Monday, August 30, 2010

Anglo Students Subject to Legal Terrorism

The latest sad saga of the legal assault on the Quebec's anglo community is the news that the Education department has appealed a lower court decision that allowed a group of students to attend English high school. LINK
While we mere mortals wait months or years to have our appeals heard, not so when questions of vital national importance, like the language of instruction for nine anglo children is in play. And so faster than you can say 'Jack Rabbit' the appeals court overturned the judgment and pinballed the children back to French schools.

The vim and vigour that the department displayed going after these children is in sharp contrast to the lethargic pace of change that it displays when introducing academic improvements in the school system that it oversees, so very badly.
Last week the education department finally admitted that it was prepared to reverse the disastrous decision it took a decade ago, to change student report cards from the traditional model that gave children easily understood marks based on what they had learned, to a touchy-feely system based on something they called 'competencies.'  This led to a decade of furious protests by parents who couldn't understand what the hell was going on with their children's academic progress. Although it was apparent from the beginning that the change was a no-go, stubborn administrators burned a generation of students before finally admitting its folly. Even when the decision was made, the department announced a one year delay to give everyone time to adjust. Imagine! One year to change a report card? Massive retraining of students, teachers and parents to understand the complexities of a grading system that my immigrant parents, straight off the boat, understood within minutes!  LINK
Elementary School Grades
E(excellent)-VG(very good)-G(good)-F(fair) -U(unsatisfactory) Red =FAIL 
High school Grades- 
30%- 40%- 54%- 55%- 60%- 80%    Green =PASS
Complicated eh?  Do you think that you need a year to figure it out?

It seems, that this 'one year delay' is a popular device in Quebec, used to soften the impact of and take the heat off those who screwed up, either legally or administratively.

Back to the students who were denied entry into English High school after completing grade school in English...
The students attended a school that has both an elementary school and a high school division, with the grade school being completely private, but the high school receiving government subsidies. This makes a certificate of eligibility necessary for those who want to move up to the high school and it is this certificate that the government is refusing to issue to the nine students, based on the defunct Bill 104, the law rejected by the Supreme Court, but given a stay of execution for a year.

The students attended a private English school for all their entire academic career, obeying the precepts of the rules in place. Now that the law has been declared illegal, the education department still demands that students remain subject to its provisions until it can come up with another law, one which will invariably be just as illegal.

If you are confused don't feel bad, the system is designed to wear parents out in an effort to have them capitulate and send their kids to French school regardless of the circumstances.

Among the true democracies of the western world, those where Supreme court decisions represent the final word, Canada stands alone in making a mockery of the democratic concept of government being subject to the legal limits and the rule of law.

The absurdity of it all, is that the anglos won their case in the Supreme court, but are denied the fruits of that victory.
Only in Canada, or tin pot, banana republics, can you win your case in the Supreme court and still lose.

The ability of our provinces to set aside an inconvenient Supreme Court ruling by using the infamous 'Notwithstanding Clause' has the primary effect of bringing ridicule and disrespect to our legal system. Secondly, and perhaps more dangerously, it cowers the Supreme Court into making compromise decisions in the hope that it will not be humiliated by the imposition of the Notwithstanding Clause.

In the case of Bill 104, the court knew that its decision would be unpopular in Quebec, so it gave the province a year's grace to enact a new law to replace the illegal one, giving rise to  the absurd situation  where a law after having been declared illegal, still has force. A true 'Judgment of Solomon.'
So for Anglos, winning or losing in the Supreme court, amounts to the same thing, regardless of the verdict, we always lose.
The unfairness of it all has the chilling effect of convincing anglos that there is no point in pursuing an expensive and debilitating legal fight in the face of a linguistic injustice, when the best that can be hoped for is a Pyrrhic victory.

Of course this suits Quebec nationalists perfectly well, whose goal is to eliminate any court's ability to overrule the Quebec National Assembly, thus making it beyond reproach and above the rule of law.

To this end, they mock and denigrate the Supreme Court of Canada as a foreign institution, bent on depriving Quebec of its legitimate right to enact any law that it sees fit, legal, illegal moral or immoral.

And so our students are tossed around like footballs, subject to one illegal law after another, with zero consideration to their academic well-being.

Children who speak English as well as any student in Toronto or Vancouver are being forced into inferior French schools where their educational path is sure to suffer, all in the name of satisfying French language militants who care little about the students themselves and consider them nothing more than cannon fodder in the crusade to force French upon everyone.

Reeking vengeance upon English twelve year olds is somehow seen as redress by language militants for the loss at the Plains of Abraham. Fist pumping and congratulatory back slapping is the order of the day, for this great triumph of French over English. Disgusting.....

