Monday, December 19, 2011

Habs Hit Panic Button

Randy Cunneyworth - Sacrifical lamb?
You probably have to live in hockey mad Quebec to understand the enormity of something so mundane as the firing of a coach of a local sports team.
The newspapers, radio and television are talking of nothing else and for once, reflect accurately what Quebecers want to talk about.

As is always the case, language rules and the first topic of discussion is new coach Randy Cunneyworth's lack of French.
Lost in the discussion is the fact that he wasn't given a real mandate, just the opportunity to finish out the year with the elusive promise of 'we'll see what happens.'

The decision to replace Jacques Martin was perhaps no surprise, but the promotion of Cunneyworth was. It signals a certain level of panic by general manager Pierre Gauthier who now appears to be working to save his own job.

Gauthier admitted that he's been mulling over the change for a couple of weeks, so he had plenty of time to look around for a French-speaking coach, something even he, in the Ivory Tower of the executive offices of the Bell Centre understands is necessary.

But as I mentioned in a post last week, when it comes to francophone coaches, at the moment, the pickings are slim, the most talented already having been used up and spewed out by the impatient Habs or otherwise gainfully employed and under contract by other teams.

A bunch of former francophone coaches are working for the RDS network (the French version of TSN) and on a post-game show on Saturday night, recounted the circumstances of their firings and the residual bitterness that they still harbour.

Since 1985 the Habs have had twelve coaches averaging just two years, a shameful display of panic and immaturity that reflects not on the coaches, but management. The average amount of games coached by these gentlemen is less than 200 each.

Having grown up watching the legendary Toe Blake and Scotty Bowman coach for a combined 23 years behind the bench, it's a bit depressing to watch the panic and fear that rules upper management's decisions vis-a-vis coaches this last quarter century.

In the 39 years between 1940 to 1979, the Canadiens had but four coaches and won sixteen Stanley Cups and by the way, of the 23 Stanley Cups won by the Canadiens, 19 were teams led by Anglophone coaches.

And so it seems that the Canadiens have given up on the year, a shame because the fans haven't quite been ready to throw in the towel just yet.
No doubt Cunneyworth understands his position as caretaker, holding the fort until a francophone can be found.

It appears that last year's wonder boy, Tampa Bay Lightening coach Guy Boucher has gone from hero to zero with the team wallowing in last place and might be available sooner than later.
The same goes for Bob Hartley who is having a dreadful time over in Switzerland and is likely to be canned soon.

These two, in my mind, are the most likely candidates to take over in the off season.

By the way, the Canadiens never considered Patrick Roy, who admitted that his phone hasn't rung.

As for  Cunneyworth's lack of French, the reaction was mostly subdued with most commentators warning that if he turns around the team, he might be tolerated, but if things remain the same or deteriorate, he will be mercilessly hounded out of the job.

Perhaps he can turn the season around, the 2011 version of the Canadiens have been hopeless under-performers, with player after player turning in sub-par performances, so far.

Was that Martin's fault?.... It remains to be seen.

Of course injuries haven't helped, but blaming the Markov fiasco, wherein the 5 million dollar plus man hasn't played a single game this year, is no excuse. Other teams such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have shown how good they can be despite injuries that make the Canadiens look healthy.

But  the long term looks grim for the team, francophone or anglophone coach aside. The team has tied up millions of dollars on long-term contracts for players who are notorious for their lack of production or absence through injury.

Perhaps the saddest of all player moves was the acquisition of ex-Maple Leaf castoff, the overpaid Thomas Kaberle.
There was a time that the Leafs were manned by Montreal Canadiens rejects and sadly, that seems to have reversed.

As for language, get ready for some interesting times as the Press spoils to crucify the Habs new Anglophone coach.
After the 5-3 loss to the Devils in Cunnyworth's first game, he was already criticized for running the same old game plan as Martin.
After one game!

For that matter, there will be no honeymoon with the fans either. In the third period with the hometown Habs trailing the Devils, the new coach was serenaded by the boo-birds, something not heard in the Bell Centre for quite a while.

As the Habs melt down, one of the last vestiges of Quebec pride is fading to black.
At least the fans and the Press can content themselves with blaming the fiasco on an Anglo coach.


  1. Editor, it is with great acrimony that I, Mr. SaugaMonday, December 19, 2011 at 1:03:00 AM EST

    1 of 2:

    Editor, I ought to sue you for plagerism because it was I who introduced this topic in an updated comment near the end of your blog this past Friday, and then you ridicule me for posting my comments late on a Saturday night. Well, I had a bad sleep interruption so I checked my e-mails and I was curious to see if anyone updated your criticism of Jacques Martin's inferior coaching after Pierre Gauthier seemingly read your blog. Or was it telepathy or just dumb ol' luck?

    I was driving to work Saturday morning when I heard the news who Martin's replacement was, I sarcastically put my head in my hands and started screaming " it isn't so...the world has come to an end...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH..."

    And of course, as inevitably as night follows day, Ron McLean on HNIC absolutely HAD to have a French language journalist on during the second intermission asking about the reaction to an English-only speaking coach, and as inevitably as day follows night, and death and taxes, the journalist, with razor-thin diplomacy, suppressed the fact Quebec was having an elephant and a cow over it.

    Indubitably, as day and night and death and taxes, VOILÀ! Here is the blog on this topic before the heart can beat, and I was so sure and so right le Journal de Montréal and the other small-minded French language newspapers would and did have a shitload of shitfit commentaries and editorials about Randy Cunneyworth, in the negative, of course.

    Cunneyworth's contract will inevitably end in June, unless he wins a Stanley Cup, and even then we can go back to 1971 when Al MacNeil was rewarded with a demotion the very next day after coaching a Habs team that won the Cup when it looked like it was going down to defeat against the Big Bad Bruins and their almost 400 goals and their 121 standings points and their record high 57 losses in the first round of the playoffs were all for naught (especially once the Habs shattered all those records later in the decade, except the 399 goals scored...Edmonton smashed THAT record in the mid-80s).

