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French versus English Volume 50

Quebec's Most Politically Incorrect Politician
Mayor Stéphane Gendron of Huntingdon isn't backing down over his fight for bilingualism and has written an inspiring rebuttal to his detractors.
"From coast to coast in Canada, there has been a wave of positive reaction to the Huntingdon municipal council’s unanimous decision to stand up to the Office de la langue française, which is asking us to stop any bilingual written communication with our residents.
But here in Quebec, it’s a different story. Last week, all political parties at the National Assembly condemned our decision, which is against Bill 101 (the Charter of the French language). In Quebec, the most hysterical have vowed to come to Huntingdon and to raise 1,000 complaints against our community. Systematic harassment by the language Taliban of Montreal has become a daily routine in Huntingdon. Others have already started vandalism operations targeting private property. As well, threats of physical attacks have begun on social networks.
Huntingdon will never yield to such intimidation. Quite the contrary. For us, it’s an added incentive to fight for what is just and equitable." Read the rest of the story

Then he struck again;

 On his Facebook page he unloaded this zinger, which I've reproduced in the original French because it is just so delicious.
"Allez vous faire foutre et mêlez-vous de vos affaires." 
(Go f*ck yourself and mind your own business)

The mayor was reacting to an access to information  request by an environmental group seeking information about a Huntingdon factory's use of recycled water used in fracking.
"Asked by email about his remarks, Mr. Gendron said he did not consider them as out of  line even for a mayor. "To send to hell those grandstand managers who assume that we are in bad faith and who believe they alone possess the environmental truth?
NO, it is not out of line. We have a democratic mandate to govern, not to be accountable to the environmental Taliban . I repeat: the city council does not give a crap."
Read the rest of the story in French

Then he struck again;

Reacting to the blockade of the Champlain bridge by students protesting tuition fee hikes, who held up rush hour traffic for an hour on Thursday morning, he unloaded this;

"Les tabarnaks d'étudiants. Les criss, ça va finir dans le sang un moment donné. Ils ne cessent de provoquer... Câlisse on veut aller travailler bande d'esties de puants sales. La bastonnade, c'est pour quand?" Link{Fr}

Readers, I'm not even going to try to translate what he said, suffice to say, he said out loud what every driver struck in the traffic jam was thinking.

Gendron is fast becoming the most talked about person in the province. For French language hardliners he is the reincarnation of the devil.
For those who support bilingualism, he may be the most admired Quebecer.
Over at  the Montreal Gazette a reader wrote in proposing a Facebook campaign for Gendron to run for mayor of Montreal.
I'd vote for him! Link

Laurentian town also runs afoul of the OQLF
The small community of Ste. Agathe, about an hour north of Montreal, centers the tourist playground of the Laurentian mountains both in summer and winter.
It seems it has also run afoul of the OQLF by publishing some information to its citizens in English.

The exasperated mayor who said he will find another way to communicate with its Anglophone community was a bit cheesed off at the pettiness of the inspectors who visited the town.

They complained because the town was still using a bunch of old computer keyboards that were in English and demanded that the town replace them with French accented keyboards. Link{Fr}

Quebec's unemployment rate back to normal
During the recession Quebec nationalists cackled that the unemployment rate in Quebec was actually lower than Ontario's number.
Quebec was largely insulated firm the recession because of the high number of government workers, while Ontario's manufacturing industries were badly affected by the North American slowdown triggered by the Wall street meltdown.

Well those days are over now and Quebec's unemployment rate vis-a-vis Ontario's has returned to historic levels. Link
Quebec's Unemployment rate-------- 9.3%     (25% higher than the ROC)
Ontario's Unemployment rate-------- 7.6%
Alberta's Unemployment rate--------  5.8%
Saskatchewan's Unemployment rate  5.3%

ROC's Unemployment rate-----------  7.3%
USA's Unemployment rate-----------  8.3%

This week brought more bad news on the job front as Aveo closed up shop and threw over 1,800 Quebec workers out of work. This was followed by the announcement that a large printer was closing another Quebec plant throwing hundreds more out of work.Ouch!!!

Halal chicken and kosher products cause rage
Incredibly Quebec's job job crisis seems to be taking a back seat to a much bigger issue....Halal chicken

The pages of newspapers are filled with outraged commentators decrying the Islamization of Quebec society.
It seems that a large chicken processor has been allowing an Imam to say a blessing over the chickens it slaughters, something that is offensive to many secularists. Link

A PQ MNA André Simard,  held a news conference to decry the nefarious practice of forcing Quebecers to eat  blessed chicken without their permission. Link{Fr}

Permit me to tell you two stories that come to mind;

I watched an episode of Just for Laughs on the CBC the other day and one American comedian was ripping into the debate over gay marriage.
"Gay marriage? Really?
My house is worth eight dollars and I pay 3,000 a month mortgage. If two gay guys want to get married and buy my house--- we're gonna have a wedding!"