The policy of creating one illegal law to replace another illegal law was first enunciated by Quebec separatist journalist Josée Legault, who described waging a guerrilla warfare campaign against the legal system, "...mener une «guérilla» juridique." LINK
Each time an illegal language law is struck down, it would immediately be replaced by another illegal law and each subsequent legal challenge would take years to wend its way through the courts. In the meantime the laws would remain on the books and in force, until the next round! 

Sound familiar?  Welcome to our nightmare!


  1. It's not a god given right to receive free publicly subsidized English education wherever you may be around the planet. What Quebec offers for free to its citizens and immigrants is French-speaking education. If you feel that the standard offering is not to your likening or doesn't suit the particular needs of your child then you have every right to opt out of the system and provide whichever form of tailor-fitted education you desire. As is the case with anything custom-made, this comes with a price tag. And you can't go around whining about it because it something that is to be expected.

    Why would I, as a taxpayer, support free English education for immigrants any more than I would for Mandarin ? Can Chinese newcomers claim persecution if we don't ?

    Because lets be clear that we talk about immigrants here, bill 104 concerns them, not the Anglo-community. A fact that you conveniently ommit. The native English-speaking minority of Quebec, and even ROCians have always had access to English public schools.

    The contract with immigrants is simple: you come to Quebec and find whatever you were looking for, stability, a job, or anything else. In exchange for this you will be required to integrate into Quebec society and to do that you need to learn French. If you're not interested in holding your side of the bargain then you chose the wrong place where to settle. Stop trying to game our laws and get on with the program.

  2. To Anon @ 11:09
    Excellent Comment!!!

    But I don't agree, You are forgetting that this is still Canada, not an independent QC...

  3. I'm very well aware that this is still Canada. And because this is Canada we are bound by the constitution of 1867, the one we signed, which stipulates that education is to be a matter strictly of provincial jurisdiction. A fact that even the constitution of 1982, the one we didn't sign, does not challenge in any way.

    So Quebec, even without being independent, is well within its right to impose such measures.

  4. @anon 11:09 pm

    100% en accord avec votre résumé.Imaginez leur réaction quand la loi sera appliquée aux cégeps.
    Ces anglos sont comme des couloeuvres visqueuses,qui tentent par tous les moyens de s'infiltrer et de contourner nos lois afin d'éviter notre système éducationnel qu'ils méprisent ouvertement.

    Nous ne pourront contenir ces irrespectueux éternellement et le seul moyen d'y parvenir efficacement est sans contredit l'indépendance de notre nation.Alors feront-ils quelques kilomètres de plus vers l'Ouest ou les portes de l'éducation en anglais et sans soucis des lois, leurs sont grandes ouvertes.Vraiment têtus ces anglos.

  5. To 11:09PM:

    Mississauga Guy said and still says...

    Sorry, but this intemperate weather has put me in an intemperate mood, so fuck the diplomacy and go fuck yourself. Mange ta merde lentement et avec soin! There are times the black vortex rises to the surface in me, AND YOU'VE TOUCHED IT OFF!

    The Editor is 100% correct. Unless and until Quebec has the gonads to separate, and I think that time has passed, NO...if anybody who wants French education across Canada can get it, so goes the case in Quebec. If Quebec doesn't like it, get the fuckin'EH out of Canada, and the best of good riddance to the obnoxious, festering and reeking lot of you!

    Enough of the goddamn tail wagging the goddamn dog. Federal politicians have bent over backwards to attempt to appease Quebec, and the simple matter of the fact is, it just doesn't work. It hasn't worked since Borgault and RIN, and Lévesque and the PQ, and just about every other fascist Francozealot has thrown a wrench into the machinery.

    I left Quebec a quarter century ago, and while I should feel vindicated for having done so, I don't, because we outside Quebec are paying far, far, far too much to try and appease the unappeasable! Where Quebec is concerned, trying to do the impossible is IMPOSSIBLE!

    I've stated it before and I'll state it until the end of time: Canada needs a federal party that will cater to the population outside Quebec first, and Quebec second. Until such a federal party is founded and formed, nothing will change, and Quebec is laughing heartily. Until such a federal party is founded and formed, there is ZERO reason and ZERO incentive for Quebec to change.

    Unless and until such a federal party is founded and formed, THE REST OF CANADA WILL PAY DEARLY FOR QUEBEC'S WANTS AND WHIMS!!! If that's what our readers want, their electoral choices are clear for now and the future.

    If you want to see Quebec laugh out of the other side of their faces, then things will change. They will HAVE to change, because this will hopefully lead to normalcy where the dog wags its tail instead of the other way around. If the Quebec dog doesn't like it, we'll gladly cut its tail off and hand it to the dog.

    Hopefully, Quebec's greed will lead to decapitation in addition to queue amputation. And THAT is a fate Quebec would fully and justly deserve...lest Quebec changes its ways! ...but I seriously doubt it.

