Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heritage Classic Another Slap in the Face to Quebec

I might understand the lack of French at yesterday's 'Heritage Classic" hockey game in Calgary, should it have been treated as just another NHL game, one of just 82, but that wasn't the case.

The whole patriotic affair was wrapped up in our flag, packaged and sold as a national celebration of Canadian hockey, complete with a flyby by the Snowbirds, the Canadian air force's demonstration team.  The event was hyped as such by the CBC and Hockey Night in Canada, otherwise why else broadcast the game nationally on a Sunday night?

It was most definitely not just another hockey game!

It may just come down to a case of bad manners, or perhaps more sadly a case of mean-spiritedness, something westerners are not generally known for, but the exclusion of French at this national event was disgraceful, repugnant and downright shameful.

It made the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremonies look downright inclusive.

What can you say about a broadcast that sings the Star-Spangled Banner in front of two Canadian teams in Canada to satisfy the twelve American viewers watching on the American cable channel VERSUS and forgets to sing O Canada bilingually in respect of the more than the million viewers from Quebec who are tuning in.
All it would have taken was a few French words in the national anthem and a couple of bilingual banners.  Too much to ask, really?

If the Flames organization forgot, the Montreal Canadiens were their guests and were good sports to participate in an extraordinary affair that would largely pay dividends to the home team.

The Montreal Canadiens didn't seem to matter all, it's as if the Habs were playing the Washington Generals to the Calgary Flames, who were incidentally, so handsomely bedecked in uniforms that made the dead and buried Canadiens barbershop outfit look positively dashing.
At least Montreal had an excuse for wearing the horrifically ugly barbershop uniforms- they were authentic.
What idiot in the Flames organization dreamed up a pretend vintage uniform that is even uglier?

No, not even Tim Horton's could muster a word in French in its many humungous advertising banners splashed all around the stadium.  Pas une maudit mot!....

At any rate the whole event was tedious.
The local musical talent was hard to stomach with the anthems sung rather dully and the 'half-time' show another descent in musical hell with a shrieking blond, part of indie rockers Metric who are certainly no Arcade Fire. . PAINFUL!!!!
 Perhaps they need to move to the Mile End to hone their talents! 

The game looked like a exhibition match with all the players afraid to hit or be hit, with good reason.
The horrible ice insured that the Canadiens faster game would be neutralized and that the locals would get their dream come true.

I hope the Canadiens will never allow themselves to be used this shallowly again.

The Calgary Flames organization disrespected them and all Montreal Canadiens fans in Quebec.

Next time, let the Calgary Flames play with the Edmonton Oilers in a hundred degrees below zero and see if the rest of the country actually gives a crap.

Calgary chose the Montreal Canadiens for the fan interest and the gravitas that Canada's most storied franchise brought to the event.

Shame on the Calgary Flames , for inviting the guest of honour guest to their party and treating the team as a prop.

Shame on the NHL for encouraging this total disrespect!


  1. Come on! The event was in Alberta! Try to find francophone in Alberta! I mean, French in national events yes, but you must be realistic. This is like trying to be serve in French in St-John's New Brunswick: unreal.

  2. Oh knock it off.
    This was a game in Calgary. That's it.
    Stop trying to make something out of nothing. The NHL marketing people along with the CBC tried to make it into some sort of major national event. It wasn't. It was a regular season game held outdoors. Simple as that. Stop buying into the medias own bullshit.

    The number of legislative slaps in the face that all minorities receive from Quebec and face day in and day out are not trivial matters for you to hide behind a god damn stupid hockey game as a slap in Quebec's face.

    This province is going to hell man. A hockey game is what you want to focus on?

    Here area few things you might want to focus on this week instead of trivial matters that all Quebecers should worry about.

    1 - PBS had a major story on Natural Gas frakking this past week on "Need to Know". They dealt with diesel fuel being mixed in with water in the process. End result, contaminated water.

    2 - CBS had a story about a small town in Alabama that had it's employee pension fund go bust. No more pension cheques. That's what happens when plans go bust. Something that anybody waiting for a QPP cheque better worry about. The CBS story appeared on "Sunday Morning".

    3 - The Montreal Gazette had a major feature this week-end on the anglophone communities in Quebec being destroyed outside of the Montreal area. No thanks to Quebec's nasty identity and language policies. Now that is a real slap in the face. One million people in Quebec being treated like garbage. Quebec's little ashamed secret that it wants to bury.

    You still want to blog about some retarded NHL game?

  3. I agree with the Editor, it's not a big deal but at least a bilingual "Oh Canada"...

    However, I would expect no less respect from Quebec Nationals towards English Canada. This type of disrespect in Quebec by separatists is a daily affair.

    Hard core Westerners (Albertans especially) are no better then Quebec separatists, so you get what you give I guess.

    Again, it's not a big deal however they could have been more considerate.

