Monday, November 5, 2012

Pauline Steers a PQ Ship of Fools

During the election campaign that brought Pauline Marois to power, I fretted in several blog pieces that I didn't see much talent or experience on her roster, those who would make potentially good cabinet material.
After the election, the talent pool got even shallower and the pickings even slimmer as many of the more capable went down to electoral defeat.

Here is a brief review of the qualifications and experience that the new PQ cabinet members bring to the table. It isn't a pretty tale, with most woefully under-qualified and several so dogmatic that they actually pose a threat to our economy, democracy and way of life.

It's hard to condemn the whole kit and kaboodle so shortly after the election, but the monumental gaffes made in the first month augers poorly for the future and honestly when you start with shoddy construction material, it's impossible to build a very strong house.

Think I'm exaggerating?  ...Read on.

Let's start with the bottom row, those who represent the most important and powerful elements in the cabinet.
(Note; Clicking on the various cabinet ministers underlined names will take you to the National Assembly website detailing their biography)

One of the ministers that I held out hope for was Finance Minister, Nicolas Marceau who at least had some credentials as an economist which should have provided a strong foundation enabling him to succeed in the most important portfolio in the cabinet.
But alas his experience though impressive, is all academic and although a likable and charming character, he lacks the gravitas that a finance minister needs to exude.
Certainly he doesn't compare to Raymond Bachand who in all his years as finance minister under Charest looked and acted the part.
Marceau of course made a monumental gaffe in his first act as finance minister, when he announced that he was increasing taxes retroactively, a move so patently stupid, only someone who doesn't really understand tax law could commit such an egregious error. Soon after his announcement he was forced to retract the plan in the face of a public storm. It was to say the least, an embarrassing fiasco.
Usually those professionals in the Ministry, especially the deputy-minister, (who actually runs the department) would warn the Minister of the negative impact of such a reckless and rash policy, which leaves me to suspect somebody in the department wanted to teach the minister a lesson and hang him out to dry.
Either that or Marceau received advice that he refused to accept, I don't know which situation is worse.
At any rate he has become damaged material in the shortest of time, his credibility and confidence in shambles. Don't look for any bold policy decisions, as they say, once bitten twice shy.

 Then there is Marie Malavoy, a dishonest and hardline separatist (you'll remember, she was the one who broke the law on more than one occasion when she voted illegally while not even a citizen)
"Already howls of resistance are being raised and this on the francophone side where Malavoy is trying to put a sovereigntist and anti-English bent in the education of francophone children, despite overwhelming parental support for the wider teaching of English.

And so Madame Malavoy is rushing to restrict English in the early grades and is set to re-examine (and likely reverse) the not-yet implemented plan to give grade six students a half year taught exclusively in English as well as implementing other measures meant to indoctrinate and politicize students towards the PQ way of thinking.
" Read my post Marie Malavoy is Quebec's Worst Nightmare
Like a Taliban mullah, she knows better than us and is ready to impose a dangerously narrow and regressive pedagogical regime.

Although Agnes Maltais has been a sitting member of the National assembly for over a decade, nothing in her record or in her background or experience would qualify her for the important portfolio of Labour Minister.
Armed only with a cegep degree, Maltais had a career in theatre where for the 18 years before she was elected to the National Assembly, she participated or was the director of various theatre companies, hardly a prerequisite for the job.
First elected in 1998, she spent the first couple of years in obscurity, perhaps a little timid as she remained firmly ensconced in the closet. When she came out in 2003 one expected to see her bloom but alas she remains a timid party hack with little drive and not much experience to depend on.  And so she remains a proxy for Marois, a Minister who serves at the beck and call of the Premier, much like Yolande James did for Jean Charest.
Incredibly, in addition to her duties as Labour minister she has also been named Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity AND Minister responsible for the Status of Women.
As if that wasn't enough, she is also the minister responsible for the Quebec City region.

The deputy Premier in the Marois cabinet is François Gendron who sits in the National Assembly since 1976, thirty-six years of mediocrity.
I bet you never even heard of him..

Mr. Gendron was a high school teacher and guidance counsellor before hitting the big time. Over 38 years he has built up am impressive resumé of committee and board appointments, none of which are the least bit important.
Chosen as deputy-Premier because of his steadfastness and because he represents no threat to Marois, he too brings little to the table, his experience way back when no preparation for his job as Minister of Agriculture.

Perhaps he doesn't need any real talent, the main job of the Minister of Agriculture is to shill for the UPA, Quebec's powerful farmer's monopoly that enforces rules and regulations that keeps the price of agricultural products artificially high.

That readers, is the power row of the Marois Cabinet, I shall save a review of Pauline's career and qualifications for a separate post.

If you weren't impressed, it is downhill from here, and so let me detail the bone fides of some of the other members of cabinet.

Jean-François Lisée is the Minister of International Relations and the designated point man in relation to the English community who is perhaps one of the cabinet's most dangerous fools.
He has written extensively about how wonderful the economic situation is in Quebec, almost all of his child-like missives thoroughly destroyed by brutal rebuttals in the blogosphere especially by a blogger named DAVID over at{Fr}
What makes Lisée so dangerous is that he is a fantasist who now has the power to act on his flights of fancy.
As of late Mr. Lisée is pandering to his constituency of language extremists, frightening Quebecers with the story that Montreal is going to the dogs (dogs= anglos & ethnics)
Read my blog piece Jean-François Lisée is Our Worst Nightmare

Diane de Courcy is another hardline ideologue who doesn't like the idea that employees be required to speak English as a condition of employment. Link

Madame De Courcy comes to government from the offices of the Commission scolaire de Montréal where she was the president of the largest and least successful school board in Quebec, boasting the highest dropout rate in the province country. (excluding native school boards)
Among Madame DeCourcy's bright ideas over at the school board was forbidding English (or any other foreign language from being spoken on the school playground)

Of all the ministers named, Martine Ouellet, is probably the most destructive nomination.

Jacques Brassard, an ex-PQ minister had plenty to say about her in a written opinion piece;
"But the worst is Martine Ouellet, a granola who occupies the most important economic Ministry of the State, that of natural resources. It is, I admit, the appointment that horrified me the most. 
It's like handing the  responsibility for guarding the hen house to the fox in the belief that it will encourage hens to lay eggs! Unbelievable!
The militant ecologist started to create havoc very quickly. Her statement concerning shale gas is an example of her ideological inflexibility. She has said that she doesn't foresee the day where secure technologies will allow for the exploration of shale gas! Aberrant!" Link{Fr}

Nicole Léger is the new Minister for Families and one of her first statements of public policy was to announce that she would force day cares to adopt entrance policies along the lines of Bill 101, in other words banning immigrants or francophones from attending English daycare.

This unguided missile was shot down quickly by Marois  and Diane DeCourcy who were none to pleased at the junior minister shooting her mouth off without prior consultation.

Madame Leger brings a wealth of experience to the table, she was an elementary school teacher and then a high school gym teacher before going to work for her famous papa as a secretary at Leger Marketing where she worked until her father's death.
Her biography tells us that she was a professional model for eight years, which is a little hard to believe, looking at her picture, but perhaps she was, ahem, .... a hand model!
Born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, she remains, just the same, a political lightweight.

 The rookie Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Élizabeth Larouche seems to  have earned the job by default because her seat is deep in native territory.
For fourteen years Madame Laroouche pedaled newspaper advertising space and radio time as a sales rep in the Abitibi region, before spending five years as a secretary.
But over that career she's been a dedicated PQer as her long record of involvement indicates.
What any of this has to do with natives, is beyond me. I don't even think she speaks English, a must for dealing with Quebec natives.

Bernard Drainville the Minister of Democratic Institutions, is an ex-Radio Canada reporter who starts his tenure as Minister pretty much discredited. His defining political project, that of consultative public referendums was  dumped by the government as its implications became clear. Link
Bitterly disappointed, Drainville never the less sucked it up and accepted the ministerial limousine in good grace.
Some of the ideas he put forward in the darkest days of the PQ last year were so ridiculous that its hard to take the man seriously, despite his strong academic accomplishments. Link
Drainville is dead to Marois and represents cabinet deadwood from day one.

Mako Kotto is the only true ethnic in the cabinet, born in the Cameroons and rewarded for his loyalty with the stewardship of the Ministry of Culture. 
Mr. Kotto was a second rate actor and an ex-bloc Quebecois candidate, who recycled himself into the PQ, much to the relief of the party which boasted only one other electable ethnic,  Djemila Benhabib, who was defeated in Trois-Rivieres.

It would be cruel of me to say that his biggest contribution to the cabinet (and the caucus) is the fact that he adds a little colour, but hey, political correctness has never been my forté.

Oddly his nomination doesn't sit well with many of the faithful who are off-put by a Black non-native Quebecer acting as the protector of Quebec culture.
As for competence, it doesn't take much to be the Minister of Culure, sign a few cheques to provide funding for Quebecois talent, show up to the Fete National celebrations and hobnob with Quebec artistes. Not a bad gig, if I do say so myself.
He's been around forever, never making much of an impression, but for the Marois government he is desperately important and like most sell-outs, he is a hardliner.

Marjolain Dufour is president of the caucus and the only cabinet member who held a blue collar job while toiling for ALCOA for many years as a labourer. He distinguished himself as a union organizer which he parlayed into a seat in the National Assembly.
With a high school education, his only practical experience seems to be that of a union organizer.
At least he earned an honest living...

Pascal Bérubé the new Minister of Tourism, is another lightweight whose experience is pretty much limited to being a student representative, vice-president of the now famous FEUQ student union. He worked for a while as a political aide, but hasn't really any qualifications at all. But tourism is another throw away cabinet position, with occasional trips to New York and Paris as a definite perk.

Daniel Breton, the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks is a hardline environmentalist.
His first brush with the press was not particularly auspicious as it was revealed that he was a member of a militant environmental group which he denied, notwithstanding the evidence to the contrary.
"In 2005, he founded the  MCN21 movement - 'Masters of the  21st century.'
The movement promotes renewable energy, the nationalization of wind energy on the model of the nationalization of electricity in 1963 and the gradual replacement of fossil fuels in Quebec. In 2010, he campaigned for a moratorium on the exploitation of shale gas in the St. Lawrence River Valley. Wikipedia{fr}
An ex-member of the Green party and the Ndp, he is also one of the most dangerous members of Pauline's cabinet, with the capacity and the will to forestall much needed economic development.

