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French versus English Volume 85

This week in Quebec Corruption

The Journal de Montreal is reporting that ex-Laval Mayor Gilles Vallancourt sent millions of dollars in payola cash to Switzerland via couriers, even children, family members who ferried the money across the Atlantic. Link{fr}
The scheme involved several people including lawyers, collectors and family members which makes the whole affair if proven, a criminal enterprise.
It would be the first time that the law against criminal organizations would be applied to white collar criminals.

If you think that the Charbonneau Commission is sending Quebecers for a loop, wait until the Vaillancourt mess goes to trial, where it will no doubt create a sensation unseen in the annals of Quebec Canadian criminal trials.

There's no doubt that with so many players, there's a line-up of those willing to turn states evidence and rat out the mayor, who police really want to see in jail.

A word of advice to the future defendants, stick to trial by judge, because the average Quebecer as a potential juror would like nothing else than to stick it to these guys.

By the way, the article stated that the RCMP had a file on Vaillancourt way back before 2000.
So what took them so long????
"Seems part of the reason Montreal's streets are a pothole-ridden mess every spring is because the quality of asphalt has become poorer over the last decade.
And part of the reason for that, is because of collusion between construction companies.
So says Gilles Théberge, a former construction executive who took the stand again today at the Charbonneau Commission." Read the rest of the story at CJAD

Meanwhile Dr. Arthur Porter, the central figure in the Montreal super hospital bribery scandal, was arrested in Panama, along with his wife.
Her role in the matter has never been made public.
Porter had claimed he was too ill to travel with late-stage cancer while in the Bahamas and so more questions are raised about his supposed illness.
It remains to be seen if Porter will fight extradition, but if he's smart he will not as his treatment here will likely be better than being placed in custody in Panama.
Stay-tuned.  Read the story

UPDATE"  ........Porter says he won't fight extradition

Here's a thought...
What if Porter isn't lying and he does have terminal cancer?
He'll never see trial because of his illness and by bringing him back, all we are doing is picking up some very expensive health bills.....Hmmmm!

The chief of staff of the Minister of Families, Lucie Papineau has resigned her position after eight months on the job because according to her boss, she only agreed that she'd stay on for six months.
Hmm..... When the minister Nicole Leger made the announcement of her appointment, she never mentioned that it was a short-term affair.
Could it be because Madame Papineau was  named in the Charbonneau Commission not once, but twice, in relation to illegal donations on the PQ side? Link{fr}

"The whole corruption scandal that has enveloped Quebec has had people shaking their heads at the audacity and the pervasiveness of the affair.
But until now, it seemed to be a conspiracy of the willing, there was no talk of violence.
Well that all changed with the publication of this story;
"The owner of a construction company was likely beaten to death because he wouldn't participate in a corrupt system, said a witness at the Charbonneau Inquiry.
Serge Loiselle and his wife were attacked inside their Salaberry de Valleyfield home in November 2011, and Loiselle later died of his injuries.
He was the owner and president of Ali Excavation, a successful construction company that won contracts throughout the region.
But Gilles Théberge, a now retired manager of Sintra Construction, said Loiselle's success proved his undoing.
According to Théberge, Loiselle was an honest man who refused to take part in the widespread collusion that is rampant in Quebec's construction industry. His refusal to co-operate with other construction companies and artificially inflated prices meant Ali Excavation was easily able to win contracts, and undercut the profit margin of other companies." Read more
Contractor describes being threatened by bid-rigging companies
It was impossible to even make bids on public projects in Laval without being threatened by other players in a corrupt system said the latest witness at the Charbonneau Inquiry.
Construction entrepreneur Pierre Allard is the owner of a small construction firm that tried to work in Laval, but was quickly swept up and strong-armed by other construction companies.
Allard said his company had no difficulty bidding and winning on public contracts, but problems began when he decided to bid on on public-private contract to connect water mains and sewers in a housing development to the municipal network.: Read more

Quebec soaks Canada for $20 billion a year

"A Journal de Montreal  story reports that Statistics Quebec, a government agency, has confirmed that Quebec is the big, big winner in federal government transfers, taking out a shocking twenty billion more than it puts into the federal pot.

"In 2011, federal spending in Quebec reached $61.6 billion. This includes spending on goods and services, money transfers to Quebec companies and individuals (old age pension, unemployment insurance, child benefits) in money transfers to the provincial government (equalization, etc..) and to municipalities, interest on the Quebec portion of the federal debt, etc..

Revenue from Quebec peaked in 2011 at about $ 42.5 billion
." Link{fr-PW}
The journalist Michel Girard goes on to say;
"Defenders of Quebec independence may argue that 2011 might have been an exceptional year. 
In 2010, the "sovereignty balance" also showed a large deficit of $19.2 billion.
In fact, the "sovereignty balance" has deteriorated significantly since 2004. At that time, we saw a negative variance of
only $967 million. Ever since 2008, the gap exceeds $11 billion annually, with the federal government spending a whole lot more money in Quebec than it withdraws through the taxes.

I hope these economic statistics, compiled by the
Institut de la statistique du Québec, will be the subject of future serious analysis over the economic viability of Quebec sovereignty.
This should partially answer questions from Jacques Parizeau. He urged this week, the  Marois
government to table  economic studies that can shed light on the advantages of an independent Quebec rather the status quo of Canadian federalism." Link{fr-PW}
I think this clear and concise article will put to bed any claim that sovereigntists can make over the economic benefits of sovereignty.
How will they react to the story?
They won't, they will keep silent and hope the issue fades from memory, because to debate the issue publicly, would be just too devastating.

By the way, not to toot my horn, but this story is old news, last November I created this infogram that indicated the difference in what Quebec gives and gets from Ottawa.
It is the story wherein I correlate the numbers and conclude that for every dollar Quebec sends to Ottawa it receives back $1.45. Read my post: Quebec Propagandists Get a Dose of Reality

Equality Party takes heat for Howard Galganov comments

Only about 50 people turned out for an Equality part meeting in which Howard Galganov gave the keynote address.

"PQ power gives rise to ‘Angryphone’ lunacy" -Dan Delmar
With the rise of Pauline Marois as Quebec Premier, along with one of the more radical incarnations of her Parti Québécois, comes inevitably the rise of the province’s “Angryphone” movement; a controversial designation referring to politically-active Anglophones who are the most vigorous defendors
(sic) of linguistic rights. For the first time in years, they have resurfaced and attained new heights of lunacy.  Read the rest of the story

But the article raised many hackles, so check out the many negative reactions to the story in the comments section.

Court reverses prayer ban at city council meetings

I hope Bernard Drainville takes a close look at the decision of the Quebec Appeals court which reversed a decision by the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal banning the practice of the Saugenauy city council from reciting a prayer before town council meetings.
"The Quebec Court of Appeal reversed a decision of the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal and is allowing the City of Saguenay to recite a prayer before council meetings, all the while condemning the attitude of Mayor Jean Tremblay in this debate.

In a decision written by Justice Guy Gagnon, the three judges who heard the case believe that reciting a prayer and the nature of the prayer in question does not violate the religious neutrality of the City. In other words, the court concluded that the City of Saguenay imposes no religious views to its citizens and its government action is immune
from such influence. Link{fr}
According to Mr. Drainville, the government does not take a position on religion and is committed to keeping it out of the public administration, is Christian in nature!
Oh, those pesky courts!!!!!

Pierre-Karl Peladeau tries to mask separatist leaning

Ex-media scion, Pierre Karl Peladeau, now safely ensconced in the PQ camp, who was named as head honcho of Hydro-Quebec by the PQ government, has finally let his allegiance out of the bag, as if it was a secret!
Péladeau Backtracks
QUEBEC - The new chairman of the board of directors of Hydro-Québec, businessman Pierre Karl Peladeau, backtracked Friday, after noting the depth and sincerity of an appeal for sovereignty launched by  former Premier Bernard Landry.
Mr. Peladeau, who took up his new job just ten days ago, expressed himself during a question and answer period following a speech by Mr. Landry.....
...Mr. Landry said that Quebec's economic situation would be better if Quebec were independent and he concluded his speech by inviting the audience to think and decide for themselves. Columnist Alain Dubuc, who introduced the former Premier, in response, said he endorsed all  what Mr. Landry said in relation to the economy, but not the end-game of  sovereignty, a divergence that triggered laughter from the audience.
....Commenting from the floor, Mr. Peladeau  expressed satisfaction with the final passage of Mr. Landry's speech and in referring to the comments of Mr. Dubuc, who writes for La Presse, said; "It is true that Mr. Dubuc could report what you said, but probably something he couldn't do, is to recreate the sincere and profound conclusions.
During a press briefing that followed, Mr. Peladeau, the controlling shareholder of Quebecor (TSX: QBR),  distanced himself, arguing that he was really referring to aspects of the speech by  Mr. Landry about entrepreneurs who contributed to the building of Quebec.....
....During the last election,  Mr. Peladeau's spouse, host Julie Snyder, had publicly expressed support for Ms. Marois. Read the rest of the story Link{fr}

Private Investment plummets under the PQ

Investment between Sept. 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013 ( Péquiste gvt.)
Public Investments       $1.7 billion
Private investment : :    $1.6 billion
Total : :                          $3.3 billion
Source: Quebec Ministry of Fiance

Investment between Sept. 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012 ( Liberal gvt.)
Public Investments :   $908 million
Private investment :    $3.2 billion
Total :                         $4.2 billion
Source: Quebec Ministry of Fiance

  "If one believes the figures presented Friday by the government itself, private investment totaled $ 1.6 billion between September 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013 compared to $ 3.27 billion for the same period last year, when the Liberals were in power. This represents a decrease of 51.14% or $ 1.67 billion." {Fr-PW}

Jacques Villeneuve's parting shot

"Former Formula 1 champion Jacques Villeneuve said he left Quebec because of the province’s language laws, business climate and the general “morose ambiance.”
In an exclusive interview with QMI Agency, Villeneuve, who works as an F1 analyst on French and Italian television, said he “no longer felt at home” in Quebec. Link

The reaction to this story is disproportionate to his fame.
Newspapers and letter writers are raging over the slight with the most virulent attack launched by La Presse columnist Francis Vailles who stooped to reminding readers that Villeneuve's singing career tanked, somehow making his opinion invalid.
The rest of the screed was akin to the childhood taunt...  "ya mudder wears army boots"
My favourite comment under the story was this, from
"I greatly respect your opinions, which are often above the fray.
But here, I read an article which is quite biased, emotional, attacking a person - about his failure as a singer... really?! - Instead of discussing the real question: Is it attractive for a millionaire, who is mobile, who has the choice of residence, and who wants the best education for their children, to settle in Quebec?" Link{fr}
(credit: Lord Dorchester, Mosnean) 

Bill 14 and "Charter of Secularism" delayed until the Fall

The Parti Quebecois announced that the clause by clause study of Bill 14 will be delayed until after the summer recess due to the Liberal party's obstructionism.
"With Bill 14, meant to bolster Quebec’s Charter of the French language, bogged down by what Immigration and Cultural Communities Minister Diane De Courcy termed on Wednesday a “Liberal filibuster,” the Parti Québécois government has postponed until the fall its policy paper for a Charter of secularism."  LINK
In the meantime;
"The Parti Québécois government says it plans to compel federally regulated companies to comply with Quebec's French Language Charter, by withholding public contracts from any business or agency that doesn't.  Link

Bits'n pieces

On average, Quebecers work, 117 hours less per year than Ontarians.
That's almost three weeks! Link{fr}

Henry Aubin  is not  one of my favourite writers, but here contributes an interesting piece about how because Ottawa is paying for the replacement for the Champlain Bridge, Quebec is asking for an expensive architectural gem.
 Culture of entitlement crosses bridge

Another good piece on the decline of Montreal;
Montreal might be a hotbed of creativity, but its (sic) also a hotbed of municipal decline

For those outside Quebec who believe that all Quebecers suffer from entitlement disease, here is a great piece by  blogger Gilles Guénette in Quebecois Libre, obviously in French.
Anyone interested in translating?

"The French language police (France-.ed) have long been fighting an uphill battle to stem the invasion of English words into the language of Moliere. But with "stop", "weekend", "cool" and many, many others words now at home in the Gallic language it appears the French resistance has all been in vain. Nevertheless a team of people at the Minister of Culture in Paris are keeping up the fight. They are charged with finding French alternatives to any new English word of phrase that rears its head in French." Link
Here are the top offenders:
Cloud Computing
Silver Economy
Crowd Funding
Exit tax
Class action
Carbon offsetting, Carbon Compensation, Carbon neutrality
"street basketball", "street football"


Parlez Anglais? French on course to do just that
"Compounding the unease of the French elite is their awareness that French is now only the eighth most spoken language in the world whereas English is second, behind Chinese. And last week the French language seemed to have conceded a rather painful defeat to English. The French higher education minister Genevieve Fioraso tabled a draft law which would allow some scientific courses at French universities to be taught in English. Sacre Bleu. Shock Horror."

