Monday, March 4, 2013

Do Quebec Language Cops Hate Italians?

 I've been writing this blog for about three years now and I can say that no missive in the comments section got my attention as much as this one attacking Quebec's Italian community.

Translation: Undoubtedly the Italians were once a great people. But we're forced to admit that they have been rotten for a long time. Take for example, their adherence to fascism and their chronic inability to form a stable government. Besides this, consider the Mafia that plagues their social and economic life.

This same decay can be found in Italian Quebec. Because of this, we have enough evidence to conclude that all Italians with English as a common language should be excluded from any executive position in public administration and in ownership of any construction company. Italians who use English as their everyday language should content themselves to remaining in the drug trafficking business, an activity in which the community already excels.
Now I waited a full two days to allow this active poster to either remove the post or ask that it be removed by myself, the editor, a request with which I would have complied with.
After all, most of us have shot off our mouths only to regret what we have said, especially in a drunk dial or ill advised text or tweet. In such cases, we all could benefit by a sympathetic DELETE.
But apparently, such was not the case here, the poster unapologetic and so I let the post stand.

Some will argue that it is a failing of this blog to allow such racist drivel to remain online, but respectfully, I disagree.

The vast, vast majority of Canadians (including Quebecers of all ethnicities, language and religion) are not racists and recognize garbage like this for what it is.....pure hate.
So it's important not to sanitize the minority who hold these racist views because sometimes, just sometimes it represents the common view of a discernible political group or organization and we the public are better served by being aware of their  opinions

I much prefer to hear the hateful missives of White supremacist groups who rail against Jews, Blacks and Browns, so that I can fully understand the depths of their depravity.
You and I and almost all Canadians are mature enough to handle the truth and in this respect I much prefer the American version of free speech.

I recall the stupid racist rant against Jews by David Ahenikew, a Saskatchewan native leader whose ill-advised comments brought down a firestorm of criticism and censure in the Press which resulted in his professional life being effectively ruined.
Had the reporter, to which the remarks were made, decided not to print what Ahenikew said, we the public would never have known the truth about the man and it would have allowed him to continue on in a leadership role, something he did not deserve.

So I much prefer to know what our poster Y.L. is really thinking, it clears things up for us.

The same goes for the OQLF, the incident known as 'Pastagate'  that exploded last week on the pages of newspapers around the world, which shows us exactly what the OQLF is really about and clears up any myth or misconception that the agency is anything else but an organ of state-sanctioned ethnocentric oppression.

For those who are unaware, last week the OQLF (sarcastically known as the language police) censured an Italian restaurant because it had the temerity to use the word 'PASTA' on the menu, instead of the politically correct "Pate,' the French equivalent.
In the face of worldwide ridicule, the government intervened and ordered the agency to  backtrack, claiming that the whole affair was a rare and regrettable mistake, just a small overreaction by an individual inspector, to a legitimate complaint.

Both those statements are outright lies.

First of all, the original complaint that the OQLF received about the restaurant, never mentioned the word 'PASTA,' only that the complainer was annoyed at receiving an all-English menu (the restaurant offers a separate English and French version.)
When the inspector from the OQLF arrived at the restaurant to check out the complaint, she was handed the required French menu and so had nothing to proceed on.
All by her lonesome, this OQLF inspector attacked the restaurant over the Italian words on the menu, giving birth to 'Pastagate.'

But in the fallout of Pastagate we learned that this wasn't a case of one overzealous inspector, as the OQLF claimed, in fact OQLF inspectors have harassed at least two other Italian themed restaurants over the fact that they were using Italian words to create an atmosphere. So it's no leap to conclude that the actions of the inspectors were no aberration, just par for the course.

Like the comment above from Y.L., which exposes his true racist nature, the blitzkrieg (oh no, not another foreign word!) against the Italian eateries exposes la vrai nature de l'OQLF.

The enmity demonstrated by Y.L. in his comment is not atypical of Franco-supremacists who base their disdain on the fact that the Italian community of Quebec has almost exclusively integrated into the English side of the language equation, something they are furious over.
Italians, along with Jews and Greeks are particular targets of Franco-supremacists from Yves Michaud to Mario Beaulieu for this exact reason, the failure of these communities to integrate in Franco-Quebec society. For them it remains a painful and festering sore.

And so the OQLF, an agency that defines and applies its very own twisted version of the Nuremburg laws, has a particular hate-on for these enemy communities and it is no mistake that the word 'PASTA' was censured, while 'TAPAS,'  'PHO,' 'SEVICHE,' are not, because the Spanish and Vietnamese communities are considered 'allies' in the war on the English.

The great lie of Pastagate is one told by the OQLF stating that the attack on the Italian restaurant was a case of an over-zealous inspector, it clearly was policy,  an organized attempt by the OQLF to eradicate Italian influence in public, because the Italians are allies of the English.

"The friend of my enemy is my enemy."
 It makes sense only to the the twisted ethnocentric minds of the OQLF.

How evil and polluting is the mindset of the OQLF?
It's gotten to the point that ordinary citizens are being whipped up into a language frenzy.

HERE'S JUST the latest citizen-language warrior incident;



  1. Until now, I didn’t take that odious comment as being anything other than flaming… an attempt at making ever more provocative and outrageous statements to see what mayhem he might engender. After all, why make his own cause sound so reprehensible? It’s so obviously harmful to the separatist cause that it couldn’t possibly be serious. But now that the Editor has made a whole post about it, I’m beginning to wonder whether it could actually have been a genuine opinion.

    As I said, the presence of a nationalist fifth column discrediting their cause is the only semi-plausible explanation that I can think of.

    PS: On behalf of Contra, and you want to make a country out of THIS???

  2. You know, harassment by the OQLF is proving to be a wonderful opportunity for instant free publicity. All those other businesses that have been reticent to speak out about similar experiences should take advantage of the opportunity to do so now.

  3. And you want to make a country out of THIS?

  4. The official name of Quebec will be changed to Xenophobia on April 1. A vote was held last week.

    For those of you who want to make the lives of those at the OQLF miserable there is:

    For those of you who want to smile:

  5. Thank you Editor. This post elaborates rather eloquently on the observations I have made and reflections I have had on this topic for quite a while now.

    And I agree with your overall point of view in favor of letting the blatant racist comments go undeleted for all the world to see. I also share your suspicion whereby the Jewish, Italian, and Greek communities are particularly targeted not because of the historical circumstances that led them to assimilate largely to the English side, but rather because their having done so continues to be a constant reminder to the most rabid French Canadian separatist elements of their own historical mistakes.

    At the time, all parents indeed did have a choice as to the language of instruction their children would receive, and it is no secret that most immigrant parents would choose to place their children in English schools. Then, as now, the reasons behind such a choice were obvious. However, some (especially Italian, Roman Catholic) parents saw an obvious affinity to French and thought to further such links by enrolling their children in French schools. While some succeeded, it is no secret that many so-called "ethnics" in the waning years of the Duplessis administration were unceremoniously turned away from French-language schools and forwarded to the nearest English-language school. Quebec didn't need anti-miscegenation laws (in its public school system at least) officially on the books; a shamefully high number of its French-language school administrators at the time operated on the notion that French schools just didn't want nor need these newcomers.

    Times have changed -- immigrant children are no longer turned away from French schools -- although immigrant parents have no choice but to send their children to French schools whether they like it or not. (Kind of interesting, that the PQ relented on forced french cegep, deeming 18 year-old students mature enough to make a decision about language of instruction that their own parents lack the capacity to make). Nonetheless, the "others" are inevitably contrasted with the "nous".

    One need look no further than certain media harpies commenting on the daily goings-on at the Charbonneau commission. It doesn't take long to notice a whiff of something rotten that speaks to a convenient and none-too-subliminal narrative, whereby the Italian construction entrepreneurs are the absolute corruptors while the French-Canadian public officials are the haplessly coerced corruptees.

    Indeed, my own initial answer to Y.L was somewhat muted compared to the visceral and revolted feelings I experienced as a mutt-Quebecer reading his answer. I completely agree with your characterization of the mostly unspoken war being waged by the OQLF, finding partial solace only in the cowardice that our own government demonstrates when faced with an international shaming.

    Still, it behooves everyone who sees in these events the excesses of uncontrolled government tyranny to keep tweeting and shaming this ideology until it has finally surrendered and allowed every Quebecer the right to lead their lives as they linguistically see fit. In that vein, I call on all participants on this blog to do their part to tweet about every single #pastagate-like story each time it breaks and to ensure that they keep using that hashtag and target international news sites.

    This is clearly a public relations war and those of us who want to live in a linguistically free Quebec must do everything we can to take down the last vestiges of Soviet-style Quiet Revolution-inspired thought police.

    1. From Discreetly Howling:

      As I recall, unless you were Roman Catholic, if you wanted to enroll your kid at a public school in our neighbourhood in Montreal, it was at the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM). Hence, at an English language school. I think there was one all French program, mostly for Huguenots (French Protestants) which was housed within Baron Byng, but that was it. If you were Roman Catholic, unless you were a French Canadian, you had to go to an English language school run by the Montreal Catholic School Commission (MCSC). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember there being any choice in the matter.

      Also, I believe that when I was in school (the 60's), the Protestant schools were not allowed to employ Roman Catholic teachers and vice versa. None of my French teachers were French Canadian.

    2. In the 1970s, we were herded into English Catholic schools run by the Baldwin-Cartier School Commission… mine had 2000 students at the time. I was aware that there existed this minority group of anglo Protestant students but it wasn’t until we all merged in CEGEP that I learned that anglo Catholics were actually relatively unusual in the world and in fact, it was anglo Protestants and franco Catholics who were more common.

      I remember having Jewish (and even gay) teachers in high school… this whole confessional thing was so bizarre! I was in the enriched French programme and my French teachers were francophones, not “Mrs. Schwartz” like comic Josh Freed writes about in his latest book.