    MacNeil, the unilingual Anglophone, most likely suffered this unjust role of whipping boy because he DARED berate Henri Richard, the home grown Québécois pur laine for what MacNeil considered lacklustre play. In the meantime, Richard became good and steamed up, and lo and behold, he scored the two goals that won the Habs that surprising Cup in 1971. What MacNeil did was absolutely effective and absolutely right. Look how that sonofabitch played and led his team to Cup #17.

  2. To conclude my acrimonious response, Mr. SaugaMonday, December 19, 2011 at 1:13:00 AM EST

    2 of 2:

    BTW editor, you're WRONG! The Habs have won 24 Cups, not 23. I include the pre-NHL championship in 1916. Why not? Should we forget the 24 years of pre-1917 Cup winners?

    I read all of Dick Irvin's books, and both he and I agree that the 1971 Cup was probably the sweetest of them all because it was totally unexpected, and Irvin eyewitnessed a helluva lot more hockey than I did, even from behind the bench, a privilege no child son of an NHL coach will ever enjoy again. The next best, and so far the very last Cup the Habs won in 1993, was a sweet repeat...or almost as it came unexpected, but it will be savoured longer by older guys like myself who never in my lifetime saw the Habs go more than seven years without a Cup...until now. The Habs, after losing their first playoff game in overtime, a dreadful effort where the team reflected their shortfall all season by thinking a regulation game is only 57 minutes by allowing two goals after Quebec pulled their goalie for an extra attacker, and then losing in the first few minutes of OT!

    Surprisingly, and most pleasently, the Habs then set an astounding NHL record of winning TEN CONSECUTIVE OT wins in ONE playoff season. The Islanders had the old record of nine, but that stretched over TWO playoff seasons.

    The previous drought was the 13 seasons between 1931 and 1944, but this year, barring a miracle, will bring the current drought to 19 years and counting, an historic high that has no end in sight.

    Then again, the 50s dynasty was under Anglo Ontarian, Toe Blake, and the 60s until 1968 with another Anglophone, Frank Selke Sr., as GM almost all that time. Claude Ruel won a leftover in 1969, then MacNeil in 1971 pulled his miracle only to be demoted, and then Anglo Montrealer Scotty Bowman won five more after MacNeil. Anglophone Sam Pollock was at the helm from the late 60s until 1978, and in 1979, no less thanks to riding on Sam Pollock's coattails, the anglo juif, Irving Grundman, got the spoils and the etching of his name undeservedly on the big silver mug. In fairness to Scotty Bowman, he spoke pretty good French, so I guess he gets a pass from the media.

    Oh, and as mentioned on this blog during the centennial year, now out of 102 years of Habs history, there have been only 36 years where there was Francophone ownership, partially outright and partially in partnership with others.

    So finally, who will replace Cunneyworth in June? Mario Tremblay again? Gilles Lupien? Gaston Gingras? Let's not forget Patrick Roy! After all, the New York Islanders hired a retiring goalie from their team (Garth Snow) to become GM! Look at THEIR track record since they pulled that boner! Where are you, Réjean Houle?

    So Guy Bertrand is proving to be a loser and Bob Hartley (Anglophone name!) are going to be the Habs' salvation? I thought Alain Vigneault was a better coach who too didn't have the horses to work with, but I felt he got more out of the lousy players he coached that the roster would have the fans believe. It took time, but when I learned he was getting a second chance in Vancouver, I was truly pleased for him. He just missed his chance at the holy grail last season.

  3. Quebeckers are racists when they hire only pur-laine, and they're desperate when they hire anglophones.

    Damned if they do, damed if they don't.

  4. @calgary anon,

    Actually Calgary Anon, its the Pur laine that create the double standards. Like exempting a division of Bombardier from Bill 101 because its a large corporation with leverage while going after small businesses for supposed violations.

    Besides a non Pur laine in the Habs organization shouldn't be an issue period.

  5. Actually, they exempted Bombardier cause Bombardier pretty much told them to piss off or they'd move their operations elsewhere and you can be sure that Quebec doesn't want to lose such an institution.

    Wish more corporations & companies stood up to these languages zealots. The Canadiens are a dynasty and they should tell them to piss off too so that they can hire the brightest and most talented players / coaches available.

    I'd love to get a visit from the language police in my office at my company, they'd definitely get a mouthfull from this President.

  6. I was amazed when I first read the news, Jacques Martin replaced by an anglophone.. wow!

    The language nazis have been feeding on much less important language related news for the past months, this is the one they've all been waiting for.
    This should also be some good material to feed the PQs fear and propaganda campaign... "Attention les québécois, les anglais nous envahissent, jusque dans notre sport national!"

    Speaking of PQ propaganda, here's a great article from the National Post which I posted in the comments of the last post as well:

    "PQ preys on rising cultural insecurity"

    But back to the new anglophone head coach, it should be a good slap in the face to all the language nazis out there.. Welcome to reality: corporations do not care about your little racism and racist issues from the 60s, they make business decisions. English, french, spanish, italian, who cares? Business only has one language, and that's money.

    That being said, I do think the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens needs to be able to speak french properly.. It's pretty of ridiculous that he can't answer questions for the media in french. But that's just common sense, and I'm sure everyone else will agree.. We don't need language laws for that.

  7. HAHA! Sorry for the double post, but I just found some very interesting comedy.

    As I said, the language nazis have been waiting for something like this for a long time. There's already at least two articles about the whole situation in the "excellent" Journal De Montréal. Here are some comments from one of them:

    "La Ligue québécoise contre la francophobie canadienne a quant à elle demandé aux frères Molson de destituer Cunneyworth pour «incompétence»."