Bilingualism rate drops for first time since Pierre Trudeau
"Driven in part by the arrival of thousands of French-eschewing immigrants, Canadian rates of French-English bilingualism have dropped for the first time since the election of prime minister Pierre Trudeau, according to a Statistics Canada report released Tuesday." Link

Obituary- Morton Brownstein, a Great Montrealer 
Morton Brownstein, a visionary retailer who transformed Browns Shoe Shops from a small family business into a national chain that pioneered sales of designer shoes, has been called “a national treasure” for his dedication to building a better Canada.....
..... His most cherished cause was the Jewish General Hospital, of which he became president of the board in 1988. A fundraiser extraordinaire, in 1984, he raised $20 million for the emergency department, which is now named after him and Bernice.
In 1998, he raised $50 million for the hospital and topped that in 2003 by raising $200 million....
....In 1988, Brownstein was among five merchants who won a Supreme Court challenge to provisions of Quebec’s French-language charter banning English from public signs. But the victory left a bitter taste, since then-premier Robert Bourassa invoked the notwithstanding clause to overturn the ruling.
“It’s neither exhilarating nor satisfying,” Brownstein said on learning the verdict, adding that he never would have undertaken the challenge if he had known how little support his efforts would get from Quebec’s business leaders.
In 1989, he became one of the most prominent backers of the anglophone-rights Equality Party. “They gave me respectability,” he said. “They’ve been telling the legislature and people of Quebec that we should be treated as equals in the province — they’re defending that and no one else is,” he said. Read more

What can I say?

Mile End and Gary Carter! ......YES!!!!
Montreal bus driver, probably in trouble!!!

And here's something to remind those of you who are burning the candle at both ends to make time for yourself and your family this summer;

Have a great weekend

Bonne fin de semaine!


  1. Re: the Dan Delmar piece in the National Post.

    Adski had a really excellent comment. I particularly liked what he had to say in response to state violence and yardsticks.

    1. The separatists know that they are pushing the envelope and are happy with the fact that they could be pushing people to violence. If they really cared about not causing trouble, they would never have put forth Bill 14 when there was reasonable linguistic peace before that. Stupid but they will never quit picking on this community until there is not one anglophone left in the province and every second home is vacant. Anything for independence

  2. While true that Bill Brownstein was an early supporter of the Equality Party (circa 1989), sadly by the time 1994 rolled by, he had gone back to the Liberal fold.

    1. Tony: It's like the Jews during the reign of terror under the Nazis who paid South American countries through the nose for visas to flee for their lives only to be turned down and unable to dock, go back to Germany, Poland and other tyrannous countries to be shot, gassed or exterminated in some other heinous manner.

    2. Mr. Sauga,

      Reminds me of that book "One is too many" which I think was about Canada, MacKenzie King, and the policy on Jewish refugees pre-WWII but it may have also referred to South American countries as well?

    3. Bill Brownstein is a columnist at The Gazette. Morton Brownstein is the man who built Browns Shoes into a national chain.

      Tony is referring to “None Is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe 1933-1948”, a 1983 book (recently reissued) describing a shameful part of Canadian history that was memorialized by the "Wheel of Conscience" monument, unveiled at the National Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax in 2011.

      Perhaps Mr. Sauga would care to elaborate on how Brownstein’s returning to the Liberal fold is just like being shot, gassed or exterminated in some heinous manner during the Nazi reign of terror?

    4. Sorry about that. Yes, of course, I meant MORTON, not Bill.

    5. OK, Feline! I'm not happy with the late Mr. Brownstein's turn of events back in the mid-90s, but the PLQ then, and unfortunately now, is the "best of the worst" alternative, save with the return of Equality. It's not as if Equality is the be-all and the end-all to politics for minorities in Quebec, but at least it would send a message to the PLQ they cannot take minority votes for granted.

      I figured this out as an adolescent. Am I a genius? I don't think so, but I called it and I called it right. Lucky me! I left the place where I was born, raised and educated because I was made to feel like a foreigner. With the likes of Mr. Brownstein now dying off, who's going to support the minority communities once they're all gone.

    6. Given that the PLQ is a compromise party between federalist francophones and non-francophones, I don't know what you can hope to achieve by removing their anglophone vote; they will, in that case, either get destroyed or have to fight the PQ for more francophone votes - in one case you end up with a PQ majority, in the second you get a PLQ even less inclined to consider anglophone interests.

    7. Yannick writes:

      "Given that the PLQ is a compromise party between federalist francophones and non-francophones, I don't know what you can hope to achieve by removing their anglophone vote..."

      The only real example of this was in the 1989 election which saw 4 EP members elected. According to demographic expert Pierre Drouilly of UQAM, between 60-70% of anglophones voted for the EP in every riding in which they fielded candidates. And if memory serves me correctly, the EP only fielded candidates in 17 ridings. Or was it 25? Regardless, the EP fielded candidates in, obviously, the highest-percentage ridings and yet were ONLY able to elect 4 candidates by effectively, to use your words, "removing their anglophone vote."

      What I hope could be achieved, however, is that a different "voice" would be added to debates in the National Assembly. Those 4 EP seats in '89 also didn't stop Bourassa's Liberals from winning a significant majority of the 125 seats up for grabs.

      I would argue that having those four EP MNAs and their voice in the National Assembly was incredibly valuable.

    8. How are the PLQ a "compromise" party? John James "Goldilocks" Charest did sweet f--k-all for the minorities. He hired more language police. Hell, he hired a zealot that, surprise of surprises, was thrown under the bus by the PQ. If you call replacing Bill 104 with Bill 104.1, you have a distorted view of the meaning of compromise!

      Oh yes, the zealot under the bus. Well...the PQ has no problem feeding scapegoats to the sharks. Heaven knows, it happens to each and every former PQ leader who doesn't achieve separation.

    9. They're fighting against bill 14 now, aren't they?

    10. And...? (i.e., what's your point re that remark, Yannick?) It's not as if they won't come up with Bill 14 Light, correct? After all, they have to posture themselves as a protector of the terribly, terribly vulnerable French language.

    11. To keep the francophone part of their base, they need to do *something*, yes, and to keep the anglophone part of their base, they also have to make sure that *something* is moderate.

      If they have no anglophone base, they will have to compete with PQ for voters, and therefore move further towards the extremist side of things.

      The anglophones can't elect a government on their own. They need to manage to find common ground with moderate francophones. At the same time, they need to fight in the popular opinion.

      Gay marriage might be the best example - homosexuals make up a very small part of the population - 5 to 10% depending on estimates. There isn't really a "homosexual" party, electing "Gay Rights" MPs would probably have been counterproductive. The best they could do was to vote for the candidates best aligned with them, and sway the non-homosexual public opinion outside of the government.

    12. Yannick writes:

      "The anglophones can't elect a government on their own. They need to manage to find common ground with moderate francophones. At the same time, they need to fight in the popular opinion."

      And yet the PQ, with a minority government, will get at least some of Bill 14 passed.

      Great formula on the part of the PQ: put forward a very strident bill and then accept the compromises, look "reasonable" in the process, yet still manage to have pernicious parts of the bill passed into law.

      I can think of no better example and inspiration for an anglo rights party to take a non-compromised approach to language legislation. Sure, they will never have a snowball's chance of forming a government -- minority or otherwise -- but their voice will at least be there in the National Assembly to voice their concerns. And, of course, declare their own UDI on partition when the PQ/CAQ/Liberal access to same following a 50% plus one vote on secession. There is no common ground there with "moderate" francophones.

      And yes, folks, that is the Liberal Party of Quebec's official position on secession: they may oppose separation but if Quebec, democratically, decides to separate, then the LPQ's policy is to support it...and that Quebec separates intact. The LPQ is against partition.

      I can think of no better reason to have an EP 2.0. Voting for the Liberals is, essentially, voting away your right to stay in Canada.

  3. Does anyone have access to this article?:

    1. Resident,

      I went to the link you provided which only, of course, gave a one-paragraph snippet of the article. However, I googled a sentence from that snippet to see if a Journal de Montreal subscriber had copied and pasted the article on to a blog. But no such luck.

      That often helps when a protected article from a publication like the New York Times is not available; often, a subscriber will paste it on to another website and a google search of a sentence from the article will let it show up somewhere else.

  4. A great new piece online exposing how racist, how bigoted the French really are in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere…enjoy.

    1. Le sandwiche à la tomates va devenir un classique...Ma préférée.Mdr

    2. SR.

      You have a head which resembles a that has been sitting in the sun for a very long time, off the vine.

      Unbelievable how the anglos are treated like dirt in Quebec. Of course in Alberta we have a bilingual Quebecois truck driver who challenged a speeding fine as the officer didnt address him in French. I think the guy actually won the case, aided by public money available to him through the federal "court challenges" program.

      Where is the Official Language Commissioner when you need him. Oh I forgot, he is too busy promoting the second language in Canada too care about the minority anglos in Quebec. I note the fed's and Mr. Fraser is mute when it comes to Bill 14. Hope all you anglo and allos in Quebec wake up to the fact that Legault is a "French wolf trying to disguise himself as a Lamb". Zebra's never usually change their stripes.

    3. L'anglais n'est pas une langue minoritaire Westy...Même au Québec :)

    4. @westerner

      "You have a head which resembles a tomato..."

      how old are you? this sounds like schoolyard shit, mate...

    5. Westerner tells SR:

      "You have a head which resembles a tomato..."

      Reminds me of that famous scene from True Romance:

      Clifford Worley: 'Cause you, you're part eggplant.

      Vincenzo Coccotti: You're a cantaloupe.

      [shoots Cliff in the face]

    6. "L'anglais n'est pas une langue minoritaire Westy...Même au Québec :)"

      Are you saying English is not a minority language in Quebec "meme au Quebec". Vos drogues avoir beacoup puisaance" LOL

      "how old are you? this sounds like schoolyard shit, mate..."

      Well, good old SR probably hangs out around Old Orchard Beach in Maine with his undersized speedos, and doesn't use adequate sun screen...Could be one explanation for a red face other than being a supporter of the embarrassing PQ. BTW...the people down there have a very jaded view of the Quebecois.

      Tony K..

      I think been hanging around this place too long with that comment, maybe you been spending too much time outside in the summer AZ sun. I hear the coast is much cooler these days.

    7. Ah but Westerner, I've been in B.C. for the past two years.

      Perhaps then it is the pot I smell on almost a daily basis whenever I take my nightly walk. :-)

    8. Could be the shroooms on a wet day...Have a good day :)

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Despicable creatures:

    1. Legault is officially a separatist and has abandon his pro-business aspect that led me to vote for him. I have just send an email informing that I am not pleased and will refrain from donating to his party again.

    2. Way to go Liam - always hit them in the pocketbook if possible. That's the only thing they seem to understand is money. Appealing to them on an emotional basis is useless - they have no ethics.

    3. @liam

      "it's official" haha. yeah sure. cause liam said so. mmmmmphhh!!!


      "Appealing to them on an emotional basis is useless - they have no ethics."

      three wrongs here in a tiny sentence. first they have ethics. then even if they didn't, it wouldn't be useless to appeal to their emotions for that reason. "ethics" is not an emotion. it's got more to do with morals. then finally, even if ethics and emotions were linked like you pretend they are, you wouldn't even want your politician to be that way as it's much better to have a logical and rational guy in charge rather than an impulsive one that will fall for good actors like couillard for example, who famously trusted a really bad person.

      sorry cutie003. i'm sure your next comment will be better. it kinda has to.

    4. Dusent said:"sorry cutie003. i'm sure your next comment will be better."

      Well, Dudent, I wish I had the same confidence that your next comment would be an improvement, but from past experience, that's a forlorn hope. Ask an adult to wipe your nose because your snotty comments all over the comment section are getting tedious.

    5. Come come, cutie! You KNOW François Legault is a blatant separatist, so by voting against the bill, he'd be implying he is no longer a separatist, at least in the minds of those who favour separatism. He'll vote next time based on which direction the wind is blowing. You can't take protection of the French language out of the separatist, unless you can get through his thick skull as to why zealous protection of the French language is not necessary or economically not good. Good luck!

    6. @diogenes

      your last comment is empty.

    7. Dudent, I always find it amusing when you criticize the quality of someone else's comment. We could use you to calibrate the low end of the Comment Quality Scale. Adski and Apparatchik set the top end but you are handy as a perfect zero. And here some of the other commentators think you're useless. You sure showed them.