    3. Being a gay catholic isn't considered s sin, gay sexual relations is considered a sin.


    Oh my, this is truly one of Rex’ superlative diatribes. It merits a transcription for the sake of posterity, although such will sadly, necessarily lose the flavour of his superb delivery. Here goes:

    There’s an Italian fly in the Quebec language soup. The great sage, Mordecai Richler, once answering a question from a friend in Los Angeles, said yes, 15,000 doughnuts had been held up at Montreal’s airport because they weren’t bilingual enough. Well, the still-missed and always wonderful Mordecai would no doubt be edified to learn that years after his brilliant mockery of Quebec’s tongue troopers, the silliness has not declined. In fact, it’s evolved… from unilingual doughnuts to perilous pasta.

    Now, this is real. Buonanotte, a long-established Italian restaurant, has been cited for using Italian on its Italian menu. You know, offensive, exotic, really-foreign, French-dominating, Italian words like pasta, spaghetti, Bolognese… even (Italian cooks are such pedants!) using the Italian word for bottle when listing Italian wine by the Italian bottle.

    Consider this: Is it possible for a human being, equipped with an understanding arguably superior to that of an illiterate, untroubled turnip, to go into an Italian restaurant to order and enjoy Italian food and Italian wine, served by Italian waiters, and then complain officially that the word “pasta” is on the Italian menu?

    The restaurant was facing having to take these Italian-marinated terms, pasta and spaghetti, off their provocative menu. There was a review of the point. The very fact that there is a statutory body, paid by public money, whose members are not rolling around the floor throwing up from unstoppable laughter at the very idea of even reviewing whether pasta is proper, is in itself a milestone in the lunacy of linguistic pureness. Well, today, after much deliberation, and more mockery, pasta on Italian menus is no longer under threat in Montreal.

    How strange it is! French, much like English, has a whole trawl net full of Latinate terms, words entirely based under early Roman, Italian sources. French should only be half the language it is without early Italian Latin. It’s not the best argument for Quebec’s sophistication, its quite noticeable skills in the arts of good living, that some of its more zealous citizens are making them look provincial to the rest of the world.

    Richler would have seen this as another illustration of the bottomless folly of trying to police people in how they like to live, eat, sleep and talk… of bullying for the higher cause. To borrow an idiom, it’s all very hard to swallow that an Italian restaurant was under legal scrutiny for having pasta on its menu and that there are any people in the sophisticated province who, even in the delirium of political correctness, believe this should be the case.

    Next week, by the way, I plan to ask the question, Chinese wonton soup: appetizer or linguistic time-bomb?

    Tune in. For The National, I’m Rex Murphy.

    1. With all due respect to the man, he's uglier than a bulldog and probably attracts more ears than a Charlize Theoren attracts eyes (and boy, is she eye candy!) Thanks for sharing.

      Eloquently stated as only Rex Muphy could.

  7. In the 1970s, we were herded into English Catholic schools run by the Baldwin-Cartier School Commission… mine had 2000 students at the time. I was aware that there existed this minority group of anglo Protestant students but it wasn’t until we all merged in CEGEP that I learned that anglo Catholics were actually relatively unusual in the world and in fact, it was anglo Protestants and franco Catholics who were more common.

    I remember having Jewish (and even gay) teachers in high school… this whole confessional thing was so bizarre! I was in the enriched French programme and my French teachers were francophones, not “Mrs. Schwartz” like comic Josh Freed writes about in his latest book.

  8. Lord Dorchester

    Great post Editor. Did you expect anything less from a Separatist?
    These people are hard wired to hate from early on. Anyone think i'm exaggerating? Sit through a PQ policy convention sometime and listen to their trial balloons. Their policies are exclusionary and bigoted and thanks to this latest language flare-up, the rest of the World has gotten a glimpse of the collective psychosis that we, non-Québécois citizens have been dealing with for over a generation. #Pastagate and Quebec's absurd Disco era language laws are quickly becoming a runaway PR disaster for the PQ Governement that had high hopes of luring businesses back to Quebec with tax incentives. It's a damn shame that my city, Montreal, has to take it on the chin once again because of these sad ethnocentric little people.

  9. FROM ED
    These stories are sad but Isee a light on the horizon. Dr. Couillard has made it clear that all this will be blown away when he takes command. I wonder what the reaction will be when he changes the OQLF building to a home for ageing separatists. We'll now soon enough. Ed

    1. @ed

      couillard...? you mean the guy who is easily fooled by crooks and who as a minister modified laws in order to suit his business interests? you're sure he's the best candidate?!?

      you are such a faithful groupie. it's almost touching.

    2. How is any different from Pauline M violating 20 rules of the PQ to set her husbands salary and appoint him to head of the union fund?

      Paulines husband went on to *LOSE* $500 million and make investments in Tony Accurso projects. Maybe you've been following the press?

      Usual PQ thinking on the situation.

      Everything is the fault of anglo's, liberals, chinease and everybody else you don;t like living here.

    3. @cebeuq

      i don't understand your logics, mate.


      oh wait! i got it. dragging down pauline marois will make couillard look better, right?!

      well that's petty. and surprising coming from a great mind like yours.

    4. Don't waste your time, cebeuq.

      Just like all other separatists, our self-righteous little friend ONLY sees what he wants to see.

      Marois' dirty political shenanigans aren't convenient for him to acknowledge.

      I wish I could live my life with such an infantile point of view...must make life a whole lot easier.

    5. Couillard (ou couillon) est un escroc aux mains sales.

    6. It's typical seperatist reactions.

      Can;t look at the scammer in the position of power right now. Need to agitate and complain about some guy who may or may not be a leader of a party that still has to fight an election and win to worry about.

      Pauline is nothing but a socialist in a purple porchse. That's even worse then a limousine liberal.

      The naked self interest between the students, unions and PQ is astonishing.

      Questioning the integrity of current Quebec leaders isn;t allowed. It's no coincidence that corruption pervades all levels the Quebec civil service. A "Culture of corruption" that's exists in every part of the government and civil service in Quebec.

      The PQ are fearful if the farty faithful starts to think for themselves and ask questions they won;t be able to mislead them about the benefits of separatism.

      I've said it before. People need to start offering bribes to the local OLQF officers when they make a complaint.

      We've all seen how effective that is with the average civil servant.

      $300/hr on lawyers goes a long way to a civil servant. Don;t think of it as a bribe. Think of it as "facilitating a better social contract". IE paying them to leave the population alone.

    7. Why bribe for something (freedom of expression) we should all have for free? At a time when the entire citizenry is rightly pissed off at having to pay more than things really cost on top of it? Idiotic.

      Paying the franco-supremacist mafia protection money would turn them into the very "italians" they so vilify. Besides, it's so much easier to howl till you get what you want through government action. Enough francophones in my own entourage find #pastagate silly enough to justify relaxing the law; I say use social media to build the movement properly and do so around a simple principle until we get what we want:

      The language cops back off, we don't embarrass them.
      The language cops fuck around and piss us off, we keep pastagating them till the effect of accumulated public shaming, domestic disgust, and international bad press make not hacking away at what's left of bill 101 politically suicidal for all political parties.

  10. Great post. That is not only a very discriminatory comment, but a very ignorant one, too. Over the years, I've learned that people who are bigots and racists are also very ignorant about the subject(s) they target. And like you, editor, I'd rather be aware of the true nature of opinions rather than them being hidden. That way, you always know what you're dealing with. Hiding hate and discrimination does not mean it doesn't exist. Let's not live in denial.

  11. Editor, thank you for not just deleting the post and wishing it away. Like I mentioned earlier, this is something that should be held up and broadcasted for the public to see.

    My only hangup is that this comment isn't assigned to Y.L's actual identity.

    How I'd love for him to apply for a job, get called in for an interview, only for the interviewer (who happens to have Italian lineage) pull up a copy of that diatribe and have him explain it.

    This is, by all accounts, the TRUE face of the separatist movement.

    There is no denying it, especially now.

    1. @resident evil

      yesterday you wrote:

      "Every single separatist is a racist...AND...
      There is no such thing as a separatist with integrity."

      what you are saying here about separatists is as bad as what y.l wrote about italians.

      you are probably right he should hang on to his anonymity. and so should you, mate.

    2. Ah, so now you're threatening me, are you?

      First of all, Italians are a race, a culture and identifiable as such.

      As for separatists, they are not a race or a culture.

      They are a group of people assembled to promote a political agenda.

      Their is no legitimacy, honor or nobility about this cause as it promotes
      policies, xenophobic, exclusionary and promote segregation...

      ...therefore I stand firm with my statement:

      Every single separatist is a racist...AND...There is no such thing as a separatist with integrity.

      I'd tell you that maybe you should hang on to your anonymity, but I don't think anyone would give a rat's ass to hear what your real name is.

      BTW folks, check out the comments on the Chez Geeks Facebook page...once again Sepatrolls just like Student here can justify that retarded freak's threats to the store owner.

    3. @resident evil

      not a threat at all mate. i'm non-violent. i'm just trying to make you open up and realize you were not better than y.l up to now. advices you have for him are also good for you.

      "Their is no legitimacy, honor or nobility about this cause as it promotes
      policies, xenophobic, exclusionary and promote segregation..."

      it proposes political freedom. isn't freedom noble in your books, mate?!?

      "therefore I stand firm with my statement."

      all right. then stand by your nickname as well.

    4. @Student

      "all right. then stand by your nickname as well."

      Will do boy, unlike you, I don't feel a need to pander to my opponents.

      "it proposes political freedom. isn't freedom noble in your books, mate?!?"

      I'm all for freedom. That's why I love the kind of freedom we already have. The other day I went to my aunt's house in Laval...prominent neighborhood.

