Monday, November 29, 2010

Danny Williams- Good Riddence!

A while back I attended a funeral of an old acquaintance of the family who was, truth be told, a right bastard on any scale with which one would care to measure a man's worth. A disreputable businessman who'd cheat friend or foe, his personal life wasn't much better.

I assumed that they'd gloss over these deficiencies at the funeral, adhering to the old adage of not speaking ill of the dead,  but I never expected him to be eulogized by family and clergy as an outstanding citizen and family man. Eccch!

And so the Canadian press greeted Danny William's announcement of his retirement with a shower of accolades and tributes, conveniently forgetting that he too, was also one right bastard.

There's isn't any doubt that Williams was successful, he certainly brought home the bacon for Newfoundland, by hook or by crook.
His policy of putting Newfoundland before Canada, no matter what, was roundly embraced by the people of the province and his dubious methods forgiven, in consideration of the results.

Bullying, tantrums and threats were his stock in trade. So afraid of Williams was the lily-livered, weak-kneed Paul Martin that he gave away the offshore oil rights to Newfoundland that rightfully belonged to all Canadians.

And so Newfoundlanders traded in a welfare check for a much, much bigger royalty check, working just as hard for one as they did for the other. Claiming that they've worked their way out from being the butt-end of Canada through hard work and ingenuity remains a sad joke perpetrated by the master spinner, Danny Williams.

Newfoundland remains what it always was. Pretending that the province somehow 'earned'  it's prosperity is a fanciful notion, as believable as Jed Clampett claiming hard work led to his riches. In fact, Newfoundlanders can be best described as the Canadian version of the Beverly Hillbillies.

Danny Williams was so used to getting his own way, that when he didn't, as in his inability to reverse the decidedly one-sided Churchill Falls power agreement with Quebec, it galled him to no end and degenerated into a maniacal obsession.

His tried and true methods of bullying, tantrums and vengeful threats all fell on deaf ears in Quebec and each passing year of failure, fed his rage and frustration.

Lost on him and other Newfoundlanders is the simple fact there's about as much chance that Quebec will ever renegotiate the power agreement, as there is the Americans renegotiating compensation to the Indians for the sale of Manhattan, sold for fifty guilders and some colourful beads, centuries ago.  

So like a true demagogue, he amped up the rhetoric to vitriolic levels and when that too failed, he resorted to hate.

For that, I will never forgive him or Newfoundlanders.

He railed against Quebec for putting its selfish interests before that of the region, as if Quebec somehow had a larger obligation than Newfoundland to be altruistic.

When that didn't work he attempted to drive a wedge between Quebec and the provinces, by whining that Quebec was getting too much in federal transfer payments.

This from a province that for sixty years sucked more out of Ottawa on a per capita basis than any other province in the Dominion!

His most galling attacks hinted that Quebec was dishonest, an egregious case of the pot calling the kettle black, if ever there was one.

Nothing but nothing can compare to the fraud perpetrated by successive Newfoundland governments in creating a network of phony fish plants whose only function was to operate for ten weeks in order to qualify Newfoundlanders for federal unemployment insurance. This organized scheme sucked billions out of Ottawa, in a program that would make a Tony Soprano's no-show job scam  proud. LINK

So cruel and selfish is Danny Williams that when New Brunswick was offered the deal of the century by Hydro-Quebec, he hurriedly pissed in the soup by spreading the fear that after Quebec swallowed NB Power, the evil Quebecois would swallow the entire province.
The nefarious hate campaign was a smashing success for Newfoundland and a stunning setback for New Brunswick and so Quebec's sweetheart deal was left on the table. Then New Brunswickers were badly betrayed when the province was  left out of Williams new 'regional' power plan.
Well-played Danny! Here's another dagger!

The latest Newfie joke is the proposed go-around Quebec power transmission line that will cost an estimated seven billion dollars. When the true costs finally come in, it's likely to top off at the ten to twelve billion dollar range, making the whole project suspect.
Of course Williams has called on the hated federal government to help finance this folly and I sincerely hope that Harper tells Newfoundland to take a hike.
All this money, spent to satisfy the desire for vengeance by one angry man. Unbelievable!