  6. "It's not a god given right to receive free publicly subsidized English education wherever you may be around the planet"

    No, of course not around the world. Canada, however, is a country of two official languages so we are told (good old OLA). So, by the OLA, the children are entitled to education in an English school system by federal law. Of course, Quebec, has given the finger to any federal law as the precipe for the commentary tonight. Now, should this be the case, then the ROC has every right to enact a law to restrict any education other than english in the majority of the country. That would mean, no more french immersion, no french school boards and for that matter no other languages of instruction.

    Only Quebec has laws which clearly discriminate against the majority official language of Canada.


    What is the drop out rate of students of the french system as opposed to the english system?

    Little wonder that parents want their kids in the English School System in Quebec.

  7. "Why would I, as a taxpayer, support free English education for immigrants any more than I would for Mandarin ? Can Chinese newcomers claim persecution if we don't ?"

    Likely because Canada ( of which the "nation state" of Quebec is part of) has two official languages given equal status in this Country to both french and english. If you want to repeal the OLA, hell, I am all for it. Then you can do whatever you want to do in Quebec.

    Which is it?

  8. Le premier twit est complement dans le champs, les restrictions ne touche pas juste les immigrant, il affecte les francophone tout autant.
    Et dartagnan tu démontre tout ce qui est vil danse nationalisme québécois angles visqueux wow, tu est une belle limace velue, retourne au lac, twit. Restreindre la dictature de la majorité est ce que la raison d'être des chartes des droit et le judiciaire doit affirmer et défendre ceux-ci. Des gens comme dartagnan n'ont aucun respect pour ceux-ci et le judiciaire continue de refuser de les affirmer. Cela n'est pas être visqueux le twit.

  9. Dear Mr Misssisssauga man, from what I can decipher from your incoherent canine ramblings is that you seem to quite like the dog analogies. It is amusing because reading you I had a clear mental picture of a guy foaming at the mouth, seething with rage. I wouldn't go near a veterinarian office if I were you less you want to be put down.

    I bring black vortex "in the surface in you" (sic) ? Don't confuse them with the flushing action of the toilet you live in.

    You say you left Quebec ? than good for you and good riddance for us.
    It's clear that with that kind of speech you would have very quickly overstayed your welcome anyway.

  10. @12:46
    If those parents think that their children are less likely to drop out if they attend English speaking schools then they have every right to send them. But, its gonna be on their dime. Just the same if I feel I'd be treated better stateside for an illness. No one is going to prevent me from going, but the healthcare system is not going to foot the bill.

    The OLA has no provisions for the language of education whatsoever. It only pertains to the obligation from the federal government, and only the federal governement, to provide services in both languages. That's it.
    The constitution deals with language of education only to say that national language minorities have a right to be educated in their language. A measure Quebec fully respects contrary to many provinces that put all sorts of obstacles to the creation of French speaking school boards.

    And after that they come giving us lessons.

  11. @7:10
    "Restreindre la dictature de la majorité est ce que la raison d'être des chartes des droit et le judiciaire doit affirmer et défendre ceux-ci."

    C'est pour éviter que des constructions de phrases comme celles-ci deviennent trop courantes qu'on insiste pour que les francophones fréquentent l'école en français. Si toutefois ça ne te convient pas, comme je l'ai dit, tu es libre d'aller étudier en anglais. Mais payes.
    Payes jusqu'à la dernière cenne. Je n'ai aucune obligation comme contribuable de financer les cheminements éducatifs particuliers de ceux à qui le système régulier ne convient pas.

  12. Yo, Anon, @ 7:49AM: It's only 8:45AM here in Mississauga and the humidex is already over 35°C.

    You may well have guessed it's Mississauga Guy here, and the hot weather is keeping me in sync with my current state of temper: You rebutted 12:49AM by stating "...contrary to many provinces that put all sorts of obstacles to the creation of French speaking school boards."

    That is absolutely NO problem here in Mississauga, yet I'm not entitled to vote for representatives on the French school board. If there are so-called obstacles anywhere else, I bloody well demand YOU better bloody well SUBTANTIATE where this is happening, or YOU BETTER BLOODY WELL EXCULPATE THE REST OF CANADA FOR YOUR UNSUBSTANTIATED ACCUSATIONS!!!



    I think you know by now my choice is all of the above. If I can take that son-of-a-bitch Charest to some state to execute him, I'd volunteer to flick the electric chair switch, drop the gas into the chamber, be a one-man firing squad (and I'm a lousy shot, so that would have to hurt!), or inject the needle into his arm myself, all without a hood to cover my face! Sadly, our country abolished the death penalty for treason. I'm for reinstating it for treason only because treason to a country is worse than murder! So said the judge that sentanced the Rosenbergs to death back in the 50s. I fully concur with that judge. Too bad our Supreme Court judges are cowardly bastards and Quislings who don't have the gonads to simply say NO...BILL 104 IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL AND SO THESE CHILDREN HAVE MET THE STIPULATIONS TO ATTEND ENGLISH SCHOOL. CASE CLOSED!