When my mother was having bypass surgery in the Jewish General Hospital a few years ago, I waited nervously in a bright corridor outfitted with chairs and benches for family members waiting while their loved ones underwent their procedures.
As the hours drag on, you get to talking with those around you who are also waiting. Every now and then, hospital volunteers brought us updates and various clergyman of all faiths came by to offer comfort. (The JGH may be the most ethnically diverse hospital in Canada)
And so an impressively tall Greek priest, in a flowing black robe, wearing a humongous Crucifix, stopped by and wished everyone well and asked if anyone wanted a little impromptu prayer, to which an elderly and obviously Jewish woman said okay.
After the ten-second prayer in Greek, the priest smiled and left, after which she looked over at me with a twinkle in her eye said, "Hey, I can use all the help I can get!"

Prayers over chickens? Really?
Is this the Earth shattering issue of the day? 

With a 9.3% unemployment rate, do the newspapers really need to devote fifty times more ink and airplay to this stupid story?......Hmmm, I guess so.

So while I'm on the subject of Halal chicken, complaints over Kosher foods by these same people are also getting a wide play in the Quebec media lately.
It seems that many regular products found on the shelves in supermarkets have little designations on the package indicating that these products are also Kosher, a shocking situation to certain watchdogs who complain that it isn't fair that everyone has to pay for the added cost.

The Halal chicken complainers, (including a PQ member of the National Assembly) demanded that the chickens be labeled as HALAL so that consumers could make their own choice, but it's really a smokescreen, because as I said, they are also complaining about KOSHER products that are properly labeled.

Last week the Journal de Montreal ran a story comparing prices in Plattsburgh against prices in Montreal.
None of the above complainers seem overly upset that a four litre package of milk sells for $3 south of the border, while it sells for $6 dollars in Quebec, but a Kosher product that may cost ½ cent more....well that's a completely different affair!  Link{Fr}

Blah....Blah....more righteous ethnic bashing...

Majority of Quebecers want ‘more freedom’ in education, reject mandatory ethics course: survey
“A survey conducted in the province of Quebec revealed that 55% of Quebecers favor the introduction of a school voucher program in which the government allocates a fixed amount of money for the education of each child, letting the parents decide whether their child is educated in a public or private school. The percentage jumped to 63% for parents of school-aged children. 
“To be truthful, I think people want more choice,” said Patrick Andries, secretary of the Coalition for Freedom in Education (CLE), to LifeSiteNews. “They want to get away from the monopoly of the education system so that they can have more choice and not be subject to financial penalties because they want to choose a private school.” Read the rest of the story

Young Francophone Quebecers want more English movies and live entertainment

A survey of Quebec city residents had some not so surprising results.
The younger the respondent, the more he or she wanted access to English movies and live entertainment; Link 

Chinese learn French to get into Canada
"Thousands of people in China are trying to write their own ticket out of the country — in French.
Chinese desperate to emigrate have discovered a backdoor into Canada that involves applying for entry into the country’s francophone province of Quebec — as long as they have a good working knowledge of the local lingo.
So, while learning French as an additional language is losing ground in many parts of the world — even as Mandarin classes proliferate because of China’s rise on the international stage — many Chinese are busy learning how to say, "Bonjour, je m’appelle Zhang." Read the rest of the story

Prank phone call imitating OQLF inspector irks commentator
"The Masked Avengers, or Les Justiciers Masqués, are a Canadian radio duo from Montreal, Quebec, made up of disc jockeys and comedians Sébastien Trudel and Marc-Antoine Audette, known for making prank calls to famous persons by pretending to be government officials or officers in charitable organizations. " Wikipedia

Here is an absolutely hilarious call that they made to a French language radio commentator in which the prankster pretended to be a language inspector from the Office québécois de la langue française who had some complaints about the proper use of French in the radio personality's show.

If you understand French, please listen, the heated exchange is delicious as the 'inspector' is thrashed by the recipient of the call who goes ballistic.
When the prankster finally identifies himself as a  Justiciers Masqués, M. Beauregard is already so worked up in a rage that he doesn't hear him at all and just keeps ranting!

Courrier Laval's anti-English bent
For over a year now the largest community newspaper in Laval, Courrier Laval, has been writing stories deploring the fact that so many English speakers are moving to the city and upsetting the language dynamic.
Here's a sample of what the newspaper is publishing:

" An increase which is not surprising the Mouvement Laval français. "I'm not at all surprised, because since 1995  we've published several papers on it. Every time we compiled figures from Statistics Canada, you could see this increase, says Pierre-Benoit Livernois, vice president of the organization.