Sylvain Gaudreault is another political nobody who hasn't done much before arriving in the big leagues.
I do give him credit for tenacity, as an openly gay candidate he faced a cruel and sadistic campaign of homophobia, running in the least gay-friendly region of Quebec, the Saguenay.
That being said, there is absolutely nothing but nothing in his background that qualifies him to take on the Transport Ministry, especially with the ongoing corruption and incompetence levels plaguing the Ministry.
For the last seven years before being elected to the National Assembly, he was a cegep teacher of history and of media art.

Pierre Duchesne, as you might remember is a Radio-Canada journalist who quit his job after a promise from Pauline of a soft seat and a subsequent cabinet position.
He got into hot water even before the election, accused of continuing on in his job covering the National Assembly, while negotiating a job with the PQ, an egregious breach of ethics. His lame-ass denials were pitiful as he claimed that he first he quit his cushy job before negotiating a position with the PQ.
Mr. Duchesne left Radio-Canada on June 15th and was named a candidate for the PQ on June 30th. He then pretended that he never discussed a job before he left. Hmmm....
Unfortunately, Mr. Duchesne hasn't brought his journalistic integrity over with him from the CBC, he also spouts the nonsense about French being threatened in Montreal because of the mother-tongue issue;
"The sustainability of the Quebec nation is not guaranteed and the status quo won't guarantee it," Education Minister Pierre Duchesne said."We're a nationalist government that will do everything to promote this language" Link
It's hard to understand how such a hardliner could ever muster the required journalistic impartiality to conduct his job fairly, covering the National Assembly for all these years.
I remember Mario Dumont complaining that he was ambushed in an interview that he gave to Duchesne while he was leader of the ADQ.  Link{Fr}
At any rate, what his experience at Radio-Canada has to do with being Minister of Higher Education is beyond me and he remains just another political appointment without any qualifications at all.

Readers, that's enough for today, I've covered over half the cabinet and in truth, they represent the weakest elements.
The rest of the cabinet will be discussed at a later date, but suffice to say that the above collection of under-qualified political hacks represents a sad commentary on our political leadership.

Note the utter lack of business experience, almost everyone of these ministers cashed a government-funded or union cheque in one way or another, in their previous life.
Private industry, which actually pays the bills for all this is completely ignored and the under-representation of anglos is staggering.
Imagine, they couldn't even find one anglo sellout to fill out the ranks and foster the fiction of inclusiveness!

I seriously doubt that any of these cabinet ministers could successfully run a depanneur (which is not that easy.) and therein lies the problem.

While the media and the PQ government remains obsessed with language and sovereignty, the issues of good governance is ignored by all.

Almost all of the above are woefully out of touch with reality and have spent their professional life in a vacuum, sitting on committees and working in jobs surrounded by like-minded, out-of-touch unionists, functionaries and political wanks.

It's frightening, not because of this government's sovereigntist bent (which is a pipe dream), but rather its utter lack of experience and know-how in running a functioning $75 billion enterprise, which is the ship of state.

But no matter, Pauline is sailing on, captaining a crew of willing fools and dullards, with the certitude of the ignorant faithful.
As I watch radical mullahs from the Middle East on television, lecturing us on the superiority of Islamic fundamentalism, I feel a painful dose of deju vu.

We have our own dogmatic fools here in Quebec who feed us the same insane nonsense, that is that Francophones are in mortal danger of assimilation and unless they wage an unremitting language war and vote for sovereignty they will be destroyed by the great Satan.
Just like the Islamist mullahs, they cannot see or comprehend the economic cost of their policies and frankly, to most it just doesn't matter.

It is as if we have given control of the family budget to our twelve-year old daughter who decides to spend half the family budget on Justin Bieber tickets,  a perfectly sound and rationale investment according to her.

The saddest part of all, is that on Pauline's ship of fools, it is we the taxpayers who are forced to provide the muscle, condemned to an eternity of hard labour, nothing more than slaves rowing in a galley.

As I said before, I'll devote a post to Pauline herself and her suitability to be Premier, it won't be pretty.


  1. Well, well, well! Looks as if this is barely a shadow of past PQ cabinets. I remember the very first cabinet with a Rhodes scholar who attended Harvard and Cambridge Universities (Jacques-Yvan Morin), Colombia U. (Claude Morin), MIT (Yves Bérube), London School of Economics (Jacques Parizeau), U. of Philadelphia (Denis Lazure, PhD.), Boston U. Hospital (Camille Laurin), U. de Montréal & McGill (Robert Burns), Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Bernard Landry) etc. etc. etc.

    Perhaps the PQ is finally and gleefully coming to an end if all Queen Pauleen had to scoop is the sludge out of the bottom of the barrel. Seems the electorate that voted in this motley crew mires in that sludge.

    1. A liberal on welfare would be better than a P.Q MP that went to Harvard.

    2. Perhaps there is an argument for that, but my point is the intelligentsia that existed with those first PQ mandates is long gone. They were radicals to be sure, but now you have what antioxidants are needed to fight: Free radicals. Yes, this is a biological term, but free radicals wreak havoc in the body; the PQ does, can and will wreak havoc in Quebec at large.

      There are those who don't want the PQ defeated when they bring down their budget down in two weeks. Certainly there will be a very high cost in another election, but if the budget goes down as predicted, the benefits of another election potentially exceed the costs. It remains to be seen in just two short weeks.

  2. Ohhhhh...

    ...ohhhh - so much meat on this here bone, I'm going to have to wait until after work before I tear into this.

    Tell you one thing - I almost started laughing out loud when I read that Nicole Leger was a "former model."

    Can't wait until I can come back, this is going to be almost too easy.

    1. Looking at her pic, I think she was a "before" model.

    2. Making fun of politicians because of their looks is very unclassy.

    3. Could say the same about her dictating to immigrants in what language they should speak in their homes (which they pay for with money THEY earned).

      Sure, laughing at looks is shallow...but let's face it, respect begets respect.

    4. I agree with you, but I think there's no need to stoop down to their level, you give up the moral high ground then.

    5. Y'know what, Yannick? Their attitudes towards those not of their ilk is ugly, the spirits are mean ergo they don't deserve a shred of my respect and even less of my dignity.

      OK, they're f***ing bastards, the latter word using the name of Howard Galganov's book. Happy now, Yannick?

      Happy or not, Yannick, I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

    6. I'd rather you attack their ideas than their looks, is all. No need to be crass.

    7. What types of sports was she teaching?

      Bowling, Curling, Darts?

    8. Yannick,

      Making fun of politicians because of their looks is very unclassy.

      Really? Watch this and give me your comment then. Or is it only acceptable if they do it?

    9. I'm getting tired of being assigned positions a priori. I have no idea what that video is, but I can already tell you that no, it's unacceptable in both cases.


    10. Now that I've watched it, I can honestly say that I've seldom seen something in poorer taste.

      I have an tingling feeling that you're trying to make some kind of point though - something along the lines of "they're being unclassy, so that excuses us from making unclassy jokes". Shouldn't we rather all thrive for more class instead?

    11. Yannick,

      You do recognize that it was Pierre Falardeau, a hero to the separatist movement, do you not?

      But why not? Why must we hold ourselves in high regards anymore when them on the other end can do and say whatever they want, many times publicly and openly and we must keep our heads down and be timid lest we offend their sensitive feeling?

      That line is crossed long ago.

      What you are suggesting is exactly what Jim Malone (Sean Connery) said in The Untouchables, "Bring knife to a gunfight."

  3. How many darn Ministers have you got????

  4. Avouons que M.Lisée a fier allure...Quelle classe.

    1. *fière allure, allure c'est un adjectif féminin.

    2. Allure n'est pas un adjectif mais un nom.Désolé pour la faute de frappe.

    3. Are you joking? The numbnut doesn't even know how to button up his suit jacket properly.

    4. LOL! Who cares? Trivial gibborish!

    5. Actually, that was one of the first things I noticed about the photo… either the guy doesn’t know how to wear a suit or he wore an old ill-fitting one for his official photograph on inauguration day. Classy indeed! LOL!!! :)

    6. Les anglos ont de la chance de pouvoir négocier avec cet homme...Un véritable gentleman.

    7. Apparently, some people expect us to trust leaders who don't know anything about haberdashery!

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. The problem I find with posts like this is that you can tell the author is really going out of his way to demonize each of the persons noted. I am not disagreeing with all your statements but I am sure one could write a similar piece on many politicians in Canada. If you really want to find dirt on someone you can..its all in the eyes of the beholder.
    If this blog is just an outlet for a bunch of angry old anglophones to vent and attack then its not going to accomplish much. People see through the rhetoric and biasedness. Demonizing the enemy which this blog excels at only carries us so far.

    1. if you dislike it so, stop reading it .....there are many other "Uncle Tom" blogs out there that guilts the English speaking community in Quebec and Canada at large into bending down or giving in to every Nationalist/Separatist/xenophobe whim... I for one have had enough of my civil liberties trampled on so the "De souche" can feel secure in their bigotry...

    2. + 1

      In the spirit of the U.S. elections: "Love it or leave it"

    3. Gee, complicated, if you're so peeved, why don't you call Lisée and look into alternatives for "corrective action". Perhaps rolling out the guillotines to Peel and St. Catherine Streets for public beheadings of «les autres»? You can sell tickets to help pay down the almost $255 billion debt Quebec owes the world.

      HEY! I just thought of something to pay down that debt of over $¼ trillion: Hire language cops for every street corner west of St-Lawrence St., esp. in the West Island and fine anyone who speaks English and other "unofficial" languages in public on the spot. Make Quebec like Singapore: A fine country. Fine anyone who looks at a «pur lainer» the wrong way. Fine for throwing packaging in a public trash can English side up; fine citizens in their private homes for displaying the English side of their packaged products in their pantries and laundry rooms, watching English TV, listening to English radio and reading English literature (or literature in any language other than French). Fine families for having dinner conversations in languages other than French. Same for non-French pillow talk. C'mon, complicated, get it on and bang a gong!