  4. This game took place in Alberta, why on earth would they bother to include any French? Most members of the Canadiens are either Americans or Russians who can't speak a word of French and neither can their coach, as far as I know. And I don't think this was supposed to be a national event anyways and therefore, this post was a complete waste of your time, and ours. You should focus on the more important issues facing Anglophones in Quebec as what this blog is mostly about.

    Besides, if a local hockey event hosted by__________ was to take place in Saguenay, I'm willing to bet my life on it that there wouldn't be a single word in English. Get real, Editor

  5. Editor: If you exclude the xenophobic and racist province of Quebec in your count, LESS THAN 3% OF CANADIANS ARE FRENCH! OUTSIDE QUEBEC THE FRENCH POPULATION IS PRACTICALLY NON-EXISTENT. For that reason alone, it would make more sense to sing the national anthem in English and Mandarin. Hell, may as well sing it in English and Klingon, I bet there's more people speaking Klingon than French outside Quebec! :D

    And what are you, a closet separatist, trying to stir the pot out of something as pointless and trivial as this? This is an injustice to you, yet doctors and nurses being scolded or even bared for offering English services is OK? Please, stop with appeasing the Quebecois. The only appeasement they deserve is giving them their fondest wish--kicking Quebec the hell out of confederation, permanently.

    A slap in the face for Quebec, huh? Quebec deserves a kick in the head, thank you very much.

  6. Folks,

    it's a question of respect... yes it's a hockey game.. but it was broadcast nationally in both French and English.. If your going to sing the star spangled banner without an American team, then you should sing a few lines of French in O'Canada.. Just remember that when not a word of english will be spoken or sung at the new Quebec arena during NHL games

  7. PEOPLE,

    That's right! not a single word. What is Canada:
    self centered. Tit for tat. Idiotically anti social, angainst PATRIMOINE,(anti-historical), cheap, cheap, and stop please saying all sorts of sarcastics and bigot remarks about woman who are blonds, blacks, or brunettes. Woman are people. French are people etc...

  8. You are treating the French like the negroes from the USA. The South and North of America:
    yes the East and the West.


  9. Oh, Editor:

    How much English would have been spoken had the event taken place at la Colisée? Since the first game was held in Edmonton and the second in Calgary, this was really more of an Alberta thing than a Canada-wide thing.

    Will there be another Heritage Classic? If so, where? Who will play? I think the fact a game was held in Calgary over seven years after the last one was an indicator Calgarians felt the Edmontonians were one up on them. This was to even out the the Alberta. Now Calgary has the bragging rights that they won THIER game!

  10. Non Issue. An NHL game in a Western Canadian City where there are few french speakers. What did you expect. I didn't watch the game and imagine it was broadcast with french commentation as well as english on both the french and english networks. If not, then there might be some small cause for concern.

  11. How can you explain that English in Canada could be a language of prestige when those morrons are
    saying the French are not f... worth it. Perhaps they want to scrap O Canada, fine, another reason to go our way. Oui, se séparer est la seule paix sur Terre, la séparation, à leurs frais ! Ils devront payer la facture.

  12. "Just remember that when not a word of english will be spoken or sung at the new Quebec arena during NHL games"

    Assuming they even get an NHL franchise (Which Bettman himself is rather negative) will they sing the Star Spangled banner in French when American teams visit. I recall that on one occasion the American National Anthem was "booed" at a local minor hockey tournament in Quebec. That, to me, is real disrespect.

  13. Oui,
    Qu'arrive-t-il aux touristes ? Aucune pensée pour l'image du Canada envers certains touristes ?

    What about tourists? Any thoughts at all or do you think the event is for the Arrogants of Canada only ? Tis BB colour suits you. Very good representation of English Canada. Your marketing is certainly in trouble... using a language like a hockey day there will be a boomerang... watch out !

  14. What about 225,000 French who are represented with an organization, a song, schools, and were here with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate--Missions--Alberta--Calgary !
    (French jobs exploitation from the English trying to transform their living into more volunteer work,) --- What about Senator Claudette Tardif who expresses her profound disappointment with the Conservative Senate’s position on Bill C-232 through an opinion letter?

    Ce sont nos cowboys conservateurs en bottes recouvertes de pétrole qui sont les rustres du pays avec quelques autres de Missaussaga etc.. de sales rabat-joie (joy killer in English ! for you stupid who refuse to speak my official language).

    Le Lac Louise et les Rocheuses, on se passera d'aller les visiter avec la tête qu'ils ont !!!!!
    Allons plutôt ailleurs. Le coût d'un billet pour aller à l'ouest du Canada est beaucoup plus que le coût d'une billet pour l'Europe. Alors si c'est une question de culture de paysages, il y a tellement en Europe ! Bye Bye joueurs de hockey. Je vous fait un gros pied de nez!

  15. I agree with Albertan! Alberta is English just like Quebec is French.

    The problems is the event would have been bilingual in Quebec.

  16. Hey Anglo don't you know what is curtesy:{

    Willingness or generosity in providing something needed !

