Friday, May 13, 2011

Sovereignty is Dead!

In light of last week's federal election and Quebeckers' massive rejection of the Bloc Quebecois, it is strange that pundits, politicians and those who are generally in the know are falling over themselves to warn us that it would be a mistake to take the results as a sign that sovereignty is somehow diminished.
Nothing is clearer than an election result to signal the mood of the nation.  Vox populi, the people have spoken.

Why is it that we accept the people's verdict that the Liberal party no longer has the favour of the nation and that the Conservatives do indeed have the confidence of the majority of Canadians in ROC. These truths are self-evident.

Why then is the results of the Bloc's demise somehow portrayed as anything less than a rejection of their philosophy?

Somehow I get the impression that we are living a perverse version of the childrens' tale of the 'Emperor and his New Clothes, 'where nobody is willing to admit what is patently obvious.

Separatist apologists are pinning the defeat as merely a shift in strategy, a decision by the people to repatriate the sovereignty question to Quebec, where it rightfully belongs. Even if that were true, it signals that the twenty year experiment of separatist representation in Ottawa has been a monumental failure, hardly a success by any measure.

First, let me clarify that when I say that sovereignty is dead, I don't mean that the sovereignty movement will disappear.
So long Gilles, close the door behind you...
The movement will soldier on, regardless of the prospects of actually ever achieving its stated goal. Over-represented in the Quebec media, the unions, the civil service, the artistic community and the universities and colleges, the movement will persist. There will always be a respectable measure of support for the independence of Quebec and unlike the Communist Party of Quebec, which pitifully soldiers on to the tune of Marx and Engels with almost zero support, the sovereignists will remain a viable and active force.

If you're  a high school student now, rest assured, that when it comes to cash your old-age pension, you'll still hear sovereignists arguing that 'winning conditions' are just around the corner!

The results of last week's federal election didn't change anything, but did serve as a confirmation  that Quebeckers have tired of the sovereignty argument. In dispatching the Bloc from Ottawa the people are sending the clearest of messages, that sovereignty and its discussion no longer interest them.

A poll last year determined that over 70% of Quebeckers don't believe that sovereignty can be achieved. I daresay that if that poll were repeated today the number will have risen dramatically and the issue of sovereignty has become for most Quebeckers a case of beating a dead horse.

Gilles Duceppe and his supporters pulled out all the stops in the final days of the campaign, warning Quebeckers of the dire consequences of voting against the Bloc. He told them that they risked their future, they would be diminished and that they in fact had a sacred obligation to vote for sovereignty.

Quebeckers showed that they are no longer swayed by these arguments. They showed that they cannot be guilted into supporting a unrealizable fantasy. Those in the Bloc cannot escape the reality that voters  were so tired of supporting a losing concept, that in one particular riding, they voted for  an absentee, unilingual anglo from a far off region to represent their riding, rather than someone advancing the separatist option.  'Comeuppance' is the only word that accurately describes the humiliation.

Sovereignty is dead because the window of opportunity has closed.

Since the last referendum, over 500,000 immigrants have made a home in Quebec (more than that came, but many left to greener pastures in the ROC,)  making up for a falling falling population due to a generalized reduced Quebecois birth rate.
The vast majority of these new Quebeckers are NO voters, which means that all things remaining equal, the NO's have picked up around 5-7%  additional votes in any potential referendum.
Every five or so years, this phenomenon changes the YES/NO dynamic by another 2% or so, in favour of the NO's.
There was a time that sovereignists believed that while first generation immigrants would massively vote NO in a referendum, the second and third generation, once assimilated will mirror more closely native-born voting patterns. That hasn't exactly worked out at all, with immigrants farther down the evolutionary line maintaining their federalist bias.
As things stand today, 64% of francophones would have to vote YES in a referendum for sovereignty to pass, considering the Anglo and Ethnic vote.
Each year that passes sees that number increase by about ½ of 1%. Shifting demographics{FR}

But even in the Francophone community, the sovereignty option has been badly on the decline.
Some of the decline can be credited to fatigue and some to the realization that Quebec is economically privileged by remaining in Canada.

And so to most Quebeckers, the idea of electing a new sovereignist PQ government that will ultimately hold another losing referendum, is about as enticing as a trip to the dentist. While sovereignists believe the losing exercise worthwhile, most Quebeckers cringe at the idea, realizing that after every losing referendum, Quebec is further diminished.

