about all men being equal - lol. The great American Hypocracy at work.

      Almost at funny as their current government promising "the most transparent government in history", then launching PRISM.

      " What PRISM does is to allow the NSA and the FBI to tap directly "into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio, video, photographs, e-mails, documents and connection logs that enable analysts to track a person’s movements and contacts over time."...
      ..why are some of the biggest private companies explicitly collaborating with what is now the biggest exposed spying operation in history, companies which include such household names as Microsoft Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple.

      Meet PRISM / US-984XN - The US Government's Internet Espionage Super Operation

    2. "Slave owners pontificating about all men being equal - lol. The great American Hypocracy at work."

      I was going to say. All "founding fathers" were slave-owners who created a system designed to shut out the majority from decision-making and to protect the opulent minority from the meddlesome majority (their words, not mine). That was in the background of the conflict between federalists and anti-federalists right after the American Revolution.

      As far as this piece is concerned, it confirms to me that right-wingers and conservatives are not as "responsible" and "disciplined" as they claim to be. They are simply class-biased. When ti comes to people from their circles, like royalty for example, then spending tax money is no big deal. Because "it's not too much", or because it's "entertainment". Same with bailing out corporations: it's about helping out "job providers". Insane spending on defense also passes muster. So do business subsidies that come from public purse.

      But try to pass the money downwards. All of a sudden it's "waste", "inefficiency", even "injustice". Total hypocrisy.

    3. All too true Adski, and its not just in America. To wit:

      "ground-breaking research, by a trio of Swiss researchers. The size of this research project alone is impressive, a database of:

      37 million economic actors, both physical persons and firms located in 194 countries…
      only 737 top holders accumulate 80% of the control…

      In detail, nearly 4/10 of the control over the economic value of TNC’s [transnational corporations] in the world is held, via a complicated web of ownership relations, by a group of 147 TNC’s in the core, which has almost full control over itself. The top holders within the core can thus be thought of as an economic “super-entity” in the global network of corporations.

      One monopoly already effectively controls 40% of the global economy, along with a handful of mega-oligopolies which control another 40% chunk. "

      "The Death of Competition: Oligopolies Unmasked

      Have a look at the wealth distribution: Global Wealth Inequality - What you never knew you never knew

    4. just a peek:

    5. just a peek

      The corporate "labels" are the façade, the question is who? Here's a hint:

      "The “world’s richest” lists compiled in the propaganda of the Corporate Media are simply the “B-list” billionaires. What does it mean to really be one of the “world’s wealthiest”? Being able to have your name removed from that propaganda list.

      The One Bank

      Its an old "game".
      The Money Masters ~ Full Movie

    6. @adski

      "But try to pass the money downwards. All of a sudden it's "waste", "inefficiency", even "injustice". Total hypocrisy."

      i'm with you.

    7. there is a lot of negativity on this blog towards what is perceived as a culture of entitlement in quebec. yet you come across pieces like this one where the mother of all entitlemnts, monarchy, i supported. spot the contradiction.

    8. "Take this big phenomenon that swept the country in the 1970s: the culture of narcissism, culture of entitlement, the "me generation" and so on. I'm just convinced that the whole thing was crafted by the public relations industry to tell mainly young people: "Look, this is who you are. You don't care about all this solidarity and sympathy and helping people. There is no point in working to help other people, you don't care about them, you're just out for yourself. You're all alone, you're each separate, all you want to do is consume more" Telling us that made sense because it was in their [corporate] interests." - Noam Chomsky, Understanding Power

    9. I wanted to be an astronaut, myself.

    10. Apparently, some people think money should never be spent unless it's for the homeless.

    11. Apparently, some people think money should never be spent unless it's for the homeless.

      You think its correct that 300 individuals have more wealth than the populations if China, India, Brazil and America combined(3 billion people)?

