Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Canada's Most Racist Police Force

When there's no cell phone service and the only reading material is two year old issues of Men's Health Magazine, sitting in a doctors waiting room can be a colossal bore.

And so last week, as I twiddled my thumbs and occupied the time by studying the other patients in the room who were waiting patiently for their their name to be called, my eyes fell upon a strapping young man sitting diagonally across from me.
He must have been six-foot two and weighed a muscular 200 hundred pounds and I couldn't help thinking that he'd be a scary person to meet in a dark alley.

He was of course, Black.

And so embarrassed, I chased the racist thought from my mind and reminded myself that stereotyping people was evil, especially when based on race, colour, creed or ethnicity.

I'm far from a racist, quite the opposite, but we are all conditioned by television and the news media which emphasizes and attributes a disproportionate level of crime and violence to the Black community.

A few minutes later the young man reached into a beaten up Loblaw's re-usable shopping bag and pulled out a college-level calculus text book as well as a well-thumbed Hilroy-type notebook in which he started in on his homework, which included adding some complicated data points to an X/Y axis grid, which was incidentally quite out of my mathematical league.

Oh, the shame...How perceptions change!

As I daydreamed I couldn't help thinking that this fine young student was likely to have suffered  his whole life, from a society that is predisposed to think the worst of him.

I especially wondered how many times this young man had been rousted by Montreal's infamously racist police force, for absolutely no other reason other than the colour of his skin.

Police will tell us that there is a disproportionate amount of criminality in the Black community and I've no doubt it's true. There is also that same disproportionate level in the Latino community and every other underprivileged class.

Like pavlov's dog, our society has been conditioned to attribute the phenomenon of crime with the colour of skin or ethnicity, instead of the socio-economic conditions that these communities find themselves living in, which remains the real causal element related to a higher incidence of crime.

And so police tell us it is fair to target Blacks because as a community they are more likely to be involved with crime. Seems reasonable, right?

Now I wasn't acquainted with this young black man in the waiting room at all, but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that he's been stopped and hassled by the Montreal cops , more than once, for no other reason than because he's Black.
I'll bet that  for every 'routine' traffic check' a white person is subjected to, a Black person will likely suffer the process ten times over.
" ... nearly 40 per cent of black youths in the boroughs of Montreal-North and St-Michel were stopped at least once and asked for identification between 2006 and 2007, relative to 6 per cent for their white peers...
"....a black motorist filed complaints to Quebec’s Human Rights Commission and police ethics commissioner, alleging he was needlessly pulled over by a suburban police force four times in a week last summer   Link
Notwithstanding what the police tell us, the majority of Blacks are honest, even if there is an elevated percentage of criminals in the community.

Racial profiling, unfair targeting and mistreatment of Blacks by the Montreal police is legendary.
The long list of abuse is public record and nobody, but nobody can dare to deny the self-evident truth of racism. Nobody except the police.

And so every time we hear a story of a Black person objecting to being subjected to 'special treatment,' invariably the police will lie and tell use that the Black person was uncooperative and that they the police were just doing their job.

The flimsy cover stories provided by the police almost never stand up to scrutiny, as highlighted by this story of a Black high school teacher who was accosted by cops while waiting in the passenger's seat of a friend's car while he picked up a pizza.
"Police say they were justified in questioning Charles because there is drug activity in the neighbourhood, and the car in which Charles was sitting had no license plate." Read the disturbing story 
This of course was a blatant lie. The car had a perfectly legitimate paper temporary tag that was pasted in the rear window as is required by law. It seems that the police are so arrogant that they don't even bother to come up with plausible stories. More

It's gotten to the point that when we hear two versions of events, it's more than likely that the police officers are lying.

Of course, we only hear the stories when the police abuse Black people who aren't afraid to complain as with the case of two Montreal Alouettes who were stopped for the notorious crime of "Driving a nice car while being Black."
"Montreal police Sgt. Yan Lafrenière said Thursday his officers were not using racial profiling when they stopped the vehicle; they were stopping what they saw as potential criminals."  Read another nightmare of Montreal police racism
In decision after decision, the Quebec Human Rights tribunal have found that the police acted improperly, something that doesn't sit well with the police.