The NDP victory in last week's election signals that if he plays his cards right, Francois Legault can win the next provincial election with a fledgling new party (the operative word being 'new.')
The federal election proved that you don't need content or candidates, you just need to tap in to the emerging sentiment. Mr. Legault could run cardboard cutouts of himself in each riding and he would win a solid majority.
Mr. Legault will win because he is not Mr. Charest and he is not Madame Marois. In other words, Mr. Legault is not incompetent and corrupt as many Quebeckers perceive Charest to be and he is not a separatist as Madame Marois proudly professes to be.

Apparently that's all Quebeckers really want....

All that is left for sovereignists to hope for, is that one burning issue (like Meech Lake or Charlottetown)  will ignite a new wave of anger towards Ottawa, an issue that will somehow sweep the province into a fit of rage, presenting those elusive 'winning conditions.'
Madame Marois has even promised that once elected, she will try to bait the federal government into a series of 'chicanes' that will serve that very purpose.

Sorry Pauline, it won't happen, at least not for as long as Mr. Harper is Prime Minister. There won't be a new constitutional debate or discussion or negotiations on any issue that has the potential to rile up the natives. It takes two to tango.
Ottawa realizes that there is nothing that they can offer that will satisfy separatists and that any discussion or negotiation has the potential to set off a tinderbox.

Sound management of the separatist file will neutralize any potential threat.

The federal election didn't kill the sovereignty, it just signalled its demise.

and that's all she wrote...sovereignty is dead.


  1. Mais quel est donc le lien entre les propos de Sarkosy a l'endroit du Québec et le pétrole en Alberta?

    Voici une piste:

  2. I dunno, Editor, I'm more than willing to give those separatist shmucks something to gripe about. The way I see it, it's time for the Real Canada to assert its majority and let Quebec know English is the language of the majority. I think the Ottawa area is discriminating against those who are unilingual English.

    While the Quebec civil service is 98% «pur laine», the Francophone population is also over represented in the federal civil service. That's not fair!

    Outside Quebec, the Real Canada is 96% English speaking. I'm not stating French should be diminished. French immersion classes should not be eliminated, French instructional schools should have the right to remain as well where it is feasible to do so. Too, service should be available in French anywhere in the country as is the custom now.

    Fed bashing by Quebec is NOT ACCEPTABLE and from this day forward, should remain that way. If Quebec continues to act this way, action should be taken against Quebec by the federal government.

    The number of Quebec judges in the Supreme Court of Canada should be reduced to two from three, a fair representation for Quebec considering their drop as a percentage of the federal population. As it is, Quebec was NEVER 1/3 of the population to begin with. Unfortunately, no thanks to a Quebec biased federal government that legend in his own mind, Pierre E. Trudeau (and I believe one Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada is enough) has made it surmountably difficult to amend the Constitution to change that number...but not impossible.

    It's time for the Real Canada to yank the knife put close to its throat by Quebec (and Stéphane Dion's father) and put it back close to their throats. Stéphane Dion referred to Bill 101 as a great Canadian law. It's time for us to celebrate English as a great Canadian language!

    That McLean's took a hit for their story on a corrupt Quebec is just too damn bad. That damn story opened the dam of articles on Quebec corruption, and in French, too! Inferior roads, inferior overpasses, underpasses and other inferior construction is proof in the pudding Quebec is rotten to the core.

    Don Cherry gets admonished on the English CBC for stating "French guys" wear eye visers on their helmets. On the French SRC, I'm hearing «tête carré» and other racial innuendoes that go unadmonished.


    It's time for us in the Real Canada to take back our country, and if Quebec doesn't like it here, they cant take their crippling debt, live like Rwandans, or worse, and good luck to them.

  3. "Madame Marois has even promised that once elected, she will try to bait the federal government into a series of 'chicanes' that will serve that very purpose."

    I love these moments of lapses, when the truth slips out. It was the same with Parizeau and his ethnic vote comment, or his remark about lobsters in boiling water.

  4. Quebec willing separate is a trap. Once separate, it will be done for good. Quebec population, real Quebeckers are way too much chicken to move on with this strategy. They prefer to fool around with it. As a province, Quebec is a failure and as a country, Quebec will also be a failure. With their lack of leadership, Quebeckers will never go far. This being said, there's nothing more I want that Quebec to separate from Canada. Parasite with parasite, people of the Canadian nation with the Canada nation. It's something that need to be define. It's not Quebec who need to vote for referendum as a yes, it should be the Canadian provinces who should vote on the right to ex pulse Quebec from this country.

