Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Quebec, Valentine's Day is a Union Holiday

Here's what's going on in the world of Quebec unionism, this week;

St. Valentine's Day a paid union holiday
It seems that for some unionized health employees in Quebec,  St. Valentines Day has become a paid holiday. Link{Fr}
Yup....I'm not making this up.

Several health care facilities were closed to out-patients including;
* CSSS de Drummond
* CSSS Thérèse-de-Blainville
* Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont
* CSSS Pierre-Boucher
* CSSS de St-Jérôme
* CSSS d'Arthabaska-et-de-l'Érable
* Centre de santé Thérèse-de-Blainville a bunch of CLSCs as well.

Certain hospitals  were working with a reduced staff including Saint-Jérôme, St-Eustache, Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Pierre-Boucher and others.

In the St-Jérôme hospital, in an effort to save embarrassment, management decided to re-baptize the holiday as "Winter Break"
Some unionized health facilities also celebrate "Woman's Day." Unionized employees in the health care field enjoy 13 paid holidays as compared to the 8 statutory holidays Quebec workers are afforded by government decree.

Now that I've got you shaking your head in disbelief, let's continue;

Female University employees awarded huge pay equity settlement.
Longtime female employees of several French language universities hit pay dirt with the announcement that a settlement has been reached between the union and the schools in relation to the pay-equity legislation that the government passed many years ago.
The settlement is retro-active back to 2001 and so for longtime employees it's a bonanza. For a telephone receptionist who was working steadily since 2001, it means close to a  $20,000 settlement and for an executive secretary it means closer to $60,000. Not bad!   LINK{Fr}

White collar office workers refuse to water their plants
White-collar employees of the City of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac are refusing to water the plants in their office forcing the municipality to pay a private company to do so. "I wasn't hired to water plants. We didn't study for it and it's not related to our work. If we are asked to sweep the floor, even if it doesn't take much time, it's not our job" said the union representative. 
The small municipality was forced to hire a private contractor to come and do the plant watering. LINK{FR}

Union boss accused of ties to the mob
Bosses of the much-maligned CSN Construction union are red faced over revelations that the head of a union local is a well connected criminal.
Dominique Bérubé, head of Local 618 (pipe fitters and insulators) is closely connected to the Mafia, and was  photographed attending the funeral of slain mobster big shot Nick Rizzuto. When he was convicted of running a grow-op back in 2003, he shared his lawyer with prominent members of Quebec's biker gangs. Union bosses have claimed that they had no idea and are asking for ..errrr.. an explanation. LINK {Fr}

School bus drivers' strike strands students
"Students in three South Shore school boards may be without a ride to school for some time as about 80 school bus drivers started a strike Tuesday against their employer, Transdev Limocar. As many as 36 schools are affected in total."  LINK 

Labour woes paralyze Que. justice system 

"Quebec's legal system is increasingly paralyzed by labour disputes. Prison guards charged with ferrying inmates back and forth from the courthouses walked off the job this morning. LINK
Add that to the week-old strike by government lawyers and Crown prosecutors, and not much was happening this morning at the Montreal courthouse.
About 1,450 lawyers and prosecutors have, over the last week, traded in their black robes and briefcases for union pickets.
The lawyers estimate they're paid 40 per cent less than counterparts in other provinces." LINK
Unionized Foster parents demand contract with government 
About 10,000 foster families held a large demonstration in front of Premier Charest's office in Sherbrooke to complain about the slow pave of negotiations in relation to their first contract   LINK  Video{Fr}

Denim factories set to close
Unable to compete with Chinese competition the last of Quebec denim factories announced that they are set to close July 15, throwing 400 mostly women out of work. Once the home of thousands of well paid textile workers, the Beauce region has seen clothing factory after factory close over the years. LINK{FR}

Longueuil Buses set to strike
Users of public transit in Longueuil could be deprived of service outside of peak hours sooner than expected, confirmed Tuesday the president of the union of bus drivers Network transport de Longueuil (RTL), Michel Robidoux. LINK {Fr}

Union appealing court decision to Supreme Court

The CSN is appealing a Quebec court of Appeal decision that backed Olymel, who closed their pork abbatoir in Saint-Simon. LINK{FR}