A typical case is one like that of a complaint filed by Gemma Raeburn, a respected black-community organizer, who asked a couple of friends to help clean her garage in a Montreal west island suburb, when six police officers, weapons drawn pulled up to the house assuming a robbery was in progress. 
"Given relations between the police and the black community, given that multiple unarmed black citizens have been shot by the police, it's clear that police bullets have been shot according to skin colour," explains Raeburn. "Clearly the findings [from the Quebec Human Rights Commission] are warranted. It is without a doubt that the police were actively practising racial discrimination outside my home."
"It was so, so humiliating," Raeburn, 57, recalled yesterday. "We're the only black family that lives on this street.
I had to go to all my neighbours and tell them that it wasn't a drug bust." Story
It seems that the Human rights commission agrees that the police are racist;
The head of Quebec's human rights and youth commission says the Montreal police force needs to put an end to its "systemic" practice of racial profiling.
Commission head Gaetan Cousineau said that for the better part of two years police have denied accusations they routinely stop young black men without cause, dismissing each complaint brought to their attention as an exception to standard procedure.
The Montreal police have tried to bury a report that they themselves commissioned, that concluded that the force was racist.
"Written by a psychologist with expertise in conflict and crisis management, it’s blunt in its assessment of policing in Montreal North, site of the 2008 riots sparked by the death of an unarmed Villanueva at the hands of a young officer.
“The youths say that the police officers say things they wouldn’t dare say in any other sector of the city,” writes the psychologist, Martin Courcy, who met with about 60 young people from the area and observed police operations there following the riots.
Some examples cited in the report: To a youth from North Africa, an officer allegedly said, “Why don’t you blow yourself up?” To another, “If you’re not happy, why not go back to your country?”
And even this: “We prefer to be colonizers than slaves.”
This isn’t racial profiling, Courcy explains, “but racism pure and simple.” Read the article
Montreal police dismissed Charest's report, saying it used flawed methodology.  Ho hum....

All this is old news, but the latest shocking revelation is that police have embarked on a campaign of organizational stonewalling. Instead of facing up to their conduct and accept responsibility, the police are trying to bury the truth.

Another racist attack involving a Laval couple has brought these unfortunate facts to light.
"The Quebec Human Rights Commission has recommended that the city award $20,000 to a Laval couple for an alleged racial-profiling incident in which their car was towed away, stranding them downtown with their 2-month-old son." Read the story
It seems that the police are going to appeal the decision and all others like it, at a cost of untold tens of thousands of dollars, all in an attempt to punish and render the process of complaining against the police long and debilitating. It will be many years, if not ever, before the Laval couple see their money.
Incredibly, since 2009 police have made it a policy to no longer testify before the Human Rights Commission, thus destroying the judicial process. Sixty cases of alleged police racism before the commission are being held in abeyance as the commission pushes for the police to appear. It seems the police have cynically decided that since they don't win in court it's better to queer the system! Outrageous!

The judicial stonewalling is a device fit for mobsters and other criminals who use every legal trick to thwart the inevitable hand of justice, not for an organization sworn to uphold the law!

As a community we shouldn't tolerate a police force that is out of touch with modern police methods. Other police forces in Canada face the same challenges of elevated crime in minority communities and although we hear stories of intolerance elsewhere, nothing compares to the breadth and scope of the problem in Montreal.

More Abuses;
 Death of man stopped by police brings suspicion from Montreal's black community
Metro security guards allege selection Racist for Montreal Police Force

The  Center for Research-Action on Race Relations  has a long list of abuses on it's website. It is an excellent resource for combating racism and provides a how-to primer on lodging complaints.

It's time for the police and public officials to stop living in denial.

It's time for the public to stop living in denial as well and it's time that the public demand change and accountability.


  1. Welcome to Quebec... Is it any surprise really?

    Quebec children are taught intolerance in school, from pre-school right up through high school. Not necessarily by their peers, but their very own teachers whom they trust, not too mention and their very unique Quebec published textbooks. Carefully hand crafted by Quebec separatists.