      Note the vast majority of that wealth is generated through fraud and having compliant stooges (like our PM) who sell out their own countries! Ever really look at Harper's "Action Plan"? Here's an excerpt from page 155:

      The Government proposes to implement a bail-in regime for systemically important banks. This regime will be designed to ensure that, in the unlikely event that a systemically important bank depletes its capital, the bank can be recapitalized and returned to viability through the very rapid conversion of certain bank liabilities into regulatory capital.

      In bansterese, your debt is their asset and your deposits are their liabilities. When Cyprus implemented the "bail-in", everyone with over 100K in their account had it stolen to bail out the banks! They got to keep 100K, the banks got everything else (unless you were "connected").

  4. What a convenient way to dismiss polls when you disagree with their results.

    I cannot understand that connection people make between tourism and monarchy. If the Brits abolished the monarchy the Tower of London could still be there, just like the Forbidden City or Versailles. They could still change the guards if they wanted to. It's not like the monarchy is the only reason to visit Britain.

    1. Even if the monarchy were abolished, many Americans would still prefer to visit that country and Ireland simply because of the lack of language barrier.

  5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, July 23, 2013 at 5:50:00 AM EDT

    I am neutral about the Royal family myself. Harry and William do have good albeit normal jobs, like commoners, so I understand many people may find comfort in that.

  6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, July 23, 2013 at 6:15:00 AM EDT

    A bit off topic but it's that good:

    So, Denis Poitras, a lawyer by profession declared personal bankruptcy. The guy took on the task to provide free legal aid to the "carre rouges" students. Good for him, it was his choosing. However, Mr. Poitras is suspected of being a tax cheat, defrauding Revenu quebec and/or not filling income tax returns since many years. Now, some lefties are on a vigil for this tax cheat and fraud, by putting the guy on a pedestal, mentioning that he is a victim of injustice!!!
    Instead of distancing themselves from a fraud, they associate with the guy. That is what is wrong with quebec. Why am I saying this? Many quebeckers are always on the wrong side of the track.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Part 1 -

      The following is an Email that I sent to the CAQ. Their response is attached.
      Please reconsider what will be a deprivation of human rights, specifically the right to choose the languages in which we wish to conduct our daily affairs and educate our precious children.
      Please vote down Bill 14.
      Thank you so much for your consideration.
      Norman Simon - executive member - The Unity Group
      2 attachments — Download all attachments View all images Share all images
      canada-day-flag.jpg canada-day-flag.jpg
      31K View Share Download
      1001806_683193221707799_1297145967_n.jpg 1001806_683193221707799_1297145967_n.jpg
      60K View Share Download
      CAQ Reply:
      Réception Coalition Avenir Québec
      1:24 PM (19 minutes ago)
      to me
      A few weeks ago, the Commission on Culture and Education began consultations on Bill 14, an Act to amend the French Language Charter and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
      The Coalition believes that French language is part of the identity of Québec and we are committed to promote and protect it. We are also committed to achieve this in full respect of the English-speaking community.
      The Coalition will thus eagerly participate in the proceedings of this Commission and reiterate its firm commitment to a balanced approach on the language issue. We recommend an intelligent approach to reduce bureaucracy, unnecessary irritants and the imposition of additional burden on business.
      Our goal is to enable the government to improve the bill because thirty-five years after its adoption, some elements of Bill 101 need to be updated. We will not hesitate to vote against Bill 14, if the Government refuses to improve it.
      Specifically, we urge the government to abandon the following measures:
      · withdrawal of the bilingual city status from a municipality that now counts on a Anglophone citizenship of less than 50%. The withdrawal of a bilingual city status should be concluded solely by a City Council resolution;
      · obligation for children of francophone members of the military to attend school in French. It is important to maintain this exemption to ensure that these children are not at a disadvantage in the event of attending school outside Québec; and
      · imposition of new administrative obligations with regard to businesses counting 25 to 49 employees.

