Monday, March 25, 2013

Quebec Pasta-Chasers Hall of Shame

 pästə-ˈCHāsər     Noun
A humorous yet derogatory term borne out of the infamous Pastagate affair describing;
1. A Quebec politician obsessed with curbing minority language rights.
2. A public servant working in the OQLF charged with enforcing language laws.
3. A member of a French language lobby group or media personality obsessed with curbing minority language rights.
Language police, language cop, 

10- Benoît Dutrizac -radio personality

Unlike the other nine personalities that follow, Benoît Dutrizac is actually highly intelligent, lucid and remarkably talented. He differs from them in that he probably doesn't really believe half the bullshit he spouts on the radio, but rather is obsessed with the accrued ratings that language conflict produces.
And so, Dutrizac knowingly panders to language hotheads encouraging them to take direct action in defense of the true Quebec nation.

He once urged listeners to invade the tiny Anglo/Jewish enclave of Hampstead, in order to disturb the peace by loudly honking horns and making all manner of noise, protesting a town bylaw that forbids noise (gardeners mowing the lawn..e.g) on two of the Jewish religions holiest days.
Protesters took him up on the challenge and did exactly that, parading through the town in a provocative show of force, supported by an escort of police who made sure that the demonstrators had free passage.
What Dutrizac failed to tell listeners is that the town, which is about 80% Jewish, also forbids noise on Sunday (not the Jewish sabbath) and on Christian holidays as well. This willful misrepresentation  and his willingness to never let the facts get in the way of a good story speaks to his cynicism and contempt.
"In August, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council found that another 98.5 FM host – Benoît Dutrizac – breached its code of ethics when he called on listeners passing through the predominantly Jewish neighbourhood of Hampstead to honk and make as much noise as possible to protest a bylaw against noisy outdoor activity on Rosh Hashanah.
On another occasion Dutrizac also railed against an African depanneur owner who made some injudicious remarks after being accosted for not speaking French." Link
As to that second reference, Dutrizac took aim at a hapless African depanneur owner, who made some injudicious remarks after being goaded by a Dutrizac producer for not speaking French in a secretly recorded conversation.
"Williams is the dépanneur owner in Verdun who found himself at the centre of a Bill 101 debate after a producer from 98.5 FM’s Dutrizac called him anonymously, speaking to him only in French. When asked why he was not speaking French and citing Bill 101, Williams erupted into a tirade.
“You claim you are Quebecois but what do you contribute to Quebec? You stay at home, you drink beer, you smoke cigarettes, you take welfare. I am an immigrant, yes… I take care of your people… you have no right to question my language background.”
The comments caused a fury. The Jeunes patriotes nationalist group held a protest at the store on Saturday. About 30 protesters stood outside the store, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes; a reply to the store owner’s comments." Link
 Incidentally the tirade by the convenience store depanneur owner is enshrined in the annals of the French language debate, fitting in somewhere between the fictional  story of the parrot who was not allowed to speak English and the Mordechai Richler interview on 60 Minutes. 

9- Rejean Tremblay -sportscaster and journalist

Rejean Tremblay may be one of Quebec's most respected sportscasters, but he's a man who holds a lifelong grudge against Anglos and Canada, one who wears his utter disdain like a badge of honour.

Whether it is the Canadian Olympic Committee or the NHL, Tremblay sees plots against francophone athletes everywhere.
Last year, he raged publicly over the Canadiens hiring of unilingual Randy Cunneyworth and was instrumental in putting the language debate into the sports pages.

Tremblay has in the past conducted a long and virulent public campaign against ex-Habs captain Saku Koivu because he never learned to speak French and so sought every opportunity to denigrate his hockey and leadership skills.

His most famous assertion is that the Montreal Canadiens have a sacred duty to hire more French-speaking players, so that the team can better represent the city and province for which they play for.
Mr. Tremblay actually believes the romantic notion that French Canadian hockey players try harder than Anglos or Eurpoeans because they are playing at 'home'
"The less French-Canadian players there are," he argued, "the less problems (the owners) will have with the media, the more (the owners) will be able to control information and the team's image."
"The Canadiens are the blood and oxygen of an entire part of Quebec society," Tremblay continued. "In normal times, from what I have observed in the last 40 years, is that the Canadiens precede what happens in Quebec society." Link
Mr. Tremblay also believes that the rest of the NHL discriminates against Francophone players, preferring to hire Anglos instead.
It's hard to jive the two theories, on one hand holding that the Canadians should discriminate in favour of French players, but that English teams should not discriminate in favour of Anglos.

At any rate, it makes sense to Tremblay because Quebec and Francophones are in his opinion, 'special' and have inalienable rights to affirmative treatment.
The whole thing is paranoid nonsense, typical of the persecution complex that typifies Quebec's legion of Pasta-chasers.

8- Denis Trudel -failed artist
The hapless Denis Trudel makes the list not for any of his achievements, nor his impact in the language debate.
He is like Robin to Batman, the hapless sidekick, to the heavyweight president of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste and the Mouvement Québec français, Mario Beaulieu.

But he is the representative of crappy and failed arteests who seek to revive or extend their careers by hitching their stars to the language movement.
The list is long including Luck Merville, the dreary Loco Locass and super-actor Maka Kotto, for example.

7- Louise Marchand -ex-chief of the OQLF

Had Louise Marchand remained in place as the head of the OQLF she would have surely made the list in first place.
Now that she's gone, we can safely ignore her, but must recognize the profound impact this anglo-hater had during her reign of terror at Quebec's language agency.
As the most powerful Pasta-chaser in the province, she led her agency to an unprecedented mean-spirited application of the language laws, setting policy that encouraged language inspectors to lay the most trivial of complaints like English on/off switches which ultimately led to Pastagate and her Humpty-Dumpty fall from grace.
While the French media tried to portray Pastagate as an unfortunate result of the act of an over-zealous inspector, it was nothing of the sort.
The OQLF, under Madame Marchand became a shrill, dogmatic and vengeful agency of repression. Like religious police in radically Islamized countries, the minion of OQLF inspectors roamed the streets, measuring English on shop signs instead of the length of women's skirts.
Madame Marchand once remarked that clerks who spoke English weren't doing anything illegal, but annoying because its effect was to anglicize Quebec.
While it is a case of good riddance to bad rubbish, Marchand remains the poster girl of a government bureaucrat filled with hate towards Anglos and Ethnics, who sadly was given the power to wreak havoc.

6- Louis Prefontaine -French language militant
Louis Prefontaine stands head and shoulders above the other self-appointed  pompous defenders of the faith, a blowhard pseudo-intellectual who uses the fire and brimstone of televangelists to preach the gospel of fear, hate and oppression.
Never failing to remind francophones that they are the colonized victims of Anglo repression, his victimization spiel is as tired as is his persecution complex.

When not writing hilariously childish anti-English screeds, Mr. Prefontaine occupies his time filling out endless complaints over English signs, a preoccupation that borders on the obsessive-compulsive.

His statistical razzle-dazzle, using such inventive terms like 'historical English community' can only be inspired by the equally insipid Claude Castonguay, another pasta-chaser that sees the francophone world collapsing under the interminable steamroller of English.

He actually took the time to photograph and complain about this sign in the back of a car.
Does the term Get a life mean anything?

If this sign offends him, there is no shortage of material in Montreal and poor Louis is doomed to a life of eternal disappointment. I can't say that I feel bad for him.

I enjoy his essays because they are filled with so much ennui, outrage and angst that it actually brightens my day to know that we anglos and Ethnics can inflict so much pain by the simple fact of our existence.

5- Gilles Proulx-longtime radio shock-jock and Media personality
Gilles Proulx reminds me of that stereotypical southern cracker, an old-timer who sits on his hillbilly porch, whittling away on a stick of wood like Jed Clampett, occasionally pulling on a jug of 'shine, whilst railing against 'dem niggers.'
When it comes to pasta-chasing, there's no whore like an old whore.
Proulx is an expert communicator, the consummate francophone victim, blending humorous righteous outrage with annoying whinging.

Proulx's dislike of anglos and Canada is absolute, but actually pales in comparison with his enmity towards natives. Listen to a radio screed {fr}
In regards to Quebec's Oka crisis, he inflamed listeners who were already fuming over the closure of the Mercier bridge in a radio tirade laced with derogatory descriptions of the natives, including the fact that they didn't speak French. It may very well have led to the shameful rock-throwing attack on a native convoy including women and children. Youtube

Mr Proulx continues his decades long battle against the English, getting away with using pejoratives on television while making fantastical complaints about Anglos. Youtube {fr}

One of the more humorous battles he has waged concerns a local auto repair shop located close to his home.
For years he has hissed and moaned against his nemesis, "BT AUTO REPAIR LTD." in Greenfield Park. He's ranted about the sign on so many occasions, I truly lost count.

4-  Jean-Paul Perreault.-president of Impératif français
Jean-Paul Perreault is the indomitable leader of the Gatineau based Impératif français, an organization dedicated to the defense and preservation of the French language.

Based across the river from Ottawa, trapped in the midst of a the only real Anglo bastion in Quebec outside of Montreal, Perreault has no shortage of battles to fight.

A dedicated uber-separatist, he has a visceral hatred of all things English and while making all sorts of French demands on the Ottawa side of the river, seeks to remove every last word of English from Quebec.

He is so militant that he objects to Gatineau being included in the National Capital region.

Mr. Perreault reminds me of the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps going and going and going, year after a year.
Like all true pasta-chasers he is a dedicated perseverer, going from one battle on to the next, never losing his zeal or religion.

His organization's website is a humorous collection of screeds and rants, written by whinging pasta chasers, bathed in self-pity and paranoia.
My favorite photo from the gallery of language offenses on the website is this one which serves as sad indictment of the ideological rigidity of the organization.
Instead of lamenting over one more casualty of the Quebec economic reality, a bankrupt store is chastised for its bilingual sign.

3- - frequent contributor
If anyone stands as a shining example of the mentality of those who contribute to the separatist website, it is the prolific writer (240 texts) named .
I have read his work over the years and remain stunned at how backward, racist and downright xenophobic Quebecers like him remain.
 "The culture of Quebec is  firstly language, but also a way of thinking, reasoning, expressing,  creating, building and seeing the world, in short, a way of life that depends ... part in language and part  in history. Link{fr}
My favorite pieces are two contributions that define his vision of which traits  make up a 'good' Quebecer.
And so, according to this pasta-chaser, Good Quebecers; 
  • ...Clap when the pilot lands the airplane
  • ...Have an above-ground pool in the backyard and a BBQ on the balcony
  • ...Celebrate Christmas in a camper
  • ...Eat at least one poutine a year.
  • ..Venerate Frere Andre
  • ...Baptize their children, even if they believe less than their parents
  • ...Use all-terrain vehicles in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter
  • ...Attend midnight mass
  • ...Wait for the French version of an English film to come out before attending
  • ...Go to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion and the Cirque de Soleil
  • ...Read nationalist articles in the newspapers
  • ...Copy American music but pay for Quebec music
  • ...Take the children to eat at the Roi du Patate on Sunday.
  • ...Dream of a cabin by the lake.
  • ...Know the names of the contestants on Star Académie
  • ...Voted YES in the referendums... There's more Here{fr} and Here{fr}
......and no, he wasn't being tongue in cheek. 

After defining how a Quebecer must live he reminds us that;
"In Quebec we live this way, not differently."

Some of his other musings are less humorous.
"Indeed, in radio, commercials, we present too high a percentage of visible minorities who do not correspond to the reality of Quebec. The world of television has become a propaganda tool for the minority status of the Quebec nation...
....Even a television program as innocuous as "Just for Laughs" projects a distorted image of Québec to the world. .... the majority of people in the Montreal based show are visible minorities, and in doing so, we give the false impression that the entire province is composed of people of the third world..."   Link{Fr}

(On immigrants)   
A minority prevents a majority from achieving its legitimate objectives, that is to say, the recognition of it's aspirations to become a nation recognized as such internationally.
More than ever, it is a priority to not let people into Quebec who don't want to assist us in our business of making a country freed from the dominance of Canada.
In another piece he complains that francophones shouldn't marry or partner with Anglophones.   Link{fr} 
"After decades of having our head in the sand, our wonderful PQ will finally talk about demographics and immigration at the end of next week. So let's talk about it because it is finally permitted ...

Kirpan, turban, Sharia, Ramadan, circumcision, polygamy, honour killings, gangs, Jamaican posses, Chinese triads, Russian and Italian mafia. Since the beginning of the 21st century Quebecers find this on the corner of their street, the limits of Canadian multiculturalism and the
Trudeau Charter ."
Living in Quebec doesn't make you a Quebecer Link{fr}

2- - president of the SSJB and Mouvement Quebec Francais
Mario Beaulieu is the hardest working pasta-chaser in Quebec and it makes sense since he is just about the only one paid a full-time salary to wage a never-ending war against the forces of English and Anglicization.
Of the entire group, he may be enterprising, but he is probably the dumbest, spouting off nonsense after foolishness, using misinterpreted statistics and bad sums, while passing off facts that are not facts.
Mr. Beaulieu doesn't like to be called a Franco-supremacist but that's what he is and when he asks for a respectful debate about language, he means that the Anglo media should shut up.

