Monday, February 25, 2013

Bill 14 a Pernicious Attack on Minorities

  One doesn't have to look much farther than the second provision of Bill 14, to understand that the law is one of the most pernicious attacks on the rights of minorities ever undertaken by a government in this country, one dedicated to disenfranchising minorities and anglophones from forming a recognized and valued element of society.

In one fell swoop the government of Quebec has taken the unprecedented step to relegate the over 21% of those Quebecers who do not share a French mother tongue and who do not share the 'common culture' of poutine and maple syrup, to second class citizenship, a situation where their culture and language is no longer recognized as part of the greater Quebec society.

According to Section 2 of Bill 14, as pertaining to French;
“It constitutes the foundation of Québec’s identity and of a distinct culture that is open to the world.”
To those francophones reading this and pooh-poohing my interpretation as overly harsh and who believe that minorities and Anglophones are not being marginalized, I would ask them to consider the following;
What would be your reaction to the Government of Canada enacting the similar legislation on a national level.
English constitutes the foundation of Canada’s identity and of a distinct culture that is open to the world.”
I'm sure francophones wouldn't be excited to see their language and culture excluded from the definition of how Canada defines itself and if there is a difference between what the Quebec government is planning and what I propose above, I'd like to see someone attempt to do so in the comments section.

Come to think of it how about New Brunswick enacting the same type of legislation, one that erases in one fell swoop the value and worth of francophone culture in that province.

English constitutes the foundation of New Brunswick’s identity and of a distinct culture that is open to the world.”

Do you find this insulting to the 30% of francophone New Brunswickers?
I certainly do, but to Quebec's French language militants and the PQ, it is perfectly normal to marginalize a significant minority of the population, telling them that their particular language and culture may be valued only as it pertains to being adjunct of society in general.

There is only so much tap dancing that one can do to justify such a draconian, hurtful and exclusionist provision.
It is a law conceived in discrimination and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created unequally. (apologies to Abraham Lincoln)

And I am tired of hearing the excuse of that old chestnut that 'desperate times require desperate measures,' it is patently untrue that French is in any sort of danger in Quebec.

More people speak French today than ever before and more people will speak French in Quebec tomorrow.
French has achieved a critical mass that precludes it from being in any sort of danger. To say otherwise is a naked attempt to manage public opinion through lies and chicanery.
Any talk of French being in danger is just separatist talk by militants meant to frighten Quebecers into buying the sovereignty pipe dream.

Twenty years ago there was hardly a politician in the National Assembly who couldn't speak English, good English at that.
Today, how many French members of that august assembly can actually watch an English television show or movie and have an acceptable level of comprehension. Less than 20% I imagine.
Most in the PQ (save for half a dozen) rehearse in the mirror the one or two lines of English they will speak to reporters and then quickly retreat into cloistered world unlingualism.
Is this the new bilingual Quebec?

Bill 14 and Bill 101 and attacks on bilingual store signs is an attempt to alter perceptions, in other words, putting English out of sight and out of mind.
With English signs removed from view, militants can foist the fiction upon an unsuspecting public that Montreal is a French city, when clearly it is bilingual and ethnically diverse.

And when French language militants tell us one more time that the English are the best-treated minority in Canada, they should be reminded it isn't true.
In fact it is the French minority in Canada that enjoys financial, social and linguistic benefits far beyond its demographic footprint.
With sovereignty out of the question, the the only option left to the nasty and vindictive French radicals, is a legislative attack on their enemies, the English and Ethnics.

If the Liberals and the CAQ allow the travesty of Bill 14 to proceed, it will send the message that they are not honourable or brave enough to face down an evil attack on their own citizens.
It will demonstrate once and for all that those not with a French mother tongue are to be expendable and that the reach for power justifies the betrayal and marginalization of a million of their co-citizens.

If the CAQ and Liberals betray us on Bill 14, there is no going back. If they allow our language and culture to be relegated to second class status, they betray every value that makes us who we are. If that betrayal comes to pass, we too must make a stand and say no more and that we will not choose from the lessor of two evils.

If the CAQ votes against Bill 14 and the Liberals avoid taking a stand by not showing up as before, then the Liberals are dead to me and they should be dead to you, damn the consequences.

If the CAQ votes for the bill or doesn't show up for the vote, well a pox on both their houses and for us it means that there is no political route left in Quebec to defend the interests of our community,

We are getting close to the time when it is time to move towards street activism.

....yup.....I said it.
If Bill 14 passes, it is time to give up on the political route and take the argument to the streets...

What does that mean....well we can start with humiliation and ramp it up from there, but that is for the future...

Credit: Red, White Blue.


  1. And you want to make a country out of THIS?

  2. First of two (maybe three):

    For the long-time loyal readers and contributors of this blog, I day say again what I said before, and damn anyone who`s bored of it: My mind was made up to leave Quebec with the passing of Bill 22. I was only entering my senior year of high school after the legislation passed, but every fear I had at the tender age of 16 is now being confirmed. I didn`t think it would take 39 years to get from that point in the hot days of midsummer 1974 until the cold days of February 2013, but lo and behold, the long path of racist fascism that makes up Quebec has finally born all the anti-English wrath it has to offer, from the National Assembly to the front doors of my family members and former neighbours who have chosen to stay.

    Sadly, I think the fight is now futile from the standpoint the Editor is proposing. You HAD your crusader. His name is Howard Galganov. He took the fight to the streets, to Fairview Shopping Centre and the radio waves almost 20 years ago and he was sneered at, not only by the French media, but much worse yet, by the English media. In fact, Mr. Galganov took the fight to the Superior Court of Ontario to fight for the freedom to post signs in ANY language in Canada. The Township of Russell in Eastern Ontario, only about a half hour over west of the Quebec border, passed a bylaw that businesses MUST post bilingual signs. There was a Mr. Brisson who took Mr. Galganov`s side from the French point of view. He wanted to post a sign for his business in French alone. Galganov actually supported his right to do so. Galganov was prepared to take the fight to the Supreme Court of Canada, but the Supreme Court decided not to hear his case.

    Please be sure to read the following, and I`ve put it in the form of a hyperlink to read the whole editorial: Because of French Language Activism in Canada, there is a loophole in our Constitution that allows special accommodation to the French language . . . that includes ABROGATING the Constitutional RIGHTS of English speakers.

    YOU READ THAT RIGHT . . . If it favors French Speakers, English Speaker’s RIGHTS do not count; meaning that for Anglos, there is no Constitutional Guarantee to Freedom of Expression when French becomes a factor.

    Thankfully, many Americans read Galganov`s editorials, so it is actually getting good exposure in the United States...BRAVO!

    Recently, as per the English vs French blog this past Friday, the government was sufficiently embarrassed that it backtracked on its Pastagate stance, just like it did in the 1990s when it backtracked on its Matzogate stance when some nutty language SS confiscated a whole shipment of matzo, thee most essential food item for the Jewish holy observance of Passover.

    Since the Friday blog, I heard on Toronto radio yesterday (Sunday) that a well-known Montreal restaurant, Joe Beef (I think established after I left Montreal in 1984) received a complaint for having pictures in the restaurant with English words. Well, to even the score, I have a cousin living in Long Island, New York who received as a gift for his grad party when he graduated from dental school a picture of a patient in a dental chair being condescendingly told by the dentist, written in French, (translated) "OK sir, let`s just open our mouth!" Where the hell does French come to Long Island, New York? Think the Americans are worried about English in the United States over this picture? RETARDED!

    1. Being forced to make your business accessible to everyone from the municipality - truly a tragedy. What Nazis they are at the Russels township.

    2. Are YOU retarded? Most of us here would be jumping for joy if only we had bilingualism by-laws that respected both communities. You expect us to be sympathetic to this plight?? What is the matter with you?

    3. Mr. Sauga rants on...and justifiably so (2 of 2, maybe 3)Monday, February 25, 2013 at 1:46:00 AM EST

      To respond to the Editor`s post above:

      What would be your reaction to the Government of Canada enacting the similar legislation on a national level: “English constitutes the foundation of Canada’s identity and of a distinct culture that is open to the world.”

      I`d say to Harper: "GO FOR IT, BABE! GO FOR IT WITH UNMITIGATED GUSTO, FULL STEAM AHEAD, GO FOR THE WHOLE ENCHILADA!" Let`s just see how Quebec would like to have those words slapped right across THEIR faces full force with a soaking wet semi-frozen leather gauntlet!

      As far as I`m concerned, the racial minorities, soon to be referred to as the so-called "cultural communities" (semantics, semantics) should this legislation pass, will regret not having taken action when Galganov went out on the limb trying 20 years ago only to be heavily criticized by his own for doing so.

      To my former brethren in Quebec, the jurisdiction I fully and unequivocally renounce as my ever having anything to do with that jurisdiction: Too little, too late! Howard Galganov had that cold, saturated gauntlet slapped in his face to the tune of ¼ million dollars. Read the editorial by clicking on the hyperlink in the first part of my response. Imagine doing this to a Canadian-born human being who dared speak up for freedom to our own government. That should not be the price of freedom.

      It is with a heavy heart I state to my former brethren, that you are getting EXACTLY what you deserve for having let it go this long. It has gone too far, and don`t think for a minute the CAQ, or even the Liberals are going to vote against it.

      As far as I`m concerned, the Liberals are not one iota less guilty than anyone else for the legislation about to face all of you, and I don`t gave a rat`s ass if Ed Brown still has faith in the Liberals, for it is the Liberals who passed Bill 22, Bill 178 and Bill 115 or whatever it was that didn`t change the anti-English school aspects of the PQ`s Bill 104.

      As the Editor wrote, the Liberals were at the helm of governing for nine years, and the number of MNAs who can understand English, let alone speak it, has gone due south. The economy has gone due south, the number of Quebec government departments dealing in English has gone due south, and the "cultural communities" to come are going to go due numbers, most will move west.

      Bill 14 is just another nail in the coffin for you, but let`s face it, you dug your own graves!

    4. Mr. Sauga has decided to add a Part 3 of 3Monday, February 25, 2013 at 2:25:00 AM EST

      Well, well, well! Seems I`ve managed to stir the shit at 1:30 in the morning at the beginning of a new work week. Good for me! So before going on, I`ll gladly adress Yannick and True Montrealer:

      Dear imbeciles: You`ll never, repeat, NEVER have bilingual signs in Quebec, not with those nine chimpanzees in the building next to Parliament making up the Supreme Zoo of Canada. Those red robed chimpanzees ruled that it is reasonable to allow French to be the predominant language on signs in Quebec. I disagree. I think Alan Singer should have been able to maintain his store sign in English alone. Heaven knows I remember seeing French-only signs in Vanier, ON when I lived in Ottawa for a brief time in the early 1980s. I see Chinese-only signs and product packaging in Chinese stores in the Toronto suburb of Markham and also in Scarborough, now the Eastern portion of the amalgamated City of Toronto, where amalgamation actually works well unlike Montreal and other amalgamated municipalities in Quebec.

      Now to finish what I started, notwithstanding detractors like those above who already commented without letting me finish. I think Harper should (but unlikely will) cut the gangrene called Quebec that is killing the rest of Canada for not having already done so. Quebec has become nothing but an expense - repeat - NOTHING BUT AN EXPENSE to the rest of Canada. In effect, Canada is good for nothing to Quebec except for any money it can get from RoC that is above and beyond what they put into the federal system.