    Incompetence? Because he doesn't speak french? I didn't know language was related to sports, good to know!

    Oh? Like who? Yes, we know, Patrick Roy. Anyone else?

    "Selon lui, une telle nomination est une véritable «provocation». Il lance d'ailleursun appel aux gens «à se réveiller»."

    A private corporation hiring an employee is a sign of provocation.. Uh huh..

    But the best, ladies and gentlemen:
    Selon ce dernier, il «n'y a qu'ici dans le monde» qu'une telle «écoeuranterie» peut avoir lieu. «Je suis convaincu qu'il y a beaucoup de gens qui, aujourd'hui, ont décidé de ne pas acheter de Moslon pour le temps des Fêtes», a conclu Gilles Rhéaume."
    HAHAHA, good one mononcle Gilles!

  8. Very good comment:

    Gab Do a dit...
    Le gars a même pas 3 matchs de joués et vous l'emmerdez déjà avec vos histoire de langue. Vous êtes plus interressés par ses compétances linguistiques que par ses compétances de coach. On s'en fou tu quelle langue il parle, c'est une ligue d'anglophone, on prend le meilleur coach disponible (et encore, c'est temporaire on sait même pas si il va rester jusqu'à la fin de la saison, je cite L.A. comme exemple.) Pis si il gagne Cunneyworth ? On le met dehors à coups de pied dans le derrière parce que il parle pas francais ? N'importe quoi.... C'est commme il y a une couple d'année on chiallait pour que Koivu apprenne le français. ahhhh mtl... Après on va avoir un coach pee-wee MAIS FRANCOPHONE et vous allez tous vouloir sa tête.

  9. "ahhhh mtl... Après on va avoir un coach pee-wee MAIS FRANCOPHONE et vous allez tous vouloir sa tête"

    According to La "Ligue québécoise contre la francophobie canadienne":

    Gilles Rhéaume, porte-parole de la Ligue, a soutenu ce matin sur les ondes de LCN que «ce ne sont pas les francophones qui manquent pour prendre la relève»

    «Nous avons des dizaines sinon des centaines de candidats francophones aptes à occuper le poste que l'on a confié à M. Cunneyworth», a soutenu le porte-parole de la Ligue.

    You hear that?? HUNDREDS! right here in Quebec, just waiting!

    hahaha this whole situation should be on Juste Pour Rires.

  10. Gilles Rhéaume is a clown. He once attempted to walk to Quebec city from Montreal to piss on General James Wolfe's grave. Anything that comes out of his pie-hole should be ridiculed and shot down. And anyone that books him as a guest talking head on a news show should have their press credentials revoked.

  11. Just be smart folks, boycott the Kebec, the Montreal Canadians, any company with a head office in Kebec…

    Its simple language Nazis, repeal Bill 101, give us back our English language rights in kebec, which we have had since 1763 or rot in hell.

    The pathetic thing is that the rest of the country has to fund your racist province yearly through the equalization scam. What do we get in return? Just a daily dose of anti-English language bigotry. You are an embarrassment to the rest of the country. Rot in hell language Nazis.

  12. hey to all insecrued racist pur-lainers out there who dig the game of hockey as well as their beloved HAB team...

    do you have an idea who invented the game of hockey(the actual sport of today)???

    do you know who brought the montreal canadian team to the table???

    It was ANGLOS that did it all and for that matter, it for weren't for them, you would not have anything to take pride in and would still be trying to find something that would make you feel worthy and proud about yourself. In other word, you would sitll be facing a great deal of low self-esteem,shame,despair and insecurity.

    Therefore, WE GAVE YOU A REASON TO BE!!!not your very own tyranical elites that have dragged you people through the mud and have wisely kept you in the spectrum of ignorance and lies...It's time to wake up and snap out of your old way of thinking, dammit!!!

  13. J'espère seulement que ce courageux entraîneur est conscient qu'il est assis sur une catapulte et que plusieurs attendent son expulsion en haute altitude :D

  14. comme toi d'ailleur, Jason le frippon, qui n' est rien qu'un nuissance et qui est aux point d'etre expulser du pays...

  15. @Jason le séparatiste:

    I found a site you will enjoy very much, perhaps it will inspire you to start your own movement here with French Canadians!

    And just like you, they aren't racist either. An inspiration for you and those who think like you!

  16. Ho ho!je crois que l'expulsion se réalisera plus vite que prévu :P

    J'adore voir un anglouille se faire bouffer par les lions.

  17. I heard a rumor that if my teammates don't win a Stanley Cup this year, the Canadiens will be sold and move to the US. Just like like my former Expos.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm sending my resume to the Montreal Alouettes before they leave the province too! Maybe I should become an accountant, or work for the QOLF, I hear they have lots of new openings.


  18. @Youppi

    N'ayez craintes,nous devrions l'achever rapidement afin d'éviter toutes souffrances inutiles.

    Tout ce que les Québécois ont besoin,c'est une équipe de hockey à leur image:Une équipe de champions francophones.

    Vivement les Nordiques à Québec!

  19. Jason le Frappe:

    Yeah, but you need a mascot. I can ask my infamous distant cousin, Stinky Le Puff, if he'd like to work for the Nordiques. He's a big smelly cigarette, blows smoke in people's faces and makes a high pitched squeal like a girl and bounces up and down like a retard anytime he sees or hears English.

    I told him to get back into sports, but he really, really wants to work for the QOLF. He might even grab a management position there! Better pay than hockey.

  20. "...really wants to work for the QOLF..."

    Désolé!Aucune cigarette n'est tolérée dans nos bureaux...comme les anglos dailleurs :))

  21. "I can ask my infamous distant cousin"

    À vous lire,j'ai l'impression qu'il n'est pas si distant que ça.

  22. @ Jason le fripon

    I really, really, really hope that most of the time you are attempting some sort of humour (albeit rather not that funny), otherwise you are incredibly infantile.