 Mr. Beaulieu wants us to believe that he isn't radical, but his pronouncements tell another story.
In the past he has actually demanded that English Churches add French to the bulletin boards on the front lawn, in order to show 'respect' to the majority, even while the law provides an exemption for religious establishments.
He continues to maintain that not only should stores that use English trademarks be required to use French descriptors, but also those stores that use proper names that don't sound French enough, like REITMANS or BENTLEY.

He also demanded in the past that English artists be barred from the annual Quebec Day celebration if they were to present their work in English.

Everyday he wakes up looking for another language battle where he can in the best tradition of pasta-chasers, let loose a torrent of righteous indignation, followed by dire Chicken Little warnings of impending gloom and doom.

Beaulieu is an ignorant blowhard who gets all too much airtime, incommensurate with his support. The demonstrations he and his groups mount, rarely draw more than a hundred or two of the faithful, usually silver-haired separatist veterans,  manning the barricades in thinning numbers as they die off.
All this with hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity, courtesy of an accommodating press.

1- - PQ minister of Education
Diane de Courcy gets first place, not for a history of anti-English/ethnic activism, but rather because of her unique political position which allows her to actually effect legislative change, something that none of the above-mentioned pasta-chasers can do.

Her latest legislative foray, the egregious Bill 14, is an attack on everything not French in Quebec, a mean-spirited law meant to discriminate and marginalize everybody but the French majority.

The proposed law is a frontal attack on Anglos, an attempt to apply a coup de grace to the community, taking away any notion that English and Anglos are valued members of the Quebec mosaic.
Actually the law is intended to dash any concept of a mosaic at all, making French the only official language and culture of Quebec.

De Courcy is more than a pasta-chaser, she is nothing less than a devoted ethnic cleanser, bound and determined to  inflict the most pain she can with the resources she has. Such is the case with her determination to remove the exemption for military families who wish to choose English for their children's education while posted in Quebec.

She is the reincarnation of Camille Laurin, Quebec's most revered ethnic cleanser and has inherited his mean-spiritedness as well.
De Courcy is a committed pasta-chaser extraordinaire, full of hate and contempt on the prowl looking to skin the English cat and exact a measure of revenge for all manner of imagined slights.

There it is, Quebec's greatest pasta-chasers, any comments?


  1. Great list overall, but I'm kind of surprised that Préfontaine made the list, seeing as how he hasn't published much of anything lately, unless he's found a new venue for his vitriol. I also would have made a place on the list for Pierre Curzi and his hilarious anglo/federalist conspiracy theories or failing that, husband/wife duo Richard Martineau and Sophie Durocher and their constant "speak white" tales of the woe they suffer at the hands of us horrible non-francos.

    1. Préfontaine argued that McGill student unions shouldn't address their members in English first (or English at all? either way it's crazy). He definitely belongs on this list.

      On the other hand, Rirchard Martineau took the stand that the OQLF was silly during PastaGate, and suffered the backlash from the extremists that you can imagine.

  2. FROM ED
    Say what you like about them at least they are speaking out. It would be nice if we had some like that speaking for the English side. Ed

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 7:17:00 AM EDT

      I am for the anglo side, pal.
      As a french-Canadian born in quebec and residing in Canada I am a huge supporter of all things Canadian, french included.
      Let's scrap official bilinguism, let's save $1 000 000 000 yearly. (Let's also scrap socialist CBC and its more radical marxist radio-canada/RDI and save an additional $billion but that's for another debate).
      I have a great vision; wanna live in french? Live in quebec.
      Wanna live in english? Live outside of quebec.
      Uber french separatists piss normal people off? Support their cause so they can go away;)
      I would love for the PQ, QS, all the wackos at vigile. net, the top 10 above, etc to become free and independant from the ugly english (their thinking process). Let's set them free so they can leave the ROC alone and prosper.

    2. Again Un Gars you are proposing that the million + of us that reside here support your idea of separating from Canada. That would be stupid for us to do unless we partition this place - we are not interested in having quebec separate from Canada; in fact that's what we're trying to prevent. I don't know why you keep proposing this on a federalist blog - your idea would be much more appropriate on a separatist blog. If we were interested in that idea we would be promoting another referendum so all of quebec could leave with our land and our businesses in tow to their bankrupt utopia. Why don't you try to come with ideas that support the federalist side of the debate instead of telling all of us to leave our homes and families and buildings to the separatist bastards that promote leaving Canada?

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 9:30:00 AM EDT

      Love where you live then.
      I can`t dumb it down more than that.
      Embrace your dynamic franco environment. Stop complaining.

    4. Then please stop annoying us with your irrelevant comments. Thank you.

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 11:28:00 AM EDT

      Poor cutie.... you are soooooo annoying that you hurt whatever cause you have on here.
      You are irrelevant to the max.
      You spend your life bitching and complaining I am positive that your husband left you because you are so annoying as a person.
      Move out of quebec or shut up already amn enjoy your life.

    6. “Love where you live then. I can`t dumb it down more than that. Embrace your dynamic franco environment. Stop complaining”


      I usually enjoy your posts, mostly for entertainment value (no offense). I don’t mean to respond for Cutie, but I can’t help telling you to take your own advice. Stop obsessing about Quebec.

      You have moved on with your life apparently, by moving to Calgary, n’est ce pas? It would appear however that you are still stuck in Quebec between the ears and thus, really haven’t moved on with your life at all. When we read your posts, it seems that any affliction Quebec endures provides a source of on-going pleasure and delight for you. It’s personal isn’t it? I wonder if it is because you have always been rejected by your own kind. You are French Canadian, but it doesn’t seem that you are pur-laine Quebecois, and THEIR rejection of you is a bitter pill to swallow? When you praise Calgary at the expense of Quebec, it makes me think it’s an exercise in trying to come to terms and accept the pain of having had to leave your home and Family. It is understandable of course.

      I can honestly tell you that as far as I’m concerned there is no way under the sun that the reason I would ever leave is for rejection issues. I don’t give a rat’s ass if they hate ethnics/allophones, I will never succumb to someone’s rejection of me and leave because I feel hindered or even hurt & unwanted. Their hate and discrimination has never stopped me from living my life in a complete & fulfilling fashion in Quebec. Leaving Quebec will never be based on emotional issues. The $564,000,000,000.00+ DEBT however will have everything to do with leaving Quebec behind and I can honestly say there will be no mourning on my part. Leaving Quebec will be based completely on economic reasons. I work too damn hard for my money and I don’t want to keep flushing my hard earned dollars down the toilet anymore. I am beginning to experience convulsions every time I purchase something and notice what I pay for QST. It’s beginning to look like the province of Quebec is a bad investment that I will have to walk away from, simply and purely. This is a sinking ship and I’m planning to get on a lifeboat before it’s too damn late, especially because I qualify. I have guaranteed my spot at the buffet table by making sure I am I am fluent in several languages, educated and experienced. I will not be a pawn in anyone’s personal and political agenda to try and keep this province afloat somehow. You’ve got the limited unilingual Francophone’s for that, they are stuck here and stuck with the scraps of no choice in the matter, but I do and intend on exercising my choice.

    7. @Editor:

      Here's a new idea for a another blog:

      “No dogs or Francophone’s allowed the Buffet Table”

      It should be written in French however!!

    8. "I’m planning to get on a lifeboat before..."

      J'espère qu'il sera assez spacieux afin que vous puissiez embarquer quelques amis avec vous.

    9. """Say what you like about them at least they are speaking out. It would be nice if we had some like that speaking for the English side. Ed"""

      Generally most people would not stand up and take public positions on things like persecuting other races. It's not considered acceptable except in PQ culture.

      It's like standing up to Hitler. There were no public personalities that opposed him. All hard been driven out or worse..

      Standing up to the PQ will get your business pummeled by OLQF. Harassed by the tax department and threatened by seppies on Facebook and phone calls.

      Opposing points of view are to be ridiculed and dismissed not debated. Only Pauline and her cronies are allowed to debate the future of Quebec.

      Her background in "social work" gives her impeccable credentials to decide on things like business, capitalism and development.

      It's like the brightest minds in "social work/poli sci" protesting fracking and XL pipelines. It's something they know nothing about but that's not going to stop them with the social engineering with our lives.

      These are people that arn;t capable of figuring out how to change a tire on their car while reading the directions yet they feel no embarrassment at protesting things that are way way beyond their pay scale of understanding.

    10. "J'espère qu'il sera assez spacieux afin que vous puissiez embarquer quelques amis avec vous"

      And you can think about how your utter stupidity hindered you from getting on board while Hyperthermia set in open water....LOL

    11. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 3:18:00 PM EDT

      Poor AnecTOTE....
      Nobody rejected me.
      Je suis ne a Ste-Foy, a grandi a Montreal et gradue au HEC. Je clavarde de mon travail, une tour a bureau au centre-ville de Calgary.
      Je visite le quebec 2 fois/annee. A noel 1 semaine et l'ete 2 semaines avec ma blonde.
      A noel j'ai ete au carrefour Dix/30 et cet ete je vais faire du camping en gaspesie.
      J'hai pas le quebec, seulement les morons a l'esprit ferme qui y habite.
      Apres avoir abtenu mon bac en administration des Affaires on etait plusieurs qui ont recus des offres pour travailler hors quebec et ca m'a interesse.
      Ca va faire 10 ans ce mois de juin que je suis en Alberta - j'ai quitte en 2003. J'ai 33 ans cette annee. Je suis une victime du brainwash que la societe du quebec se doit de souffrir. J'etais heureux de vivre au quebec jusqu'au moment ou, apres plusieurs mois a Calgary, j'ai decouvert avec horreur que ma vie au quebec, en temps que pure laine n'a ete qu'un laid mensonge.
      I'm not saying, admitting or inferring anything here but I can tell you all that living in quebec is counter-productive and stupid. Now that's a statement.
      Unless you are happy to live in quebekistan, shut up, do not complain about your life there or move.

    12. @ Un Gars

      “Poor AnecTOTE” ?? Lol

      Don’t you fret your pretty lil’ head about me...I could probably buy and sell you without a blink. I was just trying to figure out what makes a Francophone such as you, so self-loathing. I must admit that your last post is quite insightful. You're obviously bitter then, learning the Truth about all the lies they fed you during the indoctrination process in the Quebec French school system; understandable I guess. It would make anyone angry to realize they were “Played” lol.

      All I can tell YOU is.....GET OVER IT!

      AND “ I “ can’t dummy that down more ...for you!

      BTW... they never taught you French accents at HEC? MM...How do I put this? Ah-what-the-hell: Your written French stinks. It is rather inadequate for someone who was educated at such a prestigious institution, just sayin’.

    13. You know Un Gars the more I read of your stupid comments and the more vicious and uncalled for they are, the more I believe you are but another paid troll by the separatists. No one else, given the circumstances you supposedly currently live in, would be bothered putting forth all the nonsensical things that you do. I will now skip over any further comments from you same as I do from student and SR and ignore all posts. If you're for real, you are a sick individual and I suggest a head test from someone qualified to treat sadists.

    14. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 6:35:00 PM EDT

      "BTW... they never taught you French accents at HEC? MM...How do I put this? Ah-what-the-hell: Your written French stinks. It is rather inadequate for someone who was educated at such a prestigious institution, just sayin’."
      Wow... AnecTOTE you are a f$cking moron. In Alberta, computer keyboards are anglos, so no accent aigu, etc.
      Very lame insight for you quebecois types. As for you being richer than me, well who cares?
      Me living in Calgary makes me richer than you, Toto.
      And yes.... I got over it all.

    15. "Wow... AnecTOTE you are a f$cking moron. In Alberta, computer keyboards are anglos, so no accent aigu, etc."

      I never would have guessed that such a successful member of our generation could be so computer illiterate. It doesn't matter what's written on the keyboard, it all depends on your keyboard settings. When I was in undergrad, many of the European students would routinely change their keyboards from the North American QWERTY setup to the european one, with the click of the mouse.

      Once you've used more than one keyboard setting on your computer, changing between French and English takes two clicks (three if you count clicking the x on the keyboard settings window).

    16. "Wow..AnecTOTE you are a f$cking moron. In Alberta, computer keyboards are anglos, so no accent aigu, etc"

      Moron? Are you talkin’ to me?

      Easy-does-it there junior, this is Canada and Canada is bilingual. I find it rather hard to believe that your local ‘Staples’ store wouldn’t carry a French Canadian Keyboard. But here’s the thing, I don’t have a French Canadian keyboard either and still manage. You’re a bright boy supposedly, so you can figure out how to write correctly EVEN WITHOUT the benefit of an actual ‘physical ‘keyboard.

