Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anglo Quiz Revisited...

I hope you enjoyed the New Year's Day quiz and almost all the questions were answered correctly.

A couple of comments;

Question 4. 
Name two of Montreal's most famous steak houses?
Although correctly answered I thought someone would mention 'Gibby's'

Question 12. 
Name one borough that is home to a large part of Montreal's Haitian community.
Montreal North?

Question 13. 
Why is there a flower stall installed on Place Jacques Cartier in Old  Montreal?
This was without a doubt the toughest question.
There is a flower stall because the site was donated to the city and was to remain a public market forever. Without fresh produce being sold on the site, the property  would revert to the heirs.

Question 30.
What do Morris Fish (Supreme Court Justice), Irving Layton, David Lewis (former leader of the Ndp) William Shatner and Mordechai Richler all have in common?
Yes, Baron Bing High School.

Question 35.
What two famous historical adversaries have back-to-back street named after them?

Yes, Wolfe & Montcalm Streets.

Question 53.
Where is Montreal's version of Moncton's 'Magnetic Hill?'
Surpised nobody got this. The hill is  the little hump that connects Cedar avenue to Cote de Neiges. Drive to the bottom of the hill, place your gear in neutral and your car will seemingly drive back up the hill. 
By the way, Montreal police are used to people stopping their cars and giving the hill a whirl. If there's no traffic or its late a night , they won't complain.

 Question 57.
What famous Montreal fast-food joint will celebrate it's 100th birthday next year.
Although Mr. Sauga identified the joint as 'St. Lawrence Pool Hall' (I gave him credit for a correct answer), it is indeed the 'Montreal Pool Room' which hasn't had pool table in decades, but serves legendary steamed hot dogs.

Question 68
In addition to Chinatown and Little Italy, what is Montreal's third and newest ethnically named neighbourhood? 
Yup. as correctly answered, it is 'La Petit Mahgreb,' located around Jean Talon and named for the Arab community from North Africa.

Question 77

From this old photograph, can you identify the street you are looking down?
Look close, you can identify the big SNOWDON theatre sign that still exists on Decarie Blvd.
Question 83
What is Montreal's most famous strip bar?
While I accept SUPER SEXE as a correct answer, I always thought CHEZ PAREE was Montreal's most famous strip bar.

Question 96
What are Montreal's two most-preferred public suicide sites?
Before the Jacques Cartier Bridge erected anti-suicide barriers, it was in the world's TOP TEN most popular suicide sites. The other popular suicide site is the Montreal Metro, where about 25 people throw themselves in front of oncoming trains each year.
By the way, the Montreal press does not report suicides or attempts for obvious reasons. 

Blame Canadiens Language Fiasco on Geoff Molson


  1. I dare to say that in downtown one of the very famous - and crowded - steak houses is The Keg at PVM. However, the Editor may not accept that since The Keg is not Montreal. It is a franchise from Vancouver.

    Editor, now that you gave the answer, which one of my answer you thought one will be stumped on?

  2. Readers;
    Don't know what happened, but the Anglo Quiz blog piece HAS DISAPPEARED!!!!!

    Sorry.....It's another BLOGGER mystery.

    If I knew how, I'd migrate to WORDPRESS!!

  3. Could you possibly repost it -

  4. I guess because the quiz has disappeared, you may have missed the fact I DID mention Gibby's. Actually, I put an "e" before the "y", so I hope the spelling didn't disqualify me! I also mentioned Moishe's first, and finally le Queue de Cheval.

    I'm not sure Le Queue was around before I left Montreal. I went once to Moishe's and once to Gibby's, and the main reason for that was because of those old Bifthèque commercials, where a steak dinner with all the trimmings was about half the price as M's & G's.

    At first, Bif had a respectable dinner for the money--gigantic salads, tasty rolls, excellent sides and a decent steak for the money, but certainly not the quality of those to whom they compared themselves. By the early 2000s, their food altogether went way off the mark. They opened 3 Bifs in the Toronto area. I'm shocked two are still open (the one by the airport closed about a year or so after it opened). I'm surprised ANY of them are still opened as their steaks are absolutely tasteless. Too, I ordered a half-pound burger once for lunch when I worked downtown in Toronto. It was big, juicy and absolutely tasteless, no matter how much steak spice I added to it! The price was good, but....

    You also forgot to mention that elevation device that once existed at Mount Royal Park. There is still one in service in Quebec City.

    Finally, I think it was Troy who guessed Morris Fish et al all went to McGill. Actually, I was left wondering if I was wrong, but I read that Richler to Sir George and dropped out, relocating to London.

    Interestingly, while in Montreal almost a decade ago, a chronic eye malady that occasionally and surprisingly flares up caused me to call my aged aunt and uncle for the name of their opthalmologist. I called the good Dr. and was lucky to get an appointment within 45 minutes, but I sure had to race to get there. I made it!

    On the wall next to the door in the waiting room was a pic of the Baron Byng class of 1947. The Dr. was VP of the student council and Mordechai Richler was the president. I somehow hope that picture makes it into a Jewish community museum (the YMHA maybe?) because too much of Montreal's non-French history is being erased as it is by the majority.

  5. @ Editor:

    Actually it's not that difficult. I'll shoot you an email.

    "If I knew how, I'd migrate to WORDPRESS!!"