If the subject
is of interest to groups dedicated to the defence of language, member of the Mille-Iles, Francine Charbonneau, considers it equally of concern with the population. "At least once a week, a citizen will call me with a language complaint, perhaps saying" I was at Carrefour and there are signs in English,"he  said. " But I think Laval remains French. Yes, there are English-speaking families, but in daily life, Laval is
French "..... Link{Fr}

They even included a handy map to illustrate how big the problem of the spread of English in Laval really is.
Now that the Courier Laval has identified where the Anglos in Laval may be found, is the 'Solution Finale' the next logical step?

FINAL SOLUTION for Anglos in Laval?

In another article, readers were instructed on how to lodge a language complaint at the OQLF. Link{Fr}
In another article the newspaper examines the proportion of Anglophones operating businesses in Laval.  Link{fr}

Now I was working on a piece on the anti-English bent of the Courier Laval when I came across a comment written in French by a reader under one of these stories. You can read the original comment in French HERE.
Elke R.
Sir/ Madam, 
I am writing because I am very disturbed by the level of hatred that we find in the Courrier Laval. More precisely by the anonymous employee who claims to be shocked that one of his co-workers has been welcomed in English. Am I alone in finding this an exaggeration? To use a word as serious as "shocked" in response to a simple "hello" or "good morning". 
For my part, I reserve the use of that word for subjects such as the corruption of our politicians, the poverty of the city where I live, the state of our streets, etc.. 

The way we are portrayed in the Courrier Laval is deplorable and unjust.  

Let me introduce myself. I am the person who opens the door for you at Tim Hortons. I am the one who has given you my seat on the bus. I am the neighbor that you can count on to pick up your mail when you're on vacation. It was me who brought your children home in my car after school when it was too cold to walk. 

I have lived in Laval for 44 years now, in "your beautiful province," which unfortunately, I have to admit, is no longer beautiful to me.  

Can you understand how hurtful it is to read comments like that, the person who has been so scandalized by a word, just because it was in a language that was not his own? Don't you see the amount of hatred hiding behind a comment like that?  

Why all this hate?  
What have we done, the English among you, to deserve a reaction like this?  
I wish I had an answer for that. Because when I look at the situation in Laval and Quebec City, I see two completely different situations.  
Here, the English, have no voice, we have no service and we have no power. So what are you so afraid of?  
My two children attended French schools, my husband is French and in offices, shops and hospitals I must speak French, because otherwise I would not receive service.  
Last week, you talked about a person who was so proud to have called the OQLF because he was "outraged" to have seen a billboard that had no trace of French upon it. 
 "Outraged" is a word I would use to describe my feelings towards men found in possession of child pornography, "outraged" is to see what is happening in Syria, "outraged" describes my feelings  towards Guy Turcotte. But to use that word over language?  

Again, can you imagine how it feels knowing that you are so hated within your own community? 
Anglicization does not come from us. Look instead to the French. I do not change my "tires" I change my pneus. I'll take my pizza 'tout garnie' instead of "all dressed". I even bought 'plaque au plâtre'  instead of 'Gyprock'
So we English force ourselves to learn the exact French words, it is almost comical to hear you use  your Anglicisms.  
I am not your enemy. I am your neighbor, your colleague, your friend, so please understand that your words are extremely offensive. 
I have no voice here in Laval, I have no help in my language or respect from you, so why the need for so much hate?  
Last year I was in a Harvey's with my family. The line was not moving very quickly, because the cashier was new. Not just new, it was the first day of her first job.   
Her second client, the woman in front of us with her young son, screamed so the entire restaurant could hear. "How dare you! Who do you take yourself  for?! I want to see your boss! It is Quebec ICIT!"  
Why all this scandal? Because the little girl, being so nervous, greeted the lady saying "Hi, welcome to Harvey's! "politely. Now imagine the girl, in tears after only five minutes spent on her first job.  
But that's not all! The lady, who insisted on being served in French gave her order to a counterman and used all sorts of anglicisms including  , "Je veux mon 'Hot Dog'  'all dressed' et mon 'hamburger' juste avec des 'pickles.'

  "Yes! We are here in Quebec!  
Can you imagine living in a country and being afraid to display the flag of this land in front of your own house? 

Can you imagine living in a place where such hatred is displayed on Page One of your local newspaper.
Maybe you can't imagine it , but I can.

By the way, the letter was written in perfect French..
I'll leave it up to you to comment upon this letter.

Readers, ending on the lighter side, please have a good weekend.

If you're going to FAIL in spelling, best not be a French teacher

Spring arrives in Montreal!