    8. @diogenes

      well that's your opinion, mate. i think adski and aparatchik are pretty good too. at least they often try to provide a firm basis for their conclusions. along with myself and michel patrice, they are pretty much the only ones doing that here. yannick has proven that he can pull it off too but he's often lazy and says quebec government will win the olympics of mismanagment and other jokes.

      other regulars like durham, equanimity, ed, r.s and you are just random angryphones venting off. i don't think you guys even hope to be taken seriously. you're just in for the circle jerk. or so it seems.

    9. Dudent, It would be interesting to see how many of the regular contributors would rank you up with the other 3 that you mentioned. I suspect no one but you. Calling Yannick lazy is pretty rich coming from the guy who defines the word and obviously if you consider yourself the intellectual equal of Adski et al, you haven't got a milligram of objectivity in you. While it's possible you are reasonably intelligent, how would we know if you never demonstrate it here? All we can judge you by is what we see, and all I've seen is an immature wanker who likes to make snotty comments in place of anything that might be considered thought-provoking.
      FYI, imagining yourself as a genius does not make you one.

    10. @diogenes

      "It would be interesting to see how many of the regular contributors would rank you up with the other 3 that you mentioned."

      hopefully not so many.

      but you had already written all this, mate. i think we already knew you don't rank me anywhere near the podium. move on.

  6. @Rosa003

    Alors?Allez-vous manifester la prochaine fois au lieu de déblatérer derrière votre clavier?

    La minorité anglo du Québec manque cruellement de cohésion :(

  7. Can't say the separatists are much better, what are we at 4+ seppie parties? I like the poor PQ begging the others to drop out of the next election race so that they don't end up as the 3rd place party.

  8. Les dessous de la relation Philippe Couillard-Arthur Porter


    "Philippe Couillard décrit Porter comme une «bonne connaissance», qu’il voyait dans des activités sociales. «Quelqu’un avec un certain leadership, avec qui c’était agréable de parler», dit-il. Dans une entrevue à La Presse début mars, Arthur Porter s’en désolera, décrivant Philippe Couillard comme un «ami inconditionnel». Dans une vidéo qui refera surface à une semaine du congrès, on entend l’ancien ministre, en 2011, lors d’un colloque à l’Université McGill, décrire Porter comme un «excellent ami»."

    Lequel des deux est le plus menteur?

    1. Who the hell cares in this backwash of a society. We take the baby with the bathwater here - anyone with a suit and tie is acceptable in this corrupt province.

    2. Couillard met Porter before their was corruption charge against him. Nice try, in changing reality separatist troll.

    3. @liam

      exactly. they met when porter was actually perpetreting the frauds. you're improving liam.

    4. It’s merely a further sign of the increasing desperation of pequistes that they are even attempting to smear Couillard with this. There is no reason whatsoever to accuse Couillard of having been involved in anything improper, hence the pequistes have to stoop to implying guilt by association (and so presumably they are also trying to smear the entire MUHC search committee that selected Porter in the first place, as well as Harper for having named him to the Privy Council and Chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee).

      Until the day anyone offers up evidence that incriminates Couillard of any misconduct, the sad pequistes are guilty of slander.

    5. @r.s

      couillard has given his trust and friendship to a crook. so at the very last he's naive. is that what you think quebec needs? a naive premier?

    6. We already have a naive premier right now. Yet, you apparently think that's what Quebec needs.

    7. @true montrealer

      you assume too many things, mate. i don't think a naive premier is what quebec needs. and that's what couillard is. or he's a crook.

      but i'm curious, why do you say marois is naive?

    8. "La minorité anglo du Québec manque cruellement de cohesion"

      "L'anglais n'est pas une langue minoritaire Westy...Même au Québec "

      How many joints cette soire SR. ?

    9. Her belief that French is on the decline in Quebec and needs further laws (contrary to population statistics) her belief people want to deal with more independence BS (again when at very low levels), thinking any of the incompetent politicians she made ministers would perform a halfway good job, or weren't involved in corruption or you know were even able to pay their rent and would have to step down, I guess Marois must be corrupt or naive if she works with these people on a daily basis and even placed them in positions of power within the government!

    10. @thatguy

      "Her belief that French is on the decline in Quebec..."

      hum i think marois read the latest oqlf studies and you didn't, mate.

      "...her belief people want to deal with more independence..."

      don't you agree it's legetimate for the 35% separatists to come up with a political party that will push their idea?!? you seem not to have read the latest polls either thatguy.

      "any of the incompetent politicians she made ministers would perform a halfway good job..."

      who's not doing a good job and why? you forgot that important bit.

      "or weren't involved in corruption..."

      what? who in marois's cabinet is involvd in corruption?!?

      "were even able to pay their rent and would have to step down"

      yes she had put breton up there. and yes he has been poor before. what's wrong with this, mate? you don't like poor people?!?

    11. student, please research le 357 c and what you can make of it. don't forget the news section too. m'kay?

    12. @anonymous

      searching 357c i only found stories about liberals having secret meetings with donators and various crooks. is this what's suppose to prove marois is naive?!?

  9. Regarding Champlain Bridge, modern bridge design has improved over the years. Many people are worried that they will get an ugly steel bridge, but this is not the case and not more expansive. I am just happy no one proposed a tunnel under the St Laurence, now that would have been expensive. Anyway, didn't Harper say that the Champlain Bridge will have tolls?
    "The Parti Québécois government says it plans to compel federally regulated companies to comply with Quebec's French Language Charter, by withholding public contracts from any business or agency that doesn't." Since telecom is federally regulated, does that mean, no more telephone for bureaucrat.

    1. Bloodsuckers without a conscience - that's the PQ - they want all without paying for it - talk about an "entitled society" - quebec takes the cake.

  10. Interesting and appears to be something we can hang our hats on:
    In the event of partition it must be considered that a "contiguous land mass between Ontario and the Maritimes" is a necessity and supported by international convention. No separating nation may divide by landmass the contiguity of another nation.
    Ottawa Endorses Québec Partition - The Canadian Encyclopedia

    1. i couldn't spot the quote you use in the article you point to. is this another one of your frauds?

      can you tell me more about the "international convention"?

    2. Le Québec et son territoire

      Plus fiable que Peggy

    3. Le territoire du Québec souverain restera tel qu'il est aujourd'hui

      Avant la souveraineté

      Tant que le Québec fait partie du Canada, son territoire ne peut être modifié sans le consentement de l'Assemblée nationale.La constitution canadienne est très claire à ce sujet : la garantie a été inscrite dansla Loi constitutionnelle de 1871 et elle n'a jamais été remise en question depuis.Cette garantie continuera évidemment d'exister pendant la période de transition durant laquelle legouvernement du Québec cherchera à conclure une entente de partenariat avec le Canada après unevictoire du oui à un référendum. Pendant cette phase de négociation, le Québec fait encore partie duCanada et la constitution canadienne s'y applique comme auparavant.

      Après la souveraineté

      Au moment où le Québec accédera à la souveraineté au terme de la période de transition déterminée parl'Assemblée nationale, la constitution canadienne cessera de s'appliquer sur son territoire. Son intégritéterritoriale sera alors garantie par les principes bien établis du droit international.

      Selon ces principes, les frontières du Québec telles qu'elles étaient avant l'accession à la souverainetéconstituent les frontières du nouvel État. La règle consacrée en droit international est celle de l'utipossidetis juris, ce qui signifie pour l'essentiel : " Tu posséderas ce que tu possèdes déjà ".

      Cette règle s'est rigoureusement appliquée dans tous les cas récents d'accession d'États à la souveraineté.Par exemple, les anciens territoires fédérés de l'Union soviétique sont devenus des États souverains en conservant leurs frontières antérieures; le respect de ces frontières a d'ailleurs été l'un des critères principaux retenus par la communauté internationale aux fins de la reconnaissance des nouveaux États.

      Bref, les autres provinces pas plus que le gouvernement fédéral ne pourraient profiter de cette occasionpour réduire ou modifier le territoire du Québec sans son accord.

    4. As I've said before and will say again, we will pay as much attention to the laws of quebec as you reprobates do to the laws of Canada. We can all play the same game and we're the majority, so the new borders of quebec will be drawn the way the people of the country of Canada define them, not your stupid, idiotic, hapless politicians.

    5. and btw I couldn't care less about ANYTHING quebec publishes either. You people can piss around all you like but in the end you will learn that OUR MAJORITY will do as it sees fit with this rebel province and these changes will be understood and sanctioned by the international community without a problem. There is not a free country in the world that does not see through your political manipulations of democracy.

    6. If Canada is divisible, then Quebec is divisible too.

      That's it, that's all.

    7. If Québec is divisible,then Montréal too.If Montréal is divisible,then...BlaBlaBla

    8. Hello SR

      Interesting comments, but you never know what will happen in cases of break up of states. It may go smoothly, then again it may not.

      Yugoslavia was considered an example for the world as a multiethnic state in the 1980's. Once nationalism was built up after Tito's death, we saw a 20 year decline and eventual descent into hell. No one's borders were protected then and the war only ended when other states picked sides. When wars start, this is usually how they end - when the big states take sides and then get involved.

      In the former USSR, there were wars for territory and civil wars: Georgia, Chechnya, Tajikstan.

      The reason Russia did not try to hold onto more of its territory is the same reason the USSR collapsed - economics, not some principle of law.

      Law is only as strong as the enforcement of the law. Look at Africa. Wars are spread throughout the continent. Does anyone care about international law ?

      When you break up states, you remove laws. Sometimes that vacuum gets fills nicely and easily. Other times, everything goes awry and no one can guess how things will fall.

      You appear to have gotten most of your education, philosophy and thought processes in sound-bites of views you agreed with beforehand. From what I have seen of you, you like quick teenager-like comments. Anytime you try to present an analysis, it seems like something that i would expect from a 12-13 year old brainwashed and dim-witted kid.

      You're simply not much of an analyst or intellect.

      You should try an examine pros and cons of positions and take a more distanced view of things, not just reprint things you agree with. That said, I don't expect you will. You seem simple-minded and more interested in childish taunting more than anything else.

      You should really leave the house, try and make friends, try and meet a girlfriend, travel, read something other than the JdeM and your extremist websites.

      Or you can continue as you are.... Do you feel like you have a fulfilling life ? You spend hours upon hours on this site every single day for years...... Seriously man - you're quite the loser.

    9. @L. Steve.

      Drop by more often...LOL

    10. Steve,

      SR main goal is to keep the government taking your hard earned money you get *working* and keep transferring it to him and his friends so they can sit around in PQ poetry circles masturbating about the thought of their own little kinddom.

      Imagine not having to constant ask for money. It's very stressful for SR to think that the Liberals or others won;t support his "soveriegntist artwork.

      Imagine if he had to give up all the symbolism and time wasting and get a job.

      We can only hope Harper sticks it to Quebec with low transfer payments before he leaves!

      If he's not going to get voted back in for scandals etc, he should do something important like save the country before his voting block implodes.

    11. We can only hope Harper sticks it to Quebec with low transfer payments before he leaves!

      I hope so...

    12. @anonymous

      dude you may have your bad reasons to hate quebec. maybe one day we'll get to the bottom of your issues, but why would you want to hit ontario, new brunswick, pei, nova scotia and manitoba?!?

    13. Dudent,
      Ok hypocrite, previously you've dumped on others for allegedly misquoting you. If you go back and re-read what Anonymous wrote I don't think you'll find any reference to any province but Quebec. Since you don't like it when others do it to you, I'm surprised (or maybe not) that you do it to someone else or maybe your comprehension skills aren't up to scratch. If that's the case, maybe you should just remain silent so nobody knows.

    14. @diogenes

      anonymous proposes ottawa changes the formulas to calculate transfers. it's obvious for me that this would affect all provinces. but it wasn't so obvious to you, right?

      this one's on me, mate.

    15. Dudent, with a little imagination, I can think of ways that he could screw Quebec with a negligible affect on the other provinces. So, really, the only thing obvious to me is the lack of thought you put in to your response. And no, I'm not going to do your homework for you, see if you can figure it out for yourself.

    16. @diogenes

      why don't you share your wonderful political strategies with the rest of the community diogenes? isn't it what this blog is all about? or do you prioritize its gratuitous bashing counterpart?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I don't think it should be in any way embarassing for Quebec that Quebeckers work less hours than Ontarians. In fact, Canada as a whole should be moving towards less working hours, hopefully to a 35 hour week, a la France. It will help our unacceptable rate of unemployment, especially for our young. The long term far outweighs the short term. We should also be encouraging the population to retire earlier.

    1. And end up like Greece?

    2. EDM, that's some seriously confused thinking you have going on.

      Mandating a 35 hour work week to increase employment? The communist party have a new voting member!

