Monday, December 24, 2012

5 Reasons to Relaunch the Equality Party

As we look around our federalist community, not just the English, but the Ethnics and real Francophone federalists, it's clear that we suffer from a lack of leadership and coordinated effort.

The old guard has largely retired or scaled back their involvement, there is a limit to the time and effort any one individual can contribute to voluntary community service and the effective shelf life of those who served us so well, has clearly passed beyond the expiry date.

The political vacuum that exists in the federalist community has been filled is by the Liberal Party, which while not sovereigntist, has largely abandoned the fight to preserve English language rights, coldly calculating that the votes in our community aren't there to justify the political capital.
This reality is exacerbated by the fact that the Liberals know that without a viable option, federalists will vote for them, the choice obviously the lesser of three evils.

But was the Equality Party a worthwhile endeavour back when our numbers were more numerous and when we had the demographic weight to send four members to the National Assembly?

It remains true that the party imploded under the weight of divergent opinions and never attained any sort of effectiveness, that is the unfortunate truth that the Anglo community recognized and thus moved on.
The problem of the old Equality Party is that it saw itself and acted as an established political party, something that it could never be and thus was doomed to failure.

But I do believe that a reborn Equality party can become relevant if it recognizes what it must become, given the limited size it can attain based on the demographic reality.
And so I'd like to use this last post of the year to discuss the concept.

I've been asked to offer some advice, perhaps get involved with a small group of people who are contemplating just that, the rebirth of the Equality party.
To that end, I am writing this piece in an effort to see if there is a basis of support in our community, without which we can go no further.

Here are five reasons why I believe federalists should support an Equality Party 2.0.
1) Our community remains leaderless. There is nobody who speaks for real Quebec federalists on any official or semi-official basis. 

2) Although the chances of electing more than one or two members is slim, it is not insignificant. Look at the impact that Amir Khadir had on the National Assembly sitting as the lone member of Quebec solidaire. 
3) Without pushback, our community will be nickel and dimed to death. The threat to remove bilingual status from our towns is no hollow threat. To our fragile community, it means the beginning of the end of English as a fact in Quebec.

4) For better or worse, public funding for political parties is coming and even if the Equality party doesn't elect anyone, it can be the beneficiary of hundreds of thousands of dollars, based on a per vote subsidy.
This money can be used to mount constitutional challenges and to purchase advertising to defend our cause.
Can you imagine the effect of the Equality Party picketing Pauline Marois at her recent speaking engagement in New York?
Just five people carrying placards and handing out flyers in front of the St. Regis hotel would have rocked Quebec and rained on the separatist parade. The fiction of a Premier having the support of Quebecers would be utterly dashed and the separatist government, so deathly afraid of bad publicity in the US, would be put on notice that trifling with our rights will have consequences.
The entire operation of sending demonstrators to New York would have cost under $1,000, but it takes organization.
The Equality Party will give spokesman and demonstrators legitimacy, and a soapbox to speak to Quebecers, Canadians and Americans under the auspices of a political party that has members.

5) For those of you who think an Equality Party will be necessarily ineffective, I beg to differ. Using the Press, social media and clever tactics, our effect can be massive. 
And so we need to abandon the traditional political tactics that had but one goal, that of electing members to the National Assembly. It is not necessary for our purposes.
Our goal is to effect political change and so, electing members to the Assembly, while a nice side benefit, is not the be all and end all.
We can do much more outside Parliament, where no matter how many members we elect, our effectiveness is limited by the rules of the game..
And so we need to create our own game, with our own rules. Here is but one example of direct political action that can be effective.

An Equality Party can embark on a campaign to implore those in the RoC to demand that Ottawa tie Equalization payments to the preservation of English language rights in Quebec, specifically through the Official Language Act, which could be modified to force towns and cities to provide bilingual services when the English or French minority reaches 10%, or better still, a modification that allows towns and cities to declare themselves bilingual based on a majority vote in town council.

Unfortunately, it has come down to this..... political action.

I can think of dozens of other things we can do that can be effective, but I don't want to give away the playbook.
We need to organize, this time thinking outside the box.

I want to remind you all about the success of the pea-fart Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste, which punches way above its weight, imposing a separatist influence on Quebec politics beyond its demographic weight.
I believe that a renewed Equality Party 2.0 which focuses on fighting for our rights using smart tactics will be incredibly effective.

We don't have to do anything illegal like the students, it is not our way.
Our belief in law, order and good government is too ingrained in us to proceed on the wrong side of the law, but that doesn't mean we can't fight.
We can can set up legal committees, organize letter-writing campaigns, lobby federal politicians across Canada, prepare strategic advertising campaigns and organize small, yet powerfully effective demonstrations, as I described above.

We don't need to take our message to Quebec City, we need to take it to New York, Toronto, Washington and Ottawa.
By acting strategically, we can bring pressure on those who wish to see our community destroyed, even if our numbers are relatively small.
Until Quebec linguicists understand that there will be a financial cost attached to their persecution of our community, there can be no gains.

So let's be creative, we have nothing to lose.

I propose a party where activist members, not the leaders, are the ones doing the heavy lifting.
If all the energy of readers of this one blog went into an organized defence of our community, we would already be seeing the fruits of our efforts.

I bet reading this, you've all got tons of ideas bubbling in your head. Ideas that don't cost a lot or need a lot of manpower.
Ideas that can and will effect a change of attitude.

Let us remember what the separatists always tell us, that is, that there are over 300 million anglos around us.
If we can't think of what to do with that support, we are not worthy of preserving our language and culture in Quebec.

I ask readers to use the comment section to voice your opinion.
Can this project be viable?
Are you willing to help?

A special plea to those who read this blog but don't comment.  Isn't it time to get involved? How about one small comment to have your position known.
Honestly if we can't speak out in the comments section here, it augers poorly for the project.
Please speak up now.

For too long our community has been systematically punched around by language militants and separatist forces that have visited body blow after body blow on our community. They have done so with impunity and without riposte.

It's time for that to change. Time for us to throw a spanner in the grand separatist design.
As Mike Tyson said;
"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth"

It's time for our community to get off the ropes and fight back.

Readers, this is my take on the re-establishment of the Equality Party and I'm sure some of you might agree with me while others might have a different idea, so let's hear from you.

I going to leave this piece open until the New Year and consequently, this is my last post of 2012. I shall return on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.
I await your reactions in the comment section......

To everyone reading this blog, friend or foe, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
To those Christians of Russian, Greek, Armenian origin, or otherwise Orthodox Christian origin, who will be celebrating Christmas on January 6th or 7th, I wish you all a Happy New Year first and then a Merry Christmas!

A very special year-end thanks to my wife for correcting my many typos and repairing faulty sentence construction, as well as acting as a the fact-checker of last resort. (Yes dear, Guy Turcotte did kill two, not three children.)

A very special thanks goes out to the prolific readers writers who fill the comment section with their wisdom, nonsense and irreverence, on a daily basis, without your participation, I'd never soldier on...

...all the best!


  1. In spirit I agree with you. But we need a new name and a new focus, this can‘t be about anglo rights only. It needs to be about Canada and about freedom, as well as exposing the separatists in the press and debunking their nonstop lies and revisionist history.
    It really can‘t only be about the anglos this time.

    1. I believe organisation with clear goals is essential to achieving civil rights. I just wouldn't want to see the vote split further and having to endure the horrors of a PQ majority government. The "new Equality party" would need to work hard at avoiding this.

    2. If you want to know why the EP failed, you need look no further than EDM's comment "I just wouldn't want to see the vote split further...".

      From Day 1 of its inception, the EP recognized the dangers of vote splitting. As a result, they never ran candidates in ridings in which it was reasonably feasable to split the vote. For example, in D'Arcy McGee, you could split the traditional Liberal vote, literally, 15 times and still not elect the PQ. Yet all the Liberals had to do was whisper in the ears of D'Arcy McGee seniors that they risked electing the PQ if they voted EP and they RAN -- not walked -- to the Liberals.

      So when a relatively well informed voter such as EDM voices the same concerns, I wonder whether there is any hope.

    3. But Tony, Robert Libman ran in D'Arcy McGee in 1989 and won. Maybe the seniors ran to Bou-Bou, but the younger voters than didn't lose their nerve.

    4. FROM ED
      Yes, James John. A new name definitely. We need those who write well in French to use the French media and reach the open minded francos who are being fooled by separatist lies.
      EDM we don't have to split the vote. Once we have a recognized voice we can deal with the Liberals.
      They would fear us splitting the vote like the CAQ did. We could support them in exchange for their
      promise to work for Anglo rights. Ed

    5. James - you are also right about the publicity side of this effort. We could sure use a free-lance journalist willing to take up the cause and get these separatist lies and misrepresentations out into the public forum. We need a completely bilingual, federalist leaning journalist or two working with us. Anyone out there people? We can do this if we get enough support. Spread the word about the blog on facebook or anywhere else the public can access and let's get more and more support!

    6. Mr. Sauga writes: "But Tony, Robert Libman ran in D'Arcy McGee in 1989 and won."

      Yes, and the EP won in three other ridings as well that year. But after 5 years of representing D'Arcy McGee in a way they had NEVER been represented before (ie, a pro-Canadian and human rights stance, working tirelessly 24/7 for his constituents), D'Arcy McGee chose a Liberal over Libman by a 2 to 1 margin, largely on the basis of the vote-splitting fear. The EP candidates in all other ridings never fared any better in that election or since.

      Any revival of the EP must be predicated upon setting up a choice between the EP and the Liberals. The Liberals must be set up in the minds of the voters as the enemy or else the alternative will always be the PQ and Liberals and a third party will NEVER even be considered.

    7. I agree Tony - we must blame the liberals for all their inaction when it comes to the unions, when it comes to protecting the minorities, when it comes to not acknowledging that Canada has very many good things to offer quebec, lack of action when it comes to the spending habits of the quebec provincial parties, not getting rid of unnecessary expenses like language police, and I guess we could go on and on. There are many, many targets we can hit when talking of the liberal party of quebec.

    8. Tony - I noticed on Facebook that you brought up a survey done a couple of years back wherein francophones voted 61% against Bill 101? Did I read that correctly? Can you find that info again for this blog? Thanks.

    9. Tony: I agree with Cutie wrote. What have the Liberals done for the alte kakers? These are the people who should be most resentful as they've seen the Montreal they grew up in disappear. The Lawrence Bergmans, Yolande Jameses and Kathleen Weils of the world, among others, have done SWEET F**K-ALL to help them, and who knows what towns are going to have their English attacked next. It was under the Liberals that various Quebec government departments (RAMQ, CSST, etc.) have now made it policy they won't address constituents in English. Just great for the alte kakers aged 60, 70 and older who don't speak French. Let's see what they think of the PLQ who has done SWEET F**K-ALL for their benefit when they now have to address the Quebec government. After all, English is a foreign language in Quebec, isn't it?

      MikeFitz's post

    10. Thank you Tony - that being said on is really interesting. Merry Xmas

    11. @James John - The Equality Party was NEVER an 'Anglo Rights' party! This was the perception fed to the community by a nonsupporting mainstream media.. namely the Gazette and CJAD. It was always an 'Equal Rights' party, hence the name. Which always amazed us, that we could not garner media support and unbiased reporting, no matter what positions or policy we created. It was swimming upstream.... BUT times have changed !!!!!

      In this time, there is NO Way that the traditional Media can ignore us or pervert our message... With real-time video streaming technology we can guarantee and generate our own national audience... It is only a funding problem... Both for the technology.. and an advertising/marketing budget. And has been pointed out in #4 above, the funding we lack and need can be provided for through the government funding for political parties. We just need the votes.

      Finally about the name... with modern marketing and PR programs, we can overcome any residual liability and use the name IQ that the Equality party name already has to quickly reestablish our credibility.. it is a known and recognizable brand... it just needs some rehabilitation... a faster process then growing a new one. Also using 'Equality Party 2.0' adds the 'today' factor of a Redesigned and Rebooted party.. ready for action.

    12. Cutie003:

      I actually find a valuable reference tool. They have archived a lot of useful articles that be referred to, despite their obvious radical pro-separatist agenda.

  2. The "1989 Model", i.e., when the four members of Equality were elected absolutely would not fly today. As the Editor wrote, the demographics just aren't there anymore, but no doubt, something has to be done. The 1989 situation was a reflex of Bourassa and his Bill 178. I don't blame the English speaking community for voting the way it did. The were right to do it, but it was not sustainable, especially with the four members splintering the way they did.

    As J.J. wrote in the first comment, it cannot be about Anglo/minority rights alone. It has to appeal to Québécois «pur laine» as well. The best «pur-lainers» to attract are those who want to expose their children more to English language education. Even then, there's a fly in the ointment. The Supreme Court of Canada and the nine jesters that make up the jurists previously ruled that it's reasonable to force French speakers to have to go to French schools because the jesters bought into the PQ propaganda the French language needs safeguarding and preservation. I consulted Howard Galganov's blog page because I was awaiting his response to the jesters' turning his case down for hearing. He too was fighting for freedom of choice in language of preference.