    But it doesn't end there. A healthy dose of daily intolerance is fed to Quebec's public from the French language media, be it radio, television or newspaper, it is very much alive and well. Levels of intolerance that would have them shutdown within hours anywhere else in Canada or the United States, thrive unabated in Quebec. And if that weren't enough, we have a very parental-like figure in the government of Quebec, spouting and enforcing intolerance to such a huge degree, you would think its part of a religious mantra. PLQ or PQ, it's all the same mantra.

    Ah, "Les Autres". Anyone who is not white, Catholic and French. Quebec must be defended from such a threat we're told, and if the government can't protect us enough through restrictions, laws and revoking of rights to put "les autres" in their place, then surely Montreal's police force will step in. To serve and protect...les Quebecois. I suppose even that is not enough protection to some people, which of course is why Les Milice Patriotique Quebecoise was born and starting to rear its ugly head.

    Montreal police racial profiling is just the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid. Quebec is a very sick province, and our racist police force are just one symptom of it. I'm afraid though this illness doesn't just linger as is, it grows and grows until it consumes its host. Laugh if you will, one day when Quebec intolerance hits its peek, you'll look back and remember my words.

  2. Chénier dit : Let see what in The Ottawa Sun today :''Aboriginal man alleges racial profiling by Ottawa Police,By DOUG HEMPSTEAD, Wednesday, February 9, 2011 ( On Wednesday, December 1, 2010, CBC: ''Racial profiling addressed by Ottawa police''( Et tout ça dans la capitale du ''plusss beau pays du monde ?'' dixit Chrétien ? Regardez les problèmes dans leur ensemble et non en vous fermant les yeux. Les politiques linguistiques n'ont rien à voir avec ça, c'est de l'hommerie, rien de plus, rien de moins. Mais c'est vrai, les canadiens anglais et leur vertu pernicieuse et fausse !Regardez cela ''Attaques de John Furlong contre Gilles Vigneault - UN MÉPRIS SANS NOM POUR LA CULTURE QUÉBÉCOISE'' ( vlan dans les dents !

  3. @Chénier

    Ils ont même essayé de faire croire que les tueries de polytechnique et Dawson étaient reliées au soit disant racisme Québécois.

    Encore une journaliste "reject" du ROC frustrée de n'avoir pu s'adapter a notre société distincte.

  4. Hey Apple IIGS,

    Its not because the police of Montreal are full of damn racist biggots that ALL the quebecker are racist biggots too....

    Simple mind huh ?

  5. Zero surprise here. As more rural, unilingual Francophones drift into Montreal carrying with them the perceptions imposed on them by a xenophobic media and political system it's only normal that stories like this will make the news. Given the preferential treatment they get when applying for public sector jobs, only ensures that the community is serviced by those that would have them not be in Quebec at all.
    All Police officers, Firemen and other public sector employees that deal with the public should be able to demonstrate bilingual skills not only for communication purposes, but also to remove the sense of us and them that they've been indoctrinated with. Those that don't should be fired. They can always go seek employment from super genius Duceppe.

  6. My gf's friend's husband is a cop, a pure laine guy with the eloquence and subtlety of a farm animal (no offense to farm animals).

    He works in the anti-gang unit somewhere in Montreal Nord. His definition of a gang is rather simple: “two or more black guys walking down the street.”

  7. Too funny, one seppie finds one reference in a canadian paper, see it's as worse there, lol.
    Typical seppie, just like MacCleans was so wrong about calling quebecker corrupt, they even made them apologize, only to find out the depth of corruption in quebec. yeah usual seppie crap.
    Quebec is racist period, deal with it. Everyone in canada has prejudice, but the level in Quebec is ridiculous and a good of why is the usual denial.

  8. "a notre société distincte"

    The only distinct character of your society is its utter lack of distinction and decorum. Ok, no, there's also its institutionalized and rampant xenophobia and bigotry. What is an occasional occurence in the ROC is part of daily existence here.
    You are an apologist for a system of linguistic and cultural apartheid.

    "Dawson étaient reliées au soit disant racisme Québécois"

    I have no doubt in my mind that if the targeted school was Francophone, and the deranged shooter of ethnic origin, there would be no end to the burning crosses in this backwater of swill you call Francophone Quebec.
    As it stands, the violence only stems from your unilingual faction, from the sixties until today.

