Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quebec "Intellectuals" Beat Up Voters over NDP Choice

Reading the angry reactions in the sovereigntist press over the surprising success of the Ndp in Quebec in the federal election, reminded me of the tag-line of that old comedian, Flip Wilson, who in a famous bit where he feigned embarrassment when caught wearing a short dress, offered the comedic excuse that, "THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!"
A recurring theme running through these sovereigntist opinion pieces holds that Quebec voters were naive, lazy and overly influenced by the polls and the federalist media.

And so, it wasn't a conscious political choice that Quebeckers made in opting for Layton, but rather the overbearing influence of federalist La Presse and Radio-Canada which were accused of promoting the Ndp. The federalist devil made them do it!

I couldn't help but take some guilty pleasure at the pain, anxiety, and the outright distress that punctuated these missives and so I offer readers some translated excerpts, purely for entertainment value;
Jacques Lanctôt- ex-FLQ terrorist
"We are a nation of losers, but that we are happy about it, amazes me. This is the only way I can explain the debacle that sovereignist forces suffered this week.....
Quebecers were fooled by the propaganda of the regime, backed by Radio-Canada and La Presse, among others, who kept hammering that the Bloc was useless...I'm grieving, I lost my MP, Gilles Duceppe, a man of integrity who gave 20 years of his life to defend the ideal of independence......
In a riding that is 99% French speaking, Quebecers elected  a unilingual Anglo who does not even reside in Quebec and didn't set foot in her constituency during the 38 days that the campaign lasted. I am ashamed." LINK
The ordinary voter has a limited political understanding. ....
If misinformed and manipulated, must we treat the voter as a fool, or rather the manipulators of the media who manufacture consent? ....   vigile.net
"As for the media bosses at Radio Canada, Power Corporation and elsewhere, they had no reason to intervene as they usually do when their journalists get carried away by an infatuation that threatens the federal order. 
The only ones to be strongly denounced are 22,403 voters in the county (Berthier-Maskinongé..ed.) who voted for her (Ellen Brousseau..ed.) just to be like everyone else. This of course applies to all the fools who voted in Quebec blindly in favour of "pouteaux"(placeholders.ed) notwithstanding their personal value , because we spoke highly of Jack on TV.   Normand Lester-LE DEVOIR