    He's reserving comment until early 2013 as he's taking a break for the holidays, and also felt this time of year is for reflection, holding off anymore bad news until early next year.

    I'm certainly willing to do what I can from my part of the world. I would take it to my federal MP first, the provincial one in my constituency will be too busy as he's a candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party next Spring.

    I'm just hoping a common goal can be found because any other efforts thus far have been subject to endless infighting, especially Galganov during his tenure of political activism. Will he be willing to lobby from the outside? I think he should be asked, but don't be surprised if he furiously refuses. I can't say I'd blame him if he did refuse, but on the other hand, he does have a full head of steam from the recent goings-on with the Supreme Court jesters.

    Happy holidays to all!

    1. FROM ED
      What the hell is with you guys. Tony Kondas opens hs mouth and you're jumping all overh the Liberals. Cutie and Mr.Sauga I can't believe this. YOu know the Liberals are the only chance we have against the PQ majority and you want to destroy them. For God's make up your mnds. Do you want your rights or not.
      If we're going to destroy ourselves before we start save me wasting time for nothing. Ed

    2. A vote for the Liberals is a vote for a party that supports the policy that Quebec gets to separate intact. This can and will be used against federalists at the separation bargaining table.

      Above and beyond the consideration of the language laws, this is the #1 reason to never, ever vote for the Liberals.

      Voting Liberal is voting against partition

    3. Ed, the PLQ does not represent you. As I wrote above on the 24th @ 6:45pm, very time there is anti-English legislation, you have the Lawrence Bergmans et al who supposedly represent their English speaking constituents instead stabbing their constituents right in their backs. They are nothing but puppets and flunkies of the PLQ, and so there is NO real representation for us in the National Assembly.

      I think what Tony wrote in his article back in 1998 is more opinion than anything else, but even if Quebec separates intact, it doesn't mean that subsequent partition of Quebec is not possible unless the RoC doesn't recognize the partitioned territories from rejoining Canada if it's advantageous to do so. I also don't think negotiations for separation would be so clean and easy anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if a civil war broke out over this, and it doesn't take all that many people to cause upheaval. Remember 9/11 and the October Crisis back in 1970. In both cases, there were less than two dozen people who wreaked plenty of havoc.

    4. Geez guys, this is why we need a new party - we're stuck between a rock and a hard place and every damn political party in this province knows it and takes advantage of it. To possibly even have a say in where this province is headed, we have to get our act together and show that EVERYONE in this place has a right to freedom of choice, not just the anglophones and the allophones. The francophone population deserves the same respect and choice in education and employment as everyone does and being bilingual opens the door of opportunity to all of us all over the world. Having two languages or more is a wonderful aspect of their lives and it should be pointed out to them over and over. Knowing more than one language DOES NOT THREATEN their way of life nor their culture!

    5. FROM ED
      Tony, forget partition. Partition wll not solve our problems. Most likely there would still be separatists in the English section ho would continue to make trouble. We can do it right here.
      1.. get the word out to the fancophones who know something is not right but can't put their finger on it. Educate them.
      2.Make our voic strong through the media.
      3' Support the party that has the best chance to win which at the moment we know is the Liberals.
      4. Ue our strength to bargan with the Libs to fight for English rights.

    6. Ed, first of all, Merry Christmas. Same to all our Christian readers and contributors.

      Secondly, Ed et al., no, no, a thousand times, NNNOOOOOO! The Liberals are absolutely, positively and 100% unequivocally not interested in English rights. Bourassa screwed the English speakers 200%, remember? 22 * 178 = 200. Bourassa screwed us in 1974, Lévesque and Laurin in 1977, Bourassa again in 1988 and Charest last year. Bargain with the PLQ, Ed? faggedaboudit! Bargain with the PQ, Ed? faggedaboudit! Bargain with the CAQ, Ed? faggedaboudit! Bargain with ANY OF the federal parties, Ed? faggedaboudit! We have tried and tried and tried this for decades, Ed! Just faggedaboudit! That never worked in the past, it doesn't work today, and it won't work ever! It's been done to death! You'd be flogging a dead horse!

      Why shouldn't we talk partition? Quebec is looking to upset Canada, so why shouldn't we upset their apple cart? Anglophones and other minorities came to Canada, not just Quebec, although successive Quebec governments, no matter what their political slant, consider immigrants as coming to Quebec and Quebec only. We definitely need a new strategy.

    7. As usual Mr. Sauga I have to agree with you - the liberals, unless the new leader comes up with some very positive ways and means to correct the situation, we are trapped in this never ending loop. The only way out seems to be a new federalist provincial party and I hope that's where we're headed on this blog. The liberals would have to come out strong this time around or they are not getting one more vote from me!

    8. And as you know, I'm all for partitioning this place. Ed is worried about civil war, and to be fair, so am I a little, but that could happen anyway if quebec tries to pull the province out of confederation with a 50+1 vote. For sure, we would have violence if that happened, so if done democratically, terrorists would have a much harder time justifying their actions to their own population following either a municipal or Federal District referendum(s) following Clarity Act Rules.

    9. Mr. Sauga:

      Re: negotiations between Canada's central government and a separating Quebec.

      We must divest from our minds the notion that Ottawa will have the best interests of the federalist/anglophone community foremost in their minds at the separation bargaining table. Certainly, Ottawa will use as a trump card the whole partition question, but this will be used by Ottawa simply as a bargaining chip which they will readily and eagerly give away in order to get concesssions that are advantageous to them, NOT to us (us being the federalist/anglo community of Quebec).

      There will be much more important issues at stake for ROC than either territory (ie, partition) and anglo rights: share of debt, corridor to Atlantic Canada, trade relations, etc.) Partition will be given away to get these advantages for Canada.

      To even entertain for one second the notion that the central government -- which has abandoned Quebec's anglophones for the past 40 years at every turn -- will somehow "see the light" at a most crucial time and look out for our interests is pure unadulterated fantasy. Ottawa will sell us out at the very first instance.

      That is why our deal must be with the separatists. Fuck Ottawa.

  3. A good start would be to realize that the English community can never regain the prestige it enjoyed prior to the 1960s. Even the most federalist of francophones believe that access to English public education should be regulated, although to a lesser degree. And I agree. I believe that immigrants from English speaking countries should be able to send their children to English public schools, as opposed to going through the loophole as per Bill 115. There's no legal basis for francophones attending English public schools because they're not a linguistic minority, and that's who Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is reserved for.

    It's important for the English speaking community to understand that the priviledges they enjoyed prior to the Quite Revolution was the result of a consociational agreement between the two colonial powers, the French and the English. In the 1960s, this relationship between the two groups was broken and Quebec became a majoritarian democracy, in which the francophone majority dictated Quebec's political affairs in all spheres. I do agree that this often leads to "tyranny of the majority", but such is democracy sometimes.

    Having said all this, I support the creation of an "Equality Part 2.0", but not as a registered political party. I think it should be more like a provincial equivalent of the Quebec Community Groups Network--a lobbby group that fights on behalf of our community. The only harmful aspect of the PQ's proposed new language law is the revoking of bilingual status for many municipalities (although under this new bill, the requirement would be under 40% of the population , instead of the current 50%). This group would hold rallies, meetings, hire lawyers etc...

    To get a more balances view of Quebec's language laws for the newcomers, here is a study done by Universite Laval, which compares Quebec's linguistic planning with that of other provinces and other jurisdictions around the globe.

    Here is a comprehensive study of all the word's language laws

    1. another Uncle Tom.... rights are not privileges . Being served in one of Canada's official languages be it by Government, commerce or what have you, education .. These are rights not privileges . leave the house slave mentality at the door....

    2. "slave mentality"


    3. Steven - Land of Tazmandoo is absolutely right about the rights of citizens in this province. We need a political party because the "nice" way of doing things through Community Network is not stopping the language, racist, bigots in this province. We can only do this politically and if the Liberal party of Quebec cannot or will not do this, we need a new Federalist Provincial Party. This is the only way we will our message out!

    4. @ Land of Tazmandoo: The rights that anglos enjoyed prior to the Quite Revolution were not inherent. They enjoyed those rights because of an informal consocioational agreement made by the two colonial powers. You can get served in pretty much the language of your choice in Montreal, downtown and westward. I do agree that we must do everything in our might to keep these services in tact, as well as our institutions, especially our educational ones.

      How exactly is this a "slave mentality"? Is it slave mentality to acknowledge the fact that we need francophone support to achieve our objectives? Realizing that our community will never enjoy the benefits we used to enjoy, even if English becomes an official language of Quebec, complete freedom of choice in the language of instruction etc.. is simply realistic.

      @ Cutie: Your idea has already been tried, and failed. You cannot be a serious contender for office in Quebec City without getting the francophone vote. You can't have a one-issue party. If we're going to create a political party, we're gonna have to create one that caters to all cititzens of this province, regardless of language and/or ethnicity. I think this is what the Quebec Citizens' Union is trying to accomplish.

    5. But it is freedom for ALL citizens in Quebec not just the Anglophone and Allphones - everyone's freedom is at stake here - It has to be pointed out that the Canadian Constitution provides for EVERYONE'S RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS throughout the country! Perhaps we can call it the Quebec Canadian Constitution Party - there are many, many federalist francophones that would like the freedom of choice on how to run their businesses for their client base and not by government interference. We have to make this sound attractive not repressive to all citizens of the province.

    6. Sorry Steven, I‘ve looked up UCQ and they are a joke of a party going nowhere. They can‘t even put up a picture of their leader that doesn‘t make him look like some kind of fringe cult guy.
      On top of that they are a progressive party. Our party would be about human rights as well as economic freedom, things that the left has no trouble throwing under the bus to impose their agenda. You need not look further than the red squares to see this. Better yet, check our rabble flunky Ethan Cox wanking all over Amir Khadir or his buddy on the left coast, Derrick O‘Keefe wishing dictator Hugo Chavez and full recovery.
      There may be a few people on the left who hold human rights and freedom closely but we are more likely to gain being on the center right.

    7. Steven,

      quite frankly I couldn't give a rat's ass about past so called transgressions against French Canadians at the hands of the big bad WASP establishment.... We live in the here and now.. I'm tired of Kweebec Nationalist/Separatist/xenophobe and Anglophobe mentality in this province where every anti-democratic behaviour is tolerated... These fucking assholes create a climate of hate and cry foul when it bites them in the Ass ( Bain ) ..... the fact that you excuse this behaviour due to some historic wrong is what I call the "House Slave" mentality....

    8. By the way Steven, have a close relative that was involved in the Community Network in our area and he quit because they are just too damn nice. The IF and the SJBS walked all over them and they don't fight back - we have to start fighting back again these separatist, racist, bigots or this is only going to get worse and worse. Hate is their motive and they make no bones about it. Well we have to win our federalist francophone friends over to our way of thinking and that is about FREEDOM to live their lives as they see fit and not the government or the IF or the SJBS telling them how to do it.

    9. Dear Steven,

      You are mistaking "rights" with "privileges." Even that horrible document, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, acknowledges the "right of members of Quebec's English-speaking minority have the "right" to attend English language public educational institutions.

      As for you supporting francophones being forced to attend only French publicly funded schools, shame on you. Firstly, according to the ONLY poll I know that has been done on the subject, 61% of francophones surveyed in Quebec want the right to freedom of choice.

      Secondly, despite the 2005 Supreme Court of Canada decision on section 23 and Bill 101, there are umpteen international agreements and human right covenants that Canada is a signatory which the language of education provisions of bill 101 violate. This is so obvious that it is NOT worth repeating here. Indeed, you should do some google research yourself to educate yourself on this.

      I would like to ask you, Steven, why you see fit to restrict and segregate your fellow citizens from doing something that I assume you yourself can do, that is have the free choice in language of education?

    10. Steve, what exactly is this "consociational agreement" you mentioned above? I don't remember any such thing. Is it the BNA? Even the BNA did not create an English bourgeoisie and a French proletariat. The Roman Catholic church did more to create this French speaking collective of proletarians by promoting perpetual poverty and dependence.

      It was the Quiet Revolution and breaking away from the Church's grip (and blind faith in despotic virtual dictators like Maurice Duplessis) that brought us to where we are now. The minorities became the new scapegoats for what's wrong with Quebec.

      In any case, again, as I have written on this day's blog, the PLQ does not represent their English speaking constituents, and if I was able to vote in Quebec, I'd vote for the EP everyday and twice on Sunday even though they became a sinking ship. They were the only party that actually represented English speaking constituents. I also mentioned that I admit any resurrection of the EP could not be done based on the "1989 Model".