      Is there nothing you won;t stop at to drive companies and business out of the province?

      Quebec already strangles companies to death. Clearly you have never started or operated a business of any size or any kind with thinking like that.

      Every part of the government is currently in the process of increasing red tape to increase "employment". The CSST are going ape shit these days in Montreal. Every ladder has a diagram explaining how to climb a ladder. The things CSST inspectors have come up with in the last few years is just silly. Every new rule is meant to only "just very very slightly, imperceptibly" the price of products with the theory the consumer will never notice and emplyment goes up ever slightly.

      In fact tho the problem is the mindset that thinks that way does it in so many places that they disturb the very system they thought they could only "skim a little off the top". They are unable to stop at any point ..

      Every new week there is yet another "socialially just" idea that comes out. Politicians arn;t seen as doing anything if they don;t constantly make new laws.

      It's a constantly increasing burden of misguided rules to increase the cost of business and lawyers in our lives.

      Eventually as Quebec is now finding, you "jump the shark", "reach the tipping point" etc. Whatever you want to call it.

      You can;t even get potato chips or lingerie after this month locally in Quebec. 2 random high profile job losses in the last month alone.

      People with ideas like "35 hour work week to share jobs " don;t create jobs and companies to replace the lost ones. They work well in middle bureaucracy. Imagine how many office staff witnessed and knew about corruption at the various things we hear about at Charbonneau. The majority of people that turned the other way. They are not capable of defending even basic things like right and wrong. They arn;t capable of the ideas and pushing product or media interest required to start a company.

      Quebec is having it's own Titan tire moments.

      How can these socially educated workers burn tires? Don;t they understand the environmental impact?

      Quebec society just lost another 500 jobs and your "carbon footprint" (for the greenies) just went up farther with more long distance shipping.

      Gas costs money. Lots of it. To use less companies will optimize themselves. Idiot politicians pass laws to favor parties and that when it goes wrong.

      Imagine the big ideas that could actually accomplish things? The problem with them? Removes voters.

      Imagine the savings in gas, cost of goods, saving the environment and everything else.

      Nobody left of center can handle the damage to the union jobs. Maybe they should start to swallow some of the loft principles they preach.

    3. Perhaps I'm daft, but what is the issue in giving less hours to everyone and have more workers? Isn't that also the point of overtime laws limiting the most efficient work week at 40 hours? Is there a magic number? I'm confused.

    4. Ok Yannick, I'll give it a try. You own Yannick's Widget Co. employing 8 people at $20/hour for a 40 hour work week. So, you have 320 employee hours per week with a weekly payroll of $6400. Ok, so you reduce the work week to 35 hours and you have some choices to make. In a 40 hour week the employees are making $800/week, but in a 35 hour week, they're only making $700/week. That's a 12.5% pay cut. Can they live on that? If you're generous and keep them at $800/week, you're raising the wage to $22.86 Now, since with the 35 hour work week you're only getting 280 employee hours per week, you have to hire an extra person. Two extra people actually: a full time employee for 35 hours and a part-timer to work the last 5 hours. So, now you have 10 employees working a combined total of 320 hours per week, earning $22.86/hour, for a total weekly payroll of $7315.20 Are you still making money? Plus there's going to be extra paper work and reporting, higher CPP and EI contributions. Do you have the space for the new hires, or do you have to find larger premises? These are just some issues that come immediately to mind. Someone who works in HR or Administration could probably add to it.

    5. To Continue: Your new full-time employee is going to get 2 weeks paid vacation to start plus 10 statutory holidays. That works out to 7 X 20 = 140 paid, but non-productive hours or 4 weeks per year. Your small company has carved out a niche, generating $1,000,000 in gross sales with a 20% profit margin, or $200,000 per year. You and your partner pay yourselves $75k each per year and put the remaining $50k back into the business. By going to 35 hours per week but keeping them at $800/week, it's going to raise your annual labour costs by $47,590/ year (7315.2-6400 = $915.2 X 52 weeks = $47590) which is going to come out of the $200k profit, so now you have a bit over $152k to pay the 2 partners and grow the business. Good luck with that.
      Returning now to the first option (hours cut to 35/ week but no raise) your two best employees can't afford the pay cut, so they quit. Because of the lower annual wage, the best you can find are S.R. and Y.L. who have little to no work ethic and are nowhere near the caliber of the 2 who quit.

    6. Diogenes,

      You can lead a horse to water but you can;t make it drink.

      Seppies and socialist Quebecers cannot understand these money arguments. In their minds you just add barriers to companies coming to Quebec so the population is forced to pay for the overpriced 35 hour per week goods.

      Then locals are required to buy the overpriced goods and maintain francophone heaven.

      They don't sped a lot of time talking about thing like fedex, internet economy, winner take all economy etc.

      They really think they can get a car company in Quebec to make cars just for the special Quebec car market with special french stickers. In the poetry circle they are told Quebec consumers will by the cars since they are made in Quebec and all other car companies will be blocked.

      Basically it's Quebec strategy on construction applied to everything. (Quebec construction strategy is something to be proud of, efficient, on time, hones)

      Prevent any other company from entering their market so they can make rules that are otherwise totally unsustainable for the province and the companies.

      Eventually it falls apart of course. Witness there is not a single car company left in Quebec. Quebec replaced all the $60 union jobs at St. Therese with $10 per hour Gap jobs.

      Some thing with Hyundia that left the province years ago. Their old factory didn;t even become a mall.

      That's seperatism for you.

      Drive out all jobs and business thinking your average seppie is capable of starting a business to replace it.

      Seriously misguided. The only thing seppies start are arguments and burning tires in the street.

      A seppie company? Yea, maybe one that the Quebec govt puts into business Cuba style! Appoints everybody to CEO positions and finances the entire thing until it goes bankrupt under a sea of corruption.

    7. The way I see it, yes a 35 hour a week is an effective pay cut. The problem is that we can't continue the way we're going - we serve a very strange role in today's economy - we serve as a market to buy up everything the third world produces because we are "rich", and supposedly we can't afford to pay manufacturers to make items like we used to because labour is "too expensive" now.

      It doesn't make sense to me - we are either rich, in which case we can afford to pay ourselves to make our own shoes, or we are poor, in which case we shouldn't be able to buy other people's wares.

      It's some kind of weird trick of currency - our money is worth much more than the "poor countries" because of mostly psychological reasons, so we can afford to buy everything we make but not to make anything ourselves. That way our jobs keep getting eroded at the bottom of the pyramid. Right now an astounding 75%+ of our GDP is from the "service industry", where the jobs are not actually essential for survival. Things like marketing, lawyers, consultants, psychologists, graphic design increase our quality of life, no dobut about it, but they don't feed us and get a roof over our heads. Purely in terms of resources, that 75% of service GDP is being supported by the 25% that actually farms food, mines metals and makes things.

      It's only going to get more top-heavy and eventually something is going to have to give. When the "poor countries" lose the faith they have in our currency, we will suddenly see that we can no longer import the cheap goods we have grown addicted to, and we will have lost the manufacturing base to make them ourselves. I would rather us all to start living more realistically now than to have to experience it abruptly. It might also be preferable for more people to work less than to have a few people who work a lot and many who depend on them.

      If the workers get a paycut, most of the things you point out should not (in principle) add up to more money - there will be more workers taking vacations, but each of those vacations will be only 35 hours of work a week instead of 40. Likewise pension and unemployment insurance scale with pay. Health insurance, if it is offered, would cost more, I agree, unless the benefits are also slashed or there is a further paycut.

    8. Yannick, At the low end of the pay scale a hit of 12.5% is pretty big. What happens where that's the difference between staying afloat and going under? If the 8 original employees have to go out and get a part-time minimum wage job at McDonald's to make up the short-fall how does their life improve if they have to work 10 extra hours to end up with the same weekly income they had before their work week was cut to 35 hours? What's needed is more jobs, not the divvying up of existing jobs at lower pay. To take my example to extreme, you could just cut the $20/hour in half and hire twice as many people at $10/hour, but who will be happy with that? The problem is that we in North America effectively sold our souls to the Chinese for cheap clothes and electronics. We know that and yet you don't hear anyone saying they'd rather pay more for domestically manufactured goods. Even if people said it, would they really follow through at the checkout? I have my doubts.

    9. I agree Diogenes, but where to find these extra jobs? More service industry, or creating fake needs like bottled water and pretending that our system isn't sick? I'm out of ideas.

    10. There's no easy fix. A few years ago when it seemed we were running out of oil, I thought if it became prohibitively expensive to ship finished goods from China to North America we might see a resurgence of domestic manufacturing. Now, with shale gas, there seems to be oil everywhere so a manufacturing boom doesn't appear likely. The middle class is under attack. Some will rise up to the upper class, but I think most will see a standard of living drop. I feel sorry for my kids generation.

  13. Hello Editor,

    Not to toot my horn, but I had brought up the large difference in what QC receives vis-à-vis what they send to the feds in a post on this site two months before your posting, on September 28, 2012 in a response to your article "French vs English, volume 62":

    "L. Steve Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 7:18:00 PM EDT
    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a bit of help here.

    Can someone send me a link of federal government revenues and expenditures per province, or even just Quebec ?

    I found two such relaqtively-credible links, but although one seems credible, I have lingering doubts about it. The other is statistics Quebec, which is credible, but I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the numbers correctly of misreading it, as the numbers are a huge surprise.

    Here is the link:

    According to this site, in 2009 (the year after the beginning of the great recession), the federal government received in total revenue from quebec ("recettes totales du federal", $39,677 billion from quebec.

    The federal govt spent in quebec on goods and services "dépenses courantes nettes du federal en biens et services" a total of $11,191 billion.

    In addition, the federal administration costs spent in Quebec, such as employees of the various federal agencies etc. "dépense de programme de l'administration federale" come to a furthe $47,088 billion.

    Bringing a total federal revenue from quebec to $39,677 bil vs total spending of $58,279 billion, and a deficit of $18,602 billion. Can someone check and tell me if i am misreading this ?

    These figures are similar to my other (less credible site), which had the same revenue at 39,677 bil, but expenditure total of close to 54,000 bil.

    However, i was not expecting this high a deficit level, so I'm trying to confirm it, but I'm having problems finding credible websites. Do you guys have any links on the actual figures of revenue and expenditures of the feds in QC and the other provinces ? "

    :-) Anyway, I'm just pleased that I was indeed interpreting the numbers correctly....

    1. According to those numbers, I got the following - Ontario is also a net beneficiary to the tune of 10 billions, which pales compared to Quebec's 20 billions on half the population, but Alberta over-contributes 20 billions on a quarter of Ontario's population - ouch! More than HALF of the Albertan federal revenues never make it back there. If there's a province that should be separatist, it's Alberta. And this is when the Albertans are in charge!

      But Alberta is actually the only province which puts in more than it takes back, and the rest comes from our national deficit.

    2. Wrong...check SK, BC and NL for contributions. Not all from Alberta for sure. But , then again, isn't it the oil sands that Quebec has a problem with? Ya know, the benefactor of the oil sands who chooses to criticize. Bahhhahhhha

    3. I did check all of those. The feds spend 8.8 billion for 7 taxed in Saskatchewan, BC taxed 28 billions but cost 28.5, and 7 billions were spent in Newfoundland compared to 3.8 billions gained.

      Like I said, the difference was made by a 70 billions deficit that year. Please check the numbers yourself next time before telling me I'm wrong.

    4. I will check the figures...also on intertransfers....and get back to you on this. Hard to believe as SK was he only province with close to a balanced budget this year.

      If , in fact, Alberta with a 3.8 B deficit is contributing as you indicate. Then all hell is going to break loose at the equalization formulae renegotiation in 2014.

      I know it has been close to 20 B per year for the last few years. That is a lot of money.

      The deficit keeps rising as you say. Which is a bad omen of the state of the Canadian economy.

    5. The above analysis was obtained simply by adding together "biens et services" and "administration fédérale" and comparing them to "recettes fédérales totales". I am unsure if things like transfer payments are included in administration costs or not. I think it is, otherwise the numbers don't make sense. The earnings from provinces is also broken down into points.

      I was shocked by how much Alberta sends to Ottawa. They are certainly punching above their weight.

    6. Yannick,

      From Stats Canada figures, I get ON and BC being net contributors to the federal government up to 2008. The figures are here (just click on Table 7 for each province):

      These are also the figures that Stats Quebec has in its Economic Accounts report (pages 84-85) and I believe these are the figures the JdeMontreal journalist cites. I am not sure why Stats Can only goes to 2008.