    No, we have a bunch of kangaroos where Quebec says "Jump" and these sniveling, spineless, gonadless supposed "top magistrates" reply "HOW HIGH?" Worse yet, the elected clowns who appointed them there in the first place allow 33% representation to a Quebec that makes up only 22% of the population. Another sacrifice on the federal side of the fence.


  13. To all the posters in favour of restricting
    access to the English public system:

    Pay less attention to the school system an
    immigrant parent chooses for THEIR child. Be
    more concerned with the appalling state of
    the French public system in Quebec.

    A male child registering for French high
    school (grade 7) has less than a %40 chance
    of still being registered in grade 11.

    Overall, the dropout rate in Quebec's French
    system is over %40. Note the French school
    system in Ontario has a higher graduation
    rate than Ontario's English system.

    Maybe if they spent less time preaching
    (nationalist/racist bullshit) and more time
    actually TEACHING, you wouldn't have to
    FORCE CHILDREN into it (and Quebec wouldn't
    have its' staggering illiteracy rate).

    Until you fix your system, you've really
    got no business telling other parents how
    to educate their kids.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. YO, 7:10AM:

    Mississauga Guy responding to you, buster! You shouldn't let yourself get near me lest I bite you, then YOU will be frothing at the mouth and believe me, there is neither antidote on earth nor deity in the heavens that could save you by the time I'd finish with you!

  16. @Anon 11:09PM:

    “It's not a god given right to receive free publicly subsidized English education wherever you may be around the planet.”

    Nobody ever said that it is. (what a preposterous statement right off the bat.)


    “What Quebec offers for free to its citizens and immigrants is French-speaking education. “

    How is it free? It’s tax-subsidized. It means we all pay for it. I just paid my Candiac school tax (and quite hefty too) so don’t tell me that education is free. There is nothing in this world that’s free.


    “If you feel that the standard offering is not to your likening or doesn't suit the particular needs of your child then you have every right to opt out of the system and provide whichever form of tailor-fitted education you desire"

    True, but that’s no justification. This is a “take it or leave it” excuse, same as was offered to Vietnam War protesters some 40 years ago. It’s a bogus excuse usually used to defend the indefensible.


    “And you can't go around whining about it because it something that is to be expected.”

    No it’s not. Laws that deny immigrants and francophones access to the EXISTING system are NOT what “is to be expected”. It is not even close to what “is to be expected”. Let’s get that straight.

    Note that coming to Montreal and expecting education in English is not like coming to Rome, Madrid, or Berlin and expecting it. Montreal is different in that: is in a country where one of two official languages is English, is a historical language of Montreal, is one of two DE-FACTO languages spoken in the city, and most importantly 4. an English school system IS ALREADY IN PLACE. In Rome and Madrid, I would need to ask the authorities to BUILD an English school for my kids if I wanted to have my kids educated in English. That’s preposterous and no government would do it. In Montreal, all I’m asking to have access to the system that already EXISTS. That’s a whole different ball game.

    The language laws of Quebec lead to the most absurd situations. There could be an English high school right across the street from my house, and I would have no right to send my kids there, while my next door neighbor John Smith would have that right. Yes, you’re going to say “you knew the rules and you signed up for it”. To that I’ll say: “yes, but it doesn’t change the fact that your laws are ridiculous”.

  17. @Anon 11:09PM:


    “Why would I, as a taxpayer, support free English education for immigrants any more than I would for Mandarin ?”

    We are taxpayers too. My school tax certainly covers an English school in my neighborhood. Why can’t I send my kids there? My money funds that school.


    “If you're not interested in holding your side of the bargain then you chose the wrong place where to settle.”

    Note that of all immigrants to Canada, the latest stats show that only 18% end up in Quebec. The rest settles in ON and BC. For those 18% that come to QC, the studies show that many of them hit the 401 within the first 3 years of their arrival.

    You have to face reality: the most immigrants you get come from Haiti and the Maghreb. If these are the kind of people you want to inundate yourselves in, then fine. But don’t delude yourself thinking that your “laicite” laws will change the mindset of North Africans you bring in, or that the blacks from Haiti will one day turn white and become pure laines like you.


    “Stop trying to game our laws and get on with the program.”

    Or what?


    General comment:

    Nothing new from anon 11:09PM. Same regurgitated non-conceding, apologist-for-101, cynical stuff that I’ve been hearing for 20 years now.

  18. " English school system IS ALREADY IN PLACE..."