      There were SUVs, Cherokees and other cars in the driveways, manicured homes, people with swimming pools in their backyards, and speaking of driveways, people removing snow with $2k snowblowers.

      Poor, poor oppressed people.

      Life must be so damn hard for you my little separatist.

      Time for you to just man-up, stop your whining and self-pity and start making a life for yourself instead of waiting for everyone else to provide for you.

    5. "Every single separatist is a racist..."

      Nous voulons des preuves! :)

    6. C'est pas du racisme ça,nous appelons ça la réalité,non?
      Si dire la vérité est un acte raciste,je suis donc raciste.

    7. @resident evil

      dude there's more to freedom than buying kickass snowblowers you know?

      it's ok if you don't have grand ideas, mate. but you shouldn't interfere against people who do.

      you're just a lost soul swimmin' in a fish bowl...

    8. "you're just a lost soul swimmin' in a fish bowl."


    9. I think that`s what you fear, little one. That some of us here DO have grand ideas, and we`re going to take something away from you.

      BTW, the two of you reek of fear.

    10. @resident evil

      "That some of us here DO have grand ideas..."

      really? who? the biggest ever snowblower doesn't qualify as a grand idea, by the way. a new country does.

      "we`re going to take something away from you."

      what are you gonna steal this time, mate?

    11. "...and we`re going to take something away from you."

      Mon souffleur à neige est sous clé dans mon cabanon muni d'une alarme infrarouge.

    12. You'll never get a "country" for the simple fact you don't deserve one.

      You spit on immigrants and Anglos, you blow money on entities like the OQLF when the freeways in Montreal is crumbling.

      As what we're going to "steal" next - everything, I guess.

      Because after all, you're a victim, Student. Let me make it nice and clear for you. The fact that your life sucks so bad, is your fault.


      See, while you whine about something that happened over two hundred years ago to people you've never met a leeching off the system, we're leaving you behind.

      Sorry, but we're not going to allow you and the S.R's of the province hold us back because you refuse to evolve.

      Oh and one last thing junior, watch the tone...

      ...after all, I'm your boss.

    13. "...after all, I'm your boss."

      Si vous payez bien et êtes conformes aux lois en vigueur...Chez-nous,aucun problème :

      Vous devez avoir terriblement souffert dans votre enfance,n'est-ce-pas?

    14. "Mon souffleur à neige est sous clé dans mon cabanon muni d'une alarme infrarouge."

      You might want to change neighbourhoods if you have to keep your shed locked. Just saying'.

    15. He was just kidding TS.

      You can't buy snowblowers when you're on welfare.

    16. Dites-moi quel type d'entreprise vous opérez et je pourrais peut-être vous faire parvenir mon C.V. Quoique votre sphère d'activités semble totalement hermétique.

      Possiblement un BS de moins?

    17. student: "dude there's more to freedom than buying kickass snowblowers you know?"

      True. Besides material goods that this population can afford like any other population in North America, besides the standard of living and with the material status satisfied, there is one thing left: cultural envy. This is the oldest predicament of the nouveau riches: we may have caught up materially with the old rich, but there's something missing: the deference they get but we don't, the "respect", the prestige that we can kind of buy, but can't really get naturally.

      QC is a province filled with nouveau riches of the post 1970s era, a group that's always uneasy, always on the move, always unsatisfied, always politically active, restless, bouncing around with no clear goal in mind, today it's separation, tomorrow it's association, the next day it's autonomy, then it's back to federalism...while all that's happening is a chase of a goal that is not attainable - the "respect" and the "status" that fulfills the ambitions blown up to unreal proportions. For the ambitions of QC nationalists to be realizable, some sort of re-conquest followed by a reconfiguration of world economy would be needed, but that is impossible, so it is never articulated. Instead, vagueness reigns and makes people angry without really knowing what they want.

      Britain used to be like this up until mid 1980s, in a post-colonial nostalgia, having to but not wanting to accept a decline of the empire status, having to settle for being just an island, economically prosperous but not a shining example to the world anymore. The post-colonial nostalgia has been stirred up in QC in the 1970s, and it still persists, in the old quacks like SR, but even infecting the young ones like student, who listen to people like Biz of Loco Locass remarks nostalgically to an auditorium full of impressionable high school students that Des Moines, Iowa, was once a French city, and the French influence reached all the way to the mid west.

      QC will have to shake it off sooner or later, or remain a land of insatiable zombies wanting things they can't have and taking out the frustrations of not having it on minorities.

    18. From S.R: "Dites-moi quel type d'entreprise vous opérez et je pourrais peut-être vous faire parvenir mon C.V."

      Sure thing buddy. Please forward your resume here:

    19. "Si vous payez bien et êtes conformes aux lois en vigueur...Chez-nous,aucun problème"

      Chez-nous..les esclaves des autres... LOL....Héhéhéhé

  12. BTW, here is the link to the interview the owner of Chez Geeks, the store that the picture of the crazy language citizen belonged to, did an interview with CJAD about the incident:

  13. J'aimerais que Editor fasse un article à chaque fois que le peuple Québécois est sujet de critiques semblables.

  14. How about we start a new discussion?

    Circular arguments with separatists get repetitive.

    As a thought how about people use a totally different strategy in the coming moths to help with the 'cause'.

    The OLQF is required to investigate all these anonymous complaints. We know they get 2K complains or whatever per year.

    Side note: OLQF has 8 regional offices didn;t you know? SAGUENAY–LAC-SAINT-JEAN has an anglo problem or an employment problem, the OLQF is there to help with which one again?

    Anyway 2000 complaints over 20 million budget, you get the idea.

    Lets help ramp up the level of complaints. Double or triple it. They are used to having language crazies send them faxes. They won;t notice the difference of some bulk faxes.

    Use this to harass USA and European companies that already have small offices in the province.

    Not the mom and pop stuff the people report now.

    Even if the events or situations are largely fabricated it makes no difference, this is #pastagate the internet media campaign. The OLQF will be forced to queue up the request and do it's best to grind through it as a "proper investigation" with all the sternness that it requires.

    They will burn through tons of $ with their inefficiencies.

    Even if nothing is found having executives at many of these firms be aware of the true realities and hassles of investing more money in their Quebec operations.

    The PQ are embarrassed about the OLQF publicly. Very little they do will stand up to public scrutiny outside of the province.

    The OLQF is supposed to be harassing businesses and people quietly, not letting the it become the spotlight.

    Nobody outside the province usually has the foggiest idea of the real realities of investing in Quebec and the bureaucracy they will be strangled with once the honeymoon is over.

    Anyway how about thoughts on turning the fight against the OLQF the other way.

    Bury them with minor or fabricated events targeting any company that is public on an exchange or a subsiduary of a foreign company.

    IE the idea is to dilute the number of complaints against small biz in the Quebec, at the same time finding more material for the OLQF to blunder up.

    Chez Geeks would almost never see the OLQF anymore. They would be busy on other things...

    It's something we can all contribute!

    Flame war commence...

    1. "Circular arguments with separatists get repetitive."

      Ça prend deux personnes pour valser :)

    2. People in glass houses shouldn;t throw stones.

    3. Vous semblez nerveux cebeuq...Non?

    4. cebeuq, that'd be a great idea, but. IMO, an increase in complains would warrant a budget increase for the office. I am aware that the next budget is almost a year away, however I believe oqlf works with other agencies as well, or it easily could. According to this, the businesses were visited by non-oqlf agents, i.e one from Impacte Affaires. So, my point is that they can get help from some bogus (or not) non-profit organization.

      I would suggest that business owners should start recording conversations - it is easy now, virtually everybody has a phone that can record audio, at least - and post the recordings online. The more the merrier.

      On a side note, all this exposure has brought extra business to the owners that went public with the harassement. Thank you oqlf...?

    5. The OLQF gets "leads" and complaints from "boy scouts easter egg hunts". That is what groups like "Impacte Affairs" do.

      They don;t have access to the files to investigate. they are just being "citizen police" to help find as many offenders as possible. Normally "citizen informants" are the tools used to maintain dictatorships and other undemocratic forms of government. Maybe that came out wrong? It's just a fun family hobby in Quebec to help build a better society.

      The goal would be to mix other complaints in. In this way it dilutes the complaints against "Chez Geek" etc and makes them harder to find.

      Lets take a fun example:
      Jean Charest couldn;t be a more tainted individual in Quebec. PQ hate him. Even capital L liberals should be ashamed of his hiding corruption and preventing anything from being done.

      This is no barrier to law firms, his skills and connections can be sold to the highest bidder.

      For example language inspectors would just love reasons to go snooping around in the corporate law offices to annoy them. The OLQF is obsessed with minor details and offense. Every location can have some problem when you bring a tape measure.

      These firms all helpfully put their law staff online.

      You can say you went in one day to see Mr XYZ. The receptionist was quietly listening to her radio under her desk. It was not french radio. You feel the sting of another language. You hold your cool.

      The receptionist follows up with "Bonjour/Hello".

      This is just too much. As you glance around you notice several english signs on the wall. English magazines on the tables and ON/OFF written on the light switch.

      Clearly this is a bastion of english. You take immediate leave of the situation and return home to make your language complaint.

      This gives the OLQF what they need to go in and make an on-site visit.

      They can be sent back multiple times inspecting board rooms and individual offices.

      The quiet liberal professional that works at these firm is uncomfortable with being confronted with the reality of the language laws. It's just not "polite" and certainly it should never happen at "their firm" that the OLQF come around and do an audit. They don;t work retail you know..

      It annoys the people that are willing to let the liberals take wishy washy language positions. Helps spread talk that is not good for investing in Quebec. Slows down the OLQF in harassing their real targets.

      You would get extra karma points BTW if you were to seed the public washroom on the same floor of the building with a few rolls of "Bill 101 - Le Toilet Paper".

      Then they might actually get a direct OLQF complaint.