      President Evil: Yesterday marked the 28th anniversary of the day I "left it". No regrets whatsoever. As the Bekins moving company would say: It's the smartest move I ever made!

    4. "In the spirit of the U.S. elections: "Love it or leave it""

      101 ou 401 !!!

    5. Repetition/imitation is, sometimes, a form of flattery.

  6. Take a break complicated - what have you accomplished since joining the blog? Have you written anything to anyone indicating that you're unhappy with the way things are in Quebec? I admit I haven't been on this blog for very long but I joined because I thought we were going to fight for our rights as Canadians in this country. As far as "accomplishing much" please inform us what you have accomplished. At least I have written many letters to politicians, newspapers, companies, and have posted on this blog that I'm doing everything within my power to change things. Besides your long, long explanations about why these things have happened in Quebec and apologizing forever, I have not seen any action on your part to change anything. Please enlighten me if I'm wrong.

  7. Cutie - I have written many things about how unhappy I am with the current state of affairs. But I dont see how the demonization of the PQ sans arret is helping us. I dont like the PQ nor Marois but lets not go over the top. There are pictures of her looking like Hitler..with her eyes gouged out..there is such a hatred at times that its almost disturbing. Many people get turned off by such unabashed biasedness..its like listening to Sun News..they are so incredibly biased to the right that its nauseating after awhile..they make a few good points but its always so heavily tainted towards the right wing message and you can only get hit in the head so many times by the same message. Just like Fox news. Because no one is going to have a true dialogue with such stubborn idealogues.

    I have stumbled upon many blogs and web sites which capture my interest for awhile but then the overwhelming biasedness just gets to me. Its like listening to Don MacPhersons tweets..its just never ending anti-PQ commentary and inflammatory comments about attacks on the english. Its not going to help at all.

    1. Complicated: There is a ridiculously simple solution to your conundrum: Don't read this blog, and don't read Don MacPherson's commentaries! Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

    2. I still don't get it. What do you want from this blog? Why are you here? What do you think you will accomplish with history lessons and apologies? I have yet to see one grace saving factor from any of the members of the PQ party as they make it very clear that they hate anglophones, allophones and anyone else that is not pure laine french. Perhaps over the years, they had some expertise in areas that could have helped the province but their outspoken hated for the minorities takes away any virtues any of them may have or had. If you don't want to do anything but complain about how badly the french were treated 50 years ago, I'm sure some separatist blog would love to hear it and congratulate you all over the place. If you dislike the PQ and Pauline as you say, do something besides try to justify their actions. We've overlooked their bigotry for far too long and now we have to stand up and be counted or give up our rights as Canadians altogether. It's time for action now - not another 50 years of being made to feel guilty for being a minority in this province.

    3. Cutie,ce concept se nomme : Liberté d'expression

      Créez votre propre blogue et vous pourrez ainsi censurer qui vous voudrez...Si jamais vous avez des lecteurs.

    4. The problem with this blog is that when it makes great points on the PQ and Quebec ethnic nationalism and politics, it has a right wing slant too, which for the most part is kept in check but occasionally comes out in a vulgar way. And as I'm watching the gaggle of old mustachioed WASPish farts from Harper's cabinet in their press conferences, I realize that what's Canada got is not much better than what QC has. A radical neoconservative right in Canada vs a radical nationalist left in QC. Of the two, I choose neither.

      And Editor, you do censor posts. You did take down one of mine a month back, an anti-conservative rant of mine, if I remember correctly.

    5. And also complicated - you may write about unhappy you are with the way things are, but who are you writing to? If all you're doing is writing about it on here, you're wasting your time and ours.

    6. @ Adski
      I take offence at being told that I censor anyone based on politics.
      I challenge you to post it again and will publish it as long as it respects the commenting rules as listed above in the green band.
      If it doesn't, I will explain why.

      Go ahead, make my day!

    7. Sorry Editor, but while I appreciate your blog and am thankful for the resulting community, I'm afraid Adski's right.

      Take the franco-nazi ambulance driver who was ready to let a 2-year-old die because of his idiotic you recall how S.R actually advocated for his behavior?

      He was able to justify the death of an innocent 2-year-old kid in the name of his medieval Bill 101. I called S.R a piece of shit as a result - and you shot the post down...

      ...but as I pointed out at the time, you're a father Editor.

      Imagine some trailer-trash seppie "nyuk-nyuk-nyuking" away at the news that something had (God forbid) happened to one of your children.

      You're telling me you wouldn't feel the burn?

      Did I violate your rules by calling S.R a piece of shit?

      Yes, I did.

      Did S.R violate your rules by approving the death of a two-year-old to uphold political beliefs?



      Because you have no rules stipulating that such a disgusting POV isn't permitted...because you can't even fathom someone can sink so low.

      Be honest Editor, this blog was conceived out of emotion.

      The idea of a child suffering is enough to generate emotion in you know what?

      Why not ditch the censorship rule unless things verge on the mundane?

      Supposedly, S.R is a father and when we collectively lashed out at him with expletives, I find it only natural that he gets the exact result such a reprehensible point of view deserves.

      Also, don't forget that your very own son-in-law stated he's ready to lay out any seppies who dare tell him what language to speak in.

      Emotions drive everything we're after - profitable careers, political directions, the people we choose to share our lives with... short of threats of violence, I see no reason in censorship.

      Even if something is super-racist...leave it's a testament to our opponents' POV and completely beneficial to our cause.

    8. "Did S.R violate your rules by approving the death of a two-year-old to uphold political beliefs?"

      Hein ?!?

    9. Now there's an intelligent reply if I've ever seen one! Not!

    10. À qui s'adresse votre commentaire r.s ? À moi ou au vilain petit diablotin?

    11. I have to agree with adski and President Evil. The Editor took down my post one day for a comment I made as a respond to one of S.R's idiotic remarks. I was even sure I did not violate posting rules. I hurt its feeling, for sure, if it still has human feeling, but I surely did not put any profanity or racism in my post.

    12. Il s'agissait peut-être d'attaques personnelles,non?

  8. DrunkGuyReneLevesqueKilled

    The latest version of the PQ is a rag tag bunch that would be hard pressed running a lemonade stand profitably. I personally know one of the candidates they chose to run on the Island (he was defeated, thankfully) and this guy was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, a typical Union douche bag. Thank God Quebecers were wise enough to only allow them a mere 33% of the vote. The recent language flare-up to distract us and the PQ's quick over the top, the sky is falling reaction only reinforces the notion that they are a one trick pony party that has no clue how the economy works or how to create jobs. In such a short time its become painfully obvious they are unfit to govern and they will not last a year in power.

  9. @complicated

    I wrote this post mostly based on the information provided by the National Assembly and profiles provided on PQ websites.

    I want you to take another look at the comment written by Mr. Sauga concerning old-time PQers and the difference in academic achievement, the difference is stark.

    If writing a post like this, pointing out the utter under-qualifications of this government is demonizing, so be it, someone needs to do it.

    I am just one lonely voice in the blogosphere taking a harshly critical view of the PQ and for you it is too much.
    Instead of bitching and moaning about my slanted view, how about going through the list above and point out the accomplishments and the virtues of the various characters.

    I promise you I will print that comment unlike many websites who refuse to print comments with the opposing views.

    Please point out where I erred in this piece before accusing me of bias. If it is the general tone of the article that you don't like, I can't help you, this is an opinion website.

    You may not like it, but Fox news is the most popular news channel in the USA.
    Everything you say about Fox, I can say about CNN, but in the end you are free to watch and listen to what you want.

    1. Don Macpherson is awesome. He‘s a former lamb lobbyist sellout who finally saw the light, THERE‘S ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO APPEASE THESE FUCKS! Now he bashes them with a vengeance and calls them what they are. Hes also no hypocrite either as the PLQ is often in his sights as well. The more people screaming about this the better chance it will be heard around the world.
      Great post Editor. I was just saying to a friend the other day we have a PQunt who‘s incompetence and stupidity actually matches their level of hatred and racism. Incredible!

    2. Mr. Sauga to the bitchy chimpanzee complicatedMonday, November 5, 2012 at 12:21:00 PM EST

      In light of the Editor's comment, FYI, I obtained all the bios from the National Assembly website. There was a popular misconception that Parasite went to Oxford. He didn't. He want to the the left-leaning London School of Economics as per his bio. His father founded an insurance and investment company that he chose not to take over. His grandfather was a high-profile surgeon. He came from quite a pedigree only to make a mongrel of himself. So did the others with their stellar academic credentials, but there is a cliché that genius borders on insanity.

      The PQ is a worn-out, obsolete party void of ideas. All you see left are the leftovers, the bare bones in the landfill that are barely worth their biodegradable matter. Their voters, mostly the ignorant country bumpkins of Lac St-Jean and the Saguenay and other isolated parts of Quebec that are not yet out of the 19th century. Anyone who voted PQ to me is nothing more than a crash test dummy, and that's one of the downfalls of the democratic process. Tha party and its voting minions are bitter, hateful welfare collecting stooges who never did anything with their lives and never will achieve anything worthwhile the rest of their useless lives.

    3. "Mr. Sauga to the bitchy chimpanzee complicated"

      Et vous êtes offusqué lorsqu'on vous traite de mangeur de Donuts?Hmmm

    4. To add to what I wrote earlier, think of the PQ as a bunch of annuated (read: "old") horses that are simply hateful xenophobes. They're out of ideas, they're out of candidates with the credentials the first PQ government had (as I listed above). They tried to bring in a leader who represented the next generation, and he proved to be a big flop. As usual, the membership ate him and I think they'll eventually eat Pauline once they find another from the Old Guard they can trust (Lisée, maybe, and his "corrective" actions?)

      Like the Soviet Communist Party, they put in the Old Guard, Yuri Andropov who died 14 months after his appointment as leader, then Constantine Chernyenko, who also died about a year after he was in the leader's chair. Then came Gorbachev and his reforms. I think the PQ has hit the wall and François Legault represents the up and coming sovereignist reforms.