Does anyone know where this sign is located?- Hint: It's not Montreal
Further reading:


  1. OK, I can't find it. Where the hell is it?

  2. I love the comment in the "Courier Laval", it's sooooo true!!!


    1. Ben oui,on va remplacer un clown par un clown.

    2. Not sure if he's ready for the Premier's job but he would make an excellent Mayor of Montreal.

    3. Ben oui,on va remplacer un clown par un clown.

    4. Entre deux clowns et une belette profiteuse mon coeur oscille.

    5. Vous avez un coeur Apparatchik ?Je n'ai rien contre les belettes (même profiteuses) mais j'aurais apprécié que vous la remplaciez par un phénix.Vous connaissez certainement ce magnifique oiseau.

    6. C'est parce que Marois (même si je ne l'aime pas) existe bel et bien alors que cet oiseau que vous semblez tant adorer n'est qu'une créature imaginaire...

  3. Wow!

    The last thing I wrote on the previous Pauline Antoinette post was:

    [Before that hateful, divisive '95 referendum, one of my separatist’s friends said, “In the same way Hitler had to rid himself of the Jews, the Québécois must rid themselves of the English”.
    Needless to say, I got rid of many “friends” that year. Good riddance!]

    I'll use that as my segway for The Mayer. I've not been able to look past what he said about Israel until a moment after listening to the M.
    Beauregard piece.

    M. Beauregard reminded me of my Québécois French Separatist Schooling where it was commonplace to freely speak against the English, ethnics and the Jews, so I figure Mayer Gendron was condition that way in school. If you think I'm exaggerating, rewind a few years and remember how children were forced to step on Premier Charest’s face in elementary class.
    So although it is inexcusable for most of us to misspeak that way, in the case of those like Mayer Gendron, who were victimized by a school system hell bent on hate, it can perhaps, just once, slip through.

    I say this because PreMayer Gendron has started something effective and we must do our part to expose these backward racists as “English Haters” throughout North America.


  4. WOW.... when are they going to start rounding people up, I wonder????

  5. "Les Israéliens, ce sont les nazis des temps modernes."
    - Stéphane Gendron

    Any Jewish schools in Huntingdon?

  6. Comment ça se prononce Gendron en globish?


    1. How do we say stupid comment in French?

      Commentaire stupide.

  7. final solution is going a bit too far, don't you think?

    1. Si pour les anglophones,communiquer en français avec la majorité environnante est synonyme de camps de concentration,ne soyez pas surpris d'apprendre que les prochaines années s'annoncent plutôt mouvementées.

    2. @ OQLF, once again you don't get it. That is not what the photo was conveying. You are just twisting things around again, comme d'habitude. Also is that another threat? Bullying to get your way again?

    3. "final solution is going a bit too far, don't you think?"

      Both the Courier Laval and the various militant French organizations all decry the movement of English speaking ethnics to their fair city. Even the local MNA is concerned.
      There is a difference between complaining about anglicization and complaining about too many Anglos moving in.

      My reference to the "Final Solution' may be harsh but it is meant to underline the fact that each is willing to complain about this movement, none are willing to say what must be done.

      So my question remains to Francine Charbonneau, Pierre-Benoit Livernois and the Courrier Laval;
      What should be done to curb this 'undesirable' influx?

      Every one of them beat around the bush, so if not the 'Final Solution,' what else?
      And what exactly is the point of the map, other than to pinpoint 'problem' areas.

      The underlying racism is disgusting and I am calling them out on it with an 'exaggerated' solution.

      As for OQLF twisting the question, I will ask him also;
      How should Laval get rid of too many Anglos?

    4. "There is a difference between complaining about anglicization and complaining about too many Anglos moving in."

      La même différence que de dire "Il pleut" et que "le ciel est couvert de nuages".

    5. It's Raining Anglos! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Anglos! Amen!
      I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get
      Absolutely soaking wet!
      It's Raining Anglos! Hallelujah!
      It's Raining Anglos! Amen!

      Thanks to The Weather Girls for letting me adapt their song :)

  8. "You are just twisting things"

    Je comprend très bien le sens de ce post mais c'est l'association (image démesurée/excessive) loi linguistique et camps de concentration ou déportation qui me semble,comme vous dites,assez tordue.

    Je vous suggère d'aller jeter un coup d'oeil sur le sens du mot "synonyme".

  9. "How should Laval get rid of too many Anglos?"

    Pour l'instant je n'en ai aucune idée,une chose est certaine c'est qu'il y aura des réactions,toutes sortes de réactions.

    1. >"How should Laval get rid of too many Anglos?"

      Je sais que l’Éditeur de ce blogue a poser cette question en relation de “la carte des Anglophones” publié dans le journal de Laval, mais je pense que la question se pose mieux en disant “Qu’est-ce qu’on va faire si on pense qu’il y a trop des Anglos à Laval?“ La réponse: debarquer de Laval et aller dans un endroit où il y’en a moins, peut-etre dans les regions du Québec, comme Hérouxville, ou aller en France ou Haïti. Solution très simple! mort-de-rire! hahaha!