      If the rest of you making up the new "cultural community" want to stay where you are, and contribute twice the amount to the tax base than your numbers represent, then put up and shut up. SHUT THE HELL UP! Second class is going to be your place in the New Quebec Order, so now you really have two choices: 1. Shut the hell up. 2. Leave Quebec. Some of you, probably many of you are thinking there should be a #3, i.e., stay and fight. OK, you can try, but the reality is you`re going to lose and you`re going to lose big-time! BIG-TIME! Had this fight taken place back in 1974 when Bill 22 was being tabled, there would have been a chance of putting this shit to an end once and for all. You already had a lesser chance of winning when Galganov worked his guts out trying when he founded QPAC and then took to the radio waves for years back in the 90s, but he faced as much resistance from the English community as the French, and looking at that now (since hindsight is 20/20) makes it more the pity for not having fought then.

      Sorry dear readers, but your complacency over the decades has gotten you exactly what you deserve today. Live with it! Get used to it!

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, February 25, 2013 at 8:27:00 AM EST

      Yeah............. why the need to call other stupid because you cannot agree?
      You cant change no one, so... Mr. Sauce it puts you in the same category as the two Marxist separatists here.

      At least get frisky over this; Quebec worst retail sales in country:

    6. "Being forced to make your business accessible to everyone from the municipality - truly a tragedy."

      A tragedy all right considering the TOTALLY opposing trend across the provincial border. There the government goes out of its way to facilitate and accommodate, here the government goes out of its way to complicate and exacerbate. The issue here is dissonance and incongruity, so let's not reduce it to "being forced to make your business accessible to everyone from the municipality".

      In other circumstances, in a different place, time, or a different universe, it might not be such a big deal (though STILL, this should ideally be resolved with client's wallets, not government decrees). In this time and place it is bound to irritate, malheureusement.

    7. @sauga

      "He (galganov)took the fight to the streets, to Fairview Shopping Centre..."

      really, all the way to the fairview? wow he really gave it all. no doubt he's a hero.

    8. @un gars bs de calgary

      wouldn't you consider an overconsumption slowdown a good thing, mate? especially when household debts are historically high? no? people should keep on gorging themselves anyways you think?

    9. Hey student troll: Galganov also held rallies on Parliament Hill and last year he primarily organized a bikers rally for freedom and out of respect to veterans - multiple rallies again in Ottawa, Trenton and Toronto, just last year.

    10. @sauga

      ok but in quebec, is it fair to say that the fairview shopping center gig was his most brilliant?

  3. Mr. Sauga - As always, THANK YOU for being the voice of reason and clarity. Living in Quebec is like living in the strange and bizarre world of Wonderland, where down is up, black is white, and reality is twisted inside out. Bring up what is wrong with most citizens of this third world cease pool (that has the gall to consider itself a "province" of Canada) and it's like talking with a population of Mad Hatters.

    Unfortunately I was in my early childhood when the PQ first gained power and Quebec started to change, so I've never quite saw its golden years. Though I have experienced enough to see things gradually deteriorate more and more as the years have passed. I've lived through two referendums, known nothing but language wars, and always treated as an outsider and second class citizen despite being born here with family roots going back at least a century. When I was old enough to understand this situation wasn't right, I naively thought MAYBE, just maybe, one day it could change. Well...I've completely and totally given up on that pipe dream. Not only will things never change here (at least not in my lifetime), I see now things will escalate and get far worse to the point of violence. Call me crazy if you'd like, it will happen eventually. History is the best reminder of that.

    At this point the only thing worth doing is getting the hell out of Quebec. Life is too short, and I've already wasted a good chunk of mine floundering in this hell hole hoping things might change. Even recent trips traveling to New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Toronto have opened my eyes and reminded me to what the world is outside Quebec. It's depressing coming back here, the deplorable state of infrastructure, lack of English signage, even just the nasty and rudeness of most people in this province (OK--not every single person, but friendly and decent people are few and far between in Montreal I find. The attitude and rudeness here wear you down, especially dealing with it on a daily basis).

    Quebec is a lost cause. And it's not just about language. Quebec is literally a criminal third world state, just in terms of mistreatment towards animals. Mistreatment of other human beings (can you say asbestos mining anyone?). Or the insane amount of corruption.

    Things are in play in for me. My father recently passed away. My childhood home in Chomedey (ironically we grew up in the very same neighborhood!) is now sold and gone. Most of my family and friends have left the province. Apart from one parent and a sibling remaining here, I have nothing left in rogue nation of Quebec, it is just sucking the life out of me. One pro-Montreal friend tells me if I move to Ontario, I'll just complain about that province instead. Granted nothing is perfect, but what they don't seem to understand is how backwards, broken and out of sync Quebec is with the rest of the civilized world. Nothing, and I do mean, NOTHING is comparable to Quebec (except possibly the third world). I hope in the not too distant future I'll be posting to say I've left Quebec. Not a day goes by where I don't think about wanting to leave and I feel like I'm punishing myself each day I'm still here.

    I just wish more of the world, particularly the rest of Canada, knew what heinous acts are happening here. At least Quebec continues to embarrass itself internationally. Canadians need to understand Quebec not only contributes zero, but is like a cancer to the rest of Canada. It needs to go!

  4. FROM ED
    My God, what a bunch of downers. Editor, you sound like Cutie. "I wish they would all go away." (So Alice in wonderland.) Constant
    complaining won't do it. I tried several times to organize on this blog a letter writing group to the world news agencies to embarrass the P.M. and got nowhere. No takers except for Cutie and Sauga. You people are no better than the ones Galganov tried to move.
    Bourrassa brought in Bill 22 to control the nationalists who were getting dangerous at the time. Ramped up by the violence of the FLQ
    and it's success, violence was springing up everywhere, in the forum crowds after hockey games and on the streets. Even us Anglos were glad at the relief it brought. The French felt they had won something special and the tension eased tremendously. Children were made to pass English tests because so many French parents tried to shove their kids into the Protestant school system to learn English.
    They were overwhelmed having no French speaking teachers. They were not prepared for French immersion. I am constantly berated for having faith in the Liberals, but it is not really faith. It's just common sense. A Liberal majority will finish the P.Q.
    Mr . Couillard says that under his governance French and English rights will be ABSOLUTELY EQUAL. (The words he used) If by some freak of nature they pass Bill 14, he will undo it.
    Instead of ramping up the anger and sadness, take a deep breath. Who was it said, "O.K. Everybody take a valium." Oh Yeah. Ed

    1. Ed, if you're willing to be Bourassa's sacrificial lamb, then stay right where you are. I guess being 76 years old most of your life is behind you so it doesn't matter anymore. Your money has been earned you're retired, so you're now into capital preservation, not capital accumulation. Some of us still have accumulation left, some of us will be working to 75! We're not post-Depression babies who were too young to suffer the depression (or remember it), too young to be drafted for WWII (even the Korean War) and enter the job market on the cusp of the golden age of the 1950s when the Baby Boom was well underway.

      You're old enough to have enjoyed, and even reveled in the days when Montreal was the best place to be in Canada. I remember some of that, but I was a kid as I saw the best of Montreal dwindle. I was 16 when Bill 22 became law, just before MY time to spread my wings and get out in the world; furthermore, the economy was suffering from inflation and taxes were starting to go from high to ridiculous. I graduated from university in 1982 when we were in the throes of the worst recession at that time (depression in Canada, really). Unemployment was "officially" 13.5% (really more like 20-odd percent), inflation was 12% and people with over 30 years in their jobs were getting laid off.

      You, Ed, experienced the good times and have reached the age where it just doesn't matter anymore. Congratulations for having been born at the best possible time in the last century, but having been born the back end of the Baby Boom, I'm really living the (work) more-for-less (pay) society. I'm really a Gen-Xer, and my son, born in 1995 will be part of Generation Screwed. Enjoy you're Golden Years, Ed. Guys like me will have to continue to work when we're 76. I have the debt to prove it, and trust me, I do whatever I can to turn a dollar into two dollars.

  5. OMG Ed you are the most stubborn man I've ever run across. The liberals will do nothing to change things in this province. Mr. Sauga and the rest of the contributors can see that - only you can't see that. They have had plenty of chances to speak out against the bills concerning language and not one of them has done so. All you think about is getting the PQ out of power - we have to get beyond that and get a TRULY FEDERALIST PARTY in place in this province. The liberals are not that party. They have not promised anything different - please everyone watch the interview with Dr. Couillard and see exactly what he says. I put up the link earlier but I will try to find it again and post it. He says ALL CITIZENS ARE EQUAL thereby acknowledging that there is nothing wrong with the status quo. You are reading things into that interview that do not exist. If Bill 14 goes through with the CAQ vote, we are totally screwed and may as well give up the dance because people are again sitting back and doing nothing to prevent the on-going harassment against our community. We are not being DOWNERS - we do not believe that anything will change without a total change of thinking and a total change of government in this province. That means that we have to get rid of the lot of them - they are all separatists whether you want to believe it or not - it stares you in the face and you still won't admit it. Stop trying to convince people that the liberals are the answer to what ails us; they are not and never will be. Not one of the potential leaders of the party is speaking up for minorities and never will - your dream is dead without a new truly CANADIAN PROVINCIAL FEDERALIST PARTY - we need a party with a platform that will look after both the economy and the question of remaining Canadian - This province is ripe for that kind of a party because everyone is sick of same old, same old. And the CAQ is not the answer either - out with all the separatists so we can have a true choice of parties. FEDERALIST or SEPARATIST - that is the choice we need and right now we don't have one.

  6. FROM ED
    MR. COUILLARD SAID ALL CITIZENS WILL BE EQUAL UNDER HIS GOVERNMENT. You are quoting ony one interview. There were several. You can also google in Couillard and learn something new before you spout venom aboutt the man who can save us. Who the hell are you to say they will do nothing. You cannot predict anyone's thoughts. It's one thing to say they have done nothing but you have no right to predict what Mr.Couillard is going to do and certainly less right to publish that. Ed

    1. Funny, Ed, how I can predict exactly what's going to happen - BUPKIS! Since you grew up in the era where rock 'n' roll began, you can call the next Liberal leader what you can call every Liberal leader going back to Lesage - THE BIG BUPPER! Bupper defined as one who does bupkis!

      I watched the segment from Montreal's CTV news with Jean Lapierre and Don MacPherson and the problem is the law, and they're only going to put the screws harder to the ethnic minorities «AHEM!» cultural communities as they expect obedience «AHAK AHEM!» respect for the French language. Lapierre stated the language cop did nothing wrong, but just got thrown under the bus because the stupidity of the law embarrassed the government enough to have to backtrack, similar to the Matzogate incident of about 20 years ago.

      Too, Ed, while all men are created equal, some are created more equal than others!

    2. All citizens will NOT be equal as long as Bill 101 and some of the other language laws are in place, and it is highly unlikely that Couillard will roll back any of those laws.

    3. Ed seems to think Couillard will roll it back and I agree with you Durham - until I hear him say anything even remotely like that, I see no relief from the liberals.

    4. @durham

      " long as Bill 101 and some of the other language laws are in place,..."

      what other laws?