    11. @Cutie: Nationalism doesn't just appear out of nowhere. There were linguistic and economic circumstances prior to the Quite Revolution that led to its rise. Of course, nationalism often gets out of hand when it is not counterbalances with reason. What have the anglos done to counter the increasing nationalistic Quebecois population? Why don't they take a cue from the striking students or from the European anti-austerity protesters? I can't speak for everyone as I'm more of an allophone more than anything, but it seems to me that this simply isn't an issue that's important enough for the anglos to walk to the streets and protest.

      "As for you supporting francophones being forced to attend only French publicly funded schools, shame on you. Firstly, according to the ONLY poll I know that has been done on the subject, 61% of francophones surveyed in Quebec want the right to freedom of choice."
      Section 23 of the Canadian Constitution is only reserved for linguistic minorities, being Anglo-Quebeckers and francophones in the ROC. This is fact. I personally have no problem with francophones attending English public schools. I only stated that in my personal opinion, it is more vital if immigrants from English speaking countries have easier access to English public schools in Quebec instead of going through the loophole as per Bill 115.

      "I would like to ask you, Steven, why you see fit to restrict and segregate your fellow citizens from doing something that I assume you yourself can do, that is have the free choice in language of education?"
      Attending a public school in the language of the provincial minority is not a fundemental right. It's that simple. A jurisdiction forcing the majority of immigrants to attend the language of the majority is completely normal. I reccommend you go take a close look at the link I posted, which compares Quebec's language laws to that of the entire world.If Quebec's francophone majority truly wished for complete freedom of choice in the language of public education, then why don't they lobby for their provincial government to grant them that option? Here's an interesting take on Quebec's segregated school system (please, don't dismiss it just because of who the messenger happens to be)

      "This is so obvious that it is NOT worth repeating here. Indeed, you should do some google research yourself to educate yourself on this."
      Actually, YOU should take a closer look at the UN Charter. It simply states that education is a fundamental right, that it should be free, and that tolerance should be taught among all peoples. The "quality" of education does not include language. Such aspects of education are left to competent jurisdictions.

      In any case, I would personally focus more on signage, greater access to English public education to English speaking immigrants, and the overall increasing level of nationalism in recent years.

    12. Don't know why you're addressing all the above comments to me - I didn't say those things but I do feel that people have the right to decide where to send their own children to school - the quebec government has way too much say in the business of the population and social-engineering is way out of control. All I want in this place is the right to make my own decisions about my own life - that is not too much to ask in any free country in the world.

    13. I think complicated has changed his name to Steven

    14. In response to my comment... "This is so obvious that it is NOT worth repeating here. Indeed, you should do some google research yourself to educate yourself on this."

      ...Steven replies...

      "Actually, YOU should take a closer look at the UN Charter. It simply states that education is a fundamental right, that it should be free, and that tolerance should be taught among all peoples. The 'quality" of education does not include language."

      ...and I respectfully submit to YOU, Steven, that you reread the language of education provisions of Bill 101. "Language" per se does NOT have much to do with HOW discrimination is performed under Bill 101 when it comes to who gets to go and NOT go to English language schools; it has to do with who your parents are and what their classification is. This is the "test of descent" which language is peripheral to. THIS is the form of discrimination used and is what formed the basis of both the Indian Act (adjudicated from the Supreme Court downwards) as a discrimination based upon race as well as the now-defunct Apartheid system of South Africa.

      And that is why the language of education provisions of Bill 101 violate numerous international human rights covenants. As soon as you bring the handing down of rights by parentage and parentage classification into the mix, you have a prohibited form of discrimination. If the process of discrimination in Bill 101 was the same as it was under Bill 22 -- which was language proficiency via a language test -- then I would agree with you. This, however, is NOT the case.

    15. @ Cutie: The other parts of my reply were directed at Tony Kondaks, but I forgot to mention it. Sorry for the confusion

      @ Tony: I'm no legal expert, but how come nobody has brough this case to the ICC? The UN has already ruled on the Quebec sign laws and it stated that a jurisdiction is free to choose whichever language it wants as its official language(s), but cannot ban others from being displayed in public. And by extension, would you say that Section 23 of the Canadian Charter is also a violation of international educational protocols, given that one must belong to the linguistic community in order to attend a public school in that language?

    Most of these things begn wth a meetng to form a base from which to grow. It might be difficult to find a safe meeting place. A Church or ommunity center that allows it's hall to be used might be attacked by sep thugs. Perhaps a meeting out of province to get started. If a dozen of us will commit we can roll from there. Perhaps a Federal building is the answer. I would certainly attend and go with it all the way. If we applied to Howard's sense of love for Canada, I'm sure he would attend, even if only in an advisory capacity.
    I have had good response from Jack Cafferty at CNN who hates bigots and would be willing to do a show on the situation if we can get him enough material. So far, Cutie and myself seem to be the only ones reaching out to the media and politicos. Ed

    1. Uh...Ed: You forgot me! I just wrote the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) one short week ago. Remember? I can't believe your memory is that short. The Editor also posted the links I sent information to previously, so I think I have been getting the word out there. I hate to think I'm just chopped liver to you!

      Too, I decided early this morning to send off a message to Howard Galganov's contact us segment. The hyperlink is a direct link to send him a message. I think the more of us who request his help, hopefully he'll seriously consider this project. I asked him not to shoot the messenger as it's only a request.

    2. Just an oversight Mr. Sauga - We all remember you - Ed - We can't forget Mr. Sauga!

    3. I too shall send him a message - the more of us that do the better - so come guys, pitch in and help us out - e-mail Mr. Galganov and ask if he can assist us in any way. TY again Mr. Sauga.

    4. Received a response from Mr. Galganov which I forwarded under separate cover to the Editor for publication if he so wishes. Very kind man.

  5. FROM ED
    Let me get a few things straight with you. We are
    not intrested in prestige, we want freeom.
    Further there was no problem in 1960, they were simply trying to wrest power from the Roman Catholic Church and build French education and faciliies.
    We have to go back to 1976 when the party quebecois morphed improvement to hatred. Also you talk about English privileges. These are not privileges, they are RIGHTS. You have no idea how the quiet revolution went down. The French did not take over control, they always elected the government which was always Francophone majority chosen by Francophones and has been since the turn of the century.
    It would have to be a political party. That would give meaning to media to pay attention and be an official voice to work with.
    We are not interested in language laws in the rest of the world. We must not get side tracked if we are going to accomplish here in Quebec.
    A meeting of a dozen committed people would decide
    the aims of the group and give a solid base to work from. Ed

  6. Well I'm 100% behind this if the ball gets rolling.

  7. FROM ED
    Tony, don't start with downers, such thngs as no hope. We need to think positive to win.
    We have never been in a better position for success than we are now for several reasons.
    1. Quebec has never had such an ineffecient dangerously inept government.
    2. Even Francophones realize this and are beginning to turn against them.
    3. The local media (e,g, Gazette) has stopped opposing change and started to demand it.
    4. The past did not have the communication tools we enjoy today such as emails and chatrooms.
    5. Stephen Harper is 80% ego. Embarrassment would force him to act.
    We would not have to split the vote with anyone. If our voice is strong enough the Liberals woud be willing to talk turkey. If they felt teaming up could help them win it would get us a couple of seats and have real voice. We could offer support in exchange for English rights support.
    We only need to get started. Would someone suggest a meetng place and a time.

    1. "We have never been in a better position for success than we are now for several reasons."

      350 000 000 d'anglophones vs 6.5 millions de Québécois.

      Et vous en voulez encoe plus?Êtes-vous conscient que vous avez le très mauvais rôle?

  8. Another reason a new Equality Party wouldn't work is because Allen Nutik tried it back in 2007 with Affiliation Quebec:

    Naturally, the Gazette supported the party for the first two weeks, but reverted back to its old pandering ways (I actually can't stand the Gazette) and would dump on the party to the benefit of "moderate" Francophone nationalists.

    This blog is pretty much the extent of the participation you can expect from Quebec's Anglos.

    I know I sound apathetic but I've tried mobilizing people.

    Allen Nutik tried it.

    That dude from the OQLA has tried it.

    I think some Quebec's Anglos are just complacent because they have more in the way of overall comfort and that's what's most important to them. They don't care about the like of people like S.R and the other members of the Jeunes Patriotes because they have a substantially larger net worth than any of these guys.

    Only a substantial event, like say the robbing of said wealth, might finally shake them from this complacence.

    1. the only thing that will push the Anglos and ethnics to action, is when open violence against our community starts and it will!!

    2. The reality is that most anglophones are living a pretty good life in Quebec..especially in Montreal. They pretty much have access to great services in english..they are often bilingual hence are less out of place as the older anglos. My main problem with a new party like this is that its focus is solely on language rights..specifically the anglos. I will say it again..our main problems in Quebec now and over the next several years will be the massive debt, the high taxes, high unemployment, corruption, waste in government, anti-business environment, exteme leftist policies especially concerning students, powerful and unreasonable unions. This new party will focus all its energy on one thing..the english language. Give me a break..we need someone to focus on all the other issues. I think you will get much less support than you think from anglophones but go ahead but it will fail as all the other attempts did. You are going to end up with a bunch of 65+ anglos sitting in a room like on this forum bitching about all the french signs and how great it was in the past.

  9. Vendre la cause des anglos au Québécois,c'est comme essayer de vendre des bac à sable au Sahara :)

    1. Attention seppie; pas tous les Québécois sont en faveur d'un rampart culturel imposé par nos chers dirigeants nationalistes tout-savants d'antan.

      On se libère peu à peu du joug Lauriniste sans trop le dire à voix haute, mais on s'échappe tranquillement quand même.

  10. No one's trying to sell the Anglo clause to Francophones, because we already know they don't give a damn - even if they have no quarrel with Anglos, most don't care. The only Francos who care about Anglo rights are the 50/50s.

    I know you have a lot of trouble understanding English, S.R, so I'll explain it to you in the simplest of terms:

    Anglos of Quebec no like mobilization.

    Anglos of Quebec not angry enough.


    When Anglos finally mad enough they HULK SMASH separatists.

    I hope that was simple enough.

    1. "350 000 000 d'anglophones vs 6.5 millions de Québécois"

      Gardez ces chiffres en tête pour une meilleure compréhension de la situation.
      Même les plus idiots de notre société saisissent ce rapport de orce.

    2. "I know you have a lot of trouble understanding English"


    3. Oh, j'ai saisi - I just don't fucking care.

      Ma langue n'est pas ma vie.

      I can adapt and live my life without encumbrance.

      Seulement les plus idiots (et faibles) de notre société ont raison d'avoir peur.

      In fact, this is the perfect time to borrow from one of your heroes, because this quote applies perfectly to separatists of your ilk:

      "On va toujours trop loin pour les gens qui vont nulle part"

    4. "Ma langue n'est pas ma vie."

      Vraiment?Pourquoi essayez-vous de nous imposer le globish?

    5. Me?

      When did I try to impose it?

      It's separatists (not even normal Quebecois folks) who suffer from an
      inferiority complex.

      You suffer from a slave mentality, Simon.

      It was passed down to you by generations of "paysans" who always remained angry
      about their lot in life.

      So what's your new year's resolution?

    6. "You suffer from a slave mentality, Simon. It was passed down to you by generations of "paysans" who always remained angry about their lot in life"

      Resident Evil Thank you! You couldn’t have conveyed the message more clearly or more eloquently !! I’ve been attempting to do the same for some time...since joining this blog. BUT ...S.R IS TOO THICK !!....N’est pas jou jou?

      @ Editor
      Finally, where do I sign up?

    7. Sadly, this is all the more reason to focus only on those who actually have hope.

      I refuse to waste energy trying to convince a gang of Trailer Park Boys that equality (the concept, not the party) is the winning ticket.

      Most sovereignists would gladly compromise their futures because they simply have no understanding of finance, the global economy and the machinations of the GDP.

      Just ask S.R to explain even the most basic trade/currency cycles and get ready for a lot of head-scratching. After a few minutes of struggling to explain where money comes from and where it goes, he'll revert to comments about Wendy la grosse Canadienne or quips about sandwich tossing.

  11. I agree with the Editor. A Equality Party 2.0 is really needed. Even if it doesn't even get anybody elected in the next election, it can force change within Quebec. The separatists fear bad PR in the North American Media machine.

    Also, I would like to point out something that may be overlooked. I don't think all francophone Quebercers are happy with what is going on in Quebec either. Just look at how many francophones now live in Eartern Ontario. Many are feed up, and have moved just across the provincial border into Ontario. They too have had enough.

    I would dare to say that if a Equality Party 2.0 ran a few canadidates outside the Montreal, Laval areas, they might find some very interesting results. And send a shock wave through some of the established, and entrenched parties in this province. People are not stupid, they want something better for themselves and their kids. And if that means having access to learning english...the times may be for a changing once again.