  9. Look lets give official Quebec credit where credit is due. Yes indeed folks you have to admire the fact that Quebec is consistent with its hatred, bigotry, racism and intolerance towards anything and anyone that is “pure laine French” I mean think about it, this has gone on for decades now. Talk to people who are older, they will tell you this type of intolerance, hatred was going on in the 1940’s, 50s, 60s, 70’s…Its not new in Quebec. Bills 22, 178, 101…and all the other anti anything but French laws are hateful in nature and in practice. Many, many of us have left Quebec because of this hatred.

    The sad this is this has become the norm in Quebec and is becoming the norm outside Quebec as well. The police are a disgrace in Quebec and we the public have know this for a very long time, and they simply don’t care. Its engrained form the top down and the bottom up I policing and government, one and the same, sad indeed.

    Its bad in Quebec folks but boy is getting bad in Ontario, NB and elsewhere as they demand everything and anything in French all across the country, what a mess. Yes it has left Quebec and is spreading everywhere. Wake up people.

    Good for you, keep exposing the truth.

  10. To racist anglos: Maybe you should read what you have done to french speaking people in the history of your country.

    Get some culture. Well, is there a Canadian culture?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. "...and elsewhere as they demand everything and anything in French all across the country..."

    Ce n'est qu'un début.

  12. "My gf's friend's husband is a cop, a pure laine guy with the eloquence and subtlety of a farm animal (no offense to farm animals)."

    Adski,espérons pour vous qu'il ne consulte pas ce blogue car il pourrait y avoir du Polonais (dans son jus) pour souper.

  13. "Get some culture. Well, is there a Canadian culture?"

    Canadian and culture :
    Two words that don't go well together.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. "Get some culture. Well, is there a Canadian culture?"

    You stupid idiot.

    We have lots of culture. We speak English and are proud of it, we are proud of our English, Scottish, Irish, United Empire Loyalist, Italian, Jewish…history and culture. Yes that same language and culture that built Quebec from 1763 up until the 1960”s. Now Quebec is just a racist dump.

  15. I lived in New York City when they could arrest without a warrant any Puorto Ricans.

    Now, I see the Ontario police arrests a lot French people (traffic etc..) and they ask them more questions, are harder with them. Each time there is an arrest they put front and center on the Newspapers: Quebec/or FRENCH bla, bla, bla.... So, English Canada is more Xenophobic than French Canada. Yes. Why ?

    French Canada is more careful with immigration, crime and/or terrorism. Naturally everybody on this blog takes this opportunity, everytime there is a minority problem (Jewish, or Black person, or an English one) to cry like "Gone with the Wind", when it involves one of them. (we know they don't care about the French. Just another kick in the b... from the Anglos on this blog say cruel things about the French, without any repent nor any proven facts).

  16. I was left dumbfounded by this blog post.

    Honestly, Canada's most racist police force? No statistics, no comparisons with Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, etc. Trying to pin a few incidents on the fact that the police here is francophone is BIGOTRY, pure and simple.

    You need to look in the mirror...

  17. To anon @ 2:47
    "Trying to pin a few incidents on the fact that the police here is francophone is BIGOTRY, pure and simple."

    My blog post is 1773 words long and does not contain the word francophone once.
    You have attributed to me, something that I did not say.

    I repeatedly said that the Montreal Police is a racist entity based not only on anecdotal evidence, but on the opinion of the Montreal police force's own experts. The Quebec Human Rights Commission agrees.
    What other police force in Canada has been condemned as racist by it's own experts?

    I feel somewhat like the author of the Maclean's article who called Quebec the most corrupt province.
    Shoot the messenger, eh!

  18. I remember Anthony Griffen, shot in the back, execution style.

  19. To anonymous 1:05pm

    "To racist anglos: Maybe you should read what you have done to french speaking people in the history of your country."

    Once again, a Quebecois citing historical racism as justification for present racism.

    As a Jew, by your logic, I'm allowed to be as racist as I want because at some point throughout our history, Jews were racially targeted (still happening right here).