  5. "...This being said, there's nothing more I want that Quebec to separate from Canada...

    Nous acceptons les chèques...Même ceux provenant des anglos.

  6. Nous entendons ce discours année après année... la semaine avant l'élection, dans un sondage de plusieurs milliers de Québécois, l'indépendance recueille 43% des intentions de votes...

    C'est plus haut qu'au printemps 1995... avis aux intéressés...

  7. Editor,

    ‘All that is left for sovereignists to hope for, is that one burning issue (like Meech Lake or Charlottetown) will ignite a new wave of anger towards Ottawa, an issue that will somehow sweep the province into a fit of rage, presenting those elusive 'winning conditions. Madame Marois has even promised that once elected, she will try to bait the federal government into a series of 'chicanes' that will serve that very purpose.’

    I enjoyed your analysis of the situation and hope your right. The optimist in me blindly wants to think the Quebecois have turned their backs on the seppie dream. The pessimist in me, remembering the decades of seppie propaganda and social engineering, thinks otherwise. I see the Quebecois as politically and emotionally fickle and opportunistic, so I would not be surprised to see the situation change in a second. Let’s not forget the Quebecois don’t give a shit about Canada. I ask myself how could the seppie dogma and the Quebecois’ victim complex that it cultivated just disappear. I don’t think it has gone, it’s just smoldering for now. The Quebecois’ high pitched sense of indignation is still there and all it will take is a perceived insult to resume seppie extortion tactics once again. I doubt the Quebecois have the guts to separate from the gravy train, but they wouldn’t hesitate for a second to trot out the threats of separation to extract ‘distinct’ privileges from Canada. The Quebecois want more power and prestige, and they will find a way to get it, no matter the cost to Canada.

  8. "Let’s not forget the Quebecois don’t give a shit about Canada."

    Not entirely true! They do care about the pocket books of the ROC, that they enjoy picking on a regular basis.

    "The Quebecois want more power and prestige, and they will find a way to get it"

    Yes, no doubt, but what did they do to earn more power and prestige.

    Was it the great financial benefit they have contributed to Canada. None that I can see and as a matter of fact it seems to me they enjoy a great deal of economic input from the ROC

    Was it their much covetted language and culture which they have brought to Canada. Well, the language is diminishing in importance in the world but the ROC has the language forced upon them through laws brought to us by no one else but a Francophone Prime Minister from Quebec. The very expenseive OLA which as we all know by Statistics is a failed endeavor which has produced no concrete results. Thanks Quebec and Pierre.

    Was it because they were one of the "founding nations". History illustrates clearly that the "founding" nations were nothing but conquerors of the people who were here when they arrived. Also, the one founding nation clearly kicked the ass of the other founding nation. The defeated founding nation was allowed to keep their language which was a huge mistake, as we are all living with the consequences of this decision. (OLA, FLQ, Separation etc etc etc)

    Quebec has contributed little, if anything, to Canada in real concrete terms but has been a continuous form of annoyance and problems. They have, however, benefitted greatly from their benefactors in the ROC.

    Time for this to change and hopefully Harper will enact the extra 30 seats outside of Quebec which will dilute the negative influence of Quebec on Canadadian politics for the past 20 years. The equalization formulae should be change and amended amongst other programs which pander to Quebec. Most importantly the OLA should be altered to stop the wholesale discrimination against the majority anglo citizens of this country with regards to employment in the federal civil service. French, no problem, in areas where there is significant need. In other areas, there is no need for bilingual civil servants. Take for instance my province of SK where there are less than 0.4% of the households who speak french, less than 0.13% of the population that is uniligually french but the hiring quota for bilinguals is 5%. Ridiculous, isn't it. For the federal civil service as a total we have a 40% hiring quota for bilinguals when in fact in Canada only 13% of the total population is unilingually French. Obviously, there is something wrong with these figures as they do not adequately reflect need vs service.

    That being said, I doubt Harper will change a thing as it would be seen as not politically correct. And of course, political correctness is nothing more than a blindfold on the truth and/or common sense.


  9. WE have had it with Kebec period. We are sick and tired of the bankrupt; have not, welfare province and its anti-English language laws (bills 22, 178, 101…), sick and tired of the expensive charter, bilingualism, multiculturalism…all forced upon the country by scum bag Quebecers, Trudeau….