      Oh, and the final proof of how annuated and stale the PQ is S.R. and his endless insufferable remarks about doughnuts. I think he's been eating rock-hard, very stale doughnuts to go with his stale, moldy one-liners for quite some time!

    5. His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales does wish you to have spent a lovely Guy Fawkes Night! Héhé! ;-)

  10. OK, my take...which is almost completely on par with the Editor's...

    Nicolas Marceau - Instead of using words...I'd like to go with pictures:
    Exhibit A -
    Exhibit B -
    'Nuff said.

    Marie Malavoy - I've said it on this blog before and though some object, I stand by my opinion...she is NOT from here and therefore has NOTHING to tell us about what language we should be speaking.

    Agnes Maltais - Isn't it amazing what being part of the right Bridge Club can do for your career (or a lack of having one)?

    Francois Gendron - Know what? I never had a problem with this guy. In fact, he'd probably be fun to have a beer with (I'm actually serious).

    Jean-François Lisée - Exactly what Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois will be like if he continues to ignore reality, conventional wisdom, the fundamentals of economics and ignoring the works of Ayn Rand.

    Diane de Courcy - "You shouldn't have to speak English to have a job." Why you're perfectly right Diane! I'm sure that guy in Japan who wants to buy oil from Ultramar will see the error of his ways and start buying his oil in French.

    Martine Ouellet = Economic Suicide. She's opposed to the practice of frakking (a method of drawing oil), but had no issues with Pauline Marois busing back and forth all over the province during the elections.

    Nicole Léger - Sorry...just too damn easy.

    Bernard Drainville - Oh boy, this is one of my favorites to hate on...for my full thoughts on Drainville, look up the term "utra self-righteous melodramatic blowhard" in your dictionary.

    Maka Kotto - For culture, see Marie Malavoy. For political caliber, see Bernard Drainville.

    Pierre Duchesne - Another typical Radio-Can opportunistic seppie. Gotta love how he, like Drainville and actor Emmanuel Bilodeau have no problem pissing all over Canada's name and spitting on its flag each chance they get...but can't pull away from the money ROC taxpayers pour into Radio-Canada. But then again, that's why I always say I've never met an honorable/integral seppie in my life. Lovely!

    1. You can take care of language or culture, only if you are born here? Really? Doesn't that sound EXCLUSIVE?

      And comparing oil exploration to a daily bus ride that lasted a month...That's a laughable example...

    2. I think the term you're looking for is exclusionary...and no, I don't find it exclusionary. To me their choice to side with the soveregnist option is akin to walking into a restaurant and telling them what their menu is going to be.

      "And comparing oil exploration to a daily bus ride that lasted a month...That's a laughable example..."

      Yet another example of how Pequistes can sneeze away any fault in their anti-logic.

      See Guillaume, you seppies drive cars, suck up hydro, and have the worst recycling record in the fucking country, yet you somehow have the nerve to play the moral high ground like you guys give more of a shit about mother Earth than the ROC.

      Should I even bother to dig into how much American media you seppies consume and compare it to calls for protecting your "unique individuality"? Or would you find that laughable too?

      Like I've said before...there's no such thing as a separatist who isn't a hypocrite.

    3. I'm not even here the defend PQ. I'm saying that you should come up with better examples or facts (or at least link, studies etc. that support them) if you want to bash someone.

      Putting the PQ aside for one moment, saying that someone shouldn't be involved in a minister because he or she was born in another country is pretty close to racism.

    4. "Putting the PQ aside for one moment, saying that someone shouldn't be involved in a minister because he or she was born in another country is pretty close to racism."

      And telling someone what language to speak in and abrogated their rights is facism.

      Pick your poison.

      Just be sure to keep one thing in mind - this conflict is completely, entirely the fault of the separatists.

      While I agree Levesque did well to defend French and the rights of Francophones, it is completely abhorrent to keep pretending this is still the 60s.

      We live in a new age and the very fiber of the sovereignist movement is one that opposes community fellowship and good will among neighbors.

      You claim that it's possible to co-exist in peace between a sovereign Quebec and Canada...yet you're doing anything but.

      You want racism Guillaume?

      Go visit the SSJB offices. Or how about MMF? Don't forget to grab a drink with the Jeunes Patriotes, whose favorite slogan is "Le Quebec pour les Quebecois!!"

      You still want to sound your little racism horn...hmmmm?

      Besides, if truth be told, the Kottos, Malavoys, Gilsens and Barbots aren't really facist separatists - they're self-serving opportunists.

      Oh, and one other thing about calling anyone opposed to having an immigrant tell them they should speak French...

      ...and I implore you to be honest here...perfectly honest.

      How would you, Guillaume, react if an immigrant from the U.S. or Britain came here and told you to speak in English.

      Are you seriously going to tell me you'd just say "Yeah, that dude's exercising his freedom of speech so it's ok."

    5. Defending yourself by saying : "I might be racist but look some people are worst than me." Classic! Way to go buddy!

      While I believe that the province of Québec can take measures to stimulate the use French, I think that the state has no business telling us what language we need to speak. If someone told me that I have to speak English, I would be mad but the fact that he or she has been in Quebec for 5, 30 or 60 years wouldn't make me more or less frustrated.

    6. First, I never admitted to being a racist. I voted NON...along with the "ethnic vote" because I'm opposed to the white, Franco-centric society the PKKK froths at the mouth to achieve (and it never will btw).

      I'm part of the normal, everyday movement of "live and let live"...meaning I do my thing and actually make a point of not stepping on people's toes.

      That also means I don't tell people how to live their lives with would be copyright infringement against the PQ anyway.

      "If someone told me that I have to speak English, I would be mad but the fact that he or she has been in Quebec for 5, 30 or 60 years wouldn't make me more or less frustrated."

      As for that retort, the question was not about Anglos residing in Quebec but of Anglo-immigrants from the U.S. or the U.K. telling you that you should speak English in the province of your birth.

      You want a classic...there you have it - typical seppie bob-and-weave action around common sense. Sorry 'ti-gui...looks like it's off to the penalty box for you.

    7. I was honest in my answer.

      I honestly don't see how it is "worse" to be "told to speak French" by Maka Kotto than Bernard Drainville or J-F Lisée...

    8. Parce que la plupart des anglos sur ce blogue souhaitent voir Romney au pouvoir.
      Et que le slogan des républicains est : “Keep America American” ce qui n'est pas sans nous rappeler celui des KKK au début du siècle dernier.

    9. Réponse simple: Because Canada is a BILINGUAL country.

      You can disagree with that until you're blue in the face, just like some seppies actually claim Québec is not an actual part of Canada.

      When Maka Kotto came to this country, he did so with the understanding that we operate with two languages.

      Tell me Guillaume, if you invited me into your home and I then started telling you how to arrange your furniture, how would you feel?

      Oh wait, we already went down this road.

      So let me tackle things this way. When you immigrate, to any country, you should make a point of being graceful to your adopted community and offer constructive contributions.

      100% of Maka Kotto's actions have been negative contributions.

      Take an Anglo in the West Island who has worked his ass off his whole life, and invested himself in his community in every way. Let's say he volunteers to lead the boy scouts in his community, cooks for the elderly...and does all he can to make life better. Who is Maka Kotto to bring his act over from Cameroon and tell this guy in what language he should speak?

      As for Drainville and Lisee, they'd better never tell me what language to speak in either.

      But the bottom line is this: the immigrants who side with the sovereignist movement are disrespecting the open door spirit of Canada. Take a look at other countries that couldn't fathom the Canadian immigration model.

      There's a reason we're the envy of the world and foreigners flock here.

      Bottom line: Kotto, Malavoy et al are essentially biting the hand that was extended to them in good will.

      Think I'll go immigrate to Cameroon right now and do everything in my power to tear that country apart and impose my will on a people who have hundreds of years of their own tradition.

    10. "So let me tackle things this way. When you immigrate, to any country, you should make a point of being graceful to your adopted community and offer constructive contributions."

      Why the hostility to the desire to see immigrants learn French and integrate the Quebec society then? Is that not their adopted community? Why bar them from espousing some of their community's politics?

      It's like it's assumed that immigrants have to become like anglo-Montrealers, and everyone else is being ungrateful.

    11. Yannick, once again you're taking on the role of limp-wristed apologist.

      "Why the hostility to the desire to see immigrants learn French and integrate the Quebec society then?"

      All immigrants who immigrate to Quebec should make their sincerest effort to embrace the French language.

      "Why bar them from espousing some of their community's politics?"

      Once again, for the hundredth fucking time, who needs to immigrate to a country they hold in such contempt, they make it their mission to have it conform to their personal whims. How arrogant, self-serving and obnoxious.

      "It's like it's assumed that immigrants have to become like anglo-Montrealers, and everyone else is being ungrateful."

      Who the fuck said that Yannick? No one.

      No one said immigrants have to become ANYTHING once they get here - just show respect to the existing way of life of others.

      If that's beyond your level of understanding, then there's really nothing I can do for you.

    12. "just like some seppies actually claim Québec is not an actual part of Canada."

      90% des Québécois ne ressentent aucun lien avec les anglo-canadiens,nous pouvons donc affirmer que le Québec ne fait pratiquement pas parti du canada.

    13. I'm on official anti-troll response mode, but just to illustrate an earlier point I made:

      "90% des Québécois ne ressentent aucun lien avec les anglo-canadiens,nous pouvons donc affirmer que le Québec ne fait pratiquement pas parti du canada."

      --Don't just say it - give us proof.

      Where did you get 90% from?

      Give us reliable back-up to your data.

      Otherwise, just stop talking.

    14. Yannick,

      Let me ask you a question then. What would you think if Jeff Johnson one day said that children there should not learn much of French since it was a "foreign language"?

    15. Guillaume Légaré,

      While I believe that the province of Québec can take measures to stimulate the use French, I think that the state has no business telling us what language we need to speak. If someone told me that I have to speak English, I would be mad but the fact that he or she has been in Quebec for 5, 30 or 60 years wouldn't make me more or less frustrated.