    However, I am a human, and not just an angry Jew, and so I choose the high road. I'm not racist. I don't hate French people even though some of them (definitely not all) are openly racist towards me because I’m Jewish, but more commonly because I haven't perfected my Quebecoise accent.

    My great grandpa telling your great grandma to “speak white” is not an excuse for you to tell me to speak French, convert to Catholicism and leave. You my friend are actually a racist, and you show it by making fun of your own country (yes, you are Canadian, check your passport if you don’t believe me).

    Having said all that, I agree there are racist Anglos who hate French people, they are over represented on this site, and they are no better than you. But remember, not all Anglos are racist. The same way not all Quebecois and not all cops in Quebec are racist. It’s the rotten apples that spoil the bunch. The problem is we have a lot of rotten apples in this province and so we are all the worse for it.

  20. to the liers:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall...who is the most racist of all...

    I see a lot of questions about the nationalism in Quebec and I still can't get why english canadian kids can't figure it out by themself... Are they told about all the racism and oppression did on French Canadians through the history of this country?!

    A couple of exemple I'm sure they never tell you about in your books and classes :

    - speak white (used as ''late'' as the 50's!! )
    - Frogs

    Do they remember that patriots were hanged in public place to ''give the example'' and make us ''submissive'' to the Britain Colonies?

    Do they remember burning Catholic church ? Or opening fire on them while there was people inside?

    Do they tell them that during the 'Crise d'Octobre' they sent the military in our streets and only 'employed' anglo-soldiers to make sure there would not be 'sympathy' toward the French population?

    Do them remember that the constitution act of Canada ( of 1982) was signed during the night of the 4th november when Rene Levesque was still sleeping! And of course they aren't stupid they made sure we didn't had the veto right...

    there's so much more.... and it's all hidden under the carpet and you have to make long research to find it all out... but the 'black book' of canada is so huge... that I'm almost thinking that canada is a lie.

    Why English Speaking people don't know that?

  21. "Once again, a Quebecois citing historical racism as justification for present racism."

    Je me souviens.

  22. "As a Jew, by your logic..."

    Nous ne sommes pas des Juifs et vous n'êtes pas tous les Juifs.

  23. To Ano @ 1:05 PM

    What does your comment have to do with the Montreal police force?

    Honestly, the level of discourse coming from Francophone commenters is extremely obtuse and juvenile. What does it say about the mental state of people like you, when your response to every critical observation is to make racist comments and remind people about past injustices? What does it accomplish to endlessly repeat the racist slur that Canadians have no culture?

    What it does is reveal your sociopathic tendencies and cement the reputation that the Quebecois have for being vindictive, intolerant and culturally smug.

    The article does not criticize Francophones. Your prejudices and persecution complex led you to believe that the article was directed at Francophone cops instead of entire police force. I imagine that you base your assumption on the fact that the Montreal police are mostly Francophones, but that is another issue all together.

    I know from several encounters with the Montreal police, that they don’t like Anglophones much either. Just try talking to a Montreal cop in English, or worse yet asking one if they could please communicate in English. I used to drive a old rusting boat of a car that attracted a lot of police attention. Every time I was stopped and presented my license (with my Anglophone name) I was treated rudely and aggressively, even if I politely spoke French (I speak French with an English accent).

    There is plenty of subjective and objective evidence available to support the point of the article. Informed Montrealers know this to be true. All other people like Ano @ 1:05 PM who hide behind their accusations of racism and cultural arrogance are beyond reason.

  24. "My great grandpa telling your great grandma to “speak white” is not an excuse for you to tell me to speak French..."

    Si ce n'étais que cela ,il n'y aurait plus de problème aujourd'hui.Le réel problème se situe derrière cette petite phrase assassine et tout le mépris qui s'y rattache et ce qui en a découlé.

  25. To Editor @ 3:15

    Your run a blog called No Dogs or Anglophones, post daily about the supposed intolerance and racism of french Québécois, post a story called "Canada's most racist police force" without offering any statistics or relevant comparisons and expect us to swallow that because the word "french" is absent it wasn't implied?

    Sorry, you're not fooling anybody­.