  10. OQLF, you might find inspiration in the writings of Joseph Goebbels,

    "The Jewish question is again giving us a headache; this time, however, not because we have gone too far, but because we are not going far enough. Among large sections of the German people the idea is gaining headway that the Jewish question cannot be regarded as solved until all Jews have left the Reich."

  11. Je dois vous avouer que je puise mes inspiration dans toutes sortes d'ouvrages et que mes lectures sont,pour le moins qu'on puisse dire,hétéroclytes.

    1. Notons que tu n'as toujours pas répondu à la question posée par l'Éditeur:

      >How should Laval get rid of too many Anglos?

    2. "How should Laval get rid of too many Anglos?"

      Voici ce que OQLF a répondu :

      Pour l'instant je n'en ai aucune idée,une chose est certaine c'est qu'il y aura des réactions,toutes sortes de réactions.

    3. Une bonne façon d'esquiver la question.

  12. Next up: After the successful majority election of Pauline Marois' PQ government, Quebec starts a special collaborative program with China to teach future Chinese immigrants in French classes about how sovereignty is necessary for Quebec's economic and cultural survival, and how they can help by teaching their children French as their first language rather than Chinese, and not letting them learn English or allow American/Canadian/English culture to invade their homes.

    1. Sorry, grammatical errors and replying to wrong post... bit of a lazy post there :P

    2. A little later, there will be a big controversy over Chinese fortune cookies that are given after a Chinese meal. Marois will say that it is not part of Quebec values, and seek to have them banned.

    3. Then perhaps onto biscotti, baklawa, and [gasp] even profiteroles?

    4. Bel exemple de procès d'intentions ici.

    5. I am afraid that if people start calling Quebec a banana republic because of the limitation of English imposed and the concentration of what ethnic foods we can and cannot eat,while letting the economy burn, Marois will ban bananas!

      I've enjoyed fortune cookies, biscotti, and baklava, but I've never had profiteroles. I better get some before the PQ gets in!

    6. Si vous voulez mon avis les Donuts devraient disparaître en premier.

    7. Then what would the language police eat?

  13. Mr. Editor:

    When I visited your site this morning and saw a picture of Stéphane Gendron ("Les Israéliens, ce sont les nazis des temps modernes"), I was upset.

    However, now I am revisiting your site and I see an iconic picture from the Holocaust showing Jews being herded to a train, encased with the words, La Solution Finale / The Final Solution, in order to make the comparison, draw an analogy, with what is being said in a community newspaper about the number of English speakers in Laval. And I am not just upset, but am angry and disgusted with you.

    Because, between those two events, seeing your site this morning and seeing it now, I have spent the last several hours visiting my mother at a seniors centre. Among her friends there, are several residents with 6 digit numbers tattooed on their left arms.

    How dare you trivialize the horror of their experiences in such a way. You, Sir, have no moral bearings. You, Sir, are so blinded by your "Anglo rights" pretense that you will stoop to any level to score a cheap point.

    Shame on you.

    1. I don't think he's trivializing it, I think he's illustrating that the language situation in Quebec could (actually) reach those extremes if the province continues the way it's going. This may or may not be true - more likely not, given the presence of the United Nations and a lack of power and whatnot.

    2. I am shaking with anger over seeing that picture being used that way. I hope someone penetrates the Editor's anonymity so that the people named in his article can sue him for defamation.

      The ninety year olds I have just visited with have much more important battles to fight.

      We are the last generation who will have had personal contact with the Holocaust survivors. In the name of human decency, Mr. Editor, please remove that picture NOW.

    3. Re: "In the name of human decency, Mr. Editor, please remove that picture NOW."

      I am sorry the picture is causing you such angst, but it was meant to illustrate a very important point.

      "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"- Edmund Burke

      Do you not agree that 'benign' attacks on Jews, like the one above aimed at anglos was the opening salvos that led to the Holocaust?

      Nope, Quebecers are not Nazis, far from it, but when attacks such as these are made by a tiny minority of haters, we must all stand up and push back.

      Somebody at the Courrier Laval will see this post and ask themselves-- Was it appropriate to print a map of Laval indicating where Anglos live and how many.
      Is it appropriate to complain about Anglos moving to Laval?

      I bet dear angry reader, that if the map was one indicating where the Jews lived in Laval and how many, you'd be the first one to be outraged and I bet you wouldn't think that the picture inappropriate.

    4. And where, Sir, were those trains going? You have lost all sense of proportion.

      Publishing such a photo in the context of Quebec and your war on Bill 101, puts you in the same category as your hero Stéphane Gendron, "Les Israéliens, ce sont les nazis des temps modernes."

      Only he doesn't hide his ugly face.

    5. "I bet dear angry reader, that if the map was one indicating where the Jews lived in Laval and how many, you'd be the first one to be outraged and I bet you wouldn't think that the picture inappropriate."