Okay Louis Prefontaine doesn't rate as an intellectual and I try never to quote him. I'll make an exception this time as his pain resulting from the election results is too sweet to pass up!
"Tonight, it was an ethnic vote that propelled the New Democrats to the stars and almost erased the Bloc Québécois from the map. An ethnic vote, by a race of imbeciles.
Of imbeciles, so ignorant, spineless, so brutalized by the weight of a destiny too heavy to bear, who decided to vote for Ruth-Ellen Brosseau, a unilingual anglophone who chose to take a vacation to Las Vegas during the campaign. A race of retards voting for Tyrone Benskin, who is almost unable to string three or four words together in our language.
....We are now an object of ridicule for anyone the least bit interested in politics. A nation of inbreds, having made ​​a huge turn to the right with the ADQ in 2007 and then four years later, making a left turn towards the NDP. We are a farce, the height of absurdity, in desiring a change, we are a nation of morons and degenerates so illiterate that we do not even see the contradiction between these two votes. We have a desire, buried deep within us for the death that awaits all the conquered peoples and who have ceased to believe in themselves, we have made the Bloc Quebecois, the only party that effectively defended us against the Canadian nation, responsible for a roadblock that was in fact, a federation unable to meet our aspirations. 
Do we still deserve to live and survive? I doubt it. Individuals make me want to believe. But the mass of ignorance confuses me with a passion that leaves a bitter notion that poison was poured into our veins for too long and which has infected our ability to imagine our freedom." LINK
 Ivan Parent has made a name for himself in regards to certain, ahem, controversial statements about minorities in the pages of vigile.net. Here, in a piece entitled "THE SHAME" his pain over the NDP debacle is once again, too enjoyable to pass up;
 "I never thought to say it, but tonight (May 2, 2011) I am ashamed to be a Quebecker. I am ashamed to be from a bunch of cowards who, seeking change, voted for the enemy. Too afraid to stand erect, the normal position of Homo erectus, the Quebec population prefers to lick the carpet. Anymore  colonized than this and you die. When we see that Harper will finally achieve his majority, we can say goodbye to our attempt at democracy, we will officially enter into a totalitarian state tomorrow morning. Previously, we had someone to defend us in Ottawa, the page is turned,  the BLOC is finished, a collective suicide.
Here's on that will make you gag. Victor-Lévy Beaulieu is nothing less than a demigod in the world of Quebec francophone writers. A sovereignist icon, he once threatened to burn all his books to protest bilingualism.
"The defeat of Gilles Duceppe in his constituency literally threw me to the floor. Of all the politicians that Quebec has produced, how many have demonstrated such integrity, such a sense of duty, such a devotion to their people? I recognize only two: Camille Laurin and Jacques Parizeau. The voters of Laurier-Sainte-Marie, that he has served diligently for twenty years, have inflicted such a humiliation,  enough to make us all feel ashamed! God of all the skies, what a hysterical neurosis!..." LINK
 Gilles Duceppe and Jacques Parizeau as the paragons of integrity, my word! I guess it makes sense when you consider that Mr. Beaulieu once called the Governor-General Michaëlle Jean, a 'negro-queen.' an ethnic slur for which he was called to task for.
Considering that he's a big shot writer with upwards of 70 books to his credit, one would expect him to understand how to properly use the word "literally  as opposed to 'figuratively,' as modifier, in a sentence.'
"La défaite de Gilles Duceppe dans sa circonscription m'a littéralement jeté par terre." Read an Explanation
Here's two other stories that might interest you if you have French.

Pierre Dubuc of L’Aut’Journal wrote "When the Press Campaigns for the  NDP" complaining that the media was responsible for the NDP success.
Christian Rioux  of Le Devoir in an article entitled "Sentimental Crowd  posits that pseudo-journalists like those on the widely-watched  Tout le monde en parle gave Jack Layton a boost by offering up softball questions.

I'll give the last word to the most famous separatist foil over at La Presse, Andre Pratte;
"Instead of blaming the voters and the media, rather than seeking petty faults with the NDP, the losers of this election in Quebec, the Conservatives, the Bloc and the Liberals should admit that the voters have unequivocally rejected what they offered them. In a democracy, citizens are always right." Link
 Readers I really enjoyed  bringing all this pain to you. How do I spell satisfaction? -  
- S-C-H-A-D-E-N-F-R-E-U-D-E-!...... Definition


  1. There should be absolutely ZERO guilt in taking pleasure in the collective pain of the collectivity of bigoted imbeciles of whom you quote above, Editor. There is a host of others to go along with YOUR selections.

    That collection of fascists should all lick their wounds forever and a day. It's only too bad you couldn't place somber violin chamber music playing in the background while reading this raw sewage. The above ARE little more than raw sewage, and I imagine there are dozens more who could thrown down into that vomitous subterranean stench.

    Very rare indeed is the time I enjoy the pain of others, but this is one time I guiltlessly enjoy it. How on Earth did Josée Legault escape your list and your wrath on this occasion? Were her fangs extracted, or did her bite lack enough venom?

  2. "Victor-Lévy Beaulieu is nothing less than a demigod in the world of Quebec francophone writers"

    You must be kidding...A writer? Ah what? For me writers are people like Kafka, Zweig, Orwell, Verga, Sciascia, Gogol, Maupassant, Beckett, Disckens...people who have something precious to say, who are able to "drag" you into their books and fill you with all the range of all possible human emotions.
    Victor-Lévy Beaulieu is just a two-cents' writer for bored unilingual housewives or subdued kébékuo who know nothing better than "Nous sommes une nation" or "Je hais les canayens" (see our beloved Press9 who must have read all Lictor-Vévy Mallio').