      Who’s the moron? You guessed it...YOU ARE!

    17. @anectote

      "I could probably buy and sell you without a blink."

      haha! bragging anonymously on the internet about your salary... i mean... how the hell could you have started to think this was a clever reply?!? so lame, mate. you're sinking to un gars bs de calgary's level now... i mean, who else does that? nobody, just the two of you. eeew.

    18. FROM ED
      Cutie, Anectote Yannick, It's no use trying to educate Une Gars, he doesn't want hear it. Une gars is a lonely man, that's why he comes here. Lonely people believe they are the only ones that know and must talk down to us mere mortals. It never occurs to them why they are lonely because in their mind everyone must love them. Half the standard posters on this blog have told him that his vile comments are needlessly hurtful but he doesn't care because our feelings are irrelevant to him. The other half feel the same way but fear saying it because he comes back full of venom like a snake that has been stepped on. He feels he is above us all and so ignores our feelings. He probably left Quebec because he had driven away any friends he had with his belligerence as a teenager. It's obvious he has no friends in Calgary that's why he spends all his time on this blog insulting people he knows can't come to his door and confront his viciousness so he feels safe insulting people long distance. Most of us are happy for his success in Calgary but he tells us about it because he thinks we are jealous which makes him happy. Most of us just wish he would stay there. The best way to deal with it is not read his posts. save yourself the anger he creates in you which also makes him happy knowing he has left you worse than when he arrived.
      To. Une Gars, We in Quebec may be in trouble and struggling to find our way out but we have something you don't have. We have each other. We don't have to go on a blog two thousand miles away to find companionship. Ed

    19. FROM ED
      It's not a matter of talking AGAINST other races. I'm referring to speaking FOR the English. Ed

    20. Un gars, does overestimate one thing about Alberta. He is assuming that oil prices will stay at record highs. The Alberta provincial govt did the same and their budget was thrown into whack as the price for Alberta oil(canadian select) is severely discounted from West Texas intermediate and world oil prices are not as high as forecast.

      Furthermore oil production worldwide is increasing in leaps and bounds. Just look at south of Alberta. The bakken field is providing so much new light sweet oil, production increased so fast in just 5 years. Even southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan have parts of the bakken field in their borders and are also extracting oil. This means that Albertan oil is becoming increasingly landlocked as the shale oil takes nearby markets away. Even with keystone, line 9 reversal and conversion of transcanada pipeline. Alberta oil will still be discounted as its ability to get the oil to market will get chocked with all the new oil production just outside Alberta. Also why buy heavy alberta oil sands oil, when you can buy light sweet shale oil that doesn't need extra refining and/or upgrading

      Then as usual if world oil price collapses then Alberta will be hit with the boom to bust cycle and Alberta won't be where the "big bucks" is. On the other hand all those that bought Albertan real estate will be as stuck as those that bought or have real estate in Quebec.

    21. With conventional sources of oil drying up, I always thought that the only place oil prices were going was up.

  3. FROM ED
    Mr. Sauga,
    Quebec has something those other countries you mention did not have. We are part of Canada a larger country.
    There is a chance that some might decide to buy guns and start
    fighting for rights but the first shots would force Harper to declare the War measures Act and send troops to settle thngs.
    Hopefully it won't come to that. Most are waiting to see what Dr. Couillard can do with the Liberal party.
    Oddly enough I posted this on the last blog; - " How about some donations for the Liberal party to help them oust the PQ." Actually I did it rather facetiously to see if I could get a rise out of some of my Liberal hating friends. Not one person answered.
    Very disappointing. Ed

    1. Ed, it's obvious you read my commentary before the Editor purged it. I had a feeling he would do so, but I couldn't resist saying what I did. Oh, and don't think the Americans won't be at the ready at Rouse's Point, Champlain, Derby Line and other border towns. Is there still an airforce base in Plattsburgh? The Americans don't want instability on their borders.

    2. Maybe that's just what we need at this point in time Mr. Sauga - just to put these unrealistic assholes in their place. They would certainly think twice about pissing off the armed forces in not just one but two countries.

    3. Ed writes:

      "How about some donations for the Liberal party to help them oust the PQ."

      How about the Liberals saying what they will do once they are in power before we quickly and unconditionally give them our vote, Ed?

      Ed, how would you feel about a concerted effort on the part of the Anglo community demanding of Couillard that if he wants our vote that he has to promise -- now! -- that if he wants our vote, his first order of business once the Liberals form the government is to implement section 23.1.a in Quebec.

      Is that something you can get on board with, Ed?

    4. FROM ED
      Yes Tony, It's the right way. I'm sure he will once he gets enough backing for the party to be able to announce plans. If he plans what he has suggested, he will need a lot of French Federalists behind him. That will take time. he is traveling the province to do that right now. We will see. Ed

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 3:57:00 PM EDT

      There is no hope for anglos in quebec.
      We've all seen the trend of the past 35 years now...
      Just be happy where you live.
      You could be Christians living persecution in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia...
      I went to Montreal for xmas and heard tons of english everywhere. Even at Dix/30 in Brossard.
      Stop whining all.

    6. ''How about some donations for the Liberal party to help them oust the PQ." Actually I did it rather facetiously to see if I could get a rise out of some of my Liberal hating friends. Not one person answered.''

      More money to the Liberals!? After all the scandals...No need to add more. The joke writes itself

    7. Guillaume - les scandales frappent le PQ autant que les Libéraux.

    8. Ouin pis? Est-ce que tu penses que j'ai écris ce message avec l'intention de défendre le PQ (parti pour lequel je n'ai même pas voté quand j'en avais l'occasion il y a 6 mois)?

      In the end, giving money to a political party is basically like throwing $$$ out the window. I don't know how many scandals it will take for some to understand that notion.

    9. I'm not sure how starving Parties out of the only legitimate source of money (individual contributions) is supposed to lower corruption. Parties with poor fundraising have to rely even more on corporate subsidies which makes it even harder not to provide kickbacks when they're in power.

    10. @sauga

      i saw your violent garbage post too before editor killed it. by jove! it was sick shit. get stronger pills, mate.

    11. FROM ED
      Editor, I don't understand why you took out Mr. Sauga's post. It was no more disturbing than most of the things Une Gar writes. He insults and runs down everyone in a vicious sadistic way and yet you let them stand. Ed

    12. Ed,

      I am glad to see that you won't give your vote to the Liberals and Couillard for nothing.

      I am glad that you agree, if I read your response correctly, that we should demand of Couillard BEFORE election day, that he agree to implement section 23.1.a immediately upon ascending to power.

      This is actually more than what Beryl Wasjman of the Suburban is willing to do. Beryl says that we should NOT demand s. 23.1.a of Couillard and should just give him and the Liberals our vote just for the purpose of defeating the PQ.

      I am pleased that you see things the way I see them.

    13. I certainly agree with you Tony = not interested in voting to keep the PQ out any longer = if we do that, the decline of our rights and freedoms will continue bit by bit. I want something concrete out of the liberals this time before any election. Other than that, I will not vote for them again. This is there chance to prove themselves and if they don't do it now, then they have no intention to change tactics ever. Sorry Ed = that's just how it's going to have to be from now on.

  4. Thank you, editor, for an entertaining blog post this morning. I was particularly amused by Réjean Labrie's list of how to be a good Quebecer. He needs to get out a little more and make friends with people from other cultures. Maybe that will open up his tiny little mind a little. Maybe.

    1. I really enjoyed that part too.

      It reminded me of the movie "Elvis Gratton". Falardeau was trying to parody all the non-separatists, but being the xenophobe racist that he was, he knew absolutely nothing about other cultures (even the ones in his own province), and ended up with a nearly perfect portrayal of the separatist/Québécois life. Oh, the irony.

      I wonder if Elvis was pouring tomato soup onto his pasta, or onto his "pâtes".

    2. Combien de contacts avez-vous avec les autes cultures Martha?Selon votre liste de blogues auquels vous êtes abonnée...Aucun.

      Avant de donner des leçons d'ouverture sur le monde...Vous connaissez la suite.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 9:27:00 AM EDT

      "Avant de donner des leçons d'ouverture sur le monde...Vous connaissez la suite."

      Ostie S.R...... j'ai mal au ventre tellement tu me rire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      P.S. Je vais devoir changer mon avatar bientot pour: UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE D`ABU DHABI

      Nous sommes deux pour le poste:)> :)

    4. ''Thank you, editor, for an entertaining blog post this morning. I was particularly amused by Réjean Labrie's list of how to be a good Quebecer. He needs to get out a little more and make friends with people from other cultures.''

      Or Québécois younger than 50 years old...

    5. @un gars bs de calgary

      "Je vais devoir changer mon avatar bientot pour: UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE D`ABU DHABI. Nous sommes deux pour le poste"

      and this is relevant because...?

      do you consider the contributors here to be your friends? you're the only one who weirdly divulge so much about his personnal life here, like a normal person would do with his proper mates.

    6. One can hope that his internet will be censored in the UAE and he won't be able to continue posting.

  5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 7:30:00 AM EDT

    wow.... echangeur Turcot "rebuild" mwill have a $$$ ceiling???!!!???
    This will be the THIRD attempt to finance this white elephant!!! Only in quebekistan!!
    Only in quebekistan: marxist demonstrator sues queebec...
    No good quebec students want free tuition:

    Why is that 99% of the world live in a sane reality?
    What does Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Greece, quebec and Cyprus all have in common?

    That's right.

    1. """What does Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Greece, quebec and Cyprus all have in common?"""

      PQ style thinking!

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 12:42:00 PM EDT


    3. Italy and Spain PQ style thinking? On what grounds exactly? The welfare state? If so, why omit France? In fact, we have a general problem of this sort in Western culture as a whole. As far as insular, victimhood, regressive thinking goes, the PQ are without equals in North America. People like that guy who answers in French with the fleur-de-lys are degenerates who mock the forward progression of true liberty for people. It is what it is. Italians do not think like the PQ. No one has such an irrational prejudice towards a language like Quebec to the point it is legislated.

    4. Thank you for that Alex, and to yours... I would like to re-echo mine ..from a few days ago.

      I will bet you that Quebec will crash and burn way before Italy does.

      "The Roman Empire fell and Italians are walking around with nice shoes on" -
      Charlie LeDuff

    5. @alex

      "No one has such an irrational prejudice towards a language like Quebec to the point it is legislated."

      eew. this is very highly false, mate. were you brainwashed, or are you just too lazy to look stuff up? check this out:

    6. I'd settle for one on the list that forces other languages to be half the font size of the official language. Haven't found any.

    7. @yannick

      dude if you're looking for an exact replica of bill 101 to its finer details elesewhere in the universe don't lose time you won't find it. every socio-political context commands a unique blend of legislation, as you must know.

      but i don't think this exercise you took upon yourself is necessary to efficiently bust alex's baseless statement about quebec's own nuance of a very common kind of law.

    8. No it's not. It segragates. No law in Western culture prevents one person from choosing where they can send their children to school or what damn words they can put on a sign. I don't dispute "language laws" exist. My dispute is NONE go as far as Queebc. If anything, many merely ask that any language used be accompanied with the local ones. NONE PREVENT ONE FROM EXISTING.


    9. "No law in Western culture prevents one person from choosing where they can send their children to school"

      A bit of a misdirection. I challenge you to point me to another country in the world with two completely different language education systems coexist geographically. You will find, for instance, that Belgium and Switzerland have jealously-guarded linguistic borders that determine entirely the availability of public education.

    10. @alex

      "If anything, many merely ask that any language used be accompanied with the local ones."

      that's exactly what bill 101 does, mate. if you want to put up a sign in english, make sure it is "accompanied" with french and you'll be totally compliant.


      bill 101 doesn't prevent english from existing. if you want to prove otherwise, you'll have to find a better argument than capital letters.


      really this should be written "capisci". stick to english, alex.

    11. @yannick. What's your point? Our point is you CAN NOT COMPEL someone to use a word in another language. It DOESN'T HAPPEN. Not in Belgium or Switzerland. There ARE NO OLF's there. What isn't computing in your brain? There's an English fact here. Telling someone to remove a sign that is CONNECTED to their own heritage tramples on civil liberties. Period. I don't get this connection because Switzerland's model is far more enlightened than Quebec. I know, my buddy works there and visit it enough.

      At best, if I read you correctly, two wrongs make a right?

      @student. You deal in sophistry. If so, why are other words in another language being added to the list? It's why major corporations are now taking Quebec to court. It's a moving post you keep moving - like a banana republic. Bill 101, as Laurin once proudly said, is meant to marginalize English. Get bent. By now, everyone observes the shitty little law for a people who can't be bothered to protect it without suppressing another language. The funny thing is, through its lame OLF arm, it attacks OTHER LANGUAGES.