    I disagree with your "anti french" calculations. There is more than statistics to a nation. (Two in this Country). The province hosting the event is showing english only, it does not invite french Canadians, nor french speaking people at all, it does show a negative attitude inside Canada. A problem in Canada which is constantly a bashing of languages and culture not recognized other than by NUMBERS. People are not numbers, people are lives, history, (like it is displayed for hockey) with intellectual property you are denying. What aboaut a drop of curtesy among your beer swallowing !

    Hockey is more than a sport to the French, this is what you don't know.

    The minority of English will get pissed off again, while the games will be in French Canada ! are you surprised !!!! don't worry, you don't deserve it. Stay calm and bring a good Robert Colins dictionary when you will be in Montreal (lots of english speaking, and everyone knows english, but they prefer French) No you don't know what it is to loose a culture, you always press yours only.

  17. The problem is you! you are too selfish to see it. Put your puck in your mouth and swallow it.

  18. Those people proning english only have more muscles than brain.


    QUEBEC welcomes _/

  19. "Ce sont nos cowboys conservateurs en bottes recouvertes..."

    Prend soin Etoile, avec votre mots fumeureuse.

    Pour l'histoire que vrais. Tentez-vous ce "link". Je croire vous etes plein de merde avec vos mots contre l'ouest. Hypocrite!!! ou avez vous, recevoir des beaucoup l'argent de vos amis dans l'europe. :):) Etes vous une petite boufonesse?

  20. You can't overcome the love of loving you ENGLISH BASTARDS:

    Those "nasty" people the bastard anonymous thug is talking about is a Nation, the first european civilized nation, a distinct society, which he is treating of "nasty". His philosophy retarded like nobody retarded I know is mixed with xenophobic and racism WORDS, punctuated with a tangente OFF the real topic, he can't focus on.

    Why can't those people stay at home with heavy drinking and watch tv.

  21. "The problems is the event would have been bilingual in Quebec. "

    Now, why do think with this verb tense: "would have been" bilingual....

    Give me the reason. The reason won't be in numbers.

    "Je pense, donc je suis."

  22. OK, you are really being ridiculous today. The game was help outside Quebec in an English speaking city. Seriously, give it a rest man. The French language outside Quebec deserves as much respect as the English language has been shown in Quebec for the last 5 decades. NONE. That’s right Quebec has spent over 4 decades wiping out our language and culture with racist, bigoted anti-English language laws, a la bills 22, 1718, 101…

    Usually you make a lot of sense but today you are way off base, way off. As long as Quebec treats our language like a bad disease the French language outside should be abolished once and for all and bilingualism should be scrapped as well. Enough is enough, we are sick and tired of the double standard and the billions wasted on forcing the French language all over the country while Quebec bans ours. Keep your language Nazis in your own province. We are an English speaking country, this is our real history. Enough with the lies, spin and propaganda.

    Loyal she began, and loyal we remain.

  23. "NONE."

    This is the problem with English Canada, there is no justice. NONE.Your nazi attitude is all over the country. We are a not a bilingual country, according to you, so we are another one.
    This lovely contradiction will cost you the "perequation". If you want us to belong to Canada, it will be at your costs.

  24. Disloyal to the French she was from the beginning, and disloyal she remained...
    Acte du Québec 1774.

    We are here since 400 years, we were FORCED IN.

  25. French eh? All phony expensive BS, read below.

  26. "OK, you are really being ridiculous today."

    Ditto :)

  27. "This lovely contradiction will cost you the "perequation". If you want us to belong to Canada, it will be at your costs."

    According to the facts this has always been the case. Nothing has changed or likely will until Quebec is gone.

  28. "We are here since 400 years, we were FORCED IN.

    No, you lost the war :) You could have elected to move elsewhere or back to France.

  29. To the anon of 11:48:

    This is the French sense of humour. You shouldn't read this literaly. The President's text is purely what we called : a pure French sense of humour, which is quite sarcastic. The journalist who wrote this didn't study French literature (Voltaire-Descartes- Pascal-) nor French philosophy, only grammar,yes grammar; so poor/average education leaves poor judgment over a lot of written text. A lot of them try this irresponsible career, yes irresponsible.And you are amazed and influenced by it, as you depend on what you read.... obviously, anything !

    Do you really think Nicolas Sarkozy will let go of the French language ? think about it...

    If you don't understand this language as well as me... think ! Have a look at the ELYSEE site,
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    which is the Town hall PALACE of Paris, and analyse his views which are the best in Europe at this point.

    He is not in the business of making France a EMPIRE, but having good relationship (unlike English Canada and his condescension to French Canada), the desire of a good financial house, the promoting of new product, the advocacy of giving away jobs, a distance from war etc...

    Really France always had a huge budget on culture, do you really think that France is to be compared with English Canada who is poor in Culture and languages ? This is another poor translation from an automatic searching engine, and you are taking this "au pied de la lettre, pauvres imbéciles!"

    France is my mother country, England is nothing but a "mother-in-law" we like to keep our distance from.... we have enough of her abuse and her militants. We suffered from a long time,and you are too ashame to back off now.