  15. FROM ED
    When I was in school in the 1940's I was put in the Protestant school system even though as an Anglican I was catholic. Catholic wasn't enough, you had to be Roman Catholic. Some of our R.C. neighbours envied me and Mr. Hill who had five sons, sent all of them to protestant school at a cost of ten dollars per month each.
    he didn't want them taught by the "Christian" brothers who were mostly escapees from the draft. In elementary school we were taught French by an Englishman named Gowan who had helped write the French book. In spite of this I was bilingual by the time I got to high school. Teachers in the Protestant system were wonderful. I claim only grade eight since I left in nine.
    In spite of that I can answer questions on Jeopardy, often before the contestants. I do the N.Y. Times crossword with ease. Ed

    1. Ed, I have noticed that people with little education can be quite intelligent while those with much higher education can have very little intelligence.

    2. that's a great discovery laurie. you truly are a perspicacious dude.

      from that breakthrough i dug in the subject some more and i also observed that some people have little education and little intelligence, like resident evil and anectote and finally there are people with both strong education and intelligence, like yannick and... well i'll tell you if i notice more examples in that category.

      fascinating stuff. thank you for clearing the undergrowth.

  16. Great post by the Editor. But I'm surprised that he didn't provide a translation of the other racist comment that 'Y.L' made the very next day, which was just as ignorant, incriminating and outrageous:

    " te remercie pour ta réponse. Mais s'il eût fallu qu'une telle réponse soit produite, elle aurait dû provenir d'un italien de Montréal ayant l'anglais comme langue d'usage."

    "Après tout, même s'ils descendent pour la plupart de villageois pauvres sans instruction, et même s'ils ont pour la plupart les cheveux et les yeux bruns parce que des Noirs se sont reproduits avec leurs ancêtres, les italiens de Montréal ayant l'anglais comme langue d'usage ne sont pas si bêtes que ça."

    English translation:
    ".....thank you for your reply. But if such a response is generated, it should come from a Montreal Italian with English as a common language."

    "After all, even though they descended for the most part from poor, uneducated villagers and they mostly have brown hair and eyes because their ancestors reproduced with Blacks, the Italians of Montreal with English as a common language are not that stupid."

    1. Merci Dur Ham, excellente contribution!

    2. Les anglos ne sont pas polyglottes?

    3. W@ow - these guys just get worse and worse and more blatant because no one puts a stop to it! We fine restaurants for "pasta" but let these bigots get away with literally murder! Why is there no outrage from the francphones


  17. Quebec lives in a delusional fantasy work. Nothing new. Sorry to say this, but most Quebec Premier have no clue what reality is outside Quebec City and Saguenay. While people in Saguenay hate english and the imperial measurement, as with anything coming from the USA, people outside Seperatist Fantasy world have a knowledge of reality and lots can speak english and the know imperial system, even if it wasn't taught in classroom. Quebec is increasingly being burdened by high taxes, high debt, poor infrastructure, worst hospital in the country, and incompetence in political level. Sorry nothing new.

  18. Faudrait peut-être informer nos amis angryphones que les pétitions (surtout en ligne)ne servent absoluement à rien,sinon d'apaiser certaines frustrations.

    1. S.R makes an excellent point. Stop the petitions. Move to social media and target influential news outlets effectively. Do it each time one of these cases arises.

      Time to get the ball rolling on repealing the current French Language Charter and its regulations. One public shaming at a time.

    2. "Do it each time one of these cases arises."

      Les gens vont finir par se lasser (effets de saturation).

    3. Les francosuprémacistes Québécois brainwashés aussi. Qu'ils s'étiolent tôt ou tard, je m'en balance.

      Le Québec baigne actuellment dans une législation provinciale linguistique malsaine. Et comme ils ont rejeté le catholicisme prédateur et virulent dans l'après-Duplessis, nous rejetterons l'unilinguisme prédateur et virulent aussi.

  19. You give Y.L. too much credit by translating "race" to "people". Race to mean people is not more French than English, rather it is a formulation taken from the 19th century in racist colonialist narratives rife with eugenicist overtones.

  20. FROM ED
    Let me tell you what I've noticed. My education is low and scant. I never did homework. When I came home from high school my Father had left a list of things to do on the house we were building. I worked till he came home and after supper till late at night. I passed my exams by paying attention in class and remembering . I did not get high marks like that but always passed in the seventies.
    I got my education by reading books, newspapers and anything I could get my hands on. I paid attention to the outside world reading every sign I came across.
    My grandson at 23, and his friends are learning nothing. They walk around with headphones on completely oblivious to the world around them. They do not read newspapers or watch TV news. It has to be constant entertainment. They know nothing about bill 14 or the provincial economy and they don't really care.
    I fear for their future and ours if they become our leaders. Ed

    1. @ed

      don't worry buddy, if your grandson, at 23, does nothing but walk around with headphones, there is little risk he will become our leader.

    2. Ed, that's why I fear Justin Trudeau becoming one of our leaders.

      Those kids you just described are his demographic.

    3. Thanks Ed, I completely understand what you`re saying.

    4. FROM ED
      For a guru on this subject, you seem to have a hard time getting it. They said the same thing about his father. Pierre elliot would be the ideal man to run the country right now, he had the balls to step up and make hard decisions. justin won't be the only one in charge of the country. He will have at his disposal men like Paul Martin and others for advice. Let's face it, anyone can do a better job than Harper and his cronies. We gave a chance to that sidewinder Mulroney twice and I know Justin will do better than him. At least Justin is honest, something we lack sadly in the Conservatives. The thing you don't seem to get is that Justin is electable. People across the country are cheering up knowing he's on the horizon. Would you rather a dead Dion
      or a boring Claud Ryan type.Try to understand Tony, if a party can't wn, they stay powerless and useless in opposition. If
      Justin can win, the country will win just by getting Harper and his Harpets out of there. Ed

    5. "Pierre elliot would be the ideal man to run the country right now". Yes, run it into the ground. This country needs many things right now but certainly not an arrogant intellectually snobbish political dilletante born to a life of privelege who had absolutely idea of what life was like for the average Canadian because he never had a real job (and no, I don't count being a lawyer as a real job). Under his leadership our national debt soared to the point where it almost bankrupted the country, inflation went to 12%, interest rates to 18%+ and the PQ came into its own. Stalin and Pierre's buddy Fidel Castro also "had the balls to step up and make hard decisions" ( and they'd have felt right at home with the War Measures Act) but I'd prefer someone who would make the right decisions. As for Trudeau the Younger, if he didn't have that surname, he wouldn't be on the map so essentially he's just a lucky sperm much like the Kennedy brood and Dubya and Jeb Bush.

    6. Diogenes - very interesting thoughts - Did you not agree with the War Measures Act? I sure did

    7. FROM ED
      Diogenes, Pierre Elliot Trudeau with his finance minister Jean Chretien put the country into 200 billion debt updating country wide infrastructure and homes to make them livable. The national Energy Program was an act agreed to by Parliament. They
      spent 800 million just updating doors and windows on residences and industry. They gave money to cities for infrastructure much to the chagrin of the provinces who said "no give it to us." They gave up to 80% rebates on monies that landlords used to repair and improve living conditions for their tenants. These were needs that had been ignored by a bunch of tired old men for much too long. The whole face of the country changed. Here in Verdun where I live I see nice looking little homes that I thought would be torn down years ago. Trudeau did understand the people. When worried parents asked if he could make a law to stop their children from hitch hiking across teh nation in the 60's and 70's
      he Put school buses to ferry youing travelers from hostel to hostel across the countryfor the summer months.
      Thanks to the skullduggery of the canadian Press with dishonest writers like Ian McDonald, Dalton Camp and Michael Farber we elected Brian (screw the people ) Mulroney who raised the debt to 584 billion leaving nothing to show for it but the GST tax. It was during his term that interest rates you speak of were 18%. Ed

    8. FROM ED
      Forgot to mention, at the time the energy board claimed we were heading for an energy crisis. The well fiiting doors and windows that were installed thanks to Ottawa saved 40% of our national energy usage. Ed

    9. Ed writes:

      "Pierre elliot would be the ideal man to run the country right now..."

      I'll grant you that Pierre stood up to the separatists. Other than that, I can't think of much of what he did that was a success, including his bilingualism policy.

      Honorable mention must be given to that horrible document known as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

      Son Justin is a segregationist who has publicly voiced his support for Bill 101. I would rather Quebec separate than live in a Canada where Justin is Prime Minister.

      One Trudeau per century is more than I can handle.

    10. It's easy to forget that Trudeau's government had to weather the Oil Crisis, and that Mulroney added more to the debt than Trudeau.

      Every country was forced to go in massive deficits to weather the Oil Crisis.

  21. FROM ED
    Cebeuq and Resident Evil,
    Your arguments with the trolls are filling up the blog needlessly.
    Their job is to waste our time and space. They do this by using double spacing and asking inane questions that they don't want answers for anyway. It gets to be a pain in the neck scrolling up and down to review comments. Some of our people are using double spacing so along with trolls it fills up space. There is nothing that can't be said in paragraphs. Ed

    1. these guys have the meanest strategies, right ed? i mean they come over here and they ask questions! ooooh how outrageous. how dare they? yes i'm telling you. real questions! you have to see it to believe it. they expect you guys to expose your reasoning! that's crazy. and don't get me started on the double spacing. they have some nerve let me tell you. i mean they finish a paragraph, and then, just to indicate a break, they'll skip a line! let me catch my breath now, mate. i'm out of me. a question, and then a blank line!!! aaaaarrrrggghh!!!

    2. God you're such A BORE - YAWN, YAWN, YAWN

    3. @cutie003

      i disagree cutie003. ed is not a bore.

      he interprets events wrongly but he's still quite entertaining. i don't appreciate his liberal party cheerleading, but i enjoy his stories from the good old times. don't you?