  7. Ed said, "you have no right to predict what Mr.Couillard is going to do and certainly less right to publish that."

    And I thought it was just the other side that was against the freedom of expression.

  8. Notre plan d'extermination fonctionne bien jusqu'à présent,tout baigne dans l'huile.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, February 25, 2013 at 8:42:00 AM EST

      Hi hi hi!!!

      La, j'ai vraiment mal au ventre rire comme ca!!!
      As-tu pense a un camp de re-education dans l'arctique quebecois?
      Ca va leur mettre du plamb dans la tete. Literallement!

    2. Mieux encore,nous attendons la fonte totale de l'Artique afin de créer une île artificielle qui aura pour bur d'accueillir les éléments anglophones belliqueux,une sorte de Guantánamo du Nord.Merci à l'alberta pour sa généreuse contribution à la fonte accélérée des glaciers.Au menu des prisonniers : Des pâtes trois fois par jour et 365 jours par année ainsi après quelques décennies,cette île devrait couler à pic sous le poids de ses occupants.

    3. You see why we need a partition party guys?

    4. Partition Party is needed. I am tired of being in the same province as Seperatist Saguenay.

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, February 25, 2013 at 11:16:00 AM EST


      Expliques-nous ton plan pour deporter les anglos dehors du quebec afin d'epuriser la belle province, uh le beau pays.
      Meme JF Lisee n'aura jamais de couilles aussi grosses que les tiennes en afformant de tels plans:)
      Pi n'oublies pas d'ajouter des binnes et des pettes de soeur au menu

    6. "I am tired of being in the same province as Seperatist Saguenay."

      Hit the 401 and good riddance!

    7. Off to Saguenay with you separatists - that's the solution to our problem.

    8. Un Gars,

      S.R brings forward an interesting facet of the whole anglo-franco debate with respect to qc's independence.

      In an earlier discussion, M. Patrice argued an independent qc would decide its own immigration policies. When proven that as part of Canada, qc also has its own immigration policies (with federal funding for integrating immigrants into the francophone society nevertheless), he agreed that is true, however he graciously added that and independent qc would be able to refuse what now it's 'interprovincial migration'. In other words, anglos are not welcomed. It's as simple as that.

      And although I do not consider M. Patrice as being the separatist movement's mouthpiece, I believe he highlighted a point that translates in a nonacceptance of the non-francophone community; a point that is not openly trumpeted within the political circles, however we were fortunate enough to got a pale glimpse of, during the recent electoral campaign. So much of the 'openness to the world' bill 14 alludes to.

    9. Sickening and oh so true TS - they make it very clear that we are not welcome so I don't know why they don't offer to buy our land and make sure they sell only to pur laine francophones. That would cure everyone's problems - they would get more yes votes and we would have enough money to leave. Money does grow on trees here (along with the maple syrup) so I'm puzzled as to why they don't opt for this "final solution" as Hitler would say.

    10. S.R. What's your problem dude! You sound like you have serious issues.

    11. TS,

      I don't recall this earlier discussion that you are refering to.

      Here is what I usually say about this matter : Immigrants moving to an independent Québec would know from the start that they are moving to a french majority country.

      And, about inter-provincial migration, do we even have a significant amount of immigration coming from other provinces to begin with?

    12. The discussion was quite a long time ago... If I put words in your mouth and it was actually another separatist bringing up that point, then my apologies. Wish I had the time to comb through the comments to find the exact exchange, but I do not.

    13. "And, about inter-provincial migration, do we even have a significant amount of immigration coming from other provinces to begin with?"

      Most people in the other provinces have the wisdom not to move to a sh*thole like Quebec, where there are few economic opportunities and their personal freedoms will be restricted. Even Francophones in other provinces - who supposedly have a rough time - rarely move to Quebec.

    14. You know Durham - the francophones that I know that have left have never, ever said they would come back. Good point. Even on line, I've only seem one guy from out west that says he can't wait to come back but made it very clear that he is a separatist at heart.

    15. If the troll made jokes about exterminating Jews rather than anglos, I wonder how much longer the Editor would continue protecting him so he can pollute this blog with anti-Semitism instead of anglophobia.

  9. FROM ED
    Freedom of expression in publishing is expected to be factual. You're right it is the other side that is doing that. We don't have to make up things to win like they do. Stick to what we know, not what we guess. Cutie is not lying. She has said the same thing so many times she has convincd herself it must be fact. When it comes to something as tremndously important as electing a government that everyone will have to live with, at least give them the straight truth or keep it under wraps until the truth is out. Ed

  10. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, February 25, 2013 at 8:56:00 AM EST

    C'est tu ta "solution finale"?
    hi hi hi

  11. Well Ed again that's your opinion and I have as much right to my opinion as you do yours. You trying to convince people that the liberals will change anything is a pipe dream and it is my right to say my thoughts as you do yours. I also have the same right as you to say that they will do nothing as you have to say they will do something. If there is anyone out there that agrees with Ed that things will change under the leadership of Dr. Couillard, please say so and provide a link if possible whereby he says anything of the kind - I would be more than happy to change my opinion if anyone can do this. I see no reason for them to change the way they do things because we are trapped into voting for them and they know we have no other option. What incentive do they have to change? None whatsoever. The only thing that can happen and push them into change is the creation of another party that is definitely federalist - that's it, that's all.

  12. And who's "spouting venom" - don't be ridiculous - I am not running the man down I'm just saying he will change nothing and you think he will. That is not "spouting venom".

    1. Also, you are "guessing" what he will do because you know there is nothing factual to back up your statements anywhere - if there is, please provide a link whereby he says he will change anything.

  13. Received from CRITIQ and passed on for all of you that can attend.
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    Gary D. Shapiro
    To Gary D. Shapiro
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    FEB 28 Ev...pdf
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    Download as zip
    In order to make our February 28th event a success, we are asking you all not to assume that people are coming but to get on the phone and reconfirm their attendance.

    Thanks and see you all on Thursday.

    P.O. Box 32513, 2445 Chemin Lucerne
    Mont-Royal, Quebec H3R 2K0

    Tel: 514-360-3236

  14. FROM ED

  15. All that says Ed is that he will be interesting - says nothing about how or if he will change anything. He will still be in charge of the party but does not have total say - there are a whole lot of soft and hard nosed nationalists that remain part of the liberals. And the title supplied above says it all - couillard-radical-federalist - how this will play out remains to be see but I would have to see something concrete come out of his mouth before I change my mind. I'm sure others will have their opinion also and I would like to see what they say.

  16. ED - Do you believe everything politicians say? If you do then your decades of life experience have not taught you anything. I could care less what Couillard says..the record of his party speaks much louder than his mere words. His party has had decades to improve things here in Quebec and time after time they have totally and utterly failed. They increased the debt by as much as the PQ government..they were in charge over the past 9 years when the most rampant corruption in Quebec and likely Canadian history was going on. They did nothing for the anglophone community..and as someone else pointed out it was Liberal governments who passed much of the legislation restricting english rights. How can you possible from a purely logical and rational point of view have any confidence in anything that the Liberals say. Their time is up and they failed..time to move on..

    I believe the CAQ is the only viable alternative to change how things are run in this province. But I can tell you that I dont naively believe every word that Mr.Legault says..its guaranteed that he will not live up to all his promises..but all politicians fail in this regard. But I think the CAQ will give it some effort and there is no other possible option at this point.

    There will not be any other party that magically appears within the next few years that has any hope of winning. The Equality party again will appeal only to anglophones and even most anglophones wont vote for them. Instead as we have seen time in and time out most anglophones will continue to support a morally bankrupt, condascending, dishonest and frankly grossly incompetent party..the Liberals. Why..out of tradition..out of fear for the unknown..out of ignorance..out of pig headed stubborness..??? Its blows me away.

    Please tell me with a straight face what are our options over the next 10 years besides the Liberals, the PQ and the CAQ??? There are no other viable options. We know the Liberals and the PQ have failed us miserably..can the CAQ be any worse..I cant imagine its possible..nothing is impossible..but looking at the odds and how badly the other two parties have performed I am putting my bets on the CAQ. I like their platform..I like the fact that Legault is a succesful businessman..I like the fact they wont talk about seperation for 10 years..I like the fact that want to cut waste and taxes and take on the unions.

    The people here talking about the miracle of the NDP need to remember that this party has been around for decades. And most Quebecers voted for them because of the fear of a conservative majority and because they were so disgusted with the Liberal party. But the NDP have been around for ages. A new party now is not going to be elected quickly..maybe 10 years if you really pushing it. By then this province will be Greece. In fact a Greek like defauly scenario which happens sooner may be the only way a new party appears and its more likely going to be a radical left wing party like Quebec solidaire. My fear is that a party like Quebec solidaire starts to make serious inroads and we end up with a PQ-Solidaire coalition. The CAQ to me is the best realistic option to run this province within the next few years. Anyone who says otherwise is living in la-la land and is totally out of touch with reality.

    1. "There will not be any other party that magically appears within the next few years that has any hope of winning. "

      There sometimes comes a time when you have to vote for an option that everybody tells you has no chance of winning.

      "I am putting my bets on the CAQ"

      Their stance on bill 14 will be a litmus test of sorts. Let's see how they do.

    2. As long as we have people like yourself complicated that are not willing to even try to elect anything other than a separatist party, you're right, we are going down the tubes. What do you think about a CAQ+PQ coalition and then a declaration of independence? A very, very real possibility if the CAQ is elected - do you not think that the PQ government contains a lot of Legault's friends considering he was, until recently, a PQ? What about they kick good old Pauline to the curb and let Legault be leader of the PQ, which is what he wants, and then they join forces? Have you even given thought to the long term consequences of electing a separatist party and what it does to the rights and freedoms of the minorities? All you keep thinking about is the economy and there is so much more involved here than the economy. The ethnic cleansing will continue unless we get rid of these separatists - don't you see that? They are ALL out to destroy the country and the non pur laine so how will electing them help our cause?

    3. "The ethnic cleansing will continue unless we get rid of these separatists"

      The "soft cleansing" will continue regardless who runs the province. This decision has been made in the 1970's, and it's a vision that is shared by the entire QC ruling establishment (i.e. all political parties in QC), AND by the federal government of the country in which QC exists. Your choices as someone who does not buy into the Creed are the same as of any dissident in any other country: 1. you acquiesce (involves a degree of psychological flexibility, although it does have its perks, look at Christopher Hall, but it might create psychological tension that is hard to bear and needs constant rationalization), 2. you leave, or 3. you opt out (the choice of many people: continue undeterred, but drop the illusions).

      And you won't get rid of the separatists for a very simple reason: QC federalists won't let them disappear. Separatists serve an important purpose: they help the politcal interest of the province within the context of the country, and they alleviate psychological tensions in the population in a desperate need of proving something to others and themselves. Because a formerly marginalized population is bound to try to hog the spotlight. It's a way of banishing the demons of the past. So get used to the separatist movement. It's here to stay for a while, supported even by those who do not want to separate at all.

    4. Cutie - How has it worked out for you voting for the Liberals time after time? Look at the mess the Liberals left us in under their 9 years of reign..largely elected by paranoid anglos who cant fathom electing someone who used to be a seperatist. Raymond Bachand used to be a seperatist and he is running for the Liberal leadership..are you scared of him too cutie!!! A lot of people change their mind..since when are you a seperatist or federalist for life..thats the law according to you cutie. People evolve with time..reality hits them smack in the face and they change their opinions.