    There are just under 1 million people in Quebec who speak English. The provinces population is about 8 million. Don't tell me that anglos and allos, (as well as francos) don't have a voice to force change. We do! It's just the the establsihed media outlets for this province are constantly sending the wrong message to the masses. We need to influence the media voices, and make sure that the cause in heard. This is a question of civil rights.

    So, yes Mr. Editor! I do think the time has arrived for a Equality Party 2.0

  12. LordDorchester

    Just an FYI, there's a new Federalist Party sprouting up in the Quebec City area called the Quebec Citizens' Union.

    1. Perhaps they are thinking of the whole province also. Wouldn't hurt to contact them either. If they're interested in restoring and freedom, I'm interested in them.

    2. FROM ED
      Lord D, The official name is L'Union de Citoyenne de Quebec. Their charter has no English translation so I did not take the time to read it. I doubt they'd be any help to the anglos but might be a good outlet for getting the truth to francophones Ed

    3. LD
      English Translation

    4. FROM ED
      Anonymous, Thanks for the translation. It looks good. I suggest eeryone read what Anonymous has given us Ed

  13. God I hope we can get a new party together and hopefully we can all support it. Federalists have to get angry enough about their loss of freedom and rights to back up this party and, with the introduction of Bill 14, hopefully they have awakened to the fact that this nit-picking away at our rights will continue until we put a stop to it. I would also suggest that we get together with the Quebec Office of the English Language and all it's contact organizations to see if we can't get something concrete moving towards a new political party. By the way, Merry Christmas to all contributors and to you too Editor - I hope you enjoy good food, good fun and lots of time with friends and family. Time to cool down for a few days and let the blood pressure meds do their job - lol.

  14. FROM ED
    Evl and Tazmando The reason it will work is because feelings have changed. People are angry. The government has never been so bad and so dangerous. EVIL people are worried about their money. Doesn't anyone read Cutie's posts. TAZ violence HAS broken out against the English. I don't know where you guys have been butI hope you're with us now. Think positive. WE CAN DO IT.

    1. ED,

      great point I wasn't thinking of angry STM worker or the clowns that threw the eggs.... I was trying to imply escalation of violence to the level of Bosnia..........

    2. Nous organisons pésentement le grand concours du "lancer de sandwiches à la tomate" et nous recherchons anglo diponible à titre de cible mouvante.Le candidat sea rémunéré et ne devra souffir d'aucune allergie...Surtout aux tomates :)

  15. FROM ED The party must have a new name. The name 'Equality Party' will cause people to say "O That again." can someone come up with one. Ed

  16. Replies
    1. Guess we should add : "Quebec Rights and Freedoms Party"

  17. FROM ED
    Dear Mr. Sauga, I hang my head in shame. You were the one who originally came up with the idea of contacting outside media. When I'm playing the Christmas Eve Mass tonite I will pray for your forgiveness. Your wise and experienced thinking has guided me more than you know and I thank you for it.
    I feel very excited aout this and I say we WILL make it work. Beware of the anglo trolls who waste our time arguing with french trolls like S.R. and
    support those who think positive. Ed

  18. So is it just going to be about personal freedoms and civil rights? Or do we appeal to economic freedom as well? I noticed that most francophones on twitter who are sympathetic to our issues are also right of center. They often rail against the overbearing PQunt “gouvernemaman“ and union control as well as corrupt media like radio-canada. Hilariously most of the fascists in Quebec are leftists. Even the ADQ wanted more english in french schools.

  19. I would think that these sort of issues such as the unions, etc. can be part of the platform of a new party but feel that we have to fight first and foremost for restoration of freedoms to start with.

    1. I believe its all tied together. Unions infringe on the our salaries, overall productivity and they have their tentacles in everything. Look at how they helped the red squares wreak havoc in downtown Montreal and infringe on everyone‘s rights. Right to run a business, right to enjoy our downtown, right to attend school.
      We cannot make this an anglo rights only party. We need the sympathetic francophones. We need to make it about freedom as well as debunking lies and myths pushed by the separatist elite.

  20. FROM ED
    It has to start with a meeting. Those present will decide on a charter which will guide the ways and means to achieve the platform that is laid out.
    Mosly likely it will be about rights. Economy will come after we have the right to address it. Ed

  21. With all due respect, Editor, I fear that what you're proposing sounds an awful lot like a one-issue party.

    And single-issue parties, no matter how lucid or outlandish, don't go very far. To be successful, such a “cause” needs not only broad-based appeal among its target demographic, but also must be hitched to a “platform” (or semblance thereof) to sell to the electorate. If that weren’t true, I’m sure Bloc Pot or the Rhinoceros party would have each elected at least one member to their respective target legislatures by now.

    The Bloc Québécois and Québec Solidaire both understood this. For nearly two decades, the former’s policy (with the very obvious exception of matters pertaining to Quebec separatism) in many ways mirrored that of its center/left counterparts in the federal Liberal Party and NDP. And the latter, while not defining itself primarily as a party devoted to separatism, has in many ways successfully captured the imagination – not to mention the vote – of the eco/leftist/granola idealism associated primarily with (but not exactly limited to) péquiste-leaning hipsters living on the Plateau by pledging to vote with the current PQ government on progressive, eco-friendly, and pro-sovereignty measures. Crossing the political center, you’ve got the Tea Party movement in the U.S. as an example of a very conservative (sub)group affiliating with a more conventional and established party/entity.

    1. All this to say that to survive, protest parties need to ride the coattails of a wider, better organized and established movement. Love me or hate me, my moderate, and, yes, passionate opinions expressed on this blog speak for themselves. Yet I don’t believe a provincial party singularly devoted to the issue of anglo rights can (or even should) succeed in the context you’ve given. So-called “Federal bilingualism” has proven to be a largely ineffective to safeguard against (if not functionally indifferent to) both French-Canadian assimilation in English Canada as well as vanishing historic English-Canadian communities in much of Quebec outside Montreal. Why resuscitate tried-and-failed tactics from the ‘80s and ’90s when we happen to be at a unique political juncture in our history?

      Any political movement that seeks to genuinely do justice on the language front needs to be brutally honest with itself – and must show that it is doing so. It must both explore and expose why there has been failure and so much bad blood on this – to, by, and on both sides. And it must propose better solutions than those we’ve seen so far. To survive “sustainably” in Canada, both language groups require (a) sufficiently robust institutions to perpetuate, (b) a collective number and desire to do so, and (c) genuine support from the other group. At the same time, a contrasting “new” (and I think very necessary) point of debate needs to be introduced which addresses individual’s desire to join or leave a majority or minority language group, or perhaps (innovatively?) belong to both. We need more freedom on that front, not less. Archaic legislative and judicial attitudes on linguistic “majority” and “minority” persist and inform 21st century rights and freedoms and I think this is wrong. Both existing citizens and newcomers have a role to play, and I believe that the tendency should be towards more freedom, not less. I see promoting monolingualism and monoculturalism as out of touch and harmful to all of us. I think you should promote a movement (and not strictly a “party”) that highlights this.

      How ridiculous is it that the state (and cosmopolitan society) is now fine with my “losing” my religion by marrying (or worse, cohabiting and reproducing with someone) outside my faith or (shock!) racial group, but that it encourages 19th century ideas about homogeneity on language? These nuance-lacking measures are less and less relevant in many bilingual areas in eastern Ontario, western Quebec (particularly Montreal), and the Maritimes.

      There are enough of us, anglo, franco, and allo, who think this is the case.

      Give it more thought, Editor.

    2. FROM ED
      Apparatchik, You're right on. Rights for English only would never get us anywhere. As you say tied to the coattails of say the Lberal party we could have some success. If the Libs would support Englsh rights (Once elected) we would support them for election. They could run on the theme of language rights for everyone including teaching English to French kids to give them an equal footing in the world. Ed

    3. Apparatchik writes:

      "And single-issue parties, no matter how lucid or outlandish, don't go very far.

      This is historically inaccurate.

      The Republican Party in the United States started as a one-issue party:

      Republican Party started as a one-issue party

    4. I think you're proving my point while trying to prove me wrong.

      A party can be associated with one flagship "project" or ideal, but to survive, it needs to find a way to express ways of achieving that ideal through a broad range of policy measures with equally broad appeal so as to ensure maximum electoral punch (and gain maximum power).

      Your article states the following:

      - "The Republican Party started in 1854. It was a one-issue party, and that issue was anti-slavery."
      - By the next presidential campaign in 1860 [..] violent events propelled North against South, [...] all these set the stage for the Civil War.
      - [...]many men joined the Republicans because they were concerned about their jobs if slavery was allowed to spread. As the Civil War rolled on, the Republicans worked with industry in the North to increase manufacturing. [...] A relationship was begun.
      - People change. [...] voters wanted to put the conflict behind them. The Republican Party fought to survive, and most Republicans realized that protecting the interests of minorities was no longer a popular concern[...]

      Thus, much like the Parti Québécois and Bloc Québécois (parties catering to a pro-separation, largely ethnic French-Canadian crowd whose primary preoccupation was a French-Canadian nationalist worldview with center-left leanings), your article essentially discusses how Republicans started out as a one-issue (anti-slavery) party, but coupled this cause with one or more other (business/economic initiatives) elements as well and formed a cohesive party platform. Underlying all of this is the fact that without having done so, the Republicans would and could never have been carried to power for much of the first century of its existence.

      Again, compare this with the Bloc Pot party, which seems to do little to promote much of it's non-marijuana-related platform, and you'll (hopefully) see what I mean. Love 'em or hate 'em, even the Nazis had an actual thought-out political platform: they would have never appealed to such a large number of people without one.

      Also, not everybody who's ever voted PQ or even supported bill 101 is necessarily a separatist (many péquistes I know are drawn to the social and economic aspects of the platform), just as not everybody who believes in promoting French in this country thinks it needs to come at the expense of any other language (see just about any comment I've ever written here). Nuance plus circumstances plus personal value judgment equals voter decision.

      Even the word governance, etymologically refers to the manner in which an entire society, as like a ship, is steered. What I'm arguing is that you don't steer a large population for four or more years on a single idea alone unless you've put enough flesh around the bone.

      Many -- I think rightly -- reproach the separatists for their lack of foresight ("once we're a country, then what?"). Even many nationalists don't vote OUI because they aren't convinced that what the separatists are selling them is necessarily better than what we've got now. In that same spirit, one is compelled to ask, "once the signs and the people are all bilingual, then what'll your government be about"?

    5. As an allophone, I would have reservations about voting for the Equality Party. That party had an exclusive anglophone feel to it. I always thought of West Island, and even Westmount, when thinking Equality Party.

      But a Montreal Party? Something that would unite allophones, anglophones, and some francophones, and would send a signal that in Montreal we'd like to do things differently? One of these things would be to curb the activities of the OQLF for example. Organizations such as the OQLF have no place in the multi-ethnic and multilingual city such as Montreal.

      As for a political impact of such a party, we know that QC's electoral map is gerrymandered in favor of the regions, but that can change in the future. You can deny demographic changes for a while, but eventually it becomes impossible. Also, even with the electoral system rigged, a Montreal Party could still have an impact. The BQ never had any political impact on the rest of Canada, but it did have an impact on the spirit of Canada. Every federal election, Quebeckers sent a signal: we are in the same country with you because geopolitics leave us no choice, but other than that, we are not with you. That kind of thing does affect the rest of the country spiritually, even if it doesn't affect it politically. Similarly, the Montreal Party could send a similar signal to the RoQ.

      And as per T.Kondacks' article on the Swedish minority party in Finland:

      "The fact that both the right and the left wing need the support from the party has meant that they have been able to affect politics of Finland in a larger scale than the party's actual size would suggest."

      A Montreal party could also position itself so that it will have to be taken seriously by the PLQ (and maybe the CAQ), and in some coalition have an impact bigger than if the PLQ were to rule by itself.

      In any case, what I'm saying that new ideas are needed for Montreal, ideas that take into account the widening cultural gap between Montreal and the Regions and the fact that Montrealers are not willing to bridge the gap by becoming like the "Regioners" but rather prefer to balance the ties between the Regions, the RoC, and the rest of the continent. The PLQ/PQ paradigm is stale and elitist, and the CAQ brings only trivial changes to the scene and as a nationalist party, it treats the rest of us with the same condensation as the PQ and the PLQ.

    6. @Adski - As I already stated above >
      "The Equality Party was NEVER an 'Anglo Rights' party! This was the perception fed to the community by a nonsupporting mainstream media.. namely the Gazette and CJAD. It was always an 'Equal Rights' party, hence the name. Which always amazed us, that we could not garner media support and unbiased reporting, no matter what positions or policy we created. It was swimming upstream.... BUT times have changed !!!!!