    4. Nice try student - again misinterpret on purpose - you seppies are really getting to be expert in something! Ed: you know I was referring to student

    5. Student: You ask questions but then refuse to engage in real discussions that point out holes in your own logic. You refuse to condemn racist remarks, like the ones by Y.L and S.R above. You defend homophobic remarks, like the ones by S.R in recent days. You refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing by separatists. You even refuse to denounce physical attacks on those who don't support your cause. Examples of all of these can be found in the past week or so. And yet you wonder why you're considered a troll.

      Cue the feigned indignation in 3... 2... 1...

    6. @confusedinquebec

      you'll have to be more specific mate. what hole in my logic? what s.r remark above? what separatist wrongdoings?

      as far as y.l's remark about italians is concerned, already a dozen of you denounced him. there's no need for me to add another layer, right? or is my opinion that important?


      sorry mate it wasn't clear who you were ranting about this time.

    7. Your response shows how well you fill your role. The selective amnesia and lack of reading comprehension are part of the "refuse to engage in real discussions" I mentioned above.

    8. @confusedinquebec

      of that's too bad, mate. i had hoped you would come up with the holes in my logic. i'm always eager to learn, you know? seems you weren't serious after all.

  22. “Great post by the Editor. But I'm surprised that he didn't provide a translation of the other racist comment that 'Y.L' made the very next day, which was just as ignorant, incriminating and outrageous”

    When I originally made my post praising Italians, I was well aware that it would bring forth a myriad of racist’s comments from radical & fanatical seppies. I just hadn’t banked on how lucrative setting up a chump rat like Y.L would be!! I played him like a Stradivarius and he couldn’t have deserved it more. Editor, I’m impressed. All I had hoped for was that you would leave up his posts so that the International community could see the absolute drivel that encompasses this province and consider boycotting them. OMG, you went above and beyond the call of entire piece showcasing the bigoted ranting from this pond scum. Again Thank you, thank you.

    The Italians have a couple of words to describe such low lives, I believe some of these are: “Stronzo matricolato, or my fave..”Stronzo gallegiante”. My misgiving is that they had to read such pure and untainted nastiness directed at them by this moron. I hope they understand and appreciate, this furthers the cause however. It is an incredible gift when jerks like that make such declarations. They bring further derision, scorn and disgrace to this province and this is exactly what the doctor ordered. I have said it, others of said it, the strategy that will pay the most dividends is if we keep the humiliation of this province at the forefront. Keep #Pastagate going, the more we remind the world that Nazis are alive and well and ruling in Quebec in the 2013, the quicker we’ll be rid of them. LOL

    Machiavelli would be proud!

    1. L'Italie est en faillite ti-coune et elle est soutenue par la France à grand coups de milliards.

    2. More drivel? Atta boy!!!’re goin’ down, we ALL know it, and now, YOU know it too!! It’s in your voice you know...hahhahahahhah, you’re fuming...and it’s hilarious!

      pssssttt...Ass-kickin’?...I invented it!!...Don’t fucking forget it...

    3. "we ALL know"

      Quel enfoiré ce bozo de ToTo.Mdr

    4. “Les esclaves des autres” LOL
      Lay your head on that nice puffy pillow!
      Sweet dreams! Héhéhéhé

    5. Hey AnceTOTE - i KNOW WHERE HE CAN STUFF that nice fluffy pillow! They have absolutely no idea how much they are ridiculed by the rest of NA (when I mention quebec down here people smile and laugh) and they really think they can break up up a democratic country ,like Canada without backlash! What idiots - you're friend from the US was right - they could squash us, quebec will be left to rot outside the civilized world and portions of us will go on without them. I keep saying - let them go - those areas that vote to go FO - the rest of us will be just fine

    6. N'oubliez pas de saluer vos compatriotes Québécois qui demeurenr en Floride peggy :)

    7. (when I mention quebec down here people smile and laugh)

      Essayez avec saskatoon.Lol

    8. @cutie003

      "'re friend from the US was right - they could squash us..."

      did you have doubts about this?!?!? of course the us could squash whatever quebec army would pop up. by why would they?

    9. @anectote

      "pssssttt...Ass-kickin’?...I invented it!!...Don’t fucking forget it..."

      are you bruce willis?

      jokes apart, you win for chintziest line yet on this page, mate. rock on.

  23. " that the International community could see..."

    Ben oui,gros problème qui retiendra l'attention de la planète...Maniaco-dépressif?

  24. Hey guys - I'm in the US and I whisper when asked where I live in Canada! Met a guy on the aircraft who runs a big business in Montreal (not going to name the company for fear of reprisals - my decision but it depends on tourists from the US mainly and he told me his business has dropped by 40% in the last little while - Resident BABY - and Alliance Quebec (Ian Stone) - all this effort on your part is helping so much to take these guys down big time - thank you both so much - trying to unwind but here I am!

    1. " depends on tourists from the US mainly and he told me his business has dropped by 40% in the last little while..."

      mayb less tourists come during the winter? just an hypothesis.

    2. "mayb less tourists come during the winter? just an hypothesis."

      Brillant! He should hire you as a business consultant.

    3. Well the "brain drain" continues - all we have to do is look at "student" to see what will remain here - just proves it Laurie - God help us

  25. AnceTOTE - so quickly I forget! thank you so much also - keep on trucking guys

  26. FROM ED
    The Americans would never accept a dangerous country like Quebec to live on their doorstep. They came within an inch of going to war to keep cuba unarmed by Russia. At the time of the seaway strike, President Johnson said if it wasn't settled in a hurry he would send troops into Canada to open it up. When it involves U.S. interests they are not shy. Ed

    1. exactly. exept that quebec is not dangerous, mate.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 8:01:00 AM EST

      quebekistan IS totally dangerous... mainly to itself!!!

      he he he...

    3. Where else in North America have bombs been placed in mailboxes, because they represent a federal agency? Where else in North America have coffee shops been bombed because of the name of the place? Where else in North America do students bring bombs to street protests and get charged with terrorism? I forgot, bombs aren't considered dangerous here, and even if they were, the separatists are justified in doing whatever they want to realize their goals.

    4. @confusedinquebec

      "Where else in North America have bombs been placed (...) because they represent a federal agency?"


      "Where else in North America do students bring bombs to street protests and get charged with terrorism?"

      it wasn't bombs it was smoke bombs. about the terrorism charges you can ask jean charest what's up with that. i agree it didn't make sense at all.

      anecdotes apart, if you want to know if quebec is a dangerous place you should refer to crime statistics:

      clearly it's not.

      remains to be seen if english berserker terrorists alla bain become a more generalized danger in the future. i doubt it, though.

    5. Ah yes, McVeigh was executed, but members of the FLQ have had schools named after them and received standing ovations from the PQ. link There's a slight difference there.
      Not sure what smoke bombs you're talking about. Mr Pelletier was caught with "explosive devices" and "incendiary devices" 6 days ago. link

      No rationalization for the Second Cup bombings by La Brigade d'autodefense du francais, the French-language self-defense brigade? Three firebombs and one that didn't go off. The sentence? 6 months in jail, which worked out to time served plus 1 month.

      The criminally insane are a difficult threat to predict and protect ourselves from, but those with a certain political philosophy in Quebec have a decades-long history of terrorism and violence that is not only condoned by receiving only slaps on the write but sometimes even being treated as heroic. That such evil views are not rooted out is a real danger to a civilized society.

    6. @confusedinquebec

      you asked for another place where terrorism against federal symbols occured and you got it.

      "Ah yes, McVeigh was executed, but members of the FLQ have had schools named after them..."

      i personnally prefer a place where ex-criminals are re-inserted rather than a place where they are killed. and let go the flq. it's disbanded. do you avoid italy because they had reg brigades in the 70s? no. try not to come up with a different standard for quebec. coherence, mate. it's important.

      "Mr Pelletier was caught with "explosive devices" and "incendiary devices" 6 days ago."

      dude there are anarchist militant everywhere. it's not a quebec thing.

      "No rationalization for the Second Cup bombings by La Brigade d'autodefense du francais..."

      i'm not arguing this one, as i won't argue every single anecdote, mate. i already wrote that. all bombings that are not self defense are bad. that's it that's all.

      the point is quebec is not dangerous. you can confirm with available data.

    7. @"Student" "i personnally prefer a place where ex-criminals are re-inserted rather than a place where they are killed."

      I personally think that in that case Guy Turcotte should serve his probation at YOUR house...and sleep in your sister's bed, because, he's probably just a very nice man who just needs to be re-inserted for a chance to show how nice he is.

      Anyone has the chance to be super.

      It doesn't matter if you murder federalists.

      It doesn't matter if your murder little children...

      ...if you just listen to "Student," you can kill ANYONE (as long as they're not separatists) and you can still be a strong, productive (and super) member of society.

    8. FROM ED
      Confused, Just to keep the record straight Pierre laporte is the one with schhools named after him. He was the Liberal cabinet member that was killed by the FLQ. Jauque Rose is supposed to be the one who tightened the coat hanger on his neck. When the PQ at their convention gave a standing ovation to the FLQ murderers, Francois legault was one of the men in that room. H eintroduced marois to the convention. Ed

  27. Way to go editor,.. mirror their" grandiosity" in their own words.
    Let's face it.
    For the past 40 years we have all been manipulated by masters.
    " White man's guilt".." White man's burden" for the poor french victims of colonialization and the "English lady at Eaton's"
    To shake off the Stolkholm Syndrome and expose relentlessly is the task.
    Until Canada and the world finally understands the necessity of partition.
    Let them eat their young just not in my neighborhood.

  28. Further proof that the separatist movement belongs to people who waste their lives whining, complaining and constantly making excuses (like our little pal Student):

    Take a good look at the placards.

    What do they say?