      20 years ago I was a diehard NDPer and a leftist..then reality hit me in the face..the NDP policies are often fantasy and dont work in the real world. I am now more of a right wing person especially concerning fiscal issues. So according to you since I used to support the NDP I will always be an NDPer.
      What I really think is that as a businessman operating a global company Mr.Legault saw the light to some degree and realized that seperation is not possible given the financial mess we are in. I suspect he thinks if the economy of Quebec can be made strong and competitive and that our fiscal house put in place then maybe Quebec one day far into the future might be able to stand on its own two feet. But I doubt that its a secret dream of his..he doesnt strike me as a fantic like Mme.Marois and some others in the PQ.
      For him to join up with the PQ would be politicial suicide..his platform is much more to the right than anything the PQ stand for..the CAQ supporters would be livid. It makes no sense for him to join up with the PQ..his whole platform is in direct contradiction to the PQ..francophones voted for him because they are sick and tired of both the Liberals and the PQ. He has the momentum..why would he destroy it by joining a party that doesnt even come close to sharing the same platform??? If Bachand becomes leader do you think he might join up with the PQ because he used to be in the party?? Its ridiculous.

      I am a realist as I have said so many times. There is no other party that has a chance of winning the next few elections in Quebec other than the CAQ. I say we give them a chance..lets see what they can do..why keep re-electing the same useless parties of the Liberals and PQ over and over who have completely failed us. And why waste our time and energy on a party (Eqaulity two) which will have no chance of ever winning let alone winning 2 seats.

      Why are so many of you living in some sort of fantasy land?? Why are you so obstinate/paranoid to the point that you cant think or see clearly?? Why do I waste my time on this site is baffling to me?? I guess I must believe that at some point logic and reason will prevail but it never does. There are too many people on here who are so stuck in their ways they will never come up with a realistic solution..

    5. OMG Complicated - you keep inferring that Legault is no longer a separatist - For Christ's sake man he says he is a separatist - what is the matter with you? Only the time line differentiates him from the PQ. And you are the one that is obstinate/paranoid because you will not even consider anything other than a separatist party so don't accuse us of being obstinate. Stop being a supporter of the CAQ when talking to a federalist blog or you will always find that you are falling on deaf ears. Put your energy into going onto a separatist blog and there will be lots of supporters for your logic. I, FOR ONE, AM GOING TO SUPPORT A FEDERALIST PARTY IN THE NEXT ELECTION AND IF THAT HAPPENS TO BE THE EQUALITY PARTY THEN I WILL SUPPORT IT. My next choice will be the liberals if that's all that's left unless something drastic happens between then and now. And if everyone thinks like you do NO NEW PARTY WILL EVER HAVE A CHANCE IN THIS STINKING PROVINCE AND YOU MIGHT AS WELL PACK IT UP NOW BECAUSE NOTHING WILL EVER EVER CHANGE.

    6. God Adski I hope you're wrong - Surely people can grow and see the mistakes they have made so I will keep the faith that some are waking up in this political nightmare in which we reside.

    7. Cutie - Please show me where he said he was a seperatist. I am tired of people on this forum spreading lies. He stated categorically that he would not vote for seperation now and for at least the next 10 years. That is more than good enough for me. You would rather have totally incompetent immoral and useless federalists running this province into the ground than a neutral politician who likely has the best shot at improving the way things are run in this province.

      You see everything in black and are either a seperatist for life which is pure evil or a federalist for life which is great. How can you and so many people here be so simple minded..its people like you who are directly responsible for the mess we are in by blindly supporting a corrupt dishonest and incompetent party for so many years. You supporting the equality part will accomplish ABSOLUTELY NOTHING..or voting for the same old LIEBERALS will mean more of the same. So once again either way you are dooming this province to more of the same.

      Have a read at this article for where Legault stands..I know he only said that he would vote no for 10 years but that is more than good enough for me. We need 10 years of good government..cutting waste, cutting corruption, tackling militant unions, lower taxes, pro business climate, no talk on seperation or languages issues, etc. I really could care less if we get this from someone who used to be a seperatist. Dont forget that there are also many clear federalist in the CAQ also.

    8. Geez complicated - we go around and around in circles. You may not care less that he wants to straighten out the economy for only one reason - TO SEPARATE - but I and the other federalists on this site care. He is "not a used to be separatist" he is still a separatist except he wants the damn province in better shape to accomplish this feat. For Christ's sake man - get a grip. He would vote no right now because they cannot afford it not because he believes in remaining part of Canada. That's all that matters to me - piss on the rest. What more do you need to know about him? He is a separatist and any federalist in his party is either there because they want to be elected based on the economy or they will reject the party come referendum time. These are politicians and they know how to play the game. And I can tell you that if this place goes down I don't give a shit as long as we are part of our country of Canada when we do, not part of a new country called quebec because at that time the socialists will be running wild in the streets and we won't even have an Armed Forces to help us out of the mess the seppies will have created by joining up with every damn radical group that's out there!

    9. @cutie003

      you seem to be convinced that legault wants to separate quebec from canada, yet your are not able to provide one quote from him that proves it. come on now get real and back up your rants if you want them to gain a more noble status.

    10. Cuite003, why are you such a federalist? Canada is a good country, but the political compromise on which it is maintained is a truly Faustian bargain in which Ottawa is complicit. It. Is. Complicit.

      Ottawa is totally blind to your situation, and all these letters you write to the MPs end up in the trash can. The Canada you want does not exist and won't exist for as long as QC is in it. I think it would be helpful is you became a little more detached from idea of federalism. One big advantage of this is that you'd be more immune to manipulation from QC separatists and quote-federalists-unquote. Because they cease on your emotional attachment, and they extract a lot of complicity from the rest of the country which otherwise might not be so complicit and do a little tit for tat, e.g. impose a bill 14 on the francophone population of New Brunswick by way of reciprocity.


      Student, you are a man of fact. Do you believe then that Harper is a friend of QC? After all, in his public statements he's very open to QC. If he said something belligerent about QC, it was as long ago as when Legault was a separatist. Yet so many Quebeckers remain skeptical (and rightly so) of Harper. In the analysis of Harper, they take the totality of his political career (not just the latest segment of it, in which the French speaking Harper blows smoke up QC's ass). When it comes to Harper, Quebeckers apply skepticism as well as logical inference. So not everything there is based on fact, statement, comment, a signed document.

      Why won't you allow us the liberty of such skepticism and inference about QC politicians?

    11. You may be right but I believe in Canada as a country because that's the way I've been raised. I'm proud to be Canadian and think that Canada is a great place with plenty to offer everyone. Why would you think it's OK to break a country up into pieces? As I've said before, it quebec was not in the middle of our country I would feel differently. Maybe that's a way out - switch the seppies to Newfoundland and let the Newfoundlanders move here. Then they can leave without affecting the rest of our country. Would be much easier. To keep Canada as one country we definitely have to partition the place so there is an east/west corridor - that would be OK too.

    12. It fascinates me that there was an entire article written about the Equality party, which stand zero chance of achieving anything, when we have a viable 3rd option in the Conservative Party of Quebec. I encourage all who think the CAQ is your salvation to read the PCQs platform and see for yourself why these guys can actually make things happen. A true federalist party with simple solutions to big problems.

      Liberals are corrupt and don't respect Anglos and Alos
      CAQ is an accident waiting to happen. No clear solution to any of their goals. Separatist in disguise.
      PQ are separatists and racist.
      Quebec Solidaire have zero concept of reality and are separatists

    13. @adski

      "Why won't you allow us the liberty of such skepticism and inference about QC politicians?"

      i allow it, as you can also realize from my other reply to complicated a bit lower.

      what i don't allow is a contributor badging the caq separatist without the required nuance. the nuance being that the leader once was a separatist.

      what should reassure cutie003, though, is the fact that the other caq co-founder, charles sirois, is a toronto banker who used to do recruiting for the quebec liberals. not quite a separatist in my humble opinion. and not quite reassuring for someone like complicated who is hoping for "change". an ex pq with an ex liberal... and meatheads from defunct adq as troopers. eeew.

  17. And here we go with the students who want everything for nothing and the summit is just beginning - this whole province is a lawless, bankrupt, morality deficient mess.

    1. You are right. Special interest group have too much importance.

    2. And just guess who is going to take the brunt of any changes to the budgets in a separatist agenda quebec? The minorities of course. Watch the schooling take a hit and the so-called "English Hospitals" budgets get cut. I can see it all now. Things like IF and SJBS will still get money and we will suffer - just watch and see.

  18. Non-sense written by radical seperatist written Michel Brule

    "l’impérialisme et l’hégémonie culturels anglo-américains ?" If you beleive people are forced to watch anglo-american culture, this guy is delusional.

    " Entre Noël et le Jour de l’An, le Journal de Québec a demandé à Marie-Mai de dresser sa liste de coups de coeur artistiques de l’année. Vous ne serez pas surpris d’apprendre qu’il n’y avait aucun Québécois dans sa liste." Ha Ha. Even Marie Mai isn't as radical as you, Brule.

    1. "Sir Paul, représentant de l’Angleterre - qui est responsable du génocide de 40 millions d’Amérindiens, de la déportation des Acadiens et de l’assimilation des Canadiens français à coup de « Speak White » -, a fait danser pendant quelques heures un peuple amnésique. Comme dirait Aimé Césaire, « un peuple sans mémoire est un peuple sans avenir »." Seriously, Brule, if you see the world that way you have a victimization problem. According Brule, when the Norman invaded England and Wales. England should have a remembered and not have fought for Normandy freedom during World War I and II. According to Brule all French must bear the crimes of Napoleon, all germans must bear the crime of Hitler. Seriously, I am banned from posting on Le Devoir but this is untelorable.

    2. FROM ED
      Cutie, can we at least agree on one thing. That the CAQ is not dependable and for the moment we only have the Liberals to beat the PQ. Less than a month to go. Let's hope for the best. I read your post to Compliated and it gave me heart. At least let's try to keep the CAQ from splitting the vote again. I don't know what he's on about since i no longer read his posts. they usually start with something like, "I'm not goint to reapeat myself." and then goes on doing exactly that. Peace for now. Ed

    3. Now you can see why the separatists want control over communication in quebec - imagine they gain this control and we will all have to have black market TV, Radio and written communications because they will, again, try to obliterate any english no matter where in quebec we reside. We have to find a way out of this mess with these radicals. Anything not written by a francophone will be prohibited in quebec. Again we get back to Nazi rule by 30% of the population.

    4. "We have to find a way out of this mess with these radicals"

      Très facile : 9 provinces canadiennes seraient heureuses de vous accueillir...Enfin,je crois.

    5. ED - Wow what maturity from someone in their 70s. Anybody who refuses to listen to somebody because they differ on their views is a dangerous person in my opinion. If you cant even listen to someone with different views then it means that no matter how illogical your point of view will be then there is no hope of it ever changing. It means that you will ignore facts and logic if it doesnt fit with your paradigm.

      Cutie is not far from this with her obsession about federalists. Keep on electing federalist fools who will run this province right into the ground..who will keep the money flowing to the mob..who will do nothing to help the anglophones in this province but will take their vote for granted.