    Read the context of the O Canada in French. It is not the English words switched to please you at all ! but rather something like this:

    O Canada!
    Terre de nos aïeux,
    (our ancestor's land)

    Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux.
    (Your forehead is wrapped of a ribbon covered with Fleur de Lys)

    Car ton bras sait porter l'épée,+++++
    (Your arm knows how to defend us with a sword)

    Il sait porter la croix.+
    (As your arm also knows how to hold the Lord's cross)

    Ton histoire est une épopée,
    (your story is a famous legend)

    Des plus brillants exploits.
    (of one of the most beautiful discovery)

    Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
    (The steel of your sword carries our people's trust and faith)

    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.*******
    (and will protect our homes, our land and our traditions)(bis)

    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.*****

    BARBARIAN of canada:

    There is more than loosing a war, by a few hours. You are in for stepping on the people who were there before you.

    You already killed a lot of French in a hainous way, deport them, rape them, burned them in their churches, separate their families, make them drown in unsafe embarcations, deprived them from jobs, stole their crops, their belongings, made them ill from malnutrition, let them freeze to death, etc....

    English Canada was very cruel, and the modern generation is retarded towards its history and find it too shameful to accept those facts, yes those facts which are well written, by withnesses, historians, priests, scholars etc...

    put it in your a..

  31. I couldnt agree more. I am an English Quebecer and couldnt believe it. Its just in bag taste. To not even perform the bilingual version of the anthem was just disgraceful.
    Perhaps had it been a game against Edmonton I would have understood, but it was Les Canadiens, one of the most storied franchises in hockey and sports history. There are over 1 million (if not more) that watch the Habs on RDS alsmost every game...
    It was really too bad it went down this way.

  32. @ "OK, you are really being ridiculous today."

    All habs hockey games are bilingual.

  33. Congratulations editor! You, much like Gilles Duceppe, and Curzi, and Beaudion, have managed to make something out of nothing. Get emotions all fired up about a NHL game.

    Sometimes I wonder what is the point about your critics concerning the Bloc Quebecois and Parti Quebecois tactics of trying to divide people.

    Also, just a note concerning your point about the US anthem being played at the game. The Canadian anthem was played on January 1st at the outdoor classic. No Canadian teams played that game. Also, Buffalo home games play the Canadian anthem even when no Canadian teams are in Buffalo. And since now the NHL has two outdoor classics a season, it makes it an even more non-event.

    You might have not noticed yesterday that NBC named their week-end game presentation, "Hockey Day in America". It's clear that the NHL is trying very hard to get Americans excited about Hockey. Making it into a National Event. No difference what the CBC did as well. Who cares. All the games on NBC and CBC where regular games with big branding names attached to them. How to sell the same old same old with a name change. Wake up!

    As for somebody else point about the Heritage Classic was broadcast nationally in both languages therefore it should have some french in it. Look buddy, a lot of games are broadcast nationally in french on RDS. Did you know that?

  34. I get your point, Editor, as well as those of just about every other commenter so far. You *are* being ridiculous, picking, of all things, on a hockey game held in English Albertastan. At the same time, individual events like this are perhaps the most appropriate and eloquent examples that underscore the desperate need for acknowledgment that our two solitudes lack.

    Sure, the national anthem could have been sung bilingually. And I think it ought to have been. Bilingual signage would have been more than just a nice gesture.

    At the same time, I deplore the recent trend some pundits and outlets have adopted of late whereby they choose to express outrage, (mock/real) indignation, and fire up the masses emotionally whenever some language "slip-up" like this arises. This practice is as divisive as it is manipulative. It deliberately seeks confrontation and conflict when presented with an opportunity to promote harmony.

    Fully aware of the linguistic realities both within Quebec and outside, I think a more conciliatory (and less populist) approach is called for. We do, after all, teach others how to treat us by the actions that we take.

    Rather than whine or scream genocide, wouldn't it be in everybody's interest if we tried to promote harmony by perhaps more gently calling on the organizers of such events to fix the problem the next time around, rather than come out guns a-blazing?

  35. The war was a long time ago (as some of you are thinking the same way). And our culture and language should be free of interference, now the world has change with euro, more independance etc...

    Look at her "loyal she remains" what about the catastropy in Australia... the "Queen" really cares, does she ? No, it is an empire which is becoming more and more contested. Quebec could do without her, from a long time ago. Acte du Quebec was fraudulent. It treated the Quebecker as low life... shame on the Queen (with a German descent).

  36. Why can't you fax your ass to England, bastardo !<:(

  37. To the Reader:

    "Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards -- the things we live by and teach our children -- are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings."
    - Walt Disney *

    What a circus Canada is.It takes an American to describe it ! Nevertheless the French were here first, 400 years ago, and they will remain, whether the English like it or not. If a country like Egypt had a revolution from Twiter, nothing is impossible !