      Since it's mission accomplished, Bill 14 has taken it a step further.

      Among many COERCED actions, here's one:

      "Employers will be required to justify their need for employees who speak any language other than French — and risk being sued by employees required to speak English."

      No one has to JUSTIFY anything to the state. Not a Franco-Manitoban and not an Anglo-Quebecer. That's what a free society is. I defy both of you, since you're so busy trying to find examples in Belgium and Switzerland like a couple of Key Stone Kops, a law that compeles people to do this.

      Fool yourselves. You ain't fooling us.

      Jesus me, you people are yokels for real.

      And oh, student, I'm of Italian heritage. Stop acting like an idiot. That spelling was a New York slang spelling. Like 'maddoan' which is 'Madonna.'

      The head spins at the general lack of awareness.

      Nothing angers me more than parochial Quebecers playing the part of worldly internationalists. Isee enough of that in the USA as they act like yahoos in line at the mall.

      Reminds me of a story in Italian class from years ago. The teacher was explaining the 'e' sound in Italian is pronounced 'e-h' and not 'ee' as commonly heard. She used 'Versace' to make the point. It's 'Versa-ch-eh' and not 'Versach-ee.' Well, a person took issue with that claiming that because she bought Versace she 'knew' the correct prononciation was 'Versa-ch-ee.' The class sat in stunned silence at the brazen arrogance on display.

      For the record, it's 'lasagne' and not 'lasagna.'

      That's how we view insular nationalists who are apologists for 'ideas' that are nothing but anti-liberty at their base root.

      I'm done with you. Actually, I don't even know why I even bothered.

    12. I would like to add, that I don't get why Quebec thinks employing punitive action is enlightened policy in protecting its language. On what moral grounds in a pluralist society can we accept one person having the power to complain and force a fine upon another citizen because they happened to use a word the state deems 'threatening?'

      It's frightening.

      Promote the crap out of Quebec without infringing on the rights of others.

      Let it stand on its OWN merit without the law. Only then will you see the true strength of your culture. My words may seem forceful but I do it because it matters to me how Quebec is viewed.

    13. Yannick, it’s reductive to always compare everything to Belgium and/or Switzerland all the time.

      Quebec is not and has never been a country and so seeking another country in the world with two completely different language education systems that coexist geographically is equally misdirection, which you appear to deplore.

      That’s because it is disingenuous to dismiss countries that have bilingual education systems and countries with regions/sub-states that have education systems in the regional/state language. The real world is rather complicated.

      Granted, Quebec’s system of having two completely linguistic isolated education systems is atypical and not widely emulated elsewhere. This is probably more indicative that it is a poor choice of educational model since it has so few adherents. This would explain why so many francophones graduate having trouble pronouncing “de Henglish” and so many anglophones don’t feel they are prepared for jobs in French. Based on a worldwide view, it would make more sense to combine both systems (where they exist) into bilingual schools for the benefit of all, which is the model that is followed practically everywhere in the world.

      Regional or minority languages are never taught to the exclusion of the dominant national language but always as an adjunct to it. On the other hand, nor do speakers of regional languages typically seek independence in order to convert the “regional” language into the “national” language so that they may ignore the dominant language. In addition, a very large number of regional/minority languages are far more important in the world than is Québécois French.

      Ireland has two official languages. Irish-language schools outside the native-speaking areas (called Gaeltacht) are called Gaelscoil, representing about 10% of the educational system.

      In Hong Kong (population 7 million, similar to Quebec), both English and Cantonese are mandatory subjects with either English or Cantonese used as the medium of instruction in other courses. Increasingly, there are Mandarin-only schools as well.

      Unlike the manner France treats its regional languages, Spain has several co-official regional languages which enjoy equal and unbiased constitutional protection and promotion, such as Andalusian, Catalan, Valencian, Galician (very close to Portuguese), Basque and Aranese.

      Great Britain has programmes where one can receive their education through the medium of the regional language (namely, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish and Manx). One quarter of schoolchildren in Wales receive their education in Welsh.

    14. The Union of India has Hindi and English as the official languages with 21 other major regional languages (such as Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Tamil, Urdu, Nepali) holding co-official status, including languages such as Sindhi that do not have their own state. Education in India follows the Three-Language Formula, where students are taught three languages (Hindi, English and the state/local language).

      In Middle Eastern Arab countries, history, grammar and literature classes are taught in Arabic while mathematics and science courses are taught either in English or French. In Lebanon, it is common to find all-French or all-English schools. In the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), there are Arabic-only and French-only schools, with a third language (usually either English, Spanish or Italian in the case of Libya) compulsory later on. (As for Berbers, I understand that there are some who could speak Berber and Arabic but not write it, read and write French but not speak it - the only language they could do everything in was English.)

      In Israel, education is either in Hebrew or Arabic, with English being compulsory. There are also international schools, where the sole medium of education is English or French. This results in Israel being one of the countries in the world where almost everybody is comfortably bilingual, such as also happens in Holland and Scandinavia.

      Malaysia and Thailand have different education models available to their students, including schools where education is entirely taught by non-native English-speaking Thai teachers, for example.

      In Latin America, school education used to be taught with the explicit goal of hispanization of the indigenous population. These days, intercultural bilingual education is the goal in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Mexico.

      In Africa, Nigeria has educational systems in both Yoruba and Igbo. There are too many other African countries to investigate. That still leaves the educational systems of the whole Slavic and Russophone worlds but frankly, now I’m pooped (so spare me your requests for endless facts and sources, El Studento, I know you can look it up yourself if you were genuinely interested and not just acting in bad faith).

    15. @the cat

      that's a nice list, thank you. but what's your point already?

      you're demonstrating that everything is possible and that every country has its own way of coping with its particular context. is this supposed to show they do it wrong in quebec?!?

    16. @alex

      "Let it stand on its OWN merit without the law. Only then will you see the true strength of your culture."

      too dangerous. if your idea doesn't work and quebec ends up like acadia it will be too late.

    17. @alex

      "That spelling was a New York slang spelling."

      oh! right, sorry. i'm not familiar with new york italian slang.

    18. @alex

      "Bill 101, as Laurin once proudly said, is meant to marginalize English."

      i don't believe he proudly said so. please provide exact quote and context. thanks.

  6. It's just linguistic paranoia, mass hysteria, irrational behaviours like the ones you can find in religious hysteria. In fact, there is no difference between religious hysteria and the actual linguistic hysteria in QC: the former prays God (or an allegedly good superior entity) to save people from a specific enemy, the latter prays French (here, as a replacement for God, so a politicized and dogmatic religious doctrine) to save the poor victimized quebecois from the evil English. It reminds me of the Cult of the Reason during Robespierre's Terror: God was replaced by the Reason, which in end became a substitute for God to justify decapitations and tortures. The same here in QC: the abusive Catholic dogmas have been replaced by the PQ and its abusive dogmas (French as a superior language). But there is something more perverse in the PQ which was not present in Robespierre's doctrines: the race, the identity, the idea that a certain language (in this case, French as the only possible good language) makes you superior to the others (=the primitives who have not received the grace of the God-French language). That's why the PQ is much closer to Hitler's ideas than Robespierre's (with sprinkles of Joseph de Maistre's absolutism).

  7. Yeah - and by the way, that bigot Perreault is married to an anglophone - she must be so proud of that idiot! I just wish they would take their headquarters to another spot and get the hell out of Gatineau. We have enough problems without adding language to the endless list. Pricks!

    1. What they say doesn't apply to them, since they are already "real Québécois".

      It's like Parizeau running to the Montreal Jewish General Hospital every time he gets a cough.

    2. I agree Perreault is a bigot. Didn't know he was married to an anglophone. Until Gatineau understands it has to be in NCC we are never going to be able to solve our problem. Seriously, we have to worry about other things. Why do we need 4 level of government for a population of 1.2 million with two different transportation policies for two different cities?

      Didn't know Parizeau went Montreal Jewish Hospital.

      The most ironic pasta-chaser was the PQ candidate who went to work for Ottawa Hospital. Haha! Couldn't find work in Quebec.

    3. "Didn't know Parizeau went Montreal Jewish Hospital."

      Basically the article says he was hospitalized for his recurring alcohol abuse, and he refused to wait in a "normal hospital" waiting room with the rest of us (after he himself destroyed our healthcare system), so money and ethnics were the only way to go.

      Parizeau, in response to this, said: "L'argent et les ethniques, c'est bon des fois!"

      (Some of this MIGHT not be entirely factual)

    4. Don't the PQ elites also want to reduce Francophone access to English education while placing their own children in English private schools? The pigs from Animal Farm don't seem like such a far-fetched comparison now.

      I guess some Québecois are more égal than others.

    5. @yannick

      "Don't the PQ elites also want to reduce Francophone access to English education while placing their own children in English private schools?"

      i would believe pq elites are quite keen on making sure their kids remain true to their roots. of course they will want their kids to learn english on the way, so they won't see it as a problem if they go on exchange programs, or immersion or if they go to english uni.

      and maybe you'll find a few paradoxal cases that fit your hypothesis, but you'll have a hard time being able to draw a generality out of your study if you make one.

    6. Nono, we're not talking about paradoxal cases.

      We're talking about how, on one hand, the intensive English learning year in grade 6 was axed by the ministry of education, and how because of Bill 14 it'll be harder for Francophones to get enrolled in an English Cégep, an how 101 will be applied to kindergarden and daycare, or how the military families will no longer be exempted from 101.

      So on one hand you seem to have these politicians who seem to want to make it harder to learn English, while making all the right noises about how it's still important to learn it on an individual.

      But do they practice what they say? No. There was an article shared by the editor a few months back when De Courcy first started with this nonsense pointing out how many PQ ministers have their children enrolled in English Private School. In other words, poor English is only good for the average joe who has to send his kids to Public School like a chump, they certainly don't want that for THEIR kid. So to English school they go - but the kids of the soldiers aren't allowed.

      You have the Ayatollah denouncing the Great Satan on one hand, and sending his children to American Boarding School on the other. It's incoherent, hypocritical, and indefensible.

    7. Sorry, Marie Malavoy is the minister of Education. I have some trouble keeping them all straight.

      I've no doubt that the PQ who have their children enrolled in English Private Schools believe that they will keep their roots, but they obviously see that a good grasp of English is an advantage in today's world. That makes it so much more despicable when they try to deny to others what they wouldn't give up for their own children.

      If they really believe that English is not essential in Quebec if one has a good grasp of French, then let them prove it by their actions : Put their children in public school with the average Joe's.

    8. @yannick

      try to find this article you're refering to. then we'll know what we are discussing about. i don't believe many pq ministers send their kids to english elementary and hign school.

    9. Let's get one thing straight student. I've lived in four countries. My circle of friends and family own businesses across the planet. The only brainwashed minds I see are the likes of you and the apologists for regressive thinking.

      BIG differenc with those laws and what we do here.

      NOT ONE of those jurisdictions (and the ones in Western Europe concerns me most) do what Quebec does. NOT ONE. We are distinct on that front. Produce me ONE region (and be careful I visit France and Italy and have friends in Holland and Spain often so I know those places quite well) that FORCES under the threat of harrassment, and fines where LAWS pit one people above another. Find me ONE democratic place. Switzerland? Belgium? USA towards Spanish?

      Catalonia in Spain? Nope. Not according to a legal friend of mine who lives there. Northern Italy? Nope. Switzerland provides a wonderful case. Na-ah.

      Let me help you. Nowhere in Western civilization does a society feel threatened by words. No jurisdiction would accost small-businesses - the back bone of any civilized economy - like the buffoons in the PQ do.

      What Quebec does is against freedom of speech and expression. Suppressing one people or culture to promote another is a basic principal we're taught to guard against in ANY enlightened society. Only in Quebec do we stand around shrugging shoulders wondering what the hubba-bub is all about. Only here do we actually think we treat English properly! It's outrageous!

      For the heck of it, I pulled this one out.

      "Le peuple sorabe et chaque Sorabe ont le droit de s'exprimer librement, de conserver et de développer leur identité ethnique, culturelle et linguistique."

      This IS NOT the case in Quebec. You CAN'T express yourself in any language other than French. These places have laws to mostly to safeguard various regional culutres but NONE cross over like Quebec to the point of demanding one people submit to another.

      Nowhere in Europe will someone say something like, "parle moi en francais c'est le quebec icite" with a menacing tone.

      Quebec provides a text book on how NOT to treat language issues. It's take on things will only appeal to crackpots, fringe right-wing thinkers, dictators and the like.

      Restrictions take place in the world. Yes. Having something like Bill 14 on the books would make us unique in Western culture.

      Now go back to UQAM is it?

      I support Quebec's aims to protect its heritage. I'm merely drawing the line at Pastagate and Bill 14. No enlightened mind can possibly accept this. It's antiquated thinking not unlike the deep American south 60 years ago.