      In this time, there is NO Way that the traditional Media can ignore us or pervert our message... With real-time video streaming technology we can guarantee and generate our own national audience... It is only a funding problem... Both for the technology.. and an advertising/marketing budget. And has been pointed out in #4 above, the funding we lack and need can be provided for through the government funding for political parties. We just need the votes.

      Finally about the name... with modern Marketing and PR techniques (sic), we can overcome any residual liability and use the name IQ that the Equality party name already has to quickly reestablish our credibility.. it is a known and recognizable brand... it just needs some rehabilitation... a faster process then growing a new one. Also using 'Equality Party 2.0' adds the 'today' factor of a Redesigned and Rebooted party.. ready for action."

      Let me add to this, that while the manufactured (by the Media and Liberals) perception of the EP was as an Anglo/English club... I can tell you that the party members and many of the executive were of many backgrounds and ethnicities... Anglo/Franco & Allo... The fact that the face of the party and the Elected MNAs were all Anglos did not mean that there were not many Allophones who ran for us and were defeated in many other ridings. By claiming otherwise, you are only buying into the manufacture myth... not the Reality.

    7. Perhaps not so surprisingly, I find myself agreeing with you, adski.

      I too feel like something of an outsider (and uncomfortable) with the prospect of a party dedicated to a nebulously-defined objective.

      However, the idea of a "Parti Métropole" as an essentially federalist franco/anglo/allo response to the excesses of several decades of dogmatic French-Canadian nationalist dominance in Quebec (and Canadian) politics seems to me to be a much more viable alternative. Deep down, I also suspect it is the only formulation that is most likely to get enough appeal and broad support to make it out of the stables...

      On the other hand, the sort of "Equality Party 2.0" being advocated by some commenters here would, I expect, be better serving its stated purpose as a pressure group. A counterpart to the Société St-Jean Baptiste and its many "Mouvement Français" offshoots, or even Impératif Français, perhaps. This isn't to say that such (French) groups' members can't (or don't) have péquiste friends in high places anymore than an English-language pressure group can't find a sympathetic ear within a Montreal-area federalist party.

      The real issue has to do with curbing the worst excesses of the last half-century of culture clashes, which has made victims of both sides. When the traditional rhetoric of fear is taken out of the equation, anglos, francos, and allos seem to get by comparatively well. This spirit of benevolent cooperation can (and I think should) find a civic political expression. Such expression can be articulated as a party platform that promotes and supports the values that we as engaged though nationalistically disinterested citizens hold most dear.

    8. WWCT? (What would Cutie think?) Notwithstanding current demographics, and even though I’m a Montrealer, I wouldn’t be very happy with the name “Montreal Party”, considering the extent of anglo history throughout the breadth of all regions of Quebec (and to a lesser extent, allo history outside the Montreal region). It’s akin to the “Parti Québécois” that blissfully ignores the plight of all of francophones outside Quebec.

    9. Yes, not too appealing to me living in the Outaouais. We have to consider the province as a whole because there are many, many areas outside Montreal that are federalist. Perhaps trying to do both would be too much work but no reason not to discuss it. I have always considered the Quebec Office of the English Language as the pressure group against IF and SJBS and everyone on the blog should join that organization to help counter these bigots. I hope they can get enough of us to do some real damage to those organizations as they are the most hateful separatists out there. All SRs I would imagine.

  22. I don't think an Equality Party will make any difference at the provincial level. More then just the vote splitting, aside from some seats it might just make the PQ stronger. I for one think a non political party based movement is needed. On the other hand what about an Equality party type party at the municipal and Montreal Island French and English school board levels.

    Imagine a pro minorities city council for the anglo and ethnic boroughs or Montreal. Also many of the CDSM school trustees are the PQ and MMF types, just think if the CDSM school trustee represent the majority non pur laine majority of the student body there. No more rules like no speaking English or other languages aside from French during recess. No more Pur Laine chauvanist and seperatist propaganda in the school curriculum. Taking control of Montreal city hall will give more power to hire a more diverse group of employees for city depts including the public transport depts. Hiring bilingual and more ethnic employees you will be able to phase out the current incidents of ticket booth employees lashing out at customers for communicating in English.
    With control of city hall borough and municipal boundaries can be redrawn at the municipal level through referendums so current boroughs in Montreal can form their own bilingual municipalities. Funds can be aquired at the municipal level to fight discriminatory laws such as only Mother Tongue anglophones can be counted for a municipality to qualify for bilingual status.

    The municipalities and local government bodies can organize their won referendums such as for partitioning Quebec to create a new province. Even though the referendums would be more symbolic, it can open the door for options.

    Therefore I think an equality party type organization should start in time for Montreal City Hall elections, not at he provincial level yet.

  23. Yes a new Anglo Rights party is long overdue. The Quebec liberals have been shafting us up the pooper for too long. Who gives a fuck about vote splitting we should aim for total fucking anarchy, lets become the squeaky wheel. Who knows one day we may hold the balance of power. Just imagine if we had a party with say 5 seats today, the PQ under Pauline Marois would be the first to give us ANYTHING (and I amphasize ANYTHING) for our votes in the National Assembly. I say go for it ans sell NA votes to the highest bidder!

  24. FROM ED
    Be careful not to overthink this. For a beginnng there has to be a meeting inviting anyone interested to attend. Those that have enough interest to come deserve to create the agenda. My suggestion is that we create a party that will have a strong voice. We can be strong with the help of the American media. With a strong voice and a chance that we might split their votes larger parties will be interested in us. The Liberal Party for example knows what can happen when another party crops up against them. We can offer to support them if they will grant English rights when they are elected. Ed

    1. @Ed... You keep suggesting that e need to support the provincial Liberals if they "promise" to grant English rights when they are elected... Will you are forgetting your history.. there have been Numerous promises from the Libs... It's like the "Cavendish underpass" the promise that is never kept for one reason or another.. the Libs are liars and ONLY care about our votes and will say and PROMISE anything to get them.

      The only way that I can see us supporting them is if they came with a WRITTEN SIGNED CONTRACT in their hands that they agreed to MAKE PUBLIC IMMEDIATELY! Which will never happen. There is NO other way that I will trust them to do anything for us.

    2. Be careful not to overthink this.

      What do you recommend? "Ready, fire, aim"?

    3. Michael Masterson reader?

  25. Thank you very much for promoting the blog that encourages ALL to boycott Quebec wherever they possibly can

    1. Please create a fictitious name Anonymous - the Editor doesn't want anyone posting under "Anonymous"

      I agree that this is one way in which we can get a message across to these language bigots - boycott whatever we can that is produced in quebec. It may hurt some of the population but dammit they have our backs to the wall and we have to strike back whatever way is at our disposal. I am going to do just that. Hope you all will also.

  26. Perhaps a model for the anglophone community is the Swedish People's Party of Finland, a political party devoted to the rights of the Swedish speaking minority of Finland:

    A party devoted to minority rights

  27. FROM ED
    Tony, we don't need a Swedish model, we have you. Surely with your extnsive knowledge of politics and
    demographics you could spare us a few words of advice.
    Are the liberals the best party to support? Could they get elected pushng English rights? Is there any one thing we need to know or watch ut for? Ed

    1. Ed, the Liberals are the WORST party to support. I would rather make an alliance with the PQ than with the Liberals.

      They will NEVER push anglo rights...and a review of their policy vis a vis section 23.1.a of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is all the evidence you need of this.

      This is the provision of the Charter that applies across Canada but, by virtue of section 59 of the Constitution Act, 1982, is exempted from application to Quebec. Since Claude Ryan's Beige Paper of around 1978, it has been the official policy of the Quebec Liberal Party to allow English-speaking immigrants to Quebec to have access to English schools, yet despite being in power for about 20 years of the 30 years since the Canadian Charter has been in existence they have REFUSED to implement section 23.1.a (and also despite their own created Chambers Commission of the early '90s having this point as their #1 recommendation).

      The Liberal Party of Quebec spits upon us at every opportunity. We are but an assumed easy demographic that will vote Liberal, they know it, sneer at us, and will never, EVER do anything they have to in order to advance our community.

      And we deserve it all, seeing how easily we give them our votes each and every election (with that one wonderful exception in 1989).

    2. FROM ED
      Ya know Tony, Liberal members look out for themselves like any other politcos. They ant to win and if they know that to win (no splitting) they will go along. Simply give them no choice. E

  28. Hi Ed - Merry Xmas - Was thinking if you arrange a meeting among the contributors on the blog be sure to do it through the Editor (with his permission of course) keeping the location and attendees secret and ensuring you keep the SRs on the site are not aware of when or if it takes place. Anyone interested in attending could contact the Editor with name and phone number and he knows his contributors. Hope you have a wonderful day. Going out myself so will return tomorrow.

  29. FROM ED
    Cutie, I have no intention of organizng a meeting. I am too old to start something new. However I am willing to use my experience and knowledge to help in a big way. I am trying to tell people they must start wth the basics. To be legal they must have an open meeting for a new group with voters coming in person and identifying themselves. (Unless the editor has another ldea. He mentioned another group.) I feel the aim should be about rights for both French and English. Education and union problems are all wrapped up in rights. We must start there. We should offer the right for Francos to attend English schools. Adult education for French in English schools and the right to join or not join unions. We'll see when Editor reads everything what he suggests and go from there. I am more worrid about the seemingly dead Liberal party. Ed

    1. Ed my dear friend - I so understand where you are coming from but we have to give up on the Quebec Liberal Party to defend freedom within Canada. They have proven, over the past 30 years, that they don't give a rat's ass about us at all. That's why we're talking about a totally different federalist concept here. As Mr. Shebbeare is talking about a totally new party that wants to achieve rights for all here in Quebec, we have to stop thinking about the liberal party and get on with our lives. They have proven that they don't deserve our support so let's move on!

    2. FROM ED
      Cutie, Don't let others blind you to the truth. If we depend on franco votes it has to be the liberals. A new party based mainly on English rites has a snowall's chance in hell of winnng.
      There are a dozen groups in Quebec talking about E.R. and have been for a whle. Unless someone can pull them together they're hopelss. Perhaps te reason the Liberals never fought for English rights is because we never gave team a reason to. People say the lierals have done nothing. What have we done? If Howard G. couldn't get anglos to move the government probably figured we're not interested. I have to crash now. Ed

    3. I feel that we need a new party Ed but based on rights for everyone including the anglos and allos. We must not make it just about us but about the whole population - getting the government out of our business with language police (big waste of money, irritant, unnecessary paperwork, etc.) pushing back at the IF and SJBS that get away with harassing business owners, city councils, and most of all, costing this province a fortune and becoming a nanny state. Unions that are way out of control and a daycare program that is totally unsustainable are all platforms that can be used by a new party. $7.00 a day for people that are collectively earning say less than $35,000 and a new scale thereafter for instance. This information can be gleaned from Income Tax Forms e.g. Our health care program - have a friend that needs antibiotics every day for 6 weeks and should be able to have a nurse come to her home to administer the medicine, she has to do it herself or go the the CLSC if she needs assistant. This is the kind of thing that we can use as ammunition against the wasteful PQs in that she would probably be able to have that travelling nurse come to her home if they fired just one of those stupid language police. That's the kind of thing we have to fight for! Getting rid of these ambassadors that go to NY or France to promote separation - another big expense for nothing. I could go on and on with what's wrong with this place but we have to start somewhere and ensuring everyone has their freedom and rights to work without impediment from the government is a good place to start. Can't wait to see where we go from here - excited about it - Start the New Year with some hope for a change - Yes!

  30. I think that it is extremely important to think about relaunching the Equality Party (or some semblance of that party). Right now there is no voice (consolidated political voice) inside or outside Quebec that champions the rights of Anglos. I think that one issue alone is enough to have some serious discussions on how we can form ourselves. I think that we should not concern ourselves about vote splitting, one issue party, or even about how many folks or what ridings would be best to run folks. The goal should be just as the editor stated, run as many folks as possible to get the most number of votes possible to raise the most amount of money possible to champion Anglo-rights inside and outside Quebec.

    I am very interested in putting both my time and effort into this venture in whatever form happens to manifest from preliminary discussions. I am open to other issues, but for me, the "prime directive" (sorry, big BG fan) must be Anglo-Rights...both the promotion and protection. I anxiously look forward to the editor's response on moving forward with this idea.

  31. FROM ED
    MapleV , I too am excited about the Editors response to all our suggestions. I personally feel that we may not even have to run candidates. If we work with another party and gve them our support in return for them promising English rights.

  32. I think Equality Party is a bad idea.

    It'll be an "English Party".

    As soon as it has that brand, it's game over. It won't fly.

    Identity politics does not work for Anglos. This should be OBVIOUS for anyone who's paid attention to Quebec politics in the last forty years.

    There are already right-wing initiatives underway in the province that are very supportive of Anglo Rights, or just rights in general, like Réseau Liberté-Québec.

    Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, why not try to ride that wave instead? Promote freedom *instead* of collective rights.