    *Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901, to Elias Disney, of Irish-Canadian descent, and Flora Call Disney, of German-American descent, in Chicago's Hermosa community area at 2156 N. Tripp Ave.

    Walt Disney's ancestors had emigrated from Gowran, County Kilkenny in Ireland. Arundel Elias Disney, great-grandfather of Walt Disney, was born in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1801 and was a descendant of Robert d'Isigny, originally of France but who travelled to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. The d'Isigny name became anglicised as Disney and the family settled in the village now known as Norton Disney, south of the city of Lincoln, in the county of Lincolnshire.

    His father, Elias Disney, moved from Huron County, Ontario, to the United States in 1878, seeking first for gold in California but finally farming with his parents near Ellis, Kansas, until 1884.

  38. "Quebec could do without her, from a long time ago."

    Yes, and the ROC could do without Quebec, from a long time ago!

    "You are in for stepping on the people who were there before you."

    Who got stepped on before the French?


    Last time I checked we don't have restrictive laws of language in the ROC or organizations such as the OQLF who invade peoples businesses and personal lives, as you do in Quebec. So, who are the real brown shirts. Look at the reflection in the mirror.

  39. To the The Time is NOW,

    "All habs hockey games are bilingual."

    Big deal. It is one of the few instances where the Quebecois haven't done their best to stamp out any last vestige of English in Quebec.

    The lack of French at the Heritage Classic in Calgary may be due to a growing backlash in the rest of Canada regarding Quebec and its fascist language laws, as well as its neverending demands for money.

    If I were an Albertan, I would be outraged at the enormous amount of money that is being drained from their province into the deadbeat shit-hole province of Quebec.

  40. "If a country like Egypt had a revolution from Twiter, nothing is impossible !"

    Hope your right!!!!

  41. To ANON 2/Etoile/etc.,

    "Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards -- the things we live by and teach our children -- are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings."
    - Walt Disney *"

    What about the free exchange of ideas and feelings in the LANGUAGE of one's choice? Obviously freedom of expression does not exist in Quebec. Your hypocrisy is stunning.

  42. Wow it must be a slow day on Vigle since our resident Separatist curmudgeons seem to be spewing a bit more vitriol than usual.

    > No, it is an empire which is becoming more and more contested.

    The British “Empire” hasn’t existed since 1947. Canada ceased being dependent in 1982. Only fools would tilt at windmills and joust with their shadows…

    > Quebec could do without her, from a long time ago.

    I could respect this if it appealed to my mind more than my heartstrings.

    > Acte du Quebec was fraudulent. It treated the Quebecker as low life...

    That’s actually not the legal basis for claiming that or any other document is of questionable validity. And if anything treated the Canadiens like crap, it was the Royal Proclamation. Learn your history. The Quebec Act expanded the size of the Province and actually reintroduced quite a few perks to the French-descended inhabitants of Quebec, like French Civil Law, repealed the (Protestant) Oath and a whole bunch of other “goodies” (much to the chagrin of the rebelling colonies to the south who thought this was no way to treat a conquered people).

    Look at that, and then think of how Quebec is advantaged by Federal transfer payments to this day. The English have been buying us ever since they took over. To state that we have been powerless is a gross exaggeration. We claim to treat our present-day English-speaking minority better than we were ever treated by them.

    Think about that when you realize how close in time the Quebec Act is to the following reproach to King George III in the U.S. Declaration of Independence:

    “ […] For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies […]”

    Numerous failed attempts at assimilation should have taught us at least one thing: there has been at least a begrudging accommodation of bilingualism here for two and a half centuries. We have spent a greater part of our history living around our invaders than we spent invading the Natives. It’s high time we call this childish little game quits and show the rest of the country how we can accommodate each other equally and with respect.


  43. > shame on the Queen (with a German descent).

    What’s wrong with Germans? Or German-descended people? Did your supposedly pure French-Canadian blood spontaneously and immaculately spring from the loins of Almighty God? Do you deny descending from the same simians as the rest of us?

    And just for kicks, I think it’s not entirely irrelevant to point out that the Germans and French were at one point one people, before the Western side decided to Latinize itself and eventually created a new daughter language which eventually became known as French.

    > Read the context of the O Canada in French.

    I have. I just wish you wouldn’t try discrediting yourself while insulting the intelligence of the rest of us who have to tolerate the fact that the right to free speech doesn’t necessarily imply that the “facts” you sputter are actually (…oh what’s that word again?... ) TRUE.

    Seriously man:
    “[…] wrapped of a ribbon covered with *Fleur de Lys* […]”:
    You don’t need to speak French to spot this one.

    “[…] *The steel of your* sword carries *our people's trust and faith* […]”
    On what planet do “valeur”, “foi”, and “trempée” map to “steel”, “people”, and “trust” ?!

    “ […] and will protect […] our *land and our traditions* […]”.
    Same thing here. Traditions?! Not a mention in the entire verse. “Foyer” literally means “fireplace”, or “hearth”, which in English overlaps with traditional notions of “home”. “Droit” literally means “right” or “law” (think of “Dieu et mon droit”). “Droits” is plural.