    10. One other thing, local laws are increasingly falling sway under Brussels and EU power - we can debate if this is good from the individual rights perspective another time. Language laws of the EU are, it can be argued, opposite of Quebec in that it must account for all the languages of its members. It has no time to "OLF" things and the common language in all countries is ENGLISH. English is encouraged; not discouraged.

      At the personal (social) level, Quebecers understand this. At the political level, Quebec is engaging in a losing battle. It makes no sense.

      Last, you do realize Quebec has a UN Human Rights Commission record, right? A nice (shhh!) blemist to have!

      Personally, I want more for Quebec. I believe it should be waaayyyy further ahead of the game than it is. We're on the level of poor Southern states in many metrics. Even then places like Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama are opening up and developing.

      Us? Debt rises, while we ask for 'free things' and watch an excessive welfare structure corrode.

      We have bigger problems - in any language.

      To me, Montreal is not unilingual. Never really was, and never will be. No city that claims to be multicultural can live a contradiction Montreal does. You can't declare wars on language.

      How weak is the host culture if this deemed necessary?

    11. @alex

      your whole point of view rests on one false statement and one contradiction.

      here's the false statement:

      "(in quebec) You CAN'T express yourself in any language other than French."

      and here is the contradiction:

      "I support Quebec's aims to protect its heritage. I'm merely drawing the line at Pastagate and Bill 14."

      it seems you are ok with bill 101 but fiercely against bill 14, when in principle, they are the same. same objective, with a little wider range.

      to me it's impossible you're fine with bill 101 but scandalized by bill 14.

      after you clarify these two things maybe we'll be able to go out and compare with other language laws in the world.

    12. "parle moi en francais c'est le quebec icite"

      They will never get that "official language" does NOT mean "only language allowed to speak, all the other languages are forbidden, banned, outlawed". "Common language" does NOT mean "you MUST speak only that language". They think to be in Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan, not in Canada. Born colonized, they live colonized and they die colonized with a very insular mentality.
      Nothing new from a bunch of uneducated, colonized quebecois, who want a "pays" without mastering the language properly (47.6% of quebecois have difficulty reading a simple text and getting its meaning - that's called being semi-literate, like being incapable of filling in a form at the post office), without knowing their history and the history of their flag.
      That's why we call them... quebecois, not French-Canadians.

    13. Student, your efforts in logical analysis is poor but I will admit my writing conveying a point was weak. I, as a free standing citizen, reject Bill 101 or any other law on the face of the planet that is coerced and/or suppresses the rights of people on any level or creates two tiers of citizens. Bill 101 is a piece of crap law and its malignant off spring 14 is WORSE.

      I can support and applaud Quebec's efforts to protect itself without accepting those shitty laws.

      There are other ways to do it. Those laws were created by people who would fit well in the American south pre-Civil Rights.

      Look, I get you people are clueless on the literature of freedom like in the United States. It's all perfectly 'normal' to you. Even as the world laughs at you, you double down and expect US to show you where you falter.


      Waste of time at this point.

      You lag and one day it'll hit you like a V-8.

      Quebec is prejudicial and practices state-sanctioned language discrimination. End of story. Live with it in pride and comfort but don't try and convince us otherwise.

      You fail to see the negative unintended consequences of your actions. I discuss it because I actually care about Quebec. Lord, we're PLEADING with you people telling you it's EXCESSIVE and all you do is defend the indefensible.

      It's getting to be embarrassing explaining the crap up here and the cult of victimhood with people abroad. It seems that's the only thing they talk about us as they set up shop in Toronto.

      Right. All Anglo-media driven. Never about your own actions...

  8. By the way Liam - watch out for the Action Gatineau Party that is springing up for the next election. Apparently, one of my francophone friends went to their website on Facebook and asked what they will be doing about the rights and freedoms for anglophones in Gatineau if they are elected and they blocked her because she used an anglo name. Try to find out what you can - I sent them an e-mail this morning asking also - will let you know what they come back with if anything. I will not support any organization in this area and is separatist and fighting with the anglos.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 11:31:00 AM EDT

      "one of my francophone friends"
      wow didn't know that racists could have franco friends...

    2. Yes, I am weary of Jobin. He claims to want to decentralise the city's operations. I am not sure this is legal within the frameworks of the Municipal Mergers. Also, he claims to want to build partnership with UQO. Not evidently sure what the city and UQO have in common. He doesn't mention the city of Ottawa in his plan, which is worrying since Ottawa is a important partner. He doesn't seem to have any transportation plan.

    3. Politicians in Quebec don;t need plans beyond pushing sovereignty.

      It's a one issue kinda place. While the paint peels off the walls, companies leave, world laughs at us the politicians only talk about one thing.

      A mannequin could drop a few phrases like "social justice", "historical context", "bilingualism bad" in Quebec and you get 30% of the vote. Doesn;t take much else. The population has been trained to recognize these terms and act accordingly.

      Quebec seppies are programmed kinda like Pavlov's dog. They don;t know why they are drooling but they are all drooling, and it feels good, so why wonder anything else. Surrender..

    4. Why don't you take a hike Un Gars and leave the mature people to converse without your stupid comments. I'm not a racist you small minded SOB - go away

    5. Liam - if you go to their website they talk about working with Ottawa but don't say how this will happen. Will let you know when I receive a response and what kind of response they provide. Meanwhile, I'm going to watch how this all comes to be because so far, all I see is another level of government, which we sure as hell don't need.

    6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 6:49:00 PM EDT

      Poor cutie....
      Just because your franco ex-husband left you for a younger french girls should not make you a bitter b#tch you know. Any normal man would leave you BTW.
      Move on to Ottawa and be happy. You really must love suffering.

    7. Come on Un Gars, you`re starting to sound like R.S. I usually enjoy reading your posts, especially when you put R.S. in his place but I think you`re just being another cruel troll with that last comment to Cutie.

    8. Yeah, those last comments went beyond the disrespectful, the insulting, the petty and the plain old nasty line to just be embarrassing to us all.

    9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    10. What does this Action Gatineau party claim to stand for exactly?

    11. Well R.S. if you're interested, you can go to this small editorial in our City Newspaper which explains it pretty well. From what I gather, our mayor has his own clique of friends on City Council and they make all the decisions outside the rest of the elected members so a group of elected councilmen have decided to take the mayor on by creating this new Action Gatineau group. Will comment a little more after I go to their website and take apart their stance on a few things. It's what they don't say that seems to be very problematic for me and I voted and stood up for one of the councilmen that is part of this group. Worries me a little now and will pull my support in writing if I don't get some satisfactory answers from either their Facebook page or the e-mail I sent to them yesterday. Don't see why, what their proposing, cannot be done the way things are done now.


    13. Hi Liam: This is what I sent to Action Gatineau. Will let you know what I hear, if anything. If you can think of anything else that should be added, please go to their website (french only by the way) and put the questions to them. Thank you. Would like to know what the hell we're getting into. Right now I only see that, even if the Jobin guy that's running against the mayor, doesn't get elected, they want him to sit in on plenary meetings. Are we going to start paying yet another councilor? They also want to dictate their own salaries. I would love to have that power myself if I were still working! Some of this stuff makes me very nervous. What do you think?

      I would like to know if this group of councilmen are going to support the minority anglophone population of Gatineau or, if your group is elected, you will stop serving the population with bilingual information as we receive at the present time. I would also like to know if you, when you say you want "Ottawa" to support the Gatineau culture, exactly what you mean by that. Does that mean that you will start insisting that Bill 101 be part of the government buildings that happen to reside on this side of the Ottawa River? In other words, is this political party another "separatist" party that will drive further business and home owners away and make our property values plummet because no one wants to live in a province whereby we pay taxes and have no representation? These questions must be answered before I will support any such group. I am sharing this question with as many people as I can because it's time that we started to get along with our friends and neighbours across the Ottawa River instead of fighting with everyone in the country! 40 years of stagnation is quite long enough and I want to start prospering rather than continue stagnating with these on-going repressive language laws! Bill 14 was the very last straw.

    14. Thank you Laurie and Yannink - Yes, he is very insulting and rude for no reason. I will never give him another response to anything because there is something sick going on with that man. He gains pleasure from insulting federalists and separatists alike and someone that has that much time on his hands, is not busy enough! I hope his girlfriend can talk him out of playing around on this blog as she has done in the past.

  9. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 11:43:00 AM EDT

    Calgary now world's 17th financial center, passes Montreal:

    Too funny and also sad that a 1.1 million city can be better than a 4 million city.
    I bet the PQ will accuse Ottawa of some ridiculous plot.

    1. This is a conservative conspiracy to overthrow and discredit Quebec. Secretly over the years the Western provinces has been plotting to take over from Quebec.

      The government encouraged business. Business! Instead of gathering up large numbers of workers and asking "what business can we stuff them into that won;t go bankrupt" ie top down communist planning, the West encouraged business and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

      They should not be allowed to behave such a way to disrespect Quebers and their social agenda.

      Now send your damn tax dollars to our welfare workers and get back to working. Canadian pig. Your opinions and capitalist ideas might work everywhere else in the world. The PQ Quebec has no need for such vile thing as business and entrepreeurism.

      All good things can be decided by burocrats and politicians in quebec. Look at all the good work they do running Montreal, Laval and the other cities.

      While we are at it, the Charbonneau commission is nothing but an attempt by Canada to destroy and malign Quebec culture. Why does nobody see the fault is all with the immigrants and Italians that steal. Showing such dishonor and forcing civil servants to commit fraud over and over.

      Maybe the CIA killed Paul Rose too. I heard they gave cancer to Chavez!

      Fucking PQ/QS idiots here.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 12:40:00 PM EDT

      In quebekistan they have what they call "Ecole Nationale d'Administration Publique:
      wow!! Their scope: "ENAP is a public university whose mandate is to contribute in a modern and globally-oriented manner to the constant improvement of one of the oldest human activities: the organization of the State to better respond to the needs of the community."

      Fuck me!!! That is socialism!!!

      I guess quebeckers are definitely better than the rest...

    3. Never heard of this ENAP thing. Can you imagine the classes?

      "The automobile, death of society, discussions of a car-less society".
      "Top down planning, it's not just for communists anymore"
      "Bureaucracy 101, more bureaucrats make a better society!"
      "Public purchasing, your friends in industry"
      "Ethics, picking and choosing"

      You would think Quebec would be embarrassed as hell to pretend they have any skills in this at all.

      I know. Send them on another "ethics course". That's the real problem, nobody understood the "ethics". No responsibility on behalf of the civil servants.

      In other parts of the world civil servants who did what happened in Quebec get *PUT TO DEATH*.

      In quebec they will get a good pension and feted as hard workers. Victims as opposed to criminals.

      Quebec and North Korea must have the same propaganda departments.

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 2:52:00 PM EDT

      quebec on its own will be a mess. Students demonstrate against every single government PQ or PLQ. They'd even protest a QS or ON government. Only one example here among many.
      For quebec culture is vital. Culture kinda sucks, let me tell you. When half the "artistes" suck, their music suck and their CDs dont sell and they need to live via governments (Ottawea & quebec city) subsidies, well culture is dead.
      Public/civil unrest is part of the quebecois fabric.
      Work, enterpreneurship and success are what quebecois-es hate the most, above everything else.
      More government and more government is key.
      I was brainwashed in school by this, until I found a different point of view.
      90% of francos will never see the truth and will never know how they were misled into accepting mediocrity as the standard to live by.
      Fucking depressing...
      Thank God Alberta came in my life. I found a career, love and a great life.

    5. from ex-MTLer:

      Hi, Un Gars BSDC
      Your information is slightly off. According to the 2013 Global Financial Centre Index, Montreal is #16 among world financial centres, and Calgary is #17. So Calgary has not surpassed Montreal. But it seems only a matter of time: In 2012, Montreal was #17, while Calgary was #23. So Calgary is coming on fast, while Montreal seems to be treading water. (Go to page 6 of the .pdf)


    6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 4:11:00 PM EDT

      The Calgary Herald must have misquoted some info.
      Thank you for the correction, ex-Mtler.
      I can tell one thing: Calgary is crazy busy right now.
      The best jobs here are un-unionized. Someone prove me wrong but only government jobs here have unions. My employer pays me $400 for 3 hours to come in on Saturdays... Our client in Toulouse needs the 1 on 1. I need the money for ski Sundays in Banff.
      Heck, I am un-unionized, my employer is great, I have offers of rewards for what I do regularly, I have a $5K xmas bonus for the past 3 years now, I was granted additional responsibilities and now am competing for a promotion in... the UAE!!!
      I speak french and am an asset.
      In quebec every employer try to screw their folks and stupid unions run the province because killing jobs is never enough.

    7. Espérons pour votre généreux patron que votre client toulousain apprécie la "qualité" de votre français.

      "I speak french and am an ass..."