      But Ontario was definitely a big contributor in the 2000's. It was obviously very affected by the financial crisis so its accounts with respect to the federal government must have deteriorated quite a bit. And your point about the federal government's deficit is very valid.

      That being said, I think it's "fairer" to look at these numbers over a longer period, not just one particular year. And that should be worrying for those of us living in Quebec. The federal government has spent more here than it received in taxes in every year since 1981 and it seems to be getting worse if the $20B figure is right. That is close to 6% of GDP and that would be a huge hit to the economy if Quebec were to separate tomorrow. I am not sure how anyone can say Quebec would benefit economically from independence, unless benefit means having to spend less and work much harder.

    7. Fair enough AM. I don't see how anyone can argue that Quebec would be better off on its own either. On one hand you could argue that a Quebec in charge of its own finances could better prioritize spending, but recent history make such a position ridiculous.

    8. @yannick

      "...but recent history make such a position ridiculous."

      what do you mean? why couldn't quebec better prioritize spending if it had control over all of its fiscality and not only half of it?!? this stance you're taking will be hard to hold, mate.

    9. If there were Olympics of financial mismanagement, Quebec would be the undisputed champions. The only thing staving off total collapse is the fact that the Feds take some of the money and manage to not give half away in construction bribes.

    10. Kind of like a wife who hides her deadbeat husband's paycheck away before he goes and blows it on booze.

    11. "If there were Olympics of financial mismanagement, Quebec would be the undisputed champions."

      Doubly hilarious considering how poorly they actually mismanaged the Olympics. Student seems to be think that if Quebec had complete responsibility they'd still keep all the federal money and somehow stop being terrible at mismanaging the responsibilities it already as well as handle the new responsibilities. It's like giving a kid who blows all of his money on candy a house and mortgage to take care of.

    12. @yannick

      "If there were Olympics of financial mismanagement, Quebec would be the undisputed champions..."

      with that kind of baseless rant you fall off the short list of worthy contributors. there aren't many of us left. i'll leave you with cutie003 and cebeuq where you belong. i trust you can bounce back, though.

    13. I am honored to be off of your "worthy" list of contributors. If I could get you to stop replying nonsense to my posts, you would really make my day though.

    14. FROM ED
      Thatguy, In truth Quebec did not mismanage the Olympics. It was Mayor Drapeau that screwed up. When Bourrassa saw that it was going to be an embarrassment for Quebec, he took it out of Drapeaus hands. he fired Lavalin and brought in an honest company Dominion Engineering to complete the task. Lavalin had one hundred cranes on the site at $100.00 each per hour. Dominion finished the job with three cranes.
      Incidentally, the province of Alberta donates nothing to the Federal government. What Ottawa gets from Alberta is the same as any province, income tax payments. Because the salaries are so incredibly high they pay a lot of income tax. remember the oil that is making them rich belongs to all Canadians.Resources belong to federal unless an arrangement is made differently. Albertans are fortunate for now but when then oil runs out and it will, they won't be in the same position. Ed

    15. All the above is true, Ed. My point was that the Albertans may very well complain that they don't get enough federal investment.

      You bring up a very important point - the tax rate everywhere in Canada is exactly the same* so it's not like you would have gotten taxed more or less by the feds for the same salary if you had lived elsewhere. Albertans pay more taxes because the median income is an astounding 80 000$ a year.

    16. FROM ED
      Canada has been very good to Alberta. Giving them control of the oil to start. When they started whining and gave them complete control over peripheral functions such as transport. In 1994 Canada helped get things going by giving one hundred percent tax break to investors. Ed

  14. FROM ED
    Editor, I remember Mr. Brownstein. He had a couple of stores in Montreal that sold end of the line shoes very cheap. My mother always took us to the one on Notre dame near Atwater. they could fit any size for next to nothing. New shoes for a little as $2.00.
    Concerning Arthur Porter and Phillipe Couillard. The facts:-
    There are two hospitals being built, one for French and one for English. Porter wanted to start building the English hosptai but the French hospital board were delaying things on their side. Charest wanted to start both at the same time so there would be no jealousy. Porter turned to Couillard for help .Although Dr.Couillard was no longer health minister or with the Liberal party in any way. Porter knew the man was a healer and could solve problems. Plus the fact that it was Ciouillard who launched the whole idea in the first place .Couillard spoke to the french board and they agreed to start right away.
    Liam I thank you for putting others straight about Dr. Couillard. It seems like every time we get a good man some dishonest person screws up their chances.
    We could hhave had JohnTurner for PM, who would have had Canada out of debt in five years but we got Mulroney the crook instead. Paul Martin was getting our debt paid off but the crooked Sheila Fraser put an end to that. The U.S. could have had a man with eight years experience as Veep in the U.S. but peope chiose Bush instead.Ed
    The Gazette editorial this morning mad it clear they were going to give Couillard fair reporting and not let anyone use porter's tricks to tarnish him. Thank you Gazette. Ed

    1. Canada's debt is now 1200 billions, up from 450 billions when Harper won his first election. His first order of business was to get rid of the surplus the Liberals had been using to pay the debt for 10 years.

    2. Yannick, I’m only mentioning this because I would like to help you improve your nearly-perfect English, which as you know differs from French. I don’t really care if student keeps making similar mistakes in English, so please don’t take it the wrong way.

      From the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary article: “You say a, one, two, several, etc. billion without a final ‘s’ on ‘billion’. Billions (of…) can be used if there is no number or quantity before it. Always use a plural verb with billion or billions, except when an amount of money is mentioned. Two billion (people) worldwide are expected to watch the game. Two billion (dollars) was withdrawn from the account.

    3. Thanks Cat. English is strange, but no stranger than French, I guess.

    4. Yannick:" Canada's debt is now 1200 billions, up from 450 billions when Harper won his first election. His first order of business was to get rid of the surplus the Liberals had been using to pay the debt for 10 years."
      Sounds way too high. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation shows "only" about $612 Billion, still a huge number but nowhere near $1.2 trillion.

    5. I lifted the 1.2 trillions from a website, upon closer inspection I believe it adds up all of the provincial debts as well. Good catch.

  15. I thought Dan Delmars article was bang on. He is right to point out some of the ridiculous statements coming out of the equality party meeting. As I have said before there are a group of anglophones who are as bad or worse than the seperatists..we have quite a few on this forum. They will essentially not be happy until the province is back under english control like in the good ole days when the minority anglos ran the show. People like Galganov are just pouring oil on the fire..why is he even my opinion anyone who lives outside of Quebec should not have any involvement in a political party here. What a coward this man is..he flees Quebec and then comes back to trash it and try to get the anglos all riled up..meanwhile he is safe and sound in his rural Ontario home.

    We arent going to get anywhere with an equally radical anglo will just paint all anglos as a bunch of wackos and many convince many moderate francophones that we are a group to be feared hence they may be more likely to support a radical francophone party.

    French is a threatened language..Quebec is the last area in North America where it is spoken regularly and over most of the region. French has more or less disappeared in many other parts of Canada..good luck trying to find much of a francophone community out west..they exist but the numbers are shrinking and most young francophones work and live in english. Same story elsewhere..the quality of french in ontario and new brunswich is pretty abysmal. Even in Montreal many francophones speak a poor quality of french. So you cant just have business as usual..there has to be a law protecting french in Quebec and it has to have some teeth. Anglophones in the past made little effort to learn french even though most people around them were francophone..indicates some sort of arrogance/superiority issue. I know so many anglos who grew up in Montreal and barely speak french..its amazing.
    Yes Bill 14 is going too far..but Bill 101 overall to me is acceptable.

    I am not an apologist or a seperatist as some paranoid anglos here like to paint me. I am a realist who is in a unique position to sympathize with both sides because of my unique family situation. I have argued as much with seperatists as I have with some anglos..the problem are the radicals on both sides. Unfortunately most of this forum is dominated by radical anglos who are incredibly stubborn and tunnel visioned..we wont get anywhere with that attitude.

    1. I agree with a lot of what you say; this is a francophone province and we need to be realistic. Nobody's going to cater to a minority (anglos) if it means alienating the majority (francos). Given our history, it must be very difficult to achieve a good balance between the two.

      However I strongly disagree when you say "there has to be a law protecting french in Quebec...". Why exactly? Why should the government tell me which language I can and cannot use? It doesn't need to provide services in the language of my choice if there isn't a reasonable demand for those services, but who are they to tell me what languages my kids can or cannot learn - when services in that language are available?
      And if my employer only wants to hire people who speak spanish, what is wrong with that? Seriously, what right does the government have to dictate which skills can be required for a job?

      French is not threatened in this province. If you believe it is, I think you need to get off the island of Montreal more, and visit the rest of the province. Maybe it was in the past, I wouldn't know, Bill 101 has existed all my life. Many people would like us to think it is, that way they can continue to push their separatist agenda.

      You say "I know so many anglos who grew up in Montreal and barely speak french..its amazing.". Montreal is a bilingual city, you can get along fine with either language. If they live in Quebec and never bothered to learn french, its their own problem, as they are missing out on the rest of this great province. But the same could be said for any Canadians (or North Americans for that matter) who never bothered to learn english.

      "Anglophones in the past made little effort to learn french even though most people around them were francophone..indicates some sort of arrogance/superiority issue."
      Arrogance/superiority issue, eh? So the english minority must learn french because they are surrounded by francophones? Try turning that the other way around, and you'll see how terrible your argument is.

      "People like Galganov are just pouring oil on the fire..why is he even my opinion anyone who lives outside of Quebec should not have any involvement in a political party here."
      Definitely agree on this one. I find it a bit funny to see these ex-Québécois people who still seem obsessed by this province, even though they've been gone for years. I simply think it goes to prove that despite what anyone says, this is really a great province. Why else would they continue caring so much?

    2. As I noted earlier french has declined or disappeared in many sections of North America. English was disproportionately used in Montreal in the 1960s and before even when most residents were francophone. If Montreal becomes essentially an english dominated island how can you say that french would not be threatened in all of Quebec? We have seen countless french communities disappear across the country over the past few decades because they were surrounded by anglophones. If Montreal became an english dominated city then the rest of the province wouldnt be far behind. The francophones have to make a stand here in Montreal..they cant just sit back and say "oh well this time it will be different..we dont need any protection..we will just let the market decide". We all know that english is the market of the world..North America and beyond..hence if the government just sits back I can guarantee within 50 years this island will become essentially an english run island. The anglophones will make no effort to learn french if they arent forced to..they wont care..they have shown over and over in the past that they could care less about french and francophones rights. Fool me once shame on you..fool me twice shame on me..the francophones are not going to let the 1950s and 60s come back and I dont blame them.

      Now I do agree that the forcing of signs to have french bigger than english is too far. In my opinion the two languages should be of equal size. I also dont think all companies should be forced to use french only at work..if they are dealing with many clients in the rest of canada or the rest of the world then they should be given some special accomodation. Otherwise Bill 101 is fine to me.

      You dont think its incredibly arrogant to live in a region where the vast majority of the population speaks one language and you choose not to learn it at all?? I know people who literally dont speak a word of french and grew up in reminds me of the colonialist attitude that many european countries had when they were the clear minority in african or asian countries. It is arrogance or maybe at best indifference but its a pretty bad attitude..lets call a spade a spade.

    3. "You dont think its incredibly arrogant to live in a region where the vast majority of the population speaks one language and you choose not to learn it at all??"

      Sure. So how about all those "Québécois" who constantly remind us that they live in a "sea of anglos", and yet never bother to learn english? Arrogance and superiority there too?

      But honestly I don't think it's arrogant, I just think it's stupid, unless the minority is controlling the majority (which isn't the case in this province anymore). If you live in Quebec and you can't communicate in french today, odds are it's going to cause YOU some problems eventually - unless you never leave Montreal.

    4. I I said there are radicals on both sides and they are the problem. But I would say that many of the french radicals were created by the arrogance of the anglo community decades ago. If the english back then had made a bit of effort it would have gone a long ways. Many francophones in those days had no choice but to speak english..if they wanted a job they had to speak englisheven in a french dominated province. And today in the rest of Canada it is still like that..francophones MUST speak english even though apparently french is the second official language in the country. Many anglophones can still live and work in Montreal without speaking french. So there has always been a double standard and I can see why many francophones remain angry over that. Its something that very few anglophones have to deal with.

    5. complicated: "French is a threatened language..Quebec is the last area in North America where it is spoken regularly and over most of the region. French has more or less disappeared in many other parts of Canada..good luck trying to find much of a francophone community out west..they exist but the numbers are shrinking and most young francophones work and live in english."