      Do you not think that the anger in anglophone and English-allophone communities now is justified? That is basically what the Marois government is doing, regardless who they are or what their backgrounds are.

    16. Troy, you tend to think that because I'm not 100% on board the hate-ship, that I agree 100% with separatists. I don't.

      It's ridiculous that Malavoy is trying to restrict education in English and I've said so at length before.

    17. "Once again, for the hundredth fucking time, who needs to immigrate to a country they hold in such contempt, they make it their mission to have it conform to their personal whims. How arrogant, self-serving and obnoxious."

      Obviously they don't hold Quebec in such contempt, and they feel more attachment to it than to Canada. Is that such a heinous crime? On the reverse of the medal, how do you think a Québecois might feel, about people who come to their province just to ignore his language and culture and vote against his dreams? Is that being more grateful to their fostering society?

      What I see is that an immigrant is not supposed to vote for or be a PQ deputee. Presumably that's because they were not born here. How long does a family have to stay in Canada before they're allowed to run for the PQ without being called ungrateful?

      But of course they're allowed to be Liberals from day one.

      I just don't think that's fair treatment. If that makes me a "limp-wristed apologist", then I will take pride in it.

    18. Yannick,

      All right, fine. You do not agree with the separatist. Got it.

      Why the hostility to the desire to see immigrants learn French and integrate the Quebec society then? Is that not their adopted community? Why bar them from espousing some of their community's politics?

      Why not then just let the immigrants choose whatever the best for themselves - no, for ourselves - for our own livelihood? Or, as those much smarter than me stated long time ago, "...certain unalienable Rights... Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

      The funny thing is that the anglophone community is alive as well. However, they always try to prevent us to move to that direction. I think the English community is a brothel. It is there, it is allowed, but good and moral citizens should steer away from it.

    19. But Resident Evil and those who think like him are the ones who want to make the decisions for the immigrants, by saying that it is immoral for them to choose to espouse PQ politics! Do you not see the hypocrisy? You want to make it a free choice by picking on immigrants who've gone in the "wrong" direction, and there's something that does not add up in there.

    20. @Troy

      Yes! The anger is justified and that's one of the many reasons why I didn't for Marois and the PQ.

  11. There is one thing I want to point out. As Quebec minorities we should be glad that the PQ has to resort to distributing portfolios based on the best kiss-a#*ers and/or least under qualified of the lot. We should encourage more of these types of cabinet ministers.

    If the more competent types from the past like Jacques Parizeau were around the PQ ship would be able to crawl back to port despite the damage it recieves. We need the PQ ship the be in deep sea waters when it sinks so it can never recover. So I think the present caucus is appropriate. All this before the internal squabbling begins, when things look rough the PQ team will turn on each other.

    1. Budget coming 20 Nov - They will pass this because no one can afford an election. Wonder what magic wand they're going to wave to help us get out of this tremendous debt we're in. We'll never get out from under and we had better hope there are no more tax increases.

    2. Cutie, could you afford not to have another election? Trust me, anything the PQ does will cost more than any benefits they propose!

    3. I agree with you but I don't think the opposition will look at it that way. Hope I'm wrong, would like to see another election after the mess we're already in with the PQ.

  12. Wrote to the Quebec Office of the English Language with a list of companies that have, again, sent their flyers to my home in French only. Asked them to send their normal letter to the companies asking that English be included in their ads. I have done this because I figure this will have more impact than my sending a letter from just one person - having an organization to back me up. The following is the list of companies:
    Samko & Mike
    The Brick
    Bureau en Gros
    La Source
    Asked them to let me know if they will send a letter - if not I will personally send one. Will keep you posted.

  13. Nobody will take you guys seriously..thats the problem. Ranting and raving..swearing..using insulting images..its pretty juvenile really. Francophones coming to this site for the most part will think you are a bunch of radicals..even most anglophones will come to the same conclusion. How does this help advance Quebec in the future? Do you really think a small group of foaming at the mouth angryphones are going to somehow snap the PQ into submission??? It will backfire spectularly. I mainly comment on this forum because its this fringe anglophone attitude that could provoke an over response from the francophone side..they still hold the majority by far. Many of you here seem to actually want to provoke a war or a major is this going to help us all??
    If you criticized the obvious shortcomings of the PLQ as vigorously then perhaps one could view this site as fair. The Liberals were about as corrupt a party as there has been..who didnt lift a finger to help the anglos..who had their fair share of incompetence..yet no comments. Obviously the same fools who continue to vote for the PLQ are abundant here.

    1. I remain dumbfounded by your child-like attitude where you believe I should run down our side to be 'fair'

      Imagine this televised debate;

      Romney; "The president has no economic plan and has run up the deficit, although truth be told, I haven't got a clue neither."

      Obama; "Romney is just a rich guy who made money by foreclosing on companies and creating unemployment,although my economic recovery plan hasn't created many jobs and also can be considered a failure"

      Romney; "The president is an elitist, but I have to admit I am too"

      Obama; "Romney is beholding to rich corporate contributors,but I am beholding to large union contributors"

      Romney; "The president is an failure, but chances are, I won't do any better."

      Obama; "Romney's wife is a bitch, but so is mine."

      Are you really serious? complicated
      I freely admit to promoting a political agenda like Romney, Obama or Marois.
      Touting the 'good' side of the PQ makes about as much sense as the fictional debate above.

      Grow up....

    2. @Complicated - touting the good side of the PQ and its members is like looking on the bright side of contracting herpes.

    3. Complicated,

      You seem to think that only if we're a little nicer for a little bit longer, things will "advance". They will not. And what if we don't want things to "advance", to only gradually change for the better...What if we want a radical change?

      Frothing at the mouth on blogs might not change things (or it may, if it was a sure case of a "backfire", you wouldn't be here every day with your counter-opinion), but your solution will lead to no change either. Solutions may or may not be found on this blog, but you sure offer no solutions either. In fact, your idea of just hanging back is the worst ever.

      I agreed with your earlier criticisms about the right wing slant, but where I draw the line on you is where you go into that mode of trying to suggest that the best solution is the attitude imposed on QC minorities 50 years ago: "be nice and things will change slowly, as the majority gradually gains in confidence". Well, the "insecure" majority took advantage of that complacency and is now the established, dominant, unyielding, and uncompromising majority, and now when minorities are starting to wake up and snap out of the decades-long "dream", trying to think how to bring back some semblance of balance, you suggest crawling back into that cave of complacency. There is an element of insidiousness in what you're doing.

      I think that there was a period of innocence for QC minorities, in their adjustment to the new order brought in the 1960's, but now that order will have to be challenged in some way. Too much has been asked at this point and too much has been conceded. The line has been stretched too far.


      "You cannot protect your own civil rights at the expense of another. That is when civil right leaders become nationalist, racist and nativist" - K.W. Lee

    4. Fellow readers, I think we have a troll in our midst, but the following begs a response: "Many of you here seem to actually want to provoke a war or a major crisis."

      Comp, doesn't Quebec fall under the umbrella of conscription? Even if not, there will need to be a union and the enlistees will have their delegates dictate orders to the officers. It's that kind of thinking that has Quebec the sixth most indebted jurisdiction in the world. Quebec wants to separate in that financial position? Gooooooood luck!

    5. @ complicated,

      You obviously haven't been reading this blog for very long. There have been a large number of comments criticizing Jean Charest and the Liberal Party of Quebec.

  14. Geez complicated grow a backbone. The only thing that upsets you is other people getting upset. That's a very strange affect from anyone. Do the PQ have to spit in your face for you to get upset? Get out and attend some events that involve showing your Canadian heritage and see how you're treated by these PQs. Now is the time to take action and stand up for yourself not to bow down to more abuse. How long does it take for you to realize that it's over for Canadians in this province if we back down from these bigots any longer? Grow a couple!

    1. “the good side of the PQ“? Seriously guys, racist parties don‘t have good sides unless you are a racist or racist apologist yourself.

  15. And - again - you keep trying to make this a French/English thing - it's not - It's a Canadian vs Separatist argument - Are we Canadian under the Canadian Constitution with equal rights for everyone or are we separatists with minorities being kicked around by a bunch of bigoted separatists - that's the fight we're in - not French vs English!

  16. Its just so obvious that you are going out of your way to point out every flaw with the PQ. You arent simply reporting the facts but its being relayed through the ``only report what makes the PQ look bad`` filter. Don MacPherson similarily has a ``only talk about events which stoke anglo paranoia`` filter.

    For instance there is a website I look at from time to time..the author is totally against the climate change argument which is fine. But he goes so out of his way to pass on any story he can find about a snowstorm or cold weather anywhere in the world. Meanwhile all the warm events he totally ignores. Plus he is already confusing climate change with short term weather hence his whole argument is nonsense. Even if his argument was correct he is totally being unfair in his reporting. I see this time and time and your blog is no exception. Its one viewpoint that is hammered on over and over..we rarely hear any other side.

    You are right..I dont have to listen and I probably wont much longer. But the anger and hatred on this forum imo may be a trigger for much worse things to come. I dont sense that the Feds really could care less about the small anglo community here in Montreal. Hence provoking the PQ and getting the nationalists all wound up by insulting them more could lead to more restrictive laws and nobody is going to come and help us. I am not talking about appeasement but just a more respectful cordial tone.

    1. @ complicated;
      First of all,your views are much appreciated by myself, we are not here to pat ourselves on the back.
      Debate is healthy and I respect that you make your views known on this blog in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

      "Hence provoking the PQ and getting the nationalists all wound up by insulting them more could lead to more restrictive laws and nobody is going to come and help us."

      I take the opposite view.

      Hardliners are deathly afraid of pushback...look at the students, they actually won because of their misbehaviour,something you cannot deny it.
      Hardliners would like nothing better than to have us quietly march off into obscurity.

      The only time Natives are listened to is when they block roads, proving the old adage that the squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease.

      Nope, standing up for ourselves, calling out our enemies is the only remedy left to us as since we are left without political representation.

      Do not be afraid of ruffling separatist feathers, embrace it.

    2. "I dont sense that the Feds really could care less about the small anglo community here in Montreal."