    8. Y-a-t-il que l'argent qui t'importes dans la vie, cher confrère Calgarien?

    9. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 6:41:00 PM EDT

      Il est bon d'apprendre que S.R. a un "break" syndical au McDo ou il travaille....
      Je rapelles a tous: "In quebec every employer try to screw their folks and stupid unions run the province because killing jobs is never enough."
      @Yannick: Pour quelle raison es-tu a Calgary, cher concitoyen?

    10. Originalement c'était pour une femme, puis je suis resté. J'essaie de repartir en trouvant du travail ailleurs.

    11. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 6:58:00 PM EDT

      Je suis un citoyen canadien qui a fait un choix judicieux.
      Donc je suis a Calgary.
      Es-tu dans le domaine petrolier? On a plusieurs ouvertures dans ma boite. 3 comptables (CGA) et 2 BBA sont en demande immediatement. On a d'autres overtures mais a Fort Mac et a Fort St John commer travailleur...
      L'employeur double ton REER a un maximum de $5000. Zero syndicats. Le plan dentaire/medical complet a $10/mois jusqu'a 75 ans. Assurance-vie temporaire a 99 ans subventionne a 40%.
      50 heures/semaine ici. Temps double apres 35. Tu dois devoir voyager mais tout est paye. Je suis a l'exterieur environ 3 semaines/annee et je dois travailler 2 samedis/mois mais le mardi est differe en echange.

    12. Je ré-itère ma question : Y-a-t-il autre chose dans la vie qui t'importes que l'argent? C'est tout-ce dont tu parles.

    13. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 7:04:00 PM EDT

      retournes au quebec d'abord.
      Ca prend juste un canadien francais pour chier sur un autre.
      I do not argue with idiots

    14. Après il vient nous faire la leçon sur les méthodes de lavage de cerveaux.

      Estime de soi = $

      Pitoyable n'est-ce pas?

    15. "Je ré-itère ma question : Y-a-t-il autre chose dans la vie qui t'importes que l'argent?..."

      Really Yannick is that suppose to be a rhetorical question? What color is the sky in your world? Haven't you heard: "Money makes the world go round"?

      Sorry, it's the to that and anyone who says differently is a Liar.

      Let's not berate Un Gars about something like that, especially when we look around and the world is just seething with greed and corruption.

    16. I don't see Un Gars as being crass in regards to his money.

      He probably came from a family like mine..."une famille qui vie pour le petit pain" and told himself "fuck that shit."

      Look at S.R.

      He hates anyone who accomplishes big things in life. So do most other separatists.


      Two things.

      First...because of union entanglement in the separatist issue, "Federalist capitalists" have been singled out as the cause of all evil. After all, any campaign of mass indoctrination requires a boogeyman.

      Second...the catholic church. I doubt anyone (with the exception of one ignoramus) should require schooling on that one.

      Money is not evil.

      Men and women who conceive ingenious ways to generate large sums of money are not evil either.

      Who is evil?

      Those who deceive for money (like corrupt politicians)...those who kill for money (the mafia and mercs)...low-brow union thug assholes who couldn't start something as simple as a gas station and therefore need to resort to "Red Mafioso" tactics to gain extra those are the ones that give money a bad name.

      See, one line from a movie that I love "Boiler Room" see Ben Affleck uttering a line that speaks the ultimate truth...

      "Those who say money is the root of all evil...don't have any."

      'Nuff said!!

    17. Look at S.R.

      "He hates anyone who accomplishes big things..."

      TssTss...Je déteste les grandes gueules complexées,c'est très différent.De plus à quelles grandes choses faites-vous allusion?

    18. Ben Affleck...ultimate truth?

      Ce minus est votre gourou?


    19. "retournes au quebec d'abord.
      Ca prend juste un canadien francais pour chier sur un autre."

      Je n'ai jamais été un Québecois, je n'ai aucune famille provenant du Québec. Je ne te chie pas dessus, je t'ai juste posé une question très simple.

      Why so defensive?

      Are you the same Annectote who was so insensed when I said that public funds should be spent more wisely in education, and that it should be directed towards the needs of the market? Aren't you the one who said that there were things more important than the job market and mere money?

      Question Annectote, do you think before you take a position, or do you simply default to the one opposite of mine?

      In any case I disagree with you entirely. I would choose to earn less pay to live somewhere where I would enjoy life more. That's part of why I tried to find a job in Montreal last year. I would choose to work less hours even if it came at less pay. A job exists to fund your life, not to be your life.

      It's true that a good income allows one to have a better life, but only up to a point. Once you earn more than 100 000$/year, and all your needs are met, there are other things that can't be bought that increase your quality of life. Access to culture, a clean downtown, access to nice restaurants, parks. A safe environment. Good schooling for your children. Geographical proximity to places where you want to go. How much you enjoy your job.

      Working super long hours and never enjoying life so you can watch your bank account grow sounds like a dreadful existence to me. The money is only worth as much as what you can buy with it, and no more. If you have no opportunity to enjoy it, might as well not have earned it in the first place. A welder can earn more than 100 000$ a year by working in the Arctic, doesn't mean he wants to do it as a day job for the rest of his or her life, what'd be the point?

      Personally I would be more than willing to have less pay to live somewhere else than Calgary. I'm kind of perplexed by someone who measures the value of his existence not by what he does or how much he enjoys his life, but solely on the number he reports to Ottawa every year.

    20. "Je suis un citoyen canadien qui a fait un choix judicieux"

      Effectivement,excellente décision.nous espérons seulement que les ToTos et evils du Québec vous imiteront.

    21. “Are you the same Annectote who was so insensed when I said that public funds should be spent more wisely in education, and that it should be directed towards the needs of the market? Aren't you the one who said that there were things more important than the job market and mere money?”

      Yes I am that AnecTOTE and I still stand by my position. OMG we need to draw people a picture in here sometimes. Just because I state that “money makes the world go round”, which happens to be true unfortunately, doesn’t mean I endorse it. I was basically stating that...that’s just how things are, and let’s not pretend otherwise. This doesn’t mean that “I” think money is everything. To pretend however, that money isn’t important or doesn’t have a monumental influence on the world; is being disingenuous. The world still needs Philosophers, and schools still have an obligation to pump those out, and guess what....even they can be filthy rich, just look at Oprah.

      “Question Annectote, do you think before you take a position, or do you simply default to the one opposite of mine?”

      Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t give you much thought...actually...I give you none.

    22. Yes I am that AnecTOTE and I still stand by my position. OMG we need to draw people a picture in here sometimes. Just because I state that “money makes the world go round”, which happens to be true unfortunately, doesn’t mean I endorse it.

      You sure do sound like you endorse our Calgarian Friend's view of the world when every positive he talks about Calgary involves earning potential.

      I mean, don't get me wrong, there are definitely worse cities than Calgary, but it's not Shangri-La either.

      Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t give you much thought...actually...I give you none.

      That makes me so sad, buddy. :(

    23. @anctote

      "The world still needs Philosophers, and schools still have an obligation to pump those out, and guess what....even they can be filthy rich, just look at Oprah."

      hahahaha! oprah the philosopher now. spinoza must have rolled ovr in his toomb.

      haha! thanks again, mate.

      "I don’t give you much thought...actually..."

      you would look better on the internet if you did.

  10. "Mr. Tremblay also believes that the rest of the NHL discriminates against Francophone players, preferring to hire Anglos instead."

    It's ok to think that, but the real test of character is what you do with this knowledge. Will you face the allegedly discriminatory institution head on, or will you limit your angst to the pages of JdeM, where you can only rile up the already angry without letting the institution even a whiff of your opinion (unless Bettman is an avid reader of the francophone press).

    It seems Mr.Tremblay is not too keen on going after the NHL, preferring instead the safety of his local French-speaking readership. Just like Dutrizac who prefers the safety of his listeners, and from the safe confines prefers to unleash an angry mob on a hapless depanneur clerk than to attack the institutions of global capitalism, the real source of uncertainty, insecurity, and the spread of the global business language. Just like Marois who prefers to have her minister pitch bill 14 here in Quebec, a bill that would finally give French the status it deserves, while on the very same day she's in Davos paying homage in her poetic henglish to the court of economic overloads.

    Cowards is the word that comes to mind thinking about the people on this list.

    1. "Mr. Tremblay also believes that the rest of the NHL discriminates against Francophone players, preferring to hire Anglos instead."

      Mr Tremblay would hire a Francophone over an anglophone regardless of skill, he can;t wrap his brain around the fact that normal people would not do the same.

      The idea that somebody would get picked based sorely on skill and nothing else is anathema to him and PQ thinking. It doesn;t compute in his PQ brain The pathways have never been used. The education/indoctrination system in Quebec never taught him anything else.

    2. I think the neural pathways of some (not all) on this list work better than you think. I wouldn't dismiss Tremblay and Dutrizac, for example, as just brainwashed. I think they understand perfectly the reality that surrounds them, and know perfectly well how to fit in it and how to exploit it to their advantage.

      "The knowledge of how the complex and not readily visible social mechanisms which shape our condition work cuts notoriously both ways. Time and again, it prompts quite distinct uses. Knowledge may be used "cynically": the world being what it is, let me think of a strategy which will allow me to exploit its rules to my best advantage; whether the world is fair or unjust, likable or not, is neither here nor there. When it is used "clinically", the same knowledge of how society works may help you and me to fight more effectively what we see as improper, harmful, or offending our moral sense. By itself, knowledge does not determine which of the two uses we resort to. This is, ultimately, a matter of our own choice." - Zygmunt Bauman "In Search of Politics"

    3. "I think the neural pathways of some (not all) on this list work better than you think. I wouldn't dismiss Tremblay and Dutrizac, for example, as just brainwashed. I think they understand perfectly the reality that surrounds them, and know perfectly well how to fit in it and how to exploit it to their advantage.."

      Exactly, they know better but don't do better. They serve their own little personal agenda's. Yes, g-d kicks their souls too while they sleep.

    4. Dutrizac is a soft separatist at best.

      Take a look at the man next time you see him walking down the street.

      Take a good hard look at his suit, the gold rings on his manicured hands and the ride he gets out of.

      I don't doubt for a second in his desire for sovereignty, but if it meant giving up his style and status, he'd dump the initiative in a heartbeat.

      Même chose pour la Marois.

    5. Instead of of blowing our money on hearings for bill 14, a tantamount to the "pinstripes" I keep mentioning, why don't they hold legitimate hearings on HOW TO PAY FOR THE $254,000,000,000.00 DEBT?

      Can someone answer that question?

    6. That can;t happen. Havn;t you been watching the "US sequester" or the Cyprus situation.

      Socialist politicians are unable to act in the best interests of any country. They just gouvern until bankrupt and the are "forced" by external action. This way they can keep the votes. They will tell the welfare types it's the fault of the banks etc. Nothing to do with us. If it was up to us we'd shower you with more free money.

      Until they can;t pay the bills anymore they just close their eyes to the problem.

      Lack of political leadership at the highest levels. Politicians are unable to see past their own self interest(or their friends) in any situation.

      Reference Charbonneau commission and all Quebec engineering companies and construction companies for naked self interest.

    7. Then the Quebec population is stupid plain and simple...and stupid to an incomprehensible degree for accepting this BS. It deserve exactly what it gets.

    8. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 25, 2013 at 3:42:00 PM EDT

      "Then the Quebec population is stupid plain and simple...and stupid to an incomprehensible degree for accepting this BS. It deserve exactly what it gets."

      Funny that you were outspoken against me earlier to only contradict yourself with that odd statement.
      Thanks for the laughter, Toto.

    9. The population is confused, living in very confusing times of end of work (, falling from grace (, constant change and flux (, of growing inequalities and diminishing security. And they're not finding the right answers, partly because the answers are not obvious, and partly because they are further confused those whose job, ironically, is to elucidate.

      But they're not the only confused ones by any means. Most people in the West are. People in the Third World aren't. They're much smarter than us and know exactly what's going on.

    10. These are all first world problems that happen when people have idle time beyond hunter gatherer.

      What it shows is that we usually end up sabotaging ourselves.

      All these romantic socialist ideas that get people farther and farther away from "real life".

      Rome fell once everybody used a slave and nobody wanted to work.

      History repeats just not on a timescale people recognize.

    11. @ Un Gars

      Funny that you were outspoken against me earlier to only contradict yourself with that odd statement. Thanks for the laughter, Toto”

      Well you do amuse me, so I thought I’d return the favor! lol

      Jokes aside, I think you misunderstood my intention. I “wasn’t outspoken against you” but you need to stop condescending the way you do to your fellow contributors. Mostly it is uncalled for, AND... just not cool...savvy? Something you should ponder upon...what’s that expression? “Methinks thou protest too much”?