    That's right - "CHEZ NOUS, c'est non au saccage de l'assurance emploi"

    And what is happening to those in the province who actually take responsibility for their lives and are focusing their talents on building instead of tearing things apart?:

    [From the Gazette]:

    I’m a born and raised Montrealer but, like many other young anglophones, left the city after graduating from university (McGill) for greener pastures in the United States. I left Quebec in 2009 due to the high taxes, crumbling roads, constant traffic and the second-class treatment that English-speakers receive.

    The economic turmoil in the U.S. forced me to come back home to Quebec, but when I complete my MBA later this year, I will head back down to Florida. While I was hopeful that after three years things in Quebec might have changed, sadly they have not. Corruption is still rampant, the roads are in worse shape than ever, and taxes have been raised even higher on those who actually create the jobs in this province.

    When I leave (for good) later this year, I will become a statistic of the brain drain that is plaguing this province. While I have learned that the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere, I will gladly trade economic uncertainty for sunny beaches. And Quebec can keep spinning in circles talking about the same problems as before.

    I know now that the situation here will never change. The sooner my contemporaries realize it too, the better off they’ll be.

    Harley Kesselman


    Read more:

  29. Well, I can confirm that this is at least a small trend. A couple month's back I saw graffiti scrawled on a wall in Rosemont blaming "les Italiens" for all of Quebec's woes. It's probably because, firstly, Italians actually make up the largest group of Anglophones in Quebec and second, though they're generally effortlessly trilingual, they just don't blend very well (I'm thinking about "My Cousin Vinny" with nothing but affection.) They really don't see a need to give up any aspect of their culture for being Quebecois. And why would they, really? For what it's worth, they don't seem passionate about either side of the debate: they think efforts to preserve French are ridiculous but they also don't seem to get very worked up about "Anglophone" rights because they don't seem to define themselves as "Anglophones" per se.

    I'm not pretending to speak for all Montreal Italians, but I'm married to one (whom I've been trying to convince to come back to New York with me for -- Oh -- about six years now. The PQ's latest missteps seem to have strengthened my hand, so I'm grateful to them.)

    But what I really want to say is:

    A Seppie pointing out an Italian predilection for Fascism and unstable governments. Entertaining.

  30. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 7:58:00 AM EST

    There thousands of Harleys out there even francos, that story is similar to mine.
    Trolls (read separatists) will point out that Harley is a parasite for taking advantage of Quebec low tuition only to turn around and leave quebec. Wait fot it.
    However when they are reminded that they are a parasite for taking advantage of Ottawa, they go crying that we are quebec bashing and it's exactly why quebec must be free and independent...

    1. "...when (separatists) are reminded that they are a parasite for taking advantage of Ottawa..."

      dude! separatists want quebec to be out of canada. out of ottawa. that's what they want. how can you accuse them of being parasites when their only will is to cut the link?!?!? you don't make sense at all, mate.

    2. Don’t forget what seppies always neglect to mention: the Quebec government exempts citizens of France from paying international tuition fees (they pay the cut-rate fees subsidized by taxpayers) while charging increased out-of-province tuition to students from, say, Ottawa.

      The majority of French students will have returned to France within 5 years of arrival. Meanwhile, many of them profit of the subsidy to come study at McGill!!!

    3. student: Who is forcing Quebec to take the money from Ottawa? If the PQ government really wanted to cut the link, they could start by refusing the funds from Ottawa. But they don't because they like being part of Canada so they can keep getting more back than they send out.

    4. @confusedinquebec

      as long as quebec is part of canada it is entitled to equalization money. alberta oil is everybody's oil. separatists will be happy to refuse the money the day they won't have to send federal income taxes and gst over the border.

      i think the pq really do want to cut the link, but they are good democrats and will wait to win a referendum before they enact anything in that sense.

      don't you think my point of view is better than yours confusedinquebec?

    5. "don't you think my point of view is better than yours confusedinquebec?"

      Most panhandlers on the street would...because you're talking slum-logic.

      You've be SUPER-served, bish!!

  31. FROM ED
    Harley went to mcGill which is a great University because the English built and supported it. Grants from millionairs and English school taxes paid for it and it cost Quebec nothing. Ed

  32. Suzanne Fortier prendra les rênes de McGill


  33. and your stupid point is...? "Enfin", is this your pathetic point? Her appointment has nothing to do with separation, Bill 101, Bill 14, sovereignty, "nous" against "les autres". The point-the real one-is that a competent woman with lots of experience and a great load of academic research has been appointed to a very prestigious function, regardless of her mother tongue, sexuality, skin colour, political ideas, linguistic group, origin. That's the real point, useless prick!

    1. Thank you Deudeu, that`s exactly what I was thinking. The best person for the job is who should be hired, regardless.

      I guess he was expecting us to react as he and his feces-smearing tomato-sandwich throwing, Bill 101 spray-painting buddies would in this unacceptable situation. Which we all know is to whine, cry, protest, make a bunch of noise and look like racists because, regardless of their credentials, we just someone for the job that speaks the right language. Oh, no no wait a minute -- almost forgot, speaking French is not enough anymore. It would have to be someone with acceptable and pure birth records and appropriate family name. Then you`re talking!

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 2:37:00 PM EST

      The majority of independantistes are share one unique characteristic: they are shallow minded.

    3. Ah, student, before you ask any dumb questions, my second paragraph was written with what you call sarcasm.

    4. Hoooo...Calmos DeuDeu :)Je voulais simplement souligner le fait que c'est la première Québécoise et seulement la deuxième femme qui a atteint ce poste au cours de la prestigieuse histoire de McGill.

      Enfin...Une francophone à la direction de cette université.

    5. No, your answer is the typical example of what Latins called "mala fides".

    6. @laurie

      "Ah, student, before you ask any dumb questions, my second paragraph was written with what you call sarcasm."

      ah ok! very good laurie. you are funny.

    7. +1 Deudeu. At first I thought S.R. was sharing it because it was a political appointment, but then I saw that the woman has very impressive credentials. The fact that she's bilingual certainly doesn't hurt, I'm sure, but no one can argue that it's the reason she got the job.

    8. She is also a McGill alumna, having earned both her Bachelor of Science and her Ph.D. at McGill. She entered as a unilingual francophone and has repeatedly stated how grateful she is for all the doors that her education at McGill has opened for her in her life.

      It is also a very canny choice for the McGill administration, highlighting their open-mindedness compared to francophone universities in Quebec, who would never dare hire an anglophone principal, regardless of qualifications.

    9. I am certain that S.R posted that news not understanding how many francophone staff members - academic and non-academic - McGill has, and how many among the non-francophones are capable to speak good French.

      Heather Munroe-Blum is perfectly bilingual and so is Arnold Steinberg and Dick Pound before him.

    10. Oh, I forgot. There is something else.

      McGill business school is named the Desautels Faculty of Management. It is named after Marcel Desautels, a French-Manitoban businessman. When M. Desautels gave his donation of $22M to McGill, it was the biggest single donation ever donated to a Canadian university.

      Now, question that maybe our fellow posters S.R and student can answer. Why did a francophone give so much to an English university? Why not donate to Laval, UdeM or UQAM?

    11. @troy

      "Why did a francophone give so much to an English university? Why not donate to Laval, UdeM or UQAM?"

      i don't know, mate. maybe because he thought mcgill was the best university in montreal, if not canada? but really i'm far from knowing enough about the dude to give an affirmative answer here. sorry troy.

    12. She is also a McGill alumna, having earned both her Bachelor of Science and her Ph.D. at McGill, and was selected from among a pool of 80 candidates. She entered as a unilingual francophone and has repeatedly stated how grateful she is for all the doors that her education at McGill has opened for her in her life.

      It is also a very canny choice for the McGill administration, highlighting their open-mindedness compared to francophone universities in Quebec, who would never dare to hire to an anglophone principal, regardless of qualifications.

    13. R.S,

      A unilingual francophone? How did she get admitted for the BSc in the first place?

    14. I don’t know, I guess you’d have to ask her. According to these articles, Dr. Fortier “entered McGill in 1969 as a unilingual francophone, having grown up in St-Timothée. No one in her family had attended university, but her father told her McGill was the best. Those were the days of the ‘McGill français’ demonstrations, but she longed for linguistic and cultural immersion.”

    15. You don't have to have demonstrated linguistic skills to apply to colleges in Canada. At worst they'll ask for the TOEFL, but not if you're a graduate of a Canadian high school.

    16. R.S,

      Well, guess it was 1969. I just know that today it is simply impossible for a unilingual francophone to get admitted at McGill. Well, maybe except for French Languange and Literature and Quebec Studies. It is explicit that proficiency in English is required.

    17. @troy

      you're wrong troy. still today, unilingual french canadians don't have to prove english proficiency to be admitted at mcgill, whatever the faculty. from the page you proposed:

      "If you answer "yes" to any of the following seven statements, you do NOT need to provide proof of English proficiency.
      Have you completed Secondary V and a DEC at a French CEGEP in Quebec?"

      read your sources next time, mate.

    18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    19. student,

      Are you really saying that graduates of French CEGEP have no proficiency in English?

      It seems like you have the intellect to read but not the wisdom to understand.

    20. It's possible that someone could stumble through a CÉGEP with sub-par English, but they wouldn't be forced to prove that they have the required knowledge. It would be assumed that they would manage to scrape by and get better.

      Those requirements are mostly there for international students.

    21. @troy

      "Are you really saying that graduates of French CEGEP have no proficiency in English?"

      proficient: well advanced in a branch of knowledge. (from merriam-webster)

      yes i confirm some graduates from cegep are not proficient in english. they can still get into mcgill no questions asked.

      i guess you can run into ontarians that have had french classes since elementary school and never become "proficient". same deal with dudes from st-hyacinthe cegep.