    Justement,un des buts de notre agenda est de Franciser ces établissements.Nous conserverons l'aspect physique des lieux mais avons l'intention de moderniser leur fonctionnement.
    N'oubliez pas que nous n'avons rien contre vous personnellement,tout cela fait parti d'un projet global.Ce sont les impératifs d'une vision et d'un devoir collectif envers notre nation.Vous serez toujours les bienvenus chez-nous même si "ontario" est inscrit sur votre plaque d'immatriculation.

  19. "1982, the one we didn't sign" You know you clowns can continue to make this statement as you have for decades now. It’s a lie… The people who forced this charter of wrongs and restrictions BS on the country and who signed this Quebec crap is Trudeau, Chretien and Ouellette, all Quebecers. The same Quebecers who allowed you racist “french” bigots to bring in bills 22, 178, 101… The same Quebecers who broke the law by allowing racist anti-English language laws to begin in Quebec in the first place. They could have said NO Quebec this is wrong and illegal, but they supported this bigotry and that speaks volumes about how racist these Quebecers were/are…You racist clowns can spin this any way you want. Bottom line, Quebec is a racist, intolerant, xenophobic society and if you clowns had any idea how many of us boycott the racist province period you would be shocked. So keep lying, you keep us entertained.

  20. 11:05 AM, what do you mean by many of you boycott our beautiful Québec ? Do you know that each year Ontario buys from Québec about 33 billions in goods and services ? So you can continue to boycott us little baby, it's not grave.


    Calmos Missi!Allez donc prendre une petite tisane au centre commercial près de chez vous.Je vous suggère la camomille...excellent pour les gens énervés comme vous.Petit dodo et hop!La vie est belle a nouveau.Attention aux rattlesnakes dans le stationnement,ils ont une attirance naturelle,parait-il, a croquer les sanguins rougeauds quelque peu grassouillet comme vous.

  22. Why has not Quebec Already left. The bigotted language laws and discrimination are something that it tainting Canada's reputation in the international Arena. Better for all ( including the bigotted nationalists in Quebec) that Quebec leaves the country.

    On the french school/english school thing in Quebec. Utter abomination that in a Country with supposely two official languages that children would be utilized as pawns by the nationalists and anglophobiacs in Quebec in their continued war against anglos and anything english.

    As for the other commentator in another thread (Apartchinik I believe) speaking to how french and the english should unit and hold both cultures dear. A nice thought but totally impractical considering Canada is a big country and the various regional interests have not really anthing in common with one another. Not a thing about language, more economic in nature I believe. Language, is as you say, just a medium of communication of which english is now the current lingua franca.

    Actually, the only place where there is a language debate is Quebec with some small sporadic incidents in NB and Ontario. This is really where the problem lies and if Quebec were to separate the problem with disappear in the ROC.

    The best choice is sometimes difficult to make.

    Thing of the benefits:

    No more discrimination against unilingual french or english workers in the federal civil service. Think about the guy who edited the Wikipedia page from a Correctional Services Computer.

    No more unfair equalization payments from the West to Quebec.

    The french-canadian bureaucrats in Ottawa could be repatriated to Quebec.

    Best of all, the ROC wouldn't be continually blackmailed by Quebec and our polilitcal system could return to normalcy rather than being hijcacked by a bunch or separatist's (BQ) who only have the concerns of Quebec on their minds and with their actions.

    Canada would be a much better place without Quebec.

    Sure, some small negatives for a time but the sun would come up the next day and after some short term pain the long term gain would be extrodinary to the ROC. As for Quebec, not my concern.

  23. Je n'ai qu'une chose à dire: L'école subventionnée par l'État en français pour les francophones et les allophones. L'école anglaise pour les 10% d'anglophones. Sinon, attendez l'Université pour vous payer Harvard, Cambridge et autres universités ayant une réputation surfaite. À voir les étudiants de Mc Gill dans les environs de l'Université, c'est pas tous des prix Nobel !? C'est surtout les étudiants qui contribuent à la réputation d'une institution et non l'inverse.

  24. "Do you know that each year Ontario buys from Québec about 33 billions in goods and services ?"

    Yes, but if pushed, Ontario could afford dropping Quebec and gradually re-orienting its economy to the south or the west. Quebec doesn't have that choice, and is dependent on English speaking regions whether it likes it or not. If Quebec dropped Ontario, it would have to reorient towards the US, which malhereusement speaks that maudit anglaaaais too.

    The bottom line is that in North America English-speakers can survive without dealing with anyone French, while the French speakers cannot do the same thing vis-à-vis English.

    "The french-canadian bureaucrats in Ottawa could be repatriated to Quebec."

    ...and thrown into the already over-staffed provincial public service. How would Quebec deal with the influx of this horde of useless pencil pushers? Would they get re-trained to become doctors, engineers, scientists, software developers, paramedics, firefighters, etc...or would they join the army of provincial bureaucrats? And would they then double our taxes in order to support themselves?