    There are other right-wing parties other there. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, why not try to support *them*.

  33. I am in on the forming of a new EP 2.0 (provided my address already), and the Canadian Unity Group, that is why I volunteered for the last summer. This nonsense has to end, and I am not giving up my day job for this yet, but I shall continue to give time and attend/speak at protests (next one against Bill 14 btw in February!
    I have been quoted on the CBC several times, and here is the latest:

    But no, I am not an 'official' leader (as in elected), and neither is Beryl Wajsman, nor Jimmy Kay, but we all do our part with the Suburban, the Gazette, and ultimately, as you have mentioned in past posts - taken on the Septard Losership (Shebbeare Vindicated, Milice TVA J.E. ).

    It is absolutely critical that we now seek political representation - and on that note, great job as usual, and a very Happy Christmas to you SIR!

    1. The comments section of your anglo-angst CBC new story tells a lot about how we all feel in this province at the present time.

  34. Mr. Shebbeare - Thank you for any help we can get to fight these racist bigots and get our province back on track where it should be = always give me hope that the fight is not in vain! I will certainly help as much as I can any where I can - I live in the Outaouais.

  35. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 12:51:00 AM EST

    New Public Page - Please 'Like' & Share!!!

  36. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 12:59:00 AM EST

    ...Freedom of Choice is not ‘a privilege’, but a Basic Fundamental Right, Equality is not subject to the whims of any majority, but the minimum due....

    “The Equality Party demands the return of our country to the Status of a Real Democracy, where Freedom of Choice is not ‘a privilege’, but a Basic Fundamental Right, and Equality is not an elusive concept subject to the whims of any majority, but the minimum due to All Residents, no matter their Religious, Cultural or Linguistic background or their Minority status!”
    The Mission Statement (subject to Party ratification and revision) of the new 'Equality Party' 2.0 is one that I hope covers all our Hopes, Aspirations and Fears. I feel that all people can support it without reservation, and that it covers all issues that are more specifically addressed elsewhere in other groups.

    1. FROM ED
      Who are you. Are you speaking for the Equality Party. If so by what authority. Please identify yourself. Ed

    2. I like the above mission statement - it covers all the population - not just the anglos and allos. Francophones don't need to be told where to send their children to school - that should be their right to pick whether they want their children taught in English or French - who are the government to make this decision for them? This is what we have to make perfectly clear to the overall population of quebec - The PQ feel it is their duty to babysit the population - not the government's business!

    3. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 8:30:00 AM EST

      This is the rebooted Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0 whose re-founding is supported by Robert, Keith & Jimmy, even though they have no active or direct involvement, other than their agreement to be members.

      For the Record.... I am a Past Vice-President of the Original Elected Executive Committee of the Equality Party. (As opposed to the unelected Executive which founded the Party.) Though I am acting as an Interim President to reinvent the Equality Party, I don't have aspirations to be either Party President or Leader... I'm just trying to ensure our Community has a viable Vehicle.. It is up to you, the Members, to drive it!

      Please do not use this forum to debate policy or tactics with me... If you are interested in helping out in the reformation of the EP and in giving our community a place to park their votes, please indicate your desire to join. Then you can be directly involved in charting the direction and planning for the Future of both the EP 2.0 and of our community in a Free and Equal province.

    4. How can we join? I went to the Facebook page but didn't find out how to do that. Thank you.

    5. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 8:10:00 PM EST

      Cutie... We are just starting to get organized. We will soon be holding a membership meeting for recruiting... watch this blog or our Facebook page for the Day and time, etc.

  37. I think it is important for folks to understand that the Liberals have abandoned the English. Other parties with greater aspirations will also do the same, regardless of their promises. As many have mentioned, it is not politically popular to be pro-English rights. I do not think we should be concerned with other parties. I think we need to concentrate on getting our votes from the folks dedicated to the cause of anglo rights. Thus, we get a steady stream of yearly funds via vote subsidy and membership which will allow the party to mount an extremely effective political fight for anglo rights. As the editor stated, we don't need seats, we need funds. We may never elect anybody, but we will get a core amount of folks that will always vote for the Equality party because it will be idealistic, unwavering and dedicated to the promotion of Anglo Rights. These funds will allow us to mount political awareness for Anglo Rights in North America, produce short documentaries, Web pages, YouTube videos, protests, etc, etc. Basically everybody in the party will be a MPP because the real work will be done outside the Assembly.

    Again, I anxiously await the editors response on how we move forward. But, I think looking at mainstream political goals and movements is a mistake and doomed for failure 2.0.

  38. FROM ED
    Suzanne F forget Reseau Liberte. Any group that as Danielle Smith (Wildrose) for a speaker is not interested in Quebec politics. Smith talked all about poor Calgary's programs and how Quebec is ripping them off. We don't need that shit.
    Hugo, nice to hear from you. I'd lke to meet you some day. Please keep us Informed of protests. Ed

    1. I can ensure the readers on this blog that Danielle Smith is not the least bit interested in quebec but is definitely interested in their ways and means of separating from Canada. That is what she would like for Alberta - to leave Canada and keep the wealth of the province for Alberta only and not share with the ROC.

    2. Should read "I can assure" - sorry, too sleepy

  39. I agree with Suzanne that using the "Equality" brand will automatically signal an Anglo-only option to many.

    The first plan of attack would be to start with a new name and though Francophones must be targeted, I feel extra special attention should be paid to the immigrant communities.

    This new party must find and foster relations with Latinos, Asians and other groups of large presence in Quebec and show them what they have to lose if they allow the separatist movement any chance to recover.

    We need to meticulously catalog the many racist, anti-foreigner incidents and bills and serve them up hot as a reminder of what a fully equipped seppie-machine can do.

    There are, by my estimates, a combination of over 1 million voting-age Anglos and immigrants in Quebec. If you could massively mobilize them, that would be enough to beat the nationalist vote, simply because the last election proved that nationalist are getting tired.

    Also, this new party would have to focus on 50/50s - those Francophones who shun the seppies because they refuse to turn on one half of their family. That's probably another 1.25-1.50 million right there.

    1. How does "Equality" signal Anglo-only???

      How can anyone be against Equality???

      Equality = Freedom of Choice

      Equality = the 1% vs the 99%

      Equality = A properly run Health Care system

      Equality = No more Corruption

      Equality = Religious and Cultural Freedom

      Equality = Equal Access

      Equality = Respect

    2. Because of past connotations.

      Personally, I believe we're all equal (with the exception of S.R, of course).

      But the thing is, history has ingrained the connotation of Equality Party with Anglo Rights and therefore Francophones WON'T bite.

    3. Any new party will have the same problems with the Francophones.. but at least the EP won't have to work as hard to get the Anglos and Allos... means more time and money to work on bringing the truth to Francos.

    4. I’ve never been called a 50/50 before (nor even heard the term applied to any of us) and yet that’s exactly what I am. Even though half of all Quebecers have Irish blood running through them, many of them have sadly abandoned their roots. Besides all the Blackburns from the Saguenay and elsewhere who have forgotten their culture, I even know a (probable) franco seppie by the name of Gordon Teasdale who can barely speak any English!!!

      Too, I further support the notion that, although it was good, the “Equality” brand should not be recycled, simply because of the historical baggage that it carries.

      (PS directed to Mr. Sauga: the only other person I’ve ever known to start sentences with “Too,” was Robert Ludlum (the author of the Jason Bourne novels). Are you a fan of his?)

  40. "If you could massively mobilize them"


  41. Meanwhile; How many people are prepared to put their money where their mouth is and take concrete action, and actually cost Quebec $$$?

    Twenty five years as an activist has shown me that "Everyone likes to talk about the weather but nobody does anything about it." This blog itself is simply another example as it will not promote If the potential leaders are unprepared to take any action, why should their followers? The lack of an Anglo rights political party in Quebec is a perfect example of the lack of will on the part of the Anglos/Allos to stand up. There is little backbone in this complacent society for any change, as most will continue to sit upon their hands and complain to the converted about how awful things are.

    1. I will send this - - out across the country today. We will do our part outside Kebec. I have been boycotting any compnay with a head office in Kebec for a long time.Lets spread the word folks.I will not step foot in the province again until bill 101 is repealed and we have our equal rights back.

    2. You ought to let them know that they should spell French correctly (and English too, for that matter, which they do not) if they intend to be taken remotely seriously. I stopped reading after "Boycottons Quebec"...

  42. I totally agree that we should boycott quebec products each and every opportunity we get

  43. @Murray, don't forget to include that whenever you see those "Ici, on commerce en français" stickers, you should pretty much take that as "No dogs or Anglophones."

    Worse yet, this campaign is a product of the Charest government's creation. What we should have been seeing are stickers along the lines of...

    "Here we speak whatever the hell we feel like speaking...even Klingon!"


    "No habla el lingua del separatistas"

    1. I agree with Adski and Apparatchik that this should be a Montreal Party considering the difference between Montreal and the RoQ. During the election I was pissed that the regions were trying to impose their racist and assbackwards worldview on us. All other sympathetic areas like the Outaouais will be welcome to join up and fight this separatist racist minority dominance.
      Anything anglo rights or Equality Party should be a lobby group in response to IF or SSJB.

    2. FROM ED
      I will not sign up for he Equality party until I know who the leader is. Facebook is for teens I do not use it. almost supported CAQ untl I found out that the leader is a separatst. I will attend the Liberal Convention in February and decide from there. Ed

    3. @Ed... So you support the Quebec Liberal party, even though they have a history of lies and discrimination towards our community... even though you DON'T KNOW who their leader is... or will be?? Am I getting this correctly?

      Meanwhile, the Equality Party 2.0, which is leaderless at the moment (like the Libs), but has a History of defending your rights, you will not support... Why??? Because you get to help rebuild the party from the ground up and have direct input in choosing a new leader??? And this is a problem for you????

      Maybe you need to rethink your priorities... Or maybe the old political adage fits well in this case.... "You get the representation you vote for!"

    4. FROM ED
      MONEY What does it take for some folks to get it? A PARTY THAT CAN NOT WIN CAN DO NOTHING.
      Liberals would have won if the CAQ had not split te vote. Creatinganother party wil split it even more. Do you want the Party Queecois to win a majority. The Equality Party has done nothing bause they didn't get electd. Think! Ed

  44. La seule chose qui peut rendre un anglo "sympathique" au yeux des Québécois est qu'il communique en français...Simple n'est-ce pas?

    *Pourriez-vous m'expliquer pour quelle raison mon commentaire précédant a disparu?

    1. Because you're a dick. Simple n'est-ce pas?

    2. Vous m'êtes qu'à moitié sympathique mais c'est un début.

    3. *Pourriez-vous m'expliquer pour quelle raison mon commentaire précédant a disparu?
      "Outing" people's identity is not part of this blog. If you wish to do so, go to

  45. Hi,

    Oviously, the party would be focused on anglos, but make its interests something that frncos can look to as well.

    Some suggestions that would gain some support in the French community, but which jive with anglo rights:

    - More and more french parents want the right to send their kids to school in english: Our bilingual school and immersion schools are a big source of envy among parents who are aware of them. Publicize their existance. Explain how having english and french kids in the same schools would improve both english speaking for the french, and french speaking for the english, and may actually get the englihs interested in french culture. The separation of school mean most english have no link and thus, no interest in french culture (music, movies, etc.)

    - Bilingualism would help promote qc. We could be the only jurisdiction in north america able to sell to europe (french+english), and north america. Bilingualism would be source of talent advantage (builingualism and education), so great appeal, and would be cool. Might even make french spread more.

    - Start focusing on the pension plans of govt workers. Many french workers in the private sector feel it is dramatically unfair that they will pay for the pensions of the govt, while they will have ahard retirement. Great spource of frsutaration. It can easily be used, and would be a great cause.

    - Make anglo rights a human rightsissue to the francos - apopeal to the young "cool", but making anglo rights hip and making thr govt seem unjust, then link it to the limits on the french. The sense that there is a victim and that they are also victims will have appeal with the new generation, if done right. Use social media, youtube videos done right.

    I'm definetely in for it.

    1. All the above sounds great - we have to get our message out there to the whole population of quebec that it's time to stop the language wars and appreciate one another for what we can offer to each culture and tradition. BILINGUALISM IS A DEFINITE ASSET NOT SOMETHING TO BE FEARED.


      S'il-vous-plaît cutie...Juste une petite phrase en français...Please,i'm sure you can

  46. FROM ED
    Forget this 'Montreal Party' business. We are working Provincially against a Provincial governmnt. Montreal has nothing to do with it. Ed

  47. Hi,

    Oh yeah, one more suggestions that should start in social media, which could gather a following, if done right.

    Spread the idea of a quiet revolution 2.0.

    QC felt that the church held them back, limiting their opportunities by discouraging education, having more children, etc.