    22. Enfin...Une francophone à la direction de cette université.
      a very canny choice for the McGill administration, highlighting their open-mindedness compared to francophone universities in Quebec, who would never dare to hire to an anglophone principal, regardless of qualifications.
      Exactly my thoughts.

      You don't have to have demonstrated linguistic skills to apply to colleges in Canada.
      Sorry to burst your bubble, Yannick, but at UdeM you do:
      tout candidat dont les études antérieures n’attestent pas une connaissance de la langue française adéquate pour le programme demandé doit réussir un test de connaissance du français (condition d’admissibilité). Ce test vise à mesurer la connaissance du candidat en français oral et écrit.

      Same goes for UQAM:
      [...]aucun étudiant n'est admis sans avoir préalablement satisfait aux exigences d'entrée en français écrit. Des mesures plus exigeantes s'appliquent dans certains programmes et sont spécifiées dans les règlements pédagogiques de ceux-ci.[...] Tous les candidats doivent posséder une maîtrise du français attestée par la réussite à l'une ou l'autre des épreuves suivantes:
      - l'Épreuve uniforme de français, langue d'enseignement et littérature exigée pour l'obtention du DEC
      - le Test de français écrit du MESRST (ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, Recherche, Science et Technologie) ou
      - le Test de français utilisé par l'UQAM.

      Kind of interesting to note the purported asymmetry in this area with McGill, for example. Even Concordia seems to reserve the right to require a proficiency test.

    23. In Moncton, the university required the taking of a number of French classes, the first being of a diagnostic nature and the number of followups depending on the scoring of the first. Mais vu la qualité du Français au Nouveau-Brunswick, peu étonnant...

      It also required to take an english class, but you could get out of that one by passing a proficiency test.

      For non-Francophone students, you had to take an assessement test first that would establish if your level was high enough to do the same as the Francophone students, or if you required additional written and spoken French classes. You could also get away with writing tests and assignments in English, but only for the first year, and you had to get the permission.

      Most English universities I've applied to did not require me to prove my level in English, but I guess I only applied to McGill for my undergrad, and I had to argue my way out of doing a TOEFL for the subsequent ones.

  34. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 3:02:00 PM EST

    Can someone please objectively explain to me why the difference?
    Gas at the pump in Montreal: $1.46

    Gas at the pump in Calgary: $1.08

    Why the $0.38 or 35% difference?

    1. Most people are unaware that Quebec even limits the speed at which gasoline can come out of the pump. No law or regular is too small or petty for Quebec.

      Hasn;t anyone wondered why it's so much faster to fill up your car in Ontario or the USA as well as being cheaper?

      The Quebec govt doesn;t want to use "vapour recovery" or any of the other ways to help the enviroment. they worry it will push 1 PQ gas station to have to "compete" in a market economy. Forget the environment. We have PQ jobs to save!

      People might stop buying gas at the places with the old pumps. what is a poor seppie with no business experience to do?

      Like the students, unions and everybody else, you run to the govt to make a law to protect you. Quebec loves this. More laws and more regulations mean less efficiency. IE hiring more workers and driving up prices.

      They missed the bit where in the end of the 20th century we have things like Fedex, UPS and the Internet to save us from quebec price inflation.

      Try having your car fixed in another province.

      A volvo dealer in montreal charges $135 an hour for their work. Down in Burlington it's like $75 at the dealer. What's the difference? It's not training! The parts will be like 50% of the price of the parts in Quebec also.

      The moment you have something to be fixed on your car, take it to a garage in Ontario or burlington. It will save you a *TON* of money and deprives Quebec of tax dollars to beat on it's citizens.

      The unions and car dealerships need to be broken up!

      Car dealers closed on the weekend? Quebec Again!

    2. And you once again reiterated the true reason they wish for separation - it's not really about's about preserving an ass-backwards nanny-culture where no one takes ownership of their lives.

      No one puts out to acquire their wants and needs.

      No one ever has to strive or struggle.

      Next thing you know it'll be illegal for a pregnant woman's water to break in the hospital because the staff finds it unpleasant to deal with.

      When OH WHEN will Atlas Shrugged ever be made compulsory reading in school in Quebec?

    3. You're so good Resident - a few glasses of wine and I can be come a Couger! Thank for amusing me (even on holidays)!

    4. Atlas Shrugged is perhaps the opposite extreme of the Socialist Dreamland. I'm not sure it's necessarily better.

    5. I think the point is Quebec would have to teach 40 years of Atlas Shrugged to reverse out some of the dangerously self destructive elements like the students, unions, anti-capitalist thinking that currently exists.

      As I write this the helicopters have been circling overhead for hours following the latest round of student demonstrations.

      All the symbolism and theatrics a year later for $70. Yet it continues. Teachers paid to do nothing.

      The great part this time is you know they are going to go the distance. As somebody on the board said once before. There is a reason you don;t negotiate with terrorists.

      They come back again and again.

      The students can boycott(truly orwellian to call it a strike) all they want. they should also get a FAIL when the exam comes up at the regular time and they miss it.

      They need to meet the real world of working and building a career.

      Obviously that's super scary when the govt encourages disproportionate enrollment in crap like cultural studies, gender studies, quebec studies, barrista studies.

      Check it out, the Quebec govt actually bought a chair in "quebec studies" at an America University(plattsburg campus). Such is the need for approval and respect.

  35. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 3:08:00 PM EST

    This is way too funny:

    OQLF raids quebec sex shop:


    he he he... Maybe SR & students will have chardonnay...

    BTW " Diane de Courcy, the PQ minister responsible for language, calling on all citizens to act as "sentries" safeguarding the language, the number of time-consuming, trivial complaints is only going to increase."

    1. "he he he... Maybe SR & students will have chardonnay..."

      you are here suggesting s.r and me are homosexuals.

      and you have always been quite negative in the past towards s.r and me.

      i dare therefore conclude that your suggestion here is also to be interpretd along the same trend.

      you're homophobic, mate.

    2. I "dare" interpret by the lack of quality in you're written English that you're not qualified to be on this site to engage in "debate."

      You're incompetent, mon chum.

    3. "the lack of quality in you're written English" sic


    4. @resident evil

      first strike: editor's netiquette about grammar nazis. check it out.

      second strike: "...the lack of quality in you're written English..."

      here's an easy one for you to avoid strikeout shame: do you agree un gars bs de calgary is homophobic?

    5. Congrats - you passed my test and found the typo - you are hereby allowed to remain here.

      "here's an easy one for you to avoid strikeout shame: do you agree un gars bs de calgary is homophobic?"

      Answering with a question:

      Do you agree with Pastagate?

      Why should people who don't want kids pay for $7 a day daycare?

      Why is more money spent on "language protection" than commuter protection in the way of the OQLF getting more funding than Montreal's transportation infrastructure?

      Why is it okay for S.R to applaud a separatist for throwing a tomato sandwich at a man she knows will suffer from a reaction?

      Your whole stance is on asking questions, Student.

      Time to own up.

      Why do seppies have a right to violence?

      Why do seppies have a right to financial mismanagement?

      Why do seppies call for a Quebec Libre, but abrogate the individual rights of anyone non-white and non-francophone?

      Time for you to man-up and start answering questions instead of trolling the shit out of this blog.

    6. Over 500 comments so far about the unilingual sex toy... I've never seen so many before! People are having SO MUCH FUN laughing at Quebec's out-of-control language crazies!!! :)

    7. Oops, I stand corrected: there are over 700 comments mocking the language crazies at this article. As a top commenter says, the world is laughing AT, not WITH, them:

      Until lately, though, only Quebec’s anglophone minority seemed to care. What makes the latest flurry of publicized cases remarkable is the growing recognition among francophone Quebecers that strict enforcement of the language law is making the province look ridiculous.

      The fact that the language being censored in two of the recent cases is Italian, not English, might have something to do with it. Nobody is fretting about the French language being swamped in a sea of Italian.

      But the uproar over pasta is causing a realization that, when enforced to the letter, Quebec’s language law can be absurd. Writing in La Presse Thursday, Pierre Foglia asked whether the inspectors had set out to make themselves look like idiots.

      “If I was the type to imagine conspiracies, do you know I would suspect you of sabotage?” he wrote. “If I wanted to ridicule Quebec linguistic laws and regulations, that is exactly how I would proceed: by demanding that people say bifteck instead of steak, that they say pâtes alimentaires instead of pasta, soupe aux légumes instead of minestrone.”

      Cutie will be happy to see that even francophones are envisaging a time when partition will come in order to shut the language crazies up:

      From: Pier_Paule Sansoucy
      Here in Quebec, it's not just shame that is being felt from the laughter heard from around the world. The law of unintended consequences: More and more of us want to get off the train of maddening French Canadian ethnic nationalism, and are dreaming of the day that the tracks themselves, and not us, are shunted aside. We are exasperated by laws devised in Quebec City, which despite its superficial charm, is probably the only city in the western world that, in the absence of war or ethnic cleansing, has become more culturally homogeneous, not less, over the past century. At some point, the territorial integrity of the Province of Quebec itself will have to give, and finally a goodly number of us can go on living our lives in peace.

    8. @resident evil

      "Do you agree with Pastagate?"

      that's a very badly formulated question, but i think i understand what you mean. i think the buonanotte inspector went too far. i also think the inspector exagerated in the case of on/off buttons at the other restaurant and stuff like that.

      "Why should people who don't want kids pay for $7 a day daycare?"

      because everybody benefits from living in a society where the natality rate is healthy and where women work outside the house to live a happy professional life.

      "Why is more money spent on "language protection" than commuter protection in the way of the OQLF getting more funding than Montreal's transportation infrastructure?"

      i think montreal infrastructure gets more than twenty million dollars a year. so your question is too crap for me to answer it directly.

      "Why is it okay for S.R to applaud a separatist for throwing a tomato sandwich at a man she knows will suffer from a reaction?"

      cause it's funny.