    I personally believe the words are even more beautiful in French. But for the benefit of our non-francophone readers, it would be improper for me to criticize such a sub-par rendering (I won’t dare call it a translation) without illustrating precisely why I disagree. To that end, I’d like to propose what I, as a francophone, think is a more fitting and faithful translation which does slightly more justice to Adolphe-Basile Routhier’s poem than your pot-shot attempts at adding or falsely (creatively?) extrapolating things that aren’t there.

    Ô Canada | O Canada
    Terre de nos aïeux, | Land of our ancestors/forefathers
    Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux. | Your/thy brow is girded with glorious jewls/florets.
    Car ton bras sait porter l'épée | Though your arm can carry the sword
    Il sait porter la croix. | It can also bear the cross.
    Ton histoire est une épopée, | Your (hi)story is an epic
    Des plus brillants exploits. | Of the most lustrous/brilliant exploits.
    Et ta valeur, de foi trempée, | And your/thy valor steeped in faith,
    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits | Will protect our hearths and rights
    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits. | Will protect our hearths and rights

  44. As a former Anglo Quebecer who moved to Alberta in 1993 to get away from the political B.S., give it a rest already. Who cares!

  45. The anglos are so pestulent, without any imagination and copy from a site, things they cannot illustrate, they copy, they copy the are the pigs of this country. Instead of going to a game, why can't you study one hour for each hour you are looking at sport, and this country wouldn't be so bad.

    What a bunch of low life,xenophobic asses they are ! proud not to be in contact with them. It doesn't suit me at all, not at all. They don't know the facts, from what they are reading, and they are reading garbage, left and right. Again, they can't identify their sources, they rather insult, this is the English for you.

    Thank you Mr. Editor, for submitting some rules, but I think nobody will follow them, nor respect them. They are in the mood to kill ... the dogs and the pittbulls... I mean the anglophones on the blog....

    vous etes dégoutant, vous n'aimez que
    vous=même, votre puanteur, votre merde
    votre langue tout cela est la même
    Merde aux anglais.

  47. I'm with Anon 1:12am. I's an NHL hockey game for God's sake! Except for Roller Derby, the only league on the planet that thinks fighting is an integral part of their sport. The same bunch that is only just coming to the slow conclusion that maybe, just maybe, concussion-causing blows to the head are bad. And you guys are getting upset that they weren't sensitive enough to throw in some bilingualism in a game played in Alberta? I'll bet most of the suit-wearing chimps in charge of the NHL either think spelling "Canadiens" with an "e" is a typo, or don't even realize that it's spelt that way.

  48. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

    Blogospheric theater; as though the drivel to be had at Vigile and the hundreds of other separatist hate sites weren't enough.

    The rabid rants are beyond contempt. Rather than persuade or appeal to reason, I feel insulted by my own fellow man.

    This is clearly not about language, and I doubt it ever really was.

  49. "Merde aux anglais."

    Fais pas oubliez, les anglos sont les majoritie en Canada. Alors, J'espere vous aimez le goute. :)

  50. There have been 46 comments posted on this thread prior to my writing this one, and I'm sure this will come well after #47. After Charles Bronfman sold the Expos to a consortium of Quebec yahoos who wouldn't and didn't know how to run a baseball team, on «la fête separatiste» one year, the Expos were playing a home game, and in an unusual stunt to avoid the crowd having to hear the Canadian national anthem, the anthem was played about one full hour before game time.

    That meant the only ones who MAY have heard O Canada were some players warming up before the game, concessionnaires preparing their kiosks and food, and maybe some other employees (usherettes, groundskeepers, etc.).

    The American national anthem was played right before game time, just like normal in the other 2½ dozen stadiums around the continent. The catch: There is a Major League rule the national anthems must be played before the game, but the rule doesn't state how long BEFORE the game starts that it has to be played.

    I'm sure as a result of this, Major League Baseball had to re-word its rule for the sake of the "Quebec" clause. That little piece of infamy I'm sure trumps ANYTHING "wrong" done in Calgary. Nothing, BUT NOTHING, tops that slap in the face that one June 24th in the 1990s!

  51. @ anon. at 5:39 PM:

    "The anglos are so pestulent, without any imagination and copy from a site, things they cannot illustrate, they copy, they copy the are the pigs of this country."

    This comes from someone who copies and pastes lines from other sites on every other post she makes, the last example being the ancestry of Walt Disney, LOL.

    "...they rather insult, this is the English for you."

    A classic case of projection. Words you have just used such as pestulent (sic), pigs, asses, dogs and pittbulls (sic) sound rather insulting to me.

    "Thank you Mr. Editor, for submitting some rules"

    Unfortunately he isn't following all of his rules, such as not posting comments from disturbed individuals such as yourself.

  52. "Blogospheric theater; as though the drivel to be had at Vigile and the hundreds of other separatist hate sites weren't enough."