    3. Part 2

      It is likely that a minority government will be more responsive regarding expectations from the Coalition on these issues.
      In addition, we are against the restrictions imposed on students who want to enroll in an English college. We await the end of the scheduled hearings in order to take into account representations from the participants on this bill, and then possibly decide to add the withdrawal of these new restrictions as an additional condition for our support on the bill.
      We would be willing to support "lean and flexible" approaches for businesses with 25 to 49 employees, as recommended by the French language Superior Council. On the other hand, we are adamant on the perniciousness of bureaucracy and red tape for businesses. Certainly, efforts should be made to promote French in the workplace. But before considering the use of coercive measures, we must encourage and help businesses to work in French.
      We believe that the measures we propose are full of common and practical sense and will actually contribute to the growth and vitality of French in Québec, without unnecessarily bullying our businesses, students and the Anglophone community.
      Finally, we hope that the debate will take place in a spirit of cooperation and courtesy despite the emotions that these discussions can generate. This is essential considering the sensitivity of the issue and the presence of a minority government.
      We believe that our balanced approach would better serve the interests of Québec and Quebecers and we will spare no effort to have it acknowledged. But if the government remains uncooperative, we will vote against the bill and the government will live with the consequences.
      Micheline Castonguay
      Coalition Avenir Québec

      De : Norman Simon []
      Envoyé : 23 juillet 2013 13:12
      À :
      Objet : Bill 14 - loi 14.

      As we can see, the CAQ is not at all amenable to voting against Bill 14 at present. They say they want changes made to it, but they do not say that they will vote against it outright. The time has come to put maximum pressure on the CAQ so that they understand that if they do not change their minds and vote down the bill, they will no longer have a future in Quebec affairs.

      I urge everyone to send them a similar Email!
      Thank you.


    4. More discrimination evident in our good ole province:

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, July 23, 2013 at 5:33:00 PM EDT

      The article is behind a pay wall, please copy/paste here.

    6. @cutie003

      i don't understand. why is ending a privilege kit "discrimination"?!?

    7. @cutie003

      why would the caq bow down to you when you'll vote liberal anyways?!?

    8. Part 1 from the National Post:

      For the boys at Camp Gan Israel in the Laurentians, the trip to the La Ronde amusement park in Montreal is one of the highlights of the summer. Because the camp is kosher, and La Ronde does not sell kosher food, the children have always been allowed to bring in their own snacks.
      But after a newspaper went undercover last week to reveal that Muslims and Jews with dietary restrictions were exempt from the ban on bringing food into the park, La Ronde announced an end to the religious accommodation Monday.
      “After hearing feedback from our guests, La Ronde would like to clarify that only guests with special medical dietary needs will be considered to bring outside food with them as they enter the park,” communications manager Catherine Tremblay said in a statement.
      The “feedback” included a 19,000-name Internet petition and a stream of intolerant reader comments on media web sites after the Journal de Montréal broke the news last week. The paper’s reporter had donned a headscarf and received a sticker allowing her to bring her sandwich into the park. “Special privileges for halal and kosher food,” the front-page headline read. “Lunches forbidden at La Ronde except for Jews and Muslims,” the paper reported on its website.
      I think that before companies give in to accommodation vigilantism they have to think about the broader ramifications
      The uproar over the amusement park’s policy is the latest sign of the resurgence of Quebec’s debate over the reasonable accommodation of religious minorities. It comes as the provincial Parti Québécois government prepares a new charter aimed to protect “Quebec values” against a perceived assault by minority religious groups.
      Last month, the Quebec Soccer Federation made international headlines when it ignored the advice of the national federation and barred turban-wearing Sikhs from playing. It reversed the ban after the sport’s international governing body, FIFA, said the head coverings were acceptable.

    9. Part 2

      In May, Quebec’s minister responsible for the planned values charter, Bernard Drainville, denounced a long-standing Montreal policy that allowed observant Jews to avoid parking tickets during high holidays.