Quebec unions seek to muzzle bloggers
The Centrale des syndicats du Quebec (CSQ), sent a letter to the web managers of the right-wing blog,  demanding that  they retract comments that union bosses found offensive. The “offensive” terms? The bloggers said those on the political left are mainly made up of “old ladies” and “effeminate men,”  Toronto Sun    National Post

CSN to union Couche-Tarde
The powerful union is mobilizing to unionize employees of the convenience store chain. It remains to be seen if the powerful company will pull a 'Wal-Mart' and close any store that falls to the union. Link
Here's some interesting anti-union articles appearing this week in the media;

We need a total overhaul of Quebec's labour laws- Montreal Gazette

Anti-scab law benefits unions: Conseil Montreal Gazette

The Quebec unionization model: correcting the anomaly  Montreal Economic Institute


  1. I'm in tears given the thought that any of my money goes to any of these lowlifes...

    Why always look for the most complicated solution?

    One Example: "White collar office workers refuse to water their plants"

    Quebec Solution: Hire a private contractor to come and do the plant watering.

    My Solution: Get rid of all the plants. Plants are not required in the work place. If people are ok working in a sterile work environment... so be it then!

  2. @Jason:

    I bring my own plants to work. I water them before going home at night. Usually takes me about 10 to 15 seconds.

    I also make my own coffee and tea. That takes about one to three minutes.

    And every now and then I run a rag over my desk.

    I am terrible people.

  3. Bien daccord avec toi Jason!Quand même incroyable comme situation.

  4. @Jason

    No doubt a good solution but then again the union would likely file a grievance based upon the premise; that management is not providing a suitable and aesthetically pleasing work enviroment.

  5. Relly makes you worry about the future of our province...

    If anyone hasn't seen it, check out the documentary "L'Illusion Tranquille".

  6. @jason

    Future is not looking great for least economically.

    L'Illusion Tranquille pretty much tells it like it is.

    This article may provide some guidance of where Quebec is headed.,1568707.html

    Is it any wonder that people in other provinces are becoming ever more frustrated with Quebec and the billions in transfers which are funneled to Quebec every year by Ottawa.

  7. It will come to a break down, before it surfaces again.... this is part of history, I didn't say it.

  8. First off, good for you in continuing to expose these union scum bags for what they really are. All tax and spend, big government, high taxes, self absorbed, me, me, me…all entitled to their entitlements scum bags. They don’t give a damn about debt, deficits, the future debt they are leaving their own children and grandchildren, just disgraceful really. This big government, pro union, high government salaries is what’s bankrupting future generations in Quebec and Canada. The model is just about the same in Ottawa and TO where unions become more powerful every year.

    Its all about greed, follow the money. We now have over 3.5 million people working for government across the country. Average salary in government is about 70 thousand yearly and rising. Average salary in the private sector is around 45 thousand yearly and dropping. Over 10% of government employees now make over 100 thousand yearly. In the private sector the number is under 2%. Look to Greece and Quebec, this is where Canada is headed if we don’t stop equalization and get spending and government growth under control. This tax and spend, union, socialist, big government, social engineering that has been destroying this country has got to stop. Yes, it has left Quebec and has been spreading throughout the rest of the country since the 1960”s, that’s right over 4 decades of massive government growth, massive government hiring, skyrocketing government salaries and more and more debt. Go check the stats for yourself. Thanks Trudeau, Tanks kebec.

    The Liberals and Conservatives have spent the last few decades destroying Ontario and Canada’s economy, its English speaking history and culture, not to mention the racism, bigotry, ethnic language cleansing and human rights violations going on in Quebec, a la bills 22, 178, 101…What are they really up to? “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD. High taxes, green fees, user fees, HST, high government salaries, social engineering – the expensive discriminatory forced bilingual and multicultural policies (only outside Quebec of course), greedy unions controlling just about everything, new programs and more government departments yearly, more government empire building, the size and growth of government is out of control!

    Solution? Well there is only one. A new party and a new leader. One that details before an election what they stand for. We need a party with specific, fiscally conservative policies. One that defines essential and non-essential (expensive waste) services in a platform before elections. One that will tell unions to rot in hell. No more lies, propaganda, and spin, what we now get on a daily basis. Canada needs a party that stands for integrity, honesty, transparency and common sense. One that is proud of our real BNA history.

    Keep up the good work editor. Keep exposing the truth.