      I do feel like a broken record but then again both ED and Cutie come on her ad nauseum with the samw tired statements time after time. How many times do we need to hear about how great the Liberals are via ED and how partition is the only answer from cutie. I feel sorry for both of you in many ways because I know that you are going to both go down with a sinking ship right to the end shouting the same statements over and over to more and more deaf areas. Good luck..

    6. complicated: At age 76, it's called being set in one's ways.

    7. Well complicated think and feel as you like - this is a battle for our rights and freedoms under the Canadian Constitution and to remain part of Canada. All you think about is the economy and my priorities are different than yours - Canada first - economics next. I say it's time for a brand new Federalist provincial party that will do what you think the CAQ will do but you would not vote for them so therefore there is no sense talking to you about it. You can say that we go on ad nauseum about the liberals and partition but, and I repeat, you are as close minded as we are. As I suggested, you will find many more supporters for your pitch on a separatist blog than you will here. Our economy is a mess BECAUSE of the separatists and until we rid ourselves of them, we will remain in a mess. The political uncertainty and language laws have killed this province and, whether you like it or not, that is the truth. We must fix the political uncertainty and get rid of the language laws and then, and only then, will the province be a welcoming place again to both business and new immigrants. Then the economy will start buzzing again.

    8. @complicated

      all you speech is coherent, mate, but you are missing one important bit.

      economic uncertainty is the last thing federalists have to refrain undecided french canadians from voting yes.

      that's why legault is a double scare for your average angryphone. first of all he used to be a hardcore separatist, so he's tough to trust to start with.

      and on top of it he wants to tackle quebec's problems and put it back on the road to prosperity. that's just too much for our two clowns ed and cutie003. they know that the day it becomes impossible for them to claim that quebec's economy is crap, quebec will be independant.

      that's why the best choice for ed is a federalist and incompetent party that will keep quebec in debt and the undecided undecided: the liberals. for him it's ok if quebec doesn't thrive cause he's well off and his children are well off. as good as it gets, right ed?

      other parameters come in play in cutie003's case as she is heavily paranoid. she was going berserk the other day cause she heard that the liberals were about to come out as another separatist party! then she's convinced the flq will attack her on the day after independance so she was calling in the canadian army to protect her! her stuff is good fun to read and i enjoy setting her off, but you'll have to wake up early if you wanna guess who she'll end up voting for next time.

    9. Gee aren't you happy complicated - the trolls are siding with you - must mean you know exactly what you're doing.

  19. the dread

    It is time for MTL to separate from backward quebec RIGHT NOW!!!

    1. Yes, also Pontiac, Outaouais, Western Laurentian, and maybe Eastern Townships. We need Partition Party.

    2. I don't know how else to democratically get this place out from under the terrorists/separatists blanket other than the partition option. The ways of getting there are numerous but we have to find a way to do it democratically so there can be no question about our choices to the outside world. Having approx. 30% of the population hold us hostage is unacceptable. Anyone else think of a better solution than by municipality or federal district referendums to make our choice known?

    3. By the way Liam - e-mailed my councilman re: Bill 14 and the effect it would have on our status here in the NCR and he told me we are not an officially bilingual designated area (I always thought we were because I've never had any problems) but they have no intention of changing anything in the way the city operates. I was relieved to hear that so that I'd let you know - our real estate values are already suffering without having problems with bilingualism from the city.

    4. Well, only Federal service are required to be bilingual in the NCR. Provincial and municipal aren't. Ironic isn't. Ottawa is bilingual for 15% of french and Gatineau and Montreal aren't. Our land values are affected since no one wants to live here. Who would, health care is bad, paramedics aren't responsive, roads are filled with potholes and the constant threat from the city.

    5. Toute resistance de votre part sera inutile peggy,vous êtes cuits...Quittez lorsqu'il est encore temps!

    6. You're misunderstanding me - I thought that Gatineau was considered one of the bilingual areas in quebec - not talking about the Federal service. Our land values really took a hit when the PQ was elected - before that, things were moving along quite nicely - not that I liked all the new homes springing up everywhere because I like our green spaces, but homes were selling. Not anymore - everything is for rent because no one wants to invest a cent in this place. We have to consider how to partition this place that's for sure. Curious - what do you mean by "constant threat from the city"?

    7. Well the QC Gov has always opposed any attempt to expand NCC into Gatineau.

      The city has taken a anti-foreigners stance. In Gatineau, foreigners are looked with suspicion. Speaking to a group of chinese, they told me that the neighbours didn't like their presence and they would leave for Ottawa. Also, our mayors posted a racist document making immigrants think twice before buying a home and settling a home. That seperatist radical seems like a Borg: "Toute resistance de votre part sera inutile" sounds strangely like "Resistance is futile". I always shudder when I think at the PQ and how they remind of the Borg.

    8. Yeah, forgot about that booklet for a second there. Foreigners never used to have trouble here - I'm sad to hear that. I must admit I'm on my guard all the time now when I go out and ready to confront anyone who tells me what language to speak. I honestly hope that some IF type accosts me in Super C or something and tells me to speak French - It will be headlines in the Citizen and the Bulletin that's for sure because they'll hear me all the way to the marina if that happens. I will personally sue the SOB for harassment and we'll see where it goes from there and I mean that believe me.

    9. Well, Hull used to be primarily anglophones. But Louise Harel and Bernard Landry merged us with Gatineau, which has always been primarily francophone. Also, most anglo left and now Hull is primarily francophone.

    10. Still without the federal government as the main employer, this place would be a ghost town - that is the only thing that holds it all together.

    11. Yeah - I worked with my councilman to try to stop the mergers when the opportunity came up - I went door to door putting flyers out trying to make sure that the vote against it got out but we were short by a few percentage points - can't remember how much it was but not by much. We all hated being amalgamated with Hull and Gatineau - we had such a great city before that forced merger and that was under Charest too.

    12. What is the situation like in Aylmer?

    13. We are having more and more problems because of the IF, especially. A lot of grocery stores and restaurants are abandoning english because of the intimidation of these language militants. I haven't noticed much immigration because, since the PQ have been in office, real estate sales have come to a standstill. All building projects seem to be on hold and I never see any workmen at any of the new condo/construction sites any more. Our city seems to fend off these attacks from the IF and still treat the anglophones with respect and courtesy, thank goodness. They just seem to ignore them and work around them.

  20. Je suis d'origine quebecoise pure laine. I moved to Vancouver 13 years ago. I think that the rest of Canada is tired of the constant whining and complaining of Quebecers who shoot themselves in the foot with draconian language laws and the never ending need to separate used as a threat to get more money from Ottawa.

    The separtists and their Fascist leader are living in la la land. It's time for the rest of Canada to stand up and say enough is enough. No more transfer payments. Just thinking about the billions Alberta have to pay to these bastards in transfer makes me puke. You made you bed and chased many businesses away, so sleep in it. No more French as one of the 'offical' languages. Quebec doesn't want 2 languages so why should the rest of Canada have 2?

    I think that if there was a referendum in the rest of Canada asking the question 'Do you want to kick Quebec of of Canada?' it would win with a large Majority saying yes, don't let the door slam you on the backside on your way out.

    You can see that, even as a former soft nationalist Quebecois, living out west made me have a completely different opinion than the one I had 13 years ago.

    1. Yeah, leaving the cloistered area and culture of quebec can open your eyes alright. That's why I keep saying to these seppies to get the hell out of their own backyard and see what problems really are. Don't you guys forget we federalists that are still here keeping this country together because we need your backing also so keep that in mind before you get too harsh with all of us. Stop the money - I don't blame you one bit - why should you pay for quebec's $7.00 a day daycare? I totally understand.

    2. Agreed. Just leaving for Toronto or Ottawa can be troublesome for separatist. Although, it can be an eye-opener for most. I have personally brought some of my separatist friends to Corel Headquarter in Ottawa (word publishing) and Civic Campus. It was an different experience for them. They became federalist after that. They understood the damage the PQ had caused with their expansive social program.

    3. @liam

      you brought separatits friends to the corel thing and they became federalists?!?!?

      you have really weak friends, mate.

  21. Mr Coulliard genuinely sounds like he cares about the rights of the anglo population, doesn't he? Those statements Mr Ed quoted shouldn't be ignored, should they? The PQ being removed from power is my No. 1 hope, and wouldn't supporting a third party decrease the chance of that happening? Shouldn't we be moving towards getting existing parties to support us rather than creating new ones?

    1. complicated showed earlier than the liberals actually are the third party edm. you should read other contributor's comments you know?

    2. EDM - I'm sure you will pay no attention whatsoever to one of our resident trolls - Right now the only party that is at least pretending to be federalist - CAQ and PQ are both separatist parties - one for more economic control (CAQ) the other PQ totally socialist.

  22. EDM - Ed thinks Dr. Couillard will change the way the liberals treat the minorities and I'm not so sure. When you listen to his interview (check the last thread-I posted the link) but if you can't find it CTV News Montreal may have it on their website. I don't think he said anything concrete but Ed is reading a lot into the interview. We agree to disagree. The only party, at the present time, that may support us, is the liberals but, as I said, they haven't done anything for us for the past 40 years so I can't see that happening. Talking of a third party (the Equality Party) when they used to exist, ran candidates only in ridings where there was no possibility of splitting the vote to allow the PQ to slide up the middle. I'm not sure just what their new platform will entail or how they propose to handle the "splitting the vote" problem this time around. I'm sure they're using their noodles just as we are. All I know is I would like, just for a change, to vote for a change! I'm really sick of going to the polls and voting for the best of the worst.

  23. Hospital Fiasco in Quebec
    What a bunch of incompetent idiots.

    1. God forbid, I worry about the day when Ontario refuses to help us any longer. That will be day there will be people willing to get off their asses and march on the streets - when they start losing their loved ones because we have an insufficient number of doctors and an insufficient number of hospitals to help the citizens.

  24. 1. The bill will pass because the PQ cannot lose face. They will "negotiate" with CAQ and PQL to put some water in the wine to pass. Ultimately, all of them are opportunists.

    2. When you mix socialism (or any other form of leftism) with nationalism you get nationalsozialismus, fascism and the like. I will not discourse here about the roots of these ideologies, suffice it to say they are rooted in socialism. Language is the solution the PQ found to the Judenfrage. It is an ethnic cleansing solution that is so slow that it makes it acceptable to the ROC when balanced to keeping Canada alive as a country.

    3. Taking the streets is successful with people like S.R because they are on BS. We have jobs paying taxes into the BS and much less time on our hands.

    4. The only thing that I think it would work is to prepare a set of documents accurately describing the situation; keep the up to date; and distribute it to anyone coming in contact with a PQ. This would put business, financial and international pressure on politics at both the provincial and federal level. Because the federal is complicit, just look at Harper and Mulcair.

    1. @an importation

      "...I will not discourse here about the roots of these ideologies..."

      well maybe you should, because if you don't your point number two will remain a clumsy and defamatory tentative to associate pauline marois with hitler. the infamous godwin point if you prefer.