      Dan Delmar: Parti Quebecois plans to double-down on intolerance
      McGill conference seeks place for religious perspectives in increasingly secular Quebec society
      Quebecers polled on ‘problem’ of religious accommodations as PQ delays introduction of Charter of Secularism
      Kelly McParland: Quebec judge strikes a blow against the scourge of secular fundamentalists
      Liba Mockin, co-director of Camp Gan Israel in La Minerve, Que., said her camp has always enjoyed a good relationship with La Ronde and she is optimistic a solution can be reached before next year’s visit.

      “Everyone needs to eat during the day,” she said. “Because we’re so restricted and it’s not optional — it’s not like we’re deciding on that day whether we’re eating kosher — by telling us we can’t bring kosher food, you’re telling us we can’t eat for the day.”

      Officials with La Ronde, which is owned by the American company Six Flags Entertainment Corp., declined interview requests and did not reply to emailed questions about the policy change.

      Jack Jedwab, executive director of the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies, said the backlash over La Ronde’s accommodation is a sign of growing “accommodation vigilantism” in Quebec. “I think that before companies give in to accommodation vigilantism they have to think about the broader ramifications,” he said.

      The motivation is much more dangerous than the actual action
      Salam Elmenyawi, president of the Muslim Council of Montreal, said La Ronde would not be facing the problem if it made halal and kosher food available in its restaurants.

      He said the fact that visitors to La Ronde can eat picnic lunches in a special area outside the park entrance means the end of the accommodation will not bring significant inconvenience. But the message sent is harmful.

      “The motivation is much more dangerous than the actual action,” he said.

      “I think it is a bit distasteful for them to make this an issue.”

      It is reminiscent of the uproar over accommodation practices that led to Quebec’s 2008 Bouchard-Taylor commission. Authors Charles Taylor and Gérard Bouchard concluded that the crisis was largely fuelled by misinformation and blamed journalists for embarking on an ill-informed “accommodation hunt.” (Then as now, the Journal de Montréal led the charge.)

      The hunt is back on, and the level of journalistic rigour is scarcely better. Just consider when the Journal decided to undertake its sting — during Ramadan, when most healthy Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. The reporter’s sandwich may have been the only purportedly halal food to pass through La Ronde’s gates that day and for weeks to come.
      National Post
      • Email: | Twitter:

    10. " telling us we can’t bring kosher food, you’re telling us we can’t eat for the day.”

      Ce n'est pas la Ronde qui les empêche de manger mais bien eux-même qui se privent de le faire.

      Que feraient-ils si ils se retrouvaient sur une île déserte à la suite d'un naufrage?

    11. Just in passing, Six Flags in NJ HAS Kosher food!

      I attended a basketball game at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn last season and noticed that one of the concession stands was a Kosher deli.
      I know that Yankee stadium, CitiField, MSG and the US Tennis Open all offer kosher food, but admittedly the NYC clientele is more substantial.
      The Toronto Maple Leafs and at least thirty other sports franchises offer Kosher food but alas none of them (to my knowledge) serve Halal.
      Here's a list;
      Baseball (8):
      -Baltimore Orioles
      -Boston Red Sox
      -Cleveland Indians
      -Miami Marlins
      -NY Mets
      -NY Yankees
      -Toronto Blue Jays
      -Washington Nationals

      Basketball (8):
      -Boston Celtics
      -Brooklyn Nets
      -Chicago Bulls
      -Houston Rockets
      -Miami Heat
      -NY Knicks
      -Toronto Raptors
      -Washington Wizards

      Football (7):
      -Baltimore Ravens
      -Detroit Lions
      -Miami Dolphins
      -New Orleans Saints (Including Super Bowl XLVII)
      -NY Giants
      -NY Jets
      -Philadelphia Eagles
      -Washington Redskins

      Hockey (8):
      -Boston Bruins
      -Chicago Blackhawks
      -Florida Panthers
      -NJ Devils
      -NY Rangers
      -NY Islanders
      -Toronto Maple Leafs
      -Washington Capitals

      From 31 Sports Teams That Have A Kosher Food Stand

    12. Those exemptions were a bad idea in the first place. Muslims and Jews can bring their own food but "the rest" has to pay 10$ for a slice of pizza. Isn't this another kind of discrimination?