      Exactly the reason for taking a stand. If the Feds did care, then we could take your advice and sit back. The fact that they don't care means that some form of a stand is required, even if it's not an action but an attitude. An attitude is already a lot.

      "Hence provoking the PQ and getting the nationalists all wound up by insulting them more could lead to more restrictive laws and nobody is going to come and help us"

      In another universe, maybe this calculation would hold true: the more insulting we are, the more repressive the pequistes get. In such universe, your advice would make sense.
      In this universe, however, it is exactly the opposite: not taking a stand is what drives the pequistes to be more restrictive and repressive.

    3. adski and the Editor are both correct. I sat around for years and did nothing and watched the situation go from bad to worse. That attitude got us nowhere fast and now is the time to be noticed instead of acting on SR's advice (and yours in a way) and run like hell down the 401. No one has the right to drive me out of my home and somehow we have to put a stop to it. The only option open is to fight for the equal rights that all Canadians are entitled to in the country. We have to make ourselves heard by every media outlet and politician in this country. We want our Constitution to be adhered to by every province in Canada INCLUDING QUEBEC. Those in Quebec that don't want our constitution should be allowed to leave - those that want fair and equal rights for all should be allowed to stay and live our lives in peace and harmony as we have for hundreds of years, French and English together in a bilingual province.

    4. @ Adski.
      What the heck is your avatar????
      @ Qtip003
      Very nice avatar!

    5. The case of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois illustrates that civil disobedience is acceptable in QC after all, for as long as it does not challenge the language "compromise", and for as long as it is exercised by the majority. Civil disobedience against the language "consensus" and civil disobedience exercised by the minorities are not acceptable.

      The case of Léo Bureau-Blouin, on the other hand, illustrates that "activism" may just be a publicity stunt and a stepping stone to a political career, and a way to get onto a cover of a magazine. (when I saw the guy on the cover of Clin d'Oeil, I knew right then that he was a phony).

    6. The post above was supposed to go in a thread further down. It's an elaboration on "R.S Tuesday, November 6, 2012 7:02:00 AM EST" comment.

      Editor, my avatar should be clearer now.

    7. Is this why you are contributing to this blog, complicated? So that any separatist reading this will say: by golly... look, there are also maudits anglais that side with us... Look how pretty they roll over and how spineless they are. Oh, then I won't discriminate them that much! here's some food for thought: you don't get respect by ruling over if you are treated unfairly.

  17. In June 1974 the provincial government of Quebec brought forward Bill 22, to make Joual (French patois) the only Official Language of Quebec and remove English from as an Official language in the province.

    This measure was planned by a Cabal of conspirators, consisting of Pierre-Philippe (Elliott) Trudeau, René Lévesque, Jean Marchand, Jean-Luc Pépin and Gérard Pelletier that met at M. Pelletier’s home on Elm Street in Westmount, Quebec.

    The meeting was held on November 22, 1963 the day that U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas and was to have a great impact on Canadians. The purpose of the meeting was just as deadly as the killing of JFK was to the Americans because the members of this Cabal were looking for a way to take complete control of Canada and make it a Métis (Canadien) Nation.

    What English-speaking Canadians have not realized is that not one of the members at that meeting; one of whom became Prime Minister and the rest senior Ministers of the Canadian government were from their English-speaking community and everything the Cabal did was done in secret to keep them in the dark.

    The Trudeau/Levesque plan was to make the majority of English speakers powerless by quick body blows to their community, something that they would never have expected to come from the Métis minority, whom they had assumed, were without power.

    They also overlooked another important group of cooperating conspirators, that being the very, very powerful Catholic Church of Quebec whose tentacles reached far and wide across Canada through other Catholic institutions that were not Métis, but were linked to them through the Catholic hierarchy. Unfortunately, the Catholic Churches of English-speaking Canada were in open support of their Métis Catholic brethren in Quebec without understanding the real Quebecois Cabal game plan.

    The Cabal’s grand plan was to first make Quebec a UNILINGUAL Joual-speaking (French patois) province, and once past that hurdle to extend the deceit by pushing for BILINGUALISM throughout the rest of Canada. These people were not and are not playing for small potatoes, but are working to take over Canada one province at a time.

    BILINGUALISM is in reality a foisting of the JOUAL LANGUAGE (French patois) on the whole of English-speaking Canada, but at the same time making sure that Quebec remains UNILINGUAL Joual. In effect, they employ a pseudo BILINGUALISM to conquer Canada without firing a single shot. Such was the deviousness of the CABAL, that they have convinced the English-speaking majority of Canada into accepting their own demise as a community by guile and deception.

    “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD. How ? First comes the right to communicate with gov’t in a minority language (ie French),then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick…That’s what’s really going on.

    “My roll as Secretary of State of Canada is first and foremost to ensure that my French compatriots in Canada feel with deep conviction, as I do, that this is their country and that it reflects their image”. “I too had some difficult years as a politician; I’m still having them, in fact, because everything we undertake and everything we are doing to make Canada a French state is part of a venture I have shared for many years with a number of people”. “You know the idea, the challenge, the ambition of making Canada a French country both inside and outside Quebec — an idea some people consider a bit crazy, is something a little beyond the ordinary imagination”. – Serge Joyal, Secretary of State – Page 2 ‘ENOUGH’ by J.V. Andrew. – Serge Joyal – Now in the Senate.

    1. Interesting and very scary - anything's possible.

    2. @JW

      À ton commentaire, j'ajoute que chaque année des milliers de Français viennent étudier dans les universités québécoises et tout se passe en joual.

      Les Français adorent le joual parce qu'il y a des mots anglais et que la syntaxe est comme celle de la langue anglaise.

    3. Pas la syntaxe...La sémantique.Retournez en classe cure-oreille.

    4. Interesting hypothesis, JW.

    5. If that were actually true (about the French from France), then they would be "garroching" themselves upon Acadians or Franco-Ontarians for that delightful English-inflected French syntax rather than seeking out life here in metropolitan, multilingual Montreal...

    6. "Les Français adorent le joual parce qu'il y a des mots anglais..."

      Vous croyez qu'ils ont besoin de nous pour ça...?


      Ils vont déjà faire du shopping dans les drugstores le weekend,vous n'avez qu'à regarder les parkings.

    7. Yes, well, we already know that franco-Quebecers think they are more French than the French are...

    8. Non,simplement plus menacés.Ils sont dans la cuisine et nous dans le chaudron.

    9. "[They] are working to take over Canada one province at a time."

      Watch out! Bilingual today, French tomorrow!

      What a joke James Wolfe is, it's sickening that no one calls him out for his disgusting anglo-centrism. He's like a reverse PQuiste.

    10. Bilingual today, French tomorrow is one thing. "Why pressure to be Fr-En bilingual if I don't want it, nor need it in BC/AB/ON/SK/NS/NFLD" is another. That is a very valid question to which I haven't heard an honest answer yet. I heard a mix of the following justifications: that Canada is officially bilingual, that Quebeckers have a right to feel at home coast to coast, that many Quebeckers opt to be bilingual but Canadians don't reciprocate, etc...All these seem very benign, mild, and well-meaning justifications which just don't match the political ferocity with which QC wants Canada to be bilingual coast to coast, insinuating at times that this is one of the conditions which must be met before QC stops to threaten the integrity of the country.

      I don't believe in a cabal, but I believe in convergence of interests, even between political enemies such as Trudeau and Levesque, or more generally between QC nationalists-separatists, QC nationalists-associationists, and QC nationalists-federalists. The common thread there is "nationalist", and it constitutes a stronger bond than any divisions along the separatist-federalist lines.

      I believe that QC's insistence on pan-Canadian (Fr-En) bilingualism is political, and not mutual convenience/good will/respect/reciprocation based.


      In QC, "Why pressure to be Fr-En bilingual if I don't need it nor want it" is a totally different thing. Here, it is the same as why be En-Ge bilingual in Germany, En-It bilingual in Italy, En-Hindi bilingual in India, En-Mandarin bilingual in China. The reason here is economic. Local economies are less and less local, and more and more global, so people have to tack that extra language on to their skill set, whether they like it or not.

      QC politicians always use this to spin in favor of En-Fr bilingualism across Canada, omitting the fact that it is the world economy and not the pan-Canadian spirit of mutual convenience/good will/respect/reciprocation that drives Quebeckers to cram English.

    11. The answer is this adski : There is almost zero pressure to be bilingual if you are BC/AB/ON/SK/NS/NFLD.

      The amount of federal jobs requiring bilingualism in those provinces is less than 5%, and the only people who need it are those going for top jobs like supreme court judges who get access to free courses anyway.

      Where's the pressure? The vague feeling that you ought to put your kids in immersion school? There is no bilingual road signage in most of the provinces, and the only provincial governmental services offered in French are the education, which is manned by francophones just like anglophones man the English school boards in Quebec. Ontario provides more, but also has a half million of francophones.

      Official bilingualism restricts itself to services, and is not intended for people to be bilingual from coast to coast. For instance, the availability of k-12 education in French where numbers warrant it (Nova Scotia, for instance, did not bother itself until the late 90's to create its first French school) as well as employees working the front line in Airports and National Parks. It's a paltry amount of all jobs, and I challenge someone outside Ottawa to tell me that his options were limited in life because of lack of bilingualism. It really is not a lot to ask, and the fact that so many in English Canada take it in such poor stride shows what respect they have for the rest of us.

      And then someone like James Wolfe comes in with a crazy conspiracy theory that we're trying to Frenchify everything from coast to coast - please!

    12. La dernière fois que nous sommes passés des É.U vers le canada (N.B) via Campobello island, l'agente des douanes était paniquée et courait partout dans le bureau afin de trouver un agent bilingue mais en vain.

    13. Les services fédéraux sont sensés être bilingues en principe mais en pratique ils espèrent surtout que nous francophones nous nous passons de nos services. Mais déjà ça, c'est trop demander.

    14. Dans la seule province officiellement "bilingue" en plus...Quelle déception.

    15. Yannick,

      But the pressure to be bilingual in Quebec - actually to master English - is something that occurs naturally. It occurs all over the world. As I wrote here time and time again, the city of Montreal is in steady decline since Bill 101. So for people in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, learning French? What's in it for them? What benefit they gain by being able in speaking French?

