Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bixi Anthem!

For all of those who tell us that that Arcade Fire doesn't represent Montreal because they are English and outsiders, I offer up this treat of a couple of Anglo Montrealers who are most certainly plugged into the city Montreal.  DaGryptions



  1. This video was obviously shot in Montreal. The streets are typical...they're in horrible condition...filled with cracks.

  2. This is truly awful. A crew of cheesy bearded hip hop bros with semi-ironic bling and Expos gear is something I see often enough on our streets thanks very much.

  3. @Anonymous 4:38PM

    I don't know but to me this video looks like a parody. I think they're being cheesy on purpose and making fun of all these hard core rappers pretending to be tough and ghetto. The video is probably meant to be comedic.

  4. Bixi: ''Mieux vaut rouler vers l'ind├ępendance que faire du surplace (statu quo).''

  5. HEY!!!!
    Why is everyone being so mean???