Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time to Bury Jack Layton

Readers this will be my last post about Jack Layton. I promise, it's time.

Campaigning from the grave.
Unlike the Ndp which refuses to bury Jack for crass political reasons, I am ready to let go, having given up hope that the Ndp will ever have to account for the massive fraud and deception undertaken by Jack, Olivia and the party itself, which hid the truth about Jack's condition from beginning to end.

The final nail in the coffin of truth was Olivia Chow's cynically staged interview, wherein she told the country that she isn't going to reveal which cancer Jack had, to 'protect' Canadians who are also battling cancer. Ugh!......
Watch and gag on the Olivia Chow interview. 

It's too bad our press is so timid.
It almost makes one believe that this country needs a tabloid like the National Enquirer to get at the truth. A couple of thousand of well-spent dollars might get someone to cough up the truth about Jack's illness and would be well worth the cost to any reporter, considering the scoop that the information would represent.

And before the whiners complain about the ethics of paying for information from those charged with confidentiality, I am sure they'd be the first to defend the right of WikiLeaks to publish secrets, based on the public's right to the truth.

While these same people (you'll see them in the comments section shortly,) tell us that Jack Layton's cancer is a private matter and can be justifiably suppressed, Canadians think otherwise.

The question of whether a massive fraud was perpetrated on Canadians is certainly a matter of public interest.

Here's a screen shot of software that I use to follow how people get to this blog, what posts they are reading and what search terms they used to get here. (Don't worry, I can't see names or IP addresses!)
At the top of the list of search queries is a desire to find out the truth about  Layton's illness.

Mainstream journalists have finally raised the courage to dispute the Ndp story as implausible and unlikely.

A good example is Lysiane Gagnon's piece in the Globe and Mail entitled What if Quebeckers had known the whole story about Jack Layton? What is interesting about her story is not the fact that a nationally published journalist is finally questioning the official Ndp 'truth' but rather, the ferocious defence of the Ndp cover-up, undertaken by apologists in the comments section, under her story.

I've always admired Ndper's for their idealism and have chuckled over their political naivité because it is generally based on good intentions.
But their collective self-delusion about Jack Layton's illness, strains the bounds of credulity and exposes them as sadly pathetic.

Having known politicians all my life I can tell you that none are the people that their carefully crafted public persona would have us believe.
Layton was no better or worse than all the other self-promoting political animals that populate our political landscape. To believe that Layton was more honest, more genuine and more in tune with Canadians is just a testament to his amazing ability mesmerize.

I remain amazed at Ndpers who believe Layton was someone noble, something other than a political operator like the rest.

Question: when is a massage parlour not a whorehouse.
Answer: When Jack Layton is visiting!

Sorry, I didn't believe Olivia back when, looking straight into the camera, she told us that Jack was just getting a Shiatsu and I don't believe her moronic story about keeping Jack's cancer secret to  protect cancer victims today. While both stories are not plausible or credible, Ms Chow sells them very well. She is quite the actress, politician, having learned from the best.

If Ndpers want to remain in a Fantasyland where Ms. Chow's convoluted story somehow makes sense, so be it. I have swampland in Florida to sell them.

At any rate, unless journalists start putting real questions to Ndp politicians and unless they refuse to take nonsense for answers, we won't get to the truth and unfortunately, Canadian journalists don't have the gumption for a good fight.
And so, we are left with one of the great Canadian cover-ups. Who says crime doesn't pay?


Now that Jack is dead and buried, I'd like to solicit reader opinions as to whether it is appropriate to keep Jack's Twitter and Facebook account open and whether it  is appropriate for the party to continue to refer to Jack on its website as if he was still alive.

Although we know that politicians get spin doctors to post Tweets for them, it seems a bit much to Tweet for someone who is already dead and so the very appropriate word ghostwriter comes to mind!

The Ndp website is still promoting Layton's Twitter account (@JackLayton) and is also touting the Jack Layton app for IPhone and IPad.

And by the way, since Jack is dead, I don't think I'd really want to be on his team, even if I was a Ndp supporter.....


  1. ... to Editor: My sentiments re Jack Layton and the insidious lies and cover-ups are not far off from yours, but let the sleeping dogs lie.

    I didn't see that Topp cat coming in, so it looks like Mulcair may not be the shoo in I would have thought days ago...and probably Mulcair thought the same thing, too. Seems the top brass at the NDP has anointed this Topp fellow as well, so it will be interesting to see how Mulcair plays the angles over the next six months, leading up to the orange coronation!

  2. One type of cancer can lead to another ... but there's something fishy in "this".

  3. I'm with Mr. Sauga...

    I agree with you; JL was no more honest or decent than any other politician or party leader, and I'm amazed at the sea-to-sea grief and deifying... but you are really beating a dead horse here and I had to mark this 'Boring'. It's obvious that you hate the NDP more than you disagree with health revelations, and Layton's cancer is just another stick you can beat them with. Yawn. I too find the NDP naive and idealistic! I just don't like to be bored by bloggers grinding the same old axes, and you have written NOTHING of interest in this post. For shame. Kick dead politicians all you want, just don't bore us.

  4. It's not the first time people have kept alive a dead person's on-line accounts... I too think it's a bit much when it happens, but get over it. The NDP don't care what you think (and rightly so, because you clearly hate them regardless of what they do with Layton's Twitter).

  5. I still don't know what Layton did to merit this national hero status. He was nothing but a career politician. No more. No less. Let's not pretend that Canada is a better place because of Layton or anything the NDP did while it was under his command. And let's face it: He lied to Canadians. The political landscape would be different now were it not for the deception.

    I don't really care about the brothel incident. I don't condone that sort of behaviour but I suppose there are worse crimes one can commit. But lying to an entire nation for the purposes of forwarding your agenda is unforgivable.