      The problem here is that when this argumentation for language-protection measures is addressed to me, it assumes something far-fetched: that I think the French language is so important that its protection justifies anything. Which is not the case, because I carry with me what you may call a "baggage" - the sum of experiences plus upbringing (Catholic, even though I'm agnostic today) that endowed me with a certain set of ethics that no government propagandist will be able to shake off of me, and no state dogma will be able to replace. If government action or bill clashes with any of my ethics, then guess which one will win over, regardless of how many french communities have disappeared over time.

      Another problem is practical. Population issues are best resolved by increased reproduction, or at least with closing off of immigration floodgates.

      But reproduction clashes with the comfy lifestyle many Quebecois couples prefer, it clashes with women's right to a "career", and children are just a "nuisance" for many. This is a society which is not doing enough to reproduce, and worse, it openly promotes tolerance for homosexuality as a state virtue. And then they wonder why their numbers are dwindling.

      Cutting of immigration is a no-no too, for the same reasons as in the UK, France, Germany, the US. Because you need immigrants to do the jobs that the locals refuse to do (and I don't blame them for refusing these "jobs" either).

      So here's Quebec again trying to have a cake and eat it too. Quebecker lifestyles are not conducive to population growth, so they want immigrants to fill in for them in saving their culture.

      But immigrants have better things to do. I know it, because I'm one of them.

    6. Sure. So how about all those "Québécois" who constantly remind us that they live in a "sea of anglos", and yet never bother to learn english? Arrogance and superiority there too?

      Right on quebecker - this is the argument that simply is stupid - you will never get the separatists to see it that way but it it oh so true - I no longer care if these language militants get to keep their language - keep it and stuff it for all I care - I just want us to get along with each other, live side by side and mind their own business as I will mind mine. We can do this if we remain in Canada and live within the Canadian Constitution but they will not permit so it's time for them to leave Canada and take their ilk with them. Both factions will be happy in a new bilingual province within Canada. Federalist francophones would be just as happy with this decision as we will be.

    7. So there has always been a double standard and I can see why many francophones remain angry over that. Its something that very few anglophones have to deal with.

      Anglophones in quebec can't even get a job because of their last name. What a pile of BS - If your not pur laine francophone forget having any kind of a decent life in quebec. Time to get rid of the lot of them.

    8. adski - I actually agree with most of what you said. I have always been uncomfortable with certain aspects of Quebec society..the belief that the state must provide cheap daycare so that all women could work. I would prefer a system in which the government reimburses all mothers a certain amount of money and they choose what to do with it..whether it be daycare or they choose not to work and raise their own children. The current system effectively punishes women who choose to stay at home even though it is typically the best thing for the child.

      The overly tolerant attitudes towards homosexuality also bother me..but this is spreading all over the continent. I am not against homosexuals..they are who they are but it seems that we are almost to the point where the lifestyle is being glamorized. And frankly if their pride parades are any example of their moral values then so far I am not impressed.

      Or how about the free invitro fertilization programs given to women who cant conceive. I think its crazy..most of these women decided that their career came first before anything and then all of a suddne around 40 years old they want to have a baby. Typically these are high risk pregnancies which often result in premature births and overall a much higher cost to our health care system. Why because many women and couples want it all..the perfect life..they want the house, the car, the nice vacations then they think about a kid. Forgot one thing..biology trumps all of this and women should be having their children in their twenties. And we sure as heck should not be all paying for this.

      And finally yes many undesirable jobs would not be filled by the spoiled rotten natives so we need immmigrants for that. Sad to say but very true but I think many immigrants get the last laugh especially with their children who often excel at school and at work and become very succesful because of their high work ethic. Children of immigrants work so much harder than other canadian children.

    9. "I would prefer a system in which the government reimburses all mothers a certain amount of money and they choose what to do with it..whether it be daycare or they choose not to work and raise their own children. The current system effectively punishes women who choose to stay at home even though it is typically the best thing for the child. "


      "The overly tolerant attitudes towards homosexuality also bother me..but this is spreading all over the continent. I am not against homosexuals"

      I would say all over the West, but to varying degrees across the West. I think in Quebec it is spreading at an alarming rate.

      "we are almost to the point where the lifestyle is being glamorized."

      Exactly. The issue here is not to denounce the lifestyle as a private matter, but its cultural and political ascendancy. Because anything politically-promoted interferes with people's rights to ignore it. As judge Oliver Wendell Holmes famously stated: "The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins.". Too bad that promoters of social dogmas forget this sometimes.

      "Or how about the free invitro fertilization programs given to women who cant conceive. I think its crazy."

      Disagree here. I don't put in-vitro fertilization in the same bucket as abortion, euthanasia, decadence, etc... To me, this is a scientific method for correcting some wrongs that the society has created by getting women into the rat race, brainwashing them with prospects of a career, and then having these women realize at the age of 40 that something is missing. So I think that what in-vitro fertilization is trying to replace should still be fixed, but in itself at least it helps people have children.

      "Why because many women and couples want it all..the perfect life..they want the house, the car, the nice vacations then they think about a kid. Forgot one thing..biology trumps all of this and women should be having their children in their twenties. And we sure as heck should not be all paying for this."

      I agree. This should be fixed, and in-vitro is not a long term solution. It's just a bandaid applied on something that needs a major surgery.

      But you know, with the outsourcing of blue collar jobs throughout the 80s and 90s, and now increasingly many technical white collar jobs as well, the job market changed so as to require more and more the "soft" skills and managerial skills that women posses and often outclass the men on. So it's in corporate interest to have western women go to work. Given the corporate control over our societies, I don't think any of this will change shortly. All that our neutered governments can do is to apply bandaid like in-vitro (what's worst, at the tax payer's expanse). What the government is powerless to do is to effectuate a major change, like creating a society where women would not be afraid to swap their priorities.

    10. "And finally yes many undesirable jobs would not be filled by the spoiled rotten natives so we need immmigrants for that."

      Partly agree. There are locals that will sit on the asses and not take any job, no matter how good. But there are locals whose jobs went overseas and what's left are scraps thrown at them - mainly jobs in the "service industry". So we can't forget about many people in our societies who are victims of the dramatic change in economy in the 1980s and 90s, and we can't forget how these people's lives were ruined and what was offered to them as a replacement does not compute.

      In evaluating all this, we can't forget that as the working class in the west won many concessions since 1945, these concessions were then rolled back and the discipline was restored by globalization, i.e. bringing third world labor into the picture and having us compete with them.

      So this is a rather complex matter. On one hand we have a decadent and consumerist working class, on top of it infused with the society's prejudices (an American blue collar guy is likely to be a racist, a Quebec blue collar guy is likely to be an anglophobe, a French or British worker is likely to be an islamophobe, etc...). At the same time, these people put up a worthy battle with the greedy ruling classes in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and they did come at the losing end. This has to be taken into account as well.

    11. What a bunch of nonsense from complicated.

      How are women supposed to have kids in their 20's unless they have already finished their education and started their careers? Are they supposed to find a Man to pay for it? If so, your attitude reinforce subservience of women to men.

      If they are supposed to pay for it themselves, then you should know that mothers are disproportionately stuck in lower paid jobs than their male counterparts and don't get as many promotions - because maternity leaves, even if they preserve current income, do not allow the woman to progress up the ladder. A fairer solution would be to have men take one half of the parental leave, but that still isn't socially acceptable.

      Women are being told that they aren't supposed to have children if they can't support them (see criticism of "baby mommas", single mothers on government assistance, etc..." and are also being told that they aren't supposed to have children once they have their shit together (late 30's early 40's) so it's damned if they do and damned if they don't, isn't it?

    12. Yannick, the matter is complex because there are two sets of interests colliding and there are two groups of women. The ones you're talking about, stuck in low paying jobs because they have no choice are victims of corporate control over society (i.e. corporate interest backed by the state acting here). Complicated addressed by saying: "I would prefer a system in which the government reimburses all mothers a certain amount of money and they choose what to do with it..whether it be daycare or they choose not to work and raise their own children. The current system effectively punishes women who choose to stay at home even though it is typically the best thing for the child. " I agree with this. We should have a society that takes care of our women, not forces them into the job market. Also, these women are not a problem because they have their heads straight (they are just out of options). The problem here is the state-corporate nexus.

      Another group of women, which complicated and I probably had in mind, are the women who bought it (the second interest here being the bourgeois feminism which is some ways is contributing to low birthrate on ideological and not necessarily practical grounds). So these are the women who are out there not out of necessity, but because of personal desire. Which would not be problem, except that don't come to immigrants later and say: "errr...our population is declining, so accept our values and become defenders and ambassadors of our culture". Errr, no way Jose. Fix your own backyard first. We'll work on preservation of our cultures, and you take steps to assure the vitality of your culture. And if you don't want to take on the militant feminism, state dogma, and corporate interests, then live with the consequences.

    13. I wouldn't prefer a society where women would get a wad of money upon producing a child - I would prefer a society where a woman does not have to choose between a career and a family. Men sure as hell don't choose, they can get both, but only because there is an assumption that the parenting duties lie primarily on the mother.

      When's the last time you heard a man say that he took a few years off his job to take care of his kids while the mother was earning their living? Or that he missed a promotion because he had to go on parental leave for a few months?

      What really needs to happen is for society to get rid of its gender roles so that the choice between family and career is not exclusively reserved to women.

    14. "What really needs to happen is for society to get rid of its gender roles"

      Gender differences are determined by biology too, and so they lead to gender roles.

      Certain things can be overcome by policy, certain instincts can be and should be suppressed to a point (I am in favor of policy that retrains and regulates capitalist greed for example). But there are also limits to policy. An attempt to engineer "respect" for a certain minoritarian language in North America, for example. Respect is hard to define, it's a matter of opinion, but scowling about une manque de respect pour le fait francais after decades of 101 is an indication of sorts.

      I came to certain conclusions over time. Where I stand with the left (and many paleoconservatives) is that capitalism has to be restrained or it will destroy the society and even the world through imperialist expansions for resources and markets that capitalism requires. I also believe that people have to be freed from being dependent on the market, and be given a space where they can exist in parallel to the market without any stigma of being welfare bums. Because life is too short to spend it under the "management" producing some crap that is then pushed onto the population through the use of manipulative advertising.

      Where I break with the progressives though is in their attempts to engineer a society and even a new man up to the standards of some policy "experts", policy wonks, or technicians of power, who really believe that they are doing us a favor, but they end up becoming more of a nuisance than anything.

      I am more and more convinced that as much as we need freedom from capitalism and capitalists, we also need it increasingly from the progressives. In fact, people will not need progressives the minute we are freed from capitalism which infuses into us the prejudices which progressives then try to overcome. So progressives do need capitalism like air. This is why all these liberals disagree with conservatives on life style issues, but when it comes to the economic system, they all close ranks to defend capitalism. Because they need it like plants need water.

    15. Yannick - Please spare me that argument. The younger generations expect everything now. They arent willing to sacrifice for anything..they just go into debt to get the perfect house..the new car..the nice clothes and they certainly dont want any kids getting in their way while they have fun and spend money on their priorities. A lot of couples could get by on one salary if their expectations were lowered.
      Explain to me Yannick why the average house built now is double the house of the 1950s..back then the average family had 3 or 4 kids in a 1000 sq.foot house. Now people..especially the under-50 crowd need at least 2000 sq.feet with at least 2 big bathrooms with a jacuzzi tub, a garage preferably double and preferably a brand new house. Lets not forget that this same couple needs two cars..two brand new cars and at least two major vacations per year and nice furniture and and.
      In the past women often stayed home but they had a much smaller house, one car, vacation was a camping trip. People paid of their debt as quickly as possible. Not at all the same values.
      I still cant accept the in-vitro program here in quebec..again the vast majority of the time its the women who choose to wait to have kids because they need to have met their expectations as I have noted above..the are very high expectations that can only be met by debt and both parents working. Its quite possible to live fine on one salary if you lower your expectations.

    16. Oh please Yannick - the average size of the vast majority of new homes are MUCH bigger than 50 years ago. There may be a very recent trend in very expensive cities like Vancouver and Toronto to smaller homes but most new houses are much bigger. And most families have one or two kids now instead of three or four. I am stunned in my area at the size of new houses..they are much space do people need?? Peoples expectations are way out of whack with what they can afford..hence the record debt levels and both parents working and the waiting until 40 to have a kid. Then expecting all canadians to pay for the increased health care costs associated with high risk pregnancies and here in quebec forcing everyone to pay for perverse is that??

    17. It's quite perverse of people who payed their taxes for 15 years to expect to be able to benefit from them, I agree.

    18. Well there could be record levels of debt because older generations kinda screwed the pooch on our economies and now there are no jobs, the boomers in charge of banks and corporations have been giving themselves heavy raises but not increasing workers wages in line with, cutting benefits and only giving out contract work...but yeah damn kids and their rap music, now get off my law.