  23. ***************UPDATE*************
    Canadiens Owner Throws Anglo Coach Under the Bus

    In reaction to the firestorm of criticism in regards the nomination of Randy Cunneyworth as coach of the Montreal Canadiens, owner Geoff Molson acted to check the growing rage spreading across the province by throwing newly named coach Randy Cunneyworth under the bus.

    Less than one game into his head coaching career Cunneyworth has been politely told that at the end of the season he'll be toast, walking the language plank road that Don Lever took last year.
    "While our priority is to win and to continually search for excellence, it is clear that the ability of the coach to speak French as well as English, will be very important in choosing a candidate on a permanent basis,:
    Boy that was quick!

  24. @Editor: I doubt there was ever any plans to keep him as a long term solution.

    It's pretty ridiculous to have a coach who can't even talk to the local french media. So he either has to learn some french, or step aside.

    I don't think Molson should have played into the pathetic language issues though, anyone rational knows that it's either not permanent, or he won't have a choice but to learn some french.

  25. First of all, it's totally fine for the Francophone Habs fans to be pissed about a unilingual Anglo as a coach. At the end of the day it is the fans who pay the bills and support the team and if they want a French-speaking coach, they have every right to get one.

    I also understand the Quebecois desire to have "une équipe de hockey à leur image:Une équipe de champions francophones." I feel the say way to a degree. It would be amazing to see a team made up of players exclusively from Montreal competing for the Stanley Cup.

    Unfortunately, this is not how modern professional sports work. Organizations are responsible for putting together a winning team of players, coaches, and managers from around the world regardless of their national or linguistic ties.

    When it's a professional sport, no one gets to have a national team! That's what the Olympics and International tournaments are for (think the World Cup in Soccer versus the Premier/Champions league, for example).

    Maybe we could have a Canada Cup where each province sends its finest Hockey players to compete every year. This would give les Quebecois a team that they could call their own and it could be made up of Quebecois players.

    If you tried to make the Canadiens a fully Francophone organization who only took its players, coaches, and managers from Quebec (those who were willing to forgo potentially more attractive offers from other teams in the league) the team would most likely not be able to compete and we could all kiss the dream of Cup #25 goodbye for good.

  26. @Anon 5:14 That's very well put, actually.

    @Tree Stump: I'm confused. It's ridiculous to have an anglophone coach, but the fact that Quebeckers demand it is racist? Could you clarify?

  27. "At the end of the day it is the fans who pay the bills and support the team and if they want a French-speaking coach"

    You are overlooking one thing - the Quebecois have a choice of not going to the games. Just like they have a choice of not speaking to anyone who can't or is not willing to speak French to them.

    Just like nobody ever forces the Quebecois to speak English, nobody forces them to watch the Habs games either.

  28. "If you tried to make the Canadiens a fully Francophone organization who only took its players, coaches, and managers from Quebec (those who were willing to forgo potentially more attractive offers from other teams in the league) the team would most likely not be able to compete and we could all kiss the dream of Cup #25 goodbye for good. "

    Don Cherry tried that once when he was coaching in the minors. He would only draft Anglo players, while passing over Europeans and Quebeckers. As a result, his team always lingered at the bottom of the table.

    This thing wouldn't fly in the NHL. Montreal is stuck with non-francophone staff and players. The Habs team will never again reflect the society in which the club is located.

  29. Je prévois une baisse des ventes chez Molson cet hiver.Non mais quelle gaffe!

  30. @Calgary Anon:
    I think it's ridiculous to have a head coach who can't speak french at all, yes. I should explain..
    I don't think they should pick him based on language. Pick the best guy for the job. Once that's done, part of his job is going to be to communicate with the media once in a while, especially in Montreal.
    It's kind of awkward that he can only talk to the media in english, when RDS, a french network, is the main broadcaster of Canadiens games. It just seems logical to me that speaking french is part of the job description.
    If they can't cater to their main audience (les Québécois), it's not going to do them any good as a business. But this is what I keep saying about any business...
    So if the head coach can't speak french and isn't willing to learn (within a reasonable amount of time), I don't see why the organization would want to stick with him. Let's give him more than 3 days though, yes?

    As for the second part, I never said that french people asking for it is racist. What I did say is that as usual, people are using this as a reason to bring up other (language) issues, and claim that their language and culture is threatened. I personally don't believe that's the case, as I said I'm sure this is just a temporary move.

    No need for a revolt and to boycott Molson (some have called for a boycott of Molson products today), let's be reasonable, it's only been 3 days...

    These days, if a fly sneezes in english somewhere in this province, there are people who will find a way make a big deal out of it, and I think there are more important things to deal with.

    But as usual, just my opinion..

  31. Molson should move all of its operations out of Quebec, like so many other businesses have done. They don't need the Quebecois. They already have access to the markets in the rest of Canada and the United States.

  32. First off I need to correct a couple of things in this article. other than Jean Perron and Jacques Demers, who are the victorious french coaches? surely you don't mean Newsy Lalonde of Cornwall who didn't speak a word of french? What about Leo Dandurand who was born and raised in Chicago? or that damned juif Cecil Hart?
    Secondly, the Kaberle move was a great one. Trading the injury prone, fat Spacek for a guy who now has 5 assists in 4 games who seems to be getting his career back on track just in time.
    I was hoping the firing of Jacques Martin (who didn't deserve it) was Geoff Molson's way of easing the racist cavemen in this province into the idea of a unilingual anglo coach. Instead he Uncle Tom's it up and throws him under the bus. Pathetic. We are now left with a hiring policy that rules out Mike Babcock before Queen Elizabeth. How pathetic.
    If Molson is going to continue to Uncle Tom to these cavemen with his affirmative action policy we might as well bring back the Montreal Maroons and show the racists how its done. Just hire the best person available for fuck's sake.