      We’re on the same side buddy....chill! (Seriously though...get a French keyboard, it’s unsettling... lol)

    12. @adski

      I do not agree sorry. It is abhorred what is happening presently at the Charbonneau Commission. We (the people of this province) should refuse to pay any further taxes and demand that they put back every last dime they stole. My message to them would be: Go get those mayors who conveniently resigned and disappeared since this happened on their watch...AND DEMAND they put back the money...GO get it ...GO find it...DO SOMETHING...otherwise...u ain’t seein’ one black penny of anything ..going forward. We choose not to organize, we choose to be disrespected, and we choose our society to run amuck.

      For those of you who will tell me...”well this is impossible to do and we can’t make them pay the money back”...I say...Yeah really?...Well if you want us to pay into the tax system in the future...It will be on our terms: The People. And the essential conditions would be as follows:

      1) There have to be periodical checks by The People, ergo: the population at large would have to periodically audit City Hall.

      2) Auditors picked from the general public would be randomly selected, like you do for Jury Duty.

      Yes indeed, I am saying to trash the present system and yes it is revolutionary.

      In light of what’s happened, I think it is not only fair and mostly necessary since these thieves cannot be trusted. That would be one way to curtail greed and fraud at the municipal and provincial government levels. This isn’t rock science but plain common sense. If someone keeps breaking into your house and stealing from you, what will you do the next time? Leave the door wide open? Cause by accepting things the way they are, that is essentially what we are doing. No if someone keeps breaking in, you install and elaborate security system to deter them in the future. That is what I am talking about. The system I am alluding to would be one way to ensure this kind of BS doesn’t keep happening.

      But hell no; we are silly little sheep and we continue to allow THEM to dictate to us things will be. We don’t learn from history, and we keep repeating the same mistakes, thus, they will keep breaking into our house and stealing. Too to be us!!

    13. Aquarium-like Transparency is what I’m talkin’ that if there is even a hint it could be can see right through it!

    14. Sounds like a great idea to me AnecTOTE but unfortunately we have no one running for any office, that I know of, that is presently proposing such a thing or even proposing how to get our money back. Maybe the Conservatives or the Equality Party 2.0 will come up with something that we can put our teeth into. I too feel that these A@@holes should have to pay back the money that they have all absconded with but that's probably wishful thinking. I really don't understand how all this has been allowed to happen for so many years and no one, but no one, came forward to say anything was wrong. It's beyond belief. Only in quebec.

    15. "...Maybe the Conservatives or the Equality Party 2.0 will come up with something that we can put our teeth into. I too feel that these A@@holes should have to pay back the money that they have all absconded with but that's probably wishful thinking."

      I trust no one, sorry. I want a reform of the system, nothing less. Why don't we have a Referendum on that?...I'm sure everyone would vote for a reform and complete Transparency. But No....they distract us with pinstripes: Bill 14.

    16. I have to say the Conservative seem to be our best bet. I sense a general feeling of annoyance in rural community. Taxe are going up, healthcare wait times are increasing, etc. A higher mining tax may be introduced hurting mining communities in Northern Quebec. People are fed up, but no option is available to them. In Pontiac, Abiti-Temiscamingue, etc unemployment level is high and people are not interested with the useless debate going on in the legislature. The Conservative could capitalize on lowering taxes for all quebecker. Most of them don't really care about the OLF, seriously, would you if you can't find a job, worrying about tax increase, worrying if the company will leave because tax is too high? I will be voting Conservative next election, I was not satisfied with the CAQ. Legault doesn't have what it takes to really reduce the size of government. I didn't see him talk against OLF, the Quebec arena, waste at Hydro-Quebec, waste in the Health Ministry. I wanted him to take a harder stance against new taxes.

    17. @Liam

      Well all I can say is that your expectations were way too high. What we have in the National Assembly in Quebec City are varying degrees of separatists, I don’t believe in the term “nationalist”. Basically, who to a lesser degree, who to a greater degree, they all want the same thing, separation from Canada sooner or later. That's the objective they all share and let's make no mistake about it. Some are explicit and have the back bone to admit it, others don’t. Best analogy I can think of at the moment is that they are all different versions of the same shoe. One is a high sling back, one is a low sling back and the third is a flat sling back...but make no mistake, they are all sling backs and thus...THEY ARE ALL SEPARATISTS. At the end of the day, if not one party rejects bill 14 in its entirety, then they should all be rejected as well come next election. Vote Equality 2.0. The rest won't do a damn thing for you EVER. Time to emerge from the Coma.

    18. "Best analogy I can think of at the moment is that they are all different versions of the same shoe."

      I can give you a better tin-foiled hat analogy AnecTOTE. You just have to replace "separatist" with "muslim" and "want to separate" with "want to institute Sharia law". It'll do a better job of communicating the abysmal level of Paranoïa of the above statement.

      Cheers, buddy.

    19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    20. "It'll do a better job of communicating the abysmal level of Paranoïa of the above statement."

      Seriously? You're throwing "Paranoia" at me now? We're not talking about Sharia Law or upper part to the closet did you have to reach for to go grab that one?

      Listen, it appears I've gotten under your skin and you're attempting to make points you're pulling out of your a&&. Come back to me when you've calmed down and you're a little more rational.

      And once again, get over yourself.

    21. I'm pulling nothing out of my ass. I'm simply pointing out that you sound like a crazed hobo when you say that "every Quebecer MP is a separatist".

      It should be patently obvious that it's not the case.

      The only other people I've seen who've reached that level of conspiracy theory are the ones who maintain that Obama is a secret Muslim.

    22. "I'm pulling nothing out of my ass. I'm simply pointing out that you sound like a crazed hobo when you say that "every Quebecer MP is a separatist".

      They say g-d protects fools, drunks, and children. You don't strike me as someone who's partial to the bottle, and you sound all grown then it must ...well you know where I'm going with this one.

      If bill 14 is not voted down IN ITS ENTIRETY by any and all of the Liberal or CAQ MP's then as far as I'm concerned they all are separatists. They do not represent me. They might as well be serving under the PQ. To quote R.E...'nuff said.

    23. If Bill 14 is voted down in its entirety by the Liberal and/or CAQ members, will you eat your words?

    24. You know Yannink - many, many Americans believe that Obama is Muslim - I just learned that from going to Florida for two weeks. I would never have believed it unless I heard it from at least 4 Americans while I was there.

  11. Perhaps we could also come up with a top 10 list of “pasta-lovers” in order to counterbalance the pasta-chaser list and not give the impression that this motley crew in any way represents the majority of francophones. Huntingdon mayor Stéphane Gendron, for one, comes to mind.

    1. Effectivement lorsqu'il est question de nouilles,Gendron est au premier rang.

    2. No. That's not the kind of person I want to be associated with. He says a lot of outrageous stuff on air.

    3. Hi again Liam: Just found this about the conservative party of quebec. Know it's from last year but there's little information out there and I thought you would like to read the comments under the announcement as to how little chance the conservatives have in this province. Too much in common with Harper (whom they hate) and, of course, quebec is much too liberal (communist really) to support a party that is not willing to hand everything to them on a silver platter. Looks like we're damned if we do and damned if we don't - will support the Equality Party 2.0 if they can get it together before another election is called. Nothing to lose but one vote I guess.

    4. Seriously True Montrealer? Do you even know who Gendron is?

      Try to watch his show, I bet you'll probably turn off the TV after 5 minutes.

      If you think Bill 14 or Bill 101 violates individual rights, how about a curfew where teens under 16 have to be at home before 10:30 PM or else they get fined 100$?

      The CRTC filled numerous complaints against him! But Mr.Gendron thinks he is a greater than the law. He even lit a court order on fire during his TV show.

    5. We had that law when I was a teenager. Can't remember if there was a fine but we were not allowed on the street past 10:00 at night. Sure cut down on thefts and drinking underage and so on. I don't remember it ever bothering me much and I was a typical teen. We just got home by 10:00 and that was it. This was in quebec also - don't know if Ontario ever had such a law.

    6. Watch how much fun Gendron has putting down hillbilly and Top 10 Pasta-Chaser Gilles Proulx, too funny! He really does sound like Jed Clampett.

    7. @true montrealer

      stephane gendron is a similar clown as un gars bs de calgary: no thinking, just level one epidermic reactions. not worth a lot in my humble opinion.

      he impersonates where french canadian culture is headed if its fate is decided by the market: elvis gratton doom. or liam's wet dream.

    8. Student, you'll have to understand you can't stop what's coming.

      You only have two options.

      Either which way, you're fucked - now it's a question of making your piece with the circumstances.

  12. J'apprécie parfois la lucidité de certains anglos,en voici un bel exemple:

    "Before we get all angry at her (Diane De Courcy) and her kind we should ask the most important question? Where is my Government?? Where is Canada? Why is the Federal government not stopping this? The reality is,if you are outside looking in on this whole situation it is clear. The Canadian government sold non francophones out years ago. If you are dumb enough to stay that is your problem. Leave the province for three months and it will be clear to you, to all. My first disappointment is that I cannot even be a Canadian any more. I am middle aged and have no family of my own. I have finally realized it wasn't because I could not. It was due to this enviroment. People forget nationalism. You cannot fight this because you do not have the support from Canada. So find a place to live and be happy. You only have one life you know about. I will always remember quebec. What goes around comes around..I am waiting for that day!"

    Richard Heteny

    1. News Flash: We’re all well aware that the Federal government has abandoned the minority Anglo and Allo communities in this province, and did so long ago. What can we say; we’re the sacrificial lamb in their little wicked design! In reality, it has abandoned the entire province PERIOD. If you are not sure about that, just give a glance at this past weekend’s The Gazette, pg A14,an entire full page taken out by Fonds de solidarité FTQ basically asking: “Mr. Harper, why are you taking away the tax credit that helps save us?” (One has to wonder what that kind of real-estate in an English newspaper cost them? I haven’t looked it up but did they take out a similar ad in a French newspaper as well?). Makes me laugh when I think that Marois & the PQ want to intentionally provoke discord between this province and the Federal Government to incite support for her cause, lol; guess she didn’t get the Memo that indicates she needn’t bother. The Federal government has trumped her by kicking her in the rear end and sending her on her way; a bit like the little kid who plays tough with his father and threatens him that he’ll call 911 if he gets spanked and the father grabs him by the ear throws him out on the porch, throws the phone at him and says; “Now call 911” LOL.

      Yes.. perhaps that is a lucid letter after all. And perhaps we should heed this gentleman’s advice and move to some other place to be happy. But let’s say we don’t, and we decide to stick around, roll over and play dead, as far as the oppressive legislative measures go, that the present provincial government is introducing, my question is then this, why shouldn’t we move away based on where we are economically and financially in this province? Why should we even remotely consider sticking around to help Quebec and Quebecers pay for the $256,000,000,000.00 Debt they are presently carrying which just keeps increasing and draining us dry by the minute? Why?

    2. Listen AnceTOTE - They don't give a shit that they are going bankrupt faster than a speeding bullet but, if they were really smart, to get rid of us all, why not offer to buy us out with that 8B they get from the ROC? If they give me a fair market value for my home, my son's home, etc., based on property values 5 km across the river, we'll be glad to get out and let them keep the empty homes for all the bums they have living here. They can get rid of a lot of "No" votes and we will be able to leave them to their own vices (no pun intended).

    3. Nous ne voulons pas nous débarasser de tous les anglos peggy,seulement ceux de votre espèce :)

    4. Quebec government buying out Gatineau house at Ottawa market value! What a dream Cutie! Anyway, with Quebec separate Gatineau will no longer be allowed to use Ottawa Hospital, having to go to already overfilled Lakeshore General. Anyway crossing at the new international bridges will take much longer requiring passports and paying a toll.

    5. Yes I like to dream - there will be lots of problems should quebec try to leave Canada without negotiation concerning the rights and freedoms to keep land that belongs to Canada and try to take all the property and buildings with them. I would love to win a huge loto and burn down the houses of my family and friends and leave the mess for quebec to deal with. Just pay the taxes and the fines and walk away. But of course, all the anglos would not want to leave a separate quebec - lol. They would stay and get beaten up in the streets by the radicals that are behind the separatist movement and enjoy every minute of it - lol - we're such masochists that we'd just stay and take it - God these people are so stupid that it defies imagination. Do you think that quebec would allow their citizens out of their new country? Crossing the bridges is the least of all the problems I can imagine!

    6. If you are dumb enough to stay that is your problem. well sorry Mr. Heteny who gives you the right to decide where on will live. Sorry, Mr. Heteny that comment is insulting to the million of English and Irish who built Hull and the Pontiac. Anyway, Quebec real estate is losing steam and many would lose money if they move from Gatineau to Ottawa.

    7. Wouldn't it be awesome to have to get a visa to go from qc to Canada?

    8. We can all rejoice in knowing that we make his kind squirm. He comes here because he knows he is impotent to get rid of us. He is the PEUPLE CONQUIS! :)

    9. Even USA doesn't ask for a visa from Canadian. I hope Quebec won't also.

    10. You need a passport to go anywhere outside Canada now Liam - used to be a driver's licence was good enough but no longer.