  25. "Canada would be a much better place without Quebec."

    I agree 100%, the sooner they leave the better. Get lost bigots, you won't missed one bit.Oh and by the way clowns, you leave with the same land mass you had in 1763.Thats right bigots, like it or not.

  26. "Restreindre la dictature de la majorité est ce que la raison d'être des chartes des droit et le judiciaire doit affirmer et défendre ceux-ci."

    Effectivement,ce commentaire est très clair.Des mots Français dans une structure (syntaxe) de phrases anglaises.Voila ce que donne une éducation mixte mal assimilée.Un dialecte excécrable et incompréhensible.Voila un bel exemple "littéraire" qu'il faut éviter a tout prix.Malheureusement nos frères et soeurs Acadiens ont déja passés dans la moulinette anglosaxonne et les dommages y sont malheureusement irréversibles.Le Franglais est devenu chose commune,acceptée,et installée a jamais dans les provinces maritimes.

    J'espère seulement que l'auteur de ce blogue laissera mon commentaire car il ne s'agit pas ici de banales fautes d'orthographe mais bel et bien du massacre d'une langue en direct.Comme dirait l'autre : What a mess!

  27. But our children have every rights to live and to be educated in English HERE! If everyone just moves to other provinces who will defend our rights HERE?

  28. "Comme dirait l'autre : What a mess!"

    Your french ain't that good.

  29. Lire dartagnan c'est comprendre a quel point le Quebec est dans l'extrémisme linguistique. Le non respect des lois? Je pense que vous ne comprenez pas, la chartes a préséance sur les lois, comme il se doit. Dartagnan tu devrais être fier tu t'approche du Zimbabwe philosophiquement, dieu sait qu'il respecte les droits /sarcasme

  30. Oh dartagnan mon enseignement a été dans les écoles française de Montréal. Tu devrais être fier de la qualité de celle ci :)
    Mais je ne peut que trouver hilarant que tu ignore ce que j'affirme et t'attarde sur ma grammaire.

  31. All I know is that I (an Anglo) will always have one more Right in this province than any Francophone, and my kids will have one more right than any Francophone kid. Its funny how the gouvernement du Québec, in a way, realizes that Anglos are smart enough to decide what language to educate their children in, but realizes that Francophones are unable to make these decisions for themselves and cannot be trusted to send their kids to French school therefore the gouvernement du Québec passed Bill 101. Doing that they would now make sure that Francophones remain unilingual and ignorant or barefoot and pregnant.

    All these Bills that get passed to protect the French language do not apply to me or Anglos, these bills are to make sure that Francophones never learn another language thus ensuring that they will remain in Quebec because they cannot speak any English. I personally enjoy these bills because when it comes to looking for a job. Most large companies in Quebec have offices all around North America and require you to be bilingual, therefore giving that evil Anglo the “one up” on the Franco.

    I know it sucks but it was Francophones that passed these bills not Anglos. It was a Francophone that made you think that this would force me to assimilate and it didn’t. These bills have done the opposite; they have alienated the Quebec Francophones from the rest of North America.

    Thanks Bill 101, thanks.

    · al·ien·ate Verb /ˈālēəˌnāt/ /ˈālyə-/
    o verb: estrange
    o alienating present participle; alienated past tense; alienated past participle; alienates 3rd person singular present
    o Cause (someone) to feel isolated or estranged
    § an urban environment that would alienate its inhabitants
    § an alienated angst-ridden 22-year-old
    o Cause (someone) to become unsympathetic or hostile
    § the association does not wish to alienate its members
    o Transfer ownership of (property rights) to another person or group

  32. "Thanks Bill 101, thanks."

    Vous oubliez un petit détail,c'est cette même loi qui a contribué fortement a la sauvegarde du caractère Francais de Montréal et a la fois du Québec en entier.Petit détail non négligeable qui n'apparait pas (omission?) dans votre ode au bilinguisme internationnal.

    Sans cette loi que vous détestez tant,je serais fort probablement obligé de vous répondre en anglais aujourd'hui.

    Effectivement,Merci a la loi 101!

  33. @Dartagnan,
    "Sans cette loi que vous détestez"

    I did not say I hate any of these language laws. I said I enjoy having them around so that Anglo's can have one more right than Francophones. These are laws that affect your human rights, not mine. You did not understand what I wrote.

    "je serais fort probablement obligé de vous répondre en anglais aujourd'hui."

    Unlike the Francophone governments who have put these laws in place and have removed your right of free choice when it comes to language and education, I will not impose that on you. You can reply in any language you like. Unless there is a Blog 101 bill out there that would prevent you from writing in English.