    You are just beginning to see some push back against issues such as the OLA and the favored treatment of Quebec at the expense of other provinces (anglo). Lets not go to the details as we all know them well except for the brainwashed imbeciles in Quebec who have been brainwashed by their leaders.

    "This is clearly not about language, and I doubt it ever really was."

    You are likely right. The conquered simply cannot come to the realization of the past and are still living in the past, wishing to regain a status which has been lost and will never return. What do you think bill 101, 78 etc etc are all about. Nothing more than revenge against the victors. That is all, nothing more. Unfortunate that the average people are the pawns in this issue. Language is and has been the central fulcrum of pitting the people of Quebec against Canada by the separtistes and politicians including JJC and the PLQ. In reality, the people in the ROC have issues much more important that a folk lore language which is on decline.

    Keep pushing and expect more push back as is evidenced on a daily basis. The ROC is for the most part fed up to the eyeballs with Quebec, the language debate and other asymetrical issues with regards to this ill fated marriage which could have been ended years ago for the good of all.

    Sorry to be so cynical.

    Look at the comments from both sides on an issue which took place outside of Quebec. Expect more push back.

    Whilst some of the comments are extremely poignant, they do reflect the realities of the coffee row sentiments of the ROC.

  53. @ MG

    Thanks for your post. Brings clarity to the situation and the unbalanced nature of the two languages in Canada. I had not heard about this one, but of course, nothing surprizes me when it comes to the language Zealots in Quebec.

    Nothing ever changes, does it?

  54. Significant numbers of Anglos from Montreal and other regions in Quebec have moved to Calgary and elsewhere in Alberta. They were political and/or economic refugees who were ethnically cleansed from Quebec. I don't blame them for not accommodating French in their new home.

  55. Anon @ 7:14, I'm sure the Montreal expatriates were THRILLED there was no French at the Classic, and Anon @ 7:05, thanks for the compliment.

    I wondered why the American anthem was played when two Canadian teams were competing. That's not the protocol. Maybe it was because the Commissioner, a New Yawker, was in attendance. I suppose it would have been sporting to sing the Canadian anthem partially in French. It wasn't, I'm not preturbed over it, and now I'm going to sleep! It IS late.

    BTW, my post was after #47, it was #49.

  56. I'm an Ontario anglo, and I found the lack of French was embarassing. Same thing at the Olympics. If that game was in Montreal or the Olympics had been held in Quebec City with same level of bilingualism, English Canada would be livid.

    These events should be a rallying point for all Canadians, not more ammo for separatists.

  57. Ah, finally an anonymous who is educated and with compassion.

    Merci monsieur Anglais de 1:23, c'est gentil à vous d'être si compatissant.

  58. Merci au type du 1:23, c'est chouette de penser comme cela.
    Thanks a million. Finally someone who is not an English Separatist.

    Encore une fois merci.

  59. "I'm an Ontario anglo, and I found the lack of French was embarassing. Same thing at the Olympics. If that game was in Montreal or the Olympics had been held in Quebec City with same level of bilingualism, English Canada would be livid."

    Well, if it was in Montreal or somewhere else in Quebec then it likely qualifies as being from "the nation of Quebec", as many in Quebec refer to themselves as a "distinct nation". Then, why would I expect it to be bilingual... If I wanted english commentary I would simply listen/watch the english channels and not worry about the "national" anthem of Quebec (if they had one-maybe Mon Pay ) being played at the start of an event. I am sure those in Quebec tuned into the french language broadcast on RDI during the Calgary Game. So, what is the problem?

    If the truth be known Quebec has left the house already and only drops by to check the mailbox for brown envelopes.

  60. "These events should be a rallying point for all Canadians, not more ammo for separatists"

    Just like 60% of equalization payments going to 22% of the population. Your being had!! mon monsier du Ontario.

  61. Should have been a bilingual event. Completely disgusting that we pander to the Americans but don't respect one of our official languages...and the music was crap...and my habs lost.... a real shitty sunday in reality.

  62. Ontario Anglo here again. I am close enough to Quebec, geographically, that I get to visit there often enough. Once a year, I'd say. Anyone who'd say that "Quebec has left the house already" should pay them a visit if you can.

    Anytime I've been there, I start every interaction in French. Ontario high school French, but I try. And the people I am talking to, 99% of the time, appreciate it. They try to meet me halfway in the best English they can muster (which 99% of the time puts my French to shame). We get along fine. The welcome is warm and sincere. Would it be the same if I didn't at least make an effort in French? I doubt it, but then I'd be an arsehole to not even make the effort. I've never met a Quebecer in Ontario who didn't try do the same.

    If you judge Quebec by its politicians, I wouldn't blame anyone for being cynical. But the same could be said for a Westerner judging Ontario by the fools we elect. Politicians make hay when they can make every issue "us versus them". It doesn't matter who the "us" or the "them" is. If a politician is hated by people outside his or her jurisdiction, it probably means they're good at what they do.