      "Why do seppies have a right to violence?"

      i don't think they do have that right, mate.

      "Why do seppies have a right to financial mismanagement?"

      i don't think they do have that right, mate

      "Why do seppies call for a Quebec Libre, but abrogate the individual rights of anyone non-white and non-francophone?"

      what rights, mate?

      i'll be happy to feed you more as soon as you clarify some of your questions.

    9. You guys are really mentally ill - you should be institutionalized - and I don't care anymore where that is - just get away from us - Partition this place fast!

    10. "you should be institutionalized"

      Et qui va encore payer pour nos soins?

    11. YES RS - they will come around to knowing that there is no other way out of this disasterous mess that they have created in a great country that tried to assist them in the quest to maintain their culture and heritage - they themselves will create their own demise - Tough cookies guys.

    12. student: Yesterday you denied that the wine comment was homophobic. Now that it was applied to you it suddenly is. What duplicity!

    13. there a difference. mate.

      s.r wrote that gays and women enjoy a chardonnay. that's not homophobic. probably false, who knows, but not homophobic. if you think it is explain to me why.

      un gars bs de calgary uses the chardonnay joke to imply i'm gay, with the objective of mocking me. now that's homophobic because he suggests there's something wrong with being gay.

      do you undersatnd now confusedinquebec?

    14. It looks like our pointless pedant needs another dose of Burt Bacharach and Hal David!

    15. No one understands your hypocrisy or ignorance.

      It's like many of us have already pointed out --> you're conditionally ethical.

      Here's another example:

      Me: Why is it okay for S.R to applaud a separatist for throwing a tomato sandwich at a man she knows will suffer from a reaction?

      Student: cause it's funny.

      Case in point.

      Time for the primates to run back to their caves.

      BTW, Student, here's a challenge for our modern society, it's almost impossible to NOT have a family member who is not allergic to something.

      Can you please give me the street address of someone in your family who suffers from severe food allergies so I can go toss those very kinds of foods in their face, Mate?

      Of course you won't, because that's why you're a seppie.

    16. "No one understands your hypocrisy or ignorance."

      no one? it's not because you are clueless that everyone's clueless, mate. that's a common erroneous conclusion clueless people converge to, though. you are not alone resident evil.

      "Can you please give me the street address of someone in your family who suffers from severe food allergies so I can go toss those very kinds of foods in their face, Mate?"

      ok try this address 10905 boulevard Henri-Bourassa Est. get in and toss anything you want in the face of the first person you see. you'll be taken care of.

    17. Saved for super-posterity --> "no one? it's not because you are clueless that everyone's clueless, mate. that's a common erroneous conclusion clueless people converge to, though. you are not alone resident evil."

    18. The Pinel Institute, a mental institution for the criminally insane… the only such institution in Canada and it just happens to be in Quebec. How witty!

  36. A Cock ring that is too english and they sell like 10 a year. That's good use of OLQF time. Love to hear them wasting time on such a small case.

    Keeps the seppies all tied up.


    The stupidity continues.

    Please keep it up Inspector Clouseau

    1. Le nom francisé est : Coque-rigne et Cocktail devient Coquetel

    2. To quote Rex from up above:

      The very fact that there is a statutory body, paid by public money, whose members are not rolling around the floor throwing up from unstoppable laughter at the very idea of even reviewing whether pasta is proper, is in itself a milestone in the lunacy of linguistic pureness.

      As if "bifteck" isn't derived from "beefsteak"... way to "protect" French, language crazies! :)

    3. I remember very well the time in middle school when I read that "bogue" was not a blatant francisation of "bug", but refered to the needles of a sea-urchin, and therefore refered to the difficulty (lit: "l'épinosité du problème")

      I remember thinking they wanted to pull a fast one on me. Other blatant attempts to hide appropriation : Krasch Boursier to describe the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Apparently Krasch is old French, and not just Crash with a funny spelling. Pul-leaze.

    4. Don’t forget that “une redingote” is simply a riding coat… or that the French word “tennis” comes from the English word “tennis”, which comes from the French word “Tenez”… and so on, and so forth… There’s no such thing as “linguistic purity”.

    5. There used to be a perfectly good French term for French, it was "Jeu de Paumes". It's just really dorky.

  37. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 3:31:00 PM EST

    Maybe the high operations costs of the OQLF explain the high prices of gas at the pump in quebec?

  38. "Do Quebec Language Cops Hate Italians?" YES, YES, yes...

    You are much smarter then this.

    They dislike, hate anyone and anything NOT French. Decades of racism, bigotry, xenophobia…you know this very well. Come on now…Bills 22, 178, 101…all the same. All anti-anything but French bigotry, no matter how they try and spin it. They are bigots inside and outside Kebec. You think its bad in Kebec, you should really see what these language Nazis are up to in Ontario as they spread the same disease, the same pro French BS all over the province, all in the phony name of bilingualism…what a farce, what a scam, this hiring quota for frenchy.

    Wake up people.

    “French power” folks, this is the term brought to Ottawa by Trudeau and his gang from Kebec, Marchand, Pelletier and the rest. They bragged about it and did it. You can find their quotes bragging about this online. I have read them myself.
    The simple facts are as more francophone’s get hired for all government positions less and less English speakers are working for their own governments across the country. Don’t believe me; Go check the stats for yourself. Francophone’s are grossly over-represented in all levels of government including hospitals, law, policing…etc. No fairness, no representation by population. They call it bilingualism, yet the term is never defined on purpose and believe me it doesn’t mean fluency in 2 languages in Canada, at least to the French it doesn’t. No political party will speak for the English speaking majority in this province and/or country. Practical bilingualism, where numbers warrant… is never defined on purpose. In Ontario, and New Brunswick it now means segregation. Nice eh? The French (they are actually metis, a mixed race, a mongrel, a mutt…not french) are demanding French only facilities all over the province, not bilingual, French only. $ Bilingualism is really nothing more then a hiring quota for francophone’s and that is a fact…just ask yourself, why are francophone’s over-represented in all government jobs and how come more and more positions are being designated bilingual all the time? And just as important, how come they are NOT fluently bilingual? Some can barely speak English!

    1. I'd refute your points, but I think you're doing a fine job of doing that yourself.

      Case in point : Accusing the Quebecers of racism in one breath, describing every Francophone in Canada of being "mongrels, mutts, mixed race, métis". You would only ever make a point of this if you thought that there was anything wrong with being of mixed descent.

    2. You are completely missing the point as usual. You clowns call yourselves french, you are NOT, but go ahead and keep lying... keep foaming at the mouth, you do keep me entertained.

    3. French is the language we speak, not some kind of racial purity thing.

      The only one obsessed by racial purity is you, by trying to point out that we have been "tainted" by native blood, or some bullshit.

      I just don't see what the problem with having native ancestry is, and how it is relevant in any way. I can only imagine that you think it will discredit us.

    4. Yannick is right, JW. You are doing a disservice to anglophones by calling people “Frenchy”, for one; it makes it too easy to stop reading and/or discredit any valid points you might wish to make. For another, saying “You call yourself French but are not” is like saying “You call yourself English but are not”; in Canada, “French” and “English” are very often used as short forms of “French-Canadian” and “English-Canadian”, as I’m sure you well know. And implying that you are somehow purebred (and consequently somehow superior) is as ridiculous as it is offensive.

    5. Thanks R.S. That's pretty much the point I wanted to make, but you did it it a much better way than me.

    6. R.S. Many francophone call anglophones Tete Carre. What is good for the gander is good for the goose. Sorry, but i won't accept this hypocritical statement.

    7. Exactly.

      I would add that one forfeits the moral high ground if one accepts to stoop to his opponent's level.

  39. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 5:28:00 PM EST

    Another general strike from quebec students lurking for September?
    oh oh watch out ma tante pauline: this could be the end for you.
    What's next? Francoise David banging casseroles next spring? Will she be the next premier of quebekistan? Will she campaign on free tuitions?

    1. Finalement t'es pas si con que t'en a l'air :)

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 6:15:00 PM EST

      A part d'insulter les gens, c'est quoi ton utilite dans la vie?

    3. Les Kebekistanais n'ont aucune utilité,vous devriez le savoir.

    4. @s.r

      "Finalement t'es pas si con que t'en a l'air"

      dude i totally disagree. stop writting nonsense.

    5. Only in Quebec can a communist party have 10% of support. How depressing

    6. It'll be 25% soon Liam - Dream on you miscreants - we will rid ourselves of you very soon with partition!

    7. In 4 years, they will have a majority. If they ever get form the government, i'm out of this province.

  40. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 5, 2013 at 6:40:00 PM EST

    kin kin kin.....
    s.r. et student. Un chardonnay, les gars?
    he he he:)


    Superstudent, your nemesis, the shift-key-averse scholar, is on the rampage again. He just posted a message of over 50 words to say “I don’t know”. The other half of the dastardly duo has also increased production of his verbal diarrhea… he needs some Imodium, stat!

    Your welcome return message published on Saturday seems to have vanished without a trace. I had time to copy/paste the funny bit before it disappeared but we all know how comments appear, disappear and reappear seemingly at will on this antique interface, often leading to double posts.

    Anyhow, I hope we will be seeing you back again soon to fight for truth, justice and the Canadian way.

    1. @R.S

      My superpowers can't protect me from "vanishing post syndrome."

      It frustrates me because I see what kind of projectile vomit that "Student" is firing on you and it upsets me.

      I will do what I can to rectify this non-super situation and make things right.

    2. Why thank you, Superstudent! Lois, Jimmy and I are eagerly awaiting your next intervention.

      But, ack! What has happened to your super-nomenclature?

    3. R.S... I am a super-being, but big words like "nomenclature" are Kryptonite.

      Please refrain.


      Super Student