  34. You are wrong, Steve. Québec has not alienated the rest of North America. Only English-Canada, and probably not all.

    The fact is Americans have nothing to do with you. They know you are a pale copy of their nation. They cannot have respect for you because, among others, you doesn't have mass culture. You use their mass culture.

    Indeed, unlike most industrialized nations, the English-Canadian nation use the mass culture of another nation. In this sense the English-Canadian nation is a 'have not' nation.

  35. "You did not understand what I wrote."

    Écrivez en Français alors.Si vous êtes incapable,c'est vous qui êtes pénalisé car vous ne pouvez travailler sur notre territoire.De plus,lorsque je dis "vous",je m'adresse a la majorité des anglos sur ce blogue.Une autre subtilité de notre langue qui vous échappe.

    Et ne vous en faite pas pour nous,lorqu'il est temps de faire des affaires avec l'extérieur,nous nous débrouillons assez bien.

    En passant êtes-vous conscient que vous n'avez aucun trait culturel distinctif?Je suis totalement en accord avec le commentaire précèdent.Vous n'êtes que d'avides consommateurs de culture américaine.De tristes spectateurs de cultures externes.

  36. @Dartagnan,

    Vous , can also be used to address and older person to show respect can it not?. Next time why not use " Vous les ostie d'Anglais"

    And for this totally typical Separatist comment
    "En passant êtes-vous conscient que vous n'avez aucun trait culturel distinctif?"

    How would you know what my cultural background is? I assume you are using separatist logic which is " if you do not speak French then you must have no culture?.

    "Vous n'êtes que d'avides consommateurs de culture américaine.De tristes spectateurs de cultures externes. "

    Funny comment considering that most of the people that are in the PQ or BQ have gone to school in the USA or have sent there kids. Is that ok ? They are spitting in the very face of people that vote for them. They have a choice but you do not. Like I said keep them unilingual and ignorant. There was even mention of using the US currency if Quebec would separate and that was said by Jacques Parizeau.

  37. Oups! On s'énerve.Désolé mais tous les Steve que je connais vendent des cellulaires ou travaillents dans un garage.

    De plus,quand tu es Québécois et que tu nommes ton fils "Steve" tu es fort probablement un Elvis Gratton et l'intéret pour le monde externe se limite aux parties de hochey diffusées a partir des "states".De plus,je vous signale que vous confondez connaissances et culture.

    Désolé mais ces ma perception.Je me trompe?

  38. @Dartagnan,

    Well I am afraid you are. But hey that is your right to think that way. I would not expected anything less from a separatist and a guy who calls himself , which should be spelled d'Artagnan, to come up with better reply. So now we know that you look down on clue collar workers. Please walk into a garage and repeat your reply. Please.

    unilingual and ignorant.

    Is that your real name ?

  39. To Editor,

    I thought that attacks on writing style, grammar and syntax were no longer permitted. The comment by Dartagnan on Aug. 31 at 4:54 pm breaks this rule.

    It was also my impression that personal attacks were not allowed anymore. The insults directed at Steve at 4:46 PM today by the same troll breaks this rule. He has attacked Adski recently as well.

    Is Dartagnan exempted from the new ground rules that you have placed on this blog?

  40. "They have a choice but you do not. Like I said keep them unilingual and ignorant."

    Et dans votre petite tête de fédé, associer l'unilinguisme et l'ignorance est concevable?
    De quelle galaxie êtes-vous exactement?

  41. I really enjoyed that d'Artagnan. That was a good discussion. Thanks folks and god bless.

  42. "I really enjoyed that d'Artagnan. That was a good discussion. Thanks folks and god bless."

    Pour quelles raisons avez-vous peur de vous affichez en Français?Il est clair que vous êtes un Francophone (votre maîtrise de l'anglais semble très limitée) et en avez honte...Steve Tremblay? Ou steve Gratton?

    Mon pseudo est Dartagnan et non D'Artagnan le valeureux. Ce sera mon dernier commentaire sur ce blogue.

  43. "You racist clowns can spin this any way you want..."

    Pas surprenant,a se faire traiter de clown aussi souvent que nous soyons reconnu mondialement comme étant les maîtres incontestés du cirque : Une industrie de quelques milliards,pas si mal pour des clowns.

  44. There is one 'forgotten' group in the debates regarding rights of education in English. That group is the Francophones. The silent majority.

    Have the proponents of English language education restrictions asked the Francophone constituents? More than the immigrants, they are the ones who severely affected by the rules.

    I am quite content with what I have. My child is studying in English so I always try to distance myself from the situation. But I can not help feeling bad and sorry for them since I certainly will be very sad if the shoe is on the other foot.