Perhaps the new Premier of Newfoundland can put emotions aside and consider what's is in the real economic interest of the province. Building this expensive boondoggle just because Williams is angry at Quebec is the height of stupidity, but of course it's Newfoundland.

A real Premier would swallow her pride, put Churchill Falls behind her and make a deal to use existing transmission facilities through Quebec which would cost a fraction of the proposed go-around project.

The caveat being that the province hire a Toronto law firm, preferably Jewish, to do their negotiating!

For Newfoundlanders, reading this, who feel particularly irked, understand that seven years of Williams Quebec-bashing has sown the seeds of hate and poisoned relations between two neighbours for no good reason. Congratulations!

Do you honesty believe that if the shoe was on the other foot, that the Churchill Falls power agreement favoured Newfoundland, that Danny Williams would re-open negotiations?

That would be a real Newfie joke.
Here's another;


  1. @Editor

    You make several good points about the pot calling the kettle black, even though I deplore your virulent Newfie-hatred along with your having depicted an entire province as appalling parasitic scam-artists.

    (Ask me what I love about the maritimes...)

    At the same time, I wonder what you make of Danny Williams' premiership within the larger context of the often-heard argument suggesting that Newfoundland actually got the short end of the Confederation stick?

    There are those who will likely suggest that all Danny did was take from Quebec's playbook and adapt as appropriate. Aren't all politicians *supposed* to agitate/militate on behalf of their own constituents? And when they fail, aren't they supposed to whine about how the whole system was rigged against them from the get-go?

  2. Mississauga Guy said...

    Editor, as Apparatchik wrote above, "all Danny did was take from Quebec's playbook and adapt as appropriate."

    Apparatchik and I have a battle going on from the thread on Friday, and there is unfinished business on that thread, so for readers who love a good political rhubarb, there will be some unfinished business I'll address to Apparatchik later on today. On this occasion, I copied and pasted his words because I couldn't have put it better myself.

    I've been to NF a few times on business and while the weather there most of my visits left much to be desired, they are very nice folks and I say score one for DW. My visits have left me with positive experiences.

    I was born, raised and educated in Quebec as long-time readers of this blog know, but I was screeched in several years ago, so I'm an honorary Newfie.

    I'm now a loyal Ontarian and I will be buried in Ontario soil when my time comes. The rest of my family has been and will be buried in Quebec. Their choice. I have a son here in Ontario, and I don't imagine he'll be returning to his North American roots, the "happy place", Sherbrooke, QC.

    In all fairness, Sherbrooke is a nice little city, and there is a plenitude of outdoor activities just beyond peoples' back yards all year round. If it were not for the politics, I may have taken a job there for a spell. My brother returned to the Townships for ten years before transfering back to Montreal. He chose to integrate. Fortunately, it worked for him, he got a job in the parapublic service, worked his way up and retired before age 60 on full pension. Only in the public service!

    Anyway, I digress as I often do when I write. The bottom line is DW defended his territory as doggedly as Quebec does its territory. That Danny Williams found a way to circumvent Quebec from eventually screwing New Brunswick, and you can be sure they would, I say looks good on DW!

    Editor, you're a sore loser!

  3. Quote

    "So cruel and selfish is Danny Williams that when New Brunswick was offered the deal of the century by Hydro-Quebec, he hurriedly pissed in the soup by spreading the fear that after Quebec swallowed NB Power, the evil Quebecois would swallow the entire province."

    The deal of the century! Are you kidding me. A provincial run crown corporation meddling in the affairs of another province. You call that a deal of a century. And how did NB get screwed in all of this? That new power line will pass thru NB on it's way to Maine.

    Danny Williams can be called a lot of things. He did nothing more than what Quebec has been allowed to do for the past 40 years.

    Williams has given Newfoundland Labrador a leg up towards a better future. And has put limits as to what that province will put up from Quebec. Nobody in the media dares to look at Quebec's colonial expansionism into NL, and NB. He called it for what it was and still is.