  26. Au crétin qui dit je me souviens...
    Tu te souvient pas trop, je me souviens d'être née sous le lys et d'avoir grandi sous la rose. j'imagine que tu incapable de comprendre le symbolique de ce texte. Et merci a tous les idiots qui on démontrer comment juste l'étiquette raciste les québécois mérite. Bof juste a lire vigile pour le voir dans toute sa splendeur.

  27. "Anonymous said...
    to the liers:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall...who is the most racist of all..."

    Please refer to my post at 4:29. I'm hoping you wrote that before reading my post. Because if you wrote that garbage after actually reading my post you are an idiot and prove my point.

    @ AngloBuster

    Stop texting while driving. Maybe you will come up with some better ideas than whats written on the license plate in front of you.

    I remember also. I remember Jews being shepparded to the gaz chambers because they were any easy political target. We have a saying also "Lest we Forget..." Sounds kind of similar. The difference is Jews have had real adversities to deal with.

    Too bad for you 6 million Jews were killed and 0 Quebecois have been subject to genocide. If the English were as bad as you say and had killed 1/10th of what went down in the holocaust you may actually have your own country alla Isreal. 6 million jews, think about that for a minute, that is equivalant to the entire French Canadian population. You think you know racism, You think you "remember."

    You see there is a difference between real suffering and the petty garbage you complain about. "Oh nooooo, The Jersey Shore is English only........."

  28. Too many French died under the English guns. Only twits like yourselves can't realize it.
    Perhaps children in school if they read Harry Potter all the time.

    What about the actual Quebecois defending you as a Canadian ? Why are you saying such nonsense ?

    You congratulate yourself to have an Anglophone hero like the colonel David Russell Williams the famous woman killer from Tweed Ontario ?

    Williams was also a decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for Canadian dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the governor general, the prime minister, and others. That's the kind of people Quebecois doesn't like to be associated with.

    And if they want to ban knifes, or religious veil and make the Arabs speak French so WHAT! They are the people, and they are the people now, now, now, now.
    Accept to be a minority in Quebec and submit to their laws. The energy you are spending foolishly is against the good financial house of the Country and deteriorates socially our image in the international world. Of course, you don't understand macro-economy ! other than attacking without proof anybody in Quebec and ostracise the Quebecois who are proud to retain their language and their culture as a minority, you have nothing else in the brain.

  29. To the anti-French BlueWhiteRed:

    Why shouldn't have an opinion, because you have expressed yours, what kind of selfish bastard are you? Anglo bastard, sans doute, arrogant et pitoyable.

  30. The Jersey Shore is a term used to refer to both the Atlantic coast of New Jersey and the adjacent resort and residential communities and a lot of Quebecois can tell you their stories, imbecile... if they want French at home, it is because they want to be King at home. What about you, you will have to loard elsewhere, not on their turf, go play on the Jersey Shore English !

  31. "Williams was also a decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for Canadian dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the governor general, the prime minister, and others. That's the kind of people Quebecois doesn't like to be associated with."

    Anglo-Canadians want nothing to do with Russell Williams. He has been imprisoned, expelled from the military and his uniforms have been burned.

    The Quebecois would rather be associated with Rene Levesque - their hero - who ran over and killed a man while drunk driving with his mistress in his car. The Quebecois also can relate to Claude Charron, who was arrested for shoplifting and drunk driving in the same year, or with the many FLQ terrorists, who bombed, kidnapped and killed people, including Pierre Laporte and others.

  32. Breaking the peace alone is not an act of heroism, but braking the peace as a group becomes terrorism. And terrorism exists because of a reason. Just ask yourself why?

  33. Comparer René Levesque et Russell Williams me semble pour le moins tordu.

    "who bombed, kidnapped and killed people"

    Les américains font ça quotidiennement depuis des décennies sans aucun reproche des canadians.

  34. Williams is still alive ! Impunity is his sentence. Emprisonment paid by all is not enough.His crimes are the ones of a psychopath.

    It was alleged that Lévesque had been driving while intoxicated. The incident gained extra notoriety when it was revealed that the female companion in the vehicle was not his wife, but a secretary named Corinne Côté. Lévesque’s marriage ended in divorce soon thereafter (the couple had already been estranged for some time), and in April 1979, he married Côté.