      Ils auraient raison de se plaindre MAIS ce n'est pas le cas!

    6. "Only he doesn't hide his ugly face."

      N'importe quoi pour avoir l'attention des caméras.Tiens,pourquoi pas l'organisation d'une chasse commerciale aux pandas en Chine.Un de ces quatres quelqu'un se chargera de lui arranger le portrait.

    7. You see, Mr. Editor, valium won't work ... for Irene. She together with her husband managaged to make it to the spring of 1944 and then they were transported to Auschwitz, along with her childhood friend, Dora, and Dora's young boy. On arrival, they underwent their first "selektion". Irene's husband was gassed and incinerated that first day. Her last sight of him was his smile as they were separated on the train platform. Dora and her boy disappeared in the next selektion. As Irene's short-term and medium-term memory leaves her, her head is filled with relived experiences, the ghetto, the work camps, Auschwitz, the death march in the last days of the war. And there's the hunger.

      No, valium won't help. You know nothing, Mr. Editor

    8. I am not certain, but it is my impression that the Editor himself is Jewish. So perhaps he has friends, relatives or acquaintances who also lived through the holocaust.

    9. "I am not certain..."


    10. Lest we forget:

  14. En parlant d'invasion chinoise.Reste-t-il des "Wilson" dans l'Ouest du canada ?

  15. Who cares? A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, regardless of their background.

  16. "A Canadian is a Canadian"

    Est-ce qu'un Chinois est un Chinois?

    1. Getting back to the reason for my statement, namely the comment at 11:41 am, a person of any nationality that moves to Canada to live is a Canadian and they are not invading the territory. This is not any different from any group of people who came here after the natives, whether they be the English, French, Irish, Scottish, or any group after them. Canada is an immigrant society. Quebec is an immigrant society. Any group that came here after the natives are immigrants. We are all immigrants. There is no "us vs them."

    2. >We are all immigrants. There is no "us vs them."

      Being a liberal myself, I tend to agree with you ideologically, Roger. But to an important contingent of our population, that's also where you (and I) have got it wrong.

      Just as America has its emblematic "angry White men", so too does Canada, and Quebec is no exception. As I observe Seppie troll's participation here as well as those of his brothers-in-arms at Vigile and abroad (including, sadly, the mainstream media), it's apparent to me that a strong puritan streak continues to run across this country. In its most insidious form, it's the kind of puritanism that smiles for the cameras and swears by "multiculturalism", or even the somewhat more patronizing "integration" or "interculturalism" (especially if you're from Quebec's nationalist gaugauche).

      Ultimately, the whiteys DO believe this land their ancestors stole, supposedly fair and square from them filthy injuns, grants them an exclusive and perpetual right to make the rules. I don't happen to endorse this idea myself (since I see us all as invaders and thieves no matter what century or decade we arrived), but that doesn't matter one way or another.

      Like it or not, this is a war of attrition, and it can only be won by creating either a more liberal, pluralistic, and heterogeneous society. Alternatively, it must be overcome by dramatically tightening the diversity valves and living out a protracted (albeit questionable) existence as embattled genteel lily white supremacists.

    3. "Alternatively, it must be overcome by dramatically tightening the diversity valves and living out a protracted (albeit questionable) existence as embattled genteel lily white supremacists"

      Vous aussi avez remarqué la splendeur de notre drapeau flottant au dessus des 200,000 personnes,hier dans notre centre-ville?Ma fibre pure-laine a littéralement vibré de fierté en regardant notre jeune relève brandissant le symbole de notre futur pays.

    4. Ahahahaha...go easy on pot man...

    5. After they graduate from the university, more than half of them will change their political views and those who stick with their separatist ideologies will eventually fail and be stranded deep in a puddle of debt.

    6. Exactly, once they graduate and enter the Real world and begin to pay into Quebec instead of sucking on her teat for 20 years they will change their opinion. Taxpayers of Quebec, unite and take over! Also, note to protesting starving students, walking around in a $600 Canada Goose jacket waving a $500 iPhone doesn't help your cause.

    7. Apparatchik,
      Your post reccalls what i left for the Seppie trolls on the previous article...

      No matter how you try to explain it, the truth is Canada is our country and the separatists’ sabotage is treason. If you separatists are so righteous and wish to bring back time to a moment that France had the advantage, be really righteous and go back farther to the time when the native Indians owned it. Of course, that doesn't sit well with you, so in that case stop the deceptive warring on your countrymen and share, with all of us, the best god has ever been able to provide.

      Treason is treason! One day you'll have to answer to that!

    8. > Vous aussi avez remarqué la splendeur de notre drapeau flottant au dessus des 200,000 personnes,hier dans notre centre-ville?Ma fibre pure-laine a littéralement vibré de fierté en regardant notre jeune relève brandissant le symbole de notre futur pays.