    It's when you get to meet individuals that you realize that we have a lot more in common than we think. The number of times when I've been in Quebec that a conversation with a Francophone has turned to hockey is hilarious. When we'd get talking - a bit of French here, some English there - about Joe Sakic or Wayne Gretzky or Guy Lafleur, I'd almost forget we weren't speaking the same language. The Heritage Classic could've been a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate that common ground. It wouldn't have taken much of an effort. Instead, we pander to Bettman, ignore Quebec, and give the Duceppes of the world another talking point. But he didn't manufacture this one. We gave it to him on silver platter.

    The Quebecers I've met don't want the moon. I think they just want what anyone - any Canadian - would want: an acknowledgement, as symbolic as it may be, that when something is wrapped in a Maple Leaf, they're a part of it. The Olympics or Heritage Classic used the Canadian flag heavily in their branding. If you're going to do that, at least acknowledge that that flag represents two languages. If you'd pay them a visit, it wouldn't take you too long to realize that we owe them that.

    Ontario Anglo

  63. I'm an American so I don't have a dog in this fight, but it seems rather hypocritical for French-speaking quebeckers to complain about a lack of bilingualism in Alberta while enforcing a French-only monolingualism in Quebec.


    1. Right on! What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  64. Trust me my American friend, when it comes to language legislation in Canada hypocracy reigns supreme on both sides. English Canada still fails to acknowledge the French appropriately and Quebec simply lives in a world of delusions and denial.

  65. Do you realize that, in 2008, Quebec accepted $12 billion from the rest of Canada. Of that, $8 billion came from Alberta alone.

    Just think...That's $2,666.67 for every man, woman and child in Alberta. I sure could use that money.

    I say "au revoir" Quebec.

    Translated to English, that means PISS OFF!!!!!

  66. "I say "au revoir" Quebec.

    Translated to English, that means PISS OFF!!!!!"

    Comon dude there's no need for this. You're better than that. Your comment was a hard hitting fact that couldn't be contested by even the wildest seperatist. And then the part that I quoted made you lose credibility as now they can make you out to look like a racist angryphone. Don't give them ammo. Stay factual and logical and keep passion out of it.

  67. I am a former Quebecer. I left Quebec because I was forced to speak french everywhere I went and couldn't find a job as an english speaking person.

    Don't complain about other provinces making their own choices about language.

    Keep your own opinions to yourself. The rest of the country has their own interests in mind, not yours.

  68. What a lovely person you are Jason ! So you can't speak French well enough hein ! You have to be smart to learn French.... perhaps you haven't done enough studying. Ah........ well, as I said before the can of worms is big enough... you can go somewhere ele.

    Ontario has a lot of French, but there is a lot of hypocrits: it's lip service. Too hard for the Anglo... like you unhappy from the lovely French immersion you were surrounded with.

    No, it's also a question of attitude Jason. Yes, attitudes. You have to want to speak it. Not only pretend you speak French. I know... too many people like you and they failed their exams.

    Stay away from the sports, keep your nose in the books and stop complaining on this blog idiot! learn something instead.

  69. Peut-etre que tu ne devrais pas assumer des choses et me poser des question avant, non? Comme la, tu me dis que je ne suis pas assez intelligent pour parler le francais...mais pourtant!!!! Quelle est cette langue magique que je parle???? Est-ce l'espagnol??? Le mandarin???? Arrrrgggghhh que je suis nul!!! Mais me voici, un sportif qui a joue au hockey et au soccer pendant 15 ans, qui parle anglais, francais et se debrouille en espagnol et italien. Et en passant mon francais enrichi de secondaire 5 je l'ai passe a 87%, nettement meilleur que les eleves quebecois dans mon ecole francais prive. Ah oui, et aussi, meme si mon pere est WASP et que j'aurais pu aller au secondaire en anglais, j'ai CHOISI d'etudier en francais. J'ai fais l'effort. Je l'ai appris votre langue venere, meme si je me faisais traiter de bloke tout le long. Et malgre tout, j'en suis sorti bilingue avec un respect pour les Quebecois intact. Je ne deteste pas les Quebecois, je deteste les imbeciles (un groupe dont tu fais parti maintenant) et c'est eux que j'insulte sans relache. Je te met au defi de trouver un seul de mes "posts" avec des propos raciste envers les Quebecois.

    So now, seeing as how your whole post was designed to insult me, which was clearly wrong, you've done nothing but demonstate the vast ineptitude of your own judgments and intellect. I've repeated it time and time again to all the 'tarded seppies that TRY to blast me on this blog and end up failing gloriously: When we assume we make an ass out of you.... and that's it.

    Good day, retard.

  70. Speaking of RDS, lots of Montreal Canadiens fans outside Quebec are very disenfranchised with CBC's coverage of the Habs. That's why they get digital cable and satellite to watch RDS's broadcasts in Calgary, Vancouver and Newfoundland, while CBC shoves the Leafs down everybody's throats!