    Spread the idea that the state has replaced the church - limiting education of the most useful skill in the world today (english). Make sarcastic remarks that "we" (meaning french) are lucky our that math and science are not against our culture, or we would be prevented from that as well.

    End with reference that it is time for a quiet revolution 2.0 - allow english. Add something abpout how "i would not give up who i am just because i learned a new skill (i.e. english)" and "it's time i have the right to choose what i think is best for my kids - not the govt", etc.

    Appeal to their rights being limited, create a new enemy - the govt who limits their rights. But it must be done right, subtly, but clear, start slow and build with time, use youtube, twitter, facebook.

    Mak it seem cool to believe their rights are limited, make the people who espouse the vews are ahead of the curve. It will spread more whe people feel they have an insight others dont. It'll appeal to the youth.

  48. Le seul représentant sympathique que la canada a eu au Québec était Jack Layton:Positif,joyeux et souriant,tout le contraire des angryphones vivants sur notre territoire.

  49. I am a past "Elected" Original Equality Party President of the South Shore and have to agree that using the Equality Party name (and this seeming 'still' on our knees - platform - on FB etc...) and this "Who is the interim leader" - (another repeat of the past..??) would benefit from some EGO FREE - sit down multiple brainstorming sessions - before announcing the launch or relaunch of ANY political party.

    1. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 7:12:00 PM EST

      Didi.... I hope you come to the meeting we will soon be scheduling so we can reconnect. watch this blog for more details.

  50. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  51. @L. Steve: Sorry to disagree with your "..Make it subtle - seem cool....." statement. We've been doing that for 40 years - and look at where that has led us.
    What's wrong with speaking the FACTS, loud and clear from every rooftop? People KNOW when "Truth is in the room"... and respond to that and imho - are desperately HUNGRY for it. Quebecois are not children - nor are they brain dead (notwithstanding the racist nutbars). They/we have been DELIBERATELY denied the truth thanks to our bullshit media. Now that we HAVE THE TOOLS - Social Media - to OUT ALL THE LIES they've/we've been FORCE FED - let's "Shout It Out" !! :):)

    1. You'll have to let me know how you've been doing it. From my vantage point, you've been completely silent.

      My point is that taking a completely anglo point of view will never go anywhere other than unite the nationalists in opposition, which will not lead to anything positive for the anglo community.

      You need a party that will appeal to both sides.

      Unfortunately, coming out and saying "we are an anglo party, you treat us unfairly, chnage it or we will embarass you" will not have the impact you expect.

      You need to be subtle by first sending out well-prepared messages of the issues (create the cross-linguistic issues in the mind of those seeing the messages), with francos as your target.

      Anglos are already on your side. They will only support you if you can gain some support in the franco community because they are allergic to splitting the vote. So the key is to get francos on side with your views / issues / message.

      My subtle and cool approach is because Francos are a notoriously fickly bunch (I just spent a X-mas with all my inlaws - a nice bunch of union-leaders, supporters and hardcore separatists). They have no undertanding or care that anglos are not treated equally. They could give a shit. They have it hardcored in them that they were mistreated in the 1950's and before, even if they were not yet born. So they hate us for being english.

      You can also mix in some insecurity about being unable to function in english and it just adds more hate. Insecurity and prejudice is the source of quebec nationalism.

      To get the french onside, you need to show someone else is mistreating them - the govt, kinda like all political ads do.

      But we've seen what the youth can do. Youth are always looking for a cause. Give them one. Youth also want to feel hip and more wise than everyone else, so target them with ads explaining how they are not treated fairly and they will start to move towards it. Use the idea of quiet revolution 2.0 because it sounds cool in the current climate and appeals on many levels (link to past, sense of being prevented from education and moving forward, links to modern society)

      Middle-class parents are alreaqdy attracted to the unjust nature of bill 101 keeping them from having their kids learn english. Use it.

      If your party will just be english causes, you more likely than not fail and bring all nationalists together. You can be english, but make your cases universal.

    2. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 7:25:00 PM EST

      @L. Steve > I like your thinking.... So JOIN us and help implement your ideas!

    3. Steve is completely right. I will completely support a party that is about protecting RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, this will unify everyone, Anglo, Allos, Francos. I also agree that it cannot be led under the banner of EP, it has to be a new movement with a new name! You need numbers to make a difference and if you sell it to EVERYONE, then everyone will get behind it. This is also something that I have expressed previously on this blog, that what has been at stake, what is at stake is our Freedom, especially our freedom to choose, and though I have an eligibility certificate that says I can choose, I suffer because many can't choose. It has to be about Rights and Freedoms, it's always been for that I needed convincing've convinced me!

  52. Yes we do need a party. It might land candidates in a riding or it might not - depending on what the liberal candidate does and thinks in a particular riding. This could avoid vote dilution case by case. One point is to remind them they have to represent us taxpayers or else be relegated to perpetual opposition. Liberals wasted years doing nothing to address xenophoby. The other point is we need a political voice. There has to be some organization to record all these abuses and track the issues. As we stand, I am taxed again and again and the money of my tax is going to Boisclair to advocate sovereignity - which IMHO is illegal for a government employee. Yet, I hear not a liberal peep about it. And I have no illusions about CAQ.

    I am an importation and I am reminded virtually every week I am a second class citizen, if not an animal. And I do not know any fellow immigrant which has not been mobbed, intimidated or verbally abused by these fascists. Support in most of the immigrant communities is virtually 100% but they have to be engaged properly. So, there might be more vote and support than you think. And mostly, immigrants want to have the choice of the language - we came to Canada. Not to Quebec. We need the proper organization.

    I am coming from a part of the world with ethnic tensions and I can tell xenophoby, ethnic cleansing and proto-fascism when I see these, no matter how you "legalize" discrimination. And I think the only way to deal with is to be outspoken and properly organized. Pure-laine quebecers have a deep inferiority complex vis-a-vis Anglos hence the hate - this will not go away even when the last one of you will leave Quebec. Every concession you do will lead to another abuse.

    The NY demo is a good idea. Pure-laines are absolutely panicked by any form of critique - too afraid of questions being raised about their methods, and this is rooted again in that inferiority complex that defines them. Also, mayors of towns losing bilingual status should held referendums on this question - this would show how abusive is the "law". And every citizen should decide for himself if he wants to contribute to the CPP or the QPP. Take away some taxation power from these fascistoids.

    1. Dear Anonymous contributor: First of all, thank you for your input. Seeing you are an immigrant (or some prankster assuming the role), please have the decency to give yourself an alias as the Editor normally doesn't tolerate anonymous contributors. Fair is fair.

      Secondly, taking your word for being an immigrant, I will act more benevolently than I have with Ed and others who think we should play nice with the Liberals. Don't get me wrong, I like Ed Brown's contributions for the most part, and I think most of what he writes is altruistic and thoughtful.

      You're quite right that our MNAs, at least in theory, are supposed to represent their constituents. One of the flaws in Canadian democracy, if not in other countries as well, is our representatives, in reality, are puppets of the party leader. Let's face it, the leader, at least in Canada and the provinces, practically has dictatorial powers. He unilaterally picks his cabinet, federal court judges, senators and a host of other senior bureaucrats such as the parole board, various transportation safety boards, auditors general, and so on. His appointees are usually partisan, and have little to do with qualifications.

      In the U.S.A., it's somewhat better because district attorneys (known as crown prosecutors in Canada), judges, auditors general and a few other areas are elected to office by voters. It's not perfect as voter turnouts for this sort of thing are low, but at least they're not appointees of the president or state governor; nevertheless, there are appointees as well by the president, governors and municipal mayors as well.

      Anyway, as I have written on this blog and others before this issue, discussions with the PLQ or members of other parties is futile. You'd be flogging a dead horse. This has gone on for decades with no positive results. The Anglo and ethnic MNAs who represent those minority districts turn their backs on their constituents regularly and consistently, voting at the whim of the party leader. The last time MNAs in Quebec voted against the leader was in early 1989, when three of the best MNAs, all Anglophones, voted against then Premier Robert Bourassa against Bill 178, an infamous piece of legislation against Anglophones and a flagrant abuse of the Notwithstanding Clause, Section 33 of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

      The result of this vote against Bourassa resulted in an en masse resignation of these three MNAs, Richard French, Herbert Marx and Clifford Lincoln.

      Those three men had more intelligence in the pinky fingers than the current cast of absolutely moronic yutzes sitting in the National Assembly as I write. Since then, Uncle Tom yutzes like Lawrence Bergman, Kathleen Weil, Geoffrey Kelley, Yolande James and others do what they're told, or else. They all represent predominantly minority ridings, yet they stab their constituents in the back at every turn. They do not represent you! Deal with the devils in the National Assembly? Fuggedaboudit!

    2. Well. I am anonymous simply because I do not have a Google/whatever account to post through it. Using a nick would not make me less anonymous I guess.

      You are right. But the problem is twofold. Why do we vote back in office the stabbers? Put an alternative out there to take away that re-election certitude the liberals MNA have. Help them be honest with us.

    3. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 7:43:00 PM EST

      @ An Importation - You sound like just the kind of member we want active in the new party... I hope you consider joining... and bring your friends!

    4. I got the message, thank you :) I hope I can help with.

    5. Minor correction, Mr. Sauga,

      There were 5 Liberal MNAs who voted against Bill 178: Lincoln, French, Marx, as you say, but also Thuringer and Dougherty, I believe.

      What distinguished Lincoln, French, and Marx were that they were in the cabinet. And voting against their government and Bill 178 meant that they left the cabinet (and also, subsequently, they did NOT run as Liberal candidates ever again...although both Dougherty and Thuringer did and both were defeated by Equality candidates: Atkinson against Thuringer in NDG and Cameron against Dougherty in Jacques-Carter in the West Island).

      But let's be clear: all five Liberal MNAs mentioned about did VERY LITTLE during their time as MNAs representing predominantly anglo ridings in terms of either getting rid of Bill 101 or advocating very strongly on the core issues surrounding Bill 101. They snipped around the edges, leaving Bill 101 -- and their jobs -- intact. I have absolutely ZERO respect for any of them INCLUDING CLIFFORD LINCOLN who, as William Johnson once said, was the man of one great speech.

      Bums, all.

  53. All of the above is great and totally accurate. The abuse of our rights is forefront in our mission to rid ourselves of these racists. Yes, pressuring mayors of towns to act on these rights' violations would also help. And he's right about our contributions to the QPP especially when this province is going down the tubes and we may end up losing our money to these thieves.

  54. FROM ED
    Anon. Well said. I agree we shold work with the Liberals. It's only common sense to get in bed with the winners. If the CAQ was gone the Libs would be a majority government. I repeat the Liberals have done nothing for the English because the English didn't bother to ask them to. A coaltion with them would be a winner. Ed

  55. Pourquoi les anglos ont tant de difficultés à se regrouper?Je suis impatient de voir une manifestation d'anglos dans les rues (trop facile derrière un clavier) criant à l'injustice.

    1. Pourquoi les anglos ont tant de difficultés à se regrouper?Je suis impatient de voir une manifestation d'anglos dans les rues (trop facile derrière un clavier) criant à l'injustice.

      In all the comments S.R ever posted, this perhaps is the most poignant.

      It may be hard to accept, but his commentary is dishearteningly valid.


    2. I think the troll is daring us.

      If such a group happens S.R, just remember one thing - you're one of the first separatist-bigots to point out that there are 350+ million Anglos on the continent.

      I don't think you're seeing the avalanche clearly just yet.

    3. "I don't think you're seeing the avalanche clearly just yet"

      Si votre affirmation était vraie,aucune loi n'aurait été mis en place afin de protéger notre identité,nous sommes tous conscients de la menace,même plusieurs fédéralistes convaincus.

    4. Either way champ, you're movement is on the path to extinction.

      Don't worry - (stop me if you heard this one) we'll respect your rights and make sure that you are a cherished part of our community.

    5. In answer to your Question... When???

      Montreal Protest To Vote Down Bill 14 / Manifestation pour voter contre la LOI 14
      February 17, 2013 at 12:00pm
      770 rue Sherbrooke West, Montreal

    6. Hello Editor,

      I'll explain why i don't organize.

      I have a job, I work with francos (not to mention am married to one). For many anglos, sometimes the french are our employees, sometimes our boss. Francos sincerely belieeve in their culture and fear it is at risk.

      To join a party that is openly seen to be against them would put our job at risk, make it harder to find new ones, make dealing with francos unpleasant, and by extension, risk making our lifestyle worse. Our life is comfortable, so why risk it to express anger that will lead nowhere ?

      I'm not alone in thinking this way.

      All that said, we are genuinely frustrated and would like our views expressed, so I'm all for creating a new party that will support anglo rights, but i am a pragmatist and it has to be done intelligently. It has to be something we can support and then defend in front of our franco colleagues, friends and wives.