  33. Quebecker of the Tree Stump,
    So lets give a new unilingual hire 2 years to master the language or hes out. What on earth do we do if spends all his time analyzing game tapes and coming up with new strategy and we win the Cup instead? Do we fire him anyway and hire one of those RDS Anti-CH retards?

  34. Another excellent potential mascot for the Quebec Nordiques would be "Blacque Jacque Shellacque" of Looney Tunes fame.

    Here's a link. It's funny. Check it out:

  35. @Tree Stump : Thanks for clarifying; that's a very reasonable position.

  36. @The Ghost of Ma Joad

    Yeah I see what you're getting at.
    Somehow I doubt that coaching alone is going to win the Habs a cup, but if it does happen, I'm sure everyone will forgive him if he can't speak any french :P

    I guess I'm split on the issue.. it's a difficult one.. You're right, the important thing is getting the best guy for the job.
    I just know that if I were the Molsons, and I had just hired a unilingual coach, I'd tell him to learn some french, because I consider that his communication with the media is an important part of "serving their customers".

    "We are now left with a hiring policy that rules out Mike Babcock before Queen Elizabeth. How pathetic."
    Heh, thanks for the laugh :)

  37. To the Ghost of Ma Joad ...

    First off, would you care to explain your screen name? It's most intriguing..
    As for Newsy Lalonde and Leo Dandurand, can anyone back up that they were ....sigh..Anglos
    David & Cecile Hart = Jewish... whodda thunk!

  38. My Impoverished Scottish Grandma Was a RhodesianMonday, December 19, 2011 at 9:24:00 PM EST

    A couple of things jump out at me in all this. The first and by no means most surprising is the tendancy of language zealots to feel they are entitled to have their way in any and all aspects of life in this province. Private business practices, hell even private conversations if some of the more radical elements of the movement get their way, must all adhere to the common (well actually their small group's) interests. We've heard them cry for the right to be work and do commerce in french for so long, it would be easy to assume that dictating the language of those interactions are the extent of their demands. Where then do the demands that the state step in everytime a private business chooses not to pretend that english doesn't exist come from? Who's rights is Randy Cunneyworth interfering with? Mathieu Darche? Does the sound of (often indeciphrable) english pop music in a shopping mall infringe on anyone's rights? The people arguing for less english in x today will only be looking for less english in y tomorrow.

    The other thing that strikes me is the insistence that the Habs "belong' to francophones. As someone rightly pointed out out, the sport was invented by Montreal anglos. The Habs were the product of anglo businessmen looking for an excuse to bring a 2nd team to the city. The team has been run more often than not by anglo owners, managers and coaches. For 60 years they were one of 2 teams in the country and surely built up quite a following outside Quebec. Hundreds of thousands of people who were pushed out...ahem...chose to leave the province in the 70s and 80s surely didn't become Leafs fans overnight. The lie that the Habs belong to francophones exclusively is as bullshit as the one that Montreal belongs exclusively to them. I suppose then we shouldn't be even a bit surprised that they are making that argument.

  39. Hey Editor,
    Its just a Springsteen/Steinbeck reference. I subscribe to that line of thinking.
    As for Lalonde, 100% he was an anglophone. Dandurand might have still been french but he obviously didn't fit into the little french box. As for Cecil Hart, he was definitely Jewish, no question about it. The Montreal Forum, that was built for the english population as well. Acting like the Habs only belong to the "Quebecois" (disgusting word, makes me want to hurl just typing it) is not only insulting but a complete and utter fallacy. Much like the attitude about Montreal being a french only city. I would like to believe all this is just the same racist vocal minority who attacks the city because they are threatened by it and want to tear down everything it stands for.

    Vive la province Canadienne de Montréal!

  40. "Acting like the Habs only belong to the "Quebecois" (disgusting word, makes me want to hurl just typing it)"

    Même sensation pour moi lorsque je tape can...di..a...Désolé,je suis incapable de terminer.

    Encore pire,notre équipe Nationale de hockey porte ce nom...Tabarnak!


    Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac...

  42. Here we go again. In Quebec, everyone and everything MUST be French. Or else the world itself will end!

    Unfortunately for Quebec, the rest of planet Earth communicates and does business in English. Dislike it, disagree it, get angry about it, fine, but it doesn't change reality. Refusing to accept this fact just puts Quebec in an isolated bubble, and ultimately HURTS ALL QUEBECERS, English and French.

    Sadly this all falls on deaf ears, and why Quebec is in the hole it's in now. And why it always will be sinking deeper into that hole. Of course there will never be a point where the radicals wake up to this fact, instead they'll just blame this on the Anglophones when Quebec hits rock bottom.

  43. 64% of les Québécois don't understand English, music to Revenu Quebec's ears. These people are immobile, captive tax payers from age 15 to 65!

  44. I don't know why the pur laine Government doesn't restrict the nasty English tv programs, radio, Internet, and entertainment. Just think of the damage done to young kebecers when they attend concerts by bands such as U2 and Rolling Stones for example. After all they especially are from the conquering nations of the English language.
    The rights of English and non conforming immigrants (ie. Those with brains who don't give a flying f@ck about the French language) are being stepped on more and more. Might as well be more like China. No real difference.

    But I digress, now back on topic.

    HABS suck anyway regardless!!!

  45. "HABS suck anyway regardless!!! "

    The truth is that they could change 1000 coaches, french or english...the problem is with the players.

  46. Kebec sucks! Habs suck!

    Go leafs, Go!

  47. So what is a "Quebecois" ? A mix of Native, French, and/or English, Scottish, and Irish. In other words a metis, a mixed race, a mongrel, a mutt... Now you know what a "Quebecois" really is. What a joke.What a racist, bigoted province.

