Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some Things Never Change!

Returning home from my European vacation, I'm anxious to get back to work and look forward to returning to this blog and completing the book that I am presently writing.

Most bloggers stop writing not so much because they get bored with the project, but rather because they run out of things to say.

I can tell that as a writer concentrating on the Anglo condition here in Quebec, I don't think I'll ever have this problem.

Deplaning from my flight from Barcelona and stepping out onto the curb of Trudeau airport awaiting my lift home, I was greeted by a union van, circling the airport arrival area, kitted out to protest a language issue at a bus company.
I'm not making this up, I swear!

In Quebec, the language of work is French!
No, I don't think I'll ever run out of material!!!


  1. Will the zealots ever cease? Doesn't look that way! Visited Montreal a few days last week. Good to see friends, family and go to Schwartz's one more time with my best lady to stuff our faces with smoked meat and steak! Oh, yes, and St. Viateur bagels, too! Took back a couple of boxes of Whippets, for the road! Schwartz 1, Quebec politics 0.

  2. As far as I've read on that particular conflict, it seems they have the obligation to speak English with dispatch and managers.

    I personally wouldn't fight for this because I'm way too happy to speak German with my manager in Saguenay, however, I really don't understand why this seems to be an issue with you.

    Nobody is talking about taking away someone's right to speak English but allow Francophones to use their language with some of their colleagues here.

  3. derteilzeitberliner,

    Taking that one incident alone into account, your comment has merit; unfortunately, think of yourself as a locomotive.

    Rolling down a railroad track all by your lonesome is stress-free. No load on your back, no stress, nothing. Just stay in the track.

    Now, imagine you've been rolling along for 40 years, but as time goes on, you're pulling rolling stock. At first, pulling one full boxcar is nothing for a locomotive, but then a second car is added, and it's still not so bad.

    Over time, you're pulling ten boxcars, then twenty, then fifty and then eighty. When is the last time you saw one sole locomotive pulling eighty cars of rolling stock, even empty? The answer: NEVER! Eventually, too much weight stresses out the locomotive. Pulling eighty cars will likely burn out the engine if not break it in other ways.

    Think of that truck sign as just another rail car filled with reeking manure added to the long train pulled by a single locomotive. More burden to pull, more French political propaganda being shoved down our collective throats, just like it has been for the last 40 years. It's relentless and sickening, but because the Anglophones still living in Quebec don't resist, it will NEVER end. Too bad for them.

  4. @ derteilzeitberliner:

    You must be the individual who made the anonymous comment in another post on June 29 at 8:21 pm regarding the two world wars.

    Now I understand your perspective on the involvement of Canada in the fight against Germany…you’re German.

    In the First World War, Germany committed many atrocities and treated the people in occupied areas (i.e. Belgium and France) almost as badly as it did in the Second World War.

    Germany had to be defeated in both wars and Canada helped accomplish that goal.

    I agree that Stalin was the worst mass murderer in history, but Hitler probably would have surpassed him if he had won the war.

  5. I'm just wondering, there must be anglos who are as well members of the CSN, FTQ, CSQ and other unions in this 'plot' for an all French Quebec.

    Are they just a bunch of appeasing cowards or what? Don't they have anything to say to their own union who dares to shit on their front porch at every chance they get?

  6. @AngloBashers,

    'I agree that Stalin was the worst mass murderer in history, but Hitler probably would have surpassed him if he had won the war.'

    Stalin and Hitler hand in hand would most likely have conquer the world, the fact they turned against each other was a real salvation for the free democratic world.

  7. @ 8:38

    All right, I get your point. True that their slogan is a bit too general to only be adressed at Coach Canada...

    @Anglo Bashers

    I have not found the comment you were refering to but I can assure you I have not written it. By the way, I don't comment anonymously.

    For your information, I am not German. I would gladly be though. Alas, born in Chicoutimi from Francophone parents, their "law of return" doesn't apply to me :P

    In any case, I sure have no sympathy for Hitler and you will never hear or read me defending Germany in either World War. The German public opinion has also left all possible support for the losing side to neo-nazis.

    My position on Canada's World War involvement? I am against conscription but I find it shameful and coward that some, in the name of anti-British sentiment, refused to help Europe and I am happy to see their opinion has not prevailed.

  8. I hope you'll post something when your book comes out. American readers will also find it very interesting.
    Living in northern New England (where a lot of French is spoken as part of the local culture- and I'm a native francophone), it astounds me to see the disdain for the English language in Quebec whenever I spend time there. It makes me all the more grateful for my home. There are so many huge problems in the world, and more than enough divisive issues than to slam people for speaking what they're comfortable with.

  9. @July 8th 10:10

    It always amazes me to find out how many people take serious these zealous extremists and do not consider the opinion of your average French-speaking Joe may be different.

    Most Francophones I know consider it an handicap to not be bilingual today, favour a strong commitement to bilingualism in school and not make a fuss about watching English-only DVDs and video games.

    As it happens on many other subjects, the spokesperson of the language cause do not speak in the names of many "ordinary people".

    Of my many acquaintances, I certainly cannot think of anybody who has a "disdain for the English language" as you put it.

    Perhaps some of you need to meet other Francos than SSJB folks! :)

  10. "Au Quebec la langue de travail, c'est le fran├žais", well in Montreal that's debatable. Good luck finding a respectable job if you're a unilingual "Franco". Anyways, whenever I'm in MTL, I speak English whether people like it or not (and 95% of the time I encounter no problem at all).