      J'ai effectivement épié au moins deux drapeaux des patriotes et ça m'a beaucoup dérangé car j'avais compris qu'il s'agissait d'une manifestation non-partisane. Mais la présence de l'équivalent québécois du drapeau confédéré étatsunien n'aurait pas dû me surprendre. Ce débat, auquel sont parties prenantes autant archi-nationalistes qu'archi-fédéralistes, prend décidément une tournure clientéliste et électoraliste, ce qui d'autant plus désolant quand on considère que l'enjeu n'a, à sa base, rien à voir à l'extirpation du Québec de la confédération canadienne.

      ...ce qui m'amène au point suivant:
      >note to protesting starving students, walking around in a $600 Canada Goose jacket waving a $500 iPhone doesn't help your cause.
      Very true. And what's with all the sociology and political students being interviewed? How about some balance and attempting to interview students majoring in a few other areas of study?

    9. >apparent to me that a strong puritan streak continues to run across this country.
      Well, yes, you're right Apparatchik. I am aware that there is a puritan streak that runs through some people whose ancestors arrived recently in North America, after the natives were here for thousands of years.

      The United States have their tea-partyers and for the most part, rural Canadians, including rural Quebeckers, where people don't really meet "others" have a vision of the United States or Canada or Quebec of being a country made in their image (I know that Quebec is just a province): that is, white and either Catholic or Protestant and English-speaking or French-speaking.

      You see, Quebeckers are not all that different in having a subsection of people who are intolerant and see this as their land, where everyone else is a visitor. I will just re-iterate once again to these people, that they are just immigrants as well. People do not come here to become exact replicas of these recent arrivals, who are not natives.

      Culture does not stay the same. It either evolves or it dies. Montreal culture, for example, has beneffited from the Jewish people that came here, in that we now consider bagels and smoked meat to be Montreal tradition. The British adapted some game they had in their land to ice and it became hockey, which is now the most popular sport here. With new arrivals from Europe, soccer is now becoming popular.

      Sports, food, architecture - in a myriad of ways, Quebec, Canada, the United States have all benefitted from immigrants.

    10. Apparatchik: "Ultimately, the whiteys DO believe this land their ancestors stole, supposedly fair and square from them filthy injuns, grants them an exclusive and perpetual right to make the rules."

      Totally. This whole country is a product of colonization by the French and English. Quebec separation would not restore any justice by emancipating the "conquered" people, as some separatists claim. It would simply rearrange the post-colonial order, with white people of European descent dividing the spoils, rather than sharing them together as they are doing now. The only way to restore justice would be to turn the country over to the natives.

      Quebec cultural supremacists, inheritors of la mission civilisatrice, to me are the more pompous side of the two. And very hypocritical too in their attempts to present themselves as victims of colonization. I can't help but curse these self-important delusional jerks any time I drive past the Kahnawake reserve.

    11. I agree with both of you, of course.

      I'm not a proponent of throwing the baby out with the bathwater - not by a long shot - but the more I see hints of what this country could be without the obsessive rednecks/bluenecks constantly ramming down my throats this constant message of fear about becoming an embattled minority in my/their own country.

      I agree there's a sad intolerance in any country (in any time and place) between its "established stock" and its newcomers, and that by and large most newcomers have contributed to places like Canada, the U.S., Australia, and many other countries rather positively. I believe globalization will ultimately blur the lines between citizenship and ethnicity even more, and eventually even in countries we today consider as largely ethnically homogeneous.

      It's possible to hang out a welcome sign to newcomers and still remember what you're about. The two aren't mutually exclusive. You just need to put down the bullhorn every now and then, even (and perhaps especially) when you've been the most vocal and belligerent party.

      Maybe with time, this might make driving through a reservation less emotionally sickening. And maybe one day, we might re-visit the wisdom of segregating Natives from other "native-born" (or even naturalized) citizens.

    12. "Vous aussi avez remarqué la splendeur de notre drapeau flottant au dessus des 200,000 personnes,hier dans notre centre-ville?"

      Was that the blue flag with the four bananas on it? Is it meant to symbolize a banana republic?

  17. Halal-gate, only in Quebec! Lol , what a bunch of racist assholes. Scratch the surface of Quebec nationalism a little and that is what spews out. No wonder Quebec separatism has virtually zero support among Allophones and Anglophones. You can keep Matane, we'll keep Montreal!

  18. "Halal-gate, only in Quebec!"

    Voici quelques infos sur le sujet.À l'avenir vous aurez peut-être l'air moins ignorant M.Klaus Von Barbaro.

    Surtout,ne me dites pas merci.

  19. Are those street signs in North Bay, Ontario?

    1. Looks like the naming practice of Calgary, we often have 3-4 roads with the same name all in the same area - one of them a lane, the other one a street, one a cressant, etc...