  3. Did Louis P really call Quebecers inbred? Wow, that's rough. I knew they were going to have a hard time realizing their dream of independence took a huge hit election night, but to call themselve inbred? That's harsh.

    If I've learned one thing from the so called Arab spring, it's that if the people of Quebec really wanted a country they would have had it a long time ago. No one here would be shooting protesters. Social media and the internet has had the opposite effect on Quebec than in the middle east. The Quebecoise have, through the Internet, realized how good they have it. This despite the lies of Anglo oppression the main stream French media has been spewing for the last 20 years. The Big Lie is being seen as such and the voters have reacted. They would rather anglophones steering the ship than a bunch of hate mongering self proclaimed intellectuals.


    Je parierais ma chemise que vous n'avez jamais lu un seul auteur de votre liste.

    En (Mau)passant je ne connais aucun "Disckens"
    Lâchez wikipedia et allez donc louer quelques bouquins a la bibliothèque près de chez vous.
    Je vous suggère Agatha Christie pour débuter.

    Gros inculte va!

  5. I love it. You got what you deserved Kebec. You voted out a tax and spend, anti-English language party and voted in another one. Same old, same old.

    But you have less power now than you did before. The NDP can do nothing, absolutely nothing but foam at the mouth for 4 years, collect a big fat pay check…why? Well its simple Harper has a majority and does not have to listen to any of you language Nazis from kebec. I love it.

    Now shut up, get lost…do us all a favour, go cry in your pee soup scum bags, you got what you deserved.

    Now get to work Harper, we gave you a majority, not Quebec.

    Yes indeed, the brain dead, socialist, union scum bag mentality at work. “We don’t want the party to end, the “free” trips, expense accounts…perks, gold plated pensions, free this, free that…Yes indeed, see we in government, are all entitled to our entitlements folks and we can’t stop that, at least not until we retire. Our unions say so, it’s ours and we want it now...$$$” Its all about greed, just follow the money…

    Scum bag parasitic unions, police, all government…all the same, bankrupting future generations…and they don’t give a damn.

    Get to work Harper; you have a majority, do something with it or else… get cutting or you will lose money, and our votes, I guarantee it.

    Remember one thing, the internet was not around when Mulroney and his scum bags from Quebec put Canada heavily into debt, pandered to Kebec…destroyed the party and reduced it to 2 seats. Don’t think Harper we can’t do the same thing to your party!!! News travels a lot faster then it used to.

    Think of the debt you are leaving your children, your grandchildren…wake up man!!!

    GET to work. WE ARE watching.

  6. "GET to work. WE ARE watching."

    Did you take your little blue pill this morning?
    Please do it and go back to your bed.

  7. 1. Cher Press9, en ce qui concerne Disckens, c'est une faute de frappe (Dickens), qui ne préjuge pas ma culture. Bang, stupide seppie!
    2. Je sais que vous ne connaissez aucun Di(s)ckens : vous ne lisez pas les langues étrangères, voilà, très simple. Re-Bang, stupide seppie!
    3. Pour votre information, j'ai tout lu. Re-re-bang, stupide seppie!
    4. Agatha Christie? Lue!...Vous savez: dans les écoles européennes on lit beaucoup. Re-re-re-bang, stupide seppie!
    5."Gros inculte va!"...Oui, vous l'êtes né, le fûtes, l'avez été, l'êtes, le serez et le seriez même si vous n'étiez pas au monde (if only....). Re-re-re-re-bang, stupide seppie!


  8. "Oui, vous l'êtes né, le fûtes, l'avez été, l'êtes, le serez et le seriez même si vous n'étiez pas au monde"

    Hein ?!?

    Délirium trémens?
    Problèmes d'adaptation au monde moderne?

    Vous devriez essayer une de ces fameuses techniques de relaxation asiatiques.
    Vous semblez très tendu.


    Les livres de Dickens ont été traduits dans a peu près toutes les langues.La première traduction fût...française,Ducon (ou dickhead?)