      Not Ontario, mind you. There are plenty of people learning French here as an adult. To expand the existing business to Quebec, French is useful. What is happening is that businesses that moved out from Montreal to Toronto now are strengthening their Quebec position by encouraging the corporate staff to understand French.

    16. You mean material benefits, rather than intellectual or educational ones? None, I guess, but then they better not whine that certain jobs are not available to them (nurse in bilingual environment, worker in a federal office needing to interact with teams working in French, etc...

      Personally I'm learning Spanish, and it has little to do with business opportunities as well as the people who are around me. The idea that French is useless in a country that is a quarter French seems very close-minded to me, just as much as the belief that English is useless in a country bumpkin in Quebec.

    17. Part 1:

      The 5% requirement for federal jobs is not a major issue. The major issue is the axe that is hanging over Canada, and one of the conditions for withdrawing that axe is at least a semblance of, an attempt at, or at least an open-mindedness about a coast-to-coast bilingualism. Just because the pressure is not paying off nor yielding desired results (Fr-En bilingualism is at low levels in the RoC), it does not mean that the pressure isn't there. Just the lamenting (occasional but nonetheless constant) itself that Canada is not taking French seriously is a form of pressure. It's indicative that it is something that bothers QC and one of the things that should be "corrected" before QC is finally happy and removes the threat to the country that millions of people built their identity around (I didn't, which is why I have the comfort of tackling the seps head on without giving them the luxury of putting me at a psychological discomfort by bringing up secession).

      Another issue is that given that the axe is hanging over their heads, why aren't Canadians more complacent? Why are they not giving this damn language a chance? This is one of these contradictions that are hard to explain. My guess is that Canadians are allergic to bullying, and would rather live with psychological discomfort than give the bully the satisfaction. Another reason is probably the lack of practical need for a language that is not easy to learn. So a hard language that is not really needed in every day life - thus it takes a second spot behind bowling, basket weaving, gym, hockey, soccer, etc...

    18. Part 2:

      "The idea that French is useless in a country that is a quarter French seems very close-minded to me, just as much as the belief that English is useless in a country bumpkin in Quebec."

      A misleading statement. First of all, a quarter is 25%, but we're hearing more and more about the demographic weight dropping to below 20%. So it's more like one-fifth. But 1/4 or 1/5 is irrelevant given the fact that that the 1/4 or 1/5 is concentrated in one province. In the RoC, the percentage sits at 2%, less than that for the speakers of Mandarin, and the speakers of Hindi.

      If the 1/5 was spread out across the RoC, an argument could be made that an average Canadian has a 1 in 5 chance of running into a French-speaker, in which case learning French would make sense. In that situation, however, learning French would become obvious enough to create personal motivation, without the necessity for the federal government to drop hints. The fact that it is 2%, on the other hand, means that there is absolutely no practical need, and the whole thing becomes ideological and political.

    19. Part 3:

      The "I'm learning Spanish" it to insinuate that since you're learning Spanish, it wouldn't hurt someone else to learn French? But that would presuppose a universality of your interests, hobbies, concerns. What if someone else prefers to devote their free time to learning a martial art, leaving him/her with little time for learning a language? Why would learning a language superior to learning something else? People have different experiences in lives and something you devote yourself to cannot constitute an excuse for pressuring someone else to follow your example. If you were pressured in some way to wear a blue hat and red socks, would it help if I said: "I wear a blue hat and red socks every day, so what's the big deal?".

      The "knowing many language is good" argument...not always true. If learning of a language is done under pressure and takes one away from other commitments/interests/hobbies that one would otherwise pursue, that is a bad thing. Learning anything should be a personal incentive, not a form of an "equalizer" stemming from a social engineering project.

    20. Part 4:

      Expanding on Part 3, someone could make an argument that Quebeckers would also prefer to pursue other commitments than learning English, that English is learned under pressure. So adski, you're a f***ing hypocrite...except that I do understand Quebeckers' concerns and I know that jobs that require the knowledge of English constitute pressure to learn English, and there is little room for personal incentive and interest there. The problem here, however, has to do with sourcing. What is the source, the root, of this problem of imposition of English on Quebeckers? Is it the government of Canada pushing an equalizer scheme on Quebeckers, that then justifies retaliatory demands towards Canadians? No, it's just the opposite, both federal and QC provincial government push schemes in favor of French. Is it the QC Anglo minority that causes QC companies to require English? Is it because of QC ethnics? No, the source of this is global capitalism and the country that stands behind it: the USA. So the problem is caused by the Americans, and not Canadians. Canadians could not care less if Quebekcers spoke English, for the most part Canadians speed through Quebec on the way form the Maritimes to ON without stopping. They do not care what goes on in it. So the focus on Canada is therefore misplaced. The focus should be on the US. People like Perrault and his Gatineau-based Imperatif Francais should not raid Ottawa or federal bureaus in Montreal, they should raid Washington, demanding that since the US is the cause of the imposition of English on QC, then Americans should be pressured to learn French. John Parisella, QC government's delegate to New York, should be busy lobbing Congress to pass an American version of the OLA.

      The target of anger should be the USA, not the RoC. The RoC wants to be left alone, and should be left alone.

    21. Part 5:

      "The idea that French is useless in a country that is a quarter French seems very close-minded to me, just as much as the belief that English is useless in a country bumpkin in Quebec."

      Another important issue here, besides the "quarter French" thing that I deal with above, is that a country bumpkin in QC can still feel the pressure to learn English (globalized economy leaves no region unspared), despite his provincial government telling him that the need is not really there. In Canada, a country bumpkin is likely not to feel any need to learn French, despite his federal government telling him that the need is there. This absurd situation is exactly what happens when social engineering schemes are peddled, and it is a legacy of the project that Trudeau and Levesque have served this country a few decades back.

  18. Well, though this isn't directly linked to the PQ, it just goes to show where Quebec's priorities are.

    While the working people are overtaxed, constrained by linguistic controls and their property values are dropping with every PQ bill that gets passed... now get this sweet slap in the face:

    Talk about not f'n getting it!

    1. How about low-income families who would benefit from this sort of thing? Oh well, as the above writer stated, this is where Quebec puts its priorities. Oh, how separation would benefit the ROC!

  19. I guess I'll take up painting landscapes = damn, wish I knew this stuff in my younger years. Yes, great priorities in this doomed province.

  20. Not a bad gig, if I do say so myself."

    Boy, it didn't take long for our illustrious Minister of Culture, Maka Kotto, to climb aboard the gravy train. He's off to France to 'restore' cultural relations between QC and France.

    Bon Voyage!!!

    1. We can see that those francophones who like to call us “colonisés” are actually the colonized ones… colonized in the mind!

    2. @True Montrealer...

      So true. I can't remember the last time a federal or provincial minister felt a need to head off to England to establish "cultural ties" or should we say *Ahem* - a paid vacation filed as a "diplomatic mission."

    3. Well Mr Editor,

      Can you fault him. I mean he might not get the chance to get on the gravy train after the budget. Might as well slurp as much gravy now before it runs out.

    4. @(P)resident Evil...

      Not to mention that we should shun important countries like Germany or the U.S. or Japan or China... much better for us to suck up to colonialist France or Belgium or Switzerland, who mock us for our French (when they aren't kind enough to pat us on the head as being "les petits cousins")...

    5. Seriously! Can you imagine anyone running off to seek approval from London the way péquistes do to seek approval from Paris? Talk about being a bunch of "colons"! It's embarrassing!!!

    6. Also, don’t forget about Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the little shit-disturber who couldn’t pay his own rent, then said he eventually paid it in cash in an envelope left in his landlord’s mailbox, who suddenly got hired by the CSN union (rather than continuing his supposedly important studies) and was flown off to France to party as a guest of the Communist newspaper L’Humanité in suburban Paris.
      Wow, who ever saw that one coming?

    7. Really! It is revolting that Jean-François Morasse, the Université Laval student who initiated the case against him (because he had a court injunction filed against CLASSE that permitted him to attend classes and yet was prevented from doing so by them) is being vilified while Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is being lionized as standing up for democracy and freedom of speech.

      He’s been convicted for contempt of court by a judge who determined that he was advocating anarchy (despite his phony claims of having been a mere “spokesman” rather than being a leader of CLASSE, and who in turn also has his own “spokesperson” speaking for him!). And yet (apparently given his more extensive legal background), he’s now announced that “with all respect”, he thinks the judge doesn’t know anything and so he would be appealing his case. Now, certain media are treating him as some sort of hero, with the separatist Le Devoir calling his conviction “troubling” and the CSN urging for donations to his cause.

      On top of all that, he’s advocating against austerity too! Don’t we all love to spend other people’s money, without worrying where it comes from…

    8. We, in this province, are becoming more and more communist with each and every union deal that goes down. I don't find the above surprising at all.

    9. Well technically, according to mainstream Keynesian economics, austerity in a period of crisis is a terrible thing to do, as it just compounds the problem.

      Keynesian economics asks to lower taxes and spend in times of recession and tax and pay back the debt in periods of growth - too bad Quebec taxes and overspends regardless of the state of the economy.

  21. With Mayor Tremblay's resignation, Montreal has it's first English mayor, Jane Cowell-Poitras, in over 100 years

    1. So what? It's only an interim position to fill the gap between now and when the party has to put in a new mayor, or call for a general election. She won't last, and it would be the same thing if that Applebaum fellow took the helm temporarily. Just like Gerald Ford, America's 38th president who was never elected to office.

      I don't question Ms. Cowell-Poitras' competence as she may be the best mayor in a century, but unless Randy Cunneyworth turned the Habs around last season, he was dead from the very start. It's not a question of ability in Quebec, it's a question of what creed you were born into, and where.

    2. Regardless of how short-lived her Kim Campbell-ish term may be, it highlights the bizarreness and sadness of how such a formerly enviable, cosmopolitan big city like Montreal should now feel so insecure about having anything other than a white, francophone male as its mayor these days… as sad as it is to admit it, we have a lesson to learn from Calgary, believe it or not! I even remember when we used to be the envy of Toronto, not so long ago...