    If you cannot dissociate an accident from a crime, how can you judge a nation ? You can't recognize people's rights and freedom.
    You can't tell the difference from a voluntary crime and a negligence, from right and wrong....

    As to terrorism, in Quebec it was mild, very mild nothing to be compared with the Baader-Meinhof, German terrorism in the 1968-1977, or from the ETA organized in 1959 when the group known as Basque Fatherland and Freedom (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna--ETA) broke away from the much larger Basque Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Vasco--PNV). The ETA adopted a policy of armed struggle in 1968; in practice, much of the violence was attributed to an extremist faction.

    Canada is not serious compared to other countries, apart from the constant pain in the neck the English are giving the French.... they are very patient those French, let me tell you !
    One day your balls may hurt you if they become serious. They may want to be left in peace with their language.

  35. Who is immature here !
    It's always a French cop, a French woman, a French politician you are focussing on. Give me a fucken brake here, and you are talking about racism! what kind of nazi pigs are you!
    Quebeckers have the right to stay brothers.
    Une race sans autorité ni pouvoir est une race sans respect.

  36. @Anonymous 3:46PM & 9:51PM

    "And if they want to ban knifes, or religious veil and make the Arabs speak French so WHAT! They are the people, and they are the people now, now, now, now."

    Sikhs and Muslims are people too, with their own cultures that they would like to protect and uphold. You say "so what" to the (sometimes) needless restrictions of their culture? The rights of the minority should not be decided upon by the majority, especially when said majority has apparently been pervaded with intolerance, xenophobia, and oftentimes outright hatred.

    "Accept to be a minority in Quebec and submit to their laws." ... "[You should not] ostracise the Quebecois who are proud to retain their language and their culture as a minority."

    So anglo- or allo-phone minorities within Quebec should surrender their heritage completely, while that of the francophone minority within Canada should be relentlessly and valiantly defended? What sort of mental gymnastics do you have to perform to arrive at such double standards? Either everyone has the right to retain their culture, or everyone must acquiesce to the laws of the nearest authority. If the separatists aren't willing to do it, why should the anglophones who reside in Quebec? Our culture is no less important to us than yours is to you.

    And on another note, the very idea that you would defend the actions of the FLQ is absolutely nauseating. There is no such thing as mild terrorism. Terrorism is an extreme act in and of itself, particularly when it results in a murder...or have you managed to convince yourself that Laporte is just an imaginary person dreamed up by the federalists to make the separatists look bad?

    If anyone is patient in this childish English-French conflict, it's the English. Separatists spit on Canadian ideals, mock our language and our backgrounds, and yet expect benefits that are given to no one else. It's true that most English-speakers I've encountered outside of Quebec do harbour distaste for our province but it isn't because of its different language or its history, it's because of the derogatory and condescending attitudes of the hypocrites that make up the loud and obnoxious separatist movement.

    "Une race sans autorité ni pouvoir est une race sans respect."

    An individual who purports to be from a great race so that they may ride on the coattails of their ancestors without actually accomplishing anything themselves, is without respect.

  37. Of course, it's the GESTAPO! I take the occasion to cite a great Allie of the British against Napoleon...

    Tout ce qui est exagéré est insignifiant - Talleyrand

  38. "To the anti-French BlueWhiteRed:

    Why shouldn't have an opinion, because you have expressed yours, what kind of selfish bastard are you? Anglo bastard, sans doute, arrogant et pitoyable."

    I will refer you to my previous post "I'm not racist. I don't hate French people....."

    And no, you are not entitled to an "opinion" because there are no "opinions" that can justify racism. It is simply not justifiable. And so your “opinion” is not an opinion but in fact racist rhetoric.

    I listened, over and over, to this argument that Quebec has a historic rite to be racist. I tried to understand it at your kindergarten level. But no, it makes no sense. You cannot say that you are allowed to be racist because someone was racist to you. Fact. Many people feel that way, and that is one reason why so many people hate each other. And that is why you carry so much hatred. Let go of the past and work towards a better future. I’m not saying you should forget. You absolutely should remember. But not so you can get your vengeance. You should remember so you don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

    "Too many French died under the English guns. Only twits like yourselves can't realize it.
    Perhaps children in school if they read Harry Potter all the time...."

