Sunday, June 5, 2011


 First, I'd to mention that I finally broke down a opened a TWITTER account and for those disposed to follow me, my address is;
I promise you that I won't overburden you and will use the messaging for special occasions and to report on Blogger outages or problems. If you've got a Twitter account, I promise to follow you and you can send me private messages as well.

Next I'd like to address those readers, friend and foe who contribute to whatever richness this blog does indeed have through the comment section, which as many readers have said, is more interesting than my missives.

I'm going to tighten up again the rules again in terms of what can and cannot be said. I remain committed that everyone has a right to rant, use strong language and be nasty at times.
But it's got to make sense and it can't be gratuitously simple.
It's okay if you insult somebody, but you've got to make some sort of an argument.

"Joe blow is a moron and and idiot." -NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.

"Joe Blow is a moron because hes views on such and such are in error and etc. etc." -ACCEPTABLE

General insults about Quebec, Canada, Quebeckers or Canadians remain fair game.
General insults about politicians remain fair game.

As to comments that deal exclusively with orthographical or language, or translation errors, they will no longer be published.
For some of us who write in English or French, which is not our mother tongue, errors will surely crop up. Calling someone out on these errors  adds nothing to the discussion.

Now I'm as guilty as the next. I once called out someone for a orthograpghical error because his/her comment annoyed me. It was wrong thing to do.
That person wrote back to say that they had written the comment early in the morning, on a small hand-held keyboard and as such, should be forgiven any small error.
Absolutely right, I apologize, my bad.

"Learn how to spell dummy.
Its Aerosmith and American. ESL fool, ESL" -NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.


As for errors by this author in the main blog piece, I do appreciate an email that points out syntax, spelling or orthographical errors. This blog is dynamic and people will read the post long after you. I would like these mistakes to be cleared up ASAP and will make the necessary corrections and send you an email of thanks.

Remember, don't use the comments section for this, send an email or a private Tweet!

Again, I want thank all who read this blog, those who read it passively and those who are prolific commenters.

If you are a lurker, try a comment.  A small one to start. Your input is invaluable.

For those who accuse this blog on being racist, anti-Quebec, all I can say that your opinion is your right and whatever this blog is or is not, it's place where your objections will always be published.

Here we offer, the almost unfettered right of free expression.

My inspiration remains another fictional movie character - Howard Beal from the movie NETWORK.

"I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!"

And so I continue to believe that reproducing online, the rage and dissent that exists in our society is a worthwhile endeavour.


  1. Quick question---would pointing out a spelling mistake be acceptable if you are polite and not judgemental?

    For example:


    I think you meant to write "Aerosmith."


    Just who is this group "Arrowsmith"? I've heard of "Aerosmith" but this must be a new Native American rock band.

  2. Welcome in the Twitter Club... You need Twitter as much as you need Google AdSense on your blog. I will try to be more polite on your blog now that your on Twitter :0)

  3. "Truths not subject to continual challenge eventually cease to have the effect of truth by bring exaggerated into falsehood." - John Stuart Mill