  9. "Yes, it has left Quebec and has been spreading throughout the rest of the country since the 1960”s, that’s right over 4 decades of massive government growth, massive government hiring, skyrocketing government salaries and more and more debt"

    For a great treatise on how this happened get a copy of Brian Crowleys book (bestseller) "Fearful Symettry". Well worth the read of how since the early 60's the Federal Government were in a competition with the Separatistes in Quebec as to who could spend the most. Unfortunately, this largesse spread to other regions of the country which culminated in the mess we have at this time. How long can the private sector keep funding government who lavish benefits and high salaries on civil servants. Seems to me the politicians have this covered in that their pensions are indexed. May government pension plans are "defined benefit" plans which guarantee benefits even if the pension funds go broke.

    Crazy, isn't it.

  10. "Relly makes you worry about the future of our province..."

    Worry about the future? There is *NO* future for Quebec, at least the way things are run now. And I see no signs of things changing.

    Politically, economically, socially, environmentally...this province is headed towards rock bottom. The scary part is once it hits that point, the Quebecois will place all the blame on the Anglophones and ethnics. I don't need to describe what happens next, history will tell you that.

    If Quebec were a cancer patient, I would tell it to get its affairs in order because it only has a couple of years left.

  11. Mr. Harper is running a huge deficit, what about him, yu will vote for him I suppose....
    Wolfe was a soldier-child... make me laugh !
    What a lovely doctor you would be. Your comments would deserve someone the "chair" if not being outcast by the Order !

  12. As the Editor I want to go on record as saying that although I publish comments, I do not understand what the hell they all mean....look right above...

  13. Yes, didn't make any sense to me as well.

    Here is a good article from the Star with some rather startling figures an analysis as to the state of the Quebec economy. 94% GDP to debt ratio is not a good thing. Sooner or later the credit card is going to get cut. Note the possible future premier of Alberta comments at the start of the article. Think equalization is going to betcha.

  14. To the Editor:
    YOu publish anything, even what you don't understand. Why should people take your internet paper seriously at all?

  15. "Why should people take your internet paper seriously at all?"

    Likely because its factual and pertinent.

  16. "factual" with facts or contains partial of facts, and gives theories or personal interpretations according to a limited knowledge.

  17. TO THE READERS who want to expand their mind:

    Why should we try to locate “ spirit in a world without spirit ” ? The instability of the object “ religion ” leads to a theoretical cul-de-sac in the hope " to find religion in the very fabric of the secular — or rather in the absence ” of...

    Is this a — paradoxe or contradiction ?

    Perhaps it may be the beginning of a way out of the epistemological* dilemma which haunts contemporary thinking on religion; it applies to religion, not to catholicism, unlike the xenophobic article on the Quebecois leads to believe.

    *the branch of philosophy that studies the origin, nature, methods, or validity, and put limitation of human knowledge

  18. Valentine's Day is a holiday? How on earth did they miss Groundhog Day? This coming Monday is Family Day in Ontario and Alberta, and a stat holiday in Saskatchewan, too. I'm working because Quebec is as well and six other provinces.

    UNIONIZED FOSTER PARENTS? Who the hell is kidding who here? I thought foster parenting is strictly voluntary even though too many who do foster parenting do so for the easy money that they spend on themselves and treat the foster kids like crap. In all fairness, there are good-hearted people who are exemplary foster parents as well, so I'm not totally knocking foster parents. For the kids, it's the luck of the draw who they get for parents. You'll just have to forgive me for being judgemental when I see unionized foster parents. What are they going to do, take union dues off the children's allowances? Go on strike and neglect the kids for higher allowances? Augment the children's allowances with a cigarette and booze allowance?

    What next? Unionize elementary and secondary students who will go on strike if they don't get paid for being students? A homework allowance? Longer summer vacations?

    I say DON'T stop the insanity! Let the foolishness rave on in Quebec. Let the world see the Quebec fools for who they are. With any luck, their credibility will be totally worn away, the Real Canada will get even more fed up with the equalization payments and other foolishness and perhaps, as new Toronto mayor Rob Ford put it, end the gravy train altogether. What will Quebec do about it? What would Quebec do without equalization payments? Separate? The new René Lévesque francs wouldn't be worth a half a dollar!!

  19. Such lovely English Separatits on the blog, talking left and right about anything, without knowing half the history, the wrong way. Well everything in life is not about money. Intellectual property such as languages or culture cannot be bought. If you don't want to hear it you may have to pay: leave or if you stay PAY. You cannot have it both ways dummy.