  16. Isn't it nice to see the CAQ supporting Bill 14?
    What a surprise!

    1. The CAQ is supporting more study of the bill..they are on record as saying they will not support Bill 14 at the final vote unless major changes are made. I suspect they will support a much more watered down version in the fall..but they will force the PQ to get rid of most of the really controversial clauses.
      Do you really expect the CAQ to throw away its francophone vote for the tiny anglophone vote it could get?
      I still like the CAQ for its focus on the economy, the debt, government waste, corruption - basically all the things a Quebec government should be focused on. But instead most people once again want to focus solely on the language issue..I find many of the anglos here just as bad as the seperatists. Both groups would run this place into the ground over their stubborness over language. As usual the anglos will vote for a corrupt useless party again solely because of their paranoia..rather than a party that is focused on cleaning this province up.

    2. If the CAQ were really focusing on the economy, they would scrap Bill 14 in it's entirety - there have been many articles and letters written about the harm this bill will do but they are still supporting parts of it. They are separatists - plain and simple. By the way, you keep saying the liberals are corrupt but there is no proof of that yet and I think they're all crooked. One of Legault's guy's had to resign already because his name came up at the Charbonneau Commission so why are the liberals worse? We have not one honest government in this province but the liberals are at least our best bet for linguist peace. Legault offers nothing substantial so far and will never get my vote.

    3. Cutie - The Liberals were in power from 2003-2012 during the worst of the corruption was ongoing as revealed in the Charbonneau commission. Now either they were involved hence guilty or they were totally clueless about this which in my opinion means they were clueless. Either way they were in charge while all this garbage was going on.
      Another fact Cutie..the Liberals have racked up as much debt in Quebec during their years in power as the PQ..hence again a huge fail. It shows they cant balance the books any better.
      In terms of language it was a Liberal government who introduced the first bill to protect french and they have always supported Bill 101..and they even increased the number of inspectors during their tenure. Personally I dont care so much about this as I think the economy is far more important.
      Oh and lastly they totally mismanaged the student crisis last year..the education minister and Charest could have talked with the students earlier but they did not out of arrogance. Then they caved in the end which made them look weak and the students pounced.
      So on most fronts the Liberals failed and how you can come on here stating that somehow they are the answer to our woes is beyong delusional. You want more of the same.
      The only hope for change we have is with a new party that has a chance of winning..think about it.

    4. I know all the above complicated - does not mean we will do any better with our other options - they're all terrible but I will still take some peace and less harassment under the liberals than the ongoing outright hate of the other parties. So will all federalists that reside here - you will not change our minds - we all know the same thing but I'm damned if I will hasten our demise even faster under any of the separatist governments that are our only choice.

    5. The PQ now have this summer to prepare their case for every single clause included in Bill 14, and can spend all Autumn in debate, and avoid commitment to anything probably till next Spring. This is unless the CAQ and PQ find they can find sufficient ground for a compromise, in which case they may as well merge. Its my view that the PQ will simply play for time, because iIf the PQ compromise on this legislative dream, or are perceived to have compromised in a significant way, their hardline members will leave and the PQ will have no reason to exist. In the meantime, Ontario, and particularly the Golden Horseshoe region, will see an influx of small to medium sized anglophone speaking companies with their staff trickle in from Montreal over the coming couple of years, as well as less competition from Quebec for foreign investment.

    6. FROM ED
      Honest to God, Cutie it's no use agruing with him. Complicated's head is as empty and hard as a cement baloon. have you ever heard such a statement of supposed guilt as his, "Now either they were involved hence guilty or they were totally clueless about this which in my opinion means they were clueless."
      The fact that the corruption was in Montreal and even the mayor claims not to know about it, means nothing. THE LIBERALS ARE GUILTY BECAUSE THEY ARE LIBERALS. You can rest easy Mayor Tremblay, Complicated says it was Mr. Charest that's at fault. Sorry, Mr Charest, the findings of the Charbonneau Commision mean nothing. You are it. Complicated says so. he's a seer and does not need proof to declare a man guilty, so you're out of luck. The fifty billion you borrowed from China to repair the super steructure did not correct evrything. The fact that highways crumbling were built durng PQ days does not excluide you it means you must have put it in your pocket.
      Cutie, i can't believ you agree with this bullshit. You guys are exactly what will reelct the pq for another four years. Ed

    7. What are you taking about? I don't agree with him. I just said I will be voting for the liberals rather than voting for any of the separatist parties but I'm not in love with them the way you are Ed. Most of us will vote for them because they are the best of the worst so far. Stop trying to make all of us fall in love with them until they do something to prove that anything will change.

    8. ED - You are a decent man and mean well but honestly you dont know what you are talking about and often dont make any sense. The Liberals were in charge of this province for 9 years while perhaps the worst corruption in Canadian history was ongoing. To somehow state that they are blameless is an incredible statement..they were either involved directly or indirectly or they were totally incompetent in not knowing it was going on. They have to take a fair bit of the prefer to stick your head in the sand ED but most of would rather call a spade a spade. The Liberals blew it..and they have had more than theit fair share of chances. I would take a former seperatist as leader anyday over the useless Liberals.

    9. Well when you can find a former separatist leader call me, all I see are 3 parties tainted by corruption, one just changed their name and hoped no one noticed, much like what the construction companies are doing. The CAQ is essentially the Bourassa Liberals of yore, they'll say and do anything if they think it'll get them votes, sure they don't want to talk about separating now (still no complete denial on wanting it issued) but if those numbers ever turn around guess who will be jumping on that bandwagon?

    10. Calmos Thatgouine...Pour l'instant,seul le PLcul est associé à la corruption.

    11. FROM ED
      And if he is still a separatist Complicated, and teams his squad with Marois to reelect for another four years. What do you say then my blockheaded friend. For the sake of our living man, get your head out of the past and try to help us achieve a decent future. It's talk like yours that convinces others in the wrong direction. People say it must be true because I've heard it often. they don't realize the bullshit all came from one source.
      Cutie, that's exactly what I'm talking about give them a chance. I'm not a Liberal lover either. I'm just a guy in a rotten position like the rest of you but i have enough sense to see that at the moment there is only one way out and so I promote that positively. Anyway having reread your post I see that I spoke too fast. I'm sorry. Ed

    12. @ed

      "get your head out of the past"...

      and vote liberal! haha! a humorist's line it is.

      "...that's exactly what I'm talking about give them a chance."

      mate they totally already had their chance. nine long years of it. and they went down with the social crisis they provoked. that's as bad as a government can be. try something else, ed. what you propose has been tried before and it didn't work.

    13. And the inept, racist, bigoted, miserable, communist PQ are doing a really good job - lolololololololololol - errr....... what a bunch of dolts - give me the liberals and all they entail anytime over your crazy, money hungry, crooks of separatists.

  17. Yep and sitting around here arguing about who's right and who's wrong is doing us piss all any good either. There is no way out of this suffocation other than partition. The rest is BS and is not helping us at all. Let those areas go that want to leave before there are no more of us left to fight the good fight. That is the only solution that makes any sense at all. Not all of our municipalities want to leave Canada and we should not be forced to stay in a separate quebec that we did not vote for. Democratic votes in all areas is the only way to settle these matters once and for all. The rest is untenable.

    1. FROM ED
      Cutie, I'm afraid that's a pipe dream that will never happen as long as Harper has the power. Why is it that peole suddenly see the truth after he's regained the power for more agonizing years? Ed

    2. Exactly why do we need Harper for this? People initiated referendums in municipalities or federal districts - Miss Piggy says she's all for citizen initiated referendums; why is Harper involved? Shouldn't we be more conscious of negotiations with a liberal provincial government after referendums are held? Why would our votes to remain Canadian not be considered as a move towards partition?

    3. FROM ED
      My God Cuie, why do you go on with this pipe dream? What people are you talking about, Galganov's people? been trying for fourty years to rouse people, they are not interested. 'People' prefer to sit back and complain, but basically are happy with life as long as they have the freedom to say it's wrong but ask them to get involved, hah. Ed
      I watched Galganov's speech again last night. He blames the English press and the English people for the mess we're interesting, so does complicated. The fact that less than fifty people turned out for the Equality do should tell you the only way people will do anything is to vote in an election. They can see that an all English party which is what Galganov was promoting,
      will accomplish nothing but vote splitting. Ed

    4. The EP has it's problems Ed but what the hell does that have to do with partition? Your way we're doomed in another 15-20 years anyway but you care naught because you and I won't be around. Our children and grandchildren will and they deserve our support to get rid of these bigots and have areas in quebec that want to remain in Canada provided for. Less than 50 people turning out for the EP meeting has a lot to do with in-fighting in the group. Now that Hugo has joined the movement, perhaps it will get off the ground. I'm all for any movement that gets us out from under this damn separatist stranglehold and am willing to listen and join any group that is DOING SOMETHING. You do it your way, it's your right, and I'll do it mine, it's my right. Isn't that what we're fighting for? OUR RIGHTS. Stop worrying about vote splitting and talk to complicated rather than me. Perhaps you can convince him to vote liberal rather than the CAQ. You will have a better chance of doing that than convincing me to just sit back YET AGAIN and do nothing while I wait for the great white saviour of Dr. Couillard to make a statement that he will ensure that we will never again be punished for nothing by these dreadful people. You keep misquoting him by saying that he said "he will ensure all are equal under his government" . He has never said such a thing. He said "all quebec citizens are equal" which is a hell of a big difference. You are giving him far more credit than he deserves to date. QUOTE TO ME WHERE HE SAID WHAT YOU CLAIM HE SAID and stop making false statements. I've told you before and I will tell you again, I will vote liberal if there is no other choice dammit - that's it, that's all until he really stands up and says he will change anything. You keep talking about the francophone vote being turned off by him - he should be more worried about the FEDERALIST vote - you keep mixing them up.

    5. "Now that Hugo has joined the movement, perhaps it will get off the ground."

      Tellement sympathique qu'on aimerait utiliser sa face comme jeu de fléchettes.

      Un conseil(gratuit):

      Évitez ce type de personnalité afin de vous représenter,lui et galganov ne peuvent que nuire à votre "mouvement".

  18. Perfect example of limousine liberals/PQ

    Marois sells her Chateau for $6.5 million.

    Now NOBODY would EVERY OVERPAY for Marois house as a way of currying "influence" or paying her back.

    Never, of course not.

    Actually, wait this is Quebec. That's just a normal business relationship. Perhaps it's a little too close M Charbonneau, but who am I to say?

    Funny how people like SR student would stand in line to defend somebody like this.

    Dogma of sovereignty greater then outrage over fat cat union bosses setting their husbands salary in the public office.

    That's kinda how we ended up in front of Cliche and Charbonneau in the first place. No matter, sovereignty is the BESTEST idea ever!

  19. Interesting article from the National Post

    1. he's got a point, but i'm sure separatists would be open to a compromise and just separate from canada.

    2. Too bad they'd still be in North America, I'll prep the rockets, its really the only way.

    3. That's what they're pushing for Thatguy - they will drive us to violence without a second thought about the trouble all this shit will bring down on our heads.

    4. Ce n'est pas ce type de rockets peggy...Vous êtes vraiment violente peg :)

    5. I knew what he meant idiot = but rockets are also used in the warfare you are pushing us to.

  20. Maintenant que la loi 14 est adoptée (67/42 wow!) que le vrai travail commence :)

    1. What work?...Quebec does not do a lot now SR...Look at all the welfare provided from those evil anglos living in the ROC.

      Desole, pour toi et vos amis dans le societe de BS.

      You might want to get a job, if you can get one in a stagnating economy.


    2. @westerner

      dude there is a choice you can make. you can join the intelligent contributors like adski, aparatcik, yannick (although he's a bit more erratic), complicated and me. or you can join the bashing freaks like cutie003, cebeuq, anectote, resident evil and ed.

      this latest comment of yours puts you in the last category. is this where you feel at home?

    3. "yannick (although he's a bit more erratic)"

      Yannick a simplement le syndrome de la girouette...Très commun au N.-B.

    4. "aparatcik, yannick (although he's a bit more erratic), complicated and me"

      Was it not you who told me that Quebec pays into equalization.? Intelligent and well researched comment!!!! I dont't think I would put myself in the same category as Appartchik or Adski...Your punching way below their weight class.

    5. FROM ED
      Student you're hilarious. You actually think you have a right to be on this blog and decide on teams. Listen turnip head if you must coach a team get a pair of oxen. Complicated you can have, he's oxen oriented. Yannick on the other hand must be breaking up in laughter. He's probably the most intelligent of all of us. You're killing me. I don't communicate with trolls but
      right now. I swear if you let a fart it would blow the turnip root right out of your ass. Ed

    6. @ed

      "He (yannick) 's probably the most intelligent of all of us."

      ok well... let's agree th most intelligent is not you. you see we can even think alike ed on some topics.