    Several Francophone colleagues of mine shared their disappointment about the law and their concerns about their children. One of them specifically told me that in the domain of information technology, an English education is going to be much more benificial, head and shoulder, over French. I agree. How many programming language based their syntax on French? The main thing of their concern is their ability to choose. If Francophone pur-laine is the 'master' of this land, how is it that they have less freedom of choice than the Anglophones?

    If the education in French is better than in English, why do Dawson, Vanier and John Abbott Colleges are overflowed with students, a significant portion of them Francophones? And that is exactly why the separatists want Bill 101 application in CEGEP. Because they know that French CEGEP can not compete with the English ones, albeit their number is greater. Rather than compete, just kill the competition.

    One point to ponder. Look around and see how many Quebec Francophone prominent figures have degree from an English university and how many Anglophones have one from a French one. I can point now that out of 8 Canadian astronauts (space tourist excluded) 2 are French and both are English educated. I also can not help seeing the irony that when there was an election debate between Charest, Dumont and Boisclair, Charest was the one without English post-secondary education.

    Note to Dartagnan: Why do you insist posters here to write in French? This is after all a private blog and it is in English. As I wrote before, have you ever tried to post anything on Louis Prefontaine in English?

  45. "If Francophone pur-laine is the 'master' of this land, how is it that they have less freedom of choice than the Anglophones?"

    Parceque nous avons élus des gouvernements qui allaient dans ce sens.Croyez-vous que si la majorité des Québécois voulait une éducation en anglais,l'État Québécois pourrait s'y opposer?l'État Québécois c'est nous.

    Pouquoi croyez-vous que le Bloc est si fort au Québec?Pour ses convictions pro-anglos?Vous connaissez très mal les Québécois.

  46. Why would anyone vote for a party that promises to remove the freedom to chose what language you receive your education in?.

    This was the point I was trying to make with d'Artagnan " why would you want fewer rights than an Anglo ?"

    I was told once by a francophone "You are getting culture and education mixed up, and that education has nothing to do with culture". So I replied to him, then why do we have a laws in place to force people to send their kids to French school since education has nothing to do with culture, and basically separatists want to preserve the French culture ?

  47. Troy: "Have the proponents of English language education restrictions asked the Francophone constituents? "

    They have in a recent poll.

    "The poll, conducted for The Gazette by Leger Marketing, asked whether students other than those now allowed, including francophones, should have access to English-language schools if they wish. A total of 66 per cent of a representative sample of Quebecers agreed that they should, including a 61 per cent clear majority of francophones. Non-francophones were even more overwhelmingly in favour, at 87 per cent. "

    Why would they then go and vote for the PQ? I have no idea.

  48. Aucun gouvernement n'empêche quiconque d'étudier dans la langue qu'il désire.Personne n'est forcé d'étudier en Français.L'état Québécois,selon notre convention sociale, propose la gratuité scolaire a ceux qui désirent étudier en Français.
    Je ne vois aucune liberté brimée dans cette situation.

  49. "...should, including a 61 per cent clear majority of francophones."

    Est-ce que dans ce sondage il était aussi question d'assimilation accélérée suite a cette éducation massive en anglais?Ou ce détail a été omi par le sondeur(commandé par The Gazette,Ouch!)

    Le vrai sondage vous l'aurez au prochaines élections,provinciales et fédérales, lorseque que deux partis nationalistes seront élus au Québec.Ça,c'est du concret.Aucune question biaisée.

    Avez-vous les questions de ce sondage?

  50. To Darfagnan, Sept. 1 at 6:18 PM,

    "Mon pseudo est Dartagnan et non D'Artagnan le valeureux. Ce sera mon dernier commentaire sur ce blogue."

    This is obviously a lie. Dartagnan is still posting comments but he is doing so anonymously. I suppose he couldn't take the heat.

  51. For the Anonymous right above me, we know who you are.

    So now you create a strawman and attacking it. Rather than discussing whether Francophone community deserve to choose English education, you choose to shoot the messenger (The Gazette).

    Also, to compare a poll with a vote is like comparing jackfruit and kiwifruit.

  52. Désolé mais je préfère un vote sur la question a un sondage inutile et sans aucune valeur scientifique car biaisé au départ.

    La gazette qui commande un sondage sur les préférences linguistiques des Québécois,c'est une blague ou quoi?

    C'est quoi le prochain sondage? Häagen-Dazs qui commande un sondage a savoir si les Québécois préfèrent la crème glacée ou le yougourt.Vous nous prenez vraiment pour des cons.

  53. "This is obviously a lie. Dartagnan is still posting comments but he is doing so anonymously. I suppose he couldn't take the heat."

    J'ai tout simplement décidé de revenir comme vous...un anonyme.Pas de problème : I can take the heat!

  54. @ Dartagnan, Sep. 2 at 2:51 PM,

    We can still recognize your comments, even though you are trying to post them anonymously now.