    This separatist bs, is just blackmail and has been for decades.

    Separate but remember one thing, learn the word partition, because you will be leaving with a much smaller province and a hell of a lot of debt, like it not. Now hit the road, get lost, the sooner the better.

  10. Westerner: Sometimes political correctness takes a leap out the window, and I'm sure Mr. Harper is quite peeved with Quebec by now, esp. since he lost a good cabinate minister in Laurence Canon, and the minuscule number of seats he had in Quebec has been cut in half. Where is the incentive to pander to Quebec? It took him three elections to learn it's Ontario that buttered his bread, not Quebec, and barely the Atlantic Provinces as well.

    I'll give the nod to the Atlantics however because on the occasions I've gone out there, they're nice folks, and they don't seem to have beefs with Canada itself. Too, they rely a lot on the federal purse, but except recently for (ex-NF Premier) Danny Williams and his antics, they too know which side of their bread is being buttered. No doubt we cover the whole political spectrum, but that makes us a wonderfully diverse country, in most situations.

    Québécois «pur laine», are different animals from the rest of us, but so what? Louisiana is a predominantly Catholic society, just like Quebec is, but they get no special treatment. They, like Quebec structure their civil law derived from the Napoleonic Code, and there are those who speak French and Creole. OK, nobody is stopping them from doing so. Louisiana divides the state into parishes while the other 49 have counties. No biggie. In spite of it all, Louisiana is no more special than other states, or all 50 states are special in their own way (like that old Barney the Dinosaur song goes).

    As far as I'm concerned, Quebec is as special as the other provinces and territories in Canada, no more and no less. If Quebec can neither live with nor accept being equal, they're free to leave.

  11. 1 of 2:

    Well, I may have been deleted once, but I always come back. While I can't remember what I wrote word-for-word, I can certainly remember more than just the jist of it.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again and again...and again: It's time for so-called "English" Canada (how I hate that moniker!) to assert its majority. English is the language of the majority of this country, and its time outside Quebec and New Brunswick has come.

    The Quebec public service is so skewed against its minorities, it's blatant racism. Minorities make up a good 20% of the Quebec population, but have nowhere near that level representation within the public service. It's lily white, Roman Catholic and French--Québécois «pur laine».

    Occasionally I will see non-whites, but if so, they are always from some French speaking nation. I worked one summer for Revenu Québec, a real lucky break as that year I filled out my Student Placement Service application in French.

    It's only too bad this didn't become a habit, placing French kids in predominantly English speaking areas and vice versa because I think it would have narrowed that great divide between the two. Some people outside Quebec find it hard to believe I don't speak French as if it was my mother tongue, but those of us there know how the ghetto works.

    Then again, the gap has narrowed as French standards have increased in the English system and English speakers have become much more in tune with the importance of performing proficiently in French in Quebec. Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing! At least it's good for those who succeed. For those who don't, it creates a terrible gap, and the propensity to leave is that much stronger, necessary really.

    Nevertheless, I question the necessity of so much bilingualism outside Quebec. It seems the greater Ottawa area has overemphasized the bilingual requirements, and a lot of English speakers who don't perceive success without bilingualism leave Ottawa. I know people from Ottawa who left for that reason. Others picked up French, again a good thing, but those who don't shouldn't be short changed. It's a question of how much bilingualism is required.

    The Alberta government recently abandoned obligatory French from its education curriculum. I don't advocate that because I believe most of the Western World is bilingual (any of several languages, with English being the strongest contender), and certainly American universities look for second language knowledge - a paradox considering America is "officially" unilingual.

    -More later-

  12. Because of BLOGGER issues, previous comments posted to this piece have been lost and they are irretrievable.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    If you have a copy we'd appreciate a re-post

  13. 2 of 2:

    Now that I have benevolently stated the positives of learning French, or any second language for that matter, I have nothing but beligerence for Quebec.

    That a child who had a Québécois (French speaking) father and an American mother, it's reprehensible this child who could not properly function in French school had to go with his mother to Delaware to obtain English schooling when there are English schools right within his hometown is repehensible.

    That sections 81 and 85.1 of their vengeful, fascist Charter of Charters, provides for these circumstances yet not even the Premier of Quebec, John James "Goldilocks" Charest, felt compelled enough to so much as lift a finger to show Quebec has even a smidgeon of a heart is even more reprehensible.