    11. Yes a passport is okay, but a visa is far too much. Even the USA accepts Canadian passport.

    12. Anon y mouse said that would be awesome for Canada to request a visa from an independent quebec. I agree with him/her, it would be awesome keeping in mind that quebeckers in an independent qc would likely NOT keep their Canadian citizenship.

  13. Today's question on CTV News Montreal: "Are you worried about the future of English health care in Montreal"?
    Go to their website to put in your answer. So far 98 are worried - only about 5 are not.

    1. Ended up 89% are worried about English health care. No wonder with these extremists pushing their views on every labour organization in quebec telling them they shouldn't speak any other language but french, even if they don't mind.

  14. Hi Liam: One response from the new Action Gatineau. What do you think? Not sure I'm comfortable with the Charte de la langue francise" bit - Any other thoughts?

    Action Gatineau wrote: "Thank you ----------- for your message. Please be assured that Action Gatineau is determined to ensure the development of the English-speaking people of the municipality. That being said, it has to be clear that Action Gatineau will not get involved in provincial politics regarding language issues. The municipalities are responsible for applying the provincial and federal laws. We would also like to inform you that the members of Action Gatineau adopted a resolution during last week-end’s convention regarding this issue. It is read as follows : That the "ville de Gatineau" will make important efforts to provide services to the historic anglophone minority within its territory and that these efforts will be made according to the "Charte de la langue française" and all other Quebec laws. Regarding the relationship between Ottawa and Gatineau, our party believes that, as neighbours, we should be collaborating on joint issues. A lot more can be done particularly regarding the issue of transportation. Finally, regarding the constitutional issue and our affiliation with other political parties, the members of our party have been clear; Action Gatineau will remain independent from every other party, either provincial or federal. Here is the resolution regarding with issue which was adopted during our convention last week-end : That Action Gatineau remains independent of provincial and federal parties and that its first and only goal should be the defense of Gatineau’s interests, regardless of the party in power in Ottawa or Québec."

    1. Well, ville de Gatineau can't oppose Bill 101, municipalities are responsible for applying provincial laws. I like that he recognises he recognises the historic anglophone community, and will provide services. I like that he will collaborate with the City of Ottawa on joint issue, that was sorely lacking with Mr. Bureau.

    2. Yes, I agree - I just hope we're not jumping from the frying pan into the fire but we never know, unfortunately, until they're in power. They lie to get there and then show their true colours as with all politicians. Still don't like that they approve their own salary or that we'll end up paying for at least one new body on city council.

    3. They aren't creating a new body. They are just making joint project with Ottawa easier to coordinate. We needed more collaboration since the 1950 and unfortunately both cities rarely communicated and often had conflicting project. At first, Action Gatineau got me weary but now that I understand his plan better, I can say I will vote for his Action Gatineau, Mr. Bureau is tiring.

    4. You say they aren't creating a new body - what about the following - copied from their website:
      "The party supports the principle of double application so that the party leader has the opportunity to sit on the council in the event of his defeat at City Hall." Someone is going to pay him plus they approve their own salaries - don't like that much. And why do you think they cannot get cooperation from the public at the present time? I don't see why they cannot handle this, each on their own, I would think. Not standing up for Mr. Bureau at all - just think we may be putting ourselves at even more risk of more bureaucracy - you know how that tends to grow. I wish they would just run their candidate against Bureau and leave the rest until after the election when they will have the time to work on problems such as transportation. Just wait until Lucerne Blvd has to close for re-paving - you think we have traffic problems now - ain't seen nothing yet!

    5. Yes, well Lucerne blvd is awful to drive. Champlain Bridge and Island Park Drive are themselves very congested. We need a to use Prince of Wales Bridge. Either as a bus route or as a new light rail. The NCC needs to get onboard. We don't need a east-end bridge with Prince of Wales essentially unused.

    6. Couldn't agree more - been talked about for 50 years or more but Ottawa is not the least bit interested and who can blame them? Quebec wants them to pay for a lot of it and it's us that need it - typical quebec attitude - everything for nothing and we use their land! There was talk for many years about a bridge over Deschenes but again, nothing done. Ended up being decided that an east end bridge that was needed. Never understood that decision but then again, never understand a quarter of what these politicians decide.

    7. Well, the East-end bridge has encountered lot's of opposition from East-enders who want LRT expanded to Trim road. I can understand them. Mayor Watson has said that he wouldn't support the bridge without LRT expansion.

  15. You can add Claude Lanthier to your list of pasta chasers, according to his Twitter profile he is an economist and his motto is "smaller is better".

    One of his tweet caught my attention, he wrote : "the PQ has to fix Télé-Québec because since the Liberals were elected Télé-Québec has been doing anti-Quebec propaganda." He also noted that TV shows like Les Francs-tireurs, Questions de société, Belle et Bum, 24 heures, La Une qui tue, Voir, Homeland, Maîtres et valets are secretly promoting values like anglicization, multiculturalism and quebecophobia.

    For those who don't watch Télé-Québec (probably everyone here :D) :
    Franc-Tireurs = "Edgy" version of tout le monde en parle
    Belle et Bum = Live music program. They promote Quebec musicians and singers (whether they sing in French, English, Spanish or any other languages)
    La une qui tue = Quizz
    Voir : Cultural magazine on Quebec artistic scene
    Borgen : "Borgen is a Danish one-hour political drama television series. It tells the story of a charismatic politician, Birgitte Nyborg, who unexpectedly becomes the first female Prime Minister of Denmark." (taken from Wikipedia)

    So basically every time this guy turns on the TV, he sees plots against Quebec.

    The host of Voir replied to his tweet and said that he didn't how he could celebrate the culture of Québec and be "quebecophobe" at the same time.

    1. Wow, the PQ would have been outraged when Tele-Quebec aired show from TVO.

    2. Sounds like Tele-Quebec has the right formula and/or mindset. I may take it in. THAT'S how you promote a healthy, inclusive and vibrant society.

    3. What a coincidence, I never expected anyone to mention Borgen on this board. I’ve been watching it recently and it’s absolutely terrific.

      A small place like Denmark (smaller than Quebec) has been producing outstanding television in the past few years and their shows have become huge hits all over Europe, Australia and New Zealand. (Sadly, the shows are not broadcast in Canada because the Americans insist on remaking hit TV shows from other countries and we get the remakes, which suck.) Here is a trailer that gives you a taste of "Borgen" (which means “The Castle” or “The Palace”, referring to Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish parliament):

      The show that paved the way for this was the superb Danish crime thriller “Forbrydelsen” (which means “The Crime” but was translated as “The Killing”), which was broadcast on BBC with English subtitles and became a wildly successful hit in the UK. It was also a huge hit in other countries so you can also find it with Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Greek subtitles if you know where to look. (The Americans remade it for AMC as "The Killing" but the original is far superior.) The haunting theme music still sends shivers down my spine. Here is a trailer for it:

      A third terrific Scandinavian series is a Swedish/Danish co-production called “Bron/Broen” (“The Bridge”) about a crime that takes place on the Øresund Bridge/tunnel that links the two countries and is a beautiful feat of engineering. (Again, the Americans are remaking it as a crime along the US-Mexico border.) Here is a trailer for it:

      For anyone who would enjoy high quality television with strong female leads (I suspect maybe Troy, Yannick, Apparatchik, maybe Cutie and the Editor!), I highly recommend any or all of these. Anyone who relies on local productions alone doesn’t know what they’re missing out on.

    4. It wasn’t clear from GL’s post what Claude Lanthier had to say about “Borgen” but it sounds suspiciously like it was the old “let’s encourage cultural diversity by restricting cultural diversity” refrain.

      The BBC produces some of the highest quality television in the world, so if people in the UK were amazed by these Danish series, that says quite a lot. I see on the YouTube comments that “Forbrydelsen” has recently started being broadcast in Hungary and yet we remain unable to watch it here.

      Germany, France, Holland all produce excellent television as well yet don’t lock themselves into a bubble by ignoring what’s produced in the rest of the world. It’s not just sad or pathetic but downright sick if that’s the attitude people like Lanthier have by wanting to live only in the “Quebec bubble”. Surprisingly though, “Downton Abbey” has been a big hit on Radio-Canada, as it well should, but unfortunately it’s dubbed instead of sub-titled so francophones miss out on a lot of nuances, as well as not getting an ear for what English actually sounds like.

    5. He didn't say anything specific about those TV shows. All he said was that they (the TV shows) are part of the undeclared agenda of Télé-Québec to promote anglicization, multiculturalism and quebecophobia.

      Original Tweet : "Elles ont comme mission inavouée de promouvoir l'anglicisation, la multiculturalisation ou la québécophobie."

      By the way, I made a mistake, he didn't list Borgen but rather Homeland. Had he made a similar list for ARTV/Radio-Canada, I believe he would of had included Borgen and Downton Abbey in it.

      Also note that all the shows he listed are made in Quebec except Homeland and Maîtres et Valets (Upstairs, Downstairs).

  16. Having choose between the PQ and the CAQ is like the Arabian Nights story where the fisherman catches a genie and has to choose his method of death. Hopefully we can count on the Liberals and it won't come to that.

    1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  17. "A small place like Denmark (smaller than Quebec) has been producing outstanding television..."

    Une question de budget car nous avons le talent et les moyens techniques pour réaliser de très bons films et d'excellentes séries télé.

    1. You mean that Quebec has greater budget problems than tiny Denmark? I can't imagine why... err...

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYWednesday, March 27, 2013 at 6:15:00 AM EDT

      "Une question de budget car nous avons le talent et les moyens techniques pour réaliser de très bons films et d'excellentes séries télé."

      Affirmation suspecte. A moins d'etre subventionne, bien sur...
      Parce que l'on sait tous, la kulturre au quebec, s'est a grand coup de subventions.
      Tout comme ton petit copain Pierre Lapointe...

    3. Pas si suspecte que ça...

    4. Denmark (5 million inhabitants, by the way) has never been run by the Liberals of the PQ, just good old fashioned conservatives and socialists...

  18. SR, I don't think it is the lack of money (subsidies) that is the problem:

  19. Lack of subsidies is never a problem in Quebec if you know the right people.

    Take for example the PQ latest budget. They included benefits for companies that invest more then 300 million in "Data Centers".

    This is just naked lobbying by OVH a France company that had already decided to setup in Beauhoinois under "good terms". This was sold to the public as future investment. OVH was already here. It's jut pure graft.

    This is what happened when google a "anglo" company tried to come to Quebec...

    That's PQ thinking by the Liberals even. Google the company everybody uses 50 times a day isn;t "fit for Quebec", yet OVH some France company nobody has ever heard of get the google deal a few years later.

    No politics or bribes at play obviously.

    Who wouldn;t rather have a job at OVH vs google. Oh wait, google speaks english. Forget it. google is done. OVH in French is the future!


    "We've actually now pulled out of discussions in Quebec completely. At the
    very last minute Hydro-Québec refused to honour the terms of their rate
    structure. When we complained, the Quebec government intervened on their
    behalf and decided not to honour the terms of the rate structure.

    "This, needless to say, left us with a pretty bad taste in our mouths after
    almost a year of work with both Hydro-Québec and with the Quebec government
    with no mention of any challenges on power pricing.

    "To add insult to injury, we met with the Prime Minister of Quebec in
    December who told Sergey Brin, one of our founders, that, although he liked
    Google as a search engine, he felt that it wasn't in Quebec's best interests
    to entertain having a Google data centre presence in the province. I think
    that pretty much sealed any possibilities of expansion into Quebec right

  20. Are Anglos even interested by Quebec TV?

  21. Boy what a bunch of yo-yos - so now they have given a new plumb job to old Duceppe - going to deal with Ottawa on the job training matter. That should go really well. You have to give the old separatists credit; they look after each other to the hilt and hit us all in the pocketbook without a thought. We know that Marois has already said "No" to the feds but now we're going to pay Duceppe to come to Ottawa on God knows how many taxpayer trips to repeat "No" we want to opt out - just keep giving us the money and we'll manage it as we manage our money so well and everyone in quebec works so hard - lol. I don't think we'll ever have enough jails for these thieves and we wonder why our taxes are so damn high. Disgraceful bunch. Guess it's better to laugh than cry at the waste.

  22. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYWednesday, March 27, 2013 at 10:58:00 PM EDT

    While cutie has been on this blog trying to get other readers to pity her life- as she is a victim, right? - I've made $2000 this week, including a nice re-sign contract from a client. Damn! I still have tomorrow!!! It's a 4 day week.
    Thank you cutie for telling me to spend less time here. You were right. I made more money in the past few days. Well a nice Merlot it will be toworrow;) Cheers cutie and try bitching less about quebekistan.