  10. 1. "Délirium trémens?" -> en latin on ne met pas d'accent (c'est un substantif neutre de la deuxième declinaison avec adjectif accordé selon le genre du nom, donc, deux neutres)

    2. Votre dernière réponse est simple comme votre pensée : trop simple de lire la traduction sans y faire des efforts dans la langue de provenance

    3. Étudiez les langues : elles vous aideront à sortir de votre petit trou


  11. "Les livres de Dickens ont été traduits dans a peu près toutes les langues.La première traduction fût...française,Ducon (ou dickhead?)"

    Such a wast of time,
    With french on the decline.

    The seppies are scared,
    With the facts so bared.

    Quebec is a mess.
    Call the OQLF SS.

  12. BlueWhiteRed: "If I've learned one thing from the so called Arab spring, it's that if the people of Quebec really wanted a country they would have had it a long time ago"

    Funny enough, I wrote on the same subject on another forum just yesterday:

    "...this talk of secession is a baby’s cry for attention. Save for a few fanatical separatists and a bunch of selfish Quebec elite members, all the other “separatists” are no more than insincere opportunists. It doesn’t take 50 years to separate if all you need is a 50%+1 in a general referendum. And it usually doesn’t take a run-on sentence that can’t refrain from mentioning “economic partnership” and “Canada” multiple times, while desperately refraining from the word “independence”. Also, separating usually involves action and not, as is the case in Quebec, endless jabbering."

  13. As for Quebec writers/artists, I stand to question their true motives since they have vested interests in the issue. So whenever any of them talks of his love for the French language and culture, isn't he/she simply protecting his/her market share? Is Loco Locass, for example, all about concern for their culture, or are they about protecting their turf from more popular stuff coming into Quebec from the English-speaking music industry?

    It's the same thing as with the tobacco industry reps who try to convince us that smoking isn't bad, or with the meat-industry reps that try to convince us that the animals in slaughter houses are treated humanly (there was a guy like this recently on TLMEP). Without any solid proof one can still see that these people are lying through their teeth and putting their personal interest (which is usually some sort of privilege and/or $$$) above everything else.

  14. "Save for a few fanatical separatists and a bunch of selfish Quebec elite members"

    Few is right. One the day of the Patriotes. sure brought out a crowd.

    QMI reported (via Vigile.net)

    "Plusieurs centaines de personnes étaient réunies lundi pour participer à la marche annuelle"


    I think they were being optimistic in their numbers. Read on.

    SRC reports about 200 in attendance:

    Environ 200 souverainistes ont participé lundi après-midi à la marche de la Journée nationale des patriotes


    Then from the comments on the SRC website about this story you get the following.

    "En fait ils etaient environ une vingtaine. Les autres passaient par la et son aller voir qu'est-ce qu'etait tout ce bruit."

    "Je suis allé chez Wall Mart hier et il y avais plus de monde que ca"

    "200 souverainiste qui prenne de l`air,,, ca c`est bien. Ils en ont tous besoin.

    Ca represente .000000000001% de la population ca la 200. "

    Must have been the weather keeping people at home!!!!! Certainly couldn't be the lack of interest in sovereignty, coult it??? :):):)

    Anyways, wonder if "press 9" was in attendance.

    The Westerner

  15. "...elles vous aideront à sortir de votre petit trou."

    Pas question que je sorte de mon trou...
    Beaucoup trop d'anglouilles a l'extérieur,une vraie peste.

    Et puis,dans mon trou on y est bien,les angloches doivent élargir leur culture en apprenant le Français,chose difficile mais essentielle pour avoir un bon travail et y vivre convenablement.Hahaha!

    En passant,que faites-vous dans notre trou ?

  16. "Such a wast (sic) of time,
    With french on the decline."

    And your brain too.

  17. "And your brain too. "

    Sticks and stones.......

    Etes-vous un pauvre petit "seppie" qui est perdu son chemin? ;)

  18. "Et puis,dans mon trou on y est bien,les angloches doivent élargir leur culture en apprenant le Français,chose difficile mais essentielle pour avoir un bon travail et y vivre convenablement.Hahaha!"