  48. @Engineer

    Les mauvaises influences ne viennent pas de U2 ou des stones mais bien des pseudos ingénieurs qui n'ont qu'un hémisphère de leur cerveau qui est à peu près fonctionnel.

    Ps: Les immigrants francophobes intelligents choisissent l'ontario. :)

    Bonne année 2012!

  49. "64% of les Québécois don't understand English"

    Probablement 70% des Québécois déteste les anglouilles.Qu'en pensez-vous?

  50. I hope the Nordiques are resurrected in Quebec city. So that the pur laine chauvanists types can have a team to focus on. Leave the Canadiens alone. Battle of Quebec on Hockey night in Canada would be very interesting. Percieved English Montreal team vs the "Quebecois" team.

  51. "Qu'en pensez-vous? "

    Why are you using the polite "vous" form? Vouvoiement is only logical if you have respect for people you're talking to. You insult people right and left, and you do it in the "vous" form. Are you some kind of a joker?

    And what is an "anglouille"?

  52. Unless you meant it in the plural form. That might explain it.

    But with you, who knows. You are a clown after all.

  53. I wonder if the Quebec government would just give up on trying to keep Montreal Island Quebecois French and just move out all the government related jobs except basic services required. For example they can move the Loto Quebec, Caisse de depot and hydro Quebec headquarters to Trois Rivieres or some other Pur laine city. Keep all those bureaucrats away from exposure to the dangers of a bilingual city. Would like the Feds to move radio canada out of Montreal as well.

  54. @ anon 11:17

    You missed the point. All English should be considered a bad influence from wherever. You pur laine government needs to clamp down more. Please push for that.

    No comment on the HABS suck regardless comment?

    Bonne Annee

  55. J'aimerais remercier tous les médias Québécois qui ont fait un excellent travail dans ce dossier,concernant notre équipe de hockey Nationale.Espérons qu'ils continueront sur cette voie au cours de l'année 2012 afin de diminuer les effets néfastes du problème anglo au Québec.

  56. "de diminuer les effets néfastes du problème anglo au Québec. "


    You are a joker. Ever thought of performing at Juste pour Rire? You wouldn't even have to prepare any material. All you'd have to do is stand up and talk. Laughter guaranteed.

  57. "You are a joker"

    Pas du tout.Demandez à Cunneyworth.

  58. "And what is an "anglouille"?"

    Un francophobe doublé d'un angryphone.

  59. Who really cares if it's 100 percent pur lainne that hate anglouille's (LOL).
    No one gives a sh@t!!

    And as far as the Nordique's coming back, what a joke. The new arena (paid by the RoC) will be anxiously awaiting, empty, for that.
    The NHL wants no part of going back to that sh@thole. They could only hope to draft 2nd tier pur lainnes and 4th tier Anglos if their lucky.
    Remember Lindros. He said f@uck that place, I'd rather not play at allthan play in Quebec city. HAHA


  60. "Remember Lindros. He said f@uck that place, I'd rather not play at allthan play in Quebec city."

    Vous prenez comme exemple un sportif,pas très intelligent au départ,qui en plus a subi plusieurs commotions cérébrales,afin d'appuyer vos convictions ?

    Pour un ingénieur,vous êtes très décevant coté cognitif.L'ordre des ingénieurs admettent vraiment n'importe qui...Pourvu qu'ils paient leur cotisation annuelle.Pathétique!

  61. @anon 12:25

    Is it as stringent as getting welfare? I mean I am sure you know the ins and outs of Bien etre sociale

  62. "Is it as stringent as getting welfare?"

    Surtout moins dangereux pour la population.Les BS ne construisent pas de ponts et de viaducs.Les mauvais ingénieurs...Hélas,oui.

    Avez-vous une fixation avec les plus démunis de notre société?Êtes-vous touché de très près par cette malheureuse situation?

  63. I'm not sure what concussions have to do with anything. He hadn't played one game in the NHL when he denounced Quebec city.
    He was smarter than most. Why rot there and be vilified by the old stock for being Anglo?

    And what is your point about association of professional engineers?
    I have meat many from Quebec that are great and show no animosity to Anglos and others who are racist. I'm only here because they begged me for help. The pur lainners hate the fact my wages are 3 times theirs. Perhaps that brings back deep routed issues for them. I just laugh to the bank. Soon I will leave on my own terms, although I cant wait really.

  64. "The pur lainners hate the fact my wages are 3 times theirs"

    Tant mieux si l'argent est le centre de votre petit univers :)

    Vous vous exprimez tellement comme quelqu'un qui a souffert de pauvreté toute sa vie et qui vient de découvrir le capitalisme,c'en est pitoyable.Suis-je dans l'erreur?

    Je vous laisse,je dois aller dîner...

    Joyeux Noel et bonne année 2012!

  65. It's easy for you to say that money/career doesn't matter to you when your on BS. Of course not!! Your getting a nice free ride on a large part from the RoC.

    Enjoy your day on the couch.

    Have a prosperous and happy new year. No pun intended.

  66. Why didn't Lindros go to the Nordiques? Don Cherry explains at 3:15.

  67. Martin got hired because he spoke french and got fired because of his losses.

    Cunneyworth as " interim" coach got hired because of his wins and will get fired because he doesnt speak french.

    Did Filipe Alou speak french ?

    Would Major league baseball and the american fans ridicule Montreal if this happened in baseball?

    Once again 30 years of Bloc has brainwashed the french into believing that Quebec is a country.

  68. @ Engineer:

    Don't laugh about banning English television, radio and Internet. I read within the past year, that Quebec is seriously considering the formation a Quebec-based regulator to replace the Canadian CRTC (which, you guessed it, would adhere strictly to the so-called Charter of the French Language). Quebec already duplicates so many other federal services, why not the CRTC (Quebec even has its own version of the Red Cross for taking blood!)