      "The only thing that I think it would work is to prepare a set of documents accurately describing the situation..."

      ok you do it, mate.

      hum now that i think of it a mate of mine has already started a project like this. he's been working on it for a few months. so much that he now doesn't have time anymore to contribute here. here is what he has come up with yet:

    2. 2. When you mix socialism (or any other form of leftism) with nationalism you get nationalsozialismus, fascism and the like. I will not discourse here about the roots of these ideologies, suffice it to say they are rooted in socialism. Language is the solution the PQ found to the Judenfrage. It is an ethnic cleansing solution that is so slow that it makes it acceptable to the ROC when balanced to keeping Canada alive as a country.

      Step 1 : Make stupid claim

      Step 2 : Announce that you will not discourse over what would disprove said stupid claim

      Step 3 : ????

      Step 4 : Profit

      Seriously though, socialism is a far-left ideology while nazism is a far-right ideology. They couldn't be more different if they tried.

      It's true that in the beginning the Nazis spouted some pseudo-socialist talks, mostly because the founder of the party was a socialist, but all of that became just talk when Hitler took over. The fact that they were being funded by big industry, nationalist and anti-communist groups should tell you where their true loyalties lied. The fact that the far-right nationalist party propped them up while the socialists and communists fought them like the devil should also give you a clue.

      The Nazis ideology rested on obedience to the Leader who had monopoly of the power, and renouncing democracy and group-action in all of its forms. All that was respected was strength. Socialists did the exact opposite - advocating equality of all and democracy, and being pro-labour and internationalists.

    3. While it’s quite true that communism and fascism are generally seen as being extreme opposite points on a linear scale, some people think the argument could be made that it is more of an arc or a horseshoe than a line, with the opposite ends actually being closer to each other than usually imagined.

    4. Similar in the authoritarianism perhaps, but vastly different in their ideologies and economic models.

      For instance, Nazi Germany reposed on "traditional" values that left women in the home to make babies. They never used women in large numbers in factories, even at the end when manpower shortages were extreme; instead they imported slave labour from the occupied countries.

      The Soviet Union, on the other hand, granted equal status to women from the get-go, women worked in factories and fought as infantry to the same degree (if not in the same numbers) as men.

      Democracies were in-between, with women being used in the factories but not on the front.

      Quebec is like neither of these - it is genuinely left-wing and nationalist, two ideologies that don't usually go hand-in-hand. In fact I know of no other place in the globe with similar politics - the separatist movement in Scotland is far-right, as makes sense.

      This is probably at the origin of the cognitive dissonance that is at the centre of the PQ movement, where half of them want to ban religion because it stands in the way of progress and the other half want to keep it around because it furthers their nationalism.

  25. Yes, to my knowledge, people are endeavouring to do just that at the present time (that is describing the situation). Mulcair is no doubt complicit - I just hope Harper keeps them from getting any more power than they have already absconded with - they have too much power now. Our constitution needs to be amended to delete any reference to language and terminate the "Notwithstanding" clause to stop these politicians from having enough power to destroy our country.

  26. Hey Resident - watch your back - Infiltration from seppies somewhere - Know you keep good track of this stuff kiddo. Talk soon

  27. Readers, I don't often interfere in the comments section, but I'm a bit frustrated.

    In the blog piece above I asked a simple question;
    What is the difference between Quebec declaring itself a francophone society and Canada or New Brunswick doing the same, that is, declaring itself an English society.

    Not one taker ...... for shame.

    Now on another note, who can remind me of RESIDENT EVILS" new website, I very much want to get in touch with him privately....

    1. Probably because no one has much to say about it.

      I'll take a stab. I understand that from your point of view, it seems like they are equal, simply the shoe on the other foot.

      I want to stress, however, that I do not necessarily agree with that pre-amble. I don't think I have a clear opinion on it, I'm kind of divided. Perhaps the rest of my post will tell you why.

      From my point of view, the difference is the same as between a gay pride parade and a straight pride parade, between black panther and white power, between the SAANB and the Anglo Society of New Brunswick or between the feminist movement and the men's rights movement.

      Simply put - in the latter of all of the above, the majority is already in a culturally, economically or politically dominant position. In those situations, the affirmation of pride by the majority simply rubs in the fact that they are in a dominant position. To boot, it gives the majority the opportunity to wallow in its own victimhood - something every dominant group of people does when challenged to change by a less dominant group.

      I can hear you now - "surely all you said describes Quebec to a T (or Q as the case may be)."

      It's a point I'll concede, if Quebec was independent. If it was independent, affirming the supremacy of the francophones would certainly be "rubbing it in" just like the anglo society of N-B. But it isn't independent - it is one province of Canada forming an ever lower demographic weight of a country less and less inclined to acknowledge their difference.

      Haven't you heard on this blog, "whether I learn French or not is none of the business of the Quebec government, after all I immigrated to Canada, not Quebec" - that is a statement you will not hear anywhere else in Canada.

      That is why the statement "this is a francophone society" does not have strictly the same meaning in Quebec as "this is an anglophone society" would have in Canada or New-Brunswick.

    2. Sounds reasonable insofar as it goes, however this ignores the ethnic cleansing component of Quebec nationalism that is actively trying to stamp out English from its territory and is now even harassing other languages from being more visible (rather than being subservient to French in each and every case). You can bet your bottom dollar that in the unlikely event of Quebec separating whole, the assimilation machine will promptly go into high gear with Borg-like singlemindedness. Furthermore, you casually state that independence makes franco-supremacy unacceptable, as opposed to being a province in a confederation, in which case it is understandable. I think that either it is or it is not acceptable and that its acceptability should not be conditional on sovereignty.

      Separatists conspicuously ignore the fact that Quebec and its culture is not and has never been cultivated by francophones alone. It is a blatant lie to claim that Quebec is “open to the world” when it is obsessed with artificially imposing its own culture on everybody else regardless of local conditions. It was pointed out on this blog that people in Quebec City are not even embarrassed to write letters to the editor complaining about Montreal-centrism, referring to the presence of visible minorities in advertising and such since it doesn’t reflect the “true” (i.e. tribal) Quebec. Look at the audience on TLMEP… it should be called “Tout le monde est pareil”.

      In any event, English is NOT the foundation of Canada’s culture and of a distinct culture that is open to the world. The foundation of Canada’s culture rests on far more than language. Immigrants the world over flock to Canada for many reasons and language doesn’t figure very prominently among them.

      I don’t think there are any first-generation cheerleaders in the RoC telling long-established francophones with deep roots in the RoC to “MOVE! GO AWAY! TAKE THE 401! YOU HAVE QUEBEC MADE JUST FOR YOU!” and so on.

      All of the francophones I know here are proud of Quebec and fine with bilingualism. Separatists’ overwhelming obsession with language is not healthy; it is toxic. Rather than focussing on important things to improve French (you would probably be shocked to see how poorly a large part of francophone Quebecers are able to write their own language), the PQ is more concerned about measuring the size of letters and trying to legislate culture.

      As pointed out in a previous post, is that the kind of society we truly want to live in? A society where everything is seen through the optics of language and the perceived threat to French purity?

    3. Typical Yannick. He never fails to disappoint in his attempts to apologize for the utterly reprehensible behavior of French language supremacists in Quebec. He would be livid if the same attacks were being made on the Francophone minority in his home province of New Brunswick...little hypocrite.

    4. Typical Durham - ignore the argument, follow by ad-hominem, claim victory, act self-righteous, and then leave.

    5. The Cat : I believe I've made my position on 101 and the PQ's obsession on culture clear before. I agree with you. I just thought we were discussing something else.

      Taken alone, I believe that the statement "Quebec is a francophone society" is not homologeous to "New Brunswick is an anglophone society". Why the PQ is pushing for it is an other issue entirely and I don't disagree with anything you've said.

    6. @ The Cat
      ...TLMEP… it should be called “Tout le monde est pareil”.
      Funny you should mention that, I noticed it myself.

      To everyone else, here`s a true Montrealer, or for SR and student, tiens, un vrai Montréalais :

    7. @Yannick: Yeah, I know… I agree with you too. I just felt like expounding upon what you said now that the Editor finally seems to be taking steps to moderate his blog properly.

      @Laurie: Perhaps it stuck in my craw because you had mentioned it previously. ;-) Also, that video is excellent! Even franco-allos are mocking the insecurity exhibited by the OQLF. Everyone ought to watch it! (and like it!!)

  28. Editor - I sent you his e-mail address to your private address.

  29. FROM ED
    Editor, I'm sorry but I find the question of litle consequence. Of course the difference is that they would be doing it for the majority and not with just 30% of the popular support. I guess I just don't see how that relates to our problem or more important how to solve it. I guess I'm just too pragmatic. Ed

  30. Editor, please leave poutine and maple syrup out of this discussion.

    I love them both and embrace them as my own sweet, darling babes of cultural ambrosia. Not quite up there with smoked meat, but close.

  31. The Editor reproduces the text of section 2 of Bill 14 which reads:

    " (the French language) constitutes the foundation of Québec’s identity and of a distinct culture that is open to the world.”

    The Editor then comments extensively on the above, using several examples to show that it is "insulting" and "discriminatory" to promote French in such a manner. It is, according to him, a "draconian, hurtful, and exclusionary provision" and a "travesty".

    I agree completely with the Editor's assessment of Section 2 of Bill 14.

    However, my question for the Editor is this:

    Editor, how did you vote in the referendum on the Charlottetown Accord back in 1992?

    I suspect you voted "yes". Did you?

    I bring this up because there are two clauses in that Accord (and they were the raison d'etre of the Accord) which read as follows:

    " 2. (1) The Constitution of Canada, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, shall be interpreted in a manner consistant with the following characteristics: (c) Quebec constitutes within Canada a distinct society, which includes a French-speaking majority, a unique culture and a civil law tradition;"


    "(2) The role of the legislature and government of Quebec to preserve and promote the distinct society of Quebec is affirmed."

    I think you'll agree that virtually all the criticisms you outlined in your editorial for section 2 of Bill 14 applies equally to the above two clauses from the Charlottetown Accord.

    So, how did you vote?

    1. I wasn't old enough to vote, but most of those I knew that did vote, voted no.

  32. from the dread

    Pauline Marois = Mohammed Morsi

  33. Sorry if this is unrelated to the editors post, but I needed to share it

    "Mouvement Québec français dénonce une cabale contre la loi 101"

    That's right folks, it's all a big conspiracy to discredit Bill 101, even the OQLF is in on it! All part of the evil Durham Assimilation Cabal!

    If anything, these crazies sure are a good source of entertainment.

    Even the separatists and language crazies can't stand each other.

    1. " Si on compare à ce qui se fait ici, il y a infiniment plus de services en français" Sorry Beaulieu, that is just not true.
      Some could say that francophone in Quebec have access to better service in Ontario than in Quebec. Also, Ottawa, Hawkesbury, Alexandria, and Cornwall Hospital are all bilingual. Take that, Beaulieu.
      Also, Francophone in Quebec are more likely to die. Sorry but the truth hurts Beaulieu.
      Plus, Francophone in Ontario have access to their own TV network TFO

    2. Liam - they always complain about the ROC but as usual, we are the ones that challenge everything to do with English whereas the rest of the provinces try their best to assist Francophones and make them welcome as they possibly can. That's why they don't want to return to this "special" place - why would they?

    3. And yes, our death rates are higher - why would that be? hmmm - could it be that the best doctors and nurses leave here to practice medicine in Ontario where they are paid higher wages and have more respect because they speak both languages? The seppies will probably say - naw - can't be - we're just an older and sicker generation.