      Creating an openly anglo party will very quickly be portrayed as extremist and be ignored and ridiculed in the french press, so it will gain no support from francos, and thus little from anglos and, most importantly, generate no results.

      You need to create a party that is going to differentiate itself from the caq and libs and deal with issues they are afraid of, but which can be portrayed to be to the benefit of francos, while not being afraid to say we are anglos.

      Schooling is the most obvious issue. Unless the people i talk to are the exception, and i don;t think they are, there is a great deal of frustration in the fact that francos cannot choose their kids' schooling language. It can easily be used as a franco rights issue.

      Attack pensions. Another huge source of frustration. Use Blanchard as an extreme example, but you can also pont to the regular bureaucrat retiring at 55 on the govt dime.

      Don't stray to other anglo right issues because that might scare francos. Focus on shcooling. Stay on message. Once that door is cracked open, others will make the logical follow-ups.

      Create the party, but be subtle, differentiate yourself and do it right. Run in two kinds of ridings: west MTL (anglo ridings) and strong separatist ridings. Take your message directly to them. Avoid those ridings where CAQ or libs can win. We don't need that vote split further. In the end, we definitly do not want the PQ in.

      And, as SR suggests, do as Layton did - smile a lot and try to be nice to everyone. In the end, the message matters only if the person delivering it will be listened to, respected and trusted. The messenger must be likeable, even if being english will be a point against us (and it will be attacked)

    7. Then I guess with this being said, we must actually now say THANK YOU to S.R.

      The boy finally has a use on this blog and in fact is laying down the blueprint such a proposed movement is to follow.

      Looking back on it, all his anti-Anglo, Anti-immigrant, Anti-Canadian, Anti-American rhetoric, we finally have a use for our resident bigot.

    8. S.R --> "protéger notre identité"

      Same old rhetoric...and it's over.

      Your "protéger notre identité" comes with a "by any means necessary" policy...

      ..all other societies who've taken that approach have...

  56. He is deliberately trying to discourage us from taking action - he likes being the bully and wishes to remain so.

  57. FROM ED
    Steve L has hit the nail on the head. Not just ecause it's exactly what i've been saying all along but because he explains so perfectly that it will actually work. t goes like this;-
    1. Flood the media at home and abroad to develope a voice.
    2. Choose a party willng to cooperate that has the best chance of winning. Rght now the Liberals.
    3. Run on the basis of freedom for everyone, French and English.
    3. Appeal to the youth. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
    When I vote, I vote Liberal. Not because of the party but the incumbent here in Verdun. Henri Gautrin is a good man who has done wonders for our area forr 28 years.
    I reterate; for those of you who say the Liberals have done nothing for the English, what did you ask thm to do? Ed

    1. ED... When the Liberal party leader or the Liberal party Whip whispers to your Mr. Gautrin ... "JUMP"... he will only ask "How High?" any other answer and he will thrown out of the caucus... and out of the Liberal party... and out of a cushy job. It is that simple... in a parliamentary system it is ALL about the party.. and the Leader is a Dictator... You don't like it... then you are politically Dead. That's it... that's All!

    2. FROM ED
      My Money, What's your point. All parties are the same. Are you suggesting only the Liberals are like that. Incidntally, In the Liberal govrnment Henri Gautrin was deputy house leader he was the whip. Ed

  58. FROM ED
    MR. SAUGA,
    I know your disapproval of the Liberals goes way back
    but parties and people change so let's deal with the here and now instead of the there and then. Party members can do whatever their voters tell them to do
    and that's what we're talking about here Don't let personal grievances deter you from being on a winning team. It was people like yyourself and Complicated running down the Libs and talking up the CAQ in the media and here. Look how that worked out.
    If you would rather see another loss rather than have the Lierals elected with a duty to work for us
    keep it up. I'm tired of saying the same thing over and over that Liberals have the best chance to win. Ed

  59. The Liberals are a complete waste of time. They have done nothing at all for Anglos during the past 40 years. They have worked against us, and it's very doubtful they will change in the future, whether we make requests or not. It's time for a new party.

    1. Lord Dorchester

      I wouldn't say they have done nothing for English speaking Quebecers. I'm no QLP booster but Dawson College's newer campus in the late 80's and the McGill Super Hospital are two English insitutions that come to mind. The Liberals were the ones that signed off on these institutions. These were investments into English Quebec (that the Nationalists never fail to mention). Not sure if a new regional party is the answer or if a renewed push by like minded English speaking citizens to join the QLP and try to make change from within is the best option. Our community keeps voting in people that don't seem to echo our concerns (ie Weil, James, Kelley, Marsan and Bergman). Instead of allowing the back room boys of the QLP decide who represents us, shouldn't we have a say in the matter? Instead of voting for lambs, shouldn't we vote in lions?

    2. FROM ED
      Lord D.
      You might also mention that by walking the tightrope they've had to, they managd t keep the PQ off our backs. They kept the economy moving forward. Lierals built the dams that brought us cheap Hydro power. When Montreal was overwhelmed by Mayor Drapeau's mishandling of the Olympics, Liberals under Bourassa stepped in and pulled it off. We've een ale to feel secure wit them for many years. It was a Liberal government under Jean Lesage that ended the Church ripping off the province. Most were content until the CAQ showed up. Between the CAQ and th students we lost decent government. I hope we are not going to do this again. Ed

  60. The provincial Liberals are very close to becoming a nationalist party themselves. During their meetings on electing a new leader many have proposed that they abandon the federalist option they currently represent. They seem to see wisdom in the tact the CAQ has taken in saying we think Quebec sovereignty is something that will happen and we support it...but not at this time. This idea has a lot of support in the Liberal party and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the leader's debates. All to say, they will not be pushing any kind of federalist policies anytime soon. Thus, I don't think we will get any kind of open support to the type of concerns we have with the Liberal party.

    1. Then, if this is the case, we have no possible way of stopping these separatists other than a new provincial federalist party. Scary that the liberals are even thinking of switching horses in mid stream so guys we have no choice but to support a new party.

  61. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 10:42:00 PM EST

    Better Equality in the Global Village then Inequality in a separate 3rd world Quebec.

    "Like" & Share....

  62. FROM ED
    Just a reminder that not everyone uses Facebook. Ed

  63. What we need to do is start a new organization to show to the majority of Quebecers that the separatist movement and the language zealots are nothing more than a replacement of the old Catholic church. This movement has become a modern-day religion based on ethnicity and disinformation.
    Bringing up old grievances about how Anglophones rights are being trampled on in Quebec will win no sympathy from the French press. The age-old argument that French Canadian culture is threatened with extinction due to the 350M+ Anglos living at the borders will always win. If we want to have our cause heard, we need to get our fellow Quebecers to be the ones speaking out about it. When this will happen, we will have all won.
    The new organization needs to focus on demonstrating through reason that bill 101 is unjust and hurts all Quebecers for the following reasons:
    • Businesses in Quebec are burdened with added bureaucracy and expenses, and have an incentive to not expand beyond 50 employees. This hurts Quebec businesses because their growth is limited. It hurts Quebec employees and aspiring managers because there are few large companies to work for.
    • Foreign companies looking to establish themselves in Canada look at the added restrictions involved in establishing themselves in Quebec and tend to avoid our province. The result is that we obtain a significantly lower amount of foreign investment in Quebec vs. other provinces when evaluated on a per capita basis. We suffer as a result through fewer job and business opportunities, making us relatively poorer than our neighbours.
    • It is an unjust law because it creates two classes of people in Quebec: Those of Anglo background who have the choice of where to send their kids to school; and those who cannot. Francophones fall in to the second category. The government has decided for them what is good for them. As a result, Anglophones become bilingual and Francophone don't. Despite bill 101, English is a necessary skill to advance in the workplace for reasons that go beyond what Quebec can control and Francophones suffer as a result.
    I work with Francophones every day and can assure you that many of them wish they had the same opportunities I have had and my children will have as a result of my father having gone through the English school system. They all wish their children could be bilingual too.
    The key to success is to show that we are all in this together and that the Anglophone community is not here to try to remove French from Quebec. They just want to be able to live in peace and see their children live here and not move to Toronto.
    I will not personally go demonstrate in the street but I would certainly help fund advertising to get the message out (Perhaps setting up a Facebook page would be the cheapest and most effective campaign for now). In the end the best form of advertising is word of mouth. If every Anglo in Quebec could convince 5 separatists/language zealots to leave the dark side, then we (all Quebecers) will have won.

    1. Lord Dorchester

      Their goal is to have a country of their own, PERIOD. In order to achieve said goal they need "No" voting Federalists to move away, PERIOD. These added layers of Red Tape (ie Bill 101) have been instrumental in keeping jobs and investment away from Quebec for over a generation. Yes, language laws are irritating BUT, take away a person's ability to earn a living and they move elsewhere, which is exactly what has been going on with our young graduates since the 1970's. They move west, get a job and plant roots, away from Quebec. The Separatists realized long ago what cost was required to obtain a win in any future referendum. They are willing to take Montreal and Quebec's economy over a cliff to eek out a referendum win, consequences be dammed. During the last election, do you recall anyone from the PQ, Quebec Solidaire or Option Nationale talking about creating jobs or attracting investors to Quebec? They have their eyes fixed firmly on the prize of independence, even if it means making Quebec the Haiti of the North for a few generations. These are the types of maniacs we are dealing with. There is no rationalizing with them. There is no negotiating with them. The Separatists must be denied from ever obtaining a majority government and we need to keep that in mind when we talk of splinter parties.

    2. A commenter after my own heart!

      Funny how the "pawns" never get the hint that they're being led around like mules.

      I've long said that the seppie movement is the new Catholic church, but no else seems to notice that the movement snowballed shortly after the demise of Catholic rule.

      "If every Anglo in Quebec could convince 5 separatists/language zealots to leave the dark side, then we (all Quebecers) will have won."

      As much as I would like to share your optimism, I'm afraid that's one of the last groups to be concentrating on.

      Take a look at S.R - he's an out-and-out hatemonger. You can't convince him to re-position his stance, because he doesn't want to. He once even said that the little girl, who's parents couldn't speak French and therefore weren't served by an ambulance driver deserved to die!

      The key is to target Anglos, immigrants, 50/50s and yes, business owners in Quebec of all backgrounds who see this as an obstacle.

      If a video series were made, I'd love to see interviews with Francophone students who are working their hardest to get into the Anglo school system and resent being forced to study in just one given language by a visionless government.

  64. Nice try,

    Essayez de convaincre les Québécois qu'ils ont besoin de l'anglais afin de travailler et de gagner convenablement leur vie...Good luck!De plus,si les anglos sont aussi bilingues que vous le prétendez,pourquoi contestez-vous la loi 101?Pourquoi autant de postes dans la fonction publique fédérale,sont occupés par des Québécois?

  65. Thank you, MTL1973! I’ve been wondering for some time now why white Catholic francophones are so much more concerned with being minority francophones rather than being minority Catholics. 350 million Protestants (and others) vs. 7 million Catholics… blah blah blah… It has simply become a modern-day religion.



  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. since the quiet revolution began, the so called "cultured mother tongued" French are running this province, look at state we are in? Taxes, Corruption, Language Police etc.....Maybe we should remind the Quebecois what happened on the Plains of Abraham? I will fight and die for my country!!
    Salut des chiens!!!

    1. "I will fight and die for my country"

      Commencez donc par vous trouver un pseudo afin que l'on puisse vous identifier et nous verrons pour votre simili-patriotisme à l'américaine par la suite.

  69. I dont see how a party focused on one issue would gain any real traction. First of all most anglos and allos are more concerned about other pressing issues than spending more energy on language. I bet if we could fix the corruption, lower taxes, cut the debt, put in a more pro-business government that the anglos and many francos would forget about the language issue for awhile.
    Some people here are talking about a Montreal would end up being a west-Montreal party as we all know the eaat side of Montreal is pretty strong seperatist territory. It seems what many are proposing here is essentially the same as the PQ but for the anglos. We dont need another extremist fringe party that obsesses over language day and night. We will go nowhere fast.
    I think the creation of such a party will just antagonize a lot of will be used by the french media and the seperatists as more proof that the anglos are dangerous and intolerant. Essentially it will backfire.
    Personally I think the ideal solution is to create a party which appeals to anglo moderates, soft nationalists, francophone federalists which focuses on the main issues and forgets about language for many years. The CAQ is pretty close here but obviously could use some tweaks to get it just right. If the CAQ had chosen someone with a more neutral background as leader I suspect they would do even better..I can live with Mr.Legault and a few other questionable characters in the CAQ but I know many anglos/allos cannot. But I think the CAQ has the right general idea.
    What I hear on this forum is a step backwards and in the end will just be a waste of energy..

  70. "Some people here are talking about a Montreal would end up being a west-Montreal party as we all know the eaat side of Montreal is pretty strong seperatist territory."

    Check the last election map. Again.