    One thing mentioned was switching from standard broadcast frequencies used in North America to those used in Europe. This would effectively BLOCK the standard ATSC TV signals we can now freely pick up from Vermont, New York and Ottawa using a TV antenna. Imagine being forced to watch ONLY French TV and news. I'm sure they would limit or ban English TV offered by pay-cable providers like Bell and Videotron too.

    Something like the "Great Firewall of China" would be applied to the Internet, blocking only sites that are approved by the QRTC. I could see radio stations shutdown too, unless they switch to an all French format.

    Sounds almost paranoid talking about it, but I wouldn't put anything past the Quebec government in regards to language restrictions.

  69. @ Apple IIGS

    are you serious about QRTC? Do you have any links?

    I would see them limiting the amount of en channels on paid cable. Not so for internet.

  70. "Sounds almost paranoid talking about it, but I wouldn't put anything past the Quebec government in regards to language restrictions. "

    Well, if that happens, I want to see what Canada or the human rights organizations would do about it ... already the censorship is taking Quebec waaaay in the 17th century.

  71. @ Apple,

    Although I'm quite obviously being a little sarcastic, but don't think I'm laughing. It sounds radical indeed, but when Kebec is run by language radicals is it truly out of the realm of possibility?
    Case in point: Marois actually wants to stop kids from speaking English at recess outside the class. What's next. We all know they step on civil rights, that's been proven many times in the past.
    What I laugh about is Kebec is nothing but a provice in the federal democratic Canada which doesn't respect the other official language which ironically is the global language of the world!!!!

  72. "Once again 30 years of Bloc has brainwashed the french into believing that Quebec is a country"

    Et vous?Vous croyez bien que le cacanada est un pays depuis 1867.Il nous reste encore quelques années avant de vous ratraper.


    The proposed name is the "CQRT". Here's one mention of it, there is a more detailed editorial from the Gazette I'd like to dig up. It explains how they would forcibly block TV and radio signals from other provinces and the US from reaching Quebec's borders. Literally placing Quebec in a bubble.

    I'll post those links shortly.

    Trust me though, there are no boundaries when it comes to these racists. All the more reason I want to leave Quebec, I don't need to live in a Quebec version of communist China or Cuba.

  74. Felipe Alou did not speak a word of french, Vladimir Guerrero was not even comfortable enough to speak in the media in english. Felipe is our last great coach/manager and Vlad our last superstar. Imagine all that despite the fact that the Expos faced financial constraints like no other and were completely forgotten by luck itself. Imagine what the Habs could do with all the money they make and the shackles off? Uncle Tom Molson should have just ignored this media shit storm and let them wallow and cry in their own shit. Hypothetically speaking, if Mike Babcock became available tomorrow do you think he'd really want to face this kind of bullshit? no way! Its gotten to the point where even french players don't want to play here. Look at Daniel Briere, took less money to play in Philadelphia. Smart guy. Its the media and the dumb fans that our holding this team back. Quebec is always at war with Montreal, it obviously doesn't approve of us so why not let us separate into our own Canadian province? we'd transform ourselves into the envy of North America.

  75. I only know one french engineer and he's a gentleman.

  76. Apple IIGS,

    Cool a new Iron Curtain. Maybe we can buy "Radio Free Europe" cheap and rename it Radio Free Quebec. Too bad they tore down the Berlin wall. Who knew that Quebec might be in the market?

  77. This will never happen. I'm sure that most of us are tolerating this shit until it HITS our way of life. Once they cross a certain limit, things will happen.

    And for you, stupid shit seppie around here, I'm not talking about hittin' the 401 !

  78. I agree that the Molsons' should have stayed the course. I would never recommend hiring a unilingual coach knowing this province, but once the decision was made, they should have stuck with it instead of capitulating the next day to the cries of this neurotic attention-seeking society.

    Worried about beer sales? I can't stand North American beer in general, but I'd force myself to drink Molson if the Quebecois organized a boycott. I'm sure many people would have done the same.

  79. yep, I'd make a point to buy the only Molson product I can stand, Rickards even though its not my favorite. I'd like to see this boycott backfire the same way that the vile Amir Khadir's shoe store boycott did. It would be sweet, the perfect way to send a message.

  80. Now that Kim Jong Il is dead ... I wonder, will the separatists will cry and drop on their knees when Mme Marois or Amir will die ( eventually at 100 , don't get me wrong ) ?

    I'm wondering what you, the separatists think about North Korea? Do you support then like you support Syria? Just answer the question.
    They are banned from information, from TV, internet, from the rest of the world ... reduced to absurdity, what will be the difference between Quebec and NK?

    As for the topic in discussion: you know why in Europe, soccer is actually a money generator? Because they don't give a crap on language...they use translators.
    FC Barcelona in 2008 had a budget of 380 milion EUR... do they give a damn for language if their team wins? At some point, from 11 players only 2 were spanish.

    So, all you big Habs fans, grow up and start thinking of what matters, in this case, the Stanley cup.

  81. "At some point, from 11 players only 2 were spanish."

    It is not uncommon in the Premiership that of the 22 players on the pitch, only a couple are Brits. Also, I believe it was Arsenal a few years ago that fielded a starting 11 without a single Brit in it.

    Times are changing, in sports and other domains. It is hard to accept for some people. The Tea Party to me is a movement that is subconsciously motivated by fears of the changing landscape, and how the whites might not be in the majority in the future. So is the EDL in the UK or the FN in France.

    It's unfortunate that in Quebec, this fear is state-sanctioned and state-endorsed.

  82. "...things will happen."

    Qu'est-ce que vous allez faire?

    Vous êtes un pion d'une minorité sans aucun pouvoir au Québec.Vous n'avez aucun représentant politique,aucun parti.

    Le canada?Ils se foutent totalement de vous et de vos petits problèmes d'anglo gâté.Bref,vous êtes à notre merci et vous devez obéir à nos lois.

