Thursday, June 16, 2011

From Montreal, Thank You Vancouver!

Thanks to the City of Vancouver for making the Montreal Stanley Cup riots a thing of the past, an dim memory supplanted by the nasty and classless rioting displayed by 'disappointed' fans.
We are off the hook.
When the hockey world next talks about classless, riotous fans, Vancouver is what we'll remember.

And so Vancouver, as the motto of the Montreal Canadiens says;

"To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high." 

I'm not sure why the big surprise over the loss to the Bruins, every hockey fan outside Vancouver knew that the Canucks had lost the series back in game 3. 

How nasty were the Vancouver fans?
Here's a video of the mayhem, watch at the 3:15 mark to see a security guard  get the bejesus kicked out of him for trying to defend a storefront from looting.

The only happy circumstance is that the riot took place in daylight and there were a million cellphone cameras recording for posterity.
This will get interesting in the next days as police round up the major offenders.

Watch police nail someone in the nuts with a flash-bang grenade...Ouch! 
More video of rioting
Even More rioting video

As for the Vancouver Canucks, it would have been the worst travesty had they won the last game, having been thoroughly thrashed and embarrassed by a Bruins team that was just plain tougher.

Lets face it, the Canucks have a talented team that can win in the regular season but not when things get down and dirty.

The Bruins humiliated the Canucks and what most fans suspected all along, Roberto Luongo is just not a clutch goalie, having been thoroughly out-classed by Tim Thomas. To make matters worse Luongo had the audacity to call out Thomas' play in classless and stupid outburst that made little senses considering that Luongo was playing scared.  In a sarcastic comparison to another choker the Canucks goalie is now being hailed as "LEBRONGO"...ahem.

Up until the forth game I was hoping for a Vancouver victory, more because they were facing the hated Bruins and less because the team was Canadian, but my loyalties shifted to the team that truly deserved to win.

The proud legacy of the Olympics and the stellar image portrayed to the world of  Vancouver as a beautiful world class city, gets flushed down the toilet as riot footage gets beamed around the world.
And no, it wasn't just a few bad apples rioting, it was widespread.

And so the goat horns of shameful failure is shared equally between the hapless Canucks and the proud rioters  of the City of Vancouver.
Sadly it looks good on both.


  1. Editor,

    What does Lebrongo mean? On the other note, the difference between Montreal and Vancouver is that the riots in Montreal happened after the wins, and in Vancouver after a loss. Which one is more stupid?

  2. You shouldn't happy about what happen in Vancouver. But this is the proof that hockey fans or some hockey fans are just a bunch of stupid people who have nothing better to do than just "watch" hockey. Stupid sport made for and by stupid people. A nonsense.

  3. More proof that Sidney Crosby and the rest of Team Canada should be awarded the Order of Canada. If they lost the gold medal game to the Americans last year in the Olympics, the city might have burned down.

  4. Make no mistake, These are hoods and drunken assholes who are not real hockey fans. Real Hockey fans have respect for both the winner and loser. The people responsible for this bad behavior are nothing more than idle assholes.

  5. Troy said...

    What does Lebrongo mean?

    It's a play on words. Miami Heat star LeBron James has developed a reputation for not performing well in the playoffs.

  6. Thank you Edward. I did not see the connection even though I followed the NBA Finals and delighted to see Nowitzki punked the so-called 'Big Three'.