    That racial innuendoes can be spewed on SRC, funded by MY tax dollars, while Don Cherry gets admonished for pointing out a lot of "French guys" in the NHL wear eye visers. I don't see calling French-speaking Québécois "French guys" compares with innuendoes like "bloke" and "tête carré", Cherry gets threatened with dismissal from Hockey Night in Canada. I strongly urge the CBC mind its pints and quarts as its viewership over the years has slipped big-time already.

    To me, the only one left on that network worth watching is Rex Murphy for his colourful editorials. The man masters a vocabulary the likes of which I have not seen since Mordechai Richler died. His commentaries tend to be a little too much to the left, but the eloquence with which he expresses himself is too good to miss. Too, he's not even a pretty man, but TV is over occupied with pretty airheads, so if nothing else, he's ear candy.

    That a former premier of Quebec, a parasite, squarely blames the 1995 referendum loss that rendered his fat ass as the rendered humanoid he became that night--pickled in alcohol, too! Slob of a sore loser, but that's what most "seppies" are anyway.

    I can't help but hope Harper does exact revenge on Quebec when the next Equalization payment formula is released by the feds in 2014. Anything over $1 per Quebec resident is far too generous, and why should the rest of us support programs that are not seen in the Real Canada, where one WORKS to pull one's weight?

    Equalization payments to Quebec seem to down a black hole of corruption and waste. Quebec construction workers can go work wherever they damn well wish while all others don't dare lay a brick in Quebec. Construction materials made outside Quebec are not needed or welcome.

    Who needs these racist, underperforming demanding cry babies?

  14. If demographics is destiny, especially for les Quebecois, the separatist threat has already peaked. The big bad Anglo is a thing of mythology in Quebec that anyone under 35 probably has no experience with other than through tall tales from older relatives and such. Believe it or not, Bill 101 saved Canada. Because of it, francophones had a new sense of security which basically neutered the separatist movement. Eventually, in time when the population balance swings in favour of the non-Quebecois especially in Montreal, Bill 101 will wither and die and become relegated to the dust-bin of history.

  15. Anon @ 9:41PM: Sounds like you're already ready to Call in the Bin and collect the dust.

    If that is the case, this is a process that will take a long time, and I don't see this process happening for at least another 60 years, all other things being equal (i.e, as recently pointed out, "minorities" are increasing at a rate of 0.5% yearly. Based on that simple mathematical rate of change,it would take that long for the non «pur laine» population to reach 50%, but again, all other things being equal.

    I can see the fanatics à la Slobodan Milosovic and (yes) Adlolf Hitler whip the simpletons within the population (not a majority, but there's enough of them) who are gullible of the fearmongers get whipped into an irrational frenzy and engage in ethnic cleansing if that's their only alternative to maintain the population balance.

    All it takes is a couple of dozen terrorists to wreak havoc of public order. The FLQ managed this in 1970, and Bin Laden managed this crashing a few planes into a few buildings. How long did America become a no-fly zone for? Major League Baseball was suspended for a week and the ripples go on and on and on.

    Today, passengers are having their gonads fondled or completely exposed just to go flying, and Canadians need passports now to go over "the world's friendliest border". All this started by three plane crashes.

    All you need are about 100 fanatical nut-jobs to derail public order in Quebec. It's not forever, but they can do incredible damage and disruption. If they recruit more than 100, it can have that much more of an impact. Judging from the vitriol published, and the hatred expressed during the Bouchard-Taylor Commission alone, who knows.

    Maybe it sounds like paranoia, but I'm just pointing out how so few fanatics can create so much damage, and that Commission proves there is enough hatred in Quebec to cause the damage, and there are those under age 35 who get behind this revisionist history.

  16. For those who do think separation is dead (sovereignty is Lévesque's "soft" buzz word for the truth...even treason is a better choice of words), I say then let's go all the way!

    For over 40 years, there has been far too much pussyfooting at the federal level, all in the fear of cracking an egg walked upon to exacerbate separatist sentiment. I think far too many concessions were made on behalf of the Real Canada to appease the unappeasable Quebec. They'd get one concession and then want another and another after that.

    Quebec regularly violates Anglophone rights in the name of protecting their culture and language. HORSE MANURE! Trudeau, the father of the Constitution, his pet legacy project, created an Official Languages Commission that regularly admonishes infringement of English and regularly lets infringement of French go with clock-like regularity. A very biased government department that has cost US upwards of A HALF TRILLION (NOT BILLION) DOLLARS over the last 42 years.