      Honestly, there are two solutions and they are both quite simple. Either you let everyone bring their own lunch or you sell halal and kosher food on the site.

    13. How about working with the Ethnic communities to provide food that is acceptable by simple negotiation?
      After all, isn't this a business that encourages customers to come?
      A Jewish or Muslim group should be able to call the venue and makes arrangement that meals be provided at a fair reasonable markup, where the venue is satisfied.
      It is just question of coordination, something businesses do every day.
      The object is to accommodate clients and make money in the process.
      Would it really be more lucrative to tell these groups to piss off?
      Nothing complicated here, if Air Canada can provide a Kosher, Halal or vegetarian meal. so can these venues.
      Good will towards man and profit to boot!

    14. Négociation pour la nourriture,les tenues vestimentaires,les fêtes religieuses,les relations hommes/femmes,etc.Ça devient compliqué.

    15. "How about working with the Ethnic communities to provide food that is acceptable by simple negotiation?"

      Or how about the ethnic communities forget about some rule that's thousands of years old (and made sense back then), and stop slaughtering animals in the most horrific and inhumane possible way??

      I have to agree with our separatist friends; good job to LaRonde, and to any other organizations who entirely forbid these barbaric practices.

      For those who don't know, Halal and Kosher meats mean the animal is slaughtered while FULLY CONSCIOUS, by having their neck sliced and being let to bleed to death while suffering. This would be entirely illegal in this country, if these groups weren't protected by their so-called "religion".

      We are then forced to pay more for most of the food we purchase in order to encourage these practices. You and I are essentially paying for animals to be tortured by these fanatical religious groups.

      This isn't a religious issue, it's an animal rights issue.

      There is no justifiable reason to do this in the 21st century.

    16. Have you seen a modern-day slaughterhouse? Do you think it is much better?

    17. Immigrants should adopt our traditions, customs and raison d'etre or seek a different new life elsewhere.

    18. Respect peoples' beliefs Quebecker of Tree Slump. As far as I know, kosher and halal is actually more humane than normal meat.

    19. @EDM

      La prochaine fois que vous vous ferez opérer,dites au médecin que vous ne voulez pas d'anesthésie.

    20. Yah, because chickens are anesthetized before being killed in the slaughterhouse. Sheesh!

    21. @anonymous

      they are. with electricity.

    22. i am ready to bet that a yearly slice of pizza is not gonna jeopardize their spot in paradise. you know why? there's no paradise!

    23. student, i think you are referring to big animals, not fowl, like cattle. And that's not always happening:

      Here's how they anaesthetize pigs: That doesn't look good to me. In fact, people receiving electroconvulsive therapy (a bit similar to electro-anesthesia, one might say) are being sedated to avoid physical injury such as broken bones. ANd I doubt they are doing this for the chickens on the conveyor belt ( They have their heads just cut off. read up some more instead of making assumptions

    24. I was actually quite upset to hear that La Ronde had such a policy in the first place. Either they allow everybody to bring in their own food or nobody. Once you start making exceptions then it becomes unfair. The food in la Ronde is absolute garbage like most amusement parks and incredibly over-priced so their food policy always offended me. Then to find out on top of this that certain groups were allowed to bring in food. What about people who want to eat healthy food..or people who cant eat gluten..good luck finding healthy food at La Ronde.
      This is another example of political correctdness gone everyone is slamming La Ronde for discrimination when they should be condemning them for banning outside food to everyone. Once again if you decide to come here from another country why should WE be bending over backwards to accomodate your beliefs and religion??