    4. The problem is the PQ. The problem is that they cancel infrastructure project to reallocate it to expensive social program like in vitro fertilization, subsidized daycares, and many others.

    5. Yes, that is part of the problem too - take from Peter to pay Paul

  34. And they have the nerve to call us "paranoid". These people are insane and so insular that I'm sure they honestly believe there is something wrong with speaking two languages. Bunch of nuts.

  35. As to the Editor's question - at this point in time and given that quebec doesn't even try to get along with the other provinces or with the federal government, and the francophones still vote for the PQ, to me there is no reason any longer not to input some kind of clause stating that "English is the primary language of Canada" - they've tried and failed to win over these language bigots and doing everything to help them keep their culture and language has failed so perhaps it's the time to stop pandering and let the chips fall where they may. If anything changes before the next quebec provincial election, like the liberals promise to make changes and/or we get a new federalist provincial party, then we can wait for the results of that election and take action at that time. I wouldn't blame the ROC for wanting to stop all this expense and wasteful efforts on these separatists any longer.

    1. Every Canadian politician from Trudeau, to Mulroney, to Chretien tried appease Quebec. Good thing PM Harper knows it is a lost cause and doesn't reopen the constitutional issue.

    2. Perhaps all that effort is what kept the PQ at 32% rather than 60% over all these years?

    3. Perhaps Yannick that the francophone population is finally realizing what harm they do to themselves? After all, it doesn't take a lot to figure out that the constant threats, language police, language legislation, hate for anything other than pur laine francophones and problems that they cause every other province has turned most of North America against them.

    4. At the time Trudeau left office, public opinion polls had support for sovereignty in Quebec well under 20%.

      Yes, there was plenty of appeasement from Trudeau towards the separatists but there was also the "Just watch me" and plenty of holding the line on incessant constitutional demands that, at the very least, Trudeau attempted quid pro quo's for. That is, "okay, Quebec, we'll give you this, but we want that in return."

      Not an overall fan of Trudeau's but when it came to Quebec he was, at least in comparison with the other gentlemen that Liam mentioned, tough.

    5. No doubt he didn't fool around with the separatists the way some of the PMs have done and that is exactly what must happen now because, as proven, there is no end to their demands. The kids are out on the streets again for a mere 1.70 a day increase in their tuition. Everything for free is again an acceptable way of life for these socialists. This time around, Miss Piggy will have no choice but to do exactly what Charest did and put her foot down. These kids don't give a damn about anyone but themselves (you will take note Quebecer of Tree Stump that these are kids and not the older folks who want everything for nothing). Not even a thought to how much money their own parents pay in taxes. As I said, I paid for daycare, I paid to educate my kids, I worked, what's wrong with all that - that's life kids, no matter where you live, even in good old quebec.

  36. Radio-Canada "investigative" journalism at work

    "Les pompiers sont aussi intervenus, un peu avant les ambulanciers. Deux des trois pompiers étaient unilingues Anglais et ce sont eux qui sont allés parler au patient." CBC if two were speaking enlish, that means one was speaking french to the patient.

    "Ambulance Nouveau-Brunswick affirme qu'un ambulancier bilingue ne c'était pas présenter au travail cette journée-là. C'est donc un ambulancier unilingue anglophone qui a pris sa place." That sentence is important CBC, don't just hide it under the rug. Perhaps you could have inquired why he didn't show up for the work.

    Seriously, that story is about a worker who could not go to work. Hardly worthy of News unless your Radio-Canada with a political goal of promoting separatism. Ambulance NB, and Ottawa Paramedics for that matter, have gone to great stride offer services for francophones. Ottawa Paramedics was even used in Gatineau, QC.

    1. The difference is that in N-B both hospital systems are legistlated to be able to offer bilingual service. In practice, only the French hospitals actually deliver though.

    2. In a city that is 30% Francophone and 50% bilingual, it's pretty indefensible how this can happen.

      You are also failing at reading comprehension - " Deux des trois pompiers étaient unilingues Anglais et ce sont eux qui sont allés parler au patient" means that two out of free firemen were unilingual english, and those two unilingual firemen are the ones who talked to the patient.

      Meaning, not enough of a fuck was given by the firemen to have the bilingual fireman talk to the patient.

      Pretty par for the course in Moncton, where there are good intentions at the top but indifference at the bottom (unilingual english) level.

    3. Of course, to make sure that there were always bilingual paramedics on staff, you would have to actually hire more bilingual paramedics - and the unilingual anglophones are already crying murder over there being too few job opportunities for them.

      Just another example of how a unilingual anglophone's access to a job is more important than a patient's access to a service.

      By the way - weren't everyone here freaking out over the Paramedic who couldn't/wouldn't address that patient in Vaudreuil in English? But of course then it was a tragedy - but the exact same thing happens in Moncton? Oh, it's okay - the bilingual paramedic didn't make it to work that day.

      Deux Poids deux mesures.

      Furthermore, news in the Atlantic are reported by journalists from the Moncton Radio-Canada office, staffed almost entirely by Adadians who aren't from Quebec and therefore could not under any circumstances be accused of separatism of all things.

      You must really not understand ROC francophones to make such an outrageous statement. I happen to know the reporter who wrote that piece, and he's no separatist.

      If there is a bias, it's in favour of holding the government accountable to its own laws and regulations concerning bilingual services.

    4. So where do you think the third fireman was? He was doing his job and was with the patient. Well, I hope he was or else I hope his manager fire him to save NB taxpayer money.

      What about the bilingual paramedic. Why do think he didn't show up for work? This is still a "news" story about a employee that didn't show up for work.

      Anyway, ANB still has work to do and bilingualism shouldn't be their primary focus.
      It is a distraction, while health of residents are at risk.

    5. OK buddy, you better never complain about a non-bilingual paramedic in Montreal then.

      After all, it is a distraction if the paramedic can talk to the person who is possibly dying - the access of unilingual anglophones to jobs is the main concern everyone should have.

    6. Also WTF dude, Simmonds? Really? It's a shithole of 500 people located in bum-fuck nowhere deep in anglo territory, of course they will have long responds times and non-bilingual service.

      It's like complaining that there are no english-speaking paramedics in Sept-Îles! Duh?

      Grand Manan is a frigging island deep in Anglo territory, for chrissake! You have to take the ferry to get there! It comes like twice a day!

      You're comparing that to a city where 30% of the inhabitants are francophones and 50% are bilingual.

      Bilingualism in a bilingual city certainly should be one of their primary focuses. Isn't being able to talk to the dying person somehow conducive to helping the "health of residents"?

    7. I never said that Montreal should have bilingual ambulance since they can't afford to. Both of the province ambulance agencies are struggling to meet needs. Making all ambulance staff bilingual in both province is too expensive. Both of the province have problem in their healthcare and they need to start fixing. As one commentator said: "It takes just 3 minutes to die from a heart attack, stroke, drowning, acute blood loss etc.... 20 minutes is much too long to wait when a person's life is in danger".

    8. Now Radio Canada should do a piece on the ambulance guy in Quebec with the same dose of concern and indignation. Only then will take take their piece on the Moncton firemen seriously and as it is intended to be taken: a cry for social justice and human decency.

      In a bilingual country, reality dictates that some social service providers and first responders are bound to be uniligual (French or English) and decency dictates that when dealing with another uniligual of the other language, the responders remain unpolitical but full of good will, empathy, and effort. In the examples of the NB firemen and the QC ambulance driver, we had little empathy, but obvious indifference of the firemen ("sorry, we don't speak English"), and (even worse) a vulgar political statement from the QC paramedic ("This is QC, here we speak French"). Now Radio Canada can feel free to condemn both instances for the lack of empathy, and I will in turn recognize such reporting as emphatic and honest. But if one case is reported with indignation and slight over-dramatization, and the other with indifference and a dose of apologia, then that's no objective reporting, but more like partisan propaganda.

    9. *sorry, we don't speak French

    10. Liam - That's in simmonds, in the back end of the country. I'm not sure why you think that long times for ambulance dispatch in the rural areas of the province have any bearing on the ability to provide bilingual service in the Province's largest metropolitan area.

      Not 100% of paramedics need to be bilingual - just enough that ever ambulance has someone who can do it, and not only if no one calls in sick that day.

      It's not more expensive to hire and schedule bilingual paramedics - you just have to make it important at more than one level.

    11. Adski - Radio Canada in Quebec and in N-B are fundamentally different and rarely talk to each other.

    12. You misunderstood me. All I was saying is that if I was NB taxpayer, I would want fast efficient services. Quebec and NB need to improve both of their service because the current level is unacceptable. Also, french class for english paramedics is too expensive. Also, no employee should be fired because they do not speak french or english. Experience should be the primary criteria.

    13. You misunderstood me. All I was saying is that if I was NB taxpayer, I would want fast efficient services.

      But the examples you provide are tiny rural communities far away from everything! Do you realize how this has no bearing on bilingual services in New-Brunswick's greatest cities?

      It's like saying that Ottawa shouldn't try to provide bilingual paramedic service because ambulances take a long time to bring people home in Thunder Bay. It's nonsense!

      Quebec and NB need to improve both of their service because the current level is unacceptable.

      Quebec's may be unacceptable. I never had any issues with New Brunswick's. From what your articles state, only the rural townships are having issues - which is entirely understandable. You can't have a paramedic in every shit town twiddling his thumbs until someone calls him on wednesday, you put them in a central location and you dispatch them out even if it takes 15 minutes to drive there.

      Also, no employee should be fired because they do not speak french or english. Experience should be the primary criteria.

      Who's saying anything about being fired or teaching classes? It's simple - when you hire new paramedics, you hire the bilingual one even if his CV is not as good in other respects. His ability to talk to the dying person makes up for a slightly crappier CV. You only need a portion of your paramedics to be bilingual, so the rest can be unilingual English to their heart's content.

      Of course this won't sit well with you. "Experience should be the primary criteria" translates to "Unilingual Anglophones' access to job should always come over ability to communicate with the patient"

      Your access to your job is more important than my mom's access to not dying.

    14. Yes, the NB event is a deplorable event… but no one mentioned: « Ambulance Nouveau-Brunswick affirme qu'un ambulancier bilingue ne c'était pas presenter au travail cette journée-là. »

      I was just mentioning to Yannick about the quality of written French among francophones and see that this whopper has been online for 4 days now. And it comes from Radio-Canada, an organisation that did not even deign to report on those Vaudreuil ambulance paramedics who refused to speak English when the little girl was having convulsions, or the STM metro attendant who put a passenger in a headlock and punched her for speaking English, or the other STM “attendant” who put a sign up saying he won’t serve people who don’t speak French, or the frustrated anglophobe who threw a tomato sandwich in a hospital cafeteria at someone with severe allergies…

      Bias? Nahhhh, couldn’t be…

      “Radio Canada in Quebec and in N-B are fundamentally different and rarely talk to each other.”

      Really? I wonder why that would be (really!). I’m pretty sure CBC Halifax keeps in touch with CBC Toronto and CBC Vancouver. Sounds odd...

    15. It's because Radio-Canada is Quebec-centric. I've mentionned before how a Radio-Canada Acadie piece is more likely to be reprised by the english CBC network then by Radio-Canada in Montreal.

      Sad really.