    Bien sur, apprendre la langue francais, mais, pour quoi, avec 300,000,000 personnes dans nord amerique qui parlons le anglais. Encore, pour quoi. Je suggere que vous apprendrez la anglais beacoup mieux pour votre travaile et bien sante de tete. La anglais est un gros avalanche, comme vous doit savez. La francais est une petite langue avec juste 7000000 en le meme stationement, un fait, moins que 2 percentage pointes pour votre francais. Maintenant, quoi est le meilleur chois. Ha ha ha. Comme ils disant, those that laugh last, last best.

  19. Haiti chérie dit : Westallophone: Apprendre d'autres langues ne veut pas dire cracher sur qui on est pauvre goujat, petit Rodhésien ! Vous saurez que Michel Tremblay est traduit de par le monde et que bon nombre de Québécois excellent dans leur domaine. Il n'y a qu'une démonstration de votre petitesse d'esprit et vous savez des types avec des jugements comme les vôtres, on appelle ça en France: Des gros cons ! Cordialement !

  20. Champagne Socialists, the whole lot of them. Has any member or the so called Quebec "intelligencia" ever created one single job that paid a living wage for a family (aside from government bureaucracy)? French Quebec is indeed a fishbowl.

  21. À Haiti chérie --> Vu l'amour et le respect que j'ai envers la France et sa noble Culture (Culture, Press 9, Culture, Culture, regarde la C majuscule au lieu de masturber ton petit cerveau avec la livres des séparatistes), être appelé "un gros con" est pour moi un privilège. Merci.


  22. Looking at all the Francogibborish coming over the line, do these people DESERVE to be a part of Canada?

    After all their threats, mistreatment of their minorities, and all their eating, sleeping and breathing in French, and trying to drive their language and culture down everybody's throats, do they even deserve to be a part of Canada?

    Why should the rest of us put up woth this merde? If we throw out Quebec, they're done! They're history! They're FINISHED!

    Who's going to take them on? The French? They're having enough fiscal problems of their own! The Americans? Ohhhh...the Americans may take them to exploit their hydro and other natural resources, but does anybody THINK they'll take on Quebec's debt, social programs, and most of all, their LANGUAGE? AUCUNE CHANCE!

    Who would take Quebec on? As those Bad Boy furniture commercials go in Ontario: "NOOOOOOOOOBODY!"

  23. Mississauga,

    If one reads the posts in Vigile, there are those who suggest that independent Quebec will have better economic model than currently since independent Quebec will have closer relationship with USA. There is a suggestion that Montreal will thrive for its proximity with New York, and yet another suggests that independent Quebec adopt US dollar as its currency.

    So I am left scratching my head with all those suggestions. First, how is it better to have relationship with the Americans as a small, unilingual country than as a part of big and bilingual Canada? Second, how can that be assumed that the Americans treat Quebec better than the Canadians? Third, they assume that the economic relationship will still be as good as it is now even though they have radical ideas about how independent Quebec will be governed.

    As always, separatists like to talk on both sides of their mouths. On one hand they condemn they 'Louisianisation' of the Cajun and on the other hand the Americans are the economic savior of independent Quebec.

  24. Editor,

    What happened to the post? Somebody edited it?

  25. Mississauga Guy

    Hey!Mister Donut is back.Arrêtez vos tranferts de frustrations sur le Québec.C'est vous le "reject" mésadapté a notre Nation!Allez hop!Va rejoindre tes petits amis "square head" "in ontario".Vivre a l'ombre de la tour du CN a manger des donuts et regarder son gazon pousser,non mais quelle ostie d'vie plate.

  26. "...DESERVE to be a part of Canada?"

    A part of what? canaya?...No thanks!
    Nous avons déja un pays.

  27. @Mississauga donut party

    Que de frustrations...Vous pouvez consulter un spécialiste vous savez.Parfois une simple pilule peu arrêter vos petits cacas nerveux.

    * Ho Mon Dieu

  28. @foaming at the mouth Mississauga sugar&fat lover

    Attention Missi nous approchons lentement mais surement vers l'ontatario...