    7. @ student

      "join the intelligent contributors like [...] and me."

      Good one!

    8. If I seem like a "girouette" (flip-flopper), it is because I see value in a compromise and therefore will criticize either side when they are uncompromising. I believe Quebec (as a part of Canada), like other non-English regions of the globe, must tread carefully to adapt for the future without losing their distinctiveness; the would-be libertarians who want to be able to parachute English-only ads in the middle of Montreal out of spite and the French who want to remove every trace of English seem equally misguided to me.

      In any case I'm not sure what you're trying to do student, but keep me out of it. Merci.

      You flatter me too much Ed, I'm in the end an outsider who comments here from a Canadian rather than simply Quebecer perspective. Personally I think adski and apparatchik have much more relevant contributions. But thanks.

    9. Personally I like Michel Patrice. While we are on opposite sides of the fence, he is patient, articulate and intelligent, but above all he is thought-provoking. I wish the blog did not react to his comments like a herd of monkeys flinging feces.

    10. FROM ED
      Yannick, I'm not trying to flatter you but I feel your posts are so right on. There's a few here that have the right idea. The Liberals are the way out. (I can hear the groans Ed and the Libs again) This is a French province and the Francophones are not going to give that up easily. We can live here in English but within the laws according to bill 101. We (English) are a minority. Yes we are not being treated fairly but there is a rainbow on the horizon. Dr. Couillard has promised equality and I believe him. We can put our faith in looking forward to a happy ending or sit back and moan. It's well said in the American words, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness." It's like saving the money to buy your first car. Every dollar happily stored away brings you closer
      to your dream. Jefferson was a genius. let's sit back and dream about what it will be like when the PQ is gone and things start changing under a different guard. Ed

    11. Technically, a “girouette” is a weather vane, not a flip-flopper, and François Legault’s CAQ are the best representation of this currently. They seemingly have no convictions of their own but rather wait and see which way the wind is blowing and then follow that.

    12. @westerner

      "Was it not you who told me that Quebec pays into equalization.? Intelligent and well researched comment!!!!"

      yes it was me. you're quite thick aren't you? equalization is a 16 billion pot. it's ottawa money. quebec contributes roughly 20% of it. then it recieves back 8 billion.

      now read carefully. quebec pays in equalization, you can't deny this. and its net balance it positive no doubt. my point here is it's dishonest to put it as if quebec was just sucking in 8 billion from roc, as is routinely written by propagandists on these pages, when it sucks in 8 billion minus what it put in. i don't think you should reply to this, mate.

    13. Thanks R.S. - I had forgotten the proper word.

  21. Je propose aux angryphones de joindre le FLQ :

    Fellas who Left Quebec :)

    1. SR you must be really upset about J Vaillencourt.

      Stealing land from Quebec farmers that have been here for generations for his brother and land development.

      He's been destroying and specifically targeting families that have owned farm land for generations in the province (IE your people that came here generations ago).

      seems like you better mobilize to help them. Your Francophone mayor is doign more to destroy the old time Quebec stock homesteads that any anglophone could do.

      Really it's ethnic cleaning of old time Quebers. How can he do that to his own people? People that have been on the land for generations and he's stealing it to sell to build houses and sell them to immigrants.

      It's the immigrants fault for wanting houses obviously.

      Imagine how many artistic treasures of "new france" went under the bulldozer when the old farm houses go down!

      You should be up there lying in front of the bulldozers to save your culture.

    2. @cebeuq

      you're right about vaillancourt, mate. very bad mayor. a gangster. and a faithful federalist liberal.

    3. Again with the "liberal" label - these are city officials idiot - they have nothing to do with the liberal party - show us proof that they are liberal supporters in provincial elections and that this is illegal in any way. I'd love to see some of your asses in court for your outrageous slander on everyone but your inept, incompetent politicians in charge of your movement to leave Canada - Traitors - it's you who should be in jail. Your whole province is one big cesspool, all francophone separatists living out of the pockets of taxpayers and the mafia. Such a waste of my taxes into Miss Piggy's castle - sickening.

    4. @cutie003

      are you on some kind of automatic writing technique? you a andré breton apostole, mate?

    5. Pour peggy "Breton" signifie une marque de craquelin,vous oubliez que peggy est outaouaine.


    13 th largest in Canada. eh..

    3rd largest in Quebec!

    So Montreal has had a few problems, now Laval has a few more.

    That's 2/3 of the larges cities in Quebec in disgrace.

    That Ford this is a real crisis of govmt in Ontario on the other hand. 1 buffoon vs institutionalized criminality operating as the state in multiple cities.


    MacLeans still isn;t right btw. Just because they have a mountain of documents people faxed in exposing scandals in quebec that they don;t want to admit to having seen when they wrote the story is not relevant.

    What is relevant is wishing the problem away and blaming it on individual actors rather than any larger failure in Quebec society.

    1. And they are proud of their "culture" which is racist, bigoted, egocentric, selfish, intolerable, hateful, mean-spirited among other things. Some "culture" to be proud of. Thank God most francophones are not like the separatist mentality or this province would have been even further in the toilet a long time ago. We must partition and let them go - they are ruining us and the whole country along with them.

    2. Fuyez peggy,fuyez...Pendant qu'il est encore temps.

    3. “But better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions.” - D.H. Lawrence

  23. Davantage de francophones

    La ministre Diane De Courcy veut modifier la grille de sélection des immigrants


    1. And let's look at the comments:

      Guy7500 • il y a 33 minutes
      Elle va aller les chercher au nord de l'Afrique les francophones?
      Des francophones d'une culture religieuse qui veux changer le monde....

      BrunoB • il y a une heure
      Peux elle donner des idées a Popo a comment garder les Québecois au Québec avant de vouloir faire venir des Francophones d'ailleurs.

      cacapoil • il y a 2 heures
      Un gouvernement qui favorise les immigrants qui proviennent des ex-colonies Françaises, est-ce qu'on appelle ça un gouvernement de colonisateurs ou de colonisés ? Faudrait demander à Lisée....

      Bip Bip • il y a 4 heures
      C'est ça madame! plus de francophone ouais! mais d'ou? Haiti? des francophones illettrés et mûre pour les gangs de rue, pas diable mieux!!!

      mimi37 • il y a 7 heures
      Je sais pas sur quelle planete cette bonne femme vit mais Qc a deja la priorite sur le choix de son immigration.

      asirois • il y a 10 heures
      Avec la bande d'analphabètes qui sort de nos écoles, elle devrait faire appliquer la même politique pour la diplomation au secondaire.

    2. Vous appréciez ce type de commentaires à caractère raciste et bourrés de préjugés adski?

  24. Des accusations de racisme, en anglais seulement.

    "Blackface"...C'est quoi ça ?

    1. L'action de se mettre de la cire a chaussure sur la face pour singer des africains. C'est considéré comme un acte dérisoire et incitant le stéréotype, et donc raciste.

    2. Please don't get sucked in, Yannick... he knows perfectly well what it means. Not only is it described in the article but he also knows how to use Google, if ever he genuinely wanted to know something.

      Rule of thumb: All of his questions on here are phony. Ignore.

    3. And of course it (S.R) pretends not to see the irony that in defense against the accusation that Quebecois are racist (consider those not in their group to be inferior), Mme Ravary demands that the complaints not be written in the language of the complainants' choice, never mind that they are written in private blogs.

    4. Certaines personnes de couleur ont vraiment l'épiderme sensible,n'est-ce pas...Trouille?

  25. Reading above comments, it made me think of something. Separatists always talk about the "350 millions d'anglos" being a reason to separate, but since you are already separate from the US, why would yank influence be any more relevant now than if Quebec is sovereign? Your "mer d'anglos" argument makes no sense when it's used to justify separating, when most of the people in the group you're claiming are assimilating your language already live in a separate country from you.

    1. This is a well-worn, meaningless argument trotted out ad nauseam by seppies who wish to bubble themselves up from the outside world in a French-only utopia. As if all francophones were Quebecers and all Quebecers were francophones… nonsense!

  26. An interesting perspective from one of the blogs:

    I was wrong: I was saying yesterday, ‘let the Separatists go.. let’s Partition the land and give them their little Country. They will soon see how small it becomes when everyone takes their fair share’

    But, this morning I rethought the consequences of doing that. Just as anyone who has ever had a marriage divorce can attest to, the relationship with that person does not stop there. It just changes. Sometimes it even gets worse.

    I still see the Partition part as fine, because it frees the non-separatists from the xenophobic language laws and let us live our lives in normal fashion. It also allows the French people their own closed community that they struggle so much to obtain. But Canada must maintain control over that population.

    Here’s why I think that: The PQ Government is corrupt. They deliberately keep their followers under-educated and isolated from the rest of the world. This gives them indisputable power over their flock. But the PQ Government is also greedy and does not know how to manage money.

    If Quebec separates, it will become a little foreign Country in the middle of Canada. It will become a little foreign country on North American soil.
    It will become a perfect target for occupation from any other world power that will lend them money, and that means ANY other country that is rich enough to eventually buy them out.

    The greed and ignorance of the PQ could endanger the security of the entire continent of North America. It could create a safe haven for terrorists, militants, and there would be nothing the rest of the Country or Continent could do about it short of sanctions or war.

    The PQ are not moral people. We see that every day. They have no concern for people, and only a lot of concern for power and money. In this scenario they would inevitably destroy themselves, but they could destroy the Country as well.
    We’ve got to stick it out and defeat the notion of Separatism once and for all.

    I am posting this here to show that (name withheld) remarks are stop on! Defeating the notion of separation is, or should be, our prime goal! The Equality Party can be influential in achieving it if we stand together!

    1. "But, this morning I rethought the consequences of doing that..."

      Votre problème est que vous mettez trop peu de temps à réfléchir :)

  27. FROM ED
    Here's some interesting data. Out of 182 posts, the first 130 had only the odd jibe from the troll. Some of it actually making sense.
    The rest had 39 comments to and from trolls and 13 on other subjects. It all ended at nine o'clock last night and since then no one has posted. The trolls have won this round. When we start to answer them people lose interest. If we want to keep the blog alive, we must ignore the trolls. Every time they get an answer it opens a door for them and they barge right in. Surely we can be more intelligent than them. Please, save our blog. ! Ed

    1. Ed - for some reason your missing some posts.

    2. You're entirely right, Ed. It's just hard sometimes.

    3. Ed, if this were my blog, by my count, I figure roughly 65% of comments to this weekend’s post were earnest or genuine in nature and the other 35% were either vapid or malicious in nature (or else were responses provoked by such). That’s about 70 pointless comments to have to skip and scroll past repeatedly out of 200, or to put it another way, the blog comment limit would need to be around 300 in order to correspond to 200 earnest posts.

      So if one third of the comments are essentially useless clutter that could be pruned, that still leaves about two thirds of worthwhile comments usually related to the Editor’s topic, for the time being. Therefore, I wouldn’t quite say that the troll race has been “won” yet, although they are certainly trying very hard to turn people off from participating in the blog by flooding the comments section with pointless, mocking, disrespectful or otherwise mean-spirited, lowbrow comments (and hoping to provoke similar, repetitive responses, all with the full blessing of the Editor, as we know).

      Technically, I suppose they believe it should take 50%+1 malicious comments for them to “win”. :)

    4. well stated RS = lol for the last comment

  28. FROM ED
    Hey Cutie, I don't know where your post came from. When I posted the piece above it was not there. Anyway I agree with a lot of what you say. The PQ takes advantage of the francophone population because they are uneducated. Which goes back to the Catholic Church not wanting people to know to much. They dumbed and numbed the populace into thinking everything would be fine if you did what they tell. you. I look at my neighbours and feel only sorrow. They are good people trying to survive in a world that is beyond their scope of understanding. They have lovely children who i hope will be educated to a level of competence that will help them get along in the world and enjoy their lives without fear of Anglos. I think you should give the name of the blogger unless they have asked to be anonymous. You are depriving them of having credit for the thoughts. Ed

  29. Would never do that without their permission Ed. Only passing along thoughts.

  30. Pas de turban sur les terrains de soccer Québécois

    "Résultat : les hommes et les garçons de la communauté sikhe devront rester à l'écart cet été, comme le fait Mukhbir Singh, vice-président de l'Organisation mondiale des sikhs du Canada, pour une deuxième saison cette année."

    Vont-ils comprendre un jour que nous ne sommes pas des "canadians" ?

    1. S.R,

      Now you are talking soccer. What is the badge that the Montreal Impact, the highest-level soccer team in the whole province of Quebec, wear on their left shoulder?