    Alors?Qu'allez vous faire petit moron?

  83. "Alors?Qu'allez vous faire petit moron?"

    I must say that you are quite entertaining, in the same manner as my 5 year old!!!

    Hows this arguement: you are but a pawn that is part of a useless separatist party that got decimated last election, with no federal voice. Can't even get a majority within your own pur laine.
    So suck it up because you cant unilaterally separate from canada since its against the LAW in both Canada and Internationally. So what are you gonna do petit moron?

    I love stooping to your level.

    But I digress once again,

    HABS SUCK no matter what coach they have.

    Have a merry xmas and I hope that you get a $10 gift card for Tim Hortons in your stocking even though we all know Santa speaks ENGLISH!!!!!!!!

  84. "...Santa speaks ENGLISH!!!!!!!!"

    C'est le chef de votre nouveau parti politique?Logique.

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  86. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  87. "We speak english IN YO' FACE !"

    Aucun problème.Cependant il est interdit de l'afficher.Les paroles s'envolent mais les écrits restent :)

  88. "We speak english IN YO' FACE !"

    Hmmmm...I don't think so.

    -Randy Cunneyworth

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  90. "It's not a unilingual coach who establishes how people will speak inin a day to day basis..."

    Entre vous,c'est ok,nous sommes d'accord mais pas trop fort s.v.p...c'est très énervant.

    Merci :)

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  92. Since the admin removed my last post I can only hope that the Seppie could deduce with it's small brains the stuff I said there ...

    Thank you Mr Seppie for making a remarkable image to your kind.

  93. "Thank you Mr Seppie for making a remarkable image to your kind"

    Bienvenue!Ce fût avec un immense plaisir.

  94. In a bilingual Quebec the Habs, as well as every other type of business, flourished. Welcome to the 101 era of collapsing bridges, potholes, language cops, and a loud mouthed primate electorate that circumvent anything decent in a democracy by beating their puffed up chests loud enough to scare a corrupt political system into supporting and enforcing the politics of hate, fear, and exclusion. Screw this province, and screw the federal governments that stuffed their ballot boxes at the expense of the welfare of their citizens and their country. Somebody call the Marines and tell them we have oil!

  95. Randy Cunneyworth should just walk away from the racist province where they have spent the last 5 decades wiping out the real English speaking history of Kebec with racist anti-English language laws like bills 22, 178, 101…

    Do what most informed Canadians already do, boycott the province. Screw Kebec (proper native spelling) and anything to do with Kebec. It’s a racist, intolerant province. An embarrassment to all of Canada. May you rot in hell bigots.

  96. "wiping out the real English speaking history"

    Nous avons simplement repris notre territoire :)
    Presque plus de trace du petit passé anglo après le grand ménage.

    Montréal est enfin redevenue ce qu'elle aurait toujours dû être...Une belle ville.

  97. I was going to wait until the next edition of "French vs. English" to post this, but Apple IIGS' posts about the proposed CQRT, I think now would be a good time to post something I thought of several weeks ago.

    "If the people of Quebec truly wish for it, they can have a country that is not only independent of Canada, but where English is neither seen nor heard, spoken nor written, taught nor learned.

    Be careful what you wish for."

    Following French translation courtesy of Hugo Shebbeare:

    "Si tous les Québécois désirent la création d’un pays indépendant du Canada, leur propre Madre Patria en fait qui évolue depuis 400 ans, et aussi de leur autre langue officiel, l'anglais - ni vu, ni connu, ni écrit, ni parlé - alors fier de cette d'ignorance linguistique : faites attention à ce que vous souhaitez les amis !"

  98. The Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Mouvement Montreal Francais will be holding a rally at the Bell Centre on Jan. 7 to protest the appointment of Randy Cunneyworth as coach of the Canadiens. They will be handing out Quebec flags to fans entering the Bell Centre. I will be attending that game and if they give a flag to me, I will throw it to the ground and stomp all over it. The fleur-de-lys flag is nothing but a symbol of oppression to me.

  99. Somebody's gonna geta hurt real baaad

  100. “The fleur-de-lys flag is nothing but a symbol of oppression to me.” I agree this flag has replaced the Swastika as the most hated, racist flag in the world. It should be burned at every opportunity.

  101. "wiping out the real English speaking history"

    Nous avons simplement repris notre territoire :)

    A territory that you took away from native Americans…which basically means that this land did not pertain to the French at all and not to mention, it was still not official who owned what on this continent back when both of those two European Powerhouses were competing each other for and disputing over more acres of land… it took a seven year war in order to determine and decide which one of these two was going to be the TRUE RULER and OWNER of THIS CONTINENT!!:)

    Presque plus de trace du petit passé anglo après le grand ménage.

    Keep in mind that we are taking over this city and becoming increasingly more numerous like you always say. …we will revive the past, only then, it will be permanent!!!

    A Belle ville, which by all means, was built by us and certainly not by you…except for some part in the old Montreal area, which, btw, was founded by the real French and certainly not by you (QUEBECOIS) either!!!…but anyway,…the city you love so much is much more of American and British influence rather than actual French and none could ever argue on this, it is a fact and you need to deal with it, LOSER…and for that matter, you should be down on your knees thanking us for giving you what you embrace so much right now because if it were not for US, this place would be nothing more but a shithole with great deal of NOTHING_AT_ALLS all over. It would still be an empty nutshell because, as history suggests, France did not give a damn of this land in term of land exploitation and neither did it intend to do what we have done so far, since its leaders were not as aggressively ambitious and competitive as those of the British colonies!!!

    one a final note:
    if you want to check out a real French city in north America, then I would advise you to go to Quebec City and take good look at it….Now, in this case, I would actually agree with you that it’s a French city, but NOT, MONTREAL!!!

  102. nothing to say, but leaving this at 101 posts is nauseating, so here's 102 ha ha ha