  29. "...do these people DESERVE to be a part of Canada?"

    "...do M.G DESERVE to be a part of Québec?

    We already said...NO!

  30. @Troy
    This is serious. This the 2nd time a part of a post has disappeared. I've kept a copy and restored it, but I had to rewrite this post once from memory.
    If I was a paranoid, I'd think I was hacked, I'm changing my passwords....

  31. I love how there is not one argument worth a damn from a separatist or French language militant here. Just the same old childish insults and false claims of a country that doesn't exist. They are officially beaten.

  32. @BlueWhiteRed

    Vous devez comprendre une chose et une seule.L'ultime insulte pour un Québécois est de se retrouver sujet de la reine d'Angleterre malgré lui.Lorsque vous faites allusion a un pays imaginaire,faites-vous référence au canada?

    Sinon toutes discussions ou tout argument ne sert absolument a rien.Nous ne réussirons jamais a former un pays avec deux nations qui n'ont rien en commun,du moin,sans qu'une des deux parties y laisse des plumes,beaucoup de plumes.

    Ayez un peu le sens de l'humour et de la dérision.Ça fait 400 ans que nous vivons ensemble au sein de ce cirque qu'est le canaya.

  33. @ BlueWhiteRed:

    "I love how there is not one argument worth a damn from a separatist or French language militant here. Just the same old childish insults and false claims of a country that doesn't exist. They are officially beaten."

    Very true. We still have the same retarded mental case posting nonsensical comments under different names. He is posting as AngloBuster, Press 9, Stephen Harpon and Anonymous. He must be trying to make it appear that there are more opposing comments than there actually are. I wonder which alias he will come up with next.

  34. @ Stephen Harpon,

    "Mississauga sugar&fat lover"

    Having a Quebecois refer to anyone else as a sugar and fat lover is like the kettle calling the teapot black. Your people are the kings of this realm. Go stuff your face with some May West and Jos Louis cakes, sugar pie, pea soup, bacon fat, baked beans, maple syrup and poutine, and then wash it all down with a big jug of Pepsi!

  35. To Haiti Cherie:

    I would be embarrassed to identify myself with Haiti. It is the worst shit-hole in the western hemisphere. You have been welcomed as an immigrant to Canada, and here you are referring to native-born Canadians as "Rhodesians". The federal government should deport you back to Haiti, where you can live in poverty and squalor again.

  36. "...I wonder which alias he will come up with next."

    Maybe Anonymous like you.

    Attention "rural dude"!Ce n'est pas parce que certaines choses vous échappent,qu'elles n'ont pas de sens.Vous ne semblez pas être un petit génie de la réthorique.

    Vous semblez plutôt avoir les "barn doors" fermés ;-)

    Je suppose que vous venez des vastes plaines canayennes.

  37. @ Press 9,

    I'm not from the prairies. I'm from Montreal, so I know exactly what kind of garbage you really are.

  38. Haiti Chérie dit: Cher Westallophone vous semblez avoir le profil d'un jeune adolescent puéril et complètement attardé ! Un sous-produit de la culture hollywoodienne ! J'espère que les Québécois vont continuer à se tenir debout jusqu'à ce qu'ils obtiennent leur dû: Leur pays !

  39. "I'm not from the prairies."

    Oups!Désolé,vous sembliez avoir quelques secondes de retard.

    "so I know exactly what kind of garbage you really are."

    Vous semblez être un spécialiste et un fin connaisseur en la (les) matière(s):-)
    Éboueur pour la ville?

  40. @Haiti Cherie

    Ne t'en fait pas avec ce type,il est plutôt rigolo,pas très rapide mais rigolo.Je crois comprendre qu'il est arrivé ici de l'Europe par container.Il semble avoir beaucoup de difficultés a s'adapter a l'Amérique.
    Asiatique ou Ukrainien?

    Impossible de savoir.Une chose est certaine,c'est qu'il est allophone a tendance pro-canayen.

  41. Les Angloches ont des poches d'air, le reste on s'en moque. Quebec restera Nouvelle-France.