    25. @anonymous

      no. i am refering to chicken. just before the head is cut off they take a dip in an electric pool. chicken don't suffer. i can't be as affirmative in the case of halal or kosher chicken.

      if you followed your own advice and read a bit more, you wouldn't have "doubts" anymore, mate.

      and a swiss website might not be the best place to hunt for the truth about quebec's slaughterhouses.

    26. @complicated

      "Either they allow everybody to bring in their own food or nobody."

      exactly. and between the two, allowing lunch boxes is the best policy. the best for visitors of course, but not for the corporation.

      it's interesting to see that profit maximization does not only create physical and environmental problems like the mma train crash did, but in this case it creates a social problem too.

    27. I have actually written twice to six flags to allow people to bring in their own food as the food they serve is of such poor quality. I also asked them why the usual fast food frankenfood continues to be the only option they provide. Its 2013 and with the growth of organic foods, non gmo foods and a general desire by many people to eat higher quality food why are they in such a time warp in this regard?? The company is probably run by a bunch of 60+ year olds who still believe that good old processed fast food is the way to go.

    28. Cutie said : "More discrimination evident in our good ole province: (Link to La Ronde's story)"

      It seems like your assessment was completely off the Monstre's track.

    29. @student - I stand corrected.

  8. Boy-o-boy-o-boy! To see Quebec at its shit-disturbing best, just READ THIS!

    The pot just keeps on stirring!

  9. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, July 24, 2013 at 5:43:00 AM EDT

    quebecois say they are green, eco-friendly and friends of the environment. But in reality they are anything but: "Les Québécois souhaitent voir le gouvernement améliorer en priorité l'état des routes avant de développer davantage les transports en commun".
    Not to mention that the record popularity & proliferation of wood stoves in la belle province contributes its fair share of pollutants in the atmosphere...

  10. Woman Calls Obama a Communist: Watch What Happens When She’s Asked to Define it


  11. I prefer anytime a republic instead what we have right now in Canada.

    1. Je préfèrerais même une république de bananes à une monarchie de concombres.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, July 25, 2013 at 4:31:00 PM EDT

      "Je préfèrerais même une république de bananes à une monarchie de concombres."
      republique de banane= quebec

    3. "republique de banane= quebec", voilà, tu as compris et tu le reformules avec tes propres mots : la république de bananes, c'est le Québec et la monarchie de concombres, c'est le Canada. C'est très bien, bravo, viens ici maintenant, mon beau garçon, la maitresse va mettre une petite étoile dans ton beau cahier.

    4. You are entitled to your opinion… that is part of the great British legacy that has been bequeathed to us.

      Be that as it may, opinions are like assholes… everybody has one.

  12. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, July 25, 2013 at 6:54:00 AM EDT

    quebec wastes taxpayers' money... who cares!!!

    quebec's white elephant; a monument to stupidity and futility. Less than 40 years after the event and less than 10 after being paid off, this dwelling should be demolished before people die:

    1. Je préfère les éléphants blancs aux dinosaures noirs :)

    2. "Un flop"... another fine French word! :)

      Franco-supremacists just can't seem to get rid of the presence of pesky English, no matter what they do... LOL!

  13. Please read what has happened to a gentleman named Steve when voicing his opinion on FB following the election of Miss Piggy:
    Quebec is a total disgrace and hopefully everyone will share his story far and wide. The federal government should be held accountable for some of the expenses incurred by these people that are victims of the hate and bigotry practiced openly in quebec. When are the citizens of Canada going to stand up and fight back against these traitors to our country?

    1. gentlemen don't blurt out death threats, cutie003.

    Way to go quebec - keep showing the world what you're all made of!

    1. Pas de nouvelles plus récentes peggy?

    2. Wow... that editor sure made his opinion known in no uncertain terms. Rather refreshing, actually...

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