      Every morning as I wake up to Radio-Canada in Alberta, I get to listen to fascinating tales about the finer points of Montreal's metro system.

  37. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 4:48:00 PM EST


    Everyday I will insert a link about the Calgary franco community on here.
    This will be convenient in order to show how that minority is perceived day to day.
    For today: In southern Alberta, the number of francophone schools has jumped from four to 13, eight of them in the Calgary region.
    Meanwhile in Quebec:

    1. Interesting link about the Franco community. We'll look forward to hearing about franco-albertans.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 5:06:00 PM EST

      Yes, there is a Franco Albertan association here. I've pledged money on behalf of my employer for the St-Jean Baptiste and also for a summer bbq. It's fairly good for networking but for young families coming from Quebec, it's a great source of friends, to share tips, etc. I'll keep you guys posted.

    3. Geez un Gars: You're supporting that militant separatist St-Jean Baptiste Society?

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 5:29:00 PM EST

      Cutie, no.
      I am a french Canadian. I live in Canada, specifically Calgary in Alberta.
      I do not support that society. As a french Canadian I do participate in the 24 June St-Jean-Baptiste celebrations.
      What part of my above confused you?

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 5:51:00 PM EST

      Why was my previous reply to cutie deleted?

      The St-Jean Baptiste Day is on 24 June. It is a celebration. For all Francos across Canada.
      However, in quebec, where you live it's a National Holiday.
      The Society of the same name is an institution in Quebec dedicated to the protection of Quebec francophone interests and to the promotion of Quebec Sovereignty.
      The Franco-Albertans are an extended community of French Canadians or French-speaking people living in Alberta.

      I just wonder what part confused you. Re-read my above.

    6. Well, most franco are not separatist. Most are happy to be Canadian, and I hear some franco in Ottawa celebrate both St-Jean Baptist Day and Canada Day. For the rest of Quebec St-Jean Baptist Day is not a separatist movement. Like only a couple of franco will support seperation of northern and eastern Ontario and that movement is not widespread. Even the Quebec society was once proud to be Canadian, it even supported Queen Elizabeth II coming to Quebec city, in 1959.

    7. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 6:24:00 PM EST

      I celebrate Canada Day every year.
      I've been to some crappy countries on business in the past 5, 6 years. Haiti, Yemen and Senegal really were sucky. I just love to go to Toulouse twice yearly...
      Boy I can't imagine why some people willfully need to leave Canada...

    8. I guess I just automatically linked them all together but outside quebec I can see where they can serve a purpose other than being the troublemakers and militant separatists they are here. Anyway, I hope that they send absolutely no funding to their counterparts here because it just makes things worse for us. I have to presume you know what you're doing and have probably checked into that aspect of the organization.

    9. And I agree that most of the Canadian population also wonder why some people would want to leave Canada.

    10. Johnny Baptist day is celebrated by Catholics all over the world btw

    11. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 6:44:00 PM EST

      "I hope that they send absolutely no funding to their counterparts here because it just makes things worse for us."
      ??? Counterparts??? You okay tonight???
      Why would hard working, federalist, good Canadians of french/quebec origin Canada wide send money to quebec Marxist separatists?

    12. Yes, Cutie, Montreal has (or had) a number of fraternal organizations such as the Patrick’s Society for the Irish, the St. Andrew’s Society for the Scots, the St. George’s Society for English, the St. David’s Society for the Welsh and the St. John’s Society for the French. Unfortunately, Montreal's SSJB has morphed from being a fraternal organization to a militant nationalist organization.

    13. It's unfortunate that they keep the same name that does good work everywhere else - taints the whole organization. And unGars there are lots of organizations that support one another across the country and each province has their own branch. A lot of times people donate money to them and don't realize the funds are split with the other branches. That's the only reason I asked.

    14. Un Gars, last month I posted about the CBC Radio show "C'est la vie" and their show about French Quarters in Canada, including the one in Calgary. It may (or may not) be of interest to you:

    15. New to Blog....
      Sorry......just have to chime in and say that it is not St. Jean Baptiste day in's St Jean "raciste" day.
      Go ahead......prove me wrong (talking about the resident trolls here...)

    16. @"Fed"-up in Quebec

      "Go ahead......prove me wrong"

      no mate. you claim, you fork the proof. that's how we'll do it.

      p.s. great nickname you got there.

    17. @ Student
      Glad to see you understood the "nickname"
      as for the rest....... meh !

  38. The Editor writes:

    "If Bill 14 passes, it is time to give up on the political route and take the argument to the streets..."

    Could you elaborate on that, please? "The streets" as in peaceful, civil protests? Or as in "burn, baby, burn"?

  39. New Video for all to watch on Alliance Quebec 2.0 explaining some of the things they intend to do.

    1. "Go bankrupt and form a country" Haha.

  40. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 6:59:00 PM EST

    10 Arrested in Montreal Student Protests:

    Please anyone tell me when was the last time ANY GOOD news came out of quebec????
    P.S. My Habs are always good news; Erik Cole got traded today for Micheal Ryder.

    1. recent quebec good news:

      corrupted liberal party out.

      quebec movies nominated for academy awards. again.

      quebec organizes a summit on higher education.

      quebec tackles its corruption problem with a public enquiry.

      money drain gentilly II to be closed.

      minister lisée opens up to anglophones.

      marois signs a cooperation deal with vermont governor.

      a forum on mining policies is announced for march.

      parti québécois proposes a budget that's in line with 0 deficit targets.

      quebec secures deal with wendake indians.

      bombardier sells 32 c-series to a russian customer.

      unemployment rate in quebec drops to 7.1%.

      when you're done with this list tell me, there's more.

  41. "Please anyone tell me when was the last time ANY GOOD news came out of quebec"

    Quand tu as quitté.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 7:11:00 PM EST

      Je te croyais arrete par la police de Montreal durant la manif communiste aujourd'hui. Ils t'ont laisse ton cellulaire?

  42. It is time for civil disobedience. Everyone that believes this, I have an idea. Lets all write "STOP IT" in white with metal paint (ex:tremclad) on every ARRET sign. After a few years they will give up on changing the signs and the separatristes will know we are still here. We have bent backwards for 35 years trying to make francophones aware that we understand the protection of the quebecois language but I have just heard my back brake so we must now protect our language because we are left to ourselves.

    1. We' probably be hanged by the seppies if we were caught erasing ARRET on their STOP signs - lol. Good idea though. I'm for anything that does not do a lot of harm to anyone personally.

  43. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 7:09:00 PM EST

    Checking on Bureau-Blouin's Twitter. His Twitter is "souverainiste":

    Funny that the little bitch asks students to stop demonstrating. Money corrupts. quebec=corruption:
    "former student leader Léo Bureau-Blouin now advocating for an end to student demonstrations from his seat in the National Assembly":

    1. @un gars bs de calgary

      can you quote léo bureau-blouin please? i didn't find anything outrageous on the twitter page you indicate mate.

  44. Interesting and posted above - in case you missed it - I nearly did. Conservative Party of Quebec

  45. lollollollol - un Gars - aren't they something - anything for a buck guys! Two-faced twits.

  46. Jens Schauer,Halifax

    Quebec is a french province. Dont like it? Leave.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, February 26, 2013 at 7:38:00 PM EST

      Leave for where then?

    2. Well Jens if you don't understand the situation, and you obviously don't if you live in Nova Scotia, please don't offer your opinion to this blog because we get quite enough ethnic cleansing tactics from the separatists. So read and learn or go to another blog that you understand. Thank you.

    3. Just like most anglo-Quebecers, I love the fact that it’s a French province. Be that as it may, anglos have been an integral part of Quebec society for over 250 years. We have no business moving anyplace else on account of the insecure, loudmouth, intolerant minority of separatists. You obviously just don’t get it.

    4. @cutie003

      "...if you don't understand the situation, and you obviously don't if you live in Nova Scotia, ..."

      you seem to think that jens is not allowed an opinion because he or she is from nova scotia. on the other hand you would like usa news channels to report on the situation in quebec. how could an american understand you if a halifax chap can't?

    5. Tes questions sont beaucoup trop pertinentes student.

    6. Spoken like a true implanted Nova Scotian who has no clue about Quebec demographics, Jens.....
      I suggest you get out more and discover a little more of Canada.

    7. For once I have to agree with student.

      All of you guys are always saying "Share the news about what's going in to people in the ROC! Let's get them outraged!"

      Well that only really seems to be welcome if they agree with you, don't it? :)

    8. Je crois que les angryphones sur ce blogue sont en état de panique car il n'ont aucun moyen de quitter cet infâme Québec.

    9. Yannick - that's why I suggested she read more of the blog before making any comments. Someone who comes here and reads a couple of posts does not understand what goes on here. You either have to live it or stay around awhile to grasp the SRs and the students.

    10. @yannick

      you are suggesting that you rarely agree with what i write. i doubt that is the case. please react more often when, in your humble opinion, i drift away from the truth.

  47. Some MORE Francophone voices of reason. They are slowly realizing how many have been brainwashed.

    Johanne Marcotte discusses the OQLF, PQ, SSBJ, IF, Bill 14, ça l'écoeur!

    S.R and student, takes notes!

    1. Moi c'est sa face qui m'écoeure.

    2. Vous écoutez radio-poubelle Laurie?

    3. Excellent link, Laurie! This is much more typical of franco-Quebecers than those loudmouths that take an overly-large share of the limelight. - Everyone in Quebec has to tighten their belts, except the OQLF, which gets a 6% budget increase this year. – Caffè Conti in Quebec City has to be a “café” to protect French. - A Quebec company that exports all over the world had to spend $10,000 to Frenchify their software to satisfy the OQLF, even though they have no clients in Quebec. - Mario Beaulieu is against the Union United Church and so much more. - Laughing at the PQ minister Malavoy, who called English a “foreign” language. On and on it goes… exposing the contempt and true “colonisé” mentality of separatists.

      If the troll is embarrassed about it and tries to trash it, you know that it must be GOOD!!! 
      It’s fascinating, a MUST LISTEN!!!

  48. Pointe Claire bakery-deli responds to language police with pasta salad Marois:

    They have already been harassed by the OQLF, among the offences:

    The word “welcome” written in 35 different languages in the storefront window.

    LOLOLOL.....this is even more preposterous than Pastagate. A welcome sign in 35 languages is illegal in Quebec! What a friggin' joke.

    1. No wonder the world laughs - the guy figured he may as well make a few bucks off the problems he been put through - good on him.

    2. Hey S.R.,

      What are you going to do when the federal government disallows all Quebec discriminatory legislation deemed, prima facie, to be in violation of the Charter? You know that's going to happen as Quebec's share of the Canadian population further declines. It's not all that far off, son. You'll then scream like the stuck pig that you are as, by then, the ethnic French Canadian share of Quebec's population will have likely dipped to below 75%, which will mean that you'll need to corral something like 90% of French Canadian votes to push through the super majority "Oui" vote necessary to get Canada to let you out. Since we all know that's never going to happen, you'll likely take to blowing things up and kidnapping people again, at which point the RCMP will hunt you down like the dogs that you are and put an end to your shenanigans forever.

    3. Et dire qu'ils souffrent parce que nous leur demandons poliment de parler la langue de la majorité.Un jour nous laisserons tomber les politesses...