  20. Parlant de bouffeurs de poulets halal:

    Faut être endoctriné en Tabarnak!

    1. Pas juste endoctriné, mais con en tabarnak.

      Apparemment, ce qu'a fait cet infirmier est effectivement anti-islamique:

      ça me rappelle un peu nos fanatiques francophones qui croient que pour protéger le français il faut castrer l'anglais de la place publique.

      Mais que voulez-vous... ya des cons endoctrinés dans toutes les cultures, semble-t-il.

  21. The street signs are in St. Paul, Minnesota. I use to work at the Summit Brewery which is located at that intersection. Good beer.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS on getting it right!!!!
      Do you know how it came to be called 'Montreal?'

    2. I believe that Montreal Mining Company used to have operations in the U.S. Midwest during late 19th century. That is why there is a city named Montreal, Wisconsin. Is it related with the name of those streets?

  22. On a totally unrelated topic:
    Look, Editor: someone's promoing your site... on clothing and en français!

    1. Dunno... Should I demand royalties?

    2. If not royalties, at least a serious grammar check.

      "aucuns chiots" ?!?!


  23. A bit of news. Thomas Mulcair, one of our Editor's favorite politicians (just count how many times the Editor wrote about Mulcair), is now The Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

  24. "A bit of news. Thomas Mulcair, one of our Editor's favorite politicians (just count how many times the Editor wrote about Mulcair), is now The Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition."

    Perfect, the NDP have played right into the Conservatives Hand. An event that will play out to be the end of the NDP as a party. Muclair does not represent the NDP outside of Quebec and the resentment will shred the party.

    Good for Uncle Tom!!! and Goodby to another bunch of commies.

  25. 2 comments about the post.

    1. The reason why Gendron's views on Quebec and Israel are considered controversial is because, as Orwell said, "In times of general deceit, saying the truth is considered a revolutionary act".

    2. The picture of the Nazi's herding people into train cars and alluding to Quebec is controversial. Editor, you could have played it differently and said something that would have not been controversial at all - to state that the general and state-sanctioned permissiveness towards discriminatory attitudes may lead to this. Quebec is a little like the Weimar Republic in the late 1920's, in a sense that the state deflects people's anger (in many cases very legitimate anger) onto scapegoated communities. Dutrizac's phone call scheme that baited an angry mob on a dep in Verdun is a good example of that.

    1. 1. I have no issue with a person's right to express opinions which are controversial. However, Israelis are not the nazis of modern times. They are the Jews of modern times. And the Jews of modern times, while paying homage to Anne Frank, no longer count as friends or as sympathizers those whose favourite Jew is Anne Frank and whose second-favourite Jew doesn't exist.

      2. Your second comment is not worthy of reply.

    2. "In times of general deceit, saying the truth is considered a revolutionary act"

      Galilée confirmerait que ce phénomène n'a rien de nouveau.

    3. et il comfirmerait aussi que vous etes sur le bien-etre social a vous morfondre sur le cul a journee longue, pi qui passe son temps a ecrire des stupidees de la pire sor... fuck que je suis ecoeuree de voir seppie tojours emettre des commentaire sans point valable...un vrai membre du JPQ mesadaptee socialement

    4. "emettre des commentaire sans point valable"

      Nous sommes ici pour animer le débat,pas le nourrir.En passant,bienvenue dans notre club select.

  26. Then there is the SANDOZ scandal/fiasco. What the heck is going on in Quebec that they can't get anything right in the business world?

  27. Hmmmm...Intéressant.

    1. Toujours les mêmes purs et durs à la poursuite de gains électoralistes, prêts à attiser la haine et qui carburent à la peur des francophones de souche.

      J'en suis FUCKING tanné.

      Vivre et laisser vivre.

  28. Avant de traietr les "anti-halal" de racistes (aucun maudit rapport avec la race car des blancs autant que des noirs ou arabes ou whatever peuvent être musulmans), informez-vous donc sur le vrai côté du halal. Ce n'est pas juste une PRIÈRE. C'est une méthode d'abattage désuette (qui est sensé être une exception dans la loi mais qui devient une norme). C'est le financement de mosquées qui, à leurs tours, financent des groupes extrémistes qui veulent la charia mondialement. C'est aussi une méthode qui a prouvé avoir des liens très concrets avec le e.coli. Si vous pensez que le halal s'arrête au poulet, vous êtes vraiment naïfs...

    Voilà un site (parmi tant d'autres) qui informe sur le sujet de l'islamisation et ils ont même une section sur le halal:

    Mais puisque des petits sites comme MNIQC ou Poste de veille peuvent vous semblez haineux, allez faire un tour sur qui fait des recherches très sérieuses (les autres sites rapportent des nouvelles).