    Just THINK of how that money could have been used for education, health, or even keeping our national debt way down. Our current national debt right now is $562 billion. Take into account the amount that could have been saved on that useless buraucracy and the debt right now would be under $100 billion!

    Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? On the one hand, it is. At $100 billion, with a population of 34 million, that would mean a per capital debt of just under $3,000 per man, woman and child, but it's actually now slightly over $16,500 per Canadian, and that EXCLUDES provincial and municipal debts! That means the Official Languages Act has cost over $13,500 per Canadian over the last 42 years. All this for Quebec? Is it worth a family of four to have paid $54,000 for Quebec's language crap?

    On the plus side, even at $66,000 debt per family of four is much better than the American situation of $46,000 per person or $184,000 per family of four. This will eventually slow down Americas's economy which in turn will slow down ours because about 75% of our trade is with the Americans. Poor fools don't even know WE are their business trading partners. You'd be surprised how many of them think it's Japan or Germany.

    On the plus side, we are starting to do more trade with China and India, and these are the emerging markets so this should deflect some of America's woes to come to our border, but likely not enough unless and until we trade more with those winners.

    What we therefore have to do is improve OUR economic picture not doing as well as it potientially could because Quebec is an expense, a fiscal drag on the rest of us.

  17. L'appui constant à la souveraineté est le même.

    Les indécis finiront par comprendre que les autres provinces ne veulent pas donner la place que le Québec mérite, c'est-à-dire le droit de dispenser ses programmes comme il le veut, d'organiser son territoire comme il l'entend sans avoir de permission à demander à quiconque. Bref, être indépendant !

  18. Anon @ 7:05PM: Yes, Quebec can spend on their own programs as they see fit, but then let it be YOUR tax dollars doing the crazy spending, NOT ours! You want to tax your people for 90% of their income? Go for it!

    Quebec is the most heavily taxed jurisdiction in North America, and do they get the best bang for their buck? I really don't think so! Why should the rest of us pay for lazy assed people who stay home, but put their kids in those $7-a-day daycares. Those el cheapo daycares should ONLY be for working people, not lazy asses who can't even bother to take care of their kids (who then learn by example how to live off the fat of the land by the lousy example set by their loser parents).

    If I recall correctly, one out of six Quebecers depend on a welfare cheque to live, believing they have full entitlement to stay at home, sit on their asses and let the working stiffs pay to support them. PATHETIC! I hope Harper and his entourage read this blog.

  19. Anonymous 7:05 PM
    Ben oui chose.
    On est pas meilleurs que les autre provinces, même qu'on est fucking pires. On se peintures dans un coin.

    Continuez a penser qu'on pisse plus loin que tout le monde quand c'est tellement faux !

  20. @7:05
    Ben oui! La souveraineté, on pourra dépenser tout notre ptit change comme ont veux (en chèques de bs, bureaucracies parasitiques et en corruption) sauf qu'on pourra plus compter sur l'argent de papa Canada pour supporter tous nos caprices. Wake up! On est une province de pauvres! qui a choisi de se couper du reste du monde et de continuer à croire qu'on est au top pendant qu'on s'enfonce dans la mer$e! Mais oui! Monsieur à des préoccupations plus importantes ! Va donc courir avec une fourche à la main après des anglos lavalois.

  21. Bon, les nationaleux qui jappent après un indépendantiste ! Vous êtes vraiment pathétiques avec vos commentaires à la mords-moi-le-noeud ! Si vous pensez que le Canada (Voir- Québec en fait encore partie !)vous fait vivre par charité, vous ne connaissez rien en politique. Des ''peasoup'' qui ne s'assument pas ! Je ne cours pas après les Canadiens anglais comme vous le croyez, vous avez des idées primaires voire primitives... L'indépendance n'est pas contre le Canada mais pour le Québec. Que proposez-vous pour remédier à la situation de l'emploi ? Vous devez être du genre à penser que parler anglais est le point de salut de tout le Québec ? Allez donc voir comment les anglo-saxons apprennent les langues secondes ! Pas quelque chose de très valorisé...

  22. Moofo est un petit complexé Grattonneux.De plus,il ne saisit même pas que les anglos qui lisent se blogue,jouissent en regardant les Québécois s'entre-déchirer.

  23. "Continuez a penser qu'on pisse plus loin que tout le monde quand c'est tellement faux."

    Laissez donc les autres penser ce qu'ils veulent monsieur pensée-unique et tout ira bien.

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