    How anyone who took what I wrote and some how confused it with disrespect for Quebecers in the military is unfathomable! People who died fighting for their country is not genocide. The English did not put the Quebec soldiers in Afghanistan to die because of a language issue you idiot.

    Arguing with people who are incompetent of opening up and listening to what others have to say is about as much fun as playing poker with a toddler.

    And what's wrong with Harry Potter? Did they refuse to translate it into French? It has been cited as a major force in reintroducing a generation of children to reading books. Why all the Potter hate? I just don't get it.

    The ultra racists on both sides of this language debate will never find common ground. You are all too stubborn.

  39. "It was alleged that Lévesque had been driving while intoxicated....If you cannot dissociate an accident from a crime, how can you judge a nation ?"

    If Rene Levesque wasn't drunk when he killed the man with his car, why did the Quebecois police wait 5 hours before giving him a breathalyzer test? They were obviously protecting him. And killing someone while drunk driving is not an accident - it is a crime.

    Russell William's crimes may have been more serious than Levesque's, but he was only an officer in the military. He wasn't the Premier/Prime Minister of an entire province, who could potentially have become the founding father of a new country. And Williams was punished for his actions, unlike Levesque.

    By the way, if Williams is ever released from prison, he will probably move to Quebec like Karla Homolka did.

  40. Bye the way, why don't you stay your way, stay away, young and in the way, always stepping in our shoes the wrong way. Williams should have the death penalty, Quebec won't keep an Ontario pig anyway.

  41. The Potter issue, yes your intellect doesn't get it, Mr. ENglish. You are at level -1 of the intello.

  42. At anon 5:13 PM

    Well Quebec will probably keep Ontario pig, because it already has tonnes of pigs and a few more pigs wouldn't make a difference.

    I for one would love to see whole trainloads of English speaking welfare recipients to come and partake in the Quebec welfare programs.

  43. The number of Ontario residents on welfare jumped by more than 63,200 last year.

    The social assistance caseload increased by about 20% between November 2008 and November 2009, according to the latest government figures available.

    Charlotte Wilkinson, of the ministry of community and social services, said the rising number of recipients reflects the global economic downturn.

    "The Ontario Works caseload generally increases when the unemployment rate increases, which is what has happened in Ontario during this economic recession," Wilkinson said in an e-mail.

    "We recognize the diverse challenges that many Ontario Works recipients face, particularly in a changing economy, but even under these circumstances 19% of Ontario Works participants have left the program to move into jobs this year."

    The Ontario government took a number of steps since 2005 to help people find work through measures such as increasing the maximum deduction for child care for working parents and extending drug, dental and vision care benefits to people leaving social assistance for work, she said.

    The total number of beneficiaries -- 365,319 -- still falls dramatically short of the 1.3 million Ontarians on the dole during the last recession of the early 1990s.

    NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo said she does not believe that people are better off this time around.

    "What we do see now is a rise in what I call precarious employment ... part-time, contract labour," DiNovo said. "There's a huge, great swath of people out there who are kind of just making do with odd jobs here and there.

    The maritimes numbers are not easy to swallow either.....
    So keep your pecker down ANON from 5:13 ONK.ONK.

  44. What about the programs for immigrants who never contributed to the old age pension and they collect Mr. Pig ?

    What a dog in the manger you are!!
    et sans emploi !!! par dessus le marché!

  45. Well, I suppose talking about francophone/anglophone issues keeps everyone away from the real dialogue which is about racism in Quebec and across Canada.
    Suffice to say, it's a debate that pushes a lot of buttons, because we live in a post-colonialist society and we all have our varying degrees of responsibility and collusion within it, based on our respective pockets of privilege within it. And nobody wants to give up their privilege. The problem of racism and the collective historical amnesia we seem to have with regard to Canada's history with it continues apace. It remains to be seen whether or not and to what extent we're able as a society to relinquish some of our privilege and to see if we can go beyond being shocked and dismayed about it to actually act.

  46. They could always have kept french in Quebec if thats what you want. Who bilingualized the place was Trudeau so these brainless citizens in this country hate that yet vote for the douchebag son