    3. It is really sad to see the decline of Quebec period and all over the fact that they won't live as the rest of us in Canada do, respecting one another's rights and freedoms. Sick, Sick individuals that can't understand we don't live in a bubble no matter how many restrictive measures they take - they just sink further and further and we're all going to pay through the nose for it. If they leave Canada, they will leave with nothing - no money, no trade, no help should any disaster happen, no armed forces, no more good feelings from the ROC. They just don't get it - smarten up you seppies or you're going down but good, with nothing. Look at the polls and understand that the rest of Canada will put you adrift without a second thought.

    4. will leave with nothing - no money, no trade, no help and no...cutie...YESSS!

    5. I guess that means that you will stop communicating with the outside world following your departure? Be sure to turn off you TV and computer. I will still be on line stupid as will the rest of the world watching you go down the tubes daily!

    6. Cuuuuutiiiieeee....

      ...pourquoi are you feeding Ronald McDonald again?

    7. As a polite anglophone, I responded because his whole comment, for a change, was in English. First time - had to acknowledge.

  22. Kudos TM, well said. Worst of all is that their condition is only getting worst and the rest of us have to bear witness.

  23. In other words, even the person with the best c.v in the world would become incompetent once he or she joins the PQ

    1. No, just evidence that he or she supported fascist attitudes and policies.

  24. Anglo Reality Check: Us and them
    Part 1 of Global News' 4-part series

    "Anglo Reality Check" is Global News' new 4-part series on the reality of life for Anglophones in Quebec. The series will be featured all week during the news at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

  25. Thank you R.S. - I don't usually watch Global news but I sure will this week. I too am tired of being a target of these bigots, as we all are, and this must end.

  26. Original comme document,du jamais vu...Ou presque.


  27. La souveraineté ne serait pas « mauvaise » pour le Québec

    1. « Avant que ça devienne un pays, nous étions pessimistes. Il était isolé, sans aucune nouvelle technologie, et recevait une péréquation. Mais les Slovaques ont généré un taux de croissance impressionnant à un rythme spectaculaire », a souligné le chercheur.


      Is this why the Slovaks continue to descended on the UK, and have been doing it from the minute Slovakia joined the EU in 2004?

      "Five years after the country joined the EU, higher wages and better perspectives for professional growth are still drawing Slovakian labour force to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Every year, Slovaks working abroad send around 1 billion euros home as assistance to their relatives, experts estimate."

    2. But I don't want to rain on your parade. Separation will be great for QC. It will be fantastic.

      Why aren't you going for it though? Why is so much energy spent on coming up with "association" schemes? Why are the referendum questions never clear? And why does the Non always win?

    3. Encore trop de feddies parmi nous mais nous gardons espoir.

    4. Why waste time then? Why not start with distributing a copy of this article to the unconvinced seppies and the fluctuating feddies? Surely, such convincing facts about Slovakia presented with the level of enthusiasm that you are capable of would convince masses of undecided to the separatists project. Instead, you're showing it to people who are neither unconvinced seppies and the fluctuating feddies, but rather congenital skeptics with an allergy to bs on one hand, and convinced ideological feddies on the other.

      Your ways of trying to turn the tide are truly astonishing. From a potential tribune of the masses, you instead choose a role of an online double 07, a James Bond of the pequiste movement working behind enemy lines, working tirelessly for nothing and letting tremendous talents go to waste. Here you are, a man with convictions and vision, a man who should be standing on a soapbox in a public park, mobilizing the masses, smiting the crowds with the power of Canoe articles. Instead, you waste all that positive and creative energy here. Which is really heart-breaking because noone likes to see a talent go to waste.

    5. "Here you are, a man with convictions and vision, a man who should be standing on a soapbox in a public park, mobilizing the masses, smiting the crowds with the power of Canoe articles. Instead, you waste all that positive and creative energy here. Which is really heart-breaking because noone likes to see a talent go to waste."

      Adski, I'm usually one of your biggest supporters, but I'm afraid you've over-sold S.R's capabilities. All indications point that he has nothing more than a 5th-grade education.

      In fact, he's one of the very reasons the separatist movement is being crushed beneath the weight of its own stupidity.

      He loves bashing Anglos. He loves bashing Americans. He loves Bashing Canada and living inside the federation.

      Never once have I heard one logical counter-measure to what he bashes. Never saw any numbers that didn't come from someone else.

      At least Jacques Parizeau conducted formal studies on the feasibility of sovereignty...he didn't just say "let's separate because it's a good idea", he actually tried to prove it....something S.R is not up to the measure of doing.

    6. Oh boy... that article is such a load of crap! Of course.

      Slovakia has progressed because of the outside investment - they've basically handed it over to foreigners (don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against this, I just don't see it happening in Qc):
      - the banking sector is almost entirely in foreign hands
      - business friendly policies
      - major privatizations
      - cheap and skilled labor
      - low taxes
      - 19% flat tax for corporations and individuals
      - no dividend taxes
      - relatively liberal labor code

      Let's do an intellectual exercise and see how these policies would work out in Qc.

      - Slovakia: the banking sector is almost entirely in foreign hands / Quebec: maître chez nous does not rhyme well with this, so... nope.
      - Slovakia: business friendly policies / Quebec: Ummm, yeah... there's nothing friendly about Qc's business policies. It's exactly the opposite
      - Slovakia: major privatizations / Quebec: Hahahaha, ain't gonna happen. See Lowe's vs Rona, Bell (it's not foreign, actually) vs. Astral, etc
      - Slovakia: cheap and skilled labor / Quebec: Puh-leeze!
      - Slovakia: low taxes / Quebec: When pigs will fly.
      - Slovakia: 19% flat tax for corporations and individuals / Quebec: Puh-leeze!
      - Slovakia: no dividend taxes / Quebec: same as above
      - Slovakia: relatively liberal labor code / Quebec: one word - union. Need I say more?

      Presenting Slovakia as a viable example for Quebec, which is nurturing a socialist population, is intellectually dishonest. so Mr Filip Palda, I say you're full of %^$#!

  28. I can't wait until they leave and find out that they can't export any services or goods to anywhere because everyone will insist on English labels and communication in English. They are so dumb they don't even see the end of their french language will happen as there will be no more protection for it from the ROC. Dumb, Dumb.

  29. I love all the "Islamic Fundamentalist" lines and then you link to a uber-right wing Zionist shrill...

    I guess fundamentalism and extremism are OK, if they are of the good kind. ;) (white/christian/english/Jewish)

    It's odd how so many Zionist Jews want Quebec to be bilingual but have no problem with laws that are much worse than South Africa apartheid ever was. Go figure.

    1. Good points.

      Your post might get taken down though.

    2. Your need to adopt a screen persona, please read the rules at the top of the page.

      BTW, Israel is more bilingual than Quebec and Arab citizens are entitled to service in Arabic. Street signs are trilingual.
      Where exactly do I link to a Zionist 'shrill" and what exactly does that mean?

      The rest of your post is as nonsense, but I shall not respond, this is not a blog about Israel.

      and Adski, Really....Do you really believe that this guy is making good points.
      Plus Adski you never replied to my challenge to repost the comment you claimed was removed for political purposes.

    3. Are we going to see a separate blog being birthed because of this?

    4. There are separate issues that get conflated in North America that don't really make sense with each other.

      Anti-abortionism, Zionism, Fiscal Conservatism and francophobia are often found in the same federal politicians.

      Mulcair actually got criticized for his pro-israel stance, which makes him a poor progressive according to this website I was reading. I think it was a Brian Topp website called "get to know Mulcair" or something.

    To Yannick, we get the message. You feel inult about looks are not classy. Fine but saying it over and over is obviously not changing any one's mind so why keep it up. When you've stated your opinion clearly, let others post there's. If you can't win converts try something else.
    Folks,there's no use arguing with complicated. he states his opinion then closes his mind. His posts are insulting and extremely annoying but like George Bush he will not change his mind no matter how many enemies he is making. he is against us saying anything nasty about separatists but has the bloody nerve to call us fools for voting Liberal. To answer your stupidity Comp.. The Liberal Party stood between us and the PQ for a decade. Because of them we can still use English on signs. If they had been elected that would be gone years ago. They fought a referendum and won for which the snake Jean Chretien took the credit. All he did was supply money which his franco friends scoffed and Paul
    Martin paid for with his career. Jean Charest was the hero that kept us in Canada. He kept them off our5 backs with the shit we are getting now because you and others like you said, without a shred of proof, the :Liberals are corrupt vote for Legault. You insist that we mistreated the French even though myself and a dozen others on this site that were there at the time have told you that is not true. You make us out to be liars and fools and in my opinion you are more insulting to the English of Quebec than the Parti Quebecois. At least they believe what they say. You dream up untruths about people that were there at the time and throw them at us. More later My Grandson has asked me to help him with his homework. Ed

  31. Harry L
    I'm very happy I made the move way back when Renee was elected!
    Feel very bad and sad for the new "Canadians" and English still in Quebec.
    was told by a very confidential source that when students loans are late it's because there's no money, not a computer problem.
    Canada's a big place, Ontario welcomes you and don't believe it costs more. Gas is at least 10 cents less, produce, milk, bread, eggs,meats are less, I know because I go to a friend's in Quebec and go shopping.
    Homes to buy or rent are the only thing higher but NOT that much.

  32. People from villages of quebec have arrived to city of Montreal !
    You've made it. Now lets take some classes on world democracy
    Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms,
    The right to freedom of speech and expression
    Canadian constitution, official languages, discrimination,
    history of Taliban and oppressive regimes

    Marois Pauline - quebec city
    Malavoy Marie - berlin
    De courcy Diane - chibougamau
    Harel Louise - Sainte-Thérèse-de-Blainville
    Lisée François - Thetford Mines
    Landry Bernard - Saint-Jacques
    Bouchard Lucien - Saint-Cœur-de-Marie
    Gendron François- Val-Paradis
    Valois Jonathan - Sorel-Tracy
    Bédard Stéphane - Chicoutimi
    Drainville Bernard - Île Dupas
    Maltais Agnès - Sault-au-Mouton


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