  4. You will be missed Danny. As for the way he treated Quebec, good for Danny, Quebec deserves it and much worse. He only spoke the truth…

    To the editor, you’re bashing and hatred of Newfoundland is pathetic and reminds me of the way the English are treated in Quebec. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised seeing you have to live with these bigots. Oh well some of that hatred must have rubbed off on you. Hope you feel better now.

    Danny run for PM, that will really stick it to Kebec and put a big smile on our faces.

  5. Dany Williams is retiring in full glory while Jean Charest will be kicked out of politics in a utter and miserable disgrace.

    What a disgraceful and dispicable character (Charest I mean, Williams is retiring appreciated and in full glory, a thing Charest can never expect to get or even try to obtain or reach).

  6. Mississauga Guy said...

    Editor, I repeat, you're a sore loser. Your readers and contributors have spoken! Case closed!

    I agree with Anon @ 6:22PM last night that DW should run for PM if for no other reason than to exact revenge on Quebec. It's about time!

    DW did constructive stuff over his 7 years in office. Charest has been in twice as long as he's better at covering his ass than anyone else, but what has he done that has been constructive? Allow overpasses to collapse under his tutelage? Form $5 million Royal Commissions to act as sounding boards for s long slew of rabid anti-accommodation racists?

    One of those overpasses should collapse on his fucking head! He'd probably survive because his head is harder and pointier than the concrete that would land on it!

  7. Anglo Montrealer weighs in...

    I do not know about William's legacy in Newfoundland, but it would appear to me that Newfoundland signed a deal about 40 years which screwed them over in the long run. In an attempt to make Quebec renegotiate this deal, Williams went on a whining spree against Quebec, calling it a bloodsucking province bla bla bla (which is true).

    We must now ask ourselves the following question: Had the deal benefited Newfoundland instead of Quebec and Quebec had requested new negotiations, do you think Williams would renegotiate? HELL NO! The Newfoundland premier of the time should have known that the prices of natural resources never, EVER stay the same price! This was a bad deal for Newfoundland and Williams only decided to point out the obvious truth about Quebec politics when it was to his own benefit. Ironically, this is exactly what Quebec does when it doesn't get its way; blamed everyone else for it and/or everyone else for their own failures. Two wrongs don't make it right!

    I, do, however have to agree with the commentators over your "deal of the century" statement, Editor. No province has the right to meddle in the affairs of another province. Simple as that. If Hydro Quebec would have bought NB Power, who do you think would be at the raw end of the stick? I think you know the answer to that!

    In conclusion, this Williams guy was just another opportunist, just like all politicians.

  8. Mississauga Guy to Anglo Montrealer:

    Aside from your last sentance, the rest of what you wrote was redundant. What DW did was good business. He did what most competitive businesses do--go after a competitor's market share. The auto industry does it. Coken & Pepsi do it. Fast food companies, departmeht stores, grocery stores, foood processors, everything.

    It's called open market competition. DW outduelled JC? Good for him! Danny Williams has only been in politics for 7 years! JC his whole life. He plays politics and thinks like a politician. DW thinks like a businessman.

    NF 1, QC 0. Grin and bear it!

  9. I say good for Danny he took all his tactic's from Quebec's hand book the only diffrence he didnt go into the separitist thing as much as Queerbic outside of that he worked Renie's book to a T. So guess thats why Queerbic is squawking so loud and let's face it thats all a frog will do !!!is sit on a lilly pad and croak. But if it worked for 1 province why not give it a try . By the way I have lived in Queerbic a good part of my life never worked much here due to the fact Im not a frog and couldnt git into the CCQ or has I call it F.F.O. FOR FROG:S ONLY I had to go to the NWT and Nunavuit to ply my trade.

  10. Newfoundland is nowhere near the definition of Canada's "Beverly Hillbillies", we have worked hard for what we got and are a proud people with a proud individual culture. It's typical of uneducated mainlanders to call